20 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/19/2019

North Korea demanded to replace Pompeo at the talks

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea demanded that among the participants in the negotiations on the denuclearization of the peninsula was not the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Pyongyang wants Washington to take part in the negotiations “more cautious in statements and a mature man,” and the head of the US foreign policy department is not able to understand the position of the DPRK, Yonhap explains the requirements of North Korean diplomacy.

In the United States published a report Muller

The US Department of Justice has published a report by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller on the results of the investigation into the 2016 incriminated Russian interference in the US electoral process. The document is posted on the site office.

After nearly two years of investigation, thousands of agendas, hundreds of warrants and interrogations of witnesses, the prosecutor confirmed that the Russian government sponsored efforts to intervene illegally in the 2016 elections, but there was no collusion between Trump and other Americans on these efforts. – William Barr, American politician

France will send tanks and military to the borders of Russia

On April 23, France will send almost 300 soldiers to Estonia, as well as four tanks and twenty infantry fighting vehicles. About it reports RIA “News” with reference to the press service of the French Embassy in Tallinn.

The media learned about the proposal of Russia to the United States to prevent nuclear war

The draft joint statement prepared by Moscow states that “there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should never be unleashed.” The statement also suggests taking the necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized or accidental use of nuclear weapons.

Former President of Russian Railways Wins Grant Contest for Political Scientists

Applications were accepted for the competition concerning the development of the party-political system of Russia, increasing the efficiency of modern state systems, new communication technologies in social and political processes.

Russians will be able to enter Costa Rica from May 25 without a visa

Russian citizens will be able to visit Costa Rica from May 25, when the relevant bilateral agreement comes into force. Residents of the Russian Federation will receive the right to enter the territory of the Costa Rican state repeatedly without a visa for a period of up to 90 calendar days, the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Syria is actively engaged in attracting Russian tourists

The active involvement of Russian travelers decided to take the Syrian authorities. Religious tourism will become the main direction, the Minister of Tourism of Syria Muhammad Rami Radvan Martini shared this with journalists.

Rosneft helps Venezuela bypass US sanctions

The Russian corporation Rosneft is helping the Venezuelan government bypass US sanctions that are directed against the oil industry. According to Reuters, the Venezuelan company PDVSA transfers its invoices from the sale of Rosneft fuel.

The President praised the contribution of Rosneft to the economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding state awards to a number of Rosneft employees. In total, over 60 employees of Rosneft and its subsidiaries received awards.

The court rejected the claim of the relatives of those killed in the crash of the Tu-154 near Sochi

The Meshchansky Court of Moscow rejected the claim of the relatives of the victims of the crash of the Tu-154 plane of the Ministry of Defense near Sochi. Protection of the plaintiffs will appeal the court’s decision, lawyer of the relatives of the victims, Igor Trunov, said. Relatives appealed to the Meshchansky court in connection with the unpaid insurance payment, causing material and moral harm, reports TASS.

President of the Democratic Republic of Congo arrives in Russia in October

The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Chiskedi, accepted an invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin to attend the Russia-Africa Forum, which will be held in October in Sochi.

The United States brought weapons and military equipment to the position of the Kurds in Syria

More than 250 US heavy vehicles with small arms and ammunition arrived from Iraqi territory in the Syrian province of Hasaka. Weapons and military equipment were handed over to Kurdish forces from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In China, completely copied the Russian Su-35

The Hong Kong China News Agency news agency published photographs of the newest Chinese fighter, the Shenyang J-11D, which turned out to be nothing more than a 100% copy of the fourth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-35.

The Northern Fleet will receive the status of a military district

Combined Strategic Command (USC) “Northern Fleet” by December will receive the status of a military administrative unit equal to a military district. About this “Izvestia” told the Ministry of Defense.

China declassifies its armed forces

China has recently launched an unprecedented campaign of declassifying the technical appearance of its armed forces. It is reported edition Aviationist. The CGTN publication recently put on stream the publication of documentary videos involving Chinese military units, declassifying, among other things, the program for the development of naval aviation, which has been intensively implemented in recent years. The videos are specially created for English-speaking Western audiences and are distributed through channels such as YouTube

Turchinov urged to recognize the FSB as a terrorist organization

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, stated that the FSB and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces should be included in the Interpol base as terrorist organizations. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency arrested for theft of 1 billion rubles

The court arrested the head of the Department of Legal Support and Property Relations of the Federal Air Navigation Agency Vladimir Mnishko, the transport department of the RF IC said. Mnishko from 2008 to 2018 participated in the theft of 1 billion rubles in the conclusion of contracts with lawyers.

In the Bundestag announced plans to create in Germany a commission on the Crimea

The Bundestag deputy from the party “Alternative for Germany” Waldemar Gerdt announced on the margins of the Yalta International Economic Forum about plans to create in Germany an international commission to monitor the state of human rights in the Crimea and Donbas

Moody’s: Italy’s aging slows its economy

Italy ranks third in the ranking of the “oldest” countries in the world, and this negatively affects its economy, experts in the rating agency Moody’s noted in their report, reports Mediaset on Thursday, April 18. The average age of the inhabitants of Italy is 46 years.

The creation of the Russian-Chinese aircraft was under threat

At the end of 2018, the Chinese corporation COMAC proposed to the United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) to divide sales of the CR929 wide-body long-range aircraft being developed jointly. About this told “Vedomosti” two people close to the KLA. China wants to sell the aircraft on the Chinese market itself, and Russia offers to sell it on its own and on the world market, the interlocutors say. But for Russia, it deprives the project of meaning.

The project cost is estimated at $ 20 billion: $ 13 billion will go directly to the development of the liner, $ 7 billion – to create a system of after-sales service and financial instruments to stimulate sales.

The right to make a mistake in the exam in the traffic police plan to cancel

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate plans to cancel the right to make a mistake when taking a theoretical driver’s license test, RIA Novosti reports, citing the press center of the Russian Interior Ministry.

In Russia, about 40% of alcohol produced illegally

From the materials of Rosalkogol it follows that out of 118 thousand decalitres of vodka, 36.3 thousand (30.8%) were in illicit trafficking. In total, over two million decalitres of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products were tested over the year. More than 40% of this alcohol was illegal.

In Argentina, harassment of women on the street recognized a crime

In Argentina, street harassment of women has become a crime. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the law adopted by the Senate of the country.

Navalny’s daughter entered Stanford University

The girl said that she would start studying in 2023, she would not have to pay for her studies. Navalnaya called on all Russian schoolchildren not to be afraid and try their hand at entering world-famous universities.

 “For the past few months, I have only been doing that I sent letters to the selection committee and waited for answers with a sinking heart. And today I want to share my good news – I arrived. ”

43% of Russians want to become entrepreneurs

More than other entrepreneurs want to become skilled workers in agriculture and forestry, fish farming and fisheries. This is due to the growing demand for food and environmentally friendly raw materials, writes RT with reference to the study. Another 33% of Russians are ready to work remotely.

Forced subbotniks want to ban in Russia

In Russia, employers may be prohibited from organizing forced subbotnik by imposing fines for them. The initiative was initiated by the executive director of the Consumer Rights Protection Center Konstantin Tolkachev

Moscow has become a world leader in the number of surveillance cameras

As the mayor stressed, “security in the city is also largely based on information technologies, on numbers.” According to him, by the number of surveillance cameras, the Russian capital is ahead of most megacities in the world.

Rosreestr will launch an analogue of Airbnb and Booking for the Crimea

Rosreestr will launch an online travel rental service similar to Airbnb, in the first place it will be focused on holidays in the Crimea and can be earned by the end of 2019. Airbnb does not work in Crimea since 2015

National project executors will be restricted in procurement for the sake of patriotism

Presidential Aide Andrei Belousov considers such a measure expedient. Bolusov, according to the Vedomosti newspaper, recommended the Ministry of Industry and Trade to compile a list of suitable Russian equipment and a list of laws that need to be changed for the sake of new rules

Vehicle inspection may cancel

A group of deputies under the leadership of the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Vyacheslav Lysakova took the initiative to completely cancel the inspection of private cars. Inspection of vehicles for commercial traffic, on the contrary, it is proposed to tighten.

On the railway began to operate non-refundable tickets

The non-returnable tickets on the railroad began to operate. According to TASS, the first trains with them will go from Moscow to Izhevsk, St. Petersburg and Adler, from Voronezh and Ufa to Moscow and from Rostov-on-Don to Adler. These tickets will save from 5 to 20% of their value.

WHO called not to take antibiotics “for prevention”

Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) secretariat on antimicrobial resistance, Mark Sprenger, said antibiotics should be sold only by prescription, since their use “for prophylaxis” increases the resistance of bacteria to drugs, reports RIA Novosti.

Real incomes of Russians decreased by 2.3%

Real disposable cash income of Russians in the first quarter of 2019 decreased by 2.3% compared with the same period of 2018, according to Rosstat data

Inter RAO bought 25% from UDC in Russian Gas Turbines

The company TASS clarified that 25% of the “Russian gas turbines” was purchased from the United Engine Corporation (UEC), part of Rostec. The agreement on the creation of Russian Gas Turbines was signed in September 2011 between General Electric (GE), Inter RAO and UEC.

Residents of the North Caucasus owed 120 billion rubles for electricity and gas

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the debt of all groups of consumers of gas and electricity in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District (NCFD) reached 120 billion rubles.

Today, for all consumer groups, we have grown by 8 billion rubles, and now the total debt is 120 billion rubles, which is electricity and gas. Yes, the pace began to fall, but in general I would like to once again draw your attention to this. – Vitaly Mutko, Russian politician

XRD: the average CTP premium for Q1 decreased by 4%

The average premium CTP for the I quarter of 2019 decreased by 4% compared with the same period last year, from 5.8 thousand to 5.6 thousand rubles. This was reported in the RSA press release. The average payment for the period increased by 2.5%, from 64.4 thousand to 66 thousand rubles. The amount of accrued premiums decreased by 1%, from 46.42 billion to 45.96 billion rubles, while the amount of payments, by contrast, increased by 10%, from 33.47 billion to 36.74 billion rubles. The number of CTP contracts for the first quarter of 2019 increased by 2.9% and amounted to 8.28 million units.

Russia has not reached the required level of food self-sufficiency

In 2018, Russia failed to fulfill all the requirements of the doctrine of food security. Domestic manufacturers do not supply enough of their own products to provide the population. This follows from the draft report of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The doctrine of food security was adopted in early 2010 and is valid until 2020. It indicates the necessary ratio of domestic and imported products in the country in order to understand which markets are at risk.

The largest marijuana producers in Canada and the United States announced a merger

The merger agreement was signed by Canadian Growth Corp. and the largest producer of cannabis in the United States – Acreage Holdings, April 18th is reported on the website of Canopy Growth.

Authorities start looking for money for Oleg Deripaska’s GAZ Group

This is done by the Ministry of Industry and Trade together with the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the government, reports TASS.

“We are working on the possibility of allocating additional budget allocations for subsidizing the interest rate on the loan and for purchasing automobile vehicles for state and municipal needs, taking into account the justified need. Work is underway to identify possible sources of funding, ”the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

Earlier, Kommersant wrote that GAZ Group requested financial assistance of 30 billion rubles, warning that otherwise production would fall by 40% in the second half of the year.

All real estate transactions will be transferred to the IT platform.

Rosreestr will launch an IT real estate platform by the end of the year. This was announced on Thursday by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the head of the Russian State Register Office, Victoria Abramchenko, at the Yalta International Economic Forum.

The State Duma instructed the Accounts Chamber to check the work of the Central Bank

“It is proposed to instruct the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation to carry out an audit of the financial and economic activities of the Bank of Russia for 2016-2018 from June to November 2019 in terms of the formation and use of funds created from Bank of Russia profits, as well as the execution of cost estimates divisions “, – according to the decision of the State Duma.

Chinese bank issues green bonds for Belt and Ways banks

The Chinese Commercial and Industrial Bank issued the first green bonds focused on regular cooperation between banks as part of the Belt and the Way initiative.

Total plans to enter the NOVATEK project

The French oil and gas company Total intends to buy 10% in transshipment points for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Murmansk and Kamchatka, the construction of which is planned by NOVATEK.

FSB officers detained for extortion 65 million

According to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, the former investigator of the FSB Kolbov’s own security department and the head of the investigative group in the case of Galumov Belousov were detained on suspicion of extortion of 65 million rubles from the former head of the publishing house. According to a Tass source in law enforcement, they wanted to get this money in bitcoins.

The former director general of Izvestia publishing house, Eraste Galumov, Ph.D. in political science, was arrested in early 2018 in a case of large-scale fraud.

Vasya Oblomov recorded a new album “This beautiful world”

Musician Vasya Oblomov (Vasily Goncharov) has released a new album “This beautiful world.” The record includes 13 musical compositions. Oblomov recorded the song “Life is Complicated” with Andrei Makarevich.

Electronic music concert to be held on the 210th anniversary of the birth of Gogol

A concert of electronic music, created by modern composers, was prepared in St. Petersburg for the 210th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Gogol. This was reported on Thursday Tass in the press service of the Union of Composers of Russia.

Of the 160 films sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, only 19 paid for themselves.

Between 2012 and 2017, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cinema Foundation allocated funds for shooting 160 films. Only 19 films (12%) that received the financial support of the Film Foundation paid off at the box office. The remaining 141 motion pictures failed, follows from the study of the “Project”.

Among the companies that most often receive support from the Cinema Foundation, “Project” calls “Art Pictures Studios”, founded by Fyodor Bondarchuk and “National Media Group” (22 times), “STV” by Sergey Selyanov (22), “TABBaK” by Timur Bekmambetov ( 19), “Angoy Muviz” by the brothers Ghevond and Sarik Andreasyan (16) and “Nikita Mikhalkov’s TRIT Studio” (11).

Rolling Stones released a collection of hits “Honk”

The rock band Rolling Stones has released a collection of the best songs since 1971, “Honk”. The standard edition includes 36 songs, an expanded one – 46. Among them are live performances with Dave Grohl and Ed Sheeran.

Disney announced the closure of the series “Gifted”

Disney has announced the completion of two Fox Studio projects at once: “The Gifted” and “Mouse Guard”. The reasons for the decision are not called, but such a step may be associated with the closure of the Fox 2000 studio.

Instagram can remove the number of likes under the post

Instagram tests a change in the interface that will hide the number of likes under the post, Jane Manchun Wong shared on Twitter

Apple accused of stock fraud

Apple faced a class action lawsuit in which the company is accused of securities fraud for false statements and failure to disclose information about negative business prospects – these actions allegedly led to an artificially high share price.

lackBerry Messenger will stop working

On the official page of the messenger there was a message with the title “Time to say goodbuy”. In it, company representatives said that the application can no longer keep up with the times and they stop supporting it. BlackBerry Messenger was launched on August 1, 2005.

Chinese applications on Google Play spy on users

Many popular Android applications from the large Chinese developer DU Group, including a selfie program with 50 million downloads, are used for fraud, abuse of user permissions, intrusive advertising, and so on. In particular, they send data to the PRC.

Night Vision feature will appear in Motorola smartphones

According to the source, its night mode will appear in Motorola smartphones. In particular, he will either make his debut in the One Vision model, which is preparing for the announcement, or will appear in the already sold Moto G7 Plus smartphone.

Google has authorized the use of third-party browsers and search

Users of devices running the Android mobile operating system in Europe will be able to choose competing browsers and search engines starting from this week for their gadgets, Reuters reports, citing a statement from the company’s management.

Scientists have developed a rechargeable battery

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) have developed a new type of miniature charger based on the interaction of water molecules with the reagent surrounding them.

Determine the age of the child by eye movement.

American scientists have taught the convolutional neural network to determine the child’s age (1.5 or 2.5 years) by analyzing eye movements when he looks at the picture.

Ilon Musk figured out how to connect the human brain to a computer

Scientists have created a new technology that can connect the human brain with a computer. Billionaire Ilon Mask launched a new project called Neuralink, the essence of which is to combine artificial intelligence (AI) with the human brain

Genetics have deciphered the DNA of the medieval crusaders

Scientists from Britain were able to decipher the DNA of the medieval crusaders. Genetic analysis showed that their army consisted of European soldiers, representatives of the local population, as well as soldiers from mixed marriages. The remains of medieval crusaders were discovered several years ago.

Scientists have created the first dual-core cellular computer

Swiss scientists using CRISPR technology have created dual-core computers inside a human cell.

Drought pollutes air with ozone

The stratospheric ozone layer protects us from harsh ultraviolet radiation, but in fact, ozone is toxic – being an aggressive oxidant, it damages the respiratory system, causes mutations, and at high concentrations can simply kill.

A prolonged drought in California allowed researchers from the University of Virginia to describe in detail how plants affect ozone levels when they find themselves in difficult environmental conditions. Firstly, they absorb ozone more weakly – in the most arid years it is 15% less than usual. Secondly, at first, with the onset of drought, trees and other plants synthesize a lot of isoprene – one of those very substances that are involved in ozone-generating reactions. Isoprene helps to cope with difficulties, so the plants increase its synthesis. Accordingly, the concentration of ozone in the surface air is increasing.

Novgorod, Pskov and Yakuts were once one people

It turned out, for example, that in the past the current inhabitants of Pskov, Novgorod and Yakutia were one population of about 2 thousand people. But 7 thousand years ago the Yakuts separated from it, and about 1,200 years ago representatives of Pskov and Novgorod divided.

Bacteria use viruses to distinguish each other.

Bacteria cells, which usually colonize our intestines, can distinguish each other through their traditional biological enemies of viruses. Research has shown that some bacteria use viruses that infect them (so-called phages) for self-recognition.

Brown dwarf produced a superflash

Astronomers registered a super-powerful flash that occurred on a brown L-type dwarf, during which the star increased its brightness ten thousand times, and a huge amount of energy was released. Previously it was believed that such objects can not be so active.

Scientists have discovered five exoplanets with long periods of circulation.

Five exoplanets with very long periods of revolution around their stars – more than 15 years – were discovered by a group of astronomers working under the guidance of the University of Geneva.

Mitsubishi Xpander will get a sports version

Mitsubishi is preparing to present a special version of the Xpander all-terrain minivan. A novelty will be shown on April 25 at the International Indonesian Motor Show (IIMS) in Jakarta. In the countries of Southeast Asia, the MPV segment (minivans) is very popular.

Toyota introduced the new Toyota ProAce City

Toyota enters the European market with the new model Proace City. This van is based on the French Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner models. The presentation of Proace City will be held on April 30 at the exhibition in Birmingham, where the Japanese company must disclose all the details about the novelty.

Hyundai showed the smallest and cheapest crossover

Korean-made low-profile crossover at the New York Auto Show. The newest and smallest CUV in the Hyundai lineup, the Venue is a little less than the Kona of the current generation, and will become the entry level crossover in the Hyundai lineup.

Toyota and SoftBank have invested $ 1 billion in Uber drones

Toyota and Denso are investing a total of $ 667 million, according to a company press release. Vision Fund is investing $ 333 million. The fact that Japanese shareholders are going to invest $ 1 billion in Uber, WSJ reported on April 17, citing sources close to the deal.

Aston Martin launched the production of a limited series DBS 59

Recall that in November last year, the presentation of the Aston Martin DBS 59 model took place. The limited version will be produced in 24 copies at the brand’s factory in Gadon, United Kingdom.

The first station for refueling cars with gasoline and hydrogen will appear in China

At the end of May, a station for refueling cars with gasoline and hydrogen will be put into operation in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. As the correspondent of Sibnovosti.ru reports with reference to the People’s Daily, it will become the first station of this format in China.

Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover received a special version of 1886

Mercedes-Benz, like most global concerns, is preparing for large-scale electrification of its entire model line. To attract more attention to the new electric cars, the company introduced a new special version of the EQC 1886 crossover.

Alfa Romeo brought special models to New York

At its booth in New York, the Italian automaker introduced two new products, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrofoglio, for the North American market. At the Swiss Motor Show last year, both models debuted with a package of improvements Nring Edition