16 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/15/2020

Donald Trump has suspended funding for who while it is being reviewed. The organization failed to cope with the crisis with COVID-19 and should be held accountable, the President believes. According to trump, who did not provide information in a timely manner, and did not bring the truth to the attention of the world community.

The reality is that who has not sufficiently received, verified, or distributed information in a timely and transparent manner, ” trump said at his daily white house press conference. – The world expects who to work with countries to ensure that accurate information about international health threats is distributed in a timely manner, and if this does not happen, to independently inform the world of the truth about what is happening. Who has not fulfilled this basic duty and must be held accountable. After so many decades, the time has come.

The United States is the largest source of funding for who. Last year alone, their contribution amounted to $ 400 million, or 15% of the organization’s budget. By comparison, China paid $40 million.

Taiwan published its letter to who on 31 December 2019

Taiwan published its letter to the who on December 31, 2019 with a warning about the coronavirus. From the same day, the airports in Taiwan checked those who arrived from Wuhan for pneumonia and temperature. Who still pretends that Taiwan does not exist. On January 9, China stated that there is no evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person. On January 10, the who said that there is no need to check the temperature of people at airports. China closed Wuhan from the entire country, breaking roads on January 23. On January 26, flights from Wuhan were still arriving in new York

Russian President Vladimir Putin:

  • Companies that trade in non-food products should be added to the list of the most affected industries
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises should be provided with direct free assistance from the state, and the money can be used to pay salaries, among other things
  • State support for business will be based on 12,130 rubles per employee per month, the requirement is to retain 90 percent of employees on April 1
  • An additional 200 billion rubles will be allocated to ensure regional budget balance
  • More than 23 billion rubles – support for airlines

Aeroflot will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its Department

Aeroflot has found 8.2 million rubles to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its aircraft maintenance Department, Open media noted after examining the public procurement website. The celebration will take place at the Olympian Park hotel in Khimki on June 6, the documents say.

Aeroflot has stopped returning money for canceled tickets since April 8, the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported last week. The airline simply turned off the ability to issue a ticket refund through its system, ATOR complained

Those infected in the Murmansk region will wear electronic bracelets

The regional government allocated 1 million 479 thousand rubles from the reserve Fund for this purpose. The published document States that “technical means and related equipment will be purchased to ensure remote monitoring of patients’ compliance with the isolation regime at home.” In total, 120 personal trackers with a bluetooth tag on the strap, 300 spare straps and 30 additional bluetooth sensors will be purchased.

Collect signatures of voters through ” public Services»

The state Duma in the first reading supported the bill, according to which it can be allowed to collect signatures of voters and participants of the referendum using the portal “state Services”. Thus, the draft law refers to amendments to articles 37 and 38 of the Federal law “on basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation”.

The text of the draft law States that the portal “state Services” can collect no more than 50% of the signatures of voters, participants of the referendum from the total number of signatures required for registration of a candidate, a list of candidates, and the appointment of a referendum.

Among the sponsors of the construction of the temple of the Armed forces were foreigners

The Vozrozhdenie Foundation, which is building the main temple of the Armed forces in Kubinka, is in danger of being included in the register of non-governmental organizations, Open media noted. Among the sponsors of the construction were foreigners who in 2019 donated 1.7 million rubles to the temple, according to the report submitted to the Ministry of justice of the “Renaissance”. Navalny’s FBK, we note, only 140,000 rubles of foreign donations were enough to get into this register

The Egyptian interior Ministry conducted a special operation against militants in Cairo

According to the al-Arabiya TV channel, all the attackers were destroyed. It is noted that the police operation lasted for about four hours. One Egyptian security official was killed. The number of eliminated militants is not specified. Earlier, the TV channel informed that the counter-terrorism division of the police and the forces of the interior Ministry of Egypt are conducting a special operation in one of the districts of Cairo against militants who planned an attack on the security forces of the country.

In Germany, a native of Tajikistan was detained

Four alleged Tajik nationals were detained in different cities in Western Germany and are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack, Spiegel magazine reported on its website, citing police sources.

It is assumed that the suspects had links to the”Islamic state”. According to the publication, they were going to attack organizations with ties to the United States. Criminals managed to buy substances necessary for the production of explosives on the Internet.

Moscow police gathered a huge stampede at the entrance to the metro

You can only get into the metro by passing through the hands of the police. They need to show their digital pass on the smartphone screen (or a printed one), and they must also show their passport. It takes several minutes to check each document, and many are refused passage and turned back home. It takes a few more minutes to explain the reason for the refusal to everyone. The Moscow metro has already said that it cannot comment on the actions of the police.

Law enforcement officers in Moscow will not be punished for long queues when checking passes – Peskov

Supplier of curbs for city hall builds infectious disease hospital

The crost company, from one of whose structures the Moscow mayor’s office will buy concrete curbs for 3.2 billion rubles, is building an infectious diseases hospital in New Moscow, including at its own expense. This is what the BBC Russian service writes

The Krost group of companies is owned by Alexey Dobashin. In 2018, he was a confidant of Sergei Sobyanin in the Moscow mayoral election and a confidant of Putin in the presidential election.

The OPEC + agreement did not become a driver for the growth of the cost of raw materials

The price of the nearest Brent oil futures fell by 5.1% to $30.21 per barrel. The minimum value during the trading session was $29.93 per barrel.

The mayor of Stavropol suggested that those who criticize the actions of the authorities, move to the United States.

A follower of Andrey Jatdoev on Instagram complained in a comment to the post of the mayor about the lack of real help to the population: “People are forced to leave their homes and go to work, otherwise if not the coronavirus, the financial situation will lead either to suicide or to the prison bench.”

To this the mayor replied: “Where do you like it? Maybe in the US? 500 thousand people are sick there and 2 thousand died yesterday. It’s time to move there.”

Kudrin gave advice to the Finance Ministry

Kudrin suggests the possibility of using the 30 trillion rubles that lie in Russian banks on the accounts and deposits of individuals as part of the fight against the crisis. According to the head of the accounting chamber, some of these funds can be raised by the state as part of borrowing on the domestic market.

Moscow authorities refused to issue almost a million digital passes

Moscow authorities refused to issue 900 thousand digital passes for a day because of incorrect information submitted by applicants. This is stated in the message of capital oberstab. In just a day since the registration opened on April 13, the mayor’s office issued 3.2 million digital passes.

Traffic cameras are connected to the fight against violators of the self-isolation regime

Control violators of the self-isolation regime, moving around the city without a pass, will be using 2.5 thousand traffic cameras, a source in the government of Moscow told Kommersant. A fine of 5 thousand rubles will be issued by the Moscow administrative road inspection (MADI) for driving under each camera on the way of the violator, the “letter of happiness” will be sent to the car owner’s mail.

For example, when driving under ten cameras, the total amount of the fine will be 50 thousand rubles.”, – says the source of ” Kommersant”

Also, the legality of drivers ‘ stay on the roads will be checked by foot police using gadgets with an application for scanning an electronic code.

In Moscow, denied fines on cameras for drivers who violated self-isolation

The Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov denied information that drivers who violate the self-isolation regime will be recorded on cameras, and then send them fines by mail. He told about this broadcast of the program “Time will show” on the First channel.

Russians are counting on a summer vacation abroad

25.9% of respondents believe that it will be possible to go abroad this summer. However, the majority of respondents (74.1%) believe that they will be able to go on vacation in the fall of this year. Almost all respondents (96%) are confident that the self-isolation regime will end later than may this year.

Turkish airline to resume flights in may

Another Turkish airline Sunexpress, a joint venture between turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, also started selling tickets for some flights from Antalya and Izmir on may 1. Another Turkish carrier, Onur Air, has not yet announced a date for resuming flights.

Banks have started to raise the requirements for the initial mortgage payment

The minimum down payment threshold was raised in Alfa-Bank (up to 20%) and Promsvyazbank (up to 15%). In addition, PSB in April stopped issuing mortgages without a down payment — this product disappeared from the line on the site, the temporary suspension of the program was confirmed by a representative of the Bank.

The head of Amazon got rich in a day for $6.4 billion

The fortune of the world’s richest man, the head of the American Corporation Amazon Jeff Bezos rose by more than $6 billion in a day on the back of a record increase in the company’s share price. The corresponding data is provided on Tuesday on its website by Forbes magazine.

L’etoile chain reported a drop in turnover

The l’etoile chain of stores lost about 95% of its turnover due to the forced closure of retail outlets. At the moment, revenue is generated only by sales of the online store – this is only 5%, according to a press release from the company.

Retailers had to recycle some of the products

The goods purchased in March during the surge in demand remained in warehouses. Now, sellers are faced with the issue of increased spending on the destruction of perishable products. In March alone, the companies ‘ additional expenses amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. This was told to Izvestia by the press Secretary Of the Association of retail companies (ACORT) Ilya Vlasenko.Many sellers insist that they are ready to send goods to charity, but to do this, the authorities must legalize this opportunity.

The national welfare Fund of the Russian Federation may be exhausted by the summer

Russia’s reserves accumulated in the national welfare Fund may be completely spent by the beginning of this summer, said Professor, doctor of Economics Valentin Katasonov in his article published in the newspaper “Soviet Russia”on April 14

International creditors have imposed a moratorium on the debts of poor countries

The decision to suspend payments on the debts of low-income countries was made by international creditors to ease the financial situation at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, French economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on April 14, according to the France-Presse news Agency.

China sent protective equipment to Poland

According to the Polish TV channel TVP Info, a cargo of over 1,050 cubic meters of COVID-19 protective equipment was delivered to Poland, including 76 tons of protective suits, 11 tons of face shields and nine tons of protective masks. The companies KGHM Polska Miedź and Lotos prepared the cargo transportation.

Give out vouchers to tourists instead of money

The Greek government has allowed tour operators and hotels not to reimburse tourists, but to issue them vouchers. The voucher is valid for 18 months. It guarantees that the tourist will be able to book other vacation dates with the same company.

Chinese residents will be given money to buy cars

One of the measures will be the issuance of subsidies to citizens to buy cars up to 1,4 thousand dollars, writes CNN with reference to representatives of the industry. According to the Chinese Association of automobile manufacturers, in the first quarter of 2020, the Chinese car market declined by 42%, in February – by 79%, and in March-by 43%

Ukraine allowed the possibility of a missile strike on Russia

The Director of the Ukrainian Pavlograd chemical plant, which produces, processes and disposes of rocket fuel, did not rule out a missile strike on infrastructure facilities in Russia, including an oil refinery in the Rostov region.

Published a new coefficient of utility of state Duma deputies

The Ninth integral rating “utility Coefficient of deputies of the State Duma” (KPDGD) — a study of Russian political scientists that analyzes the effectiveness of the state Duma deputies of the seventh convocation-has been published.

Russian investigators were given a list of those responsible for the demolition of the monument to Konev

The Russian Investigative Committee has received a list of persons responsible for the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague, the Russian military historical society (RVIO) reported. It is noted that the list was passed by Vladimir Medinsky, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the RVIO.

The actions of this municipality in Prague can hardly be called anything other than cynical and outrageous, they contradict the Treaty on friendly relations and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic of 1993. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

In Libya, Faiz Sarraj’s forces recaptured the city from Haftar

The city of sabratha (Libya) was occupied by troops of the Government of national accord, led by Faiz Sarraj, reports Al Jazeera. Sarraj’s forces recaptured the city from the Libyan national army, led by Caliph Haftar.

Patriot systems are already deployed in Iraq

The us military said that the air defense system/Patriot missile DEFENSE systems are deployed at military bases in Iraq, where they will provide missile cover for their own and allied troops. These sites have been the target of attacks by Iranian-backed rebels.

The first shots from Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” are published

The publication Vanity Fair showed the first images from the film by canadian Director Denis Villeneuve, known for the pictures “blade Runner 2049” and “Arrival”. Actor Timothy Chalamet played the role of a young aristocrat named Paul Atreides in the film.

“Fantastic beasts 3” will feature characters from “Harry Potter”

In the third part of the prequel “Fantastic beasts” may appear two characters from the original series of films about the wizard Harry Potter, reported The Independent

The premiere of the third part of “Fantastic beasts” is scheduled for November 12, 2021, it will be directed by David Yates, as well as the previous two. In addition, he adapted the last four films of the Harry Potter series. The script will be responsible for the author of books about the boy wizard JK Rowling.

Emin spoke about the fate of the Baku festival “Heat 2020»

People’s artist of Azerbaijan Emin Agalarov intends to hold the Baku international music festival “Heat-2020” in an online format if the borders between Azerbaijan and Russia do not open before July, Sputnik Azerbaijan reports

Tesla Boy group released the album” Andropov ” in the Soviet style

Russian electropop group Tesla Boy released the first Russian-language album “Andropov”Online. The musicians were inspired to write it during the Soviet era.

The track list includes nine songs: Eintrag, “Abuser”, “Music is mine”, “more Often”, “Vatican”, “self-Control”, “the Cold will go away”, “Blood on your face” and “Prospect”, which was played in the second season of the TV series “kept Women”

Metallica group launches online marathon of concerts

During the period of self-isolation, Metallica launched a marathon of concerts: every Monday the band puts out a new performance. You can view them on the” Posters of Bedbugs ” page

Nightwish released an experimental double album

For the first time, the band decided to make a double album. The first disc contains nine tracks, and the second one is divided into eight parts: this is instrumental orchestral music without metal elements.

Uriah Heep band moved the concert in Voronezh a year ahead

It will now take place on April 24, 2021. The fact is that in Russia it is currently prohibited to hold mass events until July 1. The venue of the event remained the same-the concert hall Arena Hall Voronezh (Moskovsky Prospekt, 9). All tickets will be valid on the new date, you do not need to exchange them.

Disney has postponed two more premieres

The cartoon “Soul” tells about a school teacher who gets a job as a musician in a jazz club. However, a tragic accident takes him to the world of souls. The premiere of “Soul” will take place on November 20.

In “Paradise and the last dragon” there is a story about a warrior who, together with friends, goes in search of the last dragon. The premiere of the cartoon in cinemas has been postponed to March 12, 2021.

Scientists explain the powerful radiation from new star flares

The results of observations of the flare of the new star V906 Kiel showed that the powerful glow that occurred during this process was the result of shock waves. They generate gamma rays, which cause a glow in the visible spectrum. The results of the study, which was attended by Russian scientists from the Sternberg State astronomical Institute of Moscow state University, are published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Methane was obtained in the laboratory under conditions close to the conditions of space

In a new study, a team of scientists led By D. Qasim from the Astrophysical laboratory at Leiden University, the Netherlands, successfully obtained methane for the first time under conditions close to those of outer space. The researchers performed collisions of hydrogen atoms with carbon at a temperature of minus 263 degrees Celsius (10 Kelvins) in an ultra-high vacuum on the surface of water ice particles.

Japan plans to send a research probe to orbit the moon

The Japanese aerospace research Agency JAXA plans to send a miniature research probe into lunar orbit in the next five years

Japanese scientists have developed a titanium tape

Scientists from Japan have created a unique tape made of titanium foil, which can be used to glue damaged organs and tissues in the human body. This tape has no analogues in the world. Researchers have done a painstaking job to create it