22 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/21/2019

Times: CIA learned about the financing of Huawei by the PRC military

The CIA has provided the UK with Huawei funding data from the Chinese armed forces. It is reported by The Times, citing sources. According to the newspaper, the CIA claimed that Huawei allegedly received funding from the security services and the armed forces of China.

Social activists signed a resolution against the “chipping” of Russians

Moscow hosted the conference “Forced Digitization of a Personality or Freedom of a Person”, its participants discussed a new law “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On Individual Accounting in the System of Compulsory Pension Insurance ”. This is the correspondent of RBC. According to the organizers of the event, the law “turns the SNILS into a lifelong number-identifier of a person, giving access to all his personal information.”

The participants of the conference signed a resolution “against the introduction of a system of total electronic control over the population”, a document submitted by the public association “Committee for the Protection of Personal Data”. The resolution is directed against remote biometric identification and authentication of Russians, “chipping the population, destroying personal and family secrets,” as well as “transferring state functions to banks and other commercial structures.”

British Navy reconnaissance ship enters Black Sea

HMS Echo reconnaissance ship of the British Navy entered the Black Sea. This was reported by the resource Bosphorus Observer, tracking the passage of vessels through the Bosphorus. According to the Marine Traffic monitoring resource, the ship is now heading north.

Russia leases for 49 years Tartus in Syria

The seaport of Tartus in Syria will be leased to Russia for 49 years for transport and economic use in the coming week, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov told reporters after meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In Russia, created able to conduct reconnaissance in a radius of 100 km drone

Russia has developed a new unmanned aerial vehicle that can conduct reconnaissance of objects within a radius of 100 kilometers, said the head of the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy, Colonel-General Gennady Zibrov.

Lukashenko called Russia a stronghold of Belarusian sovereignty

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who complained last week that “they have become arrogant and twisting their arms” in Russia, today called Russia a stronghold of Belarusian sovereignty.

Mexican Mafia Threatens President Andres Obrador

In Mexico, the local mafia began to threaten President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, posting the appropriate messages on a bridge in the town of Zelaya, the state of Guanajuato. This was on Saturday, April 20, reported on the portal Noticaribe.

Ex-Prime Minister of Algeria was summoned to court on embezzlement of state funds

The Algerian court summoned former Prime Minister Ahmed Uyahyu in connection with the investigation into the embezzlement of public funds and obtaining illegal benefits. In addition, according to TSA, the Minister of Finance, the former head of the Bank of Algeria, Mohamed Lukal, was summoned to court.

Defense Ministry showed on the video new guns to hunt for drones

The Ministry of Defense has demonstrated on video new guns and nets intended for hunting for drones. The corresponding video appeared on the page of the department on Twitter.

Submarines Borei with cruise missiles will appear in Russia

According to a source quoting the press service of the Ministry of Defense, in the new submarines, instead of traditional ballistic missiles, they use long-range cruise models. In case of signing the document on implementation, delivery directly to the customer will not happen soon.

Israel tested missiles against S-300

The missiles were tested during a military strike in Syria. It is assumed that the missiles are out of reach for Russian air defense. The range of Rampage missiles is 150 km. Projectiles are capable of striking underground bunkers and targets protected by ground-to-air installations of the type C-300.

Russia has adopted the first Avangard missile systems since the beginning of the year.

Since the beginning of the year, the first Avangard missile systems have appeared in service with Russia. According to the documentation provided by the Telegram channel Gallifrey technologies, from the beginning of this year at least two Avangard missile complexes could appear in Russia’s arsenal.

“Doctors without Borders” announced the biggest humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

“The population of Afghanistan is suffering from an acute shortage of medical care,” said Gaetan Drossar, a coordinator of the operations of the International Association of Doctors without Borders in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to a Federal News Agency correspondent.

The widow of Slobodan Milosevic who died in Russia was buried in Serbia

The widow of the former president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic, Mira Markovic, who died in a hospital in Russia, was buried in Serbia. It is reported by Radio and Television of Serbia. Markovic’s funeral was held in Pozarevac, which is located 80 km from Belgrade.

FBI arrested the leader of the “group of patriots”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested Larry Hopkins, the leader of a “group of patriots,” who detained migrants illegally crossing the US-Mexico border in New Mexico.

US Day Marijuana Celebration Becomes Mainstream

“The Day of Marijuana” in the United States began to celebrate not only ordinary Americans, but also large American companies, according to expert Alex Veiga on April 20 in his article on the Associated Press website. According to the author, the celebration on April 20 of each year of the day “420”, which earlier belonged to counterculture manifestations, has now become so popular that American corporations are becoming involved in it.

According to the Arcview Group (a company engaged in investment and research in the cannabis market), the volume of retail sales of cannabis products jumped to $ 10.5 billion last year. This is a threefold increase compared with 2017. The data does not include retail sales of CBD products.

Recall the transition to the use of marijuana in the discharge of the norm in the United States began at a rapid pace in 2012, when the states of Colorado and Washington legalized its recreational use. Later, they were joined by eight more states, including California, Oregon and Michigan. Medical marijuana is legal in two thirds of the states, among which are conservative states like Utah and Oklahoma.

Medical comics reduce anxiety before surgery

Scientists from the University Hospital Charite in Germany conducted a study of examining comics before heart surgery. As observations have shown, drawn stories help improve patient understanding of the procedure and thereby reduce anxiety.

Normal salt helps start the process of losing weight in the body.

Danish scientists informed about one of the beneficial properties of ordinary salt. Research experts found that this product is able to start the process of losing weight in humans.

Paid compliment services are gaining popularity in China

In Chinese social networks and messengers such as WeChat, QQ and others, a wave of groups spreads in which the user will be praised for a fee and will be told warm words of support addressed to him. The cost of such therapy costs about 8 to 500 yuan (from 100 to 5,000 rubles). Chat owners can earn large amounts of money on orders. And people who write commendable messages can, in turn, receive rewards from chat owners.

The popularity of such groups is due to a special mentality. In China, it is not accepted to accept compliments. There, as a rule, they are ashamed of any positive assessments in their address and try to change the subject of conversation to something less personal.

Russian schoolchildren gathered to save from suicide because of the exam

Psychologists believe that during the exams, high school students tend to think more about suicide because they are experiencing increased stress. High requirements for passing the exam can lead to stress and depression, which the student is difficult to cope with.

Russian summer residents fined for greenhouses

Signals of fines and taxes are received from different regions of the Russian Federation. According to URA.RU, in Russia, summer residents are called to account for illegal establishment of greenhouses in the dacha plots

The head of the fund to support pensioners, gardeners and farmers, Vasily Zakharyaschev, reports that there is a tax on a greenhouse if it is installed on a capital foundation and is connected to communications. However, it appears if its area exceeds fifty square meters. In 2019, the Federal Law 217 on Horticulture and Gardening entered into legal force.

Taxation is carried out legally. In order not to run into them, it is necessary to prove that the greenhouse is non-capital and not used for industrial purposes. When setting up a greenhouse, it is important to consider the requirements of the law. The place for it is chosen fire-prevention: 10 m from buildings made of wood or 8 m from wooden buildings covered with non-combustible material. You can not put it closer than 1 m from the area of ​​neighbors and closer than 5 m from the main street or passage. Raising it, you can not damage the fertile soil layer. The penalty for violation of these requirements varies from 1 thousand to 5 thousand rubles.

Pensioner from Britain went around 51 thousand beer bars

A total of 74-year-old Bruce Masters visited 51,695 pubs, thus setting a world record. According to him, he began to drink beer at the age of 15, and since then has been keeping records of his expenses for this drink. In a special notebook, Bruce marks every pub that has visited.

After retiring in 1996, he began visiting bars in two different cities of the country every week. – On average, I go around 1000 pubs every year and 20 per week. I spend 40 pounds on beer in 7 days, ”the Briton said. 40 pounds is about 3.3 thousand rubles. In each of the establishments, Bruce tries to drink only 0.5 cups of beer in order to get around more bars. In total, according to Masters’ own calculations, he drank 42 thousand glasses of beer in his life, for which he spent about 120 thousand pounds sterling (about 10 million rubles).

How Lenin’s museums make a living

On the eve of the 149th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ulyanov, the Izvestia journalists found out how the “Leninist” economy works. Museums associated with the name of the leader of the world proletariat are experiencing a renaissance. In the last 2-3 years, both in the Gorki Leninskiye and the Ulyanovsk Lenin Memorial, and even in the less popular Spill, the number of visitors is constantly increasing. But museums try to earn not only on thematic expositions. They offer a variety of services – from hotels and film studios in historic places to honey and home-made cakes. The brand “Lenin” turned out to be in demand and brings tens of millions of rubles of additional income per year.

Interior Ministry proposed to ban the rehabilitation of drug addicts in organizations without a license

The Ministry of Internal Affairs considers it necessary to stop dividing the rehabilitation of drug addicts into social and medical. The ministry offered to carry out rehabilitation only in licensed medical organizations. The corresponding package of draft laws was published on the portal of regulatory legal acts.

Sberbank intends to become co-owner of the Rambler Group

Sberbank of Russia has confirmed to Interfax the fact of negotiations on entering the Rambler Group’s capital. The corresponding statement released the press service of the credit institution. Earlier, Sberbank denied information about plans to buy a group or its individual assets.

North Korea intends to consolidate economic ties with Russia

The state strategy for the economic development of the DPRK for 2016-2020 provides for a gradual departure from the orientation towards China and the strengthening of foreign economic relations with Russia, the Middle East and the countries of Southeast Asia, reports on Sunday the newspaper Mainichi.

Kolomoisky won the third lawsuit in the case of “Privat”

The Pechersk court of Kiev decided to terminate the personal guarantee of the oligarch and former owner Igor Kolomoisky on refinancing loans from the Ukrainian Privatbank, which were received before the state entered the capital of the bank in the amount of UAH 9 billion (about $ 330 million).

In Crimea, plan to create an online bank

Large Russian banks in the territory of the Crimean peninsula plan to introduce an online bank like Tinkoff Bank to serve entrepreneurs. This was stated by the chairman of the Committee on the Financial Market in the State Duma, Anatoly Aksakov, writes RIA Novosti.

Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce mandatory labeling of jewelry

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has developed a draft law on the introduction of mandatory labeling of precious metals, precious stones and products from them since 2020. At the same time, silverware of domestic production will be marked voluntarily.

The fund for the protection of the rights of real estate investors collected 19 billion rubles

Since the beginning of its work, the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens-Participants in Share Construction has collected about 19 billion rubles. It extends to 450 thousand apartments, said the deputy director of the fund Alexey Nidens

If we do not resolve the issue of protecting apartment buyers before July 1 of this year, then we have a significant risk that in a year or two we will not have deceived co-investors who bought housing, but there will be a large number of cheated co-investors who bought apartments. – Nikolay Nikolayev, a Russian politician

Beer prices went up significantly in Germany

Last year, prices for beer and beer drinks in Germany rose noticeably, according to a report from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). During this time, the cost of this product jumped by an average of 3.5 percent, which is almost two percent more than the overall increase in consumer prices.

Human rights defenders were expelled from the detention center when the arrested person spoke about torture

In the Kresty SIZO, members of the Public Observation Commission were forbidden to communicate with one of the defendants in the case of a terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro. This was told by Yana Teplitskaya, who was present during the conversation, on her Facebook page. It clarifies that human rights activists talked with Abror Azimov.

On the MIFF will show the film “Women of the Gulag”

The documentary film by Marianna Yarovskaya, “Women of the Gulag,” which was shortlisted for the Oscar in the category “Best Documentary,” will be shown on Sunday at the 41st Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), will be announced on the MIFF official website.

Completed shooting the picture “Bad Boys 3”

The filming of The Bad Boys-3, the third part of the story of detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry, has come to an end. The leading actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence told about it in social networks. The filming process lasted three months.

Dolphin will give a concert in Novosibirsk “Subway”

On April 25, a big concert by the musician Dolphin will take place in the Novosibirsk Underground. On it will sound both his last compositions, and songs of early albums. Organizers note that this will be a completely new program.

Magadan to show “stand-up” drama about the writer Daniel Granin

Magadanskaya Pravda writes that the literary-biographical mono-play “Daniel Granin: A View from the Future” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the writer’s birth will take place on April 30. The author and performer is Dmitry Maklyakov.

 “Lucky Per” became the winner of the IX International Film Festival in Beijing

The film Lykke-Per (“Lucky Per”, 2018) of Danish director Bill Augusta won the main prize of the IX Beijing International Film Festival (PIMF), the Tiantan Prize (Temple of Heaven), for which 14 motion pictures were fought. The award ceremony took place in the Huayzhou district in the north of the Chinese capital.

The government ordered to expand the classics of the repertoire of theaters of opera and ballet

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets instructed the Ministry of Culture to analyze the repertoires of theaters of opera and ballet, taking into account the age categories of the audience, according to the government website.

“The Ministry of Culture of Russia to analyze the creative repertoire of theaters of opera and ballet, taking into account the age categories of the audience,” – said in the order.

It is noted that before May 20, 2019, the department should submit proposals that are aimed at expanding the works of Russian classical musical art in the repertoire of theaters.

Netflix will pay singer Beyonce $ 60 million for three projects

The American video streaming company Netflix will pay the singer Beyonce $ 60 million for three projects, Variety reports on April 19, citing a source. It is noted that at the moment the first project has been implemented, for which the artist has received $ 20 million.

Art Exhibition “Breath of the Steppe”

An exhibition was opened in the village of Elekmonar of the Chemalsky district in the gallery of Igor Grebnev, which features more than seventy works by artists from the Republic of Altai, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Barnaul and Biysk, as well as from neighboring countries – Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

The story of Stephen King “Parking” is filmed

The story was first published in 2003 in Esquire magazine, and then it was included in the collection “After Sunset” 2008. The film is described as a thriller that tells about the intricate journey of two women after the fateful meeting at a stop on the highway. The project will be engaged in the studio Legendary.

How to create a monument “The Bronze Horseman”

The full-length feature film “The Bronze Horseman of Russia” was shot, telling about the history of the creation of the famous sculpture of St. Petersburg. The world premiere of the film will take place as part of a special screening at the Moscow International Film Festival on April 22, 2019, the website of the Ministry of Culture of Russia reports.

The director of the film, the author of the script and the producer of the film was the People’s Artist of Russia Vasily Livanov, the music was written for him by the composer Gennady Gladkov, and performed by the Russian State Cinema Orchestra under the direction of Sergey Skrypka.

The author of the virus WannaCry admitted to creating a new malware

Computer genius from the UK Markus Hutchins admitted to the creation and distribution of a new effective virus Kronos. His case was considered by the District Court of the Western District of Wisconsin. Hutchins is accused of spreading the virus, creating malware, and giving false testimony.

Xiaomi introduced a wireless iron for $ 30

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released a wireless iron Mi Cordless Steam Iron, writes the publication Gizmochina. It is noted that the attention of buyers to this household appliance will be paid due to low cost.

Qualcomm will release a budget version of the Snapdragon 855 chip

The flagship processor in 2019 was the Snapdragon 855. This chip shows a record performance, but also a high price. Next year, Qualcomm intends to release a cheaper version of the Snapdragon 855, which will be developed using 7-nm technology and will include a 5G modem.

Scientists called a vegetable that lowers blood pressure without pills

With elevated blood pressure, scientists advise patients to add onions to their diets. This vegetable contains substances that help to work the cardiovascular system.

Denmark will track the sulfur content in the exhaust of ships with the help of a drone

Denmark began to monitor the sulfur content in the exhaust gases of ships passing through the Great Belt using an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is reported by DroneDJ with reference to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

New plastic turns into wax upon contact with the ground

The epidemic of plastic pollution has long become a serious problem for people and aquatic inhabitants. Polyethylene has been destroyed for centuries, because of which real islands of garbage have grown in the oceans, and the decision from TimePlast will help to avoid new pollution.

Facebook and Google learned about drug use by users through applications.

New research has shown that free apps for people suffering from depression or wanting to quit are passing on Facebook and Google data. Often in these applications, users indicate which psychoactive substances they take

WhatsApp is testing a fingerprint scanner for an Android application.

WhatsApp has launched beta testing of an Android application with a biometric protection feature. The update applies only to this platform. It is also known that biometric authentication will block the ability to take screenshots of the screen.

Scientists have discovered the most massive neutron star

American scientists have discovered the most massive neutron star PSR J0740 + 6620, located in a binary system with a white dwarf. Its mass is 2.17 times higher than that of the Sun, but the size is no more than 20 kilometers.

Abnormal snails found in polluted areas of the Arctic

An anomaly in the form of signs of pseudohermaphroditism found in snails of the species Boreocingula martyni living in polluted port Arctic regions can be used as a marker of the environmental situation in the Arctic – writes the Polar Biology newspaper

Personality changes are not always observed during the development of dementia.

It is believed that the occurrence of dementia is associated with changes in personality, but a study by American scientists has shown that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease do not always manifest as this symptom.

Created environmentally friendly material to replace the cooling gases

British scientists together with their colleagues from Spain have created and are already going to put on the market a new material that can replace the gases currently used in refrigeration and air conditioning. This is the site Vevby.ru.

Scientists have announced the danger of contact zoos

IA Oreanda-News Visiting contact zoos can turn into a tragedy, since pathogens resistant to medicines can be transmitted from animals to humans. This statement is made by Israeli scientists after conducting research in eight zoos.

Scientists have developed a hydrogen battery for smartphones

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) managed to create a miniature charger capable of generating electricity through the process of splitting water. Batteries begin to produce energy in the synthesis of air with water.

Vitamin D deficiency contributes to the development of autoimmune diseases

In adults, lack of vitamin D can lead to osteomalacia – softening of the bones. The University of Edinburgh team focused on how vitamin D affects the body’s immune system — the ability of dendritic cells to activate T-cells.

Experts have found genes that increase the risk of schizophrenia

Specialists from Vanderbilt University (USA) identified 104 genes that contribute to the development of schizophrenia in humans. In addition, it turned out that one of the genes is responsible for the autism spectrum disorder. The research results appeared in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Audi showed new e-tron Quattro

At the New York Auto Show, the German company introduced a new electrocross. The new Audi e-tron Quattro has a very impressive size – 4880/1930/1540 mm. In the model number, the novelty will be located between the Audi Q5 and Q7.

At the former factory Saab will launch the production of solar-powered cars

The German startup Sono Motors together with the Swedish-Chinese consortium NEVS will produce solar-powered cars at the former Saab company in the Swedish Trollhättan. It is reported by Automotive News. Production of a compact electric hatchback Sion will begin next year.

IAT showed off the armored SUV Karlmann King

As part of the New York auto show, the Chinese brand IAT showed its luxurious armored SUV Karlmann King, which costs $ 2 million. Recall that the world premiere of the model took place back in November last year at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Acura brought the NSX GT3 Evo to New York

More recently, Acura showed a sports car for racing GTD, bestowing the model name NSX GT3 Evo. The model received a Spice Engineering chassis with an NSX SE90 Comptech Camel Lights GTP engine with a volume of 3.5 liters. The car took prizes in the competitions of 2017 and 2018