19 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/18/2019

North Korea has tested new tactical weapons

North Korea Central Television reported on the successful testing of new tactical weapons. Its type is not disclosed, but it is reported that the object is equipped with a powerful warhead and an effective guidance system, according to the OTP.

Russian Foreign Ministry called US sanctions against Venezuela illegal

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called the US sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba illegal and illegitimate. Russia will oppose them and will do everything to support its strategic partners in the region, RIA Novosti told Ryabkov.

We are alarmed by the continuing US actions towards the countries of the Latin American region. We see the implementation of the installation on rendering, from our point of view, an absolutely unlawful, illegitimate sanction and other impact. – Sergey Ryabkov, Russian diplomat

Venezuela has overtaken Russia in the press freedom rating

Russia has dropped even lower in the free press rating, which is published annually by the international non-profit organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF). About this reports RIA “News.”

Compared to last year, Russia lost one position, dropping to 149 out of 180. Now Russia is ahead of Venezuela in press freedom, and the Asian state of Bangladesh is in 150th place. Turkmenistan turned out to be the country with the most unfree media, according to RSF.

At the top of the ranking, as in 2018, was Norway, Finland ranks second, and Sweden closes the top three.

The American media were in 48th place; they lost three positions in a year. Experts noted that the decline is due to the “unprecedented” number of threats that came in 2018 to US journalists.

Russian bailiffs will be able to organize an international search for a debtor

Amendments to the Federal Law “On Bailiffs” expand the powers of FSSP officials to organize interstate search for citizens in accordance with international treaties signed by the Russian Federation.

Russia has banned the export of oil and petroleum products to Ukraine

The Russian government has banned the export to Ukraine of Russian oil and petroleum products. This was announced on Thursday at a government meeting by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking of Moscow’s response to the restrictions imposed by Kiev.

A few days ago, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine took another unfriendly step towards our country, expanded the list of Russian goods prohibited for import into Ukraine. Under these conditions, we are forced to defend our interests and retaliate. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Four NATO ships entered the Baltic Sea

NATO naval group entered the Baltic Sea. Reports about it on April 18 the Russian National center of defense management. The group is headed by the American destroyer Gravely.

Zelensky spoke out against granting special status to Donbas

Ukrainian presidential candidate showman Vladimir Zelensky spoke out against granting special status to Donbas. He stated this during a conversation with RBC-Ukraine.

“I think not,” he answered the question whether to grant special status to Donbas.

Officials will be obliged to refuse inheritance abroad

The initiative to amend the anti-corruption legislation was made by senators and deputies headed by Dmitry Vyatkin (United Russia). Today, officials are forbidden to open and have accounts or deposits in foreign banks, to own or use foreign financial instruments.

Two nuclear cruisers and 4 nuclear submarines will be sent for scrap

2.7 billion rubles will be spent on the disposal of six Russian nuclear-powered ships — two cruisers and four submarines, reports Lenta. “Admiral Ushakov” and “Admiral Lazarev”, as well as four nuclear submarines K-448 “Daniel of Moscow”, K-221 “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”, K-433 “St. George the Victorious” and K-232 “Podolsk” (on its disassembly will take almost a third of the total amount allocated for disposal – 975 million rubles).

The final trailer for the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

Studio 20th Century Fox presented the final trailer for the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”. This is a story about the youth of one of the strongest mutants – Gene Gray.

New ecological tax can enter in Russia

The government is discussing the introduction of an environmental tax that will replace the levy from enterprises for the discharge of untreated water. The new tax should encourage dirty enterprises to switch to modern treatment plants, officials say. However, business opposes such innovations.

Trump’s administration has classified US nuclear arsenal data

The White House has forbidden to disclose information about the US nuclear arsenal. The administration of President Donald Trump refused to give free access to information on the number of nuclear warheads. The US administration has decided to ban disclosing information about the country’s nuclear arsenal.

The final test of the updated Boeing 737 MAX is over

The director of the Boeing Aircraft Building Corporation, Dennis Melenberg, in his Twitter reported on the completion of technical flight tests of Boeing 737 MAX liners. According to him, technical and design managers were on board the aircraft with updated software.

UK intends to create its underwater drone

UK plans to create its own underwater drone for the fleet. The military department of the United Kingdom has already announced a tender for a multi-purpose underwater drone. It must be multi-site, so that it can be used for reconnaissance missions, and for combat cover.

Russia is developing a fundamentally new nuclear strike system

At the disposal of the resource Avia.pro there is evidence that Russia is developing a new strategic weapons system. This, most likely, is about the bottom-based ballistic missiles, previously known as Skif.

Named type of Russian housing with the lowest payment for utilities

The cost of utilities in Russia varies depending on the region and may differ by more than 50%. According to a study by the Talan development company, the residents of Khrushchev pay the least for utility services.

Court in Moscow extended the arrest of eight Ukrainian sailors

The Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova was present at the trial. Earlier, the prosecution asked the court to extend the arrest of 24 Ukrainian sailors. Ukrainian servicemen were detained on November 25, 2018 after three Ukrainian warships crossed the Russian border in the Kerch Strait area

Paris organizes an international competition to recreate the spire of Notre Dame

French Prime Minister Edouard Philip announced the organization of an international competition among architects to restore the spire of the Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

Medvedev thanked the State Duma for supporting the laws of the Cabinet

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev thanked the State Duma deputies for supporting the new cabinet and its legislative initiatives.

The director of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater in St. Petersburg brought a case of bribe

The director of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater in St. Petersburg opened a case of a bribe, the UK informed on Thursday. According to investigators, Alexander Kalinin received 1.2 million rubles from the general director of the company, which had previously entered into a contract with the theater for the delivery of scenery and props worth about 2.2 million rubles.

Medvedev – on the transfer of Rosstat: I see no need

As for the idea of ​​transferring Rosstat from the subordination of the government. You see, any body can be transferred somewhere else, the question is how much more efficiently it will work. So far, in any case, I do not feel such a need. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Russian trailer for the first spin-off of Fast and the Furious

Special agent of the US diplomatic security service Luke Hobbs (“The Rock” Johnson) and former elite operative of British intelligence Deckard Shaw (Jason State) first met in 2015 in the movie “Fast and Furious 7”, disliking each other at first sight and becoming sworn enemies.

The Il-112V aircraft will be shown for the first time at the MAKS-2019 air show

The new Russian military transport aircraft Il-112V will be shown to the public for the first time at the MAKS-2019 air show. This was announced by Deputy Industry Minister Oleg Bocharov in

Yury Grudinin was appointed head of Ilyushin

Yury Grudinin, the former head of the Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex, was officially appointed the general director of PJSC “Il”. This is stated on the website of the Center for the Disclosure of Corporate Information. This decision was made by the Ilyushin Board of Directors at a meeting on April 16.

The first Russian expeditionary ship had to be redesigned.

The first Russian expeditionary ship will be redesigned and built in 2024, President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov told reporters on Wednesday

Ukraine withdraws from the CIS agreement on the standardization of weapons

“Today, April 17, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and terminated the agreement for Ukraine aimed at strengthening and developing cooperation between the CIS countries in the field of standardization of weapons and military equipment,” the press service of the Ukrainian government said.

Serbia began to build the “Turkish Stream”

Earlier, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that permission to start building the Serbian branch of the Turkish Stream is not yet, but it will be issued before the end of April. In early March, the site received the approval of the Serbian Energy Agency.

China worked on the seizure of the island of Taiwan exercises

On April 15, the Eastern Command of the PLA conducted large-scale exercises in the waters east of the island of Taiwan. The Air Force and Navy of this command took part in them. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of China.

A young mother from Omsk is forced to pay tax for gifts from the mayor’s office

More recently, in January 2019, Omsk resident Saniya Abdullina was congratulated by officials with the birth of the first child in 2019, and now, in April, they are demanding that a woman pay a tax for gifts from the city hall in the amount of 2,343 rubles.

“In connection with the receipt of a gift worth more than 4,000 rubles by you, the Department of Public Relations and Social Policy of the Omsk City Administration informs you about the occurrence of the obligation to submit a tax on income tax to the tax authority at the place of registration at the end of 2019 by April 30, 2020 individuals (form 3-NDFL) “, – stated in the document.

The document says that the woman was given 10 gift cards for a total of 20 thousand rubles and a bouquet of flowers for 2025 rubles

Every fifth workplace in Russia turned out to be dangerous

Russia only 79% of jobs with optimal and acceptable working conditions, while almost 21% of jobs work harmful and dangerous, follows from the materials of the Ministry of Labor on the results of testing 26.5 million jobs.

State Duma equates paper and electronic policies OSAGO

The Duma passed a law equalizing paper and electronic CTP policies. A digital document can be presented to a traffic police officer using a mobile device or in the form of a printout. From now on, the same rules are introduced for concluding an OSAGO contract in paper and electronic form.

Today, there are many complaints from relatives of dead pedestrians about the demands of insurance companies to compensate them for the cost of car repairs. It is unfair when people who have lost a loved one are demanded to pay for repairs to the car that caused the tragedy. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The most popular among students of the field of activity

Nearly a third of Russian students (38%) in the next five years after completing their studies at a higher educational institution, plan to engage in practical work in the commercial sector, where professions such as managers and analysts in firms, as well as employees of private clinics, schools and universities, are in demand.

Managerial activities in the commercial sector — top management or middle management in a firm — are attractive to 19% of respondents. Almost 13% of the surveyed students want to work in the field of entrepreneurship. The same number of students intend to practice in the public sector by the profession of a doctor in a clinic or a teacher in a school. About 10% expressed a desire to work in academic or scientific fields. Positions in government are interested in 9.5% of students.

Cargo traffic in the Obskoye basin will increase to 6 million tons

In Novosibirsk, the official opening of navigation is scheduled for April 27. It will be held on the Mikhailovskaya Embankment opposite the main stage. According to the calculations of the administration, the freight traffic in the Obskoye basin will be about 6 million tons. 1 million tons more than in 2018.

“Rostec” dismissed the general director of the Chelyabinsk “Turbines” after searches

State Corporation Rostec has terminated an employment contract with Alexei Adayev, general director of Chelyabinsk enterprise SKB Turbina JSC. The decision was approved by the Board of Directors of the enterprise, told RBC in the press service of “Rostec”

Cabinet sent for revision a project to limit sales of SIM cards

The government will support a bill restricting the sale of SIM cards, if it is finalized. This was reported by RBC with reference to the recall of the Cabinet, a copy of which is at the disposal of the publication. The bill in question was submitted to the State Duma at the end of 2018 by Senator Lyudmila Bokova.

In Russia, launched a service for removing cars with registration via the Internet

The site “State Services” in recent years very seriously makes life easier for the Russian. A lot of portal helps and domestic avtolyubitelyu. Now Gosuslugi offers our former car owners, online to remove their car from registration.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation proposed to label bicycles with identification tools

“To conduct July 1, 2019 — October 31, 2019 on the territory of the Russian Federation an experiment on marking bicycles and bicycle frames with means of identification and monitoring the turnover of these products,” reads the draft government decree.

The initiative to conduct the experiment was made by large manufacturers of bicycles, in particular “Velomotors”, “Forward”, “Velobalt” and “Sportmaster”

Scammers have come up with a new scheme for taking money from retirees

The attackers propose retirees to arrange a “return of savings” service, because non-state pension funds (NPF) allegedly conceal savings from pensioners, the newspaper Izvestia writes. Users are asked to enter their data for the transfer of funds to users when switching to duplicate sites of well-known media that appeared on the Web. In addition, trusting citizens are invited to pay a certain “duty”, the amount of which is 159 rubles. As a result, the user risks infecting his PC with a virus, as well as losing several thousand rubles from his budget. The FIU warns that all savings can be found only on the official portal of state services or in the private office of the department.

Experts remind that there are no services for the return of pension savings. Thus, the payment of the funded part of a labor pension in accordance with the law is possible only when a citizen of the Russian Federation has reached retirement age.

In the Moscow City Duma offered to install alkozamki in taxi cars

Moscow City Duma Chairman Alexei Shaposhnikov suggested equipping taxis with alkye locks to improve the safety of passengers and road users. Alkozamok – a device built into the ignition system of the car.

Cars with low “Euro” threaten fines in the capital

We are talking about cars with an environmental class below Euro-3 and Euro-4, which may be subject to a potential ban – it is assumed that environmentally clean zones will be introduced in Moscow and the northern capital, which will be fined for driving in dirty cars. .

According to Kommersant, of all the cars registered in Moscow and the Moscow region, up to 44% will not be able to drive to the central parts of the city without punishment. Cases in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, where the park is older, even worse – 69% -73% of registered vehicles can get a conditional ban.

In Russia, they want to give dairy mixes exclusively by prescription

The Chairperson of the National Parent Committee, Irina Volynets, proposed to prohibit the free sale of infant formula for children, and instead allow them to be given free of charge solely on prescription.

In Turkey, the first bank began to accept the card “World”

Ishbank became the first bank in Turkey to start accepting Mir cards at its ATMs and POS terminals, the press service of NSPK JSC (operator of the Mir payment system) reports.

 GAZ Group asks state support for 29.5 billion rubles

GAZ Group Oleg Deripaska asks the government to allocate 29.5 billion rubles of state support. This was reported on Thursday by the Kommersant newspaper referring to the letter from the Director General of the GAZ Group Vadim Sorokin to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak.

Pinterest hopes to gain $ 1.4 billion during the IPO

Bidding will begin on April 18 at the New York Stock Exchange. Pinterest hopes to sell 75 million shares at $ 19 per share. Thus, during the IPO, the company may raise more than $ 1.4 billion

The State Duma is tightening the working conditions of MFIs and the issuance of microloans

The initiative, in particular, proposes to prohibit issuing microloans and microloans secured by real estate, including on the security of a share in an apartment. In addition, deputies and senators also want to oblige MFIs to conduct simplified identification of borrowers. As Volodin noted, it is necessary to prevent fraudulent ways to get microcredit.

 “This will prevent the fraudsters from receiving loans with the help of other people’s passport data,” Volodin said.

Ozon launched a bank card for clients

Ozon, a large Russian online retailer, has launched an Ozon.Card bank card for customers, Kommersant has reported. According to the company representative, the company issued a non-named Ozon.Card card jointly with the Center for Financial Technologies (CFT).

In Russia, the number of convicts on economic charges has increased

During 2018, the Russian courts sentenced 7,700 people for economic reasons. The number was a record since at least 2011, the earlier data are not published on the website of the judicial department. For comparison, in 2017 the number of convicts was 20% less – 6.4 thousand people

Medvedev spoke about the beginning of the preparation of the budget for three years

According to Medvedev, it is necessary to balance revenues and expenditures in order to fulfill all obligations, both in the social sphere and in the economic field, fully finance the activities of national projects, sectoral development programs and ensure the achievement of national goals.

“The Ministry of Economic Development has developed two scenarios – basic and conservative. The key difference between the options is an assessment of the dynamics of world oil prices and GDP growth, ”the Twitter account of the Russian Government cites Dmitry Medvedev

Amazon will close stores in China

Amazon plans to completely stop selling its products in China through a network of local “temporary stores.” In addition, within 90 days, the company will close local processing and delivery centers and stop providing support to local sellers of its products.

“Fanagoria” will start selling soft drinks

One of Russia’s largest wineries, Fanagoria, launches natural grape juice for sale, Kommersant reports, citing company reports.

Russians take loans more than a year ago

Russian banks in the first quarter of 2019 issued to physical persons 8.84 million new loans totaling more than 1.97 trillion rubles. This is evidenced by the data of the United Credit Bureau. In annual terms, the number of loans issued increased by 11%, while lending increased by 17%.

Runet’s annual contribution to the economy almost equaled Rosneft’s taxes

In 2018, RuNet’s contribution to the Russian economy amounted to 3.9 trillion rubles, which is 11% more than a year earlier. The director of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) of the RAEC, Sergey Plugotarenko, reported this at the Russian Internet Forum, writes The Bell.

Otkrytie Bank will become the owner of a 15% stake in UWC

Bank Otkritie will become the owner of another 15% of the shares of the United Carriage Company (UWC), Mikhail Zadornov, head of the credit organization, told reporters.

The largest banks have reduced rates on deposits after Sberbank

The largest banks, following Sberbank, began to cut rates on ruble deposits: in the first half of April, rates in the mass segment lowered VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Alfa Bank and Otkritie, analysts at Frank RG calculated at the request of RBC.

Ministry of Finance placed OFZ for 124.62 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia sold on April 17 federal loan bonds (OFZ) of two issues for 124.62 billion rubles. This is stated in the message of the Ministry. The demand for securities amounted to 181.69 billion rubles.

One third of the gas supplied to the region is “lost” in Dagestan

For the year gas losses in Dagestan make up 35% with a total supply of 3.2 billion cubic meters, said the head of the republic, Vladimir Vasiliev.

Russia refused to Belarus in the indexation of the tariff for the transit of oil

The opinion of the Belarusian Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade (MART) about the need to increase the tariff for oil transit by 23% was assessed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia as unfounded.

The head of “Gazprom” announced billions in debt to residents of Bashkiria

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller during a meeting with interim head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov voiced the debt of residents of the republic for gas. According to him, as of April 1, 2019, it amounts to 2.2 billion rubles, the press service of the head of the region reports.

Martian Base for Chinese Schoolchildren Opened in Gobi Desert

In the middle of the Gobi Desert in China, a simulator of a base on Mars appeared. But instead of astronauts, schoolchildren were settled there – so that the children would know what life could be like on the Red Planet. The Martian base was opened by C-Space with the support of the Astronaut Training Center and the China Intercontinental Communications Center.

Moscow office of Rosbalt news agency undergo searches

Investigators, together with police officers, conduct searches at the Moscow office of the Rosbalt news agency, the editorial office reported April 18. Within the framework of which particular criminal case is being searched, it is not reported

In Germany, indicted 92-year-old former concentration camp guard

Hamburg prosecutors have charged 92-year-old former Stuttgof Nazi concentration camp guard who is suspected of complicity in the killing of prisoners.

Appeared the first teaser of the series “Swamp Thing”

Earlier it became known that the studio Warner Bros suddenly stopped shooting the first season of the series “Swamp Thing” after ten episodes. According to sources, WB decided to cut the cost of manufacturing projects DC Universe, as it now decides the fate of the service.

In Kaliningrad, the exhibition opened “Rembrandt. Masterpieces of graphics “

Irmgard Brachert, the widow of the German sculptor Herman Brachert, donated the works of Rembrandt to the museum in 1995. In total, her gift contains 700 sheets of Western European graphics of the 15th-19th centuries.

Hire “New Mutants” canceled

The film “New Mutants”, which Fox studio shot based on Marvel comics, will not be released on August 2, 2019, as previously planned. This is with reference to its sources reports the publication iHorror. It is alleged that a new release date has not yet been determined. The reason is the uncertainty that occurred after the Fox and Walt Disney merger. At the same time, Fox is still planning to conduct large-scale re-recordings, the schedule of which is still unknown.

Fox closed the series “Gifted” in the X-Men universe.

The previously scheduled third season will not work. “Gifted” started in 2017. This is a story about an ordinary family, which suddenly discovered that there are mutants among its members.

The ninth episode of “Star Wars” gained the Russian name

As the DTF notes, translators probably left Skywalker’s surname in the nominative case to hide the gender of the character in question. InterMedia reminds: the premiere of the final episode of the new trilogy by JJ Abrams will take place on December 19, 2019.

Disney is developing a project for the “Knights of the Old Republic”

According to the head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, the studio is developing a project based on the “Knights of the Old Republic”. Will he be a movie or a TV series, while remains a mystery. This Kennedy reported in an interview with MTV during the Star Wars Celebration

Signal Live announced the first part of the lineup

The organizers of the Signal festival announced the first part of the lineup of the Moscow Signal Live event, which will be held on June 1 in the Collider space on Vyatskaya Street. Information about this appeared in the telegram channel “Psycho Daily”.

Legend of jazz and soul Mario Biondi will come to St. Petersburg

Next Thursday, April 25, one of the most famous jazz and soul performers, Italian musician Mario Biondi, will perform in St. Petersburg. The concert, as noted by the organizers, will be held at Aurora Concert Hall. Mario Biondi began his musical career in Japan in 1988.

White Lies will perform in Russia in autumn

British post-punk band White Lies will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg this fall. Information about this appeared on the sites of ticket operators and in the community of the concert organizer NCA. Concerts will be held in support of the album “Five”, released in early February.

Facebook seized contact lists of 1.5 million users

The social network Facebook has unloaded the contact information of users without their knowledge. For some time, about 1.5 million e-mail addresses, which were stored on the company’s servers since May 2016, were publicly available.

Apple Delays Wages to Russian Developers

The American company Apple has stopped paying its Russian developers, the Association of professional users of social networks and instant messengers said on April 18. According to experts, we are talking about at least a few dozen victims, perhaps hundreds of programmers.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50-inch candy bar priced at $ 9,000

Microsoft has shared the details of the release of the corporate monoblock Surface Hub 2, which was introduced in May last year. The novelty is characterized by a 50.5-inch IPS-panel with a resolution of 3840: 2560 pixels, a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor of the eighth generation, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD, a set of interfaces USB, Mini-DisplayPort, RJ45, HDMI, USB-C (x4), stereo speakers, an array of eight microphones, a camera, a complete stylus, an accelerometer with a gyroscope and wireless communication modules. The dimensions of the monoblock are 741: 1097: 76 mm, and the mass is 28 kg. The novelty will be on sale in June at a price of 9000 dollars.

Apple is preparing a budget compact smartphone in the style of the iPhone 8

According to the Economic Daily News, Apple, trying to increase its market share of mid-level smartphones, is preparing to release a new 4, 7-inch iPhone based on the iPhone 8 design. The novelty will receive an A13 processor, 128 GB of memory and a single-lens camera.

Samsung supported keyless crypto

The South Korean corporation Samsung has become one of the investors of the new ZenGo cryptograph. Its developers have attracted $ 4 million investment for the implementation of their project, according to Chepicap.com. According to the creators, ZenGo will completely eliminate the process of recording the secret key due to the threshold signature technology. However, user assets will be safe.

The cost of treatment of severe psoriasis can be reduced by three times.

According to the company, the emergence of a new drug will reduce the cost of treatment of severe psoriasis three times. In the nearest plans of the pharmaceutical manufacturer to bring netakimab to international markets, including the EU countries, said Dmitry Morozov.

WhatsApp developers are testing animated stickers

Soon, users of the most popular messenger in the world of WhatsApp will be able to send each other animated stickers. According to the developers, the animation of the stickers is much more optimal than GIF-pictures (frames from films and cartoons).

Durov found a partner to launch cryptocurrency and payment system

The partner of Pavel Durov and Telegram in launching the blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) will be the German electronic payment services system Wirecard AG. The announcement of this is posted on the website Wirecard AG.

Microsoft refused to put the facial recognition system in police cars

Microsoft has rejected the request of the California authorities to install a system of recognition of persons on the cars of police officers, according to Reuters. The corporation explained that using this technology could infringe on human rights.

Russian officials convicted of piracy

As reported in the investigation co-founder of the ANO “Information Culture” Ivan Begtin. Analyzing 22,318 documents in MS Word format downloaded from the websites of the authorities last year and checked for tags in the properties of the documents left by the pirated MS Office packages, it was discovered that 23 federal authorities in Russia publish documents on their websites, made in pirated MS Office. Among them are 5 federal executive bodies, which have more than 20% of such documents made in the pirated MS Office.

Intel refuses 5G modem business

Intel’s decision to abandon the production of 5G modems allows Qualcomm to become the sole supplier of chips for future iPhones. As for Intel, the company intends to give more information about its own 5G strategy in the next quarterly report, which will be published on April 25.

Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to end litigation

Apple and computer chip supplier Qualcomm have reached an agreement to end all litigation around the world. This is stated in a joint press release of the two companies. The agreement includes payment by Apple, according to a press release.

Tesla autopilot fooled by a sticker on asphalt

The research laboratory of the company Cybersecurity, Tencent, revealed vulnerabilities in the autopilot Tesla Model S. The specialists decided to test for strength the system responsible for markup recognition. A small sticker was put on the road that imitates the markup, but in fact it is not. The cameras reacted to it and the car moved to a conditional oncoming lane.

Manufacturer Yota Phone declared bankrupt

Yota smartphones will no longer be The court appealed to the company Hi-p Electronis from Singapore, which supplied the display company Yota Devices. According to the statement, the smartphone maker owed $ 1 million for the supply of screens for the first two Yota Phone models.

Pig’s brain partially revived four hours after her death

Scientists were able to partially revive the pig’s brain four hours after the death of the animal, the results of their experiments were published in the journal Nature.

Optical resonator revealed quantum motions in fluid

Optical resonator helped physicists discover new properties in helium

Physicists investigated zero-point vibrations and the quantum effect of the reverse action in superfluid helium. To do this, they filled the optical resonator with a liquid and obtained a system of paired mechanical and electromagnetic oscillations. The installation was the first example of a system in which it is possible to study quantum optomechanical effects for liquids, and not for solids or gases, write the authors in the journal Physical Review Letters

Scientists have figured out how thirst affects brain function.

Employees of Stanford University conducted a study in which they studied how thirst affects the human brain. Experiments were performed on rodents.

As part of the experiment, specialists recorded impulses of individual parts of the brain: during the period of thirst, during drinking and after it. According to the authors of the work, thirst can indicate a number of diseases: kidney disease or hormonal failure. In addition, in women, thirst leads to increased irritability and stress. Scientists explained the desire to drink water before bedtime by the need to accumulate body fluids for even use at night. According to doctors, some people thirst for confusion with the desire to eat.

How the body finds breakage in the DNA, learned Novosibirsk scientists

Novosibirsk scientists have found how the NEIL-1 repair enzyme, a special substance that is looking for damage in DNA, finds them. The results of the study in the future can help physicians properly select chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.

Gene therapy saved babies from immunodeficiency

As a result, there are practically no lymphocytes left in the child’s body, so he cannot cope with the majority of pathogen intrusions from the outside. The only way to save such a patient is to transplant his red bone marrow.

Created phonon laser capable of providing a breakthrough in information processing

The laser, based on optical tweezers technology, uses quasi-particles of sound instead of photons. This approach, as noted by the scientists who created the laser from the United States of America, can provide a real revolution in information processing technologies.

Low-intensity focused ultrasound can influence decision making

The study of primates showed that counterfactual thinking is associated with the anterior part of the brain, the anterior cingulate cortex. Scientists have proven that this process can be influenced by directing low-intensity ultrasound to neurons in this area.

Biologists have created the first dual-core cellular computer

Computers are based on so-called logic gates that convert incoming signals – AND, OR, NOT and others. Biologists are trying to build the same schemes using protein gene switches in cells, writes Phys.org.

For the first time in space, the first molecule of the Universe was discovered.

The researchers knew that helium hydride ion should be sought in the vicinity of dying stars like the Sun, which are called planetary nebulae, so the object of these observations was the planetary nebula NGC 7027, located about 3000 light years away.

Russian scientists want to create a “lasso” for space debris

Scientists from the Russian Federation proposed to develop and use a system for catching space debris, which will be added to the existing overclocking modules such as “Frigate” and “Breeze”.

Astronomers have found a super awesome black hole suddenly awakened

Swiss astronomers have discovered an unexpectedly awakened supermassive black hole. In two months, it increased by 50% the brightness of the galaxy in which it is located

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