14 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/13/2020

The performer of the role of Pintel in the movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” Lee Arenberg said that Disney plans to shoot the sixth film. This is reported on April 13 by the ComicBook portal.

Beijing conducts propaganda about the coronavirus

According to Welt am Sonntag, the German counterintelligence Agency believes that Beijing is trying to question the role of China as the “country of origin of the virus” and, on the contrary, to emphasize the fact that Western countries are helping in the fight against COVID-19. the goal is allegedly ” to present China as a reliable partner that is prudently fighting the crisis.” At the same time, according to the newspaper, representatives of the people’s Republic of China contacted officials and employees of German ministries, so that they would speak positively about China’s measures to counteract the coronavirus.

Tatarstan tightened the rules for leaving home during the period of self-isolation

The Republican operational headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection in Tatarstan has adjusted the rules for leaving the house on SMS-permits due to abuse by individual residents.

“We see that there is a fairly large category of citizens who abuse this. For example, about several hundred people indicate funerals as their goals and reasons every day, about 200 people indicate a change of passport as the reason for leaving home every day, and more than 6 thousand citizens change their place of self-isolation several times a week. For security reasons, so that people can maintain their self – isolation as much as possible… the operational staff has adopted changes,” said Airat Khairullin, the Minister of digital development of the Republic.

According to the Minister, in accordance with the decision of the headquarters, participation in funerals will now be possible once a week, participation in court sessions – once a month, visiting the MFC – once a week, you can go to the dacha only twice a week

Consumption of petroleum products at Russian gas stations decreased by 30%

The volume of consumption of petroleum products at Russian gas stations in the first weeks of the self-isolation regime, introduced as a measure to combat the spread of coronavirus, decreased by 30%. This was announced by Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak

Residents of Russia demand to stop exporting ventilators

There are not enough artificial ventilation devices in Russia. There is a shortage of almost 9 thousand devices. Seriously ill children do not have enough ventilators. We will remind, earlier it became known that Russia sold “humanitarian aid”, including ventilators, to the United States. Russia sold 500 ventilators to Uzbekistan

Russia is still approaching the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, and in these conditions it is unacceptable to send vital artificial ventilation devices abroad. This opinion was expressed by the authors of the petition on the website Change.org addressed to the Russian authorities.

The Governor of the Kurgan region Shumkov writes: “Today the truth is that we have ventilators less than 30% of the volume required for an infectious disease hospital.”

The ROC did not protest, but expressed surprise.

Parishioners who came to one of the Moscow churches to celebrate palm Sunday, the police issued fines of 4,000 rubles, human rights activists from the “Agora”reported.

Archpriest Alexey Uminsky, in a conversation with Open media, explained why the Church does not actively object to the actions of the police. According to him, every believer who came was warned about the punishment for violating the regime of self-isolation, and therefore took personal responsibility.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson released from hospital

Now it is located in a country residence. The politician will continue treatment for the coronavirus at home until he returns to work. Johnson recorded a video message after being released from the hospital, in which he thanks doctors for saving his life.

Drunk police officer caused an accident in the Moscow region

The incident occurred on the evening of April 11. A district police officer from Istra, drunk and in uniform, driving a Škoda car, collided with a Volkswagen in Dedovsk. As a result, a Volkswagen passenger – a 15-year – old girl-was injured,” the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs told TASS. The district police officer will be dismissed and his managers will be brought to disciplinary responsibility, the police said.

Russia temporarily banned the export of a number of food products

The decision to ban the export of buckwheat, rice, onions, garlic and other goods from the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) was made by the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC). The restriction came into force ten days after the document was published on the ECE website, i.e. on April 12. In addition to the above-mentioned products, it will affect cereals, flour, rye, soy beans, sunflower seeds, turnips, and some types of prepared food.

The export ban will last until June 30. It aims to provide the population of the EEU member countries-Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan — with sufficient food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A great deal for everyone – Donald Trump

As a result of the video conference, OPEC countries (the largest member of the cartel — Saudi Arabia), Russia and other non-cartel oil producers signed an agreement to reduce production by a total of 9.7 million barrels. per day for two years – from may 1, 2020 to the beginning of may 2022. This was reported late on Sunday, April 12, by the press service of the Russian Ministry of energy and representatives of other participants in the deal. This is a record level of decline in the entire history. The deal to reduce production was called OPEC+, like the previous one, which was valid for three years – from the beginning of 2017 to March 31, 2020.

Removed from the newspaper’s website a critical column about Sechin

Konstantin Sonin’s material “a Difficult time of responsibility: what can be remembered about the era of Igor Sechin at Rosneft” was published at night and removed by order of Andrey Shmarov. Later, his Deputy Alexander Gubsky tried to restore the column on the site, but it was deleted again.

Chief editor of the Vedomosti website Maxim tovkaylo told the Bell that he warned Shmarov about possible consequences:

“I think this decision was wrong, I tried to dissuade Shmarov, but he said that it was his decision as editor-in-chief. As acting editor-in-chief, he has the right to do so. I think this decision will lead to a massive outflow of subscribers, which will affect the financial performance of the newspaper. I warned Shmarov about this.”

Earlier in the editorial office there was a scandal due to the fact that Shmarov personally changed the headline in an article about the Venezuelan assets of Rosneft to the opposite. Employees of Vedomosti demanded from shareholders to change the chief editor

In Komi, the diocese considered parishioners persons necessary for worship

On April 11, Rospotrebnadzor issued an order listing restrictive measures for churches in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. As the representative of the Syktyvkar diocese Archimandrite Philip Filippov told the newspaper “Rise”, the points of the document can be interpreted in different ways.

“They handed over this resolution late on the evening of the 11th. It says “prohibit until April 30 holding events with a large crowd of people”, “suspend visits to premises for worship”, but there is a note “except for clergy, clergy and people who are necessary for the performance of worship”. So we decided that the parishioners, of course, are such people. After all, the service is performed at the parishioners. The decree has already been issued, so what is written is written. We have, of course, seen that there is a certain freedom of interpretation. When we asked to clarify what “a large crowd of people” means, we were told: “2 sq m per person”. We made these markings.”

If necessary, you need to use the funds of the Ministry of defense

“It is necessary to take into account all scenarios of the situation, even the most extraordinary ones. We see that the situation is changing and, unfortunately, not for the better. The coming weeks will be crucial. Territories with increased risks include Moscow, the Moscow region and cities with millions of inhabitants, ” Russian President Vladimir Putin said

In the Urals, the Bishop called to go to churches during the pandemic

Bishop Methodius of Kamensk and Kamyshlov called on parishioners to come to churches, despite the coronavirus pandemic, because “we will still die, a day earlier — a day later”, and in the Church you can only get infected with “eternal life”. A video of this appeal to the clergy and laity was published by the press service of the Kamensk diocese.

Russia could lower the price of gas as an aid

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Russian Federation could reduce the price of gas supplied to the Republic to the world level as a help to the Republic.

“If you want to help, make us a world price for natural gas. Today in Europe, Russia sells natural gas for $80, no more than $90 per 1 thousand cubic meters.m. and we pay $127. Where is this price today? If you want to help, help. We don’t ask for money or anything. Why should we be skinned?”, – said Lukashenko.

Cargo turnover of Russian seaports in the first quarter

Cargo turnover of Russian seaports in January-March 2020 increased by 2.4% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 207.1 million tons. The volume of transshipment of dry cargo was 88.3 million tons (+0.9%), bulk cargo-118.8 million tons (+3.5%)

Columbia Pulp has temporarily halted pulp production at a plant in the United States.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company faced supply chain disruptions as well as staff shortages. The company will be stopped for a long time, and the necessary maintenance will be carried out by a small number of employees.

Fish-processing enterprises of Karelia Republic increased the catch of fish.

According to the results of the first quarter of 2020, fishing enterprises of the Republic of Karelia produced 27.3 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources, exceeding the level of the previous year by 60%, or 10.2 thousand tons. In particular, 27.1 thousand tons were extracted in the ocean, 0.2 thousand tons in the White sea and freshwater reservoirs.

In Moscow, all construction and repair work was suspended.

From April 13 to April 19, 2020, construction and repair work will be suspended in the capital. The exception will be the construction of medical facilities, metro, railway, ground public transport and airports.

In China, demand for aluminum and its production is recovering.

As reported yieh.com despite the fact that most Chinese enterprises producing aluminum in bars were closed in January-February, in March the output of this product was almost 1 million tons, which is 37% more than in February, but 3% less than in March 2019.

Russia’s external debt for the first quarter

The external debt of the Russian Federation for the first quarter of this year decreased by 40.8 billion dollars, or 8.3%, and amounted to 450 billion dollars, according to the materials of the Bank of Russia.

According to the regulator, a key role in the dynamics of the indicator was played by a negative revaluation due to the weakening of the ruble. The most noticeable effect of this factor was on the reduction of the accumulated amount of debt on debt securities of the government of the Russian Federation and external obligations of other sectors.

On Change.org there was a petition demanding Sechin’s resignation

A petition was published on the Change. org website demanding that Igor Sechin be dismissed as head of Rosneft. The authors of the petition hold him responsible for the failure of the OPEC+ deal and the subsequent consequences on the commodity, stock and currency markets.

Spain and Italy have begun easing the quarantine regime

The authorities of the two European countries most affected by the coronavirus, has begun to mitigate the stricter measures of exclusion. On Monday, April 13, the BBC reports. It is noted that in Spain, from April 13, people employed in manufacturing, construction and some services can return to work.

Peskov said that Putin misses communicating with people

“I’m sure he does. For him, communication with people is an absolute priority in his work. It is from there that he draws an understanding of reality,” Peskov said

According to Peskov, the impossibility of” direct communication ” in the conditions of universal self-isolation does not affect the intensity of the President’s schedule. These days, the President is working much harder than usual.

Macron suggested closing the borders of the Schengen zone until the autumn

The politician noted that the situation with coronavirus is developing in different countries at different rates. French President Emmanuel macron has admitted that the borders of the Schengen area may remain closed until September due to a coronavirus pandemic

US Navy destroyer headed to the Black sea

The us Navy’s missile destroyer USS Porter has begun the transition from the Mediterranean to the Black sea, the us Navy’s 6th fleet said in a statement

The Moscow city court released the person involved in the “Moscow case” Nikita Chirtsov

His sentence was commuted from 1 year to 11 months, and he was released in the courtroom. He was convicted of using violence against a police officer at the rally on July 27: according to investigators, he pushed the police officer “with two hands in the chest area, thereby causing him pain.”

Sberbank warned of new “coronavirus” fraud schemes

Sberbank has recorded several new schemes related to coronavirus fraud, through which hackers manage to steal data and money from Russians, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Bank’s Board Stanislav Kuznetsov.

We have recorded several such schemes. For example, “compensation for damage from the virus” – hackers offer to receive social payments and financial assistance, thereby collecting information about cards and personal data, – he said.

In Moscow the car-share “Yandex.Drive” will suspend provision of services

The Car-Share “Yandex.Drive ” from April 13 to 19 will suspend all types of services in the capital due to the introduction of strict restrictive measures by the Moscow authorities to reduce the number of movements of Muscovites in the city against the background of the spread of coronavirus.

Russian refiners are looking for where to store excess oil products

Kirishi oil refinery of Surgutneftegaz plans to lease tanks from railway operators for storage of excess oil products produced. This was reported by Kommersant on April 13, 2020, citing sources in the company.

Oil companies will not allow wells to be closed

Russian oil companies will not allow the closure of wells because of the new agreement on reducing production, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with Vesti on Saturday on Russia-1 TV channel.

In Armenia, the state will pay for citizens ‘ communal services

Assistance will be provided to citizens who have consumed natural gas for an amount not exceeding 10 thousand drams and electricity for an amount not exceeding 5 thousand drams. Earlier, RUSARMINFO reported that the government of Armenia intends to extend the current state of emergency in the country for a month

Turkey has banned the sale of medical masks

They will be distributed to citizens for free. This was stated yesterday in a televised address to fellow citizens by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, writes IA EADaily.

Russian businesses will not receive compensation for downtime during the pandemic

Russian business should not expect a insurance compensation for downtime during a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, according to “Izvestia”. Thus, insurance payments are only paid in cases where property is damaged, such as in a fire or flood. Experts specify that the coronavirus does not bring such losses to business, and conventional insurance provides compensation only in such cases

Every fifth borrower in Russia was not familiar with the terms of the loan

According to a joint study by ROSGOSSTRAKH Life and OTKRITIE Bank, half of Russians pay out one or more loans. At the same time one in five does not know the terms of the loan or the amount of interest on it

According to the study, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district has become the most heavily indebted — 72.7% of respondents pay out loans in this region. The Krasnoyarsk territory was in second place (64%, respectively), and the Tyumen region was in third place (62.9%). The top five also included Buryatia and Primorye territory (61.9 and 61.5% of borrowers, respectively).

The lowest loans are taken in the Astrakhan region (41.9%), Saint Petersburg (38%), Krasnodar territory (37.3%), Kabardino-Balkaria (37%) and Moscow (34.5%).

Naftogaz named the cost of Russian gas transit in January-April

Naftogaz of Ukraine received $684 million from Gazprom for organizing the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in January-April 2020, said Yuri Vitrenko, Executive Director of Naftogaz.

The US plans to create an alternative to who

Part of the White house staff is in favor of creating an alternative to the world health organization in the United States. They are turning this initiative to Donald Trump. Proponents of this idea are in favor of a strict policy towards China.

The EU has warned Russia against conscripting Crimean residents into the army

Representatives of the EU external relations service posted a statement in which the Russian Federation warned against calling Crimeans to its armed forces, as this is a direct violation of international humanitarian law.

Previously, the European external action service (a diplomatic service) The EU published a statement on its official website stating that “the EU does not recognize and does not recognize the illegal annexation” of Crimea and expects Russia to stop all violations of international law on the Crimean Peninsula.

For the US army, drones with a camera produced from grenade launchers are being created

Specialists of the US Army Research laboratory have developed a project for a miniature helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicle designed to be launched from a 40-millimeter under-barrel grenade launcher. According to Stars & Stripes, such a drone will allow fighters to quickly conduct reconnaissance or establish surveillance of enemy positions.

US helicopter has passed the test of refueling in the air

Specialists of the us Marine corps conducted tests of a promising CH-53K King Stallion heavy transport aircraft for air refueling. According to Defense Aerospace, the checks were carried out as part of the final stage of finishing tests and were considered completely successful.

Georgia and NATO held joint exercises in the Black sea

Five NATO ships and two Island-class patrol boats belonging to Georgia conducted joint exercises in the Black sea. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Georgian interior Ministry. It is noted that the second permanent division of the Alliance visited the Georgian port of Poti

The network posted the film “Russian Georgians” by Leonid Parfenov

Leonid Parfenov has made available the first part of the documentary series “Russian Georgians” (18+), which was previously released only at the box office. The film appeared on the Parthenon YouTube channel. Russian Georgians is a two-part documentary film by journalist Leonid Parfenov

The trailer for the animated film Mortal Kombat with Sonya Blade has been released

On the official account of Mortal Kombat 11 on Twitter, a new trailer for the animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge (“Legends of Deadly battle: Revenge Of The Scorpion”). It tells the story of Sonya Blade, and demonstrates the soldier’s everyday life of the girl. The message that accompanied the video says that the digital release of the cartoon will take place on April 14

The secret of planets with two suns is revealed

This was told by representatives of the National radio astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in the United States. Scientists have explained why in some systems with double stars, planets have to move in highly displaced orbits. The results of the study are published on the official website of the organization.

NASA told about plans to explore the moon

On the moon, the Americans plan to build a base Artemis Base Camp, reported April 12 in the press service of NASA. It is specified that the base will be built at the South pole of the moon. A habitable module for four people will be built here. On the basis of going to be the infrastructure for communications with Earth and for Autonomous power supply. The landing site will also be located here.

Also, the base will be manned lunar Rover for transportation. It will allow astronauts to travel short distances. A residential mobile platform will be created for longer journeys. It is designed for travel of about one and a half earth months.

Virgin Orbit conducted final tests before the first launch of LauncherOne

Richard Branson’s aerospace company is preparing for the first orbital launch of a LauncherOne rocket from under the wing of a modified Boeing. Despite the pandemic, Virgin Orbit plans to stick to the schedule to begin delivering small satellites into orbit as early as 2021.

A curious service has appeared on the NASA website

Recently, an unusual service was launched on the NASA website. Users can enter their date of birth and see the most significant photo that the Hubble telescope has taken on this day during its lifetime. In April, it will be 30 years since Hubble was launched into Earth orbit.

German and canadian engineers have jointly created a new VR helmet

Engineers from Germany and Canada have created a virtual reality helmet that conveys the feeling of interacting with the virtual world by blowing, heating, and spraying the face, as well as by touching it. The helmet software synchronizes these impacts with events in virtual space, which increases the user’s level of immersion, the authors of the article, which will be presented at the CHI 2020 conference, say



Marjoram fermions were found on the surface of the gold

Physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology reported that they were able to observe the discovery of elementary particles on the surface of gold, which are also their own antiparticles-Majorana fermions. An article about this discovery is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

People can believe in false memories

People distinguish other people’s false memories from real ones with a probability no higher than a random hit. This was found out by British psychologists, who in their study showed participants videos of people recounting their false memories of crimes committed and other emotional events. The inability to detect untruth did not depend on how the material was presented (audio, video without sound, or both), nor did it help the participants that they knew the memory might actually be false. The article is published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Discovered a compound that will help get rid of a hangover

Scientists from the University of southern California have discovered the effectiveness of the compound dihydromyrycetin (DHM) to get rid of hangovers. This is reported by UfacityNews.ru with a link to MedicalXpress. It is clarified that DHM is a compound that specialists usually get from Japanese raisin pods.

Samsung moves from LCD technology to QD-OLED

According to the latest information, Samsung will close all lines for the production of liquid crystal displays (LCD) by the end of this year. Sources claim that Samsung is going to switch from LCD displays to the new QD-OLED technology.

Russia has released a free operating system Simply Linux 9

On the official website of “Basalt SPO” there was a message about the release of the operating system Simply Linux 9. OS Simply Linux 9 is a set of software for users. In addition to the shell, the OS includes an office Suite, a browser, an email application, and media programs for playing and editing audio and video files

Google will introduce a Braille keyboard to Android

Google experts have implemented a keyboard with Braille in Android. The company’s press service informs about the innovation. Google introduces the TalkBack Braille keyboard, which has been integrated into Android

Microsoft will rename Windows Defender in its OS

In March of last 2019, the company’s antivirus system was renamed Microsoft Defender ATP, as the company was preparing to launch it on MacOS. The company believes that if the antivirus is also transferred to the Android base, it makes sense to completely abandon the word Windows in the name

Mozilla has released a version of the Firefox 75 browser with a new address bar

Mozilla has introduced the next version of Firefox 75. The browser offers Internet users a new address bar with unique features. The company has also developed several improvements for its product

Facebook will have a quiet mode

Facebook developers will add a Quiet Mode feature to the app that will allow you to disable almost all notifications from the social network with a single button. An exception will only be made for particularly important notifications, such as updates to the privacy policy.