13 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/12/2019

NI stated US helplessness in the Arctic

The National Interest magazine believes that the United States is not ready to defend its interests in the Arctic. According to the publication, Washington is absolutely not ready for a “struggle” for the Arctic. As noted, the US military does not have a single major military base north of the Arctic Circle.

At the same time, the American fleet has at its disposal only one heavy icebreaker, which is more than 40 years old.

Kadyrov urged forgiveness of gas debts to Chechnya

The head of the republic spoke in favor of taking inventory and defining debts that are not subject to collection by law. In addition, he cited as an example the practice when a creditor state writes off debts “due to various circumstances or long prescription years”, and recalled that Russia forgave old debts to many states.

“Chechnya and its people hope that, owing to the prevailing special circumstances, the state and the company will meet them. And this decision will be fair,” Kadyrov said.

His kindness brought about such an outcome.

Craig Brewer came to the cafe in a good mood and decided to pay for dinner to several visitors, handing out 20 dollar bills to them.

The man did not notice one of the girls in the cafe, which angered her. The companion of the visitor came into conflict with Brewer. After some time, the man left the institution, but then returned with a pistol and shot Brewer in the head. He died on the spot. The police immediately detained the suspect

“His kindness led to such an outcome. This should not have happened,” said a relative of the murdered.

The United States will deploy in Romania, the system THAAD

The United States, at the request of NATO, will temporarily deploy the THAAD missile defense system in Romania. This is reported to journalists by the official representatives of the press service of the US European Command.

“Kommersant” learned about the appointment of Serdyukov commander in Syria

The commander of the airborne troops (airborne troops), Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov, led the Russian grouping of troops in Syria. It is reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to several military and diplomatic sources. The Defense Ministry did not confirm the information

According to Russian and Ukrainian media, Serdyukov led a special operation in the Crimea in the spring of 2014, when the peninsula was annexed to Russia.

Kiev found a way to save transit

The Kiev authorities are aware of the possibility of losing income from the transit of Russian gas to Europe through the gas transmission system (GTS) of Ukraine, so they prepared in advance for such a development. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, speaking on Friday, April 12, in the Verkhovna Rada.

Anonymous hackers threatened British authorities after Assange’s arrest

The hacker group Anonymous appealed to the British government demanding the release of Julian Assange, arrested on the eve of WikiLeaks, arrested. The appeal was posted on the official website of the group.

Former Obama adviser accused of giving false testimony

Former adviser to former US President Barack Obama, Gregory Craig, was accused of giving false testimony about his work to the Ukrainian authorities. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Justice. It is noted that Craig hid from the department substantial information about his activities in the interests of Ukraine.

Subsidizing air travel to the Crimea will be increased

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government before June 1 to consider increasing the volume of subsidies for passenger air traffic to Simferopol, the president’s website reports.

Shoigu: the Russian army has received more than 500 weapons since the beginning of the year

The troops received missiles “Caliber” complex “Bastion”, dozens of aircraft and helicopters. In the first quarter of 2019, the troops received about 500 weapons, said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking at the Unified Day of Acceptance of Military Products.

Libyan parliament refused to work with Sarraj government

Speaker of the parliament based in the east of Libya, Aguila Saleh, told RIA Novosti that the parliament will not continue to work with the so-called Libyan National Accord Government (PNS) led by Fayez Sarraj

Oil Corporation of Libya announced a possible halt in oil and gas production

The head of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (National Oil Corporation, NOC) Mustafa Sanalla, in an interview with the Financial Times, said that after the escalation of the conflict in the country, the energy sector of the republic faced the most serious threat since the beginning of the civil war in 2011.

Ministry of Education and the Central Bank decided to teach preschoolers financial literacy

The Ministry of Education together with the Central Bank developed guidelines for kindergarten educators on the development of financial literacy for children aged five to seven years. The recommendations were sent to all regions, the ministry said in a report to RBC.

“Founder” Facebook has requested asylum in Ecuador

New Yorker Paul Ceglie, who claims that he owns half of Facebook and is in danger of being extradited to the United States from Ecuador, sought asylum in this Latin American republic. It is reported by Reuters, referring to the lawyer men Robarto Calderon.

Angry Golikova reminded the social workers of the soul

At a board meeting of the Ministry of Labor, Golikova recalled that in recent years, some social workers had “not very personably” spoken about their case. In particular, they complained about low wages.

“I want to draw your attention to the fact that this should not be, and to say once again that if you chose this profession, then you must remain in it with all your soul. If you are not ready to remain in it with your whole soul, then you must leave this profession, “- quoted by the Deputy Prime Minister of RBC.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the social sphere, namely health care and education, is one of the most stable in the country for work.

Ministry of Health reported an increase in salaries of doctors

As evidence, the ministry cited data from Rosstat at the end of last year: according to them, the average doctor’s salary was 75,007 rubles (+ 32.9% per year), and nurses received 36,965 rubles (+ 22.2%). At the same time, representatives of the ministry said that wage growth was observed in all regions.

Topilin announced a record increase in salaries of Russians

Real wages of Russians increased in 2018 by 6.8%. This was announced by Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin at an extended meeting of the board.

In the Sverdlovsk region wage arrears increased by 25.8 times per year

Sverdlovsk residents did not pay 39.1 million rubles of salary. Compared to April 2018, the amount increased by 25.8 times, the Sverdlovskstat press service reported to ETV. Over the month – from March to April – debts increased by 6.3%. Total employers did not give money to 872 employees.

Gazprom will pay record dividends to shareholders

The Gazprom board has formed a list of proposals for the company’s annual general meeting of shareholders, among which is the decision to pay dividends for 2018 in the amount of 246.9 billion rubles, or 10.43 rubles per share. On this April 11, the press service of the company.

Sberbank will gain control of the Speech Technology Center

As a result of the transaction, Sberbank will receive 51% of MDGs, a person close to one of its parties told Vedomosti. The information was confirmed by a friend of the MDG officer and a person close to the organizers of the transaction. In addition to Sberbank, a venture capital fund Digital Horizon will receive a share in the MDGs.

In Moscow, 37 thousand people registered as self-employed.

In the first quarter of 2019, the number of self-employed in Moscow amounted to 34.6 thousand people, and the total income from their activities amounted to 1.9 billion rubles.

JP Morgan’s net profit in the first quarter increased by 5.5%

Net profit of one of the world’s largest investment banks, JP Morgan Chase (USA), grew by 5.5% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period last year and amounted to 9.179 billion dollars, the investment bank said in a statement

Net profit of the Bank “Opening” amounted to 18.5 billion rubles

United Bank “Opening” in the first quarter of this year showed a net profit of 18.5 billion rubles. Such positive financial results led to an increase in the bank’s long-term ratings and credit rating.

Currency speculators showed a record year in interest in Russian assets

“Daughters” of foreign banks and non-residents sold in the first quarter of 2019 the currency in the domestic market of Russia for 355 billion rubles, according to a review of the financial markets risks (.pdf) published by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The regulator noted that this is 24.5% more than in the same period in 2018.

“Using low volatility of the ruble exchange rate and high ruble interest rates, non-residents and subsidiaries of foreign banks increased the placement of ruble liquidity in currency swaps in February-March 2019 as part of the carry trade strategy,” the Central Bank explained.

Moscow Credit Bank placed bonds for 43 billion rubles.

The Moscow Credit Bank (IBC) has placed five issues of bonds since the beginning of April, the total nominal value of which amounted to more than 43 billion rubles, according to a press release received by Izvestia.

Greece wants to pay off the debt to the IMF ahead of schedule

On Tuesday, April 9, Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos announced that Athens plans to pay off the debt to the International Monetary Fund ahead of schedule, since “this is a very expensive loan.”

Chevron will acquire Anadarko for $ 33 billion

One of the largest US oil and gas companies, Chevron announced the purchase of Anadarko Petroleum (one of the key producers on the shelf of the Gulf of Mexico). The amount of the transaction will be $ 33 billion or $ 65 per share, the report said Chevron

Assange supporter detained in Ecuador

Ecuadorian police detained fellow WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. This was reported by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the South American Republic Maria Paula Roma.

“A man from his inner circle lives here, we have convincing evidence that he maintained contacts with former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño. And he was detained, “she said.

Mother kicked a three-year-old fashion woman tired of posing for photographers.

According to the Daily Mail, on that day Niu-Niu worked in the morning and, by the charter, did not accept the pose that was necessary for the photographer, which made her mother angry. At the shooting with the participation of a three-year model at the same time comes the mass of orders

Luxury life in social networks was a cheap pleasure.

The Chinese CCTV channel talked about a new passion for young people who cannot afford a rich life, but want to show it on social networks. Young people order just six yuan (about 60 rubles) first-person video, on which they allegedly open the doors of the new Porsche.

Italian court sentenced Berlusconi supporters to prison for pimping

As a result, Fede was sentenced to four years and seven months in prison, while Minetti would be in prison for two years and ten months. As a result, the highest court in the country announced that the verdict, which was initially passed, was approved.

The first carrier “Poseidon” will be launched on April 23

The first carrier of the uninhabited submersibles Poseidon – the nuclear submarine of the project 09852 Belgorod – will be launched in Severodvinsk on April 23

After Lukashenka’s words about Russia, Minsk will stop the Druzhba pipeline

Several sections of the Druzhba pipeline running through the territory of Belarus need to be repaired, said Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko after a meeting with the participation of President Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA reports.

If you need to put on repair oil pipelines and oil pipelines that go through Belarus, install and repair. Because the good that we do for the Russian Federation, it turns around us constantly evil. They have already become arrogant to such an extent that they begin to twist our arms. – Alexander Lukashenko

Assange will not receive “special” help from his country

Australian Prime Minister said that Assange will be provided with the usual consular assistance, which relies ordinary Australians who violate the law outside their country. The head of the Australian government shared this information in an interview with TV channel 7 news.

Poroshenko plans to become a deputy of the European Parliament

Poroshenko answered the question about what he plans to do in the event of the victory of another presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky.

“In 2014, I will run for the European Parliament,” Poroshenko said.

Lithuania recalled ambassador to Russia because of corruption scandal

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said that the ambassador to Russia Ramigius Motuzas will be recalled, as a diplomat who has the status of a special witness may be in danger in connection with the investigation of the case of bribes when issuing visas.

Since the investigation is underway, there is this status of a special witness, and since it is connected with Russia in a certain sense, the ambassador may be vulnerable. – Linas Linkiavicius, Lithuanian politician

VKS told about the development of anti-aircraft missile system S-500

The development of a new-generation anti-aircraft missile system, the S-500, will soon be completed, said Yuriy Grekhov, commander of the air defense and anti-ballistic missile defense forces.

Punishment for criminal authorities tougher in Russia

The law, significantly toughening criminal responsibility for criminal authorities and leaders of organized criminal groups, comes into force on April 12. Now those who occupy a higher position in the criminal hierarchy may face up to 15 years in prison.

Ohio state banned early abortion

In the US state of Ohio came into force a law that prohibits abortion in early pregnancy. This was announced by Governor Michael Devine.

In Ukraine, told when they send ships to the Kerch Strait

Ukraine promised to send ships into the waters of the Kerch Strait as soon as the country’s naval forces were ready. This was told by the Minister of Defense of the country Stepan Poltorak during the 12th Kiev Security Forum, his words are transmitted by NEWSONE.

We will carry out the passage through the Kerch Strait, because if we refuse such passes, it will mean that we abandon the Sea of ​​Azov and our territory. – Stepan Poltorak, Ukrainian military leader

Officials called on children not to be vaccinated to school

The Ministry of Education proposes to prohibit children from attending educational institutions who have not been screened for infectious diseases and have not been vaccinated, Interfax reports, citing a letter from Deputy Minister Tatyana Sinyuginoy to the State Duma Committee on Health Protection.

Chelyabinsk ambulance workers reduced vacation

Psychiatric brigade staff members were reduced by three weeks for additional leave, and resuscitation by one. This news raised a wave of indignation, writes 74.ru. According to one employee, a reduction in vacations occurred as a result of an assessment of working conditions.

Reference 2GIS generated a ranking of cities by the number of Orthodox churches.

First place in the list was taken by Moscow. In the capital, there are about 1.3 thousand Orthodox churches and churches. Next come St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Kazan. Chelyabinsk among million-plus cities took the last place. The city has 45 Orthodox churches and churches. 106 such objects are located in neighboring Yekaterinburg.

Mayor of Novosibirsk connected the disappearance of road markings with snow removal

The mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot, explained where the markings on the roads of the city went, despite the fact that the city services switched to durable materials that should last more than one season.

“Because we remove the snow. With all the wear resistance. Indeed, now we use modern formulations for marking, as a rule, plastic strive. The most important thing that we have now mastered ourselves, previously attracted commercial organizations <…> conducted competitive work. Since last year, we have acquired the appropriate equipment, and our municipal institution is engaged in this work, putting this markup, ”the mayor explained.

3% of the population in Russia owns 90% of all finance in the country

According to Kommersant, the Higher School of Economics and the Institute for Research and Expertise of Vnesheconombank conducted an assessment of financial assets in Russia.

3% of the country’s population owns 89% of all financial assets, 92% of all time deposits and 89% of cash savings. Since 2013, all parameters showed growth, except for fixed deposits.

“The volume of financial assets of the population is almost completely determined by the richest group of the population,” economists concluded.

Reuters: Sberbank plans to buy O’Key network

Sberbank is discussing the purchase of the Okay retailer, hoping to then resell this asset to a third party, reports Reuters, citing sources. The name of the potential end customer is not yet called. The retailer’s market capitalization now stands at about $ 500 million, a decline of 26% since the end of 2017. It is noted that in August, the retailer signed an agreement on debt financing with Sberbank for 12 billion rubles. The bank told RIA Novosti that Sberbank does not plan to acquire a reiteler in its own interests.

O’Key confirmed Sberbank’s interest in its hypermarkets

“The Board of Directors of the O`Kay group, in the light of recent discussions in the media, confirms that it analyzes various development directions and strategic options with regard to the company’s hypermarket business, including expressions of interest in this business from Sberbank,” the retailer said.

The Central Bank announced the growth of Russia’s foreign debt

“The external debt of the Russian Federation as of April 1, 2019, according to preliminary estimates by the Bank of Russia, amounted to $ 467.8 billion, during the first quarter of 2019 it increased by $ 13.8 billion,” the Central Bank said in a statement

In the Central Bank clarified that the most significant impact on the dynamics of the indicator had an increase in government debt as a result of the acquisition by non-residents of sovereign securities.

In the State Duma proposed to ban plastic bags in Russia

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations Vasily Vlasov proposed to introduce in Russia a ban on the use of plastic bags from 2025.

Ministry of Economic Development has worsened the forecast for real income and investment

The Ministry of Economic Development revised its outlook on the growth of real disposable income of the population in 2020, from 1.7% to 1.5% in annual terms.

Court of London arrested the property of a Russian banker for $ 1.75 billion

As part of the consideration of the suit Vneshprombank High Court of London decided to seize the assets of the co-owner of the bank George Bedzhamova. About 1.34 billion pounds sterling ($ 1.75 billion) were arrested, according to Vedomosti, citing a bank representative in court.

Uber called the amount of its loss from cooperation with “Yandex”

American Uber Technologies revealed that its share in the net loss of a joint venture (JV) with Yandex. Taxi ”in 2018 was $ 42 million, follows from the initial public offering (IPO) of Uber. Uber takes into account the financial results of the joint venture according to the equity method (equity method investment), the company owns 38% of the joint venture.

The European Commission set high import duties for Russian fertilizers

From April 12, 2019, the European Commission introduces preliminary (for half a year) duties on the import of urea-ammonia fertilizers (UAC) fertilizers of Russian production. For products of the Akron company, Andrei Melnichenko, the excise rate will be 31.9%.

The system of fast payments of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation may become international

In the system of fast payments (SBP) of the Bank of Russia, a function of money transfer abroad may appear. In the regulator, “Izvestia” reported that they intend to consider the issue of the release of the CST to other countries.

Named the most risky for bank lending industry in Russia

The most risky for Russian banks in terms of lending in 2018 were two sectors: “production of other non-metallic mineral products”, where the share of overdue debt in the loan portfolio amounts to 16%, and “construction” (15.8%). This is evidenced by the data of the rating of sectors of the economy by the share of overdue credit debt to Russian banks (including VEB) as of January 1, 2019, prepared by the RIA Rating agency.

Founder of Uniqlo became the richest Japanese according to Forbes

The founder of the Uniqlo clothing chain Tadashi Yanai topped the list of the richest Japanese citizens for 2019 according to Forbes magazine. The businessman and his family own a 44% stake in Fast Retailing, which owns Uniqlo. Over the year, the state of the entrepreneur grew by $ 5.6 billion, to $ 24.9 billion.

Central Bank suspects Donhlebbank in the withdrawal of assets from customer accounts

According to the results of a survey by the temporary administration, it was established that the value of the bank’s assets is 2.3 billion rubles. not enough to meet the obligations in the amount of 2.9 billion rubles. The Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region on March 5 decided to declare the bank bankrupt.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will allow banks not to form reserves for mortgage holidays

“Credit organizations will have the right to decide on the non-deterioration of the quality of debt servicing for mortgage loans issued to borrowers who decide to take advantage of mortgage vacations, regardless of their financial situation assessment and, as a result, the possibility not to increase the amount of reserves for possible losses,” regulator.

Gazprom and Rosatom will cooperate in testing LNG equipment

The board of directors of Gazprom approved an agreement with Rosatom on cooperation in testing industrial equipment for liquefied natural gas (LNG), according to a corporate information disclosure portal.

Kolyma authorities are going to carry out a gas pipeline to Magadan

The Magadanskaya Pravda newspaper reported on the plans of the Kolyma authorities to gasify the region. According to the publication, in the last month, Governor Sergey Nosov was actively involved in the gasification of the region.

“Now a certain strategy has been worked out with the federal authorities with a subsequent report at the highest level in order to start the gas pipeline from the existing gas fields in Yakutia to the Magadan region,” the newspaper quotes the minister of natural resources of the region Oleg Kosolapov. we propose to gasify villages and large enterprises, such as Pavlik and the Matrosov Mine. We are talking about their heat supply, and some kind of electricity generation is possible. “

According to Kosolapov, the length of the pipeline will be about 2 thousand km. The construction will result in billions of rubles, but the Kolyma authorities hope to receive money from the federal budget.

Shell sells Israeli Delek stake in US Gulf of Mexico project

Oil company Royal Dutch Shell has signed an agreement to sell its 22.45% stake in the Caesar Tonga project in the US Gulf of Mexico to the Israeli company Delek Group for $ 965 million, Shell said. It is assumed that the transaction will be completed before the end of the third quarter of this year.

Russians are forced to overpay for a mortgage

Residents of Russia have changed their mortgage strategy due to rising house prices. Now they prefer to take a loan for a longer period. As a result, the total amount of overpayment for a mortgage increases, but the monthly payment decreases.

The priest was exiled to a remote village because of spectacular pictures of his wife

In Magnitogorsk, a scandal broke out after the web drew attention to the photos of the participant in the contest “You are unique” Oksana Zotova. Her spectacular photos embarrassed some anonymous user who said that this woman was the wife of a priest.

Anton Dolin left VGTRK after the plot on “Russia 24”

A well-known film critic Anton Dolin resigned from the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company because of the release of the plot on the Russia 24 TV channel about his criticism of the Balkan Frontier film. It is noted that he was a radio host at Vesti FM and Mayak stations.

In Blagoveshchensk, a nine-year-old child was attacked by stray dogs.

Dogs attacked a child in Blagoveshchensk, a boy in a hospital with numerous torn wounds. This was reported on Friday in the press service of the Interior Ministry in the Amur region.

Library Night – 2019

Libraries throughout the country will hold poetry readings and workshops, book fairs and meetings with writers.

Most Russians call cultural figures for self-censorship.

As shown by a recent survey of the Levada Center, a significant part of society believes that artists, musicians, it is better not to speak out on certain topics. Thus, almost every second respondent would consider it appropriate to introduce a taboo on the topic of suicide and violence. Just over 40 percent advise art masters to avoid the topics of alcohol and drugs, every third – not to touch on the topic of sex and sex. Nearly 20 percent of respondents welcome self-censorship in statements criticizing the authorities, 13 percent tell creative people to be careful in their works about “controversial aspects of Russian history.” Only every fifth respondent believes that in art there should not be taboo topics.

In the Leningrad region will spend 832 million on cultural projects

A large part of the amount allocated under the national project will receive the project “Cultural environment” – is 490 million rubles. For this money in the region will create a center for cultural development, two auto clubs with a sliding stage and plasma equipment, six model libraries and one cinema hall.

Ian Glen will play Batman in the second season of “Titans”

Ian Glen (Game of Thrones) will play Bruce Wayne in the upcoming second season of the Titans. He embodies the already aged Batman on the screen, who still protects Gotham from crime.

Winners of the theatrical competition “Pole. Golden season

The first place is the performance of Radion Bukaev “Just like that” of the Lesosibirsk Drama Theater “Search”. The second was the performance of Stepanida Borisov’s “Flour of Love” of the Olonkho Theater from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The third place is for the production of “Robots also cry” by Maria Bulatova of the Theater of Modern Drama “The Flash” from Krasnoyarsk. In fourth position, the Achinsk Drama Theater with the play “Locked Up. The Story of Luba”. On the fifth – the academic theater of the Republic of Sakha named after P. A. Oiunsky with the play “My Friend Hamlet”. On the sixth – the Commonwealth of Young Actors Center “New Drama” from Irkutsk with the performance “From the School”. The Magadan State Music and Drama Theater with the play “ART” closes the row of finalists.

General grant fund of the contest in the amount of 6 million rubles

Film Festival “Literature and Cinema” ended in Gatchina

In Gatchina, Leningrad Region, the 25th Russian Film Festival “Literature and Cinema” was completed. The unique competition of Russian films based on literary works lasted a week.

The program of the I Far Eastern Women’s Forum has been approved

The program of the I Far Eastern Women’s Forum has been approved. The main events of the forum will be held April 16-17. On April 15, Vladimir Tatarinov, Advisor to the Director General of the Foundation for Presidential Grants, will hold a seminar on social engineering for representatives of non-profit organizations.

The most famous saxophonist in the world will give a concert in Moscow

Candy Dulfer (Netherlands), Moscow International House of Music, April 13, 7 pm The world’s most famous saxophonist has already performed in Russia, having become the headliner of the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival last year

St. Petersburg will host the “German-Russian musical dialogue”

On April 24, the German-Russian Musical Dialogue will take place in the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg. Over 180 young musicians from Russia and Germany, who will perform immortal classical pieces, will appear on the stage.

Acer introduced the ultra-thin gaming laptop Helios 700

Acer has presented in New York a number of its new products, including the ultra-thin gaming laptop Nitro 7, equipped with a 19.9-mm sliding keyboard.

Disney will launch streaming service by 2020

Walt Disney Company studio management has announced that it plans to release a new product. So, in the foreseeable future, a streaming video service called Disney Plus will appear. The corporation said it was planned to implement the project by next year.

Coinbase and Visa launch cryptocurrency card

The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, in partnership with Visa, issues a cryptocurrency card that will allow you to spend digital assets as easily as fiat money.

WhatsApp has a new feature.

WhatsApp developers are testing “vacation mode”, which allows you to turn off notifications from various group chats, while not leaving the chats themselves. Many users of the popular messenger are annoyed by adding to group chats.

Business notebook Acer TravelMate P6 works up to 20 hours without recharging

Acer introduced the TravelMate P6, designed specifically for business users who frequently travel or work outside the office. The computer supports work in 4G / LTE networks, so that owners can access the Internet in any place where there is cellular network coverage.

Site Searchface started to work through authorization

As a result, the service will introduce an alternative authorization. Developers of the neural network service Searchface who wished to remain anonymous told TJ that the site had been restarted under the name FindClone with mandatory authorization via VKontakte.

In the Balkans, found unique rock paintings

An international team of archaeologists representing the universities of Southampton in England and French Bordeaux announced the first cave pattern from the Balkan Peninsula, which belongs to Paleolithic art. The estimate of their age is 31000-34000 years.

Yandex presented an award for contribution to the development of computer science

Yandex named the laureates of the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich awarded for his contribution to research in the field of machine learning, information retrieval and data analysis, computer vision, as well as natural language processing and machine translation.

Alcohol in small doses does not protect against stroke.

Researchers led by Dr. Aeon Milgood of the University of Oxford, who made the relevant publication in the medical journal The Lancet, said that there is no protective effect on moderate alcohol consumption against stroke, its likelihood increases even from the slightest use.

Immunostimulants turn a tumor into an “anti-cancer vaccine factory”

Specialists of the Ikana School of Medicine at the Mount Sinai complex have described a new way to strengthen the immune system of the cancer organism, it helps to destroy tumor cells.

As the authors explain, their method is a new word in cancer immunotherapy, about which the authors of the Vesti.Nauka project (nauka.vesti.ru) spoke in detail. In fact, we are talking about equipping the body’s natural defense with additional weapons to help it effectively fight cancer.

Special bacteria will help get rid of holes and cracks on the roads.

Scientists have found that special fungi-bacteria, called Sporosarcina pasteurii, can eliminate any road side defects and even make the roads more durable. These microorganisms trigger a chemical reaction, which results in the formation of calcium carbonate, an inorganic compound, which is often called natural cement. Scientists have noted that S. Pasteurii is a common species in nature, so the new method of “bacterial strengthening” of roads will be simple, safe and, probably, inexpensive ….

Scientists: An incurable super fungus attacks the inhabitants of the Earth

Candida auris (or just C. auris) can infect anyone, but people with a weakened immune system – for example, the elderly – are more likely to become its victims.

Doctors discovered C. auris just ten years ago in Japan. However, since then, he managed to appear in all continents except Antarctica. In the United States alone, 587 infections have already been reported.

After infection, it is extremely difficult to get rid of C. auris. According to the Times, representatives of the CDC claim that more than 90 percent of C. auris infections are resistant to at least one serious antifungal drug, and 30 percent to two or more. In some medical institutions, workers had to go to extreme measures: they dismantled flooring and ceiling tiles in order to completely get rid of the traces of fungus in the room.

In Switzerland, scientists have created non-freezing water.

Scientists from the Swiss Higher Technical School and the University of Zurich have developed and synthesized a new class of complex lipids (fat molecules) that, mixing with water, form membranes that prevent the formation of ice crystals even at extremely low temperatures.

Massachusetts robot taught to touch sort garbage

Engineers under the leadership of Daniela Rus (Daniela Rus) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a robot capable of determining the material from which the object is made, compressing it using a manipulator.

Scientists have discovered a new treatment for HIV

New immunotherapy MDC1 literally lures the virus – detects hidden copies of the virus and successfully destroys it. According to scientists, this is the first step towards the creation of a vaccine against HIV.

Primorsky scientists have created a drink from jellyfish

Employees of the School of Biomedicine of the Far Eastern Federal University have developed a useful exotic drink based on supplements from Pacific jellyfish. In addition, it also contains lemon and orange extract, a sweetener containing glucose and flavoring. The jellyfish supplement contains amino sugars that perform important functions in the body, including those that are part of the mucous substances, the vitreous body of the eye, and help to fight various infectious diseases.

SpaceX launched the first commercial launch of Falcon Heavy

SpaceX’s super-heavy launch vehicle Falcon Heavy was launched from Cape Canaveral. This is the first commercial and the second after the test launch in the history of Falcon Heavy. The launch vehicle is to put the Saudi communications satellite Arabsat 6A into Earth orbit.

Russia will create a reusable space rocket

Roskosmos intends to create, together with S7, a reusable Soyuz-5 Light launch vehicle based on the Soyuz-5 rocket, said the general director of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin to RIA Novosti. According to him, the first launch of the new rocket is scheduled for 2022 from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

AvtoVAZ will stop deliveries of cars to Europe

AvtoVAZ decided to stop the supply of Lada cars to Europe. This was told by a company representative in an interview with Sputnik Germany. As noted, the company decided to adjust export activity in the region due to the tightening of environmental standards in Europe.

Medvedev approved the rules of auto-tuning

In accordance with the decree, it will be possible to make changes in the design of the car after obtaining permission from the State Traffic Inspectorate. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to provide documents, among which is a technical examination certificate issued by a testing laboratory.

Chinese Geely released the first electric car model Geometry

In the future, the company will release at least 10 car models. Geely takes orders for a new electric car from customers from around the world, but first of all the company wants to focus on the Chinese market, reports Reuters. By 2025, the company plans to release more than 10 Geometry models.

Orlovets sued two prices of a purchased vehicle from LIFAN

The courts in the Oryol region satisfied the claim of the local car owner to the Chinese car manufacturer – the company «LIFAN». In 2013, Orlovets bought a new car LIFAN 215800 for 560 thousand rubles. It turned out that he bought, to put it mildly, a very poor-quality car

Audi showed a teaser for the concept car AI: me

Audi has released the first image of the compact electric drone Al: me. The novelty, positioned by the Germans as a “car of the future,” debuts in mid-April at the Shanghai International Auto Show.

Baojun RS-5 crossover at the price of “Vesta” went on sale

Joint brand General Motors and SAIC began selling a new Baojun RS-5 crossover in China. A car similar in size to the Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage received a price tag comparable to that of the LADA Vesta SW Cross wagon – from 96,800 yuan or 930 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

New Mazda3 will get a sports version

The Mazda company intends to expand the range of modifications of the new Mazda3 hatchback at the expense of the sports version, reports Autocar with reference to the project manager Kot Beppu.

Acura TLX Special Edition will be assembled by hand with NSX

The Acura TLX PMC Edition, whose public premiere will take place at the auto show in New York, has become the first in a new limited series of cars with a PMC label. Behind these letters is the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, where these versions of the TLX will be assembled by hand.

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