1 May, 2019

News digest for 04/30/2019

Gorbachev urged Russia and the United States to a strategic dialogue

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in his article for The Wall Street Journal spoke about the dangers of a nuclear deterrence strategy and called on Russia and the United States for dialogue. According to him, Moscow and Washington are at a crossroads, and now it is important to “stop and think.”

I agree with them about the urgent need for strategic interaction between the United States and Russia. I am also convinced that nuclear deterrence, instead of protecting the world, puts it at constant risk. – Mikhail Gorbachev, politician

Foreign parcels offered to impose a single fee

Instead of duties on parcels from abroad, it is proposed to introduce a single fee of 15% regardless of the value of the goods. According to the newspaper Kommersant, with such a proposal made by the Association of E-commerce Companies (ACIT). The relevant proposal was sent to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Government Analytical Center, Institute. E. T. Gaidar and Russian Post.

ACIT’s offer concerns products from foreign online stores. They are proposed to be excluded from the category of goods for personal use and to introduce a fee of 15 percent. In this case, the delivery of the parcel will be possible only after making an advance payment.

The ECHR ruled for the first time on the action “He’s not Dimon

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ordered Russia to pay compensation on the complaint of the coordinator of the headquarters Alexei Navalny in Kazan Elvira Dmitrieva on administrative punishment for the action “He is not Dimon to you”, the ECHR website reports.

The court considered that five articles of the European Convention on Human Rights had been violated: article 5 (Right to liberty and security of person), article 6 (Right to a fair trial), article 10 (Freedom of expression), article 11 (Freedom of assembly and association ) and Article 13 (Right to an effective remedy).

Venezuelan authorities have announced an attempted coup

Rodriguez added that the Venezuelan authorities oppose a “small group of military traitors.” Earlier, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said that he was in talks with the top military officials of Venezuela.

In Russia may appear “list of Butina”

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation called on the Foreign Minister to include in this list people who organized criminal prosecution of the Russian woman Maria Butina, contrary to the norms of international law, writes the newspaper Izvestia on Tuesday.

“The threat of getting into the list should eventually begin to sober up foreign officials who are accustomed to the practically unpunished oppression of Russians, and prevent violations of the rights of our compatriots abroad,” the document says.

Trump and his family filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank

According to NBC News, they are opposed to their financial information coming to Congress. Deutsche Bank, in particular, was among the organizations whose US House of Representatives’ committees requested information about Trump. The family of the President of the United States intends through court to block these requests, which, in their opinion, are null and void.

Russia will show the frigate “Admiral Essen” at IDEF-2019 in Istanbul

Russia at the defense exhibition in Turkey IDEF-2019, which starts today, will show the newest frigate of the Black Sea Fleet Admiral Essen, the ship has already arrived in Istanbul. This was told by the head of the information department of the fleet Alexey Rulev.

Russia will continue to prepare the Kyrgyz military in high schools of the Ministry of Defense

The Russian Ministry of Defense will continue to train personnel for the Kyrgyz Armed Forces in departmental universities, including helping to ensure security in the area of ​​responsibility of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. This was announced on Tuesday by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Iran intends to ignore US oil sanctions

Iran will continue to export oil in spite of US sanctions, said Islamic Republic President Hassan Rouhani. He also called the US decision to abandon Iranian oil “erroneous,” according to Reuters.

“Belneftekhim” called the timing of the restoration of the Druzhba pipeline

According to the Belarusian State Oil and Chemistry Concern Belneftekhim, it will take several months of continuous, hard work to fully restore the Druzhba pipeline. At the same time, the arrival of oil on the Belarusian territory is expected no earlier than 23:00 on May 2, 2019.

The decision was made to increase the US military contingent in Poland

Polish National Defense Minister Mariusz Blašczak on local television said the United States would increase the number of troops in the country, a decision was made. Reports about it RIA “News”. He added that at the moment the parties are discussing the details of this agreement.

Interior Ministry is preparing tough measures to reduce road mortality

The Ministry of the Interior is preparing a number of initiatives aimed at toughening responsibility for violation of the Rules of the Road and reducing mortality in road accidents. This was stated by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev at a meeting of the President of Russia with members of the Government, reports TASS

The SSJ engine was decided to upgrade to the Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

The Taganrog Beriev Aviation Research and Production Complex (TANTK) began work on the remotorization of the Be-200 amphibious aircraft from Ukrainian engines to the Russian-French SaM-146, which will be modernized for these purposes, from the company’s annual report for 2018.

Russia sent to China new missiles for the C-400

In early April, new missiles were sent by sea from the Baltic Sea to China. They are designed to replace damaged during a storm in the English Channel, – told TASS military-diplomatic source. In Rosoboronexport did not comment on this information.

The cabin of the stealth bomber B-2 first hit the video

The web has a unique video made in the cockpit of the stealth bomber B-2A Spirit USAF; in the video you can see the modern aircraft avionics

14 grenades found at an incinerator in Moscow

The plant is located on Pehorskaya street. According to the agency interlocutor, the grenades were found in a container; how they got there is still unclear. The sappers were called to the place of the dangerous find, the source added.

US Ambassador to Sri Lanka: terrorists can plan new attacks

The United States believes that active planning for new terrorist attacks continues in Sri Lanka. This was reported by US Ambassador to the country Elaine Teplitz in an interview with Reuters. “We believe that active planning is underway now,” the diplomat said.

Japan will increase the impact missile potential

Japan is preparing to increase its military potential at the expense of long-range missiles to counter China’s naval expansion, but creating opportunities for attacking enemy bases can only contradict the country’s defensive position. About this newspaper writes on April 30 The Asahi Shimbun.

BOD “Severomorsk” went to the western Mediterranean

During the first stage of his long-distance voyage, which began on July 5 last year, the large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk overcame more than 30 thousand nautical miles, completed a number of military-diplomatic tasks and visited foreign ports.

Russian VKS intensified strikes against militant positions in Syria

The Aviation of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia delivered pinpoint strikes against terrorist positions in the Syrian province of Idlib. Thus, the military responded to the attempted attack of militants on the Russian air base Khmeimim, according to the Federal News Agency on Monday, April 29.

Russia transferred military equipment to Kyrgyzstan

Russia handed over two helicopters and nine reconnaissance armored vehicles to Kyrgyzstan. The solemn ceremony was held at Kant airbase. The equipment is intended for joint protection of borders.

Emperor of Japan abdicated the throne

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially announced the abdication of Emperor Akihito. About it reports TASS with reference to the public television channel NHK.

His Majesty, in accordance with the provisions of a special law, today resigns his powers. – Shinzo Abe, Japanese politician

In China, a Canadian citizen sentenced to death for drugs

A court in China sentenced a Canadian citizen to death for the production and trafficking of drugs, reports the Global Times. A court in Guangdong Province found that a Canadian citizen, together with a resident of China, organized and managed the drug trade.

CEO Xiaomi fell short 1 billion yuan

Founder and CEO of smartphone maker Xiaomi Lei Jun fell short 1 billion yuan ($ 148.4 million) to the head of China’s largest manufacturer of air conditioners Gree Electric Appliances Inc. Dong Mingzhu, Bloomberg reports. Entrepreneurs bet in 2013, reminds agency

In the UK, victims of violence require the provision of personal smartphones

In the UK, victims of violence are asked to provide access to mobile phones and social networks to investigate, The Independent said. The initiative is launched in the territory of England and Wales.

The Smart brand will leave the US and Canada markets by the end of the year.

Daimler Concern at the end of the 2019 model year (that is, from the first of July) will cease production of Smart city cars for the USA and Canada, and by December will completely collapse the brand’s activities in these countries. This fact to TechCrunch was officially confirmed by a Daimler representative.

Axios: White Americans will become a minority in the USA in 25 years

A similar situation is observed in the “most prosperous and influential cities” of the United States, the authors of the material noted. According to their data, non-Hispanic whites became a minority in 32 US districts. In total, there are 372 such counties in the country, experts estimate

Scientists have determined the cause of the appearance of early gray hair

Spanish scientists in the framework of the new study identified the causes of the appearance of early gray hair. The authors of the project carefully analyzed data on the health status of 54 thousand participants aged from 30 to 60 years. According to researchers, the gray has no direct connection with the aging person. The pigment responsible for hair color, called glutaion, is needed by the body to protect it from serious diseases. This list includes cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. The authors of the project are of the opinion that early graying people are less susceptible to diseases.

Microbial resistance to drugs will increase world mortality and poverty

Pathogenic microbes become more resistant to drugs, which can lead to a sharp increase in mortality in the world and large economic losses. This was stated by the UN coordination group.

Germany warned Turkey about the consequences of buying C-400

“We want Turkey to remain rooted in the Western alliance, therefore we are concerned about such steps of the Turkish authorities,” DW quoted German Ambassador to Turkey Martin Erdman

In addition, he added that if Ankara purchases weapons that do not meet NATO standards, it will have to “take into account the consequences.”

Three air cargo routes will connect Chinese Chongqing to Ethiopia

Three new air cargo routes will connect the Chinese city of central subordination Chongqing with the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, reports Xinhua on April 30.

Publishing “Eksmo” sued the social network “VKontakte”

The Eksmo publishing house sued the VKontatke social network because of the “Dark Forest” audiobook by the Chinese writer Liu Qixin. This was told on Tuesday by TASS director of the Association for the Protection of Copyright on the Internet Maxim Ryabyko.

In the expansion of the airport Pulkovo invest 500 million euros

The operator of Pulkovo Airport – Air Gateway to the Northern Capital (VVSS) plans to invest in the second phase of its reconstruction about 500 million euros, Kommersant reports.

The income of the head of Khakassia for 2018 has increased almost three times

The income of the head of Khakassia, Valentina Konovalov, in 2018 amounted to 607.4 thousand rubles, which is almost three times more than a year earlier. This is reported on the website of the Government of the Republic.

Earlier it was reported that the head of Khakassia quadrupled payments to himself and his ministers. Previously, the amount of bonuses to the salary of the governor and ministers could be only 100 percent of the salary. From now on, the monthly surcharges “for special working conditions” have been increased to 400 percent of salary.

The wife of the governor Golubeva earned for the year seven times more than her husband

Wife Golubeva still remains the financial leader of the family head of the region. Her income is almost seven times the salary of the head of the family. For 2018, she earned 49.2 million rubles.

Captain abused with all the Northern Fleet

The captain of the third rank, abusing his authority, signed acts of acceptance of repair work that were not performed on 57 ships, including the nuclear submarine Daniel of Moscow. In addition, he was found guilty of accepting bribes from the management of OAO Novik IG

The head of “Miratorg” called balaboly opponents of the ban on the import of jamon

According to Linnik, the profits of Russian producers of meat and dairy products are a ban on the import of ham, parmesan, etc. into Russia. it will not increase, but it is necessary in order to ensure Russia’s food security.

Utair may stop working due to debts

The company Utair announced the risk of termination of its activities due to debts. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the notes to the consolidated financial statements of the air carrier in the audit report of Ernst and Young.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery is preparing to declare itself bankrupt

The application will be filed in connection with the presence of signs of bankruptcy provided by law. Representatives of New Stream and Sberbank (the main creditor of the company, provided last year more than 30 billion rubles in debt) refused to comment on the situation.

Central Bank of Russia: “It only seems to Russians that everything is going up because of inflation”

The Russians saw a rise in prices for goods in stores due to the misperception of the concept of “inflation”. These conclusions were reached by Central Bank specialists, who analyzed inflationary expectations and consumer sentiment in Russia.

“Probably, respondents translate into their estimates of inflation judgments about the price level, and not about their change,” the regulator’s research says. According to the Kommersant version, which refers to an analytical study of the Bank of Russia, this could be due to the shift in the peaks of New Year’s income from December to November. For this reason, the Russians saw high prices only after they exhausted their reserves.

Airbus quarterly profit collapsed seven times

The European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus SE today presented financial statements, from which it follows that the company’s net profit for the first quarter of 2019 fell by 86%, or 7.1 times, to 40 million euros, compared with 283 million euros a year earlier.

Rosneft Starts Exploration in Iraqi Kurdistan

Rosneft began exploration work in the fields in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2018, the company’s annual report says. The company clarifies that in the current year it is planned to conduct seismic exploration and drilling of exploration wells

BP’s net profit in the first quarter increased by 18.8%

The net profit of the British oil and gas giant BP, attributable to shareholders, in the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 2,934 billion dollars, an increase of 18.8% in annual terms, follows from the company’s statements.

Police detained Minister of Economy of Dagestan

The police together with the FSB officers detained the Minister of Economy and Territorial Development of the Republic of Dagestan, Osman Khasbulatov. This was reported by the official representative of the Ministry of Interior Irina Volk.

Times: in the UK will put an opera about Litvinenko’s poisoning

The premiere of the opera entitled The Life and Death of Alexander Litvinenko will be held in the UK in 2020. As reported on Tuesday by The Times, the British opera troupe Grange Park Opera intends to tell the story on the scene of the poisoning of a former FSB officer.

International Jazz Day

April 30 is International Jazz Day. The decision to establish the event was taken at the UNESCO General Conference in November 2011. In 2019, it is celebrated the 8th time.

The founders designated the main goal of the event as “raising the level of international awareness of the pedagogical role of jazz as a force promoting peace, unity, dialogue and expanding contacts between people”.

Vkontakte has created a neural network to create news headlines

The VKontakte research team has developed a neural network that can formulate news headlines in Russian and English. It was presented in April at the European Information Retrieval Conference. The texts of RIA Novosti and The New York Times were used to train the neural network.

The creators of the Prisma application have attracted multimillion investments

The creators of Prisma have released a new application. Read also With new investments, told Usoltsev to TechCrunch, the company will double its staff (now it has 21 employees) and invest in promoting Lensa on the international market.

In 2018, Huawei invested more Apple and Microsoft into research and development.

In 2018, Huawei invested $ 15.3 billion in various research and development. The volume of investment is almost twice the amount that the company spent on research five years ago.

Dell is preparing a laptop with two displays

If you believe leaked internet information, Dell is designing a laptop XPS with a 17-inch display. The announcement of this laptop is scheduled for mid-summer next year. Apparently, the 17-inch version of the XPS will receive a narrow frame screen and an Intel hardware platform.

 Beeline will double the speed of mobile Internet access

Beeline is testing LTE TDD (Time Division Duplex) technology in 232 locations in Russia. It will strengthen the existing data transmission technologies and double the speed of the mobile Internet for customers.

Allwinner is preparing new processors for mobile devices

The company Allwinner, according to network sources, will soon announce at least four processors for mobile devices – primarily for tablets. In particular, the announcement of the chips Allwinner A50, Allwinner A100, Allwinner A200 and Allwinner A300 / A301 is being prepared.

Huawei P30 Pro Camera Phone Received Dual Video Recording

As promised, Huawei has added a mode for simultaneously shooting video through the main camera and through a telephoto lens to the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone. The video sequence is divided in half. Innovation has become available in the firmware update user interface EMUI

Xiaomi Treadmill

Xiaomi has created a new version of its own treadmill, designed primarily for walking. The device is called appropriately – Mijia Walking Treadmill. The novelty has a minimal design solution and a folding design. So, development will occupy a minimum of a place in the house. Not only when folded, but also being ready for use, the track is easily placed under the bed. It is very convenient to transport it thanks to 2 special small wheels.

Hyundai showed remote electric vehicle personalization

In future electric models Hyundai and KIA, users will be able to choose the maximum torque of the electric motor (of course, within the boundaries determined by the design), acceleration and deceleration parameters, response to accelerator pedal depression, recovery level during braking, use of battery power and climate control and limiting the maximum speed.

The cost of the 500-megabit Internet in Britain surprised experts

British provider Virgin Media has offered its customers to connect to the home Internet tariff at a speed of 500 Mbit / s. This was announced on April 29 by the portal TrustedReviews. This type of speed is available only for the package V. VIP, which includes a subscription to many TV channels and a SIM card of cellular communication. The monthly subscription fee is 99 pounds per month (about $ 128 or 8.3 thousand rubles).

Huawei and Vodafone launched home Internet 5G in Qatar

Despite US pressure on Huawei, large famous companies continue to cooperate with the Chinese manufacturer. For example, in Qatar, the well-known cellular operator Vodafone presented a new proposal for the home Internet based on 5G networks – Vodafone GigaHome.

Scammers use an iframe to block the victim’s browser

Attackers posing as technical support use an iframe to block the web browser, which allows users to call a special hotline, which belongs to fraudsters.

Applications for the mentally ill poured information to Facebook and Google

Facebook users are already accustomed to the fact that their data in the form of passwords and correspondence is constantly poured into the network, but the latest news shocked everyone. Applications designed to protect mental health, secretly poured information to third parties, such as Facebook and Google.

The rarest and longest decay of an atom is fixed in the Universe.

Physicists through the dark matter detector saw a rare decay of an atom in the universe. Scientists were able to directly measure the half-life of the xenon-124 isotope, the duration of which is about twenty sextillion years, which was a record among the unstable isotopes already studied by physicists.

An international group of scientists created a map of the genome of Northern Eurasia

An analysis of the genomes of several hundred people belonging to different populations of northern Eurasia was carried out by an international team of researchers, Nature Ecology & Evolution magazine reported April 29.

The donor kidney for the first time delivered the drone to the place of operation

A 44-year-old female kidney kidney, who had been waiting for an operation for eight years, was brought from one district of America to another for the first time on a drone.

Stress response protects against psychological trauma.

An international group of scientists from Germany, USA, Britain and Russia in the course of experiments with rodents found out that active actions in response to a stressful situation help in the future to do without psychological problems.

Scientists called sex hormones

According to ToDay News Ufa, sex is not only fun, but also health benefits. Sex and orgasm increases the level of the hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which helps us feel connected and mutually trustful

Created microgel with stem cells for accelerated wound healing

Scientists were able to solve the problem of delivering stem cells intact to the right place by placing them in a special gel that acts as a kind of container. With it, the stem cells will get to the wound intact and help the body recover quickly.

Morning exercise improved cognitive abilities during the day.

Australian experts conducted another experiment that demonstrated that morning workout affects an individual’s cognitive abilities throughout the workday.

Scientists: heart cells self-organize to overcome damage

Scientists have found that due to the self-organization of electrically conductive cells, the heart tissue can conduct electrical impulses even after severe damage or overgrowth of connective tissue. This was reported by the site “Tsargrad” with reference to the journal PLOS Computational Biology.

Scientists have deciphered the structure of an important protein for optogenetics

The rhodopsin protein KR2, discovered several years ago, belongs to the group of photosensitive proteins, which are used by optogenetics. Under the influence of light, they allow charged particles – ions – to enter or exit the cell.

Roscosmos will check the project of a private cosmodrome in the Nizhny Novgorod region

The main scientific institute of Roscosmos, TsNIIMash, will check the project of the first private spaceport, which is planned to be built in the Nizhny Novgorod region. It is reported by TASS with reference to the employee of the state corporation. In particular, the CosmoCourse project will be checked for flight safety

China successfully launched two scientific satellites into orbit

The Chinese changzheng-4B (Long March-4B) successfully launched two Tianhui-2 satellites into orbit, according to People’s Daily.

Astronomers first recorded how a black hole rotates space.

Astronomers recently saw for the first time how the black hole V404 in the constellation Cygnus absorbs matter and rotates the space around. They told about this amazing phenomenon in an article published in the journal Nature. Scientists believe this black hole is not like the others.

Hacked NASA hacker: I was just bored

The famous hacker Chris Roberts, who managed to crack the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) system at the time, said he did it from boredom. About this Roberts told during the Summit Digital Age Summit, held in Istanbul.

Inside the meteorite found pieces of an ancient star

Scientists have made an unusual discovery during the study of chondrite – a meteorite that fell on the territory of Antarctica. Particles of alien substance remained in its depths. The analysis showed that these are tiny fragments of a dead star that exploded before the appearance of our Sun.