21 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/20/2019

Rosneft Demands Banning Reuters News Agency in Russia

Rosneft will turn to law enforcement agencies “in order to curb the illegal activities of the agency” Reuters in Russia. Earlier, Reuters told about a scheme with the participation of a Russian company, which, according to the news agency, is used by Venezuelan authorities to circumvent US sanctions.

“This structure is systematically engaged in the creation and distribution of targeted disinformation, the legalization of rumors in the interests of customers, inventing information about the cause of damage to the Russian economy, Russian companies and the Russian state. In essence, these actions are informational sabotage, ”said a statement from Rosneft.

According to Reuters, Rosneft is the intermediary between PDVSA and Venezuelan oil and gas oil company Venezuela’s final customers: it buys products at a discount and sells at full price, takes the difference as a “commission” and transfers them to PDVSA accounts in Russian banks. The payment period in such transactions may last about three months, but Rosneft transfers money on the day of the invoice.

Venezuela managed to pay a tranche of the debt to Russia

Venezuela managed to pay a tranche of the debt to Russia, thereby avoiding penalties. This was told by the First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Anton Siluanov, Interfax reports.

Volker said that the United States came to Ukraine for a long time

State Department Special Representative Kurt Walker said that the United States came to Ukraine for a long time. He published the corresponding statement on Friday on Twitter.

The United States urged not to allow Russian aircraft to Venezuela

Sha called on all states not to let Russian planes go to Venezuela, the State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus tweeted.

“We welcome the decision of the Government of Malta to prohibit Russian aircraft from using their airspace to supply the former Venezuelan authorities. We urge all countries to follow Malta’s example in order to end the Kremlin’s support for dictator Maduro, ”she said.

Vice Prime Minister Akimov asked Putin to support the creation of 5G networks

He noted that this is a huge market for the development of enterprises that supply the necessary equipment. And we must not allow this niche to be occupied only by foreign companies.

On the digital agenda, one of the most important tasks is, of course, the creation of a modern, high-quality infrastructure. We need high-speed access to reach and provide digital services not only to residents of the capital, regional centers, we need to reach all households in the country. – Maxim Akimov, Russian politician

Turkey will consider Russian fighters in case of disruption of the supply of F-35

If the US decides to exclude Turkey from the group of countries that assemble F-35 Lightning II fighters, the Turkish military will consider using Russian technology to create such aircraft, Defense Ministry officials told the Turkish Defense Ministry.

In Moscow, set on fire the largest Jewish school in Russia

Unknowns set fire to a higher Jewish religious educational institution to the Torat Chayim yeshiva. The incident occurred on the eve of the Jewish holiday Pesach, when a festive ritual meal (seder) with the participation of about sixty students, rabbis and guests took place in the building.

Guaydo announced the final operation for the removal of Maduro

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaydo, promised on May 1 to begin the final phase of Operation Freedom to remove President Nicola Maduro from the government. According to him, on this day, the maximum number of opposition supporters will appear at a demonstration against the Venezuelan authorities.

Kuchinsky sentenced to three years of pre-trial detention

Former Peruvian President Pablo Kuchinsky was sentenced to three years in prison. The former head of state is accused of participating in corruption schemes related to the activities of the Brazilian construction concern, once the largest in the Latin American market, Odebrecht.

A blind Japanese man crossed the Pacific Ocean

The blind Japanese Mitsuhiro Iwamoto crossed the Pacific Ocean on a small yacht, such a voyage took place for the first time in the world. On the morning of Saturday, April 20, his ship arrived at the port of Iwaki of Fukushima Prefecture, and the journey began in the American port of San Diego on February 24.

Assistant Iwamoto on a 12-meter yacht was a US citizen Douglas Smith, who served as the navigator, reports RIA Novosti. He did not render any assistance in the management of the vessel.

Belarus will develop a new constitution, Lukashenko said

Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes that the stage when Belarus needed a strong executive power has already been passed. Now all the structures and branches of government must be loaded with authority.

A wide range of experts will be involved in drafting amendments to the Constitution. Currently, its concept has not yet been developed. Election of the President of Belarus will be held in 2020, writes “Parliamentary newspaper.”

Survey: more than 50% of Russians follow the country’s foreign policy

More than half of Russians (54%) follow the country’s foreign policy. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Foundation for Public Opinion (POF). According to RIA Novosti, according to the survey results, 44% of respondents are not interested in the foreign policy of the state.

The Moscow authorities did not agree the meeting of the Ingush community

Moscow authorities refused to let the community of Ingushetia agree on a rally against the policy of the head of the republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. This was told by the lawyer Kaloy Akhilgov.

According to Akhilgov, the city department of regional security and anti-corruption did not agree on the rally scheduled for April 28 on “formal conditions”, because the organizers did not explain how they planned to provide security – a community member was asked “not to put [the authorities] in a difficult situation” that during the Holy Week, Easter and the May holidays it will be difficult to ensure security.

$ 1 million to protect “fundamental freedoms” in Moldova

The United States plans to allocate $ 1 million for two programs to support human rights and fundamental freedoms in Moldova. This is stated in the description to the tender of the State Department’s Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

China showed tests of its aircraft carrier “Pipisya”

A video appeared on the Web, which shows how the sea trials of the aircraft carrier of the project 001A pass. This aircraft carrier, whose name in the Palladium system sounds like “Pipixia”, is the first ship of this type, completely created in China. It was launched two years ago, in 2017.

In Russia, a partial ban on right-hand drive cars

Starting in July 2019, a ban on the import of a number of right-hand drive vehicles is being introduced in Russia. The decision is based on the terms of the Regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of wheeled vehicles.”

Already banned cars with right-hand drive, where the number of seats exceeds eight. Such minibuses and other vehicles capable of carrying passengers cannot be imported from abroad. This rule also applies to special equipment and trucks.

With regards to passenger cars, according to the new order, they require an individual safety certificate. To do this, the car will have to pass tests and examination in an accredited laboratory. After the experts will make a protocol and give their opinion on the suitability of the car.

The launch of the B-52 powder starters hit the video

The video caption states that the use of powder starters reduced the launch time of the aircraft from an hour to ten minutes, freeing up the need to use ground equipment, while the other six engines were launched before take-off, when the car reached the end of the runway

In the US, suspended the flights of strategic bombers B-1 Lancer

The US Air Force Command decided to temporarily stop the use of B-1 Lancer strategic bombers due to excessive wear and frequent accidents. Reports about it “RG” with reference to Military.com.

In the United States begin to manufacture drone Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie

In the United States, the Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie, the latest military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is being launched, which will be assembled at a factory in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma). This was announced by the Internet portal Enidnews.com.

Foods high in amino acids saturate best.

Foods that contain a high concentration of amino acids make people more fed, so that they become better protected from the development of overeating and obesity.

In Austria, refused to pay 500 euros

“No one should be worried, 500 euros is a legal tender until these bills finally come out of circulation exclusively by natural means,” the official statement of the financial regulator says.

US energy consumption rose to a historic record

Energy consumption in the USA in 2018 exceeded the previous record reached in 2007. The total energy consumption for the year increased at the maximum rate over the last 8 years.

Ministry of Finance allowed auditors to block suspicious funds

Auditors will block funds if there is a suspicion of criminal activity related to money laundering, terrorism and extremism.
In particular, the auditor is obliged to identify the client, apply measures to freeze (block) money, organize internal control, record and store information.

“The auditor is obliged to immediately inform Rosfinmonitoring about the application of measures to freeze (block) money or other property,” the report clarifies.

The Ministry of Transport will connect buses to the system “Plato”

The Russian Ministry of Transport will conduct an experiment on monitoring and control of passenger traffic using the single federal system “Plato”, follows from a document posted on the regulation.gov.ru portal. Passengers and carriers will voluntarily participate in the experiment. Its results will be evaluated by October 31st. The report will be sent to the government. The operator of the monitoring and control system at no cost will be LLC Modern Technologies of the Passenger Complex.

In Russia, they want to limit the sale of drugs in night pharmacies

As Izvestiya was informed, Russian pharmacies may be prohibited from selling tinctures of valerian, motherwort, hawthorn and other alcohol-containing preparations at night.

Schoolchildren and students in Russia will be tested for drug use

A document on the conduct of socio-psychological testing and medical examinations was prepared by four departments – the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the draft order it is proposed to conduct social and psychological testing, including in remote form, from September 15 to November 15 in educational organizations. It was especially noted that the list of names of those who gave rise to suspicion of using drugs or psychotropic substances will be compiled.

The EU will simplify the rules for issuing Schengen visas for bona fide tourists

“Tourists with a positive visa history can receive multiple-entry visas with a gradually increasing period of stay – from one to five years,” – said in a statement to the European Commission. The European Parliament, as previously the EU Council and the European Commission, also approved an increase in visa fees from € 60 to € 80

In Bashkiria, the official has appropriated part of the awards of his subordinates

In total, from January 2015 to July 2018, the woman appropriated part of the premiums totaling over 1.4 million rubles. The suspect also headed the “efficiency commission”, which determined which of the employees and in what amount the bonuses would accrue.

Malaysia imposes exit tax

“The tax will come into force on June 1 and will affect tourists leaving Malaysia on regular flights and cruises. Passengers on charter flights will not touch,” the New Straits Times newspaper reported.

The amount of tax will be 20 Malaysian ringgits (309 rubles) – when traveling to ASEAN countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos) and 40 ringgits (617 rubles) – in other areas.

Earlier in January, Japan imposed a departure tax of 1,000 thousand yen (about 570 rubles) for everyone who leaves the country by plane or ship.

Belarus has found chlorine in Russian oil

Belarus complained to Transneft about a sharp deterioration in the quality of Russian oil due to the increasing concentration of “organochlorine compounds”. According to Belneftekhim, the drop in quality has already led to a decrease in the output of petroleum products and damage to local refineries. In this regard, the Belarusian side requested a meeting at Transneft. “In Transneft, they acknowledged the existence of problems. Last week, Belarus threatened to stop the transit of Russian oil through the country, allegedly due to the poor condition of the Druzhba pipeline. At Transneft, the condition of the pipes was then considered satisfactory.

Declared income of the Chairman of the Bank of Russia

The declared income of the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina in 2018 increased by 900 thousand, to 34.7 million rubles, follows from the data published on the website of the Central Bank. Her husband, the rector of the Higher School of Economics, Yaroslav Kuzminov, reported an income of 53.6 million rubles. As the year before, the family owns two apartments (70.6 and 112.2 sq. M), a summer residence, a land plot and a Jaguar S-Type car.

First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova earned in 2018 83.2 million rubles. (62.2 million rubles a year earlier). Another first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, Sergey Shvetsov, showed an income of 79.7 million rubles. (88.5 million rubles a year earlier). And the income of Alexey Zabotkin, director of the monetary policy department of the Central Bank, was 92.9 million rubles. At the same time, he occupied the post at the Central Bank in 2018.

The state of Bill Gates exceeded $ 100 billion

The status of the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has exceeded $ 100 billion. At the same time, the richest man in the world, according to Forbes magazine, remains Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at $ 153 billion.

With the collapse of the USSR, Murmansk lost 30% of the population.

In Murmansk, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the population declined by more than 30%. This data leads the Eurasia Daily Monitor. It is noted that in general, every day the population of Russia is reduced by about 700 people – more than 250 thousand people a year.

Belarus is ready to sell “BelAZ” and “MAZ”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he was ready to sell the largest machine-building enterprises of the republic – MAZ and BelAZ. The head of the republic complained that so far investors have not offered a price that would suit the owner.

136 times increase the fee for connection to the power grid in Russia

The state holding Rosseti proposed to increase tariffs for connection to power grids by 136 times – from 550 rubles (as much as an ordinary consumer pays) to 5 thousand rubles for each kilowatt

Visa: 60% of card transactions in Russia are cash withdrawals

“If you look at the total amount of card transactions, 60% is the withdrawal of the cache. So far, 60% is cash withdrawal, ”said Petelina, speaking at the Fintech-2019 conference organized by the Vedomosti newspaper.

Siluanov told about the future of the tax for the self-employed

The introduction of tax for self-employed throughout Russia since January 1, 2020 has not yet been approved, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. According to him, the experiment, which is being implemented in four regions since January 1, has shown the need to adjust the current legislation. They will be prepared and submitted to parliament this fall.

With the implementation of the federal program “South of Russia” revealed the theft of more than 2 billion rubles

This was announced by Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev at a retreat.

The federal target program “South of Russia” for 2014–2020 was approved in December 2013. The total amount of funding was estimated at almost 190 billion rubles. The program is aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of the real sector of the economy, stimulating investment activity in the North Caucasus, creating jobs, as well as providing opportunities for obtaining quality education and building healthcare facilities.

Patrushev also noted that the issue of non-payment in the energy sector is acute in the region. According to him, the debts are connected with inflated tariffs and large-scale embezzlement.

Minstroy undertook the replacement of worn out utility networks in Russia

The Ministry of Construction is proposing to send 366.2 billion rubles from the federal budget to a separate subprogram of modernization of the municipal infrastructure, depreciation of which reached more than 60%.

Belarus will receive 90 million euros for education

The World Bank (WB) will provide 90 million euros for projects to improve the education system in Belarus. As noted in the WB document, the money will be spent on improving schools and installing equipment. It is intended in general to improve the quality of schoolchildren’s knowledge

The dividend yield on MKB shares is estimated at 1.8%

One ordinary share is scheduled to pay 0.11 rubles. The closing date of the shareholder register for dividend payment is June 7, 2019. Based on the current value of MKB shares, dividend yield on them is estimated at 1.8%. This is significantly lower than the dividend yield on the MICEX index.

Russia and China trade in national currencies

In 2018, about 15% of trade between Russia and China was carried out in national currencies, since the authorities of both countries attach great importance to the expansion of payments in national currencies, said Van Kaxuan, deputy director of the Eurasian Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China.

The FAS proposed to increase gas prices by 1.4% from July 1

From July 1, 2019, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia proposed to increase wholesale prices for gas intended for sale to the population by 1.4%. The corresponding draft order was published on the official portal of draft legal acts.

In Petersburg, the Yandex.Eda courier died from overwork

In St. Petersburg, the delivery courier Yandex.Eda died from overwork after a 10-hour shift. According to preliminary information, 21-year-old delivery officer Artyk Orozaliyev died from a heart attack.

“We will be engaged in the development of technological solutions so that couriers do not undertake a lot of work in order to avoid such incidents,” said a spokesman for Yandex.Edia.

Former coordinator of the Navalny headquarters in Magnitogorsk told about the beating by law enforcers

As an activist Timofey Filatov tells Mediazone, the day before, he and his colleagues were conducting single pickets near the administration building because of the closure of the Russian Railways clinic. In the evening, a stranger called him, did not introduce himself, and told him to come to the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Magnitogorsk. When an activist refused to come to the police without a formal agenda, he was told: “If you don’t want a good one, it’s going to be bad.”

The first international contest of opera singing opened in Yakutsk

The first international competition-festival of opera singing named after Aitalina Adamova started in Yakutsk. The artistic director of the Mariinsky Academy of Young Singers, Larisa Gergieva, became the jury chairman.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg will host a show based on the “Avatar”

From April 19 to May 5, in Moscow and from May 8 to May 12, the legendary Du Soleil circus tour will take place in St. Petersburg. In the new show “Toruk – first flight”, the organizers promise to present the famous circus in a new role.

The group “Alliance” has released the first album in 25 years

The keyboard player emphasized that the release of the album is a spontaneous step. The Alliance group is the founder of the new wave music genre in the USSR. Recently, Oleg Parastaev posted on his YouTube channel a lost version of the clip “At the Dawn”, which was filmed in 1987

New trailer “John Wick 3”

The network has a second trailer for the action movie “John Wick 3”. It was published by Lionsgate Movies on its official YouTube channel.

Debut album of the musical project “Group” by Gosha Rubchinsky

The musical project of the Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky “Group” presented his debut album “Iz Skazki”. In the instagram team published the first pictures and videos in support of it. Rubchinsky himself is producing the group together with Pavel Milyakov.

Russian TV channel “Culture” will make a film about Uzbekistan

The TV channel “Russia-Culture” makes a film about Uzbekistan The film crew has already visited the historical complex “Nurullaboy”, the state museum town “Ichan Kala”, the ecotourism objects “Khiva Korakuz” and “Eshon ravot”, the complex “Ulli Khovli” in Urgench, and She also visited the Bakhshi International Folklore Art Festival, which was held in Termez.

Mongolian creative team is preparing a film about Kalmykia

In the republic there is a creative group from Mongolia. They are preparing material for a film about Kalmykia for the project “One Hundred Famous Mongols of the World”. The author of the project on the steppe republic is a musician, the creator of the “Genghis Khan” group Zhirgalsaykhan. Having told about the life of our national jagarchi, Windows Tsagan Zam, will show the culture, life and life of Kalmyks.

Ian Gillan and Javelins re-released their debut album 25 years later

The latest reissue of earMUSIC / Edel made the album available in digital format and on vinyl. In September 2018, Gillan and Javelins released their second joint album, “Ian Gillan And The Javelins”.

Kelsey Lu released the debut album “Blood”

American singer and musician Kelsey Lou presented her first album “Blood” to the world. The presented album combines the sound of classical music and modern trends in music.

Authorities and Yandex have promised unmanned taxi in Moscow in 3-4 years

On the roads of Moscow in three or four years, unmanned taxis may appear. This follows from the message posted on Twitter of the Transport complex of the capital. The report of the city department notes that taxis with autopilot are no longer the future, but the present.

ASUS will leave the market of Android-tablets

ASUS made an unexpected decision and will soon leave the market of Android tablets. Such a move is associated with a decrease in the popularity of these devices, especially based on the operating system from Google.

Boston Dynamics announced the date of mass production SpotMini

The company Boston Dynamics, known for its robots that are designed to help people in their work, has declared its readiness to sell the first batch of robops. The first 100 SportMini robots will be available in the late summer of 2019.

The company “Aquarius” has released the first Russian laptop

The Ministry of Industry and Trade awarded two new products to the Aquarius company, a personal computer and a monoblock, the status of “Russian” products. The company’s laptop on the latest Intel processors is on certification and is also awaiting status assignment.

Sony offers to embed flexible displays in bags and backpacks

The World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO), according to the resource LetsGoDigital, declassified Sony patent documentation for new products with a flexible display.

Enthusiasts have created a project against the “autonomous Runet”

Since the beginning of November this year, the decision of the authorities on the so-called “autonomous RuNet” comes into force, with which Internet companies can finally block access to foreign traffic, thus depriving people of the opportunity to explore alternative sources of information or use foreign social networks.
On the Internet, in response to this measure, the author’s project “Russia 404” was launched, which was created by enthusiasts Nick McFlay and Yevgeny Kudashev. It is reported that this project is a web site that shows a timer with time remaining until the complete isolation of the Russian Internet from the World Wide Web.

Microsoft bought the OS developer used for 6.2 billion systems

The Express Logic ThreadX operating system has more than 6.2 billion deployments, which makes it one of the most popular RTOS in the world. The popularity of ThreadX is driven by the demand for RTOS for systems with limited resources, especially those that require security.

FAS will develop new approaches to the consideration of anti-competitive behavior on the Internet

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia considers it necessary to develop new approaches to the consideration of cases of unfair competition of companies on the Internet. This is reported on the official website of the Office following the meeting of the Methodological Council.

Internet of Things in Russia

GLONASS-TM, owned by Rostec, Igor Rotenberg and GLONASS, will be engaged in the development of the network. The federal IoT network will be used to collect, analyze and monitor data. The scope of its use will be very broad: from monitoring forest fires and analyzing customer behavior in stores to tracking urban infrastructure, in particular roads. According to preliminary estimates, the creation of such a network should take 5 years. During this time, the company intends to establish about 34 thousand stations for the Internet of things across the country. It is planned to spend almost 25 billion on this alone.

The network will also be available for commercial use: the company expects that by the fifth year of operation, it will already begin to make a profit. It is also known that the entire network will work using Russian encryption technologies.

Anti-theft device from Apple

This is when the owners of the Apple Pencil 2 are faced with a problem in using the car keychain when charging the stylus. While charging, the Apple Pencil 2 generates frequencies that may interfere with the operation of some car keys. This is not a big problem, but annoying – you will have to either manually unlock your car or turn off the Apple Pencil 2 from iPad Pro before unlocking it. Unlike software errors, this problem cannot simply be corrected, as it is related to hardware.

LG introduced the system “Smart Home” and new home appliances 2019

In the center of the VTB Arena Park business and sports cluster, at the Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park Hotel, LG Electronics presented to the journalists, business partners and interior designers LG ThinQ AI solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, as well as premium audio and video and household appliances

Anker Roav Bolt – car charger with integrated Google Assistant

Anker Roav Bolt – car accessory that connects to the cigarette lighter. It has a round knob with the standard four indicators Google Assistant. Roav Bol is equipped with a dual noise-canceling microphone.

Microsoft will close Windows 8 four years earlier than promised

Microsoft, without any announcement, moved the deadlines for stopping the delivery of application updates from the official Windows 8 store, thereby actually setting a new date for the final closure of the unpopular operating system.

From July 1, 2019, it was planned to stop the delivery of updates to existing Windows Phone 8.x programs in the store, and after exactly four years – July 1, 2023 – to extend this also to Windows versions 8 and 8.1.

Scientists predict the emergence of “Internet thoughts”

Scientists predict the emergence of the “Internet of thoughts” in several decades. This invention will allow the human brain to communicate with computers. In the future, scientists will create a “superbrain”.

Scientists have created a “podsadnye molecules” to destroy tumors

Scientists from Israel have developed so-called “hiccup molecules” that kill tumors by deceiving them. These molecules attract proteins in cancer cells that would otherwise stick to other substances that help tumors survive.

People’s moral principles change under pressure

Why does a morally stable and respected person suddenly act meanly? A group of scientists from the United States argues that this behavior is based on unique patterns of brain activity. That is why some people violate their moral code under the influence of circumstances. The work is published on the website of Dartmouth College.

New information about the connection between the brain and the body

A study by the University of Arkansas reveals an amazing division of functionality among the motor cortex neurons, which can help scientists understand how the brain controls the body and the nature of neurological disorders, writes eurekalert.org.

Researchers studied neurons in the rat motor cortex and found that they are divided into two groups: “externally oriented” neurons that interact with and control various parts of the body, and “internally oriented” ones that communicate only with each other and do not send signals to other parts of the body.

“Changes in inhibitory signaling are associated with numerous brain disorders,” explains Woodrow Shaw, an assistant professor of physics. “When we increased inhibition in the motor cortex, the neurons responsible for controlling the body became more internally oriented. This means that the signals sent to the muscles from the motor cortex can be distorted by irregular internal signals, which are usually not. ”

By 2040 China will master industrial thermonuclear fusion

The PRC allocated over $ 900 million for the construction of a tokamak, which will be able to “ignite” the plasma. This fact is considered proof of China’s solid course on the construction of an industrial thermonuclear facility, which does not negate a number of technical difficulties.

Study: artificial smile improves mood

An artificial smile can actually elevate your mood, but in reality, the effect of it is slightly weaker than expected. This is the reason American scientists came up with the results of a global analysis of past work.

New way to quit smoking, scientists have found

Scientists from Imperial College London have found a new way to quit smoking. According to researchers, the easiest way to quit this habit in a pair.

It turned out that those who quit smoking themselves were six times less likely to do it successfully than those who quit smoking in pairs. The fact is that a person who decides to quit smoking feels lonely. Nicotine breakdown also occurs. Partners and friends can help cope with these sensations.