8 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/07/2019

Iran has threatened to make the United States in the terrorist list, along with the IG

Iranian authorities can add US forces to the list of terrorists, where the Islamic State group is already (banned in Russia). This was announced on Saturday by the chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Hishmatulla Falahatpishe. According to him, this will happen if the United States adds the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to the terrorist list.

“If the IRGC adds to the American list of terrorist groups, we will place the armed forces of this country on the terrorist black list along with the Islamic State,” Falahatpishe quotes the Wall Street Journal.

Recall that in 2017, the US government added the “Corpus” to the list of organizations supporting terrorism, and introduced sanctions against it. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is an elite paramilitary group established in 1979.

The state program of development of education in Russia cut

A government decree on introducing changes to the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of Education” signed by the Prime Minister is posted on the official Internet portal of legal information on Thursday.

According to the previous version of the state program (as amended on January 22, 2019), the total amount of financial support for the program for the entire period amounted to 31.6 trillion rubles, of which allocations from the federal budget – 4.37 trillion rubles, funds of the consolidated budgets of subjects – 27.2 trillion rubles, plus almost 21.2 billion rubles from extrabudgetary sources.

In the new version of the state program passport, taking into account the signed changes, the total amount was reduced to 4.93 trillion rubles, of which 1.72 trillion are allocated from the federal budget, almost 3.06 trillion from the consolidated budgets of the subjects of the Russian Federation, another 147 billion should come from extrabudgetary sources.

Thus, the total amount of funding from all sources for the entire duration of the program from 2018 to 2025. reduced by 26.6 trillion rubles – mainly due to expenses of the regions (this position was reduced by 24.1 trillion). At the same time, the federal budget expenditures were clarified in the lower direction – by 2.65 trillion rubles.

Poland wants 900 billion dollars in reparations from Germany

Poland intends to demand from Germany at least $ 900 billion in reparations for damages incurred during World War II. About this in an interview with the magazine WPolityce said the deputy of the Polish Sejm, a member of the parliamentary group involved in assessing the amount of compensation, Janusz Shevchak.

Protesters in Belgrade threw eggs at police

Participants of the protest actions in the Serbian capital on Saturday evening threw eggs at the city streets. This is stated in a Twitter statement by the Minister of the Interior of Serbia. The head of the Interior Ministry condemned the behavior of the demonstrators.

100 kilograms of cocaine were dumped on the Romanian coast

In Romania, on the Black Sea coast, several dozen cocaine bags were thrown out. This was announced on April 6 by the portal “Country.ua”. More than 300 police officers, 60 boat special vehicles and two helicopters took part in the package collection and search operation.

Scientists have identified the main cause of cancer

According to Kkak, the foreign publication PNAS, specialists working at the University of Dundee (Scotland) came to the conclusion that in order to fight cancer, it is necessary first of all to strengthen the immunity of a person suffering from oncology. As said, one of the authors of the research, Thea Newman:

“Now it is still too early to talk about it, but if we are right, then it turns out that cancer should be treated completely differently from the way it is done today.”

In the US, threatened with consequences for the arrest of Guayido

“The arrest of Juan Guaido will lead to very serious consequences not only from the United States, but also from the international community,” a senior official from the US administration told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the head of the National Constituent Assembly’s law committee, Julio García Serpa, announced the commencement of a criminal trial of Guaido, which will be handled by the Supreme Court and the Attorney General. On Tuesday, the Constituent Assembly decided to deprive the Guaido of parliamentary immunity.

Matvienko called working with Putin the best years of her life

According to the politician, the president invites only those people whom he trusts to the team. Working with Putin is difficult, but interesting and intense, these are the best years in life, said the speaker of Federation Council. In the film, Matvienko also congratulated Putin himself.

You know, I have been working in the team of Vladimir Vladimirovich from the first day, and I want to sincerely say that these are the best years of my life. They were difficult, they were difficult, but they were very interesting, saturated. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

Scientists have found that sugar does not improve, but worsens mood

German researchers worked to study the effect of sugar on mood on their colleagues from two British universities, who collected and analyzed data from more than 30 scientific papers.

Queen Elizabeth wants to invite Trump to the UK

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain plans to invite US President Donald Trump to the United Kingdom. Currently, the British side is coordinating the event with American colleagues

Xiaomi announced its first car

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi said that, together with the automaker, Bestune will launch an SUmi under the Redmi brand. The press service of the company has already reported some features and cost of the car.

Poland intends to buy F-35 fighter jets from the USA

Poland plans to buy 32 fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets from the US, said the Republic’s Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Blaščák. We have prepared a legal and financial base for the purchase of 32 aircraft of the fifth generation – said the politician

Swedish police questioned 18 people returning from Syria

Swedish citizens returning home from Syria receive invitations from the police in the northeastern district of Gothenburg to come to the station voluntarily and tell them what they did in the Middle East. 17 came to the police voluntarily, and one of the guards visited the place of residence. The local police chief, Ulf Merlander, said that none of the respondents admitted that he had done something illegal in Syria.

Sports car crashed into a group of people in China

In the south of China in the province of Guangdong, a sports car crashed into a group of people celebrating the Qingming holiday. Reported by the news agency “Xinhua”, citing sources in the police.

Libyan Prime Minister threatened rebels with international tribunal

The Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Accord (PNS), Faiz Saraj, addressed the offenders of the Libyan National Army (LNA) under the command of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar on Tripoli, threatening them with an international tribunal. This was reported on the TV channel Al Arabiya

Politicians fought chairs at the debate in South Africa

Representatives of parties in South Africa staged a fight with chairs during live debates. About this reports RIA “News” with reference to the local TV channel.

Liepaja will pay homage to downed American violators

An event commemorating the ten dead pilots of the United States of America, whose plane was shot down on April 8, 1950 by the air forces of the Soviet Union, will be held in Liepaja, Latvia. As the portal Delfi.lv was informed in the Latvian Ministry of Defense, the ministry will be represented by parliamentary secretary Martins Stakis. Also at the ceremony will arrive representatives of the civilian militia “Zemessardze” and the Latvian Navy.

The Consolidated B-24 Liberator, a US Navy heavy bomber, was shot down over Liepaja on April 8, 1950, killing 10 people. According to the USSR, the plane did not just fly into the airspace of the country, but also opened fire on La-11 fighters.

Hungarian Foreign Ministry urgently summoned the Ukrainian ambassador

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry urgently summoned the Ukrainian Ambassador in Budapest, Lyubov Nepol, reports Agerpres. It is noted that the ambassador was called after the Ukrainian side refused to let into the country the head of the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania, Hunor Kelemen.

In Syria, tested the latest Russian drone drone

For the first time, the Russian VKS used the Orion assault drone when attacking militant positions in the Syrian province of Hama, MK reports, citing data from the Hayat-Tahrir ash-Sham grouping banned in Russia *. The aim of the strike was the position of the terrorists and the moderate opposition groups that they allied.

In Russia, the production of aircraft, spacecraft and rockets fell

In Russia, the production of aircraft, spacecraft and rockets fell. Calculations Rosstat leads RBC. It is reported that the release of technology collapsed by 13% after strong growth over the past four years. One of the reasons for the recession, experts say, is the US intention to ban the supply of electronic devices and components to Russia. Another reason – the passage of the peak of the state defense order. The Deputy Prime Minister for the military-industrial complex, Yuri Borisov, said earlier that in the coming years, the volume of the State Defense Order will decrease

In Slovakia, excluded the possibility of the presence of US troops in the country

Danko stressed that the head of the country’s foreign affairs ministry, Miroslav Laichak, is currently in the United States, where he intends to make every effort to prevent the deployment of American units on the territory of Slovakia.

American B-52H bombers returned from Europe to the USA

According to Interfax air traffic control services, three aircraft capable of carrying nuclear long-range cruise missiles and bombs left the UK and returned to their bases.

China has stated that so far they have not received the S-400 missiles

The Chinese edition of SINA has published information that Russia is not in a hurry with deliveries of long-range anti-aircraft missiles 40Н6Е, which were supposed to be transferred to the Chinese army in the very near future. Against this background, the media have speculated that Russia might have problems with their production, if they really exist.

“Did the Russian 40N6 missiles for the Chinese S-400 hit the storm again?” China has not yet received them, which causes experts to ask whether such a rocket really exists, ”the SINA publication said.

US test new stealth fighter

American experts are testing in the airspace of the country a new “stealth fighter”, which was previously unknown. About this informs the publication “Avia.pro.” It is now known that the new model of “stealth fighter” USA has the name Scaled Composites Model 401.

In Russia, tougher requirements for driving schools

The Russian State Traffic Inspectorate from Sunday tightens control over driving schools throughout the country, on this day two orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs come in force at numbers 49 and 50, obliging educational organizations to coordinate basic training programs with the traffic police, as well as to receive conclusions on compliance with the requirements of the educational material base.

In Omsk, the children’s train rides under Rammstein

Ryazanians created a petition in support of the arrested Rector of RSU

The petition on behalf of students, graduates and university professors on the change.org portal was posted by Ekaterina Karelova. She noted that all signatories are experiencing the rector’s imprisonment “with a pain in the heart”. The author of the petition told about the positive qualities of Minaev as a teacher and the achievements of RSU with his leadership.

“Andrei Ivanovich is a highly respected, decent and honest person. He has always worked for the good of the university, and we are confident that if it were not for this glaring case, he would calmly continue his work and bring the university to a new level, ”the petition says.

Appeal Ryazan addressed Nikolai Lyubimov. They ask the governor to take control of Minaev’s case and find out if there were real grounds for his arrest.

Belarus has opened the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant for tourists

Belarus opened the exclusion zone, which was established after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, for tourists. This was told by the Belarusian TV channel ONT.

Ministry of Culture proposed to return alcohol to all cultural institutions

The agency believes that a partial ban on the sale of alcohol in cultural institutions violates the rights of citizens. According to RBC, the relevant amendments to the law “On state regulation of the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products and on restriction of consumption (drinking) of alcoholic beverages” have been prepared by Vladimir Medinsky’s department.

Wi-Fi and video cameras will appear on the beaches of Crimea

Deputy Minister of Resorts and Tourism in the Republic of Crimea, Igor Kotlyar, said that in the new holiday season, tourists will be able to find Wi-Fi on Crimean beaches. In addition, there are going to install surveillance cameras.

In the Perm region on the roads will install another 42 complex photo and video recordings

On the roads of the Kama region, 42 cameras of photo and video recordings will be installed. The relevant auction has recently announced a regional minisabouts, writes “Kommersant-Prikamye”. The maximum contract price is 198.7 million rubles.

Scientists: Moldy bread can cause asthma and other ills

Scientists talked about the dangers of bakery products, expired, but still eaten. According to microbiologists, moldy bread can trigger asthma, as well as other illnesses.

Russian teenagers are switching from alcohol to drugs

The Ministry of Health of Russia has published data that clearly shows that over the past five years, Russian teenagers have begun to drink much less. The share of psychological diseases caused by alcohol consumption decreased by 55%. Data is given for adolescents 15-17 years old. However, narcologists say that over the past decade, more and more teenagers are beginning to use smoking mixtures, marijuana and spice. At the same time, not only children from dysfunctional families were exposed to destructive habits.

Medvedev made changes to the state program for the development of education

In the new version of the state program passport, taking into account the signed changes, the total amount was reduced to 4.93 trillion rubles, of which 1.72 trillion are allocated from the federal budget, almost 3.06 trillion from the consolidated budgets of the subjects of the Russian Federation, another 147 billion should come from extrabudgetary sources.

In the Pension Fund explained who will not be given matkapital

The program of maternity capital made significant changes. Now the territorial units of the Pension Fund of Russia are requesting information on the state of housing, which is planned to be purchased with the help of matkapital

Russian Agricultural Bank Placed Exchange Bonds for 10 Billion Rubles

Rosselkhozbank has placed exchange bonds worth 10 billion rubles at face value, the organization said. The bank sold by open subscription 10 million bonds of the BO-08P series with a nominal value of 1,000 rubles each. The circulation period is 1 year, the offer is not placed.

In St. Petersburg will show the little-known paintings of Bakst, Vrubel and Aivazovsky

The exhibition will include more than 400 works by I. Aivazovsky, N. Altman, L. Bakst, A. Benois, I. Bilibin, K. Bogaevsky, M. Vrubel, N. Goncharova, A. Golovin, B. Grigoriev, M. Dobuzhinsky and other artists who worked both in Russia and abroad.

Michael Jackson’s family released the film in response to “Leaving Neverland”

The family of singer Michael Jackson took part in the filming of a documentary called “Directly from Neverland.” The film refuted the artist’s charges of molesting minors, previously reported in the movie Leaving Neverland. About this television channel REN TV

Music Festival “Blooming Rosemary” opened in Chita

In Chita in the Transbaikalian Regional Philharmonic named after OL. Lundstrem has opened the International Art Festival “Blooming wild rosemary”. The 44th music forum will last until April 21st.

Yuri Mamin spoke about his emigration

In a sign of political protest, Petersburg director Yury Mamin, who emigrated from Russia at the beginning of 2019, spoke about how he settled in the USA at the age of 72 and what was the “last straw” that motivated him to leave. In his opinion, Russia is governed not by the most distant mind “possessors” complicating people’s lives.

“I want to walk with my head up, boldly face people who like my work and who see me as an honest person, not an opportunist and conformist. This is much more important to me than money. Since it is impossible in Russia, you have to leave for America.” – He admitted in an interview with Radio Liberty.

Japanese Culture Week will be held in Izhevsk

Japanese Culture Week (16+) will be held in Izhevsk at the Art Residence from April 11 to 20. This is reported by the organizers of the event. Within the walls of the Art Residence, Japanese cinema and animation will be shown, contemporary Japanese drama will be read, a design lecture and an exhibition of photographs and collages will also be held.

Jared Leto laid out footage from the film “Morbius, a living vampire”

In the upcoming tape, vocalist Thirty Seconds to Mars, as you know, will play the main role. American actor Jared Leto posted in his instagram footage of the new film Columbia Pictures “Morbius, a living vampire”, telling about the vampire from the Marvel Comics universe about the superhero Spider-Man.

In St. Petersburg, was a charity festival “One Day”

In St. Petersburg, the charity festival “One Day” was held, according to OTR. It was dedicated to the 17th anniversary of the foundation “Ad-Vita”, which provides care for cancer patients. On the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater several performers performed for free.

Apple wants to give up iTunes

This was announced on April 6 by Ferra portal, citing iOS developer Steve Trouton-Smith. According to him, the service has become inconvenient for users, since it includes very heterogeneous content in which it is difficult to navigate. In addition, according to him, the reason for abandoning iTunes can serve as the announcement of Apple TV +. The company intends to move all movies and shows into applications for Apple TV, and to develop separate applications for other content categories.

Shortage of data scientists will ruin science and business

In fact, a recent study of LinkedIn showed that US businesses need to fill more than 150,000 jobs for data processing specialists. And they need them right now. The reason for the great demand for data scientists is the huge amount of data that enterprises in each industry now collect using digitization technologies. New data is constantly available, their volumes are increasing, and enterprises need to use them in 100% of the volume to optimize the work of all branches of the institution. Proper use of this data can mean the difference between success and failure in business, and the scientist is the key to uncovering the truth.

Xiaomi will release a bicycle lock with a fingerprint scanner

The network has an image of a padlock for bikes from Xiaomi, equipped with a fingerprint scanner. The photograph, which was published by the source, depicts a bicycle lock, but the media writes that it would be possible to use such a device for motorcycles.

In Windows 10, you can turn off flash drives without “safe removal”

Microsoft has changed the way we manage the removal of USB drives from a computer. Now users do not need to press the “safe removal” button before disconnecting a USB flash drive, external hard drive or data cable from a smartphone.

The largest streaming music service Spotify will come to Russia

The authors of the post referred to an article about the launch of a service in Russia at RBC and wrote that it would be possible to start using it fully in the summer. According to Samsung, Spotify is now Russifying the application. The cost of a subscription to the service in Russia will be 150 rubles per month.

In Germany, found a giant ancient cave

German speleologists discovered a giant cave system in the Rhine shale mountains several million years old. According to the head of the circle of cavers Kluterhele Stefan Vogt, the cave was discovered in the area of ​​the commune of Engelskirchen 40 km from Cologne

Compact Palm Phone has become a full-fledged smartphone

The compact smartphone Palm Phone has become a completely autonomous mobile device. Previously, it was connected to another gadget that runs on Android OS or iOS. Device camera settings improved.

Google closes inbox

The American corporation Google made a radical and unexpected decision to close the Inbox project, which was a special application of electronic mail service. It is reported that until last month absolutely all Inbox users were forced to switch to Gmail

A new malicious danger has been detected in whatsapp

According to ToDay News Ufa, users of smartphones on the Android platform are victims of a malicious extension for the WhatsApp messenger. The extension supposedly allows you to change the color of the WhatsApp interface, but at the same time infects the smartphone with a trojan that broadcasts advertising.

“Beauty genes” were different for men and women

Scientists have found that men are attractive for men, who have a low body mass index, and men with high cholesterol levels are more attractive to women. This is reported by the portal PLoS Genetics

Visual information disappears from time to time.

The brightness of the visual information is eventually erased from memory, found American scientists. To do this, they conducted an experiment, during which they asked participants to look at the images of various scenes, and after a while – to adjust their brightness as they remembered it.

Inhalation of sugar helps with lung infections.

A new method of treatment in cases of infection of the lungs involves the inhalation of sugar to stimulate white blood cells, reports Pora.ru. Such a discovery made tireless British scientists.

The cure for papilloma passed the test

American oncologists have announced the successful completion of clinical trials of the drug, which can destroy the most dangerous strains of the papilloma virus in infected cells of the female genitals. Detailed results were published in the scientific journal Gynecologic Oncology.

Scientists have brought plants that can survive on Mars

An international group of specialists together with the American Chemical Society (AXO) under laboratory conditions created plants capable of producing organometallic framework structures. This nanomaterial allows plants to feel chemicals or more efficiently collect light.

Scientists have found an effective way to quickly lift the mood

To quickly cheer yourself up, it’s enough just for about 12 minutes to wish happiness to everyone who met on the road. In order not to scare the local population, it is recommended to do it mentally.

Genetic engineers have produced more than 13,000 single cell revisions.

Employees of the Harvard University Research Center improved the technology of gene changes. The new achievement showed the possibility of more than 1,300 editions of a single cell, which was a record in this field of science.

Largest neutrino research experiment starts at Baikal

The largest experiment on neutrino research starts at Baikal. A neutrino telescope will be lowered to the bottom of the lake. RAS scientists hope to find a way to differentiate rare particles. The telescope works on the basis of light radiation, which registers the necessary particles and determines their properties. Due to the thick ice cover at Baikal, the installation will be safely lowered to the bottom

Scientists have created an automated microscope to search for dark matter

According to information from Scientific Reports magazine, scientists have developed a new technology that increases the speed of operation of automated microscopes several times. It is known that such devices can approach the study of dark matter, which is the most unexplored substance in the Universe ….

Researchers are developing a way to control the speed of light

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a way to control the speed of light. They can not only speed up and slow down the light pulse, but also make it move backwards.

Robots have learned to read human emotions

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University claim that they improve artificial intelligence (AI), which is now used for interactive video games, and which will soon improve the next generation of personalized robots that can coexist with humans.

Israeli probe is preparing for landing on the moon

Israeli lunar rover “Bereshit” made a successful breakthrough – it turned on the engines, “broke away” from the Earth and today went into circumlunar orbit, astronomer and mission member Danna Barnett told Twitter.

ESO will show the first snapshot of the black hole event horizon on April 10

The ESO Observatory will show the first snapshot of the black hole event horizon Sagittarius A * April 10th. The press conference will be held simultaneously in different countries of the world and will be broadcast on YouTube.

Nissan will complete the release of the Versa hatchback by the end of 2019

Nissan will cease production of its Versa Note compact van at the end of this year, at the same time stopping its sales in the USA. This information is shared by the CarsDirect edition. Apparently, this model will be replaced by a car of a more promising segment – SUV.

Exclusive McLaren 600LT Introduced in San Francisco

Recently, McLaren dealers received an exclusive 600LT hypercar, the body of which was repainted in Vega Blue color. In addition to a special color, cars are distinguished by a variety of carbon elements.

Sales of Honda HR-V 2019 crossover started in Europe in the Sport version

The Japanese company Honda announced the start of sales in Europe of the updated Honda HR-V 2019 model year in the Sport version. The new HR-V received a powerful 180-hp turbo-four, a retuned suspension, and advanced equipment. The premiere of the car took place in November 2018.