8 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/07/2020

In Iran, no one will be arrested for shooting down a passenger plane, a member of the Commission on legislation and justice of the Iranian Parliament, Hassan Norouzi, said the plane “was not under the control of the control tower, but was under the control of America”, the Board was in Israel a week before the attacks and there “its security system was hacked and intercepted,” al Arabia reports.

“Special targets were set on the plane in Iran. Given that the plane was controlled by other countries, our military did a good job. Given this evidence, it would be pointless to arrest those involved,” the Iranian parliamentarian added.

We will remind, on January 8, the plane of flight PS 752 “Tehran – Kiev” of the airline “International airlines of Ukraine” (UIA) crashed in Iran, as a result of the crash, 176 people were killed. On Board were citizens of Iran, Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany, great Britain and Ukraine.

The Russian government will introduce a ban on the import of cheap gasoline

The Russian government has decided to ban the import of petroleum products to Russia in order to prevent the supply of cheap foreign fuel to the domestic market. This was told to journalists by a source familiar with the situation and confirmed by three Federal officials.

“The ban will be introduced in the very near future, in April, but first companies will simply announce the decision, it will be legally fixed later — as soon as the corresponding government decree is issued,” RBC writes, referring to one of its interlocutors.

The measure, as noted, is temporary and is calculated until September 2020 — for the period when, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of energy, the market will keep low oil prices.

The head of Chechnya refused to comply with the demand of the Russian Prime Minister

“If there are questions about the measures taken in my region, why didn’t the heads of the Russian staff or representatives of Federal law enforcement agencies of Russia call? No one asked!

Of course, we will not allow people without registration in Chechnya. For the sake of saving your life, you can be isolated for two weeks or two months, you can take any harsh measures. People in the colonies live for years and don’t die from it. We strive to prevent the import of infection and transfer of patients from the CR to other regions. We are ready for any development of the situation, we do not ask for anything, as long as we do not interfere with gossip,” Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram channel.

The Kremlin did not see any contradictions between Mishustin and Kadyrov

“No, we don’t see a contradiction. Mishustin spoke about the inadmissibility of closing the regions at all, to which a clarification came from Chechnya that we are not talking about any closure of the region,” TASS quoted Vladimir Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov as saying.

Banks have begun to restrict lending to employees in troubled industries

Since April 2, Alfa-Bank has suspended issuing mortgage and consumer loans to employees of companies that are involved in the industries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The corresponding letter of the credit institution, which was sent to customers, is available to TASS. The press service of the credit organization confirmed this information to TASS, noting that the Bank seeks to protect customers from excessive credit risks.

Support for commercial development of resources on the moon and other celestial bodies

Us President Donald trump signed an Executive order on Monday in support of commercial development of resources on the moon and other celestial bodies, instructing the us administration to resist any attempts to consider outer space as the common heritage of mankind. In particular, the US does not recognize the Agreement on the activities of States on the moon and other celestial bodies, the decree notes.

Japan will support the population and business

According to the newspaper “Japan times”, the Japanese government is preparing measures to support businesses and the population in the amount of 20 percent of GDP (108 trillion yen).

Utair is in talks to suspend lease payments

Utair is considering suspending financial leasing payments that include aircraft rental fees. Earlier, Utair agreed with VTB Leasing to transfer payments for three Boeing 767-200. The company has 64 Airliners in total.

At the end of 2019, the company received an operating profit of 1.5 billion rubles against a loss of 2.3 billion rubles a year earlier. Net loss was increased by 3.3 times and amounted to 14.4 billion rubles. Revenue increased by 1% to RUB 59.2 billion.

The number of personal bankruptcies of Russians is growing

Last year, the courts declared almost 69 thousand Russians financially insolvent, which is 56.8% more than in 2018. In January—March 2020, Russian courts declared 22.4 thousand citizens bankrupt, including individual entrepreneurs. This is 68% more than in the same period last year, according to statistics from Fedresurs — the Unified Federal register of information about bankruptcy (RBC has it).

Russia has approved a list of sites with free access

The Ministry of communications has approved a list of 391 socially significant sites and online services, access to which will not be charged across Russia until July 1 for subscribers of the home Internet of Rostelecom, ER-Telecom, MTS, MegaFon and VimpelCom, according to the order published on the Agency’s website.

Russian Railways decided to seat passengers in trains within a meter of each other

Russian Railways will introduce a special regime for selling train tickets, which will allow passengers to keep a distance of at least 1 m from each other. This is written by the corporate newspaper of the company “Gudok”. In the near future, you will only be able to buy tickets for two seats instead of four.

In Russia, they offered to return working Saturdays

The return of working Saturdays may be one of the ways to combat the economic crisis in Russia, which was triggered by an outbreak of coronavirus infection. This initiative belongs to the head of one of the Russian regions, Vedomosti writes. The publication does not disclose the name of the author of the initiative.

Saudi Arabia gave Russia an ultimatum on oil

The reason for the difficulties in the negotiations on limiting oil production between OPEC and Russia was the ultimatum that Saudi Arabia delivered to Moscow. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to its own sources. Riyadh actually demands that Russia reduce production the most. That is, it single-handedly removed from the market the 1.5 million barrels per day that were the cause of disagreement and the collapse of the OPEC+ deal at the last negotiations in early March. At that time, Moscow did not accept a reduction in production by this amount for all the parties to the agreement.


Lukashenko-about the oil-exporting countries: they have become so brazen that they do not even hide what games they play and what goals they set. These are the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. They are already directly starting to talk and play for higher oil prices. There is a cartel. There are these games. But, unfortunately, we can’t influence all this. Even this pandemic and psychosis have no effect on them. Therefore, the eyes of all “turned green” when they felt a drop in income


The southern Urals adopted a package of laws to support business

Deputies in the Chelyabinsk region voted to introduce a new form of business support. Credit for the payment of corporate income tax (as part of regional budget revenues), property and transport.

“The interest rate on the amount of the investment tax credit is set at the rate of one second of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, effective during the period of use of the investment tax credit,” the press service of the regional legislative Assembly reported.

The US recognized a terrorist organization from Russia

The US authorities have included the nationalist community “Russian Imperial movement”, operating in the Russian Federation, in the list of terrorist organizations for promoting the supremacy of the white race, TASS reports, citing the coordinator of the US state Department on counter-terrorism Nathan Sales.

Facebook will start collecting data about users ‘ movements

The American company and social network Facebook will begin collecting data on the movement of its users to fight the coronavirus in the United States. The document was published on the company’s website on Monday, April 6.

Trump threatened India with “retaliatory measures” for refusing to supply medicines

The United States may take a number of “retaliatory measures” against India if that country imposes a ban on sending medicines to the United States amid a coronavirus pandemic. This statement was made by us President Donald trump in the White house at a briefing for journalists.

The Pentagon asked for $20 billion to counter China and Russia

The Pentagon has asked for $ 20 billion from the us Congress to counter China and Russia in terms of weapons. The Ministry of defense believes that the state should provide additional funds for the expenses that the army bears in the Indo-Pacific region

Transport plane shot down in Libya

According to some reports, we are talking about the an-12 aircraft. The drone hit him immediately after landing. Sources sympathetic to the Tripoli-based government of national unity claim that the plane was carrying equipment and ammunition to field Marshal Haftar’s forces.

The coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of elections in 18 countries

The authorities of 18 countries have decided to postpone elections and referendums, or have imposed restrictions that do not allow voting in the previously established time frame due to the spread of coronavirus, according to the study “Electoral coronavirus”, prepared by the Foundation for the development of civil society (Forgo).

Russia has warned of a possible increase in food prices

Manufacturers and suppliers of food products called for a review of purchase prices-a maximum of 15-20%. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the Executive Director of “Rusprodsoyuz” Dmitry Vostrikov.

The Austrian authorities presented a plan to gradually ease the quarantine measures

Our goal is to have small stores with an area of up to 400 square meters from April 14. we were able to reopen, of course, under strict security measures. This applies to the wearing of masks and disinfection, as well as the admission of a limited number of buyers, – said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

From mid-April, garden markets and home improvement stores will start operating, the Chancellor said. More companies may resume operations on may 1. This applies to all stores and shopping centers, as well as hairdressers. It is planned to gradually open restaurants and hotels by mid-may.

More than 250 industrial enterprises in Moscow are returning to work

Factories that suspended operations last week will be able to continue operating if they ensure the safety of their employees:

maintaining social distance
disinfection of shared territories
using the necessary security features

Only those employees whose presence is necessary for the production cycle will go to work in normal mode. For the rest, the “remote” and self-isolation mode continues to operate.

There is a new excerpt of the mortal Kombat cartoon with a Scorpion

The network has a new excerpt of the cartoon Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, in which the main character himself appears. In the story, Scorpio during the search for Sub-zero stumbles upon one of the representatives of the organization “Lin Kuei”, which consists of various mercenaries and assassins.

“Liquid” protective gloves were invented

Specialists of the engineering center of Lobachevsky state University of Nizhny Novgorod (NSU) have created a gel for long-term protection of hands from viruses and bacteria. It is noted that the gel applied to the hands and dried forms a special film of modified chitosan on the skin, which protects against bacteria and viruses for a long time. The protection lasts up to 8 hours or until it is washed off with water.

Modified chitosan is a natural polymer that is complexly bound to colloidal silver, whose particles give the “liquid gloves” antibacterial and antiviral properties.

There is a way to detect small cancer cells

Scientists from Japan have found a way to use x-rays not only for bones, but also for the diagnosis of soft tissues of the body. The result is similar to MRI or ultrasound, but the resolution is much higher.

A system of two white dwarfs will help you study gravitational waves

A new potential source of gravitational waves has been discovered by astronomers, according to a study by scientists at the University of Oklahoma, which was accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters on April 6. A system of two white dwarfs, theoretically predicted by astrophysicists, was detected at a distance of 0.76 kiloparsecs from the Sun.

Suspended European space missions resumed operations

The European space Agency has resumed normal operation of the Mars Express and ExoMars orbiters, the Solar Orbiter and the Cluster II near-earth vehicles. Earlier, these probes were put in safe mode due to a case of coronavirus infection in one of the employees of the mission control center, according to ESA.

How will the salary be calculated during non-working weeks

Russians working in the period from April 4 to April 30 will receive a regular salary, not an increased one, the press service of the Rostrud told RIA Novosti. The Department reminded that these days are declared non-working, but with the preservation of wages.

“Since a non-working day does not apply to weekends or non — working holidays, the remuneration of employees who continue to work during this period is made in the usual, and not an increased amount,” – said in Rostrude.

The unified state exam in Russia decided not to cancel

The Unified state exam (use) in Russia will not be canceled even against the background of the spread of the coronavirus. This was announced on Tuesday, April 7, by the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov

The authorities of the Lipetsk region allowed 140 enterprises to work

Out of 250 applications in the Lipetsk region concerning the conduct of activities in the region, the Commission on the first day of work issued a work permit to 140 enterprises, the press service of the regional administration reported.

Shopping centers in China are starting to open

Since the beginning of April, shopping centers have started their work and they have already seen an increase in the flow of visitors, and it is also reported that about 80% of tenants have resumed their activities. The company operates shopping centers in nine major Chinese cities.

Use of pension reserves for investment

The Kremlin website published a list of instructions that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave after a meeting with leading Russian investors, where they discussed the possibility of using the pension reserves of non-state pension funds to invest in private equity and venture capital funds.

“Recommend that the Bank of Russia, together with the Government of the Russian Federation, work on the possibility of placing pension reserves and investing pension savings by non – state pension funds in private equity and venture capital funds,” Putin’s instruction reads.

Russians will have to pay loans on non-working days

“The Bank of Russia believes that from the point of view of continuity of the economic turnover days in the period to 30 April, referred to in presidential Decree 02.04.2020, are not grounds for postponement of execution of obligations”, — stated in the message published on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The Finance Ministry used resources from the NWF for the purchase of Sberbank shares

The strategy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to buy out Sberbank shares from the Central Bank has been implemented since March this year. As part of the financial transaction, foreign currency from the national welfare Fund is sold on the domestic market, and the funds received will be used in a transaction with the Bank of Russia.

Does the Bank have the right to raise the interest on the loan?

No, it is prohibited to increase credit rates on consumer and mortgage loans retroactively. If you have a loan in rubles, then your monthly expenses for servicing it will remain the same – – says Mikhail Alekseev, an expert of the project of the all-Russian popular front “For the rights of borrowers”. – But if the loan is issued in a currency, the payment amount will increase due to a jump in the exchange rate. And interest on a foreign currency loan may increase if the agreement specifies a floating rate that is linked to one of the stock indexes and increases after it

Gas prices for Russians offered to raise

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia has proposed to increase wholesale prices for gas intended for sale to the population by 3% from July 1, 2020. The corresponding draft order is published on the official portal of draft legal acts.

Armenia offered to pay for Russian gas in rubles

Earlier, RUSARMINFO reported that on the initiative of the Armenian side, Nikol Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, during which the interlocutors also discussed the situation with the coronavirus, among other issues.

Russia has reduced exports of vodka

The volume of vodka exports from the Russian Federation in January – February 2020 in monetary terms decreased by 21.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $15.5 million, according to the materials of the Federal customs service (FCS).

On criminal liability for damage to military graves

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law establishing criminal liability for the destruction or damage of military monuments and graves. The document was published on the official portal of legal information on Tuesday, April 7. The fine amounts to up to three million rubles.

Rosgvardiya will adopt a submachine gun for urban combat

Rosgvardiya will adopt the SR-2MP submachine gun for urban combat. This was reported on Tuesday, April 7, RIA Novosti reports, citing its own source in the security agencies.

Turkey will reduce the number of military operations in Syria

The Turkish defense Ministry will reduce the number of military operations in Syria due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection. This was reported on April 7 on the Department’s Twitter page.

The Americans tested the delivery of ammunition by a light unmanned helicopter

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing together with the Austrian company Schiebel conducted demonstration tests of the Camcopter s-100 unmanned helicopter, during which the device was used to deliver medicines and ammunition to us Army units. According to Flightglobal, the tests were conducted as part of the FVL tender conducted by the us military.

The trailer for the action movie “Evacuation” with Chris Hemsworth has appeared

Netflix has released a trailer for the new action movie “Evacuation”, starring Chris Hemsworth. The plot tells the story of a dangerous mercenary, Tyler Rake, who goes on the most dangerous mission of his career.

“WORLD of Siberia” will not take place this year

The organizers of the festival on April 7 reported that this year the international festival of ethnic music and crafts “WORLD of Siberia” will not take place.

Moscow city hall has signed a contract for the purchase of concrete curbs

Moscow city hall has signed the largest contract for the purchase of concrete curbs, its cost is 3.2 billion rubles. The winner of the tender was LLC “Concrete plant No. 222”. It is part of the Krost group of companies, which is owned by Sobyanin’s proxy Alexey Dobashin

The Czech government has eased some of the quarantine rules

From now on, residents of the Czech Republic can play sports in nature without masks. At the same time, people should keep a distance of at least two meters. From April 9, some stores will open, such as hobby and craft items, hardware stores, and Bicycle repairs. At the same time, retail outlets must comply with strict hygiene rules. Starting from April 14, in case of a valid reason, such as a business trip, travel outside the Czech Republic is allowed.

Disney has launched a series about Olaf the snowman from ” Cold heart»

Disney has launched a new spin-off series “at Home with Olaf” – about the snowman beloved by many children from the “Cold heart” dilogy. So far, only one short episode with a duration of 40 seconds has been released.

Russians were warned about a new type of fraud with Bank cards

The office of the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation has warned Russians about a new type of fraud with Sberbank Bank cards, based on the popular program TeamViewer and its analogues that provide access to the user’s device.

“A potential victim receives a phone call. In the conversation, the fraudster introduces himself as an employee of Sberbank’s financial security service and informs that an attempt to hack the Sberbank Online mobile app was recorded. For greater persuasiveness, he addresses the client by name, calls the phone number to which the mobile Bank is linked (SMS Bank),” the message reads.

Google released an April security patch for Android

Google has released a new security patch for the Android operating system. It is already available for all smartphones in the Pixel family, starting with the Pixel 2. The security patch, dated April 1, 2020, fixes 12 problems, and the “patch” from April 5 closes as many as 43 “holes”

The smell after rain is a symbiosis of bacteria and arthropods

A characteristic smell called petricor produces geosmin — a byproduct of bacterial activity. Geosmin is the main component of oils that some plants emit during the dry period.

The light of the cities disrupted the release of melatonin in perch

Scientists have found that the light of cities, which is reflected from clouds, can reduce the release of melatonin in river perch. Even very weak lighting at night significantly changed the rhythm of melatonin in fish in the experiment. The article is published in the journal Environmental Pollution.

Google has found a way to self-teach movements for robot dogs

According to the resource, the company conducted these studies together with the University of California at Berkeley. Researchers have identified ways to effectively transfer the movements of ordinary dogs to robots. The company noted that they added “a bit of controlled chaos”to the training. Each movement of the dogs was recorded at key points — paws and joints, then the movements on the points were adapted to the movements of robots, using digital simulation.

Biologists have discovered viruses that control their victims

Many viruses inside the cells of algae that can not only reproduce in them, but also “manipulate” them (at least, the metabolism of the “victims”), found American molecular biologists from the Polytechnic University of Virginia. The article was published in the journal Nature Communication.

Biologists have discovered viruses that control their victims

Many viruses inside the cells of algae that can not only reproduce in them, but also “manipulate” them (at least, the metabolism of the “victims”), found American molecular biologists from the Polytechnic University of Virginia. The article was published in the journal Nature Communication.

In the past, we thought that the genes of viruses and living cells had little in common. Now we have reached the point where we can name only a small number of unique genes that are found only in cells or in viruses. They were much more similar than we expected, ” said associate Professor Frank Aylward, one of the authors of the study.

Scientists shared good news: the ozone layer is recovering.

To date, its condition has reached such areas over Antarctica that it can be said about the suspension of alarming changes in the atmosphere of the southern hemisphere of the planet. Experts say that humanity as a whole should be thanked for this. A new study on this issue suggests that the Montreal Protocol of 1987, which banned the production of ozone-depleting substances, may be responsible for the suspension or even changes in air flows around the southern hemisphere