27 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/26/2019

Trump urged to get rid of nuclear weapons

US President Donald Trump said on the television channel Fox News that all countries should abandon nuclear weapons, reports TASS.

“We want to get rid of nuclear weapons, we all have to. Russia must get rid of him, China must get rid of him, ”Trump concluded.

This statement was made by Trump, commenting on the meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin and the statement of the latter that Russia is ready to help the United States with the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Governor of Khakassia quadrupled salaries for himself and his ministers

The decree, dated April 12, four times increases the amount of additional payments to salary – up to 400% of the monthly rate. Previously, the size of the salary increase of ministers and the head of the region could be only 100% of the salary. This document drew the attention of the Agency news. At the same time, the officials changed not only the size, but also the order of charges: now it is not one-time bonuses, but monthly surcharges. The decree on the calculation of additional payments to officials until April 29 is under examination and will take effect 90 days after its completion.

Ukraine has stopped the transit of Russian oil

Ukraine is forced to suspend the transit of Russian oil via the Druzhba pipeline. About this company “Ukrtransnafta” on its page on Facebook.

The report notes that in accordance with the agreement on the provision of oil transportation services, the Ukrainian side has the right to stop accepting Russian raw materials if it does not meet the quality indicators. An additional reason for the suspension of transit was the refusal to accept the operator of the Slovak section of the Druzhba oil from Russia via this pipeline, because of this, the Ukrainian operator could not deliver oil to Slovakia.

The Ukrainian side also notes that material losses will be imposed on the side that “has not fulfilled its obligations”. Transit recovery will be reported separately.

Belarus assesses the damage from low-quality Russian oil at $ 100 million

Belarus has given a preliminary estimate of the losses due to poor-quality Russian oil. At the moment, they amount to $ 100 million, Interfax reports, citing the deputy chairman of the Belneftekhim concern, Vladimir Sizov.

Near Kaliningrad, they will install an EW complex that will cover the whole of Europe

Complexes of electronic warfare (EW) “Murmansk-BN” will be installed in the Kaliningrad region. According to Izvestia, with reference to the General Staff of the Navy, the first vehicles have already been transferred to the Baltic Fleet.

Russian intelligence officers found Islamist training camps in Latin America

The emergence of jihadist training camps in Latin America has become a new risk factor for the exacerbation of the situation in the region, said Vice-Admiral Igor Kostyukov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

“Among the new risk factors, the emergence of jihadist training camps and shelters in the region can be highlighted,” Kostyukov said at the Moscow International Security Conference.

North Korea demanded two million dollars for an American student

North Korea billed the United States for a large bill for the treatment of the American student Otto Wombiera, who fell into a state of coma. DPRK authorities have demanded to pay two million dollars. The invoice was presented to the United States representative, Joseph Yun, who arrived for the student.

Media reported on the strike of SAS pilots in Sweden

Swedish pilots of the Scandinavian airline SAS started a strike on Friday night, negotiations with representatives of the trade union in Denmark and Norway continue, reports the publication Aftonbladet.

Dmitry Bykov called the cause of his hospitalization poisoning

Dmitry Bykov said that he was hospitalized in serious condition due to poisoning. In this case, the writer does not know what exactly poisoned. He told about the reasons for his hospitalization in the release of the program “One” on “Echo of Moscow”, which he recorded from the hospital.

I don’t know what I was poisoned with, I don’t know why I had this jump and I don’t understand why I actually lost consciousness on the plane to Ufa. – Dmitry Bykov, Russian writer

Due to debts abroad, the May holidays will not allow 3 million people

About three million Russian citizens will not be able to spend the May holidays outside of Russia because of debts, writes the Izvestia newspaper on April 26. According to the Federal Bailiff Service, the number of debtors is growing. In 2019, it turned out to be more in the first quarter (4.4 million people) than at the same time last year. At the same time, the amount of debt payment increased in the first quarter of this year: 19 billion rubles were paid, whereas in 2018 during the same period – 12.9 billion rubles.

CIA has got an official Instagram account

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States launched on Thursday the official page on the social network Instagram. So far, the agency in Langley has posted a single photo in its account. It captures the alleged workplace of a CIA officer.

Half of Russians do not know that Christians celebrate Easter

According to RIA “Novosti” with reference to Poros, conducted by VTsIOM, 6% of Russians think that on Easter they celebrate the birthday of Christ. 4% of respondents said that Easter is a holiday of remembrance of the departed, and another 3% believe that this is how Christians celebrate the end of the fast. 32% of respondents admitted that they do not know that believers celebrate Easter.

Named the cost of one day of rest in the Crimea in the upcoming season

The head of the committee of the Crimean Parliament on a sanatorium and resort complex and tourism, Alexei Chernyak, said that the average cost of one day of rest on the peninsula this season will be 2.8 thousand rubles per person.

The ROC includes the DPRK and South Korea in its missionary interests.

North and South Korea, along with other countries belonging to the Patriarchal Exarchate in Southeast Asia, are of great interest for missionaries and clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Medvedev will give money to large mortgage holders

Medvedev instructed the authorized ministries to submit proposals on amendments to the legislation aimed at assisting families who received a mortgage housing loan (loan) to purchase housing, in the form of a payment from the federal budget in the amount of 450 thousand rubles to repay a loan (loan) in birth after January 1, 2019 in such families of the third or subsequent children

The United States launched an investigation against Glencore due to suspicion of corruption

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) suspected corruption of the oil trader Glencore. An investigation has been launched regarding the company and its subsidiaries. Glencore has already received a notification from CFTC, according to a company press release.

The decline in industrial production in Japan indicates the risk of reducing GDP

Industrial production in Japan in January-March showed the largest decline in almost five years, which indicates the possibility of a moderate reduction in GDP in the first quarter.

Medvedev instructed to increase the period of child care, included in the experience

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed government agencies to explore the possibility of extending the child care period to three years, which is included in the work experience for assigning a pension. This writes RIA Novosti with reference to the website of the Cabinet. Medvedev addressed the relevant instructions to three departments – the Ministry of Labor of Russia, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The deadline for execution of the order is May 20, 2019.

Ust-Luga port suspended loading of Urals oil due to quality

The Baltic port of Ust-Luga has suspended the loading of Urals oil onto tankers due to the refusal of customers to accept raw materials with a high content of organic chlorine, Reuters reported, citing sources.

In the Altai Territory, an additional 1.5 billion rubles will be allocated. on the indexation of public sector wages

The authorities of the Altai Territory intend to allocate an additional 1.5 billion rubles in 2019 for the indexation of public sector wages. This was announced on Friday by Governor Viktor Tomenko, reporting to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly on the work of the regional government for 2018.

US Department of Commerce refused to cancel duties on raw materials for NLMK plants

The US Department of Commerce rejected the request of NLMK Vladimir Lisin to exclude raw materials imported from Russia from the effect of the steel duty in the amount of 25%, the American industry agency AMM reported.

The number of citizens declared bankrupt rose

The number of citizens declared insolvent in January-March 2019, increased by 1.5 times compared to the same period last year, up to 13308 people, follows from the reports of arbitration managers in Fedresource (the figure includes individual entrepreneurs). The number of bankrupt companies decreased by 7.5% to 2,938.

“Citizens overtook companies in terms of bankruptcies a year after they had a separate procedure, and since then this gap has widened. Arbitration managers are working on technologies and coping with increased demand,” said Alexei Yukhnin, head of the Fedresurs project.

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank terminate merger talks

Banks reported the failure of the merger talks Negotiations on the merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, which began in March, ended in nothing: today the banks announced the termination of negotiations.

It became known for which countries Schengen can be closed

French leader Emmanuel Macron stressed the need for change in the organization of the Schengen area in order to exclude countries that do not want to provide common borders.

“The reform that the French president is referring to may close the perspective for Romania and Bulgaria,” a source said.

Son of Ex-Deputy Nabiyev Offended Pensioners Disbarred

Chairman of the Kletsky District Court of the Volgograd Region, Rashad Nabiyev, who is the son of the ex-member of the regional parliament Hasan Nabiyev, who offended low-income pensioners (on March 6, at the regional Duma session, called low-income pensioners “drones and drunks”), has no judge status.

According to the IA “New Day”, the decision was made today by the Qualification Collegium of Judges of the Volgograd Region on the basis of paragraphs. 6 p. 1 Art. 14 of the Law on the Status of Judges (acquisition of foreign citizenship). As it turned out, Rashad Nabiyev, who was appointed to the post of chairman of the Kletsky district court in 2013, has citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which contradicts the current legislation.

US wants to start a case against Assange on the law of espionage

Portal WikiLeaks said that the US Department of Justice intends to start a case against Julian Assange on the basis of the law on espionage. The organization stressed that those accused under this article face the death penalty.

Shoigu announced the reconstruction of more than 100 military airfields

The Ministry of Defense is embarking on a large-scale reconstruction of airfields throughout the country. This was announced at the board meeting of the department by its head, Sergei Shoigu, RIA Novosti reports. In total, 106 airfields will fall under the program for upgrading and updating.

Putin approved the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of governors

Vladimir Putin approved the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the work of the heads of the subjects of Russia and regional executive bodies. The corresponding decree is published on the official portal of legal information.

Lieutenant-General Sobolev about the current situation in the Russian army

Relatively recently, the head of the organization “In Support of the Army,” Lieutenant-General Viktor Sobolev. His position is quite different from the one we used to hear on television from officials. An article with this information was published on the Zen channel “In Three Words.”

“Our armed forces are in decline. It all started with the reform of Serdyukov, which began in 2008. A few years after that, the army control system was destroyed, and the high command offices were reduced tenfold, ”says Sobolev.

According to the lieutenant-general, now there can be no talk of any mobilization readiness of the Russian army.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory kindergarten teachers convicted of torturing children with needles

“Investigators were able to establish that between 2016 and April 2017, the caregivers repeatedly injected with clerical pins in the area of ​​the tongue, buttocks, upper and lower extremities, and other parts of the body of young children, thereby systematically causing physical pain,” GCS IC.

The United States is moving to Japan a new landing ship

The newest assault landing ship of the US Navy “America” will soon be deployed at the Sasebo naval base on the island of Kyushu in Japan

China showed its newest destroyer “Nanchang” at the naval parade

The first destroyer of the new type 055 “Nanchang” was shown to the public during the Naval parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army of China. Celebrations were held on April 23 in Qingdao, Navy Recognition website reported.

Belinvestbank imposes cash withdrawal and balance sheet fees

First of all, the bank wants to allow withdrawing money without commission only within a certain amount. Per day – no more than 500 rubles (or $ 200, 200 euros or 15,000 Russian rubles, if the card is opened in the relevant currency).

NOVATEK has agreed to sell 20% of Arctic LNG 2 to Chinese companies

In accordance with the binding agreements that NOVATEK signed with CNODC and CNOOC (the shelf company is China’s third largest oil company after CNPC and Sinopec) during the “One Belt, One Road” international forum, each of the Chinese companies will receive in the “Arctic LNG” project 2 “at 10%.

“In the End”: The Cranberries released their latest album

The Cranberries released their latest album “In the End” with the vocals of Dolores O’Riordan, who died in January 2018. The record includes 11 tracks, including “All Over Now”, which the musicians showed earlier.

For the first time Dresden Opera Ball will be held in St. Petersburg

On August 31, the Dresden Opera Ball will be held in St. Petersburg for the first time. Acting Governor Alexander Beglov spoke about preparations for a grandiose cultural event. The head of the city met with the artistic director of the event, Hans-Joa-Him Fry.

The cast of the new James Bond film has been announced.

Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) will play a bondian in the new picture. He will play the role of the main villain, the producers and artists of the film said on April 25. They broadcast from Golden Eye – at home in Jamaica, where writer Ian Fleming created novels about the superspy

VGTRK will shoot a television film about Yesenin on the 125th anniversary of the poet’s birth

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation will offer VGTRK to prepare a television documentary drama about Sergei Yesenin for the 125th anniversary of the poet’s birth, which will be celebrated in 2020

In Japan, came the full-length anime Birthday Wonderland

On April 26, the full-length fantasy anime film Birthday Wonderland (“Birthday in Wonderland”) is released in Japanese hire. Its director was Keiichi Hara (Miss Hokusai, Colorful), and one of the main designers was Russian artist and illustrator Ilya Kuvshinov.

“TNT-Premier” will show a series about the occult “Sect”

“The series frankly talks about things that are rarely in the focus of mainstream media: occultism, methods of enslaving consciousness, orgiastic rituals that are not inferior to narcotic dependence,” said TNT.

Ural Music Night announced the names of the new headliners

The organizers of the international music festival Ural Music Night announced the names of the new headliners. Among the top stars are Rita DAKOTA and Forbidden Drummers. As a guest star at the festival will make a group of “Romario”

Accept rock band will perform for the first time with an orchestra in Russia

For the first time, the German rock band Accept will perform in Russia accompanied by a symphony orchestra. On April 27, the musicians will demonstrate a specially prepared program in the St. Petersburg Palace of Culture named after Lensovet, and on April 28 in the capital concert hall of Crocus City Hall.

The album of alien songs Prince will be released on his birthday

Managers Prince inheritance announced the release of another album of his songs. The record «Originals» will include 15 songs written by a musician for other performers, in the very first original, as the name suggests, versions. Basically, they were all recorded in the 1980s. Material provided by Warner Bros. Records.

On the creation of cryptographic equipment for 5G will spend 28 billion

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed a draft target program “Development of the production of industrial products of the fifth generation networks and the Internet of things in the Russian Federation for 2019-2024”. The document provides that during this time about 28 billion rubles will be spent on the purchase of domestic equipment for 5G networks, RBC reports. It is assumed that Rostec, Skoltech and Russian companies-manufacturers of telecommunication equipment will participate in the program.

“Yandex” for the first time disclosed the proceeds from the sale of gadgets

In the first quarter of 2019, Yandex, according to data from the quarterly report, earned 222 million rubles. on gadget sales. This column, entitled IoT (Internet of Things), includes sales of Yandex.Telephone, Yandex.Station and some devices with a pre-installed voice assistant, Alice, created jointly with external partners, said a representative of Yandex Ilya Grabovsky. While the business is unprofitable: according to the report, its negative contribution to EBITDA is 170 million rubles. In previous reports, Yandex did not disclose data on the sale of gadgets.

 Yandex will launch a rental service for electric scooters

The company “Yandex” is going to start the rental service of electric scooters. In Yandex, they plan to join the car-sharing market, along with such companies as Lyft, Lime, Delisamok and YouDrive lite

Mail.Ru launches free online archive photo restoration service

Russia’s first free online service for the restoration of old photos for the holiday of May 9, launches the Internet holding Mail.Ru Group. With the help of the new service it will be possible to restore retro photographs, practically in pieces, as well as eliminate defects.

Phone banana Nokia 8110 4G received support for WhatsApp and Facebook

The Phone Banana Nokia 8110 4G received support for WhatsApp and Facebook applications. The device operates under the operating system KaiOS. Previously, support for these applications was available to Nokia 8110 4G owners in India.

Apple iPad Pro with 5G support will not appear until 2021

All sorts of leaks and rumors provide an opportunity to draw conclusions that already in 2020, Apple will start production of smartphones with 5G modems installed on them. The latest confirmation of this assumption is a settlement agreement with Qualcomm.

5G spread much earlier than expected.

Zhao Lei, president of Huawei’s carrier direction in Russia, spoke about this at the II Forum of Operators and Solution Providers of Russia’s Mobile Infrastructure Infrastructure (Russia Site Forum).

“Currently, there are already four suppliers of 5G chips, and 40 mobile phone models supporting the fifth generation communication standard will be on sale. Today, Huawei has received 40 5G commercial contracts and built 70,000 base stations. We expect that by 2025, 5G networks will cover 58% of the world’s population and will serve 2.8 billion users, ”he said.

Microsoft has increased system requirements for Windows 10

Microsoft has updated the minimum hardware requirements necessary for the correct operation of the final version of the Windows 10 1903 operating system. The main change concerned the amount of disk space. At least 32 GB of free space is required on the drive.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 600G Water Purifier collected 18.4 million yuan

Xiaomi has shared impressive sales results of the Mi Water Purifier 600G water purifier on Youpin crowdfunding platform. The Mi Water Purifier 600G is a four-tier smart cleaning filter that can remove rust, heavy metals and bacteria from water.

Samsung is developing its own cryptocurrency

South Korean company Samsung is developing a hybrid network based on the Ethereum blockchain and plans to launch its own token in the future

Google voice assistant learned to tell tales

Voice assistant from Google has got a new function and now can tell tales. Assistant will be able to do this through the speakers of Google Home, as well as through a tablet and even a mobile phone.

Scientists have developed the first self-managed robot surgeon

Researchers from the Boston Children’s Hospital have created the first self-managed robot surgeon in history, an autonomous catheter that enters the body and moves towards the heart.

New polymer glows white when stretched

Scientists have developed technology to integrate molecules that react to mechanical stress into polymers. They begin to glow brightly when damaged or overloaded.

Biophysicists have deciphered the true structure of the rhodopsin KR2

Discovered several years ago, the rhodopsin protein KR2 belongs to the group of photosensitive proteins, which are precisely used by optogenetics. Under the influence of light, they allow charged particles – ions – to enter or exit the cell.

A person recognizes odors not only through the nose, but also through the tongue.

Representatives of the Monella Center (Philadelphia) studied the human taste cells and found that they also contain specific proteins associated with odor recognition. This discovery calls into question the generally accepted theory: taste and smell are perceived by different senses and “combined” only in the brain to create a general impression of the taste of the product, according to Chemical Senses

Airship drone “Phoenix” first took to the air

In the UK, made the first flight of a new airship, equipped with solar panels and an electric motor. The creators of “Phoenix” claim that their drone can be in the air for an unlimited time, and therefore it can become a cheap alternative to communication satellites.

Scientists have found the work of a protein “accomplice” of cancer

Russian molecular biologists from Moscow State University and their colleagues from Sweden have learned the secret of the work of the cancer’s “accomplice” protein. It is his malicious cells that are used to disable cellular self-destruction systems. On the discovery writes magazine Trends in Cell Biology. In the course of research, biologists have established what causes tumor cells to die and why specific substances do not work for them.

Wind speed and wave height in the oceans are increasing every year.

Wind speed increased by about an inch per second each year, which is about twice as fast as in the direction across the Southern Ocean and south of the equator, but half as much as in the North Atlantic.

Fire retardant coating for wood, wood!

Scientists from the VTT Technical Research Center in Finland have created a fire retardant coating for wood from nanocellulose fibers, a material derived from wood. About this writes New Atlas.

Researchers used HefCel technology (enzymatic fibrillation of high-concentration cellulose) to make the coating. Having obtained a gel-like nanocellulose, the scientists applied it to wood. Nanocellulose, when applied to wood, naturally sticks to it and creates an air-tight barrier that keeps oxygen from penetrating to the surface of the wood. This protects the material from fire, the study says.