15 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/14/2020

Former Vice-President USA Joe Biden was the only candidate for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party. This became clear after his last rival in the primaries, democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, announced his withdrawal from the race. According to polls, Biden is confidently ahead of trump, and the epidemic is also working against the incumbent President.

However, Biden’s lack of charisma, advanced age, and disbelief in him even in his own party can be a big problem. To solve it, he needs to successfully select a candidate for Vice President. For Example, Michelle Obama. He also said that he would like to appoint Barack Obama as a Supreme court justice. And this also plays into Biden’s rating.

Bernie Sanders has officially supported the candidacy of Joe Biden

Former us presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders officially supported the candidacy of Joe Biden during a virtual event within the campaign of the former Vice President, the Hill reported.

I ask all Americans to unite in this campaign to support your (Biden’s) candidacy, which I support, to ensure our victory, ” Sanders said. Sanders suspended his presidential campaign last week.

Levada center: Putin defends the interests of big businessmen and security forces

38% of Russians believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin expresses the interests of bankers and large entrepreneurs. This is evidenced by the results of the Levada center survey, which are cited by Vedomosti.

37% of respondents stated that Putin defends the interests of security forces. According to 28% of respondents, the President expresses the interests of officials, 18% believe that Putin cares about the needs of the middle class, 17% — that he defends the interests of managers of large enterprises, 16% — that he cares about ordinary people. The smallest number of survey participants — 8% — said about Putin’s activities for the benefit of the cultural and scientific elite.

3.1 billion Army, ROS guard, FMBA, FSB and FSIN

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin allocated the Ministry of defense, Rosgvardiya, FMBA, FSB and FSIN 3.1 billion rubles to fight the coronavirus. This is stated in the relevant order of the Prime Minister.

Earlier Mishustin signed the decree according to which the staff of the Ministry of the Russian Federation, Regardie, Rosselhosnadzor and other agencies have the right to draw up protocols on administrative violations for failure to comply with rules of conduct in emergency situations.

The Patriarch’s trip with icons does not give any benefit in the ” medical dimension»

The ROC recognized that the Patriarch’s trip along the Moscow ring road with icons does not benefit in the “medical dimension”. As Vakhtang Kipshidze, Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for relations between the Church and society and the media, told the newspaper “Rise”, the purpose of this procession is to save people from despondency and panic.

“Any situation that causes consequences similar to what we see from a coronavirus has two dimensions: medical and spiritual. The second gives people the strength to save themselves from panic, despondency, suspicion of others, and gives them the strength to perform acts of charity, especially for doctors and emergency workers. The Church believes that the ability to serve one’s neighbor in the conditions of an epidemic is based on the spiritual Foundation, which in the Russian Federation is associated with the Orthodoxy of people. All that the Church does is to pray and invite those who belong to the Orthodox faith to pray. By the power of prayer, a person transforms the heart and transforms the world around them.”

The court fined the Gorky automobile plant in queues at the security gates.

In the message of the Nizhny Novgorod court it is said that on the wet day of work after the quarantine holidays, the enterprise did not provide a safe distance between people. A representative of the company admitted guilt and assured that the causes of the incident were eliminated. Now employees have been marked and additional checkpoints have been opened.

The day before, Gas employees crowded in front of the checkpoint, because they were asked to measure the temperature for the second time. The administration of the enterprise explained to “Rise” that for the first time, before putting people on buses, contactless thermometers did not work in the cold.

Putin threatened the governors with an article for criminal negligence

Putin threatened the governors with an article for criminal negligence if they “Underperform” in the fight against the coronavirus. According to the President, the regions are 3-4 weeks behind Moscow, which means that they have time to meet the peak of the disease rate fully prepared. Those who fail the training will face “all the consequences that follow, and not just administrative ones”. According to the criminal code, negligence resulting in the death of two or more people is fraught with imprisonment for up to 7 years and deprivation of the right to hold certain positions.

7.8 billion was allocated for the operation of buildings of the state Duma and other authorities

Since the beginning of 2020, the office of the President of the Russian Federation has allocated subsidies totaling 7.86 billion rubles to organizations responsible for the operation of government buildings. So, according to Spark, at the end of March, 467.4 million rubles for capital repairs of real estate with restoration was received by the office for the operation of buildings of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Before that, in January, the Department was allocated 1.68 billion rubles “for financial support of public services.”

In addition, this year 4.16 billion rubles were allocated to the office for the operation of buildings of higher authorities. The money came in two tranches: 3.39 billion rubles was also allocated in January to pay for public services, 770.2 million rubles — for capital repairs and maintenance of property, for the preparation of projects for repair, for the purchase of “movable property” and “non-financial assets”, as well as for the preparation and holding of festive events.

In Primorye, schools are returning to full-time education

The authorities said that they will mostly be small-scale educational institutions. There are 103 such organizations in the region, and the rest of the schools will continue to work remotely

Prior to the start of lessons, school staff perform sanitary treatment of floors and walls, furniture and surfaces. At the entrance, each child’s temperature is checked using a non-contact thermometer. Lessons last for 30 minutes, changes-for 10. Primary school students spend no more than three lessons a day in school, and middle school students spend no more than 4 classes. Emphasis is placed on the main subjects.

Belarus has ratified visa and readmission agreements with the EU

The visa agreement provides for mutual facilitation of the relevant procedures for the majority of citizens and a reduction in the visa fee for Belarusians from €80 to €35.

The Russian government is stepping up defense spending

According to the results of January-March, 917.74 billion rubles were spent from the Federal budget under the article “national defense” – 14.7 billion rubles more than in the same period last year, according to the operational data of the Ministry of Finance. Funding for the Ministry of defense and state defense order is ahead of schedule: for the quarter, 27.6% of the annual limit was allocated for these purposes

In March, Russian banks issued loans to the population for 920.6 billion rubles..

This volume is comparable to the peak pre-new year periods, when banks traditionally meet demand before holidays — for example, in December 2019, retail sales totaled 962 billion rubles. Almost 1 trillion new retail loans in March — a record result for this month: this has not been the case since 2013. According to the Bank of Russia, retail lending rates increased by 1.9% in March. This monthly increase was not observed at any time during the past year.

Portfolio investors began to withdraw capital from the Russian market

The Bank of Russia has published the first assessment of the balance of payments of Russia for the first quarter of 2020. Statistics showed that the inflow of foreign investment has almost stopped. Raw material exports fell by almost a quarter.

Foreign direct investment in the non-banking sector was $0.2 billion compared to $10.3 billion in the first quarter of last year, according to the Central Bank data. The value of portfolio investments was minus $1.2 billion. In the first quarter of last year, there was an influx of $6.8 billion.

Russia’s external debt has fallen to its lowest level in 11 years

The external debt of the Russian Federation at the end of the 1st quarter was $450 billion, having decreased by $41 billion compared to the end of 2019. The current value of the external debt of the Russian Federation is the minimum since the 1st quarter of 2009.

Such a sharp reduction in external debt was largely due to the devaluation of the ruble. Since part of the external debt is denominated in rubles, the weakening of the national currency led to a decrease in the value of the debt in dollars. This was especially noticeable in relation to the government’s debt – the devaluation of the ruble led to a reduction in debt in the OFZ to non-residents by $9 billion rubles. The ratio of external debt to gold and foreign exchange reserves fell to a new historical low of 0.80.

“Rice ATM” feeds the poor in Vietnam

This machine provides free rice to unemployed people around the clock due to the ongoing quarantine in the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus


PIK and VTB launch joint mortgage program

In accordance with the terms of the program, if the apartment cost is 6 million rubles, the initial payment is 20%, the loan term is 20 years and the rate is 8.1% per annum, the monthly payment will be 40 thousand rubles, but the client will start making this amount only next year.

A week-long stop in construction will not slow down the introduction of churches in Moscow

A week-long suspension of construction due to coronavirus will not significantly affect the timing of commissioning of churches in Moscow. This was reported to TASS on Monday by state Duma Deputy, curator of the program for the construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow Vladimir resin

Kolyma is ready to take up to 80 thousand tourists on vacation

Tourist facilities of the Magadan region are ready to take up to 80 thousand tourists on vacation after the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country. The region is confident that due to the situation with coronavirus, citizens are reorienting from foreign to Russian tourist products, Deputy Minister for culture and tourism of Kolyma Maxim Shurkhno told TASS on Monday.

Russian Telecom operators have warned of an increase in tariffs

The growth of communication tariffs in 2020 may be higher than analysts predicted at the end of last year, Kommersant reports, citing a survey by Telecom Daily, which involved 114 heads of companies and organizations in the telecommunications sector, excluding Federal mobile operators, from 15 cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg

The Prosecutor General’s office is interested in bookmakers among the backbone companies

The Prosecutor General’s office of Russia has instructed the Ministry of economic development to find out on what basis betting companies were included in the list of system-forming enterprises. This is reported on the website of the Prosecutor General’s office. The order was given to the Ministry of energy, since It is responsible for forming a list of organizations to be included in the list of such enterprises.

The report emphasizes that the inclusion of organizations in this list may become the basis for priority financial support, which is especially important in the context of the spread of coronavirus.

The Ministry of communications will prepare measures to support Russian SOFTWARE developers

The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation will prepare support measures for projects on the development and implementation of Russian software, including in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported on the Ministry’s website.

Shell refused to create a joint venture with Gazprom Neft

The British-Dutch company Shell decided to withdraw from the deal with Gazprom Neft to create a joint production (JV) on the basis of Meretoyakhaneftegaz due to the negative impact of external factors, Interfax reports with reference to the Russian company

Russia started selling gas to China at half the price

At the moment, the price of gas for China remains higher than supplies to the West, excluding Belarus. According to the FCS, in December 2019, Gazprom sold gas to Europe at $ 201 per thousand cubic meters, in January 2020-at $ 168, and in February-at $ 145.

G20 countries may impose a moratorium on debt servicing for partners

G20 creditor States are discussing the possibility of imposing a moratorium on debt servicing for developing countries against the backdrop of a pandemic announced in connection with the spread of coronavirus

American oil companies suspend oil production

American oil company Texland Petroleum LP suspends oil production at all wells due to a sharp reduction in demand. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal

In South Korea, gasoline prices continue to decline

Gasoline prices in South Korea have continued to fall for eleven consecutive weeks. This is reported by KBS with reference to the service Opinet of the Korean national oil company. According to published data, over the week, the cost of gasoline in the country decreased by 34.3 won (~$0.028), to 1357.3 won (~$1.12) per liter.

Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat has sharply increased its production of motor fuel

Following the results of the 1st quarter of 2020, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat increased processing of stable gas condensate by 15.7% and increased the output of commercial products

The Russian state Duma has set a new date for the end of world war II

A new day of military glory of Russia “on 3 September — the day of the end of world war II (1945),” while excluded the current anniversary date “September 2 — the Day of the end of world war II (1945)”

As noted by the head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov (“United Russia”), prepared by the law for the preservation of historical justice in respect of the victors of the Second world war, to perpetuate the worthy memory of those killed in the defense of the Fatherland.

Moskalkova provided Putin with an annual report on her work

The Russian human rights Commissioner, Tatyana Moskalkova, presented an annual report to the Russian President, the Kremlin said. The Kremlin’s website reports that the annual report is dedicated to human rights.

The complex “Field-21” entered service with the troops of the Eastern military

As reported by the Zvezda TV channel with reference to the press service of the Eastern military district, specialists of the VVO electronic warfare received the first batch of the Field-21 radio suppression system.

U-2 reconnaissance aircraft will be updated on-Board systems

The American company Lockheed Martin will modernize the u-2 Dragon Lady strategic reconnaissance aircraft. According to Flightglobal, as part of the modernization program, the aircraft will receive new avionics, a flight control computer and a dashboard.

North Korea has conducted exercises with fighter-attack aircraft

The head of the state Council of North Korea visited a fighter-assault aviation regiment stationed on the West coast of the Republic. This was reported by the KCNA Agency. Kim Jong-UN looked at the pilots ‘ combat exercises, during which they practiced detecting, chasing and destroying an air target. In addition, the aircraft made a fly by over the command post, where Kim Jong-UN. North Korean leader “expressed great satisfaction” with exercises and combat skills of military pilots who performed aerial maneuvers.

The Emirates supply haftar with Israeli weapons

The leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is suspected of supplying Israeli air defense systems to Libya. According to al-Arabi al-Jadid, the relevant weapons were sent to the commander of the Libyan national army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, so that he could successfully repel attacks by Turkish drones.

Flanders has launched a virtual tour of famous museums

While art lovers are not allowed to travel, Flanders will take them to a number of the best museums. In the coming weeks, the project will be supplemented by excursions to exhibitions of works by great Flemish masters: Bruegel, Rubens, Ensor and others.

“Animals” made an album of Chekhov’s stories

The album “Lonely everywhere is a desert” will include eight tracks, seven of which are named after the stories of Anton Chekhov, the musicians reported in the official instagram of the band.

Richie Blackmore is 75 years old

On April 14, English musician Richie Blackmore turned 75. He is one of the founders of the legendary Deep Purple band, a collective that made a huge contribution to the development of hard rock and entered the rock and roll Hall of fame

The creators of the robot “Fedora” will develop medical bots

Executive Director of the research and production Association “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov presented the company’s systems for helping doctors. Earlier, the NGO created an anthropomorphic robot ” Fedor”

Tomsk scientists have created a device for transmitting pain virtually

Tomsk scientists have created a device for transmitting pain through virtual reality. In particular, radio physics from Tomsk Polytechnic University have created a device by which you can feel the pain, burning and tickling.

When you touch an object, the image of this impact is already stored in your head, the incoming signal is processed, the brain compares it with existing ones and completes the sensations to tactile,-said the author of the project, a student of radio physics at TSU Andrey Kostornoy

TikTok has found an opportunity to publish videos under other people’s accounts

Cybersecurity specialists Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk found an opportunity to publish videos under other people’s accounts on the popular social network TikTok.

The anti-surveillance feature in the Firefox browser “broke” YouTube

The anti-surveillance feature in the Firefox browser has “broken” YouTube. Users have complained about problems with displaying videos. This is about the privacy.resistFingerprinting option.

The TelePort network of postamats began to disinfect parcels

Teleport company has started to equip its network plinths with UV decontaminators. UV rays kill dangerous bacteria and viruses not only in the air, but also on surfaces, completely disinfecting the space.

Presented clamshell LG Folder 2 for 162 dollars

Developers from LG will release a new budget-level folding phone called Folder 2 at a cost of $ 162. This is the successor to the original Folder, released just over 2 years ago. The device will receive an internal 2.8-inch LCD display with a resolution of 240×320 pixels.

Presented fully wireless headphones Oppo Enco W31

Fully wireless oppo Enco w31 headphones feature a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that provides a stable and smooth connection.

Smart hot water purifier and dispenser introduced by Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi on its platform of collective financing announced another new product-the yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser. The device is able to heat the liquid in just 1 second, and the temperature can be adjusted as needed.

Apple will still make airpower wireless charging

A leak from John Prosser shows that some engineers are getting “C68 ” prototypes. And this is apparently the new AirPower charger. Apart from a slight difference in design, the biggest novelty is the Apple A11 bionic chip inside, the same processor that powers the iPhone X.

Nokia 5310 music phone

HMD Global announced new devices, including the Nokia 5310, which became a remake of the classic XpressMusic phone of the same name, while developing which the emphasis was on its melody. Now the gadget is available for pre-order in China, you can buy it for $ 56, starting from April 21. In Russia, it is expected in the second half of 2020, but you can pre-order the device now for 3990 rubles.

The source of the virus, which destroys the Koala turned out to be bats

Biologists have proved that the KORV retrovirus, which destroys Koala populations in Australia, could have got to the animals after contact with bats – close relatives of bats. Scientists found relatives of this pathogen in their bodies

Five days of starvation turned the Japanese fish fry into males

After five days of starvation, female Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) change sex. These freshwater fish have male genitals after starvation. Lack of food affects the ability of female fry to form lipids in the body, which in sufficient quantities suppress the development of testes. These studies were conducted by Japanese biologists from Nagoya University, and the work was led by Minoru Tanaka.

The earth’s core has been leaking iron for billions of years

The boundary between the Earth’s core and the mantle is located at a depth of approximately 2,900 kilometers. During this transition, the temperature drops by more than 1,000 degrees from the hotter core to the colder mantle. The study suggests that heavier iron isotopes migrate to lower temperatures (into the mantle), while lighter isotopes return back to the core.

The study of physical processes occurring at the core-mantle boundary is important for understanding seismic activity in the deep mantle, as well as for modeling chemical and thermal exchange between the deep layers of the Earth and its surface.

A new carbon structure stronger than diamonds has been developed

Information about the new development was published in “Nature Communications” and it describes the progress of scientists in conceptualizing and manufacturing a material that consists of closely connected, closed cells, instead of the cylindrical trusses commonly used in such structures over the past few decades

Scientists from South Korea have developed flexible battery stickers

The results of the work published in the Chemical Engineering Journal, according to the researchers, will help in creating mass-produced compact flexible environmentally friendly energy sources, devoid of the disadvantages that existing lithium-based batteries have.