13 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/11-12/2020

In Magnitogorsk, a 99-year-old home front worker was presented with a set of expired canned food along with a medal for the 75th anniversary of Victory. The authorities have already promised to apologize. As explained to the newspaper “Rise” in the city administration, add products to the gift set for 99-year-old Alevtina S. was the initiative of the regional Deputy, who congratulated the woman.

“We are now dealing with this situation. According to the information that we receive, the deputies who presented the medal, on their own initiative, added their own products to the usual gift, which is a blanket, such as tea and so on. They are now there in place. They’ll sort it out and apologize. We’ll apologize anyway, it’s not even up for discussion.”

CEC members will transfer part of their salary to help citizens

Ella Pamfilova announced that members of the CEC will transfer part of their salary to help citizens in the conditions of the spread of the coronavirus. She added that the specific recipient of the money transfer will be finalised on April 15.

“During the meeting, the CEC members decided to transfer part of their monthly salary, ranging from 100% to 25%, to solve one of the acute problems related to coronavirus. We believe that in this situation, let our modest contribution help specific, most urgently needed people, ” Pamfilova explained.

In the Irkutsk penal colony, prisoners rioted

On the eve of the release of the prisoners had a conflict with prison staff, 17 convicts smashed the Windows of security cameras, set fire to the woodworking shop, cut his wrists in protest against conditions and actions of employees UFSIN.

According to official information of the Federal penitentiary service for the Irkutsk region, no one was injured in the riot. All the instigators (more than 2 hundred people) became involved in new criminal cases and were sent to several pre-trial detention centers in the region. Fires in the industrial zone IK-15 were extinguished, 3 workshops burned down.

Sergei Sobyanin introduces a pass-through mode in Moscow

“Since the beginning of the week, the Moscow authorities will gradually introduce a pass-through regime. At the first stage, we will introduce it for trips to work, at the second – for trips for other purposes, and at the third, if necessary, for movement within the district. About the timing of the introduction of each of the stages, we will say more.”

The mayor also announced that most businesses and institutions will stop working for a week, with the exception of hospitals and full-service businesses. Carsharing services and partially taxi services will be suspended. Construction (repair) works are suspended, except for the construction of medical facilities, as well as continuous cycle works in the construction and maintenance of metro, railway, ground public transport and airports. The provision of medical services by organizations and sole proprietors for which this type of activity is not the main one is suspended.

In the Moscow region, as well as in the capital, from next week, a pass regime will be introduced.

Governor Andrey Vorobyov announced that there will be a strengthening of the police, Rosgvardiya, traffic police, they will ask questions about the purpose of leaving the house. The region stops all businesses except the most necessary ones. Factories and factories can work, but with mandatory compliance with sanitary rules.

Experts from China flew to Moscow to help fight the epidemic

“Among them are reputable Chinese virologists and doctors who have extensive clinical experience and practical knowledge acquired during the country’s fight against the COVID-19 epidemic,” the Russian Consulate General in Harbin said in a statement.

In addition, the flight will deliver a cargo of several tons of medical protective equipment and equipment, which is donated to Russia by the province of Heilongjiang. The message from the Consulate General notes that specialists from China were invited by the government of Moscow

Anak Krakatau volcano has erupted in Indonesia.

According to 9 News, there is a “large magmatic eruption” on the island, the volcano sends ash into the air to a height of up to 15 kilometers. It is located in the Malay archipelago in the Sunda Strait, between the Islands of Java and Sumatra. Local residents are preparing to evacuate.

Mexico agreed with the US and OPEC+ to limit oil production

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that Mexico will reduce production by 100,000 barrels per day, but instead the US will take an additional 250,000 barrels per day reduction. Obrador said that he agreed to this during a telephone conversation with the American President Donald trump, reports the publication El Heraldo de Mexico.

Apple and Google have teamed up to fight the coronavirus

Apple and Google have agreed to create a technology to track people who have come into contact with COVID-19 cases. This is reported in a press release posted on the websites of both companies.

According to the description, the new system will track phones that are located near each other via Bluetooth and transmit this information to a special app. App users will be able to report that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19. After that, the system will analyze the person’s contact circle for two weeks and warn others that they have communicated with the infected person. The name of the infected person will be hidden.

Suppliers of rice and sunflower oil in Russia announced an increase in prices

In March and early April, we received notifications of price increases from suppliers of most product categories. The percentage of the declared increase varies from 10-15% for canned meat and pasta to 50% for rice and sunflower oil. We understand that our partners have objective reasons that affect the cost of goods related to the exchange rate, and we accept price increases when it is reasonable, ” X5 Retail Group told TASS, noting that it conducts negotiations with each supplier and asks them to justify the increase

MPs opposed cutting their salaries during the crisis

Deputies of the state Duma and the Moscow city Duma did not support the idea of cutting their salaries to help those in need in a crisis situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Such data was obtained by “Open media” according to the results of a survey of some deputies.

How much do deputies get?

The average salary of a Russian MP is 350 000 — 400 000 rubles. In the Moscow city Council, the salary is twice as high: more than 700,000 rubles a month. However, in addition to the salary itself, parliamentarians receive a fairly large number of benefits, including an office apartment and a personal driver.

SMS with a request to pay a “fine” for violating the quarantine

Residents of Russia began to receive fraudulent SMS messages demanding to pay a “fine” for violating the quarantine. This was reported by Group_IB, a company specializing in protection from cyber attacks. The company said that fake messages were sent to the address on April 10 in messengers, as well as in SMS.

Fraudsters, referring to a non-existent resolution of the Federal penitentiary service, require the “violator” under the threat of criminal proceedings to pay a fine of 4,000 rubles by transfer to a mobile phone number. When you try to call this number, the call is transferred to the supposedly “reference service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”.

Putin warned attempts to cover their shortcomings with coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the leadership of Roscosmos, as well as leaders of other sectors of the Russian economy, against trying to cover up their shortcomings with the situation with coronavirus.

“What I would like to warn you from the temptation of all outstanding issues – and there are many, all shortcomings, and their is also enough to put the blame on coronavirus infection”, – Putin said, concluding the meeting on the development of space-rocket industry, which was held via videoconference on Friday.

The President stressed: “this, by the way, concerns not only Roscosmos, but all branches of production and all types of activities.” Putin expressed hope that his words will be heard by those concerned.

About resignations and arrests of officials in a week

  • the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry and trade, ex-Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov was dismissed after the incident with rude behavior at the airport-the AP was going to completely “clean up” the official, but potentially he will be interrogated as a witness;
  • resignation sent to the head of the investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Romanov under the sweep in the case Hodoyan — this opens up the struggle to deal with it the post of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of interior;
  • the head of the Ministry of health of Komi Dmitry Berezin retired when the Republic was flooded infected — but actually the acting Governor Uiba was replaced close to the Minister of health ant human on your
  • left the head of the Ministry of health of the Arkhangelsk region Fyodor Orlov in the framework of Stripping the team of the ex-Governor Igor Orlov;
  • the head of the Prosecutor General’s office for the SFO Vladimir Tokarev — a classmate of ex-Prosecutor General Chaika-left: the cleanup of his team continues;
  • in the agenda, data on the resignation of the heads of key territories of Stavropol are the mayors of Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Georgievsk, marked by reputational scandals.

Putin instructed to maintain Russia’s leadership in space

The President demanded to know what measures Roscosmos is taking to ensure that the launch takes place on time. In addition, the Russian leader called for more active use of public-private partnership mechanisms to implement the tasks facing the Russian space industry.

According to Rogozin, Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a new version of the document related to the development of space at the beginning of the year. It sets the task of “conquering the planets of the Solar system”, as well as the development of scientific space.

A helicopter for flights on Mars was attached to the Perseverance Rover

According to the plan for the upcoming mission, the helicopter will begin flights about two and a half months after the landing of the unmanned vehicle primarseniya on Mars. The spacecraft that will take the Rover and helicopter to Mars is due to be launched between July 17 and August 5.

Dmitry Rogozin accused Elon Musk of dumping on the market of launch services

Russia has found a way to respond to Elon Musk’s dumping of SpaceX in the launch services market by reducing prices by 30%, Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, said on Friday. According to Rogozin, the market price of launching A SpaceX rocket is about $ 60 million, but they cost NASA 1.5-4 times more expensive.

“Our proposed pricing procedure is, in fact, our response to dumping by American companies that are funded by the US budget,” he said in a report to the President.

In Altai, mortgage debtors ‘ real estate is put up for auction EN masse

At the beginning of April, dozens of collateral properties were posted on the official auction site. All of them were pledged to banks and their owners were unable to repay the debt. Among these properties, in addition to land plots, garages and non – residential real estate, there were 18 residential properties, 16 of which-with mortgage encumbrances and a ban on registration, according to the Altai real estate portal.

The fast cargo route from China to Europe passed through Kaliningrad

Russian Railways holding company (RZD) and German company DB Cargo have launched a multi-modal cargo transportation route from China to Europe. This is reported by the press service of Russian Railways. The first train from XI’an left on March 25 and arrived at Kaliningrad-Sortirovochny station on April 5. There were 49 forty-foot containers of consumer goods. On the same day the goods were reloaded at the Kaliningrad port and sent by sea to Rostock

In Belgorod, more chlorine was added to the water

Chlorination of tap water was raised within acceptable standards, said the regional Department of housing and utilities Konstantin Polezhaev at a daily briefing in the Department of health. According to Konstantin Polezhaev, the cleaning procedure itself does not change, they started adding more chlorine to remove various infections.

The first forest fire this year occurred near Irkutsk

The forest fire occurred 7 km from the Mill Pad in the Irkutsk region, it was localized on an area of 22 hectares. The fire was extinguished by 25 rescuers and nine pieces of equipment, the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Angara region reports.

According to local residents, shortly before the fire broke out, Quad bikes drove into the forest. The area in Mill Pad is swampy, but due to the early melting of snow, the grass Mat has already dried up. Rescuers found three separate fires. Now the investigative and operational group is working at the scene — – said Alexander Kuznetsov, Deputy chief state inspector of the Angara region.

New specially protected natural zones will appear in Bashkiria

In Bashkortostan, it is planned to organize work on the creation of 18 new specially protected natural places within the framework of the national project “Ecology”, approved by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation. At the moment, there are 18 specially protected natural areas, such as the Zilim nature Park, and 15 nature reserves. Now there are works on the installation of facilities to ensure the comfort of tourists, the construction of a visit center, the equipment of ecological trails.

Russia will allocate a trillion rubles to support the economy

The Russian authorities intend to allocate about a trillion rubles to support the economy. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing sources. Part of the funds will have to go to subsidize the salaries of employees who now have long weekends due to the self-isolation regime. According to sources of the publication, the money will be taken not from the national welfare Fund, but through a loan. Bloomberg notes that no decision has been made yet.

March volume of new lending in China was a record

In March of this year, the volume of new Bank lending in China jumped to 2.85 trillion yuan (405 billion US dollars), more than three times the February figures (905.7 billion yuan). It is worth noting that this is the maximum for March in the entire history of observations since 1992

US government debt reaches $24 trillion for the first time

Since the beginning of 2020, the US national debt has grown by almost $1 trillion and exceeded the $24 trillion mark for the first time in history. Analysts explain the sharp increase in the debt burden by spending the us government to eliminate the consequences of the coronavirus

Korean development Bank to open branch in Myanmar

The Korean development Bank (KDB) has received a license to open a branch in Myanmar, Maeil Business Newspaper reports, citing representatives of the Bank. According to them, the branch is planned to open in the largest city of Myanmar, Yangon (former Burma)

The us budget deficit in March was $119 billion

The us budget deficit in March was 119.125 billion dollars after a deficit of 235.335 billion in February, according to a report from the Ministry of Finance of the country. Analysts polled by Reuters believed that the country’s budget deficit over the past month amounted to $ 150 billion.

Trump declared a major disaster in all 50 us States

The “large-scale disaster” regime has been declared in all 50 States for the first time in US history. On April 12, White house spokesman Judd Deere wrote on Twitter. The approved disaster Declaration allows US States to use Federal center funding.

The us issued a decree on sanctions for non-export of foreigners

Us President Donald trump signed a decree on Friday, according to which visa sanctions can be imposed on countries that prevent or delay the return of their citizens in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, according to a document distributed by the White house press service.

US plans to improve Ukraine’s healthcare system

The US Agency for international development (USAID) intends to find out how to improve the system of medical services in Ukraine

The US has proposed to punish China for the coronavirus

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham proposed to punish China for the spread of the coronavirus. In his opinion, the actions of the Chinese government led to a pandemic. He also noted that the coronavirus is the third disease that has spread around the world from this country.

Poland in the national security strategy declared Russia the main threat

The authors of the new Polish “national security Strategy 2020” called Russia’s actions “the most important threat” to Poland. Excerpts from the document were published by Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

Kim Jong-UN intends to tighten measures to combat coronavirus

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN held a government meeting to discuss the country’s development strategy in the context of the global coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by the Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA).

The Kremlin reacted to the business plans to open in case of failure of emergency situations

The press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Friday, April 10, told reporters how the Kremlin reacted to the plans of businesses to open their businesses or even go to court in case of refusal to introduce a state of emergency in the country

“To be honest, I didn’t know about the trial, I didn’t see these messages. This is the right of any entrepreneur. You all know the epidemiological situation. Entrepreneurs also know this situation, ” Peskov said.

150 Russian tanks and armoured personnel carriers have been deployed to Syria

According to the Arab news Agency al-Masdar, on April 10, the Russian large landing ship Saratov made the crossing of the Bosphorus. It is heading towards the Syrian port of Tartus. It carries 150 armored vehicles, including heavy tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Nigeria got the first batch of Chinese armored vehicles

Meeting the first batch of Chinese armored vehicles, head of the Department of planning of the Nigerian armed forces, Lieutenant-General Lamidi Adeson said that now we can expect more of the active operations of the Nigerian army against the various threats to national security, including the terrorist group Boko Haram (an organization banned in Russia)

The U.S. began military testing laser weapons outside the country

The publication “Military review” with reference to the American resource Task & Purpose reports on the creation of the first mobile ground combat laser complex for rapid deployment HELWS in the us air force AFRL research laboratory.

As follows from the message, the installation was sent for testing outside the continental United States, which will last about a year. The report notes that the program is curated by the United States air Force office of strategic development and testing (SDPE).

The US has upgraded nuclear warheads in Germany

The United States has upgraded almost 20 nuclear warheads that are located on the territory of Germany, writes the magazine Spiegel.

Washington has launched a large-scale operation in the Latin American region

Officially, the main task of the operation is to tighten the fight against drugs. This was stated on April 1 at a briefing at the White house by US President Donald trump, who stressed that the decision was made to prevent drug cartels from using the new coronavirus pandemic to threaten the lives of Americans.

The” expanded anti-drug operation ” involved dozens of ships and aircraft, drones, and a significant contingent of personnel. And not only the southern command of the us armed forces, but also the Pacific and even the European. Units of the armed forces of some US allies in the region also participate in the operation

American b-1 bombers will be armed with hypersonic missiles

The US air Force global strike Command (AFGSC) plans to deploy advanced AGM-183 hypersonic missiles on B-1 bombers. This is reported by Air Force magazine with reference to General Timothy ray – commander of the AFGSC

Disney will release a new “Robin hood” for online rental

Walt Disney decided to skip the film distribution stage and release “Robin hood” immediately on the disney + streaming service. Previously, the Studio has already presented game versions of the popular films “the lion King”, “Alddin” and “Dumbo”, which were successful with the public.

The dance Open ballet festival will be held in the format of an online marathon

The international ballet festival Dance Open will be held online from April 14 to 30. You can become a participant and spectator of the festival without leaving your home. The festival program includes broadcasts of performances, video postcards of star dancers, lectures on the history of ballet, podcasts, conversations about dance and much more.

The Strokes have released a new album

American indie rock band The Strokes has released a new album, The New Abnormal. The first album in seven years was produced by American music arranger Rick Rubin.

Russia has patented a force field to protect astronauts

Russian specialists from the Siberian state University of science and technology named after academician M. F. Reshetnev managed to patent a unique technology that will help cosmonauts during their flights. RIA Novosti reports that this invention allows you to create a special force field around the spacecraft, which is able to protect against protons and positively charged nuclei of high-energy cosmic radiation elements

Climate change threatens the existence of 73% of living things

Researchers from the United States, Africa and the United Kingdom believe that at the current level of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, about 73% of the biological species on the planet face catastrophic consequences of warming.

Evidence of Neanderthal yarn making has been found

A team of archaeologists from Spain, the United States and France has discovered one of the oldest direct evidence of the use of natural fibers to create yarn. It dates from the middle Paleolithic period (30,000-300,000 years ago).

Scientists have tested new approaches for producing cold molecules

Harvard researchers were able to reduce the temperature of SrOH molecules to 750 microkelvins. As a result, by proving the applicability of laser cooling methods to molecules consisting of many atoms, scientists were able to open a completely new direction in the field of molecular spectroscopy.

The reason for the appearance of new viruses

According to today News Ufa, scientists believe that humanity itself provoked the appearance of new viruses in nature, actively destroying wildlife. First, wild animals become victims of new viruses, then the microorganisms mutate and are ready to attack humans.

Flora and fauna change their distribution to adapt to human influence, says epidemiologist Christina Johnson, one of the authors of the study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Gorillaz released the video for “Aries»

British band Gorillaz have unveiled the new video for “Aries”. The band is planning to release a new album called “Song Machine”, in which the track” Aries ” is already the third in a row.

The BepiColombo spacecraft has begun its journey to mercury

The automatic interplanetary mission BepiColombo successfully performed a gravitational maneuver near Earth before flying to mercury, the press service of the European space Agency (ESA) reports. The BepiColombo spacecraft was launched in October 2018.

NASA will install a giant radio telescope in a crater on the moon

NASA plans to implement a rather ambitious project, the essence of which is to install a kilometer-long radio telescope in a crater on the dark side of the moon. With this radio telescope, it will be possible to measure wavelengths and frequencies that cannot be detected from Earth.

NASA will send a Dragonfly to space to explore Titan

According to Johns Hopkins APL, the Dragonfly drone was created as part of NASA’s New frontiers program and is designed to take advantage of the Titan environment to sample materials and determine surface composition under various geological conditions.

The most detailed images of the outer layer of the Sun have been published

Researchers from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) published images of the Sun with the highest resolution, obtained using the high-Resolution Coronal Imager telescope of the American space Agency NASA. The photos and a brief summary of them are published on the University’s website

Virgin Orbit received a Pentagon contract to launch with a new rocket

The $35 million contract provides for three launches to put 44 small satellites into low-earth orbit. These launches will be part of the STP-S28 mission to explore new communication technologies, including quantum communications.

Astronomers have discovered a huge ultraviolet arc in the constellation URSA Major

A narrow but extended region of ultraviolet radiation has been detected in the constellation URSA Major. It extends thirty degrees — which is about the length of the Big Bucket asterism from the end of the ” handle “to the outer edge of the”bucket.” The unusual arc may have been formed as a result of an impact event in the interstellar medium in the vicinity of the Solar system, a group of astronomers writes in a Preprint on arXiv.org. The article was accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Living bacteria found in the earth’s interior

According to a new paper published this week in Communications Biology, ancient volcanic rocks under the Pacific sea floor provide a habitat for dense clusters of microbial communities. Microbes are found at a depth of 100 meters under the sea floor, in the cracks of ancient, clay-rich volcanic rocks