29 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/28/2019

Iran has threatened to withdraw from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Iran is considering the possibility of withdrawing from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) as a response to US sanctions, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said. According to him, Iran “has many options” of response.

“Exit from the NPT is one of them,” said the minister, quoted by the Mehr agency.

The NPT entered into force on March 5, 1970. To date, 190 countries comply with the treaty. The parties to the treaty are not Israel, India, Pakistan, the DPRK and South Sudan.

In Germany, proposed a new strategy for the Donbass

The Bundestag Faction of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) adopted a document containing proposals for a new conflict resolution strategy in the east of Ukraine. According to Bild, the new strategy has received the name “The world in Ukraine needs a new impulse”.

According to the publication, the strategy consists of 12 points and, in particular, provides for the expansion of the mission to assist Ukraine in reforming the country’s police sector (EUAM). According to the deputies, this is necessary in order to timely implement the reform of the security agencies, which “could have a terrifying effect in the event of external aggression.”

Maduro announced the release of Venezuela from the “Ministry of the United States Colonies”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the withdrawal from the Organization of American States (OAS) was the liberation of the country from the “ministry of US colonies.”

Iranian drone filmed a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf

The UAV belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), was able to get close to the US aircraft carrier going through the Persian Gulf, and “consider” it in detail.

Ukraine without transit will remain without gas

At a press conference following the visit to China, President Vladimir Putin commented on the issue of signing a new agreement with Ukraine on the transit of natural gas. According to Putin, Ukraine now receives twice as much gas as it could receive.

If there is no gas transit to Ukraine, then there will be no reverse and gas supply, ”Putin said, explaining that there is no real reverse.“ This is rubbish and deception, ”he stressed, adding that gas is being piped in ordinary gas pipelines. mode, and then written on the papers, it is a reverse

Naftogaz will offer Gazprom a new transit agreement for 10 years

Naftogaz plans to offer Gazprom to book 60 billion cubic meters of gas in the upcoming negotiations m transit capacity of the gas transmission system of Ukraine for a period of ten years. This was during a press conference, said the executive director of the Ukrainian company Yuri Vitrenko.

Putin called the amount of funds for issuing passports to residents of Donbass

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference following his visit to the PRC stated that next year and in the following years it may take about 100 billion rubles to cover the costs of issuing Russian passports to residents of Donbass.

China decided to send warships to the crash site of the F-35 in the Pacific Ocean

Chinese bloggers have published on the popular resource Sina information that the command of the PRC Navy decided to send two warships to the crash site of the Japanese F-35 fighter in the Pacific. The reason for this may be an attempt to get the wreckage of the crashed secret aircraft.

Greece is armed with American drones MQ-9 Reaper

Greece intends to arm with American drones. According to the “Warspot” with reference to the portal armyrecognition.com, the Ministry of Defense announced the purchase of reconnaissance-drone UAVs MQ-9 Reaper.

The US Air Force is planning the first flight tests of the X-60A hypersonic missile

The design of an air-based X-60A liquid-propellant rocket has been completed. Further work goes to the stage of production. In 2020, the X-60A rocket will pass its first flight tests.

Multipurpose lightly armored tractors for the Arctic

Russian marine units deployed in the North began to receive upgraded, multi-purpose, lightly armored tractors designed for operations in the Arctic. Moreover, the marines have already begun to use this technique during exercises.

Putin announced the plans of the Russian Federation to continue the fight against terrorism in Idlib

Russia will continue the fight against terrorism on the territory of the Syrian province of Idlib, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the Russian leader, if terrorist activity is registered in the province of Idlib, it will be stopped by air strikes.

China is testing a reusable hypersonic rocket

The hypersonic projectile reached a height of 25 km, made a flight, after which a reusable part separated from the rocket, parachuting in a desert region in northwestern China. The weight of the product is 3.7 tons, with a length of eight meters and 70 cm and a width of 2.5 meters.

China’s transport switches to ecological fuel

A total of 6,106 methanol taxis entered the roads of Xian, the capital of the Chinese province of Shaanxi, as part of the fight against air pollution, Xinhua news agency reported.

As REGNUM news agency reported, in the Chinese province of Guizhou in 2019, 10,000 methanol taxis should also go on the roads as part of an environmental campaign

From the SUV Mercedes G-Class made cars for tourists

The German Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV is ideally suited for this task. Specifically, this version of the legend created by tuning companies Off Road Center (ORC) from Germany. As the name implies, the guys are engaged in the creation of ideal machines for overcoming off-road

Nazarbayev called China a close friend of Kazakhstan

The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, met in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Interfax reports. During the meeting, Nazarbayev thanked Xi Jinping for hospitality and warm welcome, the press service of the first president said

IT industry is asked to save humanity from Internet addiction

IT industry is asking to save humanity from Internet addictions Last week’s conference in San Francisco, Humanity: A New Agenda for Technology Companies, gathered more than 300 representatives of the IT industry: company executives, scientists and experts.

In China, the robot taught to repeat human movements

In Shenzhen (China), there was a presentation of a robot that repeats the movements of the operator, reports MIR 24. The robot quite confidently copies the movements of human hands and at the end of the manipulation shakes the hand of the viewer.

Member of the fashion week in Sao Paulo died after falling on the catwalk

Model participating in fashion week in Sao Paulo, 26-year-old Thales Soares died after falling on the catwalk during the show. It is reported by the Associated Press with reference to the organizers of the event (Sao Paulo Fashion Week, SPFW).

Sobyanin promised to triple the number of places in kindergartens in New Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised to triple the number of places in kindergartens in New Moscow compared with 2012 in three years. Sobyanin noted that everything possible is being done to satisfy the demand, the Russia 1 TV channel reported.

Published video of the flight prototype of the MS-21-300 airliner

The Irkut Aircraft Corporation published footage of a prototype flight of a MS-21-300 passenger aircraft. The liner made a non-stop flight from Irkutsk to Ulyanovsk. As noted in the press release of the company, the flight took place in the normal mode, the crew had no comments on the operation of the aircraft’s systems

Scientists have discovered the most ancient trace of man

In Chile, American scientists have found a trace of a man. It is reported that the find, left about 15,000 years ago, is the oldest footprint.

Nazarbayev and Jackie Chan discussed joint film projects

Former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Chinese actor Jackie Chan discussed possible joint projects in the film industry during a meeting in Beijing. About this reports TASS with reference to the press service of Nazarbayev. As noted, the meeting was also attended by members of the actor’s creative team.

I am very happy to meet such a celebrity. You are popular all over the world. – Nursultan Nazarbayev, politician

Opel will start assembling cars in Russia again

The German company Opel left the Russian car production market in 2015. The activities of the assembly plant for passenger cars of this brand were suspended in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Hackers revealed allies of Roskomnadzor and the FSB in censorship activities

Grouping Digital Revolution has published files from the hacked correspondence of employees of the company 0day technologies. The analysis of the documents showed that the corporate structure was laid on the basis of the staff of the laboratory of Mathematical Problems of Computer Security of the Moscow State University, which is managed by Ruslan Gilyazov. It is he who heads the company 0day technologies.

In addition, it is reported that the documents confirm that the employees of this particular company actively assisted the agents of Roskomnadzor and the FSB in the implementation of Internet censorship, attempts to block the Telegram messenger, the Spring and SORM package

AFP: French traveler crossed the Atlantic in a barrel

Jean-Jacques Saven, a 72-year-old French traveler, finished Saturday evening (Paris time) crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel. He announced this on Sunday by satellite phone Agence France-Presse.

“They didn’t like Turkish and Egyptian visas in our passports.”

On Sunday, April 28, two Russian planes at once checked for visas in the transit zone of the main Guangzhou airport in the People’s Republic of China. Despite the fact that the tourists flew only with a transfer and did not plan to leave the transit zone, they were asked to issue local visas. That’s just got them, not all.

As reported by “Komsomolka” one of the tourist Alyona Kamerdin:

At the airport of Guangzhou, two aircraft, ours – from Phuket and another one from Bali, were subjected to a very strange check. We only had an internal transplant. And we had to fly to another city in China, from where there was a flight to Moscow. It is not clear why, but we were all asked to fill out application forms for a Chinese visa. Although we were in the transit zone and did not go into the city. By law, we do not need a visa. But they just took away our passports and demanded to draw up the documents. As a result, 27 people did not receive a visa. This is including me. Forms filled three times and each time was refused. At first, they didn’t explain anything at all, and then indicated the presence of Turkish and Egyptian visas in our passports. They for some reason did not like it. Now we are not allowed to go to China. At the same time, we already missed our planes and are now sitting and do not know what to do.

In France, the 24th action of “yellow vests” ended

On the streets of French cities, the 24th action of “yellow vests” took place. According to the Interior Ministry, approximately 23.5 thousand people took part in the protests. According to activists themselves, this figure is much higher – more than 60 thousand. In Strasbourg, 26 protesters were detained, several more were injured as a result of police actions. In Paris, law enforcement officers detained 11 activists and conducted about 9,000 searches in the streets.

The director of “Green Book” will shoot a new film about the war in Vietnam

Peter Farrelli, director of the Oscar-winning drama Green Book, will work on his new projects about the Vietnam War.

Grand Prix MIFF received the film “Training of personal growth”

The Grand George of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) Golden George received the film Personal Education Training, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports. The award ceremony takes place on Thursday evening at the Russia Theater in Moscow.

Daniel Craig will play again in the James Bond movie

In the new James Bond movie will play Ramie Malek. It is not known in what role he will perform, but it is rumored that he will be the main antagonist. “I will try to make it difficult for Mr. Bond,” said Malek.

The capital will host the Moscow Spring A Cappella festival

On May 1, the third International Festival and a capella singing competition “Moscow Spring A Cappella” will begin in the capital. 51 platforms have been allocated for it – the best vocal groups from 26 countries will perform in the parks, the food depot cluster, and also for the first time! – on the Moscow River.

Medvedev instructed to develop measures to increase the demand for housing under construction

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services to develop measures to increase the demand for housing under construction, including by reducing mortgage rates, including their subsidies.

Putin: China asked to increase supplies through the pipeline “Power of Siberia”

The Chinese partners asked Russia to consider the possibility of increasing supplies through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters at a final press conference at the forum “One Belt – One Way.”

Russia and Kazakhstan plan to expand cooperation in transport

Belozerov noted that in the first quarter of 2019 transit traffic between Kazakhstan and Russia increased by 51% compared with January-March 2018. The parties expressed their intention to intensify work on the implementation of new areas of cooperation.

Russian vehicles will massively transfer to gas

While the whole planet is switching to electricity, the Ministry of Energy has confirmed its interest in developing the gas engine fuel market. According to Deputy Minister of Energy Anton Inyukin, important for investors is the low price of natural gas and measures to maintain the price of gas motor fuel no more than 50–60% of the cost of diesel fuel.

The official is confident that with state support in the next 15 years it is possible to increase gas consumption from 0.6 billion cubic meters to 10.5 billion cubic meters. As rightly noted in the Center for the Study of Problems of the Real Economy, this will require the development of infrastructure and the development of appropriate technologies.

The volume of foreign trade of Chinese Inner Mongolia increased by 11.2%

The volume of imports and exports of Inner Mongolia in northern China reached 26.2 billion yuan ($ 3.89 billion) in the first quarter of 2019, which is 11.2% higher than in the same period a year earlier, reports Xinhua.

Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund changes dollars into manats

In the first quarter of 2019, the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic (SOFAR) sold $ 1.551 billion at foreign exchange auctions, having rescued over 2.6 billion manat from selling foreign currency and fulfilling its obligations to the budget.

Ministry of Energy proposed to mix clean and dirty oil in “Friendship”

Speaking after a meeting of operators of the Druzhba main oil pipeline in Minsk, the Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Pavel Sorokin said that the quality of “dirty” oil that got into the pipeline can be normalized, according to RIA Novosti news agency. To do this, it must be mixed with pure oil.

Xiaomi company will issue a credit card

The Chinese company has published an advertising poster, which presents a credit card with the logo Xiaomi. The publication MyDrivers suggests that China Merchants Bank can become one of Xiaomi’s partners.

A robot for safe landing from a height without a parachute is presented.

A team of engineers from the University of Berkeley, the company Squishy Robotics and the developers of NASA began field tests of the “elastic-rigid” robot for a safe landing from a height without a parachute.

The Chinese company Foxconn is preparing for the mass release of smart glasses

Foxconn, a leading manufacturer of electronic components, announced the opening of a factory in China for the production of wearable smart devices. So in the near future in the Chinese market there will be points with a remote connection to a computer. They intend to open the plant in September. Thus, if Foxconn receives a contract for the production of future Apple smart glasses, they will be created at this factory in China. Foxconn calls the device that will be produced there for mass production, smartwear, that is, “smart clothes.”

The final version of Flyme 7.3 for Meizu smartphones will be released in early May

Meizu officials confirmed that the final stable version of the Flyme 7.3 shell for Meizu smartphones will be released in early May of this year.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will get smooth zoom function

The three lenses of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 allow the user to choose different focal lengths, but for this at any given moment in time you need to choose a specific lens.

New WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD is being prepared

So far, the series features versions with a capacity of 250 GB and 500 GB, as well as 1 TB and 2 TB. The new model WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD with the codename WDS400T2B0A is designed to store 4 TB of information

Apple plans to buy modem business from Intel

Representatives of the American corporation Apple in the course of confidential negotiations with the leadership of Intel discussed the possibility of acquiring a part of the production, which is responsible for developing chips for 5G communications. Relevant information leads edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Intel video cards will be unified with integrated graphics architecture

Discrete graphics from Intel will go along the evolutionary path The fact that discrete graphics from Intel will use developments in the field of integrated, it became clear last year, when Raj Koduri at an event for the media and analysts showed a slide with the “evolutionary curve” of the development of Intel graphics solutions.

In Windows 10, you can now view notifications from Android.

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 – version 18885. It is intended for developers. Its main feature is the ability to view notifications from phones on the Android operating system.

Video Card Palit GeForce GTX 1650 StormX OC is introduced

Palit Microsystems has expanded the range of video cards with the GeForce GTX 1650 StormX OC model, which is focused on compact systems due to its length of 145 mm.

Nike will offer customers their own cryptocurrency

Nike patented the name of the cryptocurrency According to the patent application filed with the US Patent Office, the company’s future cryptocurrency will be called “Cryptokicks”. The application falls under section 1B, which indicates an intention to use the trademark for commercial purposes.

Antivirus for Android devices do not protect against malware

Experts have tested 250 antivirus programs and found that only 80 of them were able to find malicious software, the effectiveness of other applications was less than 30%.

In “Odnoklassniki” appeared support for “vertical” videos

Odnoklassniki announced the introduction of a new function: support for so-called “vertical” video materials appeared in the popular social network. It’s about commercials shot in portrait mode.

Huawei and Vodafone launched 5G service for home users in Qatar

The Qatari branch of the mobile operator Vodafone has made available in this country a new solution for home networks Vodafone GigaHome, which uses 5G technology. The technical partner of Vodafone is Huawei.

40% of set-top boxes for viewing pirated content are infected with malware

It turned out that almost half of pirated gadgets that allow users to view paid video without a subscription through illegal torrent applications can spy on their users, Securitylab writes.

Facebook blocks apps with psychological tests.

The provisions of the new rules will affect all developers of software products. It became known that applications such as a variety of psychological tests and tasks will be more thoroughly checked before they are integrated into the functionality of the social network.

Facebook despite scandals continues to grow and develop.

In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook’s revenue grew by 26% to $ 14.9 billion. The financial report indicated that 93% of revenue came from mobile advertising, which also showed an increase of 2% compared to the same period last year.

In Twitter, there will be a function to combat the “fake news”

At the end of February 2019, the European Commission blamed the Internet platform for the inadequate fight against fake news on the eve of elections to the European Parliament. Last fall, the Commission agreed with Google, Facebook and Twitter a voluntary code for dealing with fakes.

Scientists convert brain signals to speech

A system has been invented that can transform brain signals into speech sounds. Neuroscientists from the University of California at San Francisco used two neural networks. Also, a speech synthesizer was used.

OpenAI taught neural network to create music

The developers of the OpenAI company managed to create a special algorithm, thanks to which the neural network can create compositions using various musical instruments. Note that OpenAI is fairly well known in the field of artificial intelligence.

Cancer vaccine successfully tested in humans

Conducted clinical studies, the results of which suggest that the body can acquire immunity to colon cancer. The results are presented by American scientists who claim that treatment with their vaccine is safe and causes immune cells to fight metastasis.

Compressing crystals will indicate fluctuations in fundamental constants

Oscillations of the fine structure constant and the mass ratio of the proton and electron suggested searching by changes in the parameters of the crystal lattice – roughly speaking, by compression and expansion of various crystals. The theoretical accuracy of this method is ten thousand times higher than the accuracy of existing installations.

The manipulator with the structure of the spine taught to resist torsion

The structure of alternating 3D-printed “vertebrae” allows the manipulator to bend in two directions and resist torsion. Several manipulators can be successively combined into one design, the authors of the article, which will be presented at the ICRA 2019 conference, tell.

The waves and wind speed in the oceans are increasing every year

Wind speed and wave height in the oceans increases significantly every year, according to the information news portal Machines and Mechanisms. Australian researchers studied the latest data accumulated by meteorological satellites for more than thirty years, and made an unexpected discovery – it turned out that the speed of winds and the height of waves in the oceans of the Earth are steadily growing every year.

Scientists: Silence positively affects the brain

Scientists named Daniel Gross, who studied the influence of music and various noises on a person, identified the main advantages of silence: promoting the growth of new brain cells, enhancing memory and stimulating reflection.

Scientists have found supplements dangerous for health in bread

Scientists have discovered a dangerous additive in bread – propionate, which is added during baking to prevent the formation of mold. This substance can cause excessive production of hormones such as glucagon and norepinephrine, which are associated with the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Glass and Metal Hybrid

An international team of scientists from the National Research Technological University “MISiS” (NITU “MISiS”), Tianjin University (China), as well as from Japan and the United States developed new energy-efficient iron-based alloys that combine high mechanical and magnetic properties with low cost and open up new opportunities for industry. The research results are published in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds.

Scientists have proven the role of the nervous system in tissue repair

It should be noted that the connection of neurons with regeneration was known before, but this study allowed us to prove this experimentally. Scientists have proved the role of the nervous system in tissue repair by the example of a flatworm, whose neural activity was modeled by the PLIMBO platform.

Scientists: Sex reloads the human brain

According to ToDay News Ufa, sex is not only fun, but also health benefits. This one study found that sex reloads the human brain. During orgasm, the parts responsible for stress, fear, pain are turned off for a split second.

The launch of the satellite “Glonass-M” was postponed for two weeks

The launch of the navigation satellite “Glonass-M” is postponed for two weeks. According to RIA “Novosti”, citing a source in the rocket and space industry, the launch is scheduled for May 27. The reasons for the transfer are not specified.

Dragon ship will leave for ISS late

The launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the Dragon ship and cargo intended for the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) was postponed to May 1. About this SpaceX reported on Saturday in its Twitter.

NASA is preparing for the possible fall of a huge meteorite to Earth

NASA reported a possible meteorite fall in 2027. Specialists have already begun to prepare for the consequences of the fact that a huge celestial body can land on Earth. The space agency experts told about a huge meteorite that might attack the planet in 8 years

NASA is experiencing a space rocket

In total, the experiment will involve three robot bees, two are already at the station, another one should arrive there in the summer.

The US Navy declassified and patented the “flying saucer”

The US Navy has filed a patent for a top-secret airplane resembling a flying saucer. This aircraft is able to move in space, the atmosphere or water at high speeds like a stone, infinitely sliding on a layer of ice with almost no friction.

Astronomers have found the star with the lowest iron content

Astronomers have discovered a star with the lowest concentration of iron and other heavy elements ever defined. This allows you to learn more about the processes occurring in the early Universe and its chemical evolution.

Discovered the main mystery of the universe

American astronomers specified the Hubble constant, which turned out to be 74.03 kilometers per second per megaparsec. This value characterizing the rate of expansion of the Universe turned out to be higher than previous estimates. Such a result may indicate the existence of physical laws outside the current cosmological models. Preprint article published in the repository arXiv.

National Space Agency to appear in Portugal

It is expected that the first spaceport of the new space agency will be built there. Portugal Space expects to launch the first launch of small satellites as early as 2021. As REGNUM reported earlier, in May 2018, the Australian National Space Agency was created.

China has passed the test of a reusable new hypersonic rocket

Popular Mechanics magazine reported that Jia Geng No. 1 reusable hypersonic rocket prototype was tested in China. Tests were held in the north-west of China. The rocket was able to climb to a height of 27.4 km, and then one of its steps made a successful landing.

Scientists have solved the mystery of a strange celestial phenomenon STEVE

Three years ago, the sky over Canada lit up a mysterious purple glow. Since the light show was an heavenly phenomenon unknown to science, he was given a name corresponding to his beauty and greatness: Steve. Now scientists have finally figured out what provokes the appearance of glowing reddish, purple and green ribbons: magnetic waves, streams of hot plasma and rains from electrons in regions in which they usually never appear.

China will build a habitable base on the moon in 10 years

“China intends to build a research base at the south pole of the moon and implement the first lunar manned mission in the next 10 years,” said Zhang Kejian, head of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), TASS reports.

Hyundai Creta second generation will cost 1 million rubles

In China and South Korea, the SUV will be offered with two petrol engines: a 1.0-liter turbo engine and a 1.6-liter “aspirated”. In India, most likely, the diesel engine will join the range. The start of sales of Hyundai Creta second generation will be held in the third quarter.

Toyota is preparing to introduce a new hatchback Glanza

Japanese car brand is preparing for the presentation of a new hatchback Toyota Glanza. A video teaser appeared on the Web, announcing the upcoming debut of the Japanese model Glanza. It is already known that the hatchback was developed as part of a two-year collaboration between Toyota and Suzuki.

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