9 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/08/2019

Russian State Duma imposed tax on riders in Russia

The State Duma adopted in the second, decisive reading a government amendment to the Tax Code. From now on, rowing and engine flood vehicles with an engine power of less than 5 horsepower are no longer an exception and should be taxed like any other vehicle, the REGNUM news agency reported.

The court released Kirill Serebrennikov from house arrest

Moscow City Court released director Kirill Serebrennikov from house arrest on bail.

The United States demanded that Huftar stop the attack on Tripoli

The US is demanding that Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s army units immediately stop the attack on the Libyan capital, Tripoli, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The United States is deeply concerned about the fighting near Tripoli. We made it clear that we are against the military offensive of Khalifa Haftar and call for the immediate cessation of these military operations against the capital of Libya. Forces must return to previous positions. – Mike Pompeo, American politician

Posner called a way to unite all the inhabitants of Russia

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner said that Russia does not yet have a national idea, but truth could unite the people of the country. As reported in the blog, he said this during a meeting with readers.

Ex-deputy of Rada called Russian-speaking Ukrainians “slaves”

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Fahrion, in an interview with InTB TV channel, stated that she considers the Russian-speaking citizens of the country to be “slaves and occupiers”. According to her, Ukrainians are a “weak nation,” because they allow themselves to be “humiliated.”

And here we are still claiming some kind of Russian-speaking right. We do not have a Russian-speaking population, they are either slaves or occupiers, that’s all. Therefore, these people should not receive education if they do not know the Ukrainian language, and should not automatically get a job. – Irina Fahrion, Ukrainian philologist

More than half of Russians do not support the law of contempt for power

According to a survey by Levada Center, the results of which RBC cites, 64% of Russians are convinced that the laws on punishment for disrespect for the authorities and the dissemination of fake news are intended to prevent criticism of the authorities.

North Korea intends to change the ambassador to Vietnam after the summit with the United States

North Korea plans to change its ambassador to Vietnam a month after the summit with the United States, Yonhap news agency reported April 8. It is noted that the acting ambassador Kim Myung Il on April 5 paid a farewell visit to the vice-president of Vietnam Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh.

Saakashvili Poroshenko asked him to return the passport of Ukraine

Former Georgian president and former governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, asked the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, to give him back his Ukrainian passport. To this end, Saakashvili recorded a special video message and posted it on his Facebook page.

Poroshenko will pass a drug test in WADA on the advice of Klitschko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko answered boxer Wladimir Klitschko to the proposal to undergo a doping test at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) before the debate with presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky. According to Poroshenko, he will do it next week.

I fully support the call of Wladimir Klitschko for the passage of doping control by presidential candidates. I emphasize that I will immediately pass the tests upon the arrival in Ukraine of representatives of the authoritative organization in the world, which brought to light the Russian doping agency. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Israeli army arrested 21 Palestinians in the West Bank

On Monday night, the Israeli military arrested 21 wanted Palestinians during raids in various parts of the West Bank. This was reported by the press service of the Israel Defense Forces.

ISIS has published a video with the bodies of the Russian military

The news agency Amaq, which publishes news related to the radical Islamist group Islamic State (banned in Russia by a decision of the Supreme Court), posted a video on the network that allegedly captured the bodies of the Russian military killed in Syria.

Pilots VKS RF bombed terrorists in the province of Hama

Earlier in the Arab media showed great interest in increasing the activity of the Russian Aerospace Force in the sky over the province of Idlib. Then it was reported that Russian planes often appeared over the places where the forces of terrorists were concentrated, but Russian pilots did not strike them at that time.

Rospotrebnadzor opens a catering hotline

Rospotrebnadzor from 8 to 28 April will hold a hotline on the quality of services provided by catering. This is reported on Monday on the site office

In Moscow, will limit the work of airports due to the rehearsals of the Victory Parade

The work of Moscow airports will be temporarily limited due to the preparation of the air part of the Victory Parade and the rehearsals of military aviation.

The producer of seeds “Martin” wants to get the rights to the brand Martini

Russian snack maker “Martin” has appealed to the Russian intellectual property court with a request to early terminate the legal protection of the Martini trademark, under which Bacardi & Company Ltd. produces vermouths and sparkling wines, reports Kommersant

“Don’t feed the bear” campaign starts in Kamchatka

On the birthday of the South Kamchatka zakaznik, the “Do not feed the bear” campaign starts, the Kamchatka-INFORM RAI was told in the Kronotsky reserve.

School on Yamal spend half a million on the button accordion

The amount of the transaction will be almost half a million rubles. According to URA.RU, an application has been published on the official portal of public procurement. The school management intends to buy a musical instrument worth 460 thousand rubles.

In Russia, the norm of academic load for schoolchildren may appear

Experts of the All-Russian Popular Front suggest Rospotrebnadzor to develop a maximum daily rate of study load for schoolchildren.

Rospotrebnadzor has prepared a draft of the new SanPiN for cafes and restaurants

The 30-page document signed by Chief Medical Officer of Russia Anna Popova contains binding standards for catering companies, as well as an annex on the shelf life of perishable foods. The project contains requirements for the placement of catering establishments, their maintenance and equipment, used equipment and utensils, transportation and storage of food products, qualification, appearance and health of the staff and their families, as well as on the technological process of food production. Separately regulated children’s menu, fast food service and catering, as well as catering for agricultural workers during field work.

Military video cameras will fix traffic violations

Violators of traffic rules will soon begin to receive fines according to not only the traffic police, but also the Military Traffic Police (VAI). According to the upcoming amendments to the charter of the military police, its employees will be entitled to fix violations, including civilians. They will not be able to fine them themselves, but the information will be transferred to colleagues from the state inspection.

In Arkhangelsk, a rally was held against the construction of a landfill

In Arkhangelsk, 10,000 people took to an unauthorized rally against the construction of a landfill in the village of Shies, reports OVD-info. On the landfill are planning to take garbage from Moscow. The action took place at the Trade Union Square

The number of IP in Russia for the first time exceeded the number of companies

The number of active companies has always exceeded the number of individual entrepreneurs during their analysis through public registries (Incorporation appeared in 2002), the agency notes.

Regional prosecutors have explained the cancellation of concerts by the decision of the organizers

The regional prosecutor’s offices claim that the cancellation of concerts of modern musicians at the end of 2018 is connected with the decision of the organizers themselves, and not with the ban on law enforcement.

Beautiful and comfortable: Moscow continues to update the tram fleet

Every day, 315,000 passengers use trams. The chief engineer of Mosgortrans, Pavel Khmelev, noted that modern transport provides fast and comfortable trips around Moscow.

Delivery of 20 trams from Moscow to Novosibirsk was estimated at 11 million

It is assumed that trams will be transported by special autotrailers for transportation of bulky cargo. By the way, each car weighs 20 tons. For the delivery of cars GET will pay the contractor 11 million 134 thousand rubles

Roscosmos will deprive specialists of bonuses for a year for poor-quality work

Roscosmos specialists, who perform their work poorly, have been asked to deprive the bonuses for a year. This initiative was made by the head of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin, reports on Monday, April 8, RIA Novosti.

Killer whales from the “whale prison” will be released into the wild

Scientists decided to release all animals from the “whale prison” into the wild, said the head of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako. The corresponding agreement was signed by a group of experts of the ocean researcher Jean-Michel Cousteau and Russian scientists.

We will release all animals in their natural environment. Our goal is to release all animals. Scientists from the Cousteau team, Russian scientists will determine when and which individuals to release. – Oleg Kozhemyako, Russian politician

High-rise neighborhoods instead of demolished five-story buildings

2.77 million square meters. m of housing is proposed to build on the renovation program only in the first six projects of neighborhoods, presented by the city authorities. This is almost three times the area of ​​houses to be demolished; earlier, officials promised an increase in the area of ​​not more than 25%. The documents feature buildings up to 85 m high, allowing them to design up to 1000 apartments. However, at project presentations, officials promise that the number of residents in these areas will increase by only a third. The expert draws attention to the almost complete absence of parking lots, which can provoke conflicts between residents.

Dubai police detained British for insulting her husband in the social network

According to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, insults on social networks are considered to be cybercrime, a woman faces up to two years in prison and up to $ 65,000 in fines, the BBC writes on Monday, April 8.

Tourists do not see an alternative to Turkey for the May holidays

More than half of the 480 users surveyed on the TourDom.ru website consider that there is simply no alternative to Turkey in terms of price-quality ratio for the May holidays. This answer was chosen by 56% of respondents. Russian tourists are not scared away even by the rise in prices in hotels in Turkey.

Rostelecom will buy 49% of the shares of LLC National Technologies

The joint venture will be created by the incorporation of Rostelecom into the capital of LLC National Technologies. Thus, the 51% stake in the authorized capital will be from Rostec, and 49% of Rostelecom shares will be bought out from Citadel Holding and KNS Group, which are structures of ICS Holding.

Eurowine wine distributor decided to go bankrupt

Importer of wine Eurowine intends to apply to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a statement of bankruptcy, it follows from the data posted on the portal “Fedresurs”. The report was published by the main legal entity of the company – Exposervice LLC.

Banks will be obliged to warn customers about losses

For employees of Russian banks will develop special rules for communicating with customers, which will include a mandatory warning about possible risks. Write about this “News” with reference to the head of the National Finance Association (PFA) Vasily Zablotsky.

The concept of dilapidated housing will appear in the Housing Code of Russia

The Ministry of Construction of Russia has prepared amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the concept of dilapidated housing will appear in the document. This was told by Deputy Minister of Construction and Utilities Maxim Egorov. According to him, the concept of dilapidated housing will appear in the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

Kolomoisky will require $ 2 billion from the authorities of Ukraine

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the former co-owner of Privatbank, intends to demand $ 2 billion from the Ukrainian authorities if the court decides on the nationalization of the financial organization illegal.

Bitcoin continued to grow. What will be the price of cryptocurrency

The average market price of Bitcoin increased by 2.3% over the past day, now the first cryptocurrency is trading at $ 5266. Today, the coin has updated the annual maximum, as well as the course Ethereum, which only over the past day has grown by 7.4%. Altcoin costs $ 181.

China in March increased foreign exchange reserves to a maximum of 7 months

China’s foreign exchange reserves, the largest in the world, rose in March following the results of the fifth month in a row and as a result reached the maximum volume in the last seven months

Too much money was allotted for child benefits.

In Russia, after the distribution of money for the payment of benefits for the birth of the firstborn, 3.8 billion rubles remained unused, which is about 8% of the total amount. According to the Ministry of Labor, the funds were pledged with a reserve. A total of 48.6 billion rubles was provided for the implementation of the payments, according to Izvestia.

Medvedev approved the state program of scientific and technological development of Russia

According to the passport of the program, its implementation is designed for 2019-2030gg. The resolution simultaneously with the approval of the new document terminates the state program “Development of science and technologies”, which was approved in 2014.

In total, for 2019–2021, the implementation of the new program involves the allocation of more than 2.22 trillion rubles from the federal budget: in 2019 – 688.3 billion, in 2020 – 740.7 billion, in 2021 – 795.9 billion.

“By 2030, the amount of federal budget allocations for the implementation of the state program is planned to increase to more than 1 trillion rubles a year,” the report says on the government website.

Russian banks are increasingly denied loans

Getting a loan in 2019 has become more difficult. Russian banks began to refuse to issue almost all types of loans more often. This is evidenced by the data of the United Credit Bureau, RIA Novosti reports.

International reserves of the National Bank of Kazakhstan fell to a three-year low

In March 2019, the gross international reserves of the National Bank of Kazakhstan amounted to $ 27,033 million (the minimum value of the indicator since January 2016). This value is below the level of March last year by 11.8%, reports the Telegram channel Tengenomika.

Russia’s revenues from oil exports decreased by 7.3%

In January-February, exports of petroleum products decreased by 6.7% to 25 million tons, in monetary terms, it decreased by 9.6% to $ 11.4 billion. In February, oil exports from the Russian Federation remained almost unchanged compared to January 2019 – 20.8 million tons, and revenues increased by 2.4% to $ 9.1 billion.

Sinopec and Shell will search for shale oil in China

EPA Joint exploration and production of shale oil will be conducted at the Shengli oil field in Shandong Province, the Chinese company said following the signing of the agreement.

Uzbekneftegaz received a new industrial flow of natural gas

Specialists of the enterprises of JSC Uzbekneftegaz received a new industrial flow of natural gas from the exploratory well No. 7 of the Uchtepa field, the press service of the company reported. It is noted that the average amount of incoming “blue fuel” in the knocks is 300-350 thousand cubic meters

The Bazhenov Formation in Ugra will be developed by a consortium

At the March Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, Alexei Zabozlaev noted that, according to experts, in Ugra oil resources in the layers of the Bazhenov formation range from 3 to 11 billion tons. Innovative breakthrough technologies are needed to drive sediment development.

Oil producers of Belarus intend to preserve the volume of processing of raw materials

The volumes of oil refining at the Belneftekhim enterprises this year will keep their figures, Deputy Chairman Vladimir Sizov confirmed on April 8 at the international conference “Oil and Gas Markets of Central and Eastern Europe” in Minsk

China provided a loan to Uzbekistan for the construction of hydropower plants

The Tuyabuguz hydropower plant was launched in Uzbekistan. The goal of the project is to consistently increase the use of renewable energy sources, to ensure full satisfaction of the needs of the country’s economy and population, and to increase the balance of energy resources.

Lebanon opened accreditation for the development of five oil fields

At the first stage, Russian Novatek, together with French Total and Italian Eni, won the tender at the licensing stage for the development of oil and gas fields (blocks 4 and 9) in the exclusive economic zone of Lebanon in the Mediterranean.

Brazilian Petrobras to sell gas operator TAG for $ 9 billion

The Brazilian state-owned oil and gas company Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) has agreed to sell a division of Transportadora Associada de Gas (TAG), a domestic gas pipeline network operator, to the French energy company Engie SA and Canadian pension fund Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec.

Nissan and Dongfeng are preparing rival Range Rover SUV

Nissan and Dongfeng are preparing a competitor for the Range Rover off-road vehicle under the Venucia brand, and a new crossover will be shown at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16.

An employee of the pension fund appointed a pension to the father of 150 thousand rubles

In Voronezh, a criminal case was sent to court against the former head of the district unit of the Pension Fund of Russia. A woman is suspected of fraud on a large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), the regional prosecutor’s office reported.

According to the investigation, the suspect, using her official position – she worked as head of the FIU department in Vorobyevsky District – set up a program for calculating pensions so that her father would receive 150 thousand rubles a month from the state. Then the scam came to light, the woman was fired and a criminal case was brought against her, and her father was assigned a regular pension. Damage to the state amounted to more than 3.5 million rubles.

Michael Bay refused to shoot the sequel to Transformers

American filmmaker and film producer Michael Bay told Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura that he would no longer take part in the filming of the continuation of a fantastic action movie. It is known that Michael Bay worked with this motion picture for 10 years.

Russian action “Billion” goes into wide use in Britain

Adventure action from the director of the duology “DukhLess” Roman Prygunova “Billion” with Vladimir Mashkov and Alexandra Bortich in the main roles, from 5 May goes into wide release in England.

Russia celebrated the day of animation

The holiday uniting both fans of cartoons and their creators is celebrated in Russia on April 8. The date was not chosen by chance – it was on this day in 1912 that the film “The Beautiful Lucanida or the Barbel of the War with Stags” was shown – the first silent cartoon doll about love, the main characters of which were insects.

The biologist Vladislav Starevich became the author and director of the domestic animated film. The public liked the picture very much. The cartoon was made very high quality in those days. Viewers even had suggestions that real insects were involved in the film. “Beautiful Lucanida” was a great success.

Australia will invest millions of dollars in an unknown film Marvel

The federal and state governments of Australia explain such expenses by the positive impact of Marvel projects on the economy, jobs and the national film industry as a whole.

Ukrainian rap star Alyona Alyona released her debut album

Ukrainian rap singer Alyona Alyona (Alyona Savranenko) released the debut album “The Gun”. The album includes 13 tracks, among which there is a third part of the song “Ribki” (“Fish”) that glorified the actress.

In Moscow, the festival will take place “Days of the avant-garde. Art and power “

This year’s festival events will unite the common theme “Art and Power”. The art of avant-garde sought to answer the pressing questions of its time, so it was in active dialogue with the new government.

Yekaterinburg actor took the prize at the London Festival

The jury recognized the short film of the artist “2050” as the “Best Fantastic Film”. The short meter was the debut work of the company Kulik Kulik Prodiction. According to the director, a lot of strength and creative energy was put into the shooting of the film.

$ 100 in 28 seconds. R. Kelly gave his shortest concert

Visitors on Sunday at a club in Springfield (Illinois) paid $ 50 to $ 100 for an entrance ticket, but R. Kelly limited himself to performing only a couple of lines of one of his songs. In total, the concert lasted 28 seconds.

Trailer of the comedy “Stuber” with Dave Batista

The network has the first trailer for the comedy action movie “Stuber” with Dave Batista and Kumale Nanjiani in the lead roles. The film tells about a cop named Vic (Dave Batista), who sits in Uber with a simple driver Stu (Kumale Nanjiani) and pulls him into a bloody pursuit of a dangerous criminal.

The group “Kuraisy” will present the “Music of the Wind” ethno-show at the House of Music

Robert Yuldashev’s “Kuraisy” group will perform with the costumed musical and choreographic ethno-show “Music of the Wind” in the Theater Hall of the Moscow International House of Music on April 12

Mgzavrebi presents new album

The band Mgzavrebi presents a new album in Tula called GEO. This is the seventh record of the group. It is her musicians who single out of all, noting that GEO is a new sound, a more holistic and adult musical work.

Theater of Nations will present the premiere of the play-action “Iranian Conference”

The State Theater of Nations, led by People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Mironov, is preparing to present the performance-action “Iranian Conference” on the Main Stage.

A new short film based on the “Alien” has appeared on the Web.

A new fan-made movie based on Alien by Ridley Scott has appeared on YouTube. The short film is called “Sample / Individual” (Specimen).

Telecom and FSB operators oppose embedded SIM cards in Russia

Mobile operators MTS, MegaFon and VimpelCom and the Federal Security Service (FSB) were against the introduction in Russia of the built-in eSim SIM card technology, which allows connecting to the cellular network without a SIM card. It is reported by RBC with reference to three sources in the telecommunications industry.

Facebook is going to lay the underwater cable “Simba” around Africa

Facebook is considering laying a submarine fiber cable around Africa. The goal of the project is to reduce the cost of providing access to broadband Internet on the continent and attracting new users to the social network, The Wall Street Journal newspaper reported on Sunday.

Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Neptune OC: liquid cooled video card

Colorful has announced its flagship graphics accelerator with a liquid cooling system – a model called iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Neptune OC. At the heart of the novelty is the NVIDIA Turing generation graphic chip.

G-Technology ArmorATD hard disk holds up to 4 TB of data

Western Digital has introduced under the G-Technology brand portable hard drives of the ArmorATD family, enclosed in a ruggedized case. The family included three models – with a capacity of 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB.

Superflugman Galaxy S10 5G already sold in South Korea

On April 5, the most prominent representative of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family was launched in South Korea as part of the deployment of 5th generation cellular networks in the country.

Rostec will create the first Russian high-speed electron-beam 3D printer

The Roselectronic holding of Rostec State Corporation is developing the first Russian electron-beam 3D printer for printing with metal powders.

Fully wireless Nubia Pods in-ear headphones priced at $ 120

A charging case equipped with a battery with a capacity of 410 mAh makes it possible to bring this figure up to 24 hours. Nubia Pods wireless in-ear headphones will be on sale at an estimated price of $ 120.

Microsoft made HoloLens glasses for the US Army

Last fall, it turned out that Microsoft won a contract from the US Army to adapt HoloLens augmented reality headset for the military. It was called the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS), and the total amount of the contract is 479 million dollars.

Xiaomi has released a DVR and a rearview mirror in a single package.

The device supports memory cards with a resolution of up to 64 GB and voice assistant Xiaomi Xiao Ai. The battery has a capacity of 500 mAh. The price is about 67 dollars.

JAXA automates the construction of the lunar base

Specialists are working on a project that will eliminate the participation of people in construction. On the official JAXA page, it is said that lunar bases will not be built by humans, but by self-guided machines. Agency specialists plan to use robotic excavators and tractors.

The cure for leprosy fights cancer cells

A cure for leprosy kills cancer cells. This discovery was made by researchers from the FEFU Biomedicine School and their colleagues from the University of Lausanne and Geneva.

The synthetic drug clofazimine is created on the basis of a biologically active compound of lichens. It was developed in 1950 and used to treat leprosy. This drug, as researchers have found, is able to control cell division, for which the Wnt signaling pathway, which also protects malignant tumors during chemotherapy, is responsible. Experiments on mice confirmed that the drug, acting purposefully, suppresses the Wnt-pathway, which leads to apotozy – cell suicide.

A high dosage of vitamin D can lead to kidney failure.

A 54-year-old man who consumed a large dose of vitamin D every day suffers from severe kidney damage, writes eurekalert.org.

“Although vitamin D toxicity is rare due to its large therapeutic range, its widespread availability in various OTC drugs can pose a significant risk to uninformed patients,” writes Dr. Born Auguste, clinical researcher at Toronto Central Hospital and the University of Toronto.

Beer hops can fight liver and intestinal tumors

Several tests confirmed that the components in the hop can kill the cells of liver and intestinal tumors. However, research by scientists from the University of Oregon was based only on cells in the laboratory, and it is natural that it did not prove the ability of beer itself to influence tumors in any way.

Israeli apparatus sent pictures of the back of the moon

The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet (Beresheet) sent to Earth the first pictures of the far side of the moon. The pictures appeared on the official site of the company SpaceIL, which organized the mission. Recall that “Bereshit” – this is the first private lunar rover

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