16 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/15/2019

Trump gathered for the election campaign more than $ 40 million

Donald Trump raised more than $ 30 million in donations for his presidential campaign for the first quarter of 2019, The Hill reported on Monday. At the moment, the campaign headquarters has more than $ 40 million in cash.

DPRK is interested in buying new civil aircraft from Russia

The DPRK is interested in acquiring new civilian aircraft from Russia to enhance flight safety. This was announced by the Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Neverov. The politician heads the Russian parliamentary delegation, which arrived in Pyongyang on a visit

It also includes the purchase of two civilian passenger aircraft, which will ensure the comfort and safety of international flights of the DPRK. – Sergey Neverov, Russian politician

40% resident of Russia has no savings

About 40% of Russians do not have any savings, according to the results of a survey of the Superjob job search service. Of those who save money, only 6% will be able to live on savings for more than a year, another 6% will be able to hold out without a source of income for up to a year.

“Savings today has 60% of Russians. According to average estimates, having lost all sources of income, respondents would be able to hold out at the expense of savings for 3.7 months, ”TASS reports.

About 16% of respondents said that they would have enough accumulated amount for less than a month, 21% thought that they could live on savings for one or two months, and 12% could live on savings of three to six months.

Garbage reform faced defaults

The problem of low collection is, the representative of the Ministry of Environment agreed, but did not comment on the Minister’s speech. On average, the country collected 50.3% of payments, said in paper.

Low-wage Russians can be exempted from income tax

Speech about the citizens, whose incomes after deduction of personal income tax are below the subsistence minimum, on average in the country this salary is less than 13 thousand rubles. According to the Labor Code, an employer cannot charge an employee with an amount less than the minimum wage.

OECD says Japan needs to raise consumer tax

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Countries (OECD) believes that Japan needs to increase the consumer tax rate, which currently stands at 8%, in order to maintain financial stability and reduce public debt. This is stated in the OECD report distributed on Monday.

Father Butina hopes for Russia’s support in repayment of debts

Valery Butin, the father of Maria Butina, who was arrested in the United States, expressed hope for the state support of Russia in the matter of paying off his daughter’s debt to lawyers.

Pompeo urged Maduro to open borders and skip humanitarian aid

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo called on Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro to let humanitarian aid into the country. Reports about it TASS. It clarifies that Pompeo made this statement while in the Colombian city of Cucuta on the border with Venezuela.

In Sudan, removed censorship of the media and restrictions on fundamental freedoms

In Sudan, the Transitional Military Council decided to lift restrictions on fundamental human freedoms. It is reported by the Arab TV channel Al Arabiya, referring to the Ministry of Information of the country. It is noted that among the innovations included the removal of censorship in the media.

With Russia without nuclear weapons, no one would be considered

American General Ronald Mangum in an interview with the author of the project “Pogranichnaya ZONA” Egor Kuroptev spoke about his attitude to Russia and the conflict in Georgia. Details reported information portal Aravot-ru ….

Kuroptev asked Ronald Mangum if he considers Russia a real threat to the United States of America, democracy and liberal values?

In response to a question, the general noted that he could not consider the Russian Federation a real threat to the United States. All that Russia has is nuclear weapons. If Moscow did not possess atomic weapons, then no one would pay attention to it and would not be considered ….

Large-scale exercises of tankers and artillery were held in the Kuban

The Polygon Molkino in the Kuban adopted large-scale exercises of artillery units of the 49th Army of the Southern Military District (South-East Military District). The personnel spent over a hundred training sessions on the deployment of reconnaissance-fire circuit (ROCK)

“Kommersant” announced a new scheme of fraud on the Internet

New fraudulent scheme appeared on the Internet. Unknown people extort data from bank card holders by offering them participation in a win-win lottery or a survey with a guaranteed reward.

Half of Russians do not work in their specialty

“Today … 47% of Russians do not work in their specialty (55% among people with secondary special education),” the report says.

At the same time, 28% of them have never worked in their profession. 37% of Russians working in another field underwent special retraining courses. The main reasons for the refusal of the received specialty are the impossibility of employment (30%) and low wages (24%). It is noted that mainly specialists with higher education (58%) work in the specialty.

Russia and NATO completely ceased cooperation

Russia and NATO have completely ceased cooperation on civil and military lines. As the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko told in an interview with the RIA Novosti news agency, the alliance does not know how to break the deadlock in relations with Moscow.

Cooperation on civil and military lines terminated completely. NATO itself has abandoned a positive agenda in relations with Russia. It does not exist. And so far there are no signs that NATO knows how to get out of this impasse. – Alexander Grushko, Russian diplomat

The head of Stavropol at a meeting with Putin asked for support in the elections

The head of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for support in the elections in 2019, and the head of the Russian state replied that the residents of the region would make the final choice.

Clear. The final word will have to be said by the people during the election campaign, during the elections themselves in September of this year. I wish you success. – Vladimir Putin

EU Council approved amendments to gas directive

The Council of Ministers of the Member States of the European Union finally approved the amendments to the gas directive, the press service of the council reports. The changes imply the extension of the rules that apply to the EU’s internal European pipelines, not only to land, but also to offshore gas pipelines coming from third countries throughout the EU.

“This is the end of an era of monopoly in the European gas market – a monopoly that either threatens with increased prices or simply overlaps the crane,” said Jerzy Buzek, quoting the Interfax, introducing the bill.

In the Chernihiv region, the nationalists demolished the bust of General Vatutin

In the Chernihiv region in the village of New Borovichi nationalists demolished the bust of General Nikolai Vatutin.

Russian experts re-check Egyptian airports

A delegation from Russia arrived in Cairo, which should once again check the security of the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Fifteen Russian specialists were divided into two groups and went to these resort towns, an informed source in the aviation sector in Egypt told Tass.

VEB to join NPP construction project in Uzbekistan

The VEB.RF state corporation will join the Rosatom project on the construction of a nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan.

Trump advised Boeing to rename the 737 MAX aircraft series

US President Donald Trump said Monday that Boeing should fix all the faults in its 737 MAX aircraft and rename the entire series.

EU countries decide to start trade negotiations with the US

EU ministers decided to start trade negotiations with the United States. It is reported by Sky News. As noted, the main topic of negotiations will be the reduction of mutual tariffs for manufactured goods.

The Pentagon will allocate $ 14 billion to upgrade the B-1 and B-52 bomber

The Pentagon has signed a contract with Boeing to upgrade the strategic bombers B-1 Lancer and B-52 Stratofortress. Over these 10 years, $ 14.3 billion will be allocated for these purposes. This was announced today, April 15, by the US Department of Defense.

Deputies of the Bundestag and the EP opposed the harassment and extradition of Assange

MEP Ana Miranda and Bundestag deputies Sevim Dagdelen and Heike Henzel opposed the harassment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Scotland Yard on April 11 reported that Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy after the refusal of that country to grant him asylum.

India has successfully tested a Nirbhay cruise missile

India conducted successful trials of the Nirbhay subsonic long-range cruise missile developed in the country, NDTV reported, citing sources in the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization DRDO

China completed the second aircraft carrier

Type 001A, like Liaolin, cannot use heavy radar patrol aircraft – instead, China acquired Z-18J and Ka-31 helicopters equipped with radars. Deck fighters J-15 also will not be able to rise into the air with a full load, – says Ex. Built Type 001A for four years.

Russia’s largest trolleybus plant resumed work

The largest trolleybus plant in Russia, Trolza, has resumed operation. Part of the state is planned to be reduced

“We are for all the positive forces that will help us save the plant, we are asking for help in order to preserve this unique enterprise,” RIA Novosti quotes Oleg Strelnikov, the company’s chief engineer.

Harley-Davidson recalls 181 motorcycles in Russia

In Russia, 181 Harley-Davidson XG1 motorcycles will be recalled due to possible problems with the brakes. Motorcycles sold from January 2015 to the present are subject to recall, the press service of Rosstandart reports.

State Duma offered to expand the list of situations for mortgage holidays

Experts of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) offer State Duma deputies to expand the list of reasons why Russians can apply for a mortgage vacation, the press service of the ONF reports.

The current draft of the bill includes only five circumstances that give the right to mortgage holidays: loss of work, recognition of a borrower as a category I or II disabled, death of a close relative who has dependent family members, stay on sick leave for more than two months in a row, salary reduction or entrepreneurial income of more than 30%. The experts of the public organization consider this list to be formal and not capable of covering all possible problems of the borrower.

Denmark could not name the decision on the new route of the Nord Stream 2

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) received a third application from Nord Stream 2 AG, operator of Nord Stream-2, for the construction of a pipeline on the territory of the country, but could not give specific dates for the decision on the document. This is stated in the agency.

Rosstat reported a slowdown in industrial production

The growth of industrial production in March slowed to 1.2% in annual terms, after 4.1% in February, follows from the data of Rosstat. The Ministry of Economic Development explains that the reason for the sharp growth in industry in February was a favorable calendar factor, which was absent in March.

Russia will create seven new territories of advanced development

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the creation of seven new territories of advanced development (TOR) in Russia, Interfax reports. The relevant resolutions have already been signed, Medvedev said at a meeting with the deputy prime ministers.

VEB plans to buy a stake in Arkady Rotenberg’s Mostotrest

The VEB.RF state corporation under the leadership of the former first deputy chairman of the government, Igor Shuvalov, plans to acquire more than a blocking stake in one of the largest construction companies – Mostotrest, Arkady Rotenberg, as well as a significant share in Alexey Krapivin Group of Companies 1520 (28.33%) and his partners. These intentions of VEB to Vedomosti were told by a acquaintance of the shareholders of the 1520 group of companies, a person involved in working through the transaction, a person who knows about the transactions from the VEB top manager, and two people who know about the deal with Mostotrest from him employees.

To get VEB shareholders for Group of Companies 1520 LLC is also important for solving problems with security officials, says an acquaintance of the company’s shareholders. Since last fall, one of them, Valery Markelov (28.33%), is in a detention facility on charges of bribing Dmitry Zakharchenko. At Mostotrest, the contract for the construction of the Crimean Bridge is ending, but there are no new large orders.

March wage arrears of Russians increased by 14.2%

As of April 1, 2019, wage arrears in Russia amounted to 2 billion 919.7 million rubles, which is 14.2% more than a month earlier, according to Rosstat materials.

Venezuela has not yet paid a tranche of Russia’s debt

On April 3, Storchak announced that the Ministry of Finance would not disclose information on payments by Venezuela on a Russian loan of $ 3 billion. In March, Venezuela had to pay the Russian Federation more than $ 100 million in external debt

For the year in Russia the rent of apartments increased by 6%

As part of the study, specialists of the Center CIAN found that, on average, rental rates for one-bedroom apartments in the country increased from 13.5 thousand rubles (from 1 quarter of 2018) to 14.6 thousand rubles (1 quarter of the current year).

Cyprus can repay part of the Russian loan ahead of schedule

Cyprus is considering the early repayment of part of the Russian loan of 2.5 billion euros, which was granted to the country in 2011 at the beginning of the financial crisis, reports Bloomberg, citing two sources in the government.

The economy is not growing, but taxes have increased by 25%

Economist Yevgeny Kasyanov On April 15, in a new edition of his authoring program “Let’s Understand” on Zab.TV, he raised a hot topic for Russians – taxes. According to him, in 2018 more than 21 trillion tax deductions came to the country’s budget, which is 4 trillion more than in 2017. The economist concluded that the country’s economy is not growing, and taxes increased by 25%.

Toshiba’s LNG Buyer Rejected Transaction

Chinese ENN Ecological Holdings, which planned to buy the business of producing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the US Toshiba Corporation, canceled the deal, according to a press release from a Japanese company.

The EU will allocate 215 million euros for the construction of the pipeline Baltic Pipe

The European Union will allocate 215 million euros for the construction of the gas pipeline Baltic Pipe, through which the gas will go from Denmark to Poland, the Polish gas operator Gaz-System reports

Qatar to expand liquefied natural gas production capacity in the country

Qatar announced a tender for the construction of four new lines for the liquefaction of natural gas, the report said Qatar Petroleum. The invitation to participate in the tender was sent to several joint ventures – Chiyoda Corporation and Technip France S.A., JGC Corporation and Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd and Saipem S.p.A, McDermott Middle East Inc. and CTCI Corporation.

“The tender provides for the design, purchase and construction of four mega-LNG lines with installations for gas processing, production and fractionation of ethane and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the construction of a helium production plant, as well as related infrastructure,” the company said.

Disney introduced the trailer for the new season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

Studio Disney presented the trailer of the last, seventh, season of the popular animated cartoon series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, directed by Dave Filoni

The third festival “Days of the avant-garde” will be held in Moscow from April 19 to 26

City festival “Days of the avant-garde” will be held from April 19 to 26 in the Russian capital, the report said on the official website of the Mayor of Moscow. The main theme of the event was “Art and Power”.

Laptop Honor MagicBook comes out in Russia

Huawei announced the launch of Russian sales of the Honor MagicBook laptop, which was introduced a year ago. So, the version with the Intel Core i5-8250U processor is priced at 69,990 rubles, and the AMD Ryzen version of the 5 2500U will cost 49,990 rubles. Start of sales is scheduled for April 25.

Xiaomi showed people’s flagship Redmi

In the photo, the first flagship of Redmi is spotted in front of Lin Bean, president of Xiaomi. Judging by the picture, the insiders’ information that the smartphone will be equipped with a retractable front camera is fully confirmed. Considerable sizes for a smartphone module is visible on the upper edge of the device.

In Windows, found a new critical vulnerability

Kaspersky Lab found a previously unknown vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system. With this software bug, attackers are trying to gain control of infected devices.

Reactor in Egypt will receive nuclear fuel from Rosatom

The fuel is intended for the ETRR-2 reactor located at the National Center for Nuclear Research in the city of Inshas. It is used for scientific research in the field of elementary particle physics, materials science, as well as for producing stable isotopes

Hackers began to infect computers through the old correspondence

A new wave of massive malware infections by Emotet overwhelmed network users in early April 2019. This time, hackers use new tactics based on data obtained during their previous hacks, reports the company specializing in cybersecurity, KoDDOS.

In Israel, for the first time in the world, a living heart was printed on a 3D printer

Scientists from Tel Aviv University were the first in the world to print in 3D a living pulsating heart using human tissue. A breakthrough in medicine was reported in the press service of the university. As part of the experiment, dozens of such hearts were made.

The first floating farm appeared

Built in Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands, a cow garden and a high-tech dairy farm are nearing completion. The floating farm for 40 cows plans to process cow waste, grow grass, produce milk and yogurt locally, collect rainwater and use its own solar energy.

Each year, glaciers lose 335 billion tons of their mass

Every year, glaciers lose 335 billion tons of their mass, which raises the level of the World Ocean by almost one millimeter per year. This conclusion was made by scientists from the international group, who conducted a large-scale study under the guidance of specialists from the University of Zurich, reports TASS.

Graphene foam kept soft in extreme cold

“Graphene foam” also proved to be worse when heated, while maintaining elasticity at temperatures up to 1000 ° C. Scientists hope that it will serve as the basis for the creation of new promising materials for use in outer space and other extreme conditions.

Novatek leaves Norway for Russia

The reason for the transfer was that Norway is currently facing US pressure due to the raid transshipment of liquefied gas from the Yamal LNG project in Honningsvåg. In addition, transshipment in Russian waters may cost the company less, Kommersant reports.

Avtodor raises tariffs on toll roads

The Russian state-owned company Avtodor Group of Companies has introduced seasonal tariffs on toll sections of roads that are under its control. Most of all, the fare on the paid sections of the M4 Don has risen in price. So, when using a transponder, the fare from Moscow to Novorossiysk will be about 1,180 rubles in the daytime (+ 6%), travel without a transponder will rise in price even more – by 21.6% to 1,520 rubles.

Iraqi President claims Saddam’s use of chemical weapons against Kurds

The press service of the Iraqi president said that “the proof may be” the mass burial of Kurds in the Iraqi desert. This burial was discovered by servicemen of the Iraqi army. Barham Saleh, an ethnic Kurdish: Burial is located in a desert area.

Russian Ombudsman to attend UN session for the first time

For the first time since the institute’s existence, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia will take part in events at the United Nations (UN) site. The current Russian ombudsman, Tatyana Moskalkova, will be in New York from April 15 to 18.

Russians called accomplices of terrorists for broadcasting with the KTO in Tyumen

The actions of the inhabitants of Tyumen, who conducted the online broadcast from the site of the counter-terrorist operation, played into the hands of terrorists. This was announced on Sunday, April 14, by Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Ernest Valeyev to the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Trump has promised Americans access to the 5G network

US President Donald Trump spoke about his intention to introduce fifth-generation wireless communications in the country, which will change the lives of Americans and allow them to get fast access to the Internet.

We will make two major announcements about accelerating the development of 5G and expanding access to broadband Internet for every American. No matter where you are, you will have quick access to 5G, and it will be a different life. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

The aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” US Navy sails towards the Black Sea

The Network has information that the US Navy carrier strike group (AUG), headed by the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, is heading towards the Black Sea. Recently, American ships passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and are now in the Mediterranean.

Philippine authorities decapitated terrorist group

The authorities of the Philippines have confirmed the liquidation of one of the leaders of the local branch of the Islamic State terrorist group – the extremist Mauth group Abu Dara. It is reported by The Straits Times.

Bailiffs called the number of restricted to leave Muscovites

The bailiffs banned almost 100,000 Muscovites from traveling abroad, TASS was told in the press service of the Federal Bailiffs Service (FSSP) in Moscow.

President of Ecuador: Assange wanted to make the embassy a center of espionage

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, repeatedly violated the conditions of his stay at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and tried to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, using the diplomatic mission as a “spying center”.

“Such activities violate the conditions of asylum, and our decision [to deprive Assange of asylum] is not arbitrary, but based on international law,” said Moreno.

Russian military will take part in the Victory Parade in South Ossetia

Soldiers of the Russian military base in South Ossetia will take part in the Victory Parade in this country, ceremonial calculations have already begun training, the press service of the Southern Military District (South-East Military District) reports on Monday.

Tram and bus drivers are not allowed to use telephones.

The order was released on April 8, after trams collided on Lenin Avenue in March, the document was published today, April 15, at E1. The order says that tram, trolleybus and bus drivers are prohibited from using “all types of cellular communications and listening to it, including headphones, headset and speakerphone. ”

UC Rusal plans to build a plant in the US

UC Rusal and American Braidy Industries will create a joint venture for the production of flat steel for the automotive industry in Ashland (Kentucky, USA), UC reported

Visa launched a cash withdrawal service in Russia at stores

The Visa payment system launched a cash withdrawal service at cash desks at retail outlets in Russia. On this on Monday, April 15, the press service of the company.

“The service is being tested in pilot mode in partnership with the Russian Parmesan network and the Agricultural Bank,” RIA Novosti quotes the message.

Benefits unemployed and mothers decided to transfer only to the card “World”

The document comes into force on May 1, 2019 and represents an amendment to the government resolution of December 1, 2018, according to which, by July 1, 2020, all pensions and other social payments to military retirees, as well as to power pensioners, should be transferred to the Mir cards. and law enforcement structures.

Rosrybolovstvo determined the size of lots for crab quotas at auctions

The proposals of the Federal Agency for Fishery on the number and composition of lots for auctions on the distribution of part of the crab quotas are contained in the presentation of the agency referred to by Kommersant.

VTB dividends for 2018 are expected to be lower than in 2017

Corporate loans will grow by 4.5% y / y, retail loans – by 17%. This is one of the points of the updated 3-year strategy of the bank, which will be approved by the supervisory board of the bank on April 24. On the same day, the council will also approve dividends for 2018. VTB dividends for 2018 remain a mystery, but they are expected to be lower than in 2017.

FSIN opposes parole Karaulova

Pavel Badamshin, a lawyer of a former Moscow State University student named after MV Lomonosov, Varvara Karaulova, convicted for trying to join the Islamic State terrorist organization, said that the FSIN had not approved her release on parole, reports RIA Novosti.

Global luxury sales increased by almost 11%

The global market for luxury goods is growing, despite the economic slowdown in major markets, including China, the European Union and the United States. These findings are contained in the annual report of Deloitte Global Powers of Luxury Goods (available at RBC).

Raising the retirement age will double unemployment

April 15, 2019, it became known that by 2024 the number of unemployed Russians will reach 7.8 million people, and the unemployment rate will be 9.6-9.7%. To date, the number of unemployed is 3.5-4 million people, and the unemployment rate is 4.8%.

The reason for the double increase in unemployment will be the increase in the retirement age, due to which the growth of the workforce will outpace the growth of jobs, reports “RBC” with reference to the calculations of the Institute of Macroeconomic Research

Petersburg will buy new trams with low floor and Wi-Fi

Three-section trams with a low level of floor and equipment for distributing Internet via Wi-Fi will be purchased by St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise Gorelektrotrans for quality service to passengers of the St. Petersburg tram network.

The share of overdue car loans in the Rostov region reached 10.8%

In the Rostov region, the share of overdue car loans as of March 1, 2019 was 10.8%. This is 1.2 pp. more than last year – on March 1, 2018, the share of delay in the region was 9.6%. This is reported by the National Bureau of Credit Histories.

Resellers went up to a three-year high

Analysts argue that lower prices should not be expected. Currently, the average cost per square meter of secondary housing in Russia is 64.2 thousand rubles – a three-year maximum, writes Kommersant. Since the beginning of 2019, secondary apartments are becoming more expensive by 1% per month.

Moratorium on building new Moscow

New Moscow does not plan to coordinate the construction of residential real estate in the next five years, said in February 2019 the head of the department for the development of new territories in Moscow, Vladimir Zhidkin.

Revenue “Children’s World” in I quarter grew by 16.1%

Consolidated revenue of Detsky Mir in January-March 2019 increased compared to the same period a year earlier by 16.1% and reached 27.9 billion rubles. This was said in a statement.

Saudi Aramco buys a stake in Hyundai Oilbank for $ 1.24 billion

Oil company Saudi Aramco announced the purchase of a 17 percent stake in the South Korean oil refining company Hyundai Oilbank, which is part of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group. The transaction value is $ 1.24 billion.

“Kazmunaygas” for 2018 increased its net profit under IFRS by 32%

Kazakhstan’s national oil and gas company Kazmunaygas (KMG) in 2018 received IFRS net income in the amount of 694 billion tenge (2,012 billion US dollars), which is 32% more than in 2017, the press service of

Azerbaijan abolishes import duties on jet fuel

Azerbaijani authorities abolished import duties on jet fuel, as well as for lighting and technical kerosene. Previously, duty rates were 15%.

Sell ​​oil to load the Northern Sea Route

The Ministry of Natural Resources, at the request of Rosneft, agrees to hold a tender for the West Irkinsky subsoil area (north of Krasnoyarsk Territory) with probable oil and gas reserves of 500 million tons of conditional fuel, follows the letter of the Ministry of Natural Resources to President Vladimir Putin on April 10.

The duty on oil exports from the Russian Federation will grow from May 1

The duty on the export of oil from Russia from May 1 will increase by $ 7.2 to $ 104.6 from $ 97.4 per ton in April, according to the calculations of the Ministry of Finance.

A teaser-trailer and a fragment of a single episode of “Mandalorian” appeared in the network.

A fragment of one of the episodes of the Mandalorets TV series and a full-featured teaser trailer for the project, shown at the Star Wars Celebration event in Chicago, appeared in the network. Video shot on the camera phone, published by the author of the YouTube-channel dRob24

South Korea to host music festival Soju Live Festival 2019

According to company representatives, the music festival “Soju Live Festival 2019” will be held on May 11 on the island of Jara, located in Kaphyun district, Gyeonggi Province. This festival was first held in 2018, which was visited by more than 16 thousand people.

An art object from Game of Thrones appeared in the center of Yekaterinburg

At the business center “Rubin” put the Iron Throne of Tirion Lannister. At the intersection of Malyshev and March 8 in Yekaterinburg, an unusual art object appeared associated with the release of the final season of the cult TV series Game of Thrones

Cinematic Award “Golden Arch” named winners

In the Moscow Theater Et Cetera, the second ceremony of presenting the international cinema award East-West. Golden Arch, which was established in 2018 to celebrate the achievements of modern cinema in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The best film of the jury, which included film scholars and film critics from 12 countries, called Pavel Pavlikovsky’s “Cold War”.

Released the first trailer for the second season of the series “Big Little Lie”

On the YouTube channel of HBO, a second season trailer for the Big Little Lie series has appeared. Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Meryl Streep, and others starred in the season. Also, there was a release date for the season – it will appear on the screens on June 9th.

Madonna announced the new album “Madame X”

Madonna announced the release of the new album “Madame X” and shared the teaser of the song that will be included in it. Album release date is still unknown.

Backstreet Boys celebrated the anniversary of “I Want It That Way”

Backstreet Boys released on April 12, 2019 a new version of the video for one of their main hits “I Want It That Way”. It is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the song and video.

Russian mobile operators began testing eSim

Mobile operators in Russia have started testing technology eSim, which allows you to connect to the network without a physical sim card. Against the introduction of this innovation previously appeared in the FSB. One of the first to successfully test Tele2

Novosibirsk students have developed a hybrid quadrocopter and aircraft

Students of the faculty of aircraft of the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) conducted the first tests of the so-called krylokopter – a quadcopter hybrid and an airplane. This was reported on Monday by the press service of the university.

Yandex invites to the programming championship

The company Yandex opened registration for the programming championship, in which specialists from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan can take part. The competitions will be held in four areas: frontend and backend development, data analytics and machine learning.

Sberbank expanded mobile banking

Sberbank has added to its mobile application for Sberbank Online customers the possibility of changing the phone number to which the card is attached. This was reported in the press release of the bank. Also, the application added the function to connect and disable notifications.

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Can Steal User Data

Information Security researcher John Page has published detailed information about a vulnerability found in Internet Explorer. It allows attackers to steal files of users of the Windows operating system.

The new headquarters of Xiaomi should be fully prepared before the end of the year.

This month it is planned to complete the main stage of construction, and the headquarters will be fully ready by October, so that it will be fully operational by the end of the year. In perspective, the headquarters in Wuhan is designed to accommodate 10,000 people.

New Tenda 4G680 Router

Tenda has released a new router called Tenda 4G680. This new router supports 4G LTE and VoLTE, as well as standard features such as IEEE 802.11b / g / n, and data rates up to 300 Mbps.

Xiaomi introduced electronic compressor

In the line of smart devices Xiaomi Miija replenishment in the form of an electronic compressor, which can be very useful for motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and even physical instructors.

The first OnePlus TV will allow the user to do without the remote

Over the past 20 years, nothing fundamentally new has happened on the TV market. And although this is a very controversial statement, OnePlus really seems to want to create something that its competitors do not yet have. In particular, Zohu said that the company intends to abandon the tradition of relying on the remote control.

The largest Samsung TV for 6 million rubles comes out in Russia

The sale of Samsung QLED 8K TV with a screen diagonal of 98 inches will appear on April 22. Pre-order can be issued at a price of 5,999,999 rubles. The premium soundbar HW-N950 with DTS: X and Dolby Atmos technologies, created in partnership with Harman Kardon, is being presented to the TV.

The earliest life may have originated in lakes and not in oceans.

A new MIT study found that primitive ponds could provide a suitable environment for brewing the first life forms on Earth, more so than oceans.

X-ray helped Russian physicists to clarify the structure of water

An international team of scientists precisely measured the strength of hydrogen bonds between water molecules and refuted the theory that is so popular today about how this unusual liquid works. New theoretical description of the structure of water was presented in the journal Nature Communications

Scientists have created a drug that increases the effectiveness of cancer therapy

Kazan Federal University together with the company “Tatkhimpharmpreparaty” for the first time presented at the 47th International Salon of Inventions in Geneva, a medicine for arthritis and an additive that increases the effectiveness of therapy against most types of cancer.

“We brought an anti-inflammatory drug and an additive that significantly increases the effectiveness of any anticancer therapy,” said Konstantin Balakin, head of the department of medical chemistry at Kazan University and innovation adviser at Tatkhimpharmpreparaty, told RIA Novosti.

Tomsk scientists will go to the first Around the World on an airship

According to the author of the project, Alexander Shelupanov, the rector of Tomsk State University of control systems and radio electronics, unique research will be conducted. The object of interest of scientists will be the atmosphere, the ocean and various climatic phenomena.

Scientists from the company Ilona Mask learned to introduce chips into the brain

A group of researchers associated with the company Neuralink, which was founded by Elon Musk in 2016, published an article describing the system for introducing chips into the brain.

In the paper, the preprint of which was published on the Biorxiv service, the scientists describe a new method for monitoring brain activity called the sewing machine (“sewing machine”). The technique was tested on rats. During the operation, the animal was removed a part of the skull and then, using a needle on a “sewing machine”, implanted flexible electrodes into the brain, which were connected to a system board located in the back of the head. The board recorded the rat brain activity.

Dirty teeth can cause dementia

A video has been published on the Naked-science portal, which clearly shows the consequences of refusal from daily oral care. If you stop brushing your teeth, they will not only collapse and fall out, but it will also cause multiple health problems.

Telescope observatory LIGO discovered another gravitational wave

We add that the observatories LIGO and Virgo began a new stage in the search for gravitational waves on April 1, 2019. Prior to that, they were closed for modernization for 19 months. Since 2015, scientists have discovered 13 gravitational waves with the help of powerful observatory telescopes.

China will launch a probe for Mars exploration no later than 2020

The first Chinese space probe for work on Mars will be equipped with a planet rover, whose weight exceeds 200 kilograms. Reports about it “the Russian newspaper”. The rover of the new probe will be heavier than its predecessor, the Chinese lunar rover, Yuytu-2.

Russian scientists have found new signs of life on Venus

Scientists have found new evidence of life on Venus. New processing of panoramic images of this planet allowed us to detect slow-moving objects, characterized by a stable structure. The pictures identified 18 hypothetical creatures that differ in size

Volkswagen introduced a large electric crossover

On the eve of the Shanghai Motor Show, Volkswagen has unveiled its new concept crossover – Roomzz. The serial version of the prototype will be the largest model in the I.D. It is expected that the production of the car will begin in 2020.

Toyota RAV4 crossover got four new versions

Toyota RAV4 crossover, recently returned to the Japanese market, received four new versions at once. Two of them are represented by the sports division of Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and the other two by the Modellista division. Between themselves, cars differ only in equipment and decor.