10 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/09/2019

Putin did not agree with Erdogan on the price of Russian gas

Ankara insists on a certain fixed price, but Gazprom forms the cost of fuel based on market conditions, and not on its own accord, Putin explained. At the same time, Putin recalled that Russia is a reliable gas supplier for Turkey and has already proved it.

As for energy, they are formed by the market. These are the prices on the market, they are not appointed by Gazprom in a directive manner. And there are questions, there are problems. Our Turkish friends insist on some formulas, for commercial reasons, Gazprom offers other solutions. – Vladimir Putin

Prosecutor General’s Office reported on the results of the inspection of Roscosmos and Rostec

From the report it follows that at the subordinate enterprises of Roskosmos and Rostec more than 1.6 billion rubles were stolen, allocated for the modernization of the production base and the creation of new advanced weapons designs

The United States decided to introduce new duties on goods from the European Union

Washington is considering the possibility of introducing new duties on goods from the European Union until the EU stops subsidizing Airbus. Such information on Tuesday spread the office of the US sales representative.

China will reduce taxes on imported goods in parcels

As noted in the committee, some drugs that are currently subject to a three percent import tax on value added, including anti-cancer drugs and medicines for rare diseases, will be subject to a preferential tax rate.

Chinese authorities will close a number of enterprises after the explosion at the chemical plant

The government of the PRC decided to close many small industrial enterprises and carry out their partial merger into larger enterprises. This will be done to prevent a major accident from recurring at a chemical plant in Jiangsu Province.

USA allowed Deripaska to transfer 10.5 million shares of En + to his children’s fund

The US Treasury Department allowed Russian entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska to refuse to own En + shares to transfer 10.5 million shares of this company worth over $ 78 million to a trust fund established for his two children born to his ex-wife Polina.

Japan extended by two years sanctions against the CPV

The Japanese government has decided to extend for two years unilateral sanctions against the DPRK, which expires on April 13. This is the agency Kyodo.

In the US, did not rule out sanctions against Egypt for the purchase of Su-35

Egypt and other countries that are planning to buy Russian weapons should be aware of the possible consequences of the application of the Law on Countering America’s Opponents through Sanctions (CAATSA). This informs RIA Novosti with reference to a senior official of the US administration

Putin approved the issuance of Russian genetic passports

Vladimir Putin approved genetic passporting The creation of genetic passports for Russians is stated in the presidential decree “On the basis of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of chemical and biological safety” until 2025.

The number of corrupt FSB officers has doubled

The number of identified corrupt FSB officers has doubled in a year, according to the report of the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, received by the Federation Council, on the state of law and order in the Russian Federation in 2018.

Poroshenko called himself a Russian-speaking person

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he is a Russian-speaking person. He expressed readiness to write a dictation or an essay to confirm his words.

Here is a message for residents of eastern Ukraine. First position, we must save Ukraine, no one will impinge on your right to speak Russian. I myself am Russian-speaking, and I have already said many times that it is absolutely natural for me to speak Russian. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Ukraine proposed to move from decommunization to de-Russification

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Vladimir Vyatrovich, voiced a proposal to continue the campaign for de-communization with a campaign for de-Russification. He argued this idea by the need to get rid of the Russian imperial heritage and its influence on the Ukrainian present.

Medvedev replaced the head of Rostrud

Dmitry Medvedev, who holds the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, signed a decree according to which Vsevolod Vukolov was “removed” to the post of Deputy Minister of Labor, and his former post of head of the Labor Force, which he held in 2013, was taken by Mikhail Ivankov, Vedomosti reports.

French Prime Minister promised “yellow vests” to reduce taxes

The head of the French government, Edouard Philippe, promised to reduce the tax burden for the population of the republic in order to resolve the crisis situation that has arisen in the country against the background of protests of the “yellow vests” movement.

Poland protests because of the glorification of Bandera on Ukrainian TV

The Polish Embassy in Ukraine expressed an official protest after the declassified program “Declassified History: Bandera Passions” on the State TV Channel “Porshiy”, whose members tried to create a positive image of the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (banned in the Russian Federation).

Brazilian authorities did not rule out participation in the invasion of Venezuela

Brazilian President Zhair Bolsonaru said that he would consult with Parliament about participating in an armed invasion of Venezuela if such a development followed.

“Mail of Russia” launched an online payment for utility services

Pochta Rossii launched an online payment for utility and mobile services. To do this, the company has created a special payment service on its website. About this on Tuesday, April 9, write “News”.

The head of Khakassia sued Mikhail Leontyev

The Governor of Khakassia, Valentin Konovalov, filed a lawsuit in court against TV host Mikhail Leontyev, defending the right to the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, reports RIA Novosti. Earlier, the journalist called politics “moron.”

Khakassia is a small region. There is a lot of coal there, but in fact the country is rich: Khakassia is more, Khakassia is less … Well, the moron directs Khakassia – well, there won’t be Khakassia, so what? Nadybaem somewhere new Khakassia. – Mikhail Leontyev, Russian TV host

Russia has completed the manufacture of a second set of C-400 for China

Russian military-industrial enterprises produced for China a second regimental anti-aircraft missile system S-400, reports TASS, citing a military-diplomatic source. He said that the complete set of the air defense system “is made completely”.

The first serial Su-57 will go to the Southern Military District

The newest fighters of the fifth generation Su-57 will be the first to receive one of the aviation regiments of the Southern Military District. This is reported by “Izvestia”, citing a source in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the time of entry and the number of Su-57 fighters to be put into service are not called.

“Avtodor” will increase the cost of travel on toll roads

The fare “Avtodor” has not yet disclosed – prices will be known on April 15, writes RBC. Earlier it was reported that travel on the highway M11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” will cost 2 thousand rubles. This price will be valid on a weekday when paying by cash.

Regional authorities refused to buy drugs for Russians with HIV

Over the year, the number of regions that did not participate in the procurement of medicines for treating HIV patients has increased. If in 2017 there were 21 of them, then in 2018 it was already 35. This follows from the report of the project “Treatment Preparedness Coalition”, which monitors the procurement of drugs.

Russians age faster than most other countries.

An international team of scientists analyzed data on a number of diseases, from stroke and Parkinson’s disease to hearing problems and falling injuries when walking, which usually manifest with age. The research results are published in the journal Lancet.

The average inhabitant of the planet accumulates a bouquet of senile ailments by the age of 65. In France and Singapore, this happens when they turn 76, in Russia old age is at 59, Papua New Guinea has similar health problems by the age of 45

In the overall ranking of 195 countries, the Russian Federation ranks 160th, behind not only the USA and Europe, but also the countries of the Middle East, as well as all the other members of BRICS (Brazil, China, India and South Africa) and even Tajikistan (147), which In many respects, it is considered the most disadvantaged of the former Soviet republics.

Central Bank recorded a record outflow of foreign investment from Russia

Foreign direct investment in the authorized capital of Russian companies in the non-financial sector in 2018 declined by $ 6.5 billion, according to statistics released by the Central Bank. This is the minimum value since 1997 (from this point on, the Central Bank provides such statistics).

Twitter creator in 2018 received a salary of $ 1.4

The salary of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2018 was $ 1 and 40 cents. This was reported by Bloomberg

Oil industry workers complained to Medvedev about restrictions on old pipes

The ban on the use of used pipes, introduced by Rosprirodnadzor, leads to large additional costs and threatens to increase the accident rate, oil companies say, the Kommersant newspaper writes. A letter of complaint was sent to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Prosecutor General’s Office called the damage from corruption crimes for 2018

The material damage from the revealed corruption crimes in 2018 increased from 39.6 to 65.7 billion rubles. This is reported in the report of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika for the Federation Council. This is 66 percent more than in 2017, Chaika specified.

A plan for attracting foreign specialists to Russia will be prepared by July 2020.

The Ministry of Labor together with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation will prepare proposals for stimulating the attraction of foreign specialists to major Russian cities by July 2020.

Fear of protests: how security forces will fight with rallies

The powers of law enforcement agencies can be expanded. It is proposed to allow security officials to freeze the accounts of terrorists, drug dealers and those who pay unauthorized meetings without any extra judicial procedures. The corresponding bill was prepared by Rosfinmonitoring, write Vedomosti. The document allows the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and financial intelligence itself, as well as their regional units without a court, to block accounts and e-wallets, which are used to finance terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking, and the organization and conduct of “public events in violation of the established procedure.”

Jaguar Land Rover due to Brexit suspended the work of factories in the UK

The British automaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) today announced the suspension of its businesses in the UK for 5 days due to the uncertainty over Brexit (the country’s withdrawal from the European Union).

The ECHR recognized the political house arrest of Navalny in the case of “Yves Rocher”

The court granted the complaint to the policy of electing a preventive measure in the form of house arrest in 2014 during the investigation of a criminal case against him about fraud against companies Multidisciplinary Processing Ltd and Yves Rocher

Gold reserves of Russia

Russia’s foreign exchange reserves amounted to 487.8 billion dollars, follows from the data published on the website of the Central Bank. This figure broke the five-year record: on April 1, 2014, reserves amounted to 486 billion dollars

Rosatom will prepare a three-stage plan for the development of infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route

Rosatom State Corporation will prepare a three-stage infrastructure development plan for the Northern Sea Route with the horizon for 2030, this document will link the volume of cargo traffic along the NSR, the construction of new ships and the development of port infrastructure on the Northern Sea Route, told Rosatom Deputy Director of the Northern Sea Route Directorate Vyacheslav Ruksha

Rosneft goes for gas to Africa

The Russian company Rosneft, which successfully operates on the Egyptian shelf together with the Italian Eni, claims to develop the largest gas block R in Equatorial Guinea with reserves of more than 100 billion cubic meters, Kommersant reports.

China wants to ban bitcoin mining

This initiative was launched by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. In the draft law developed by her, it says which industries should be banned, restricted or supported by the state.

If the bill enters into force, owners of cryptocurrency farms will have to stop their activities and move to other jurisdictions. In addition, manufacturers of mining equipment will also be prohibited from producing and selling their products.

TV advertising revenues stopped growing

After a sharp devaluation of the ruble in December 2014, ad revenues fell in January-March 2015, according to the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, by 22%, to 30, 1 – 30.6 billion rubles. At the end of 2015, the situation was better: the drop was already 14%, to 136.7 billion rubles. In 2016 – 2018, the advertising revenues of broadcasters grew.

The IV Literate Communication Festival opens in Rostov

“RUFEST” aims to promote the Russian language, to awaken the love of the living word. This year, for the first time, the festival presents a book fair, which presents 20 Russian publishing houses with new literature.

Netflix has published a trailer for the movie “Returning Home” about Beyonce

The first trailer of the upcoming Netflix documentary “Homecoming” dedicated to the singer Beyonce was posted online. The video was published on April 8 on the company’s YouTube channel.

Julianne Moore starred in the series “The Story of Lisi” based on the novel by Stephen King

A new streaming service from Apple has ordered an eight-series mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel “The Story of Lisi”. The main role in it will be played by Julianna Moore. The writer will be the scriptwriter and executive producer of the project.

In the Theater. Vakhtangov was given a “crystal ball” in honor of Inna Churikova

Inna Churikova comes to her ball a few minutes before the start. This is enough to get acquainted with the platform and tune in to the holiday. It determines the mood and atmosphere of the evening, which takes place under the rhythms of tango.

Pelageya will perform at the Zheleznovodsk festival “Hero and Time”

The international film festival “Hero and Time” in Zheleznovodsk will open with a concert by the famous Russian singer Pelageya. The performer of folk songs and folk songs confirmed her participation in the festival.

Chris Tucker Announces Rush Hour 4

Which, apparently, led him to the fourth “Rush Hour”. Yesterday, this picture appeared on Chris Tucker’s page on Instagram.

Anton Shagin will present his new book of poems

On Saturday, April 27, Anton Shagin, actor of the Lenkom Theater, will present his new book of poems Antonovka at a poetic mono concert in the 16 tons club.

In Russia will perform the king of the Italian soul Mario Biondi

Italian singer Mario Biondi will come to Russia with concerts. On April 25, he will perform at the Aurora Concert Hall in St. Petersburg, and the next day at the Izvestia Hall in Moscow. During his career, the musician has released 10 albums, some of which have become platinum.

The world’s first 1 TB microSD card goes on sale

SanDisk opened a pre-order for a microSD memory card with a record volume of 1 TB and cost $ 449 (almost 30,000 rubles). The full name of the microSDXC class C10 (UHS-1) memory card is SanDisk Extreme 1TB UHS-I (SDSQXA1-1T00-GN6MA).

In the UK, want to create a regulator to protect against online threats

The British Ministry of Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sport has proposed the establishment of a regulator to control the distribution of “harmful content” on the Web. The appearance of the initiative has become known by the news agency Bloomberg

Sales of personal computers will continue to decline

It is reported that in 2018 the volume of the market for computer devices was about 409.3 million units. In the segment of cellular devices, sales were at the level of 1.81 billion units. This year, shipments in the category of computer devices are projected at 406.3 million units.

Russia and Belarus have signed an agreement on cooperation in satellite communications

The Russian company “Space Communications” and the Belarusian Precision Electromechanical Plant signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of satellite communications. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the Russian operator.

“VKontakte” launched a service for the study of traffic rules

In “VKontakte” appeared a service for the study of the rules of the road “traffic rules 2019”. This was reported in the press service of the social network. Users, in particular, can learn the rules in the marathon mode or pass a mock exam.

MegaFon has created a Digital Management Company

MegaFon creates a Digital Housing and Utilities Management Company that will operate from the cloud and collect data using the Internet of Things. The project will be implemented jointly with the former “daughter” of the operator – the company “Kometrika”, headed by the former GR-director of MegaFon Dmitry Petrov.

We are talking about creating an inventory system, accounting and control of public services, the state of all types of energy resources, the state of property complexes for the purposes of unification and carrying out a uniform quality standard for providing services to owners of residential and non-residential premises.

Apple may purchase 5G modems from Huawei

Apple Inc. may purchase 5G modems for its iPhone smartphones from Huawei, a Chinese company. Reports the resource Engadget with reference to an informed informant.

Abramovich-linked fund invested in a marketing platform

The developer of marketing solutions, Improvado, raised $ 5 million, including from Russian funds Impulse VC (Roman Abramovich is among its shareholders) and Cabra VC, one of the founders and CEO of the company, Daniil Kravtsov, told Vedomosti.

16-inch Apple MacBook Pro will be released only in 2020

Previously, Kuo denied rumors that Apple is working on an updated MacBook Pro lineup, consisting of a larger model with a screen from 16 to 16.5 inches and a 13-inch model that will have higher performance than the current version of Apple (including 32 GB of RAM).

Logitech Zone Wireless blocks ambient noise

Logitech has announced a series of wireless headsets Zone Wireless, designed for use in open office spaces, characterized, as a rule, a high level of ambient noise.

ZTE company has patented a completely frameless smartphone

The Chinese company ZTE has patented a completely frameless smartphone. The gadget will get a triple main camera and one physical button. It is noted that the documents for the new device were filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization in the middle of last year, but the publication of the patent took place only on April 5, 2019.

Lexar USB 3.1 Type-C Mobile SSD

The company calls SSD the fastest of its kind and provides a reading speed of 950 MB / s and writing speed of 900 MB / s. As for connectivity, there is a USB 3.1 port with access to Type-C.

Non-invasive brain stimulation improves the working memory of the elderly.

Researchers at Boston University conducted experiments with young and old people and showed that TES therapy can temporarily improve working memory after 60 years. The results are published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Dietary Supplement May Impair Immunity During Flu

Food supplement tert-butylhydroquinone can weaken the immune system in patients with influenza mice. This conclusion was made by scientists who presented the results of their work at the conference Experimental Biology 2019 in Orlando. This substance is also known as E319.

Melting glaciers is gaining momentum around the world

The melting of glaciers around the world over the past half century, excluding ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, has led to a 27-millimeter rise in sea level and loss of ice weighing over 9,000 billion tons, scientists say in a study presented in the journal Nature.

Scientists: daily walks in fresh air reduce stress

Scientists said that daily walks in the fresh air for 20-30 minutes reduces the content of the hormone cortisol. It is noted that to achieve such a result, it is enough for a person to walk or just sit

Developed a new technology for the manufacture of soft robots for the elderly

The American team of scientists has developed a new technology for the manufacture of soft robots, which can be another step towards the robotization of our environment. This time, scientists suggest using machines to care for people. They told about the development on the pages of the Advanced Functional Materials magazine.

Russian scientists talked about the effect of cosmic rays on the brain

Russian scientists told how the cosmic rays affect the work of the brain. Relevant studies were conducted by a joint group of experts, including representatives of the MIPT and the Anokhin Scientific Research Institute in mice.

Scientists told what the love of hot baths brings

It was found that regular hot baths reduce the level of inflammation and blood glucose. According to experts, a hot bath helps to improve the metabolic functions of the body, but it is far from being useful to everyone. In the future, experts intend to investigate the effect of taking short warm baths.

Drunk alcohol destroys the human brain in six weeks

An international group of scientists from Spain, Germany, Italy in their study concluded that alcohol continues to destroy the brain for six weeks after a person has knocked a glass of vodka or a glass of wine into himself.

Experimental drugs suppressed peanut allergy

Scientists have developed drugs that experimentally suppressed a peanut allergy – covalent heterobivalent inhibitors that irreversibly bind only with antibodies against the most allergenic proteins of the nut, Ara h 2 and Ara h 6. The authors believe that their research will help develop a cure for peanut allergy

Scientists have shown what the speed of light looks like in slow motion

In a new video published on The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube, scientists demonstrated the capabilities of their camera by shooting a laser beam passing through a bottle of milk at a speed of about 100 billion frames per second

Surveillance of cell metabolism will indicate early stages of cancer.

The technology has the potential to diagnose many diseases at an early stage. In addition, it can be used to monitor patients during treatment in order to monitor the metabolism of healthy and malignant cells. Recently, American scientists have refuted the theory of cancer metabolism

Psychologists have identified the relationship between personality traits and the results of life.

The project specifically examined the links between the five personality traits: openness to experience, good faith, extraversion, pleasure and neuroticism, and individual, interpersonal and institutional results that ranged from subjective well-being to personal behavior and professional activities.

In what conditions will the conquerors of Mars live?

American scientists have studied the possibility of regular dwelling on Mars and told about the conditions under which it is necessary to dwell on such an unpredictable planet. NASA experts also showed in which houses the conquerors of the Red Planet can live.

Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet

Brazilian scientists studied the data obtained by the NASA “Kepler” telescope and found signs of the existence of an exoplanet. The mass of the found cosmic body is 13 times the mass of the largest planet Jupiter.

GLONASS space satellites of a new generation will appear in 2020

A new navigation and space satellite in the GLONASS system will be developed by the end of 2020. This was reported by IA Nation News with reference to the deputy general designer of JSC “Information satellite systems to them. Reshetnev “on the development and innovation of Yuri Vilkov.

NASA talked about Axel Rover all-terrain vehicle tasks on the moon

NASA staff told about the tasks to be performed by the Axel Rover all-terrain vehicle on the moon. According to them, the device will visit the “Sea of ​​Peace”, a large cave on the natural satellite of the Earth. In 2025, the Axel Rover all-terrain vehicle will visit the Moon as part of the Moon Driver program.

Amazon will create its satellite communications system.

The American company Amazon plans to launch more than 3,000 satellites to deploy a satellite communications system that provides high-speed Internet access.

Already this month, robots will go to the ISS

It became known that several Astrobee robots will be delivered to the ISS at the end of this month. Robots will become assistants for the station crew members who will be engaged in the implementation of routine work.

The Astrobee Cube Flying Robot was created by NASA Ames Research Center in the California Silicon Valley. It was equipped with a set of cameras and sensors for navigation and crew monitoring, sampling and logistics management. In addition, the robot has a touch screen, speaker and microphone. A mechanical lever allows the device to interact with different tools. So that the activity of the device was as long as possible, the engineers built a battery in it.

Indian rocket put satellites made in Lithuania into unplanned orbit

The Indian launch vehicle PSLV launched two small technological satellites manufactured in Lithuania to a lower orbit than planned, the press service of the Lithuanian company producing satellites NanoAvionics reports.

Hyundai declassified new ultrabudget crossover Hyundai Venue

Hyundai continues to fuel interest in the new ultrabudgetary crossover Hyundai Venue, which will premiere on April 17 at the New York Auto Show. Koreans published sketches of Venue. The press service of Hyundai reminded that the new model should be the most compact and affordable SUV brand.

Lexus confirmed the appearance of a luxury minivan

Today the brand really confirmed this information. In addition, the network has been published a new teaser machine. Recall that about 5 years ago, a subsidiary brand turned to Toyota with a request to expand the premium series of cars with a minivan.

Toyota came up with a body wash built into the car

Toyota has patented a built-in body wash system for pickups. The device described in the document consists of several nozzles and a piping network to which a water supply hose is connected.

Mitsubishi will show Outlander successor at Shanghai Auto Show

The Japanese company has declassified its plans to participate in the international auto show, which will be held in Shanghai on April 16. The main premiers of the Japanese concern Mitsubishi Motors will be the conceptual crossover Engelberg Tourer.

Published the first “live” pictures of the front-wheel drive model BMW

Recall that recently representatives of the brand have published pictures of the 1 Series, in which the car was in camouflage. But today there were photos of the car without him, which published a portal Dizzyriders claiming that this is a photo of the serial version of the car.

Mercedes-AMG introduced the CLA 35

The new CLA 35 got a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine with a power of 302 hp. The unit is combined with a 7-speed robotic gearbox with double clutch and all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4MATIC.

The crossover coupe Haval F7x for 1 million rubles will enter the market on April 12

The company Great Wall announced that the new cross-coupe Haval F7x will be available for order from April 12. At first, only residents of China will be able to purchase the model, but over time, they plan to manufacture its production at the Haval plant in the Tula region.

Ford has unveiled an electric Transit van in Amsterdam

The American company Ford officially unveiled a new modification of the Ford Transit electric van in Amsterdam. It has now been announced that car sales will begin by 2021. Also during the official event the premiere of the advanced Ford Tourneo Custom minivan was held.

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