13 May, 2020

News digest for 05/12/2020

Because of the reduced number of people on the streets around the world, wild animals have returned to cities and towns. The authors of Internet memes do not come up with any extensions of the phrase, for example, ” Nature in the world is so clean that Greta Thunberg returned to school”

In Moscow, the mask mode began to operate.

A mask and gloves on both hands are required (1) at work, (2) in stores and shopping centers, and (3) in any public transport, including taxis. The absence of at least one element is considered a violation. For violations in public transport, a fine of 5 thousand rubles is provided, in a store or workplace – 4 thousand rubles. In other public places, it is also recommended to wear a mask and gloves, but there is no penalty.

Blagoveshchensk-Heihe bridge over the Amur river put into operation

The first international road bridge from Russia to China is allowed to be put into operation. The facility will start working at full capacity after the restrictions on coronavirus are lifted.

To be honest, when we started this construction in 2016, few people believed that we would be able to complete it. After all, the need for a bridge has been discussed for two decades, but the work has not started. – Alexander Kozlov, Russian politician

Demand for real estate has recovered in Russia

Avito real Estate research has shown that after the fall in demand against the background of the pandemic and currency exchange rate hikes, demand in the real estate market has recovered.

Demand indicators on the Avito Real estate platform increased by 46.7% compared to the lowest point of the fall (beginning of April). As a result, the purchasing power reached the pre-crisis level of the end of February – beginning of March, – said analysts, writes TASS.

Scientists have created a single-atom transistor that refutes classical physics

Scientists have achieved control of the speed of passage of electrons through single-atom transistors. From the point of view of classical physics, such a device is impossible, simply not enough energy. The solution is based on the quantum tunneling effect (tunnel effect).
Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows 7, which means that this operating system (OS) is no longer being updated. However, network insiders report that it is still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 from “seven”.

Kyrgyzstan asked Russia to lower gas prices

The Kyrgyz government has asked Russia to lower the price of natural gas, Deputy Prime Minister Erkin Asrandiev said after an online meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Overchuk. According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, the Russian side promised to think about the proposal.

On Sakhalin, with the help of drones, 27 natural dumps were found in a week.

Drones began to be actively used in the fight against unauthorized dumps in the region. Information from them is sent to the Sakhalin system.online.

In Ufa, the Church offered to order a prayer and put candles online

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin offers to put a candle or make a memorial with online payment, writes the Ufa diocese. To order, believers must transfer money to a card marked “donation”, and then write in WhatsApp or SMS information about who to pray for.

British airlines require state aid

“Airlines UK” asks the government to extend the state program to save jobs, benefits for passenger fees and tax holidays. Alderslade wants to meet with relevant Ministers to discuss measures to support an industry on the verge of bankruptcy.

France and the UK have agreed to quarantine travelers

Travelers entering France from the UK and entering the UK from France will not be placed in a two-week quarantine, Reuters reported on may 10.

In Yakutsk, shaman Alexander Gabyshev was detained.

According to the coordinator of “Pravozaschita Postcards” Alexey Pryanishnikov, riot police officers participated in the detention. Before that, people came to Gabyshev several times who wanted to take the material for the coronavirus test. Other unknown people tried to put it in the Observatory

Demand for computers in Russia has almost doubled

The coronavirus and the depreciation of the ruble against other currencies triggered a sharp increase in demand for computers. So, in mid-April, the demand for PCs was almost twice as high as last year — by 87 %.

Thailand plans to introduce a fee for foreign tourists

In Thailand, the Ministry of tourism and sports is considering the introduction of tourist fees from foreigners, RIA Novosti reports. According to the head of the Department, Phiphat Ratchakit, the tax will be levied on tourists who arrived by air,land or sea. All foreign tourists arriving in Thailand can be charged up to 300 baht after the end of the pandemic, according to the Bangkok Post

Turkey will introduce testing for the coronavirus when they arrive to the country

Turkish authorities have been introducing coronavirus testing at airports and border checkpoints for everyone entering the country since the beginning of June, Turkish culture and tourism Minister Nuri Mehmet Ersoy said.

Finland will not extend visas to Russians because of the pandemic.

In Finland, there are no plans to extend the current Finnish visas for Russians due to the situation with coronavirus. This was stated in the Consulate General of the neighboring state, Fontanka reported.ru”. Despite the current situation, the visa will not be extended for free.

Norway will spend $42 billion from its sovereign wealth Fund

Norwegian authorities predict that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and falling oil prices, the country’s GDP will fall by 4% this year, and the unemployment rate will rise to 5.9%. A few days ago, Bloomberg already reported that Norway is going to sell the assets of its sovereign wealth Fund.

Stockholm has issued a permit for the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline

Construction is planned to begin near the end of 2020, and the approximate completion of the gas pipeline is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022. To date, Sweden has issued all the necessary construction permits.

Annual us inflation in April

Consumer prices in the United States in April increased by 0.3% in annual terms, on a monthly basis, deflation was 0.8%, according to a press release from the Ministry of labor of the country. Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast an annualized inflation rate of 0.4%.

Poland considers Russia the main threat

Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a new national security strategy, according to the website of the head of the Republic. It States that ” the most serious threat is the neo-Imperial policy of the authorities of the Russian Federation, carried out including with the help of military force.”

The cost of anti-crisis measures announced by Putin was named

The cost of anti-crisis measures announced earlier by Russian President Vladimir Putin was named. The package of measures will cost the country about 800 billion rubles. Two Federal officials told Vedomosti about this.

Sechin asked the government for benefits for the Rosneft gas project

Rosneft chief Executive Igor Sechin asked Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to grant the company tax incentives for hard-to-recover gas deposits in the Berezovskaya formation in Western Siberia. This is stated in Sechin’s letter to Mishustin dated March 23. The head of Rosneft proposes to reduce the met rate for such deposits by setting a coefficient of 0.21 for it

Banks may refuse to issue loans without collateral

Credit Europe Bank has temporarily suspended cash loans due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions on unsecured loans can also be introduced by other banks that have faced the inability to check the solvency of the borrower, writes Kommersant with reference to experts.

The government approved measures to support backbone enterprises

The government has approved support measures for system-forming enterprises affected by coronavirus. The document was signed by acting Prime Minister Andrey Belousov. The list now includes 1,151 companies.

Particularly affected enterprises will be provided with additional assistance, including subsidies for cost recovery, deferred tax payments and advance payments on them, as well as state guarantees necessary for restructuring existing or issuing new loans and bond loans, the document says.

Metrium: is the Decline over? Mortgage market in the first quarter

In the first quarter, Russian banks issued mortgage loans by 9% more than in the same period of 2019, Metrium experts calculated, analyzing new data from the Bank of Russia. Moreover, in March, the total number of mortgage transactions increased by 20% in annual terms, and in the market of housing under construction – by 16%. Such a noticeable increase in transactions is observed for the first time since 2018

Mortgage arrears did not increase

By the end of the first quarter, the volume of “bad” debts amounted to 67.5 billion rubles against 66.8 billion in December 2019. Thus, the volume of overdue loans increased by 1.2% over the past three months.

In March, this indicator for the country decreased by 0.6% compared to February. In most regions with large overdue mortgage debts (among them, in descending order of the amount of debt: Moscow, Moscow region, Tyumen region, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar territory, Krasnoyarsk territory, Sverdlovsk region, Perm region, Rostov region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra), overdue loans almost did not increase in March. The most noticeable increase in “bad” debts was only in the Samara and Leningrad regions (4% compared to February).

However, the situation of foreign currency borrowers has deteriorated sharply.

In March, their overdue debt increased from 9.7 billion to 11.2 billion rubles (15%). The vast majority of such citizens are in Moscow, the Moscow region, and Saint Petersburg

Trump refused to renegotiate the trade deal with China

On may 11, at a press conference in the Rose garden of the White house, us President Donald trump announced that there would be no renegotiation of the us-China trade deal. The speech was broadcast by Fox News.

India has released fighter jets in response to the threat from China

The alarm was raised in the area of the Indian border region of Ladakh, while Chinese helicopters did not violate Indian airspace. According to sources, new Delhi has deployed fighter jets for the first time in years in response to China’s attempt to violate airspace.

Should Nord stream 2 comply with the EU Gas Directive

The Federal grid Agency of Germany will make a final decision this month on whether the rules of the updated EU Gas Directive apply to Nord stream 2. This was reported to the TASS correspondent on Tuesday by a representative of the regulator’s press service.

Elon Musk opened a Tesla factory despite the ban of the authorities

Tesla resumes production of cars at a plant in California. The Assembly of cars is launched despite the current ban of local authorities, imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. About this in his Twitter wrote the head of the company Elon Musk

Britain engaged in the development of a surface robot-pentamaran

The British company BMT has started developing a surface robot, the body of which will be made according to the pentamaran scheme. According to Jane’s, the developers believe that this scheme will create a high-speed, almost all-weather and economical device that can perform a variety of tasks at sea.

Pentamaran is a vessel with five parallel hulls connected to the upper part of the main body and a pair of side sponsons. The main advantage of the scheme is high stability and seaworthiness, as well as low resistance to movement at high speeds

Apple will transfer up to 20% of production from China to India

The plan to transfer part of Apple’s production to India was announced by government officials of the country, reports the Indian Economic Times. From 2021 to 2025, Apple plans to move part of its smartphone production to India. According to the plan, $40 billion worth of devices will be released in India over five years. The main part of the devices will be produced at the facilities of contract electronics manufacturers Wistron and Foxconn.

Russian authorities have started preparing for a vote on the Constitution

The presidential administration resumed work on preparing the vote and gave the go-ahead to political strategists, interlocutors close to the AP and the consultants themselves told Open media. Voting on amendments to the Constitution may take place in mid — summer-about a month after the end of the self-isolation regime in the capital region.

Fresh contracts for equipping polling stations and informing citizens indicate the new deadlines. Several regions signed contracts earlier this month with a deadline of late June or mid-July

Zhirinovsky proposed to cancel the vote on the Constitution

Here’s everyone saying a referendum on the Constitution. Can we stop the subject altogether? A presidential decree has been signed and all legal procedures have been followed. And we may have regional restrictions until the end of the year. The subject can be removed

Ryanair plans to resume 40% of flights from July 1

The company’s message emphasizes that both the flight crew and passengers will be required to wear medical masks on Board. In addition, on-Board service will be limited to the distribution of snacks in individual packages, as well as drinks. All financial payments on Board the aircraft will be non-cash, the company notes. In addition, the airline will take measures to avoid queues to the toilet.

In Kurgan village, a well was named after Marshal Zhukov.

From this well in 1948-1953, the Victory Marshal, commander of the Ural military district Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, drank water, – it is written on the memorial plaque.

Now the well is planned to be included in the Orthodox pilgrimage route through the Kurgan region. During the opening of the memorial sign the priest performed the rite of consecration of the well

Up to what age will You be able to find a job?

The world average age, after which it is pointless to try to find a new job, is 49 years. The record holders are Italy, Malaysia and Poland: 41 years there. Despite the fact that the average Russian considers himself able to work until the age of 56, we estimate their ability to find a job much worse – they end up at the age of 44. Residents of the United States and the Netherlands feel the longest to find a new job – up to 58 years old.

The problem is serious and largely systemic: people are still ready to work, but employers no longer need them. And young people are not needed until they have experience

Kuban resorts are ready to accept tourists from June 1

Since June 1, enterprises of the sanatorium-resort complex that have a medical license will start operating. Enterprises that have a medical license can start working in strict accordance with the regulations approved by the Rospotrebnadzor of our region. — Veniamin Kondratiev, the Russian politician

The Governor said that measures will be taken if the epidemiological situation allows. He also stressed that for guests arriving at the newly opened resorts, it is necessary to provide organized centralized delivery.

Turkey does not intend to close for tourists due to coronavirus

Turkey, launching the program “Certification of healthy tourism” from the beginning of the summer season in 2020, does not intend to close its borders to foreign tourists, according to a statement received by RIA Novosti, the country’s Minister of culture and tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

The US Congress introduced a resolution on ” human rights violations in Russia»

The resolution calls on the Russian Federation to immediately release political prisoners and calls on the trump administration to impose sanctions on those officials in the Russian government who are responsible for human rights violations, – said the statement of the authors of the resolution-the Chairman of the house foreign Affairs Committee, Democrat Eliot Engel and a member of the Committee, Republican Michael mccaul

The US presented its new f/A-18 Block III Super Hornet fighter

The f/A-18 block III Super Hornet multi-role carrier-based fighter was first demonstrated to the General public. At the end of 2020, a new series of “Superhornet” should begin to arrive in the US Navy.

Trump ordered to withdraw funds from Chinese securities

Us President Donald trump has ordered the withdrawal of funds from the pension Fund of American civil servants from Chinese securities. This was reported by Fox.

Prior to this, the American media wrote that the US administration has begun to study the possibility of using various measures against the PRC in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, it was about the us renouncing part of its debt obligations to China and an attempt to limit its sovereign immunity in order to file lawsuits in American courts and impose economic sanctions.

The series “13 reasons why” will return to screens on June 5, 2020.

Stream service Netflix announced the release date of the fourth and final season of the project in a touching video from the set, in which the cast of the series gathered for the last reading of the script.

The series “Office” will be released in the Slack messenger

MSCHF will recreate the popular American TV series “the Office” in the corporate messenger Slack, according to the online publication the Verge. The series will be released in text format on specially created channels in Slack.

Director Mike Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy will release a new film

Warner Bros. Studio announced the beginning of work on a film based on the novel by Stephen king “Rebirth”. According to Variety, the project will be worked on by the authors of one of the latest adaptations of king’s “Doctor Sleep” – screenwriter Mike Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy, as well as personally the head of Warner Bros.

The film “Silence of the lambs” will make a sequel series

The main role of Clarissa Starling will be played by Rebecca Brides. Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet will be responsible for the production of the series. The series will show a story that unfolds 6 months after the events shown in the film”Silence of the lambs”.

Applications for participation in the first cat film festival have been announced

Applications for participation in the first Quarantine cat film festival have started. The project was organized by Row House Cinema in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Everyone can participate in the event.

Prices for new Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 phones in Russia have been named

New simple push-button phones Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 in Russia will appear in the third quarter. They will be offered in stores at the recommended retail price of 2390 and 2990 rubles, respectively.

Live journal has allowed the leak of personal data of their authors

Data from more than 33.7 million users of LiveJournal (LJ) was found in the public domain. This is written by Vedomosti with reference to the technical Director of DeviceLock Ashot Hovhannisyan, who discovered the leak.

Apple will soon release professional headphones AirPods Studio

According to the source, the new product will be tentatively named AirPods Studio, and its cost will be $ 350. The model of these headphones will have active noise reduction, and they are also credited with modularity, which consists in an easy change of ear pads and pads on the headband.

This will change the appearance of the headphones. Another interesting and useful feature will be the function to stop playing music when moving the headphones to the neck. In other words, the system will determine when the headphones are on the head and when they are on the neck. The headphones will also lack the concept of left and right cups, since the direction of the desired audio channel will be set by AirPods Studio themselves.

Huawei unveils new Huawei P30 Pro with Google services

Huawei is trying hard to keep Google services in their smartphones to circumvent US sanctions. Thus, the company presented an updated version of last year’s flagship-P30 Pro New Edition.

Facebook instagram closed “for the poor”

The Lite version of the popular Instagram service has disappeared from the Google Play online app store, and you can no longer use the app you already installed. Instagram Facebook parent company representative confirmed to TechCrunch that testing of Instagram Lite has been discontinued at the moment.

Oppo admitted that fast charging “kills” the battery

Oppo very unexpectedly confirmed that fast charging really “kills” the battery. Moreover, the manufacturer named specific figures: a 40-watt fast charge will “reduce the capacity” of the battery from 100% to 70% in the same number of cycles as a 15-watt one reduces it to 90%.

Hisense E75F 4K gaming TV is presented

HiSense introduced the Hisense E75F gaming TV, which is already available for pre-order at $ 550 and $ 761 for the 55-inch and 65-inch versions, respectively.

AMD has announced an update to GPUOpen for developers

AMD has announced an update to the GPUOpen software, which now boasts a new website and four unique FideltyFX effects optimized for AMD Navi video cards.

In China, the PlayStation Store was blocked

On may 10, the PlayStation Store was blocked in China. This was reported by Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners. The official reason is to update security systems.

In the United States for the first time released a computer on a Chinese chip

The new desktop PC is called the HP 268 Pro G1 MT. The American company decided to use a Chinese processor despite the trade war between the US and China. KaiXian KX-U6780A is manufactured using 16-nanometer technology, has 8 cores and operates at a frequency of 2.7 GHz.

Apple invests in Taiwan factory for Mini-LED and Micro-LED displays

According to online sources, Apple intends to invest about $335 million in the construction of a new plant on the territory of the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. It is assumed that this plant will produce micro-LED semiconductor displays and liquid crystal displays with multi-zone led illumination Mini-LED, which will be used in the company’s devices.

Microsoft has added text prediction to the Outlook mail program

Microsoft is developing a text prediction function for the Outlook mail application, a thematic resource reported on may 11 3dnews.ru. According to the resource, the new feature will be similar to Gmail Smart Compose.

Twitter in Android will get a separate retweet counter with comments

The social network Twitter is testing a retweet counter with comments for Android, on may 11, the portal reports 3dnews.ru with a link to the Android Police resource. According to the resource, this feature is already available in the Twitter app for iOS.

Quibi will introduce new features to attract subscribers

Quibi will add a “share” feature that was not available at the start of the app. Facebook instagram, TikTok, and Reddit will now allow you to share your series or video on Twitter, Facebook, instagram, And Reddit. Another feature will be the ability to stream the service’s series to TV, but this feature will first be available to iOS users.

Real-time subtitles will appear in Chrome

The new feature is useful not only when viewing videos, but also when making video calls — the subsequent automatic translation of texts will allow people to understand each other in real time without knowing languages.

Tencent monitored foreign wechat users to increase censorship in the country

The Citizen Lab research center at the University of Toronto published a report that reports that the Chinese technology company Tencent monitored content published by foreign users of the wechat messenger in order to improve the censorship system on its platforms

Fortinet has provided free access to all online courses on cybersecurity

Fortinet has opened free access to the full online catalog of advanced Network Security Expert courses. Fortinet offers 24 free security courses covering topics such as secure SD-WAN, public cloud security, and secure access, among others.

Annual tree rings helped study droughts in the Missouri basin

Scientists studied the annual rings of trees growing in the Missouri river basin, and concluded that the worst droughts in more than a thousand years were in our time. This is reported by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

It became known how dinosaurs hunted

A group of researchers from the University of Wisconsin said that dinosaurs were never predators that hunted in packs.

Quantum radar has been developed and successfully tested

Professor of the Institute of science and technology in Austria, Johannes Fink, together with colleagues from the United States, great Britain and Italy, demonstrated a new type of detection technology — microwave quantum lighting, which works on entangled microwave photons. The prototype created by scientists is able to find objects in noisy thermal conditions when classical radars fail, writes Phys.org.

The principle of quantum radar is simple: instead of using the usual microwaves, scientists confuse two groups of photons, the so-called signal and blank ones. Signal photons are sent to the object being studied, while blank photons are measured in relative isolation, away from interference. When the signals return, there is no true confusion between them and the blanks, but a small amount of correlation remains. By its signature, scientists determine the presence or absence of an object.

Scientists have found an animal that does not need oxygen

Some single-celled organisms have developed mitochondrial-related organelles for anaerobic metabolism, but the presence of exclusively anaerobic multicellular organisms has been questioned by some scientists.

What will happen to a person after the amputation of half of the brain

In 2019, scientists from the California Institute of technology (USA) studied the thinking organs of six volunteers who had previously undergone a hemispherectomy. This is the name of an operation to remove one of the hemispheres of the brain, shown in some severe cases of epilepsy.

Magnetic resonance imaging, which was subjected to the study participants, showed that the main brain centers responsible for speech, vision, and other important functions, worked surprisingly well in people without half of the brain. Scientists noted that this indicates an amazing ability of the brain to adapt to complex conditions.

How does heat in a humid climate affect the body’s endurance

The researchers said that in Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America, short-term climatic conditions have already occurred, during which the combination of humidity and temperature exceeded the physiological limits of human endurance