18 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/17/2019

The United States caught the DPRK in the transport of radioactive materials

Experts of the Center for International and Strategic Studies in the United States suspected North Korea of ​​the transfer of radioactive materials on the territory of the scientific center in Yongbyon

US caught China smuggling oil into North Korea

Red-handed were caught several Chinese ships-violators. Journalists of the Wall Street Journal, accompanied by the American destroyer USS Milius and another Japanese warship sailed across the South China Sea and collected information about illegal oil supplies to North Korea

“The mysterious Russian soul” does not exist

Journalist Vladimir Pozner said that the “mysterious Russian soul” is a myth. He expressed this opinion in response to a question from a reader of his blog.

All this seems to me utter nonsense. I do not find any mysterious soul. This is a game that can be very convenient politically, and not only for the “enemy”, but also for us, they say, we are not like you, we are special. – Vladimir Pozner, journalist

No company undertakes to complete the construction of the East

President Vladimir Putin demanded the completion of the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome in the near future. The head of state noted that in order to effectively perform work, it is necessary, in particular, to deal with their pricing.

Already reported several times that no company undertakes to complete the work. But it is necessary to approach this somehow realistically, reasonably, not to bully, of course, nothing. – Vladimir Putin

Trump agreed to send Russian diplomats under the influence of the head of the CIA

The arguments of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Gina Haspel, persuaded US President Donald Trump to approve the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats in connection with the “Skripl case”. It is reported by The New York Times, citing sources in the US special services.

The Ministry of Finance intends to legalize the online sale of jewelry

Legal collision called in the Russian Ministry of Finance the inability to legally conduct online sales of jewelry. As deputy ministry head Aleksey Moiseyev told reporters, the agency has already developed a draft of changes in legislation to eliminate this circumstance.

Assange awarded the European Parliament Media Freedom Prize

The founder of the WikiLeaks portal, Julian Assange, was awarded the European Parliament Award for Media Freedom this year. This was reported on April 17 by The Sydney Morning Herald. The prize of the name of the journalist murdered in Malta Dafne Caruana Galicia for media freedom is awarded annually.

Arbitration in The Hague ordered Russia to pay Ukrnafta $ 44 million

Ukrainian company “Ukrnafta” announced the decision of the international arbitration in The Hague, which ordered Russia to pay compensation for “property lost in Crimea” in the amount of $ 44.4 million. This is reported in the message on the company’s website. They noted that the decision was made on April 12, 2019.

Russia refused to recognize the decision of the Hague court on the claim of “Ukrnafta”

Moscow does not recognize the legality of the decision of the Hague court to compensate Ukrnafta for lost assets in the Crimea, the press service of the Ministry of Justice told RIA Novosti. “First of all, due to the absence of arbitration jurisdiction for the consideration of this claim”, – stressed in the department.

Municipal districts may appear in Russia

According to the bill, the municipal district is three and more settlements united by a common territory that are not municipal entities. The districts will be managed directly by the population or elected and other local governments. The purpose of the bill is to consolidate representative and administrative resources, as well as cost optimization, writes the Parliamentary Newspaper.

Polish diplomat expelled from Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Vice-Consul of Poland, who worked in Irkutsk, leave the territory of Russia, said Eva Suvara, a spokeswoman for the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Maduro demanded that Portugal remove the lock with Venezuelan money

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday demanded that the Portuguese authorities to remove the lock from the amount of more than 1.7 billion dollars that belong to the South American country

The development of a new nuclear submarine began in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, development work began under the code “Laika” to create a fifth-generation multipurpose nuclear submarine. On this April 17 reports TASS, citing the source. It is noted that the work will be conducted by the Malachite Marine Engineering Bureau.

Russia recognized the new authorities in Sudan

Moscow recognizes the new authorities of Sudan, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, who is also the special representative of the Russian president for the Middle East and African countries.

UK has prepared a new draft replacement of anti-Russian sanctions

The British government on April 15 submitted a regulation on anti-Russian sanctions, which should take effect after the UK leaves the EU (according to the latest agreements between London and Brussels, this should happen before October 31, 2019).

The Pentagon is preparing a plan to contain Russian influence in Venezuela

Washington is developing military means “to contain Russian influence” in Venezuela. According to US media, citing sources at the US Department of Defense, the initiator of such a plan was Donald Trump’s adviser on national security, John Bolton.

Convertible V-280 dispersed to 556 km / h

The American company Bell Helicopter has conducted a new phase of testing a promising convertible V-280 Valor. According to Breaking Defense, during this stage the convertoplan made a flight at a speed of just over 300 knots, which is 20 knots more than the cruising speed declared for the car.

Media reported illegal shipments of elite Land Cruiser to the DPRK

Japanese off-road business class Toyota Land Cruiser, procured by the Chinese armed forces, are smuggled into North Korea through the border city of Dandong in Liaoning Province, according to ENV, citing the Japanese newspaper Jiji.

Became known characteristics of the CMS-350 “Vityaz”

According to a military expert, the chief editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, Viktor Murakhovsky. The Vityaz missile system includes an electronic radar scanning space from any angle, a command post based on the BAZ special vehicle chassis and a self-propelled launcher equipped with two types of missiles: 9M100 capable of hitting any aerodynamic and ballistic objects at a distance of 120 km, and also 9M96, designed to intercept air targets at a range of 15 km at speeds of up to 1000 m / s.

US first placed in the Middle East fighters F-35A

For the first time, the United States Air Force deployed the latest F-35A fighter-bombers in the Middle East. The measure is designed to support the forces of the International Antiterrorist Coalition.

Xi Jinping decided to eradicate nepotism in the army of the PRC

China is considering a plan to relocate several headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) and the Ministry of Defense administrative buildings from Beijing to other cities, the EPT reports, citing the South China Morning Post. The leadership believes that this step will help reduce the level of nepotism in the PLA and increase the combat readiness of the army. Earlier, the head of state Xi Jinping spoke about these priorities in military reform.

Apple after two years of litigation agreed to pay for Qualcomm chips

In mid-March 2019, a court in San Diego ordered Apple to pay Qualcomm about $ 31.6 million due to patent infringement. Read in source

Utair opened a deal due to the sale of 11 tickets for two disabled children.

The Surgut transport prosecutor’s office initiated administrative offense cases against Utair, in particular, under the article “Consumer fraud”, after the airline forced the passenger to buy 11 tickets for her two disabled children, according to the Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office Chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber for Support Diana Gurtskaya family (available at RIA Novosti).

In Russia, began testing a new sniper complex

Specialists TsNIItochmash began evaluation and comparative tests sniper complex “Ugolek”, according to the publication “Klimovsky gunsmith.” The complex was developed by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense and consists of a self-loading rifle and ammunition for various purposes with two different calibers – 7.62×51 mm (also known as .308 Winchester) and 8.6×69 mm (also known as .338 Lapua Magnum). In addition, the rifle will be equipped with the latest sights.

The State Duma made a project on the renovation of housing in Russia

The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg submitted to the State Duma a draft law on housing renovation in Russia. The text of the document is published in the electronic database of the lower house of parliament. As noted in the explanatory materials, the project introduces and regulates in detail the institution of renovation, identifies its types, types and forms of implementation.

Putin’s decrees on wages were fulfilled by only four regions.

The salaries of “May” state employees as of the end of 2018 reach target values ​​for all categories in only four regions. This Vladimir, Leningrad and Penza regions, as well as the Republic of Buryatia, according to Rosstat, published this week.

In Samara, the developer is always right

For four years now, the Samara pensioner Valery Simonov has not been able to leave the house without hindrance: the developer is planning to erect a high-rise building in the neighborhood, therefore he has installed a high fence close to Simonov’s dwelling. As a result, the 75-year-old labor veteran is forced to overcome a barrier to get into the street. The pensioner appealed to all instances, but the answer is one – the developer of rights, and Simonov himself is to blame

In the Urals, the child mayor of the city earned 400 thousand rubles

The head of the Serov urban district of Serov, Vasily Sizikov, revealed how his minor son managed to earn 409.3 thousand rubles for 2018. In a conversation with “URA.RU” the mayor concisely said that this amount is alimony for the child, which he pays to his former spouse.

On the eve of Vasily Sizikov published a declaration on their income. In 2018, he earned 2.6 million rubles. At the same time, the income of the mayor’s minor child was about half a million rubles, and the source of funds was not indicated.

In Russia can ban instant online lottery

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation proposes to prohibit the sale of tickets for non-useable (instantaneous) lotteries on the Internet. Experts suggest that illegal gambling can be held under the guise of a lottery

Tariffs for garbage collection will be reduced in several regions

At the request of the State Duma deputies, the Prosecutor General’s Office revealed pricing violations in the field of waste disposal. Now, at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the tariffs for garbage collection will be reduced in some regions.

In the framework of the execution of the protocol order of the State Duma, we appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office. She worked very well, inspections were carried out, and violations were confirmed in a number of regions. – Vladimir Burmatov, Russian politician

In the Moscow City Duma introduced a bill on partial prohibition of reagents

The Moscow City Duma received a bill on partial prohibition of reagents in the city. The authors of the document propose to abandon their use in certain areas.

Facebook and Twitter gave 9 months to localize Russian personal data.

Nine months remains with Twitter and Facebook in order to fulfill the requirements of the Russian legislation on the localization of personal data bases of citizens of the Russian Federation and avoid blocking. This was announced to journalists on April 16 by the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov.

The decision of the court assumes that in this administrative case a certain period is assumed for which the company must fulfill the requirement of the Russian Federation to localize the data of Russian citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation. – Alexander Zharov, Russian politician

Difficult times have come for the Gorky Automobile Plant

Speaking in Nizhny Novgorod, Deripaska admitted that difficult times had come for the Gorky Automobile Plant, reports Reuters. According to him, the company will not survive if sanctions are not lifted. Deripaska explained this by saying that many suppliers stopped working with the group for fear of secondary sanctions. Problems arose with banks. As an example of a company that ceased cooperation with the GAZ group, Deripaska called the German Daimler

Russia’s economic growth will lead to mass unemployment

Accelerating the growth of the Russian economy to 4–4.5% per year, which the government is seeking on the instructions of Vladimir Putin, is impossible without a rapid increase in productivity, but its extremely low current level masks huge hidden unemployment, according to experts of TsMAKP and Higher School of Economics. At the same time, TsMAKP calculated that the implementation of the scenario of accelerated intensive growth in the absence of an adequate social adaptation policy could free up 6–10 million people employed. These people can join the ranks of the poor or the unemployed – the threat of this can be an obstacle to modernization.

China’s GDP grew by 6.4% in the first quarter

The economy of China grew in the first quarter by 6.4% over the same period last year, which was slightly higher than economists’ expectations, according to official data released on Wednesday.

Unsecured lending growth continues to accelerate

Today, April 16, 2019, it became known that by March 1 of this year, the growth rate of unsecured consumer lending accelerated to 23.7% in annual terms. This is evidenced by the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The profit of the banking sector of Russia in the first quarter increased 1.7 times

For the same period last year, the profit of the banking sector amounted to 353 billion rubles. Thus, in annual terms, the indicator increased by 1.7 times. According to the regulator, the share of profitable banks continues to dominate in the Russian banking sector.

Green Investments of Rosneft

Rosneft Group’s investment in green projects over the past five years amounted to more than 240 billion rubles. We are talking in particular about investing in energy-saving projects and technologies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and utilizing associated gas.

“In 2018, the company launched a new highly eco-friendly business, which involves the creation of a network of gas filling stations. As you know, Rosneft has agreed with the Chinese Beijing Gas on the development of such a network in Russia – it is planned to build about 170 stations. In the past year, 10 modules of spiced natural gas have already been built at existing gas stations, which allow reducing emissions of harmful substances, ”said Valery Markeev, director of the Department for Integrated HSE Management and Ecology.

Banks may be prohibited to freeze the accounts of Russians

Credit organizations may be prohibited from blocking accounts of individuals and companies without strong evidence of their involvement in “shadow” activities. This follows from the draft amendments of the Ministry of Finance to 115 FZ “On Counteracting Legalization …”, which Izvestiya got acquainted with. According to the amendments to the law on anti-money laundering activities, the bank will have to collect documentary evidence to block the accounts that the client belongs to the maximum risk category. Now, when blocking, credit organizations are guided by their internal rules, without explaining the reasons to customers.

Severstal and Japanese companies will create LNG storage systems for Gazprom

PAO Severstal and Japanese companies IHI Corporation and Mitsui & Co. Plant Systems is planning to set up a joint venture for the production of liquefied gas storage tanks for the Gazprom project Baltic LNG. This is reported by Kommersant with reference to sources familiar with the details of the transaction.

ALROSA reported on profit in the first quarter of 2019

The net profit of AK ALROSA for the first quarter of 2019 under RAS fell 1.9 times to 16.06 billion rubles compared with a profit of 30.553 billion rubles for the same period of 2018, follows from the company’s report.

Nord Stream 2 again has to change route

The construction of a pipeline to import Russian gas to Germany can again be postponed. Developers of a plan to import Russian gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea have applied for a new route through the territorial waters of Denmark, indicating a possible delay in the project.

Developers are denied the possibility of phased disclosure of escrow accounts

This was announced by the general director of SRO NP “Association of Builders of the St. Petersburg Union” Alexey Belousov.

“We have repeatedly appealed and asked for a phased disclosure of escrow, which received a direct negative response:” Now this will not happen, maybe sometime in the future … “, – says the expert.

Every tenth apartment in Moscow is purchased for investment

Apartments in the metropolitan metropolis as the most popular and profitable segment of residential real estate is preferred by 59% of investors, according to a study portal Vesti.ru. Since 2014, this figure has increased by 17%.

Duma supported tougher punishment for those who left the accident scene

If a person died as a result of an accident, the punishment can reach up to seven years in prison, if two or more dead – up to nine years. Toughening of punishment for drivers leaving the place of an accident was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in October 2018.

FSB conducts searches at a defense company in Chelyabinsk

The FSB is conducting searches at the enterprise of the Special Design Bureau Turbina in Chelyabinsk, representatives of the regional office of the service told RIA Novosti. The check is related to the theft of more than 300 million rubles allocated to the joint-stock company as part of the state defense order, Rostec said. information confirmed.

Trump spoke about the main rivals in the fight for the presidency

US President Donald Trump said in his twitter that his main rivals in the fight for the presidency in 2020 will be Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Yo-mobile designer introduced electric sedan in Shanghai

Belarusian designer Andrei Trofimchuk, famous for his work on the ё-mobile, created the conceptual sedan Red 01 for the Chinese brand Hanteng. Spectacular car plan to launch a series, and it will exist in both electric and gasoline versions.

In Italy, will open the first restaurant under the water

In the Italian resort of Portofino will open the country’s first underwater restaurant, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. It is noted that the restaurant will be located at a depth of 6 meters

Stalin was replaced by Hitler in the Russian version of “Hellboy”

In one of the movie scenes, Hellboy tells how he left Babu Yaga without an eye for her attempt to resurrect Stalin. However, in Russian dubbing, he speaks of Hitler. In the original version of the picture of Megogo Distribution, the original was “blasted out”, and in the credits they also wrote the name of the Soviet leader.

Snoop Dogg starred in a documentary about the history of marijuana

Snoop Dogg has become one of the heroes of the Netflix documentary “Grass Is Greener” (“Grass is Greener”). The tape tells the story of the popularization and legalization of marijuana in America, reports Deadline. The director of the tape was the artist and cameraman Fab 5 Freddy.

Alexey Pevchev launches “Repetition of the past” on YouTube

Aleksey Pevchev interviews musicians, promoters, translators, journalists, photographers and other members of the music and rock industry who are in direct contact with rock stars.

Teaser of a new political series with Russell Crowe

At the center of the plot will be his relationship with Donald Trump, as well as allegations of sexual harassment. The main roles were played by Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Seth MacFarlane, Sienna Miller, Annabelle Wallis and others. The show will air on June 30 and will consist of seven episodes.

Theater Golden Mask Award presented at the Bolshoi Theater

Director Kirill Serebrennikov received the Golden Mask for the play Little Tragedies at the Gogol Center, the hall welcomed the standing jury’s decision. The winner of the “Golden Mask” thanked for the award, according to RBC.

“Thank you very much. There are so many worthy directors in the nomination, we have many good directors in the country. I hope you gave me an award because you really liked the show, ”said Serebrennikov.

Jennifer Lawrence will return to the movies

Jennifer Lawrence (“The Hunger Games,” “X-Men”) will play a major role in the as-yet-untitled drama, which, in collaboration with IAC FILMS and A24 studios, will be shot by well-known theater director Leela Neugebauer. This tape will be her debut in the full-length movie.

The film “Acid” won the main prize at the GoEast Film Festival in Wiesbaden

Acid “- directorial debut of actor Alexander Gorchilin. A film about today’s generation of young people living in complete comfort in the era of social networks. A new open world without borders complicates the task of choice and self-determination: who to be and who to love. Explaining the name of the film, Alexander Gorchilin said so about your heroes:

“They were left alone with themselves, adorned with such concepts as“ family, ”“ friendship, ”“ love, ”and“ opportunities. ”But in the pursuit of answers to their own questions, the film’s heroes, like chemical substances, eat away at themselves and the world around them. ultimately learn not to listen, but to hear, not to look, but to see. “

The name of the ninth episode of “Star Wars”

In the West, preparing for a grand premiere. As part of the Star Wars Celebration convention, Lucasfilm studio unveiled the title of the ninth episode of Star Wars. The new part of the fantastic saga has been subtitled “The Rise of Skywalker”.

The date of the beginning of filming the series on “The Lord of the Rings”

According to preliminary information, the first season can be released in 2021. The events of the new project will take place 3000 years before the popular trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.” It is reported that the project without a name will start shooting this summer. It is known that the actors will work in Scotland. The series will be shot in huge pavilions, which are now actively preparing, according to “Film.ru”.

Christina C released a video for the track “Mami” under the pseudonym Krissy

The video was published under the pseudonym Krissy – the rights to use the name Kristina Si belong to Black Star label, from which the singer has left. The song “Mami” Christina Sy released on March 22 under an old pseudonym. The next day, the track was blocked on Apple Music.

Russian Academy of Sciences will create a system to control the blocking of prohibited sites

The Federal Research Center “Informatics and Management” of the Russian Academy of Sciences will develop a system for controlling the blocking of prohibited sites by search engines, proxies and VPN services. The relevant tender is posted on the public procurement portal, Vedomosti paid attention to it.

Compared with 7-nm technology, the new process using EUV provides an increase in the efficiency of the logical zone up to 25% while reducing energy consumption by 20% or a 10% increase in productivity as a result of improvements in the architecture of the standard element, writes Business Wire.

Sony launched a taxi service in Tokyo

The service will operate on the basis of the S.Ride application, which is already available for download and installation. The business model is standard for such services: the application aggregates the offers of city taxi services. Payment for trips will be accepted both in cash and by credit cards and, more rarely realized, by means of QR codes for various electronic wallets. Among other interesting technological features announced by Sony: the application will use artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to predict a surge in demand for taxi orders and regulate the activity of drivers.

Boston Dynamics has shown how a robot team pulls a truck

In Boston Dynamics, they vividly demonstrated how their unique robots are pulling a truck behind them, according to the information news portal evo-rus.com

Amazon has thousands of fake product reviews.

Experts could not find any traces of the fact that people who left positive feedback, purchased the evaluated product. Researchers processed data on 14 types of goods, including smart watches, headphones and other wearable electronics.

Intel Core i7-8665U and Core i5-8365U processors are presented.

Intel introduced the Core i7-8665U and Core i5-8365U mobile processors, which differ from other Whiskey Lake-U CPUs by supporting vPro platform technologies.

Facebook began testing horizontal scrolling news feeds

The company allegedly believes that stories will soon surpass the format of posts in all social networks and applications. On Facebook, these messages have not yet commented.

Rostelecom launched a telemedicine service

Rostelecom, one of Russia’s largest telecommunications companies, together with Mobile Medical Technologies (MMT), a telemedicine service developer, launched a pilot operation of the Rostelecom Health platform, through which users will be able to receive medical advice through the rt.ru/zdorovye website.

Apple turns iPad into an external display for Mac

IPad users with Apple Pencil support will also be able to use the stylus to draw on the tablet when it is used as an external screen for Mac. Thus, the iPad will turn into a kind of Wacom graphics tablet.

MacOS found a secret innovation that improves computer performance

In the update macOS 10.14.4 Apple increased the maximum brightness of the screen MacBook Air 2018. This is reported by Reddit users. Before the update, the maximum brightness value did not exceed 300 nits, after an update it can be increased to 400 nits. Apparently, the restriction was at the program level, so the company removed it.

Smart trash can from the developers of Winnow Vision

Developers in Winnow Vision, have found a solution for the disposal of food waste by releasing a new smart trash can.

Smart pillow Dreampad helps you fall asleep in a few minutes

According to Dreampad Sleep, 27% of the population has trouble falling asleep, and 68% have difficulty sleeping at least once a week. This is where the smart cushion Dreampad finds its place.

UAZ began to take orders for the “Loaf of Trophy”

Dealers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant began to take orders for the UAZ 3909 “Kombi”, popularly called “Loaf” for the characteristic body shape, in an off-road version for 830 thousand rubles, a company source told RIA Novosti.

New Hatch notebook will receive pen input support

The network has details about the new version of the compact laptop Hatch, which operates on the Chrome OS platform with an Intel Comet Lake processor and supports pen management on the display. Hatch design also allows you to transfer to tablet mode. Already in the second half of this year, the premiere of this notebook will take place.

Wi-Fi call authorization

The federal telecom operator “Dom.ru Business” added a new opportunity to authorize users on the Wi-Fi network. Access to the Internet from mobile devices in the Wi-Fi coverage area is possible after authorization by a call from a mobile device.

Scientists have found the liquid blood of an ancient foal

For the first time in the history of paleontology, a group of Russian and South Korean research scientists from Northeastern Federal University (NEFU) discovered liquid blood in the frozen carcass of an ancient foal from the ice age, which had lain in permafrost for about 42,000 years. Researchers at Northeastern Federal University have already taken samples. They note that the internal organs of the foal are perfectly preserved, as well as the muscle tissue. Together with their Korean colleagues, university experts plan to cultivate the cells of a found animal for possible cloning.

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the construction of ancient megaliths

Scientists from the Uppsala University in Sweden, with the help of genetics achievements, carried out a thorough study of the megalithic structure of Europe, one of the most famous of which is considered by Stonehenge, located in England. According to the researchers, the mysterious structures are nothing more than a family cemetery of the European inhabitants of those ancient times.

The cause of the largest catastrophe in the history of the Earth has become known.

Volcanic eruptions have led to one of the largest biosphere catastrophes in the history of the Earth – the mass Permian extinction of living organisms, scientists of the University of Cincinnati and China University of Geosciences have established.

What is inherited. Scientists have discovered the secrets of genetics

Insomnia can be inherited. This conclusion was made by scientists from the UK as a result of research on the human genome. Reports about it AiF. In addition, scientists have concluded that genetic predisposition largely affects the formation of habits, in particular – alcoholism and nicotine addiction. Also, heredity, scientists explain many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, obesity, as well as epilepsy.

Scientists: The left half of the brain is responsible for nightmares

An international group of scientists conducted a study and determined that the left half of the human brain is responsible for nightmares. The results of observations will help experts to develop an effective method of treating sleep disorders.

American scientists: Food supplement E319 is dangerous to humans

In the course of the experiments, the researchers found out that it is this “eshka” that significantly weakens the immune system and makes it vulnerable to disease. For example, the immune system because of this dietary supplement can not even completely cope with the influenza virus, so there are terrible complications.

Experienced stress can lead to a stroke even after a year

The stress experienced by a person has a negative effect on the body even a year after the incident. This was told by the staff of the University of Iceland. According to them, a person who survived a severe shock is 64% more susceptible to heart disease.

In the system Kepler-47 constellation Cygnus found another planet.

Get to know Kepler-47d, a plump planet that is 3,340 light years from Earth. She is in the two-star Kepler-47 system, and he is more than two of his previously discovered brothers, according to a new study.

In Russia, thinking about equipping the ISS with an orbital laser

Scientists from the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Physics RAS (IAP) have proposed placing an orbital laser on the International Space Station (ISS), which, according to the report, “may be the most effective way to combat the most dangerous space debris.”

Bridge between worlds: scientists confirmed the existence of “portals”

Daniel Jaffers, a professor of physics at Harvard University, is confident that by further studying black holes, wormholes and relying on today’s knowledge of quantum gravity, it is possible to create space-time channels or teleportation in the future.

“From an external point of view, traveling through a wormhole is equivalent to quantum teleportation using entangled black holes,” said Jafferis.

The plans of the professor to simulate the mole hole, through which it will be possible to put light. This will probably make new discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics.

In Russia, launched a private space company

A privately-owned National Space Company (NCC) has begun work in Russia. It will be engaged in the development of space tourism, the production of launch vehicles and the search for habitable planets, said Maxim Kulikov, general director and founder of the organization.

“The National Space Company has set ambitious goals, the fulfillment of which will lead to the fact that participation in space projects will be accessible to everyone,” Kulikov said. According to him, by the end of the year, the NCC plans to engage in research projects together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 2020 to receive a license for space activities.

In Japan, will develop a menu for future colonizers of the Moon

Japanese scientists from the National Aerospace Exploration Agency intend to create food for the future colonies of settlers on the moon. About this newspaper writes Asahi. The menu is planned to be developed until 2040.

Asteroids help scientists measure the diameters of distant stars

Experimental research establishes a new method for determining the true diameter of stars. Scientists estimate that suitable telescopes could observe more than one asteroid per week. Their method can analyze stars ten times further than the standard lunar eclipse method allows.

The project of the domestic satellite system “Ether” has risen in price

The cost of creating a domestic satellite system, which in the future should become an analogue of the international OneWeb project, increased from 300 billion to 534 billion rubles, RBC reports. It is expected that these funds will be provided by private investors, but there are still no applicants.

In the United States will release a perfume with the aroma of outer space

The manufacturer claims that it was the astronaut Dominic Anthony Antonelli who felt this combination of flavors when he was sent to space. He said that such smells are felt when meeting with the landing module.

Haima introduced a serial copy of the Hyundai Santa Fe for 860,000 rubles

The Chinese company Haima unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show a new S8 crossover, which has become a modified version of the Hyundai Santa Fe. The novelty is built on its own modular platform HMGA and will be released to the market with two petrol turbo engines. Start of sales will take place in May.

Land Rover will bring to Russia a special version of the Discovery Landmark

A special series was created on the basis of the SE bundle, to which was also added the Dynamic Pack. Thanks to the latter, the SUV will have a new front bumper, a modified grille, and air intakes in Narvik Black.

Lada XRAY received a Renault engine and a Jatco variator

Approval of the vehicle type (OTTS) for the new version of the Lada XRAY takes effect from May 6 of this year and will be valid until December 7, 2021. The car received a Renault gasoline engine and a Jatco Japanese variator.

Nissan will show a special variation of the 370Z for the anniversary model

Fifty years ago, the first Datsun 240Z model debuted in the USA. The official premiere of the special version of the Nissan 370Z coupe, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the model, will take place tomorrow.

Porsche introduced the new Porsche 911 speedster

Porsche has introduced a new generation sports car 911 in the body of a speedster. The public premiere of the car, made in the style of the eponymous concept car, was held at the New York Auto Show.

The AvtoVAZ concern will recall the bitstream Lada Vesta CNG

The Russian automaker is preparing a revocable company, under which will fall Lada Vesta CNG. This year AvtoVAZ will recall the bit-fuel versions of the Lada Vesta sedan to replace the engine control unit software (computer firmware)

Nio introduced the concept of electric sedan ET Preview

The Chinese automaker Nio presented the ET Preview electric vehicle concept in Shanghai, according to LiveCars.Ru. Design ET Preview is made in the style of fastback. Like the Tesla Model 3, the Chinese model has retractable door handles and smooth LED lights.

Cars Lotus and Lynk & Co may appear in Russia

Over the next 2-3 years, the Russian car market can be replenished with two new brands – the Swedish-Chinese Lync & Co and the British Lotus. About this in a private conversation with the correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said the president of Geely Motors An Cuihui.

Family Audi S5 received a diesel engine

Transmission diesel Audi S5 got all the same 8-speed “automatic” and the system of permanent all-wheel drive Quattro. Before the first “hundred” coupe Audi S5 can accelerate in 4.8 seconds, and Sportback – in 4.9 seconds.

Cadillac Unveils Characteristics Of New Cadillac CT5 Sedan

The overall length of the sedan was 4924 mm, width – 1883 mm, height – 1452 mm, and the wheelbase “stretched” by 2947 millimeters. The Cadillac CT5 will include a multimedia complex with a 10-inch touchscreen, electrically adjustable front seats in 18 directions, heated and massaged, as well as an engine start system, the functionality of which allows you to control the air conditioner and other comfort functions. Carbon and aluminum inserts for the interior will be available only as options.

The new business sedan will enter the market with two engines. The base will be a 2.0-liter 240-horsepower “turbo-four” with 350 Nm of torque, while the “top” will offer a 3.0-liter V6 unit, giving out 340 horsepower and 542 Nm of torque. Both engines are aggregated with a 10-speed automatic transmission, as well as rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. The latter provides four driving modes at once: Tour, Sport, Snow / Ice and customizable My Mode.

Retrofitting of the car with the original Super Cruise semi-automatic control system, which allows it to move independently along high-speed tracks (with automatic steering, control of distance and speed) using front radar, cameras, GPS module and built-in map service.

Presented elongated sedan Mercedes-AMG A35

Mercedes-Benz has introduced an extended version of the Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan – a modification of the Mercedes-AMG A35 L for the Chinese market. The car has an increased 6 cm wheelbase, which allowed for more space in the cabin.

Infiniti Q50 in the new limited special version

Under the hood, the Infiniti Q50 Signature Edition 2019 hid a 300-horsepower gasoline biturbo engine from the 3-liter VR series. Sport sedan offers a default list of equipment included in the ProAssist option package. Surround them: the function of monitoring blind spots, all-round cameras, parking sensors both in front and behind, as well as a system warning of obstacles when reversing.

Exterior models complement 19-inch rims. In the color palette of the body coloring of the novelty – five shades: even, gray, silver: white and blue. The salon received aluminum trim and armchairs with leather trim.