14 May, 2020

News digest for 05/13/2020

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed halving the number of deputies in Russia. He took the initiative on Twitter.

“We will save money and ensure social distance in local parliaments,” the politician wrote.

Twitter allowed employees not to return from remote work

The American company Twitter, which owns the social network of the same name, will allow its employees to work remotely after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, reports CBS News. On March 12, all Twitter employees were transferred to work from home.

Last week, Google and Facebook announced that they could remain on remote work until the end of 2020. Those interested will be able to return to the offices of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) in the first half of the summer.

“Night at the Museum” will be held in an online format

This year’s “Night at the Museum” event will be held in Moscow on may 16. Because of the coronavirus, events will go online for the first time. According to the Deputy mayor of the capital Natalia Sergunina, most of the excursions and lectures are scheduled from 18.00 to 23.00. Some of the Internet channels will start broadcasting early.

Pobeda will resume flights in Russia from June 1

Pobeda airlines will begin gradually restoring its domestic flight program from June 1. Ticket sales for summer flights will start tomorrow, may 14. The company promised that the average tariff will be almost three times lower than the level of 2019

The Russian state Duma introduced a bill to expand the rights of police officers

A government bill expanding the rights of police officers has been submitted to The state Duma. In particular, they will be granted the right to open cars, enter the premises of citizens, cordon off residential buildings, fence off places where mass events are held.

In Moscow, the alert system for cars without passes has started working

In Moscow, an automatic system has been activated that allows real-time detection of cars on the road that are moving without a pass, and reports this to the nearest traffic police posts. The technology was developed by the Moscow government data CENTER and operates on the basis of more than 2.5 thousand cameras of photo and video fixation, ” the traffic management center said.

Scientists have created a t-shirt that blocks the facial recognition system

According to Xue Lin, associate Professor of computer science at northeastern University, the t-shirt blocks facial recognition in 63% of cases. It is not yet known whether the t-shirt will go on sale in the future and whether the research of Massachusetts scientists will be used.

Vivo plans to release a new smartphone Y70s with 5G support

Chinese company Vivo plans to release a new smartphone Y70s 5G. This became known from the Geekbench benchmark, in which the device received the code designation V2002A.

Rosturizm announced the launch of new routes across the country

The head of the Federal tourism Agency Zarina doguzova said that after the removal of restrictions due to the coronavirus in the country, it is planned to launch several dozen new destinations and routes for domestic tourism. Doguzova noted that the terms, dates and conditions of their launch depend on the epidemiological situation.

This is a huge number of destinations: the entire Volga coast, Khakassia, Altai territory, Russian North-Karelia, Murmansk, Komi, and cruise destinations, — she told the radio station ” Says Moscow»

Sberbank’s net profit under RAS decreased for 4 months

Net profit amounted to 230.1 billion rubles, the Bank said in a statement. A year earlier, this figure was 293.4 billion rubles. Sberbank’s net interest income increased by 9.6% compared to the 4 months of 2019 and amounted to 445.5 billion rubles.

Roman Abramovich sells forest business in the far East

As Kommersant found out, the crisis in the forest industry of the Far East has led to the fact that the main shareholders of the largest timber holding in the region, RFP Group, Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov want to reduce their shares. Businessmen, who together own about 58% in RFP, are looking for a new investor to whom they are ready to sell the stake up to the control one. The reason is low profitability in the face of rising export duties and a high debt burden. The market believes that it will be difficult to find a buyer: according to experts, the entire RFP Group may cost about $500 million. At the same time, the business has good medium-term prospects, given the large logging area and access to Asian markets.

RFP Group is the largest timber company in the far East and one of the leaders in exporting timber from Russia to Asia. The group’s key assets are Dallesprom and JSC flora, as well as JSC Amur shipping company.

The us budget deficit rose by a record $738 billion in April

The US budget deficit widened by a record $738 billion in April, as government spending to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the economy soared and tax revenues fell.

The US broke the contract for the supply of 10 million masks for $55 million

The US Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA) has terminated a contract with the American company Panthera Worldwide for the supply of 10 million N95 medical respiratory masks worth $55.5 million.

Threat of environmental disaster: Oil began to be drained into the sea

Against the background of declining demand, numerous oil storage facilities are overflowing all over the world. Experts believe that the world is facing an environmental disaster, as oil began to be drained into the sea. Unnecessary “black gold” is dumped directly from tankers.

OTKRITIE Bank’s profit has decreased by almost 28 times since the beginning of the crisis

In the first quarter of 2020, OTKRITIE Bank, owned by the Central Bank, showed a profit of 823 million rubles, compared with 23 billion rubles for the same period a year earlier, according to the Bank’s IFRS reporting.

Portugal has allocated 5 billion euros of state loans to support businesses

The Portuguese government has allocated more than 5 billion euros in state loans as support measures for businesses due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said on Tuesday.

Wells in the Permian shale basin in the United States resume operation

A number of wells that were closed earlier due to the fall in oil prices in the largest shale basin of the United States Permian is resuming its work again, Bloomberg reports, citing the financial Director of American Energy Transfer LP Maki McCree

China to impose trade sanctions on Australia

Australia has supported an international investigation into China’s impact on the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, China is going to ban imports of Australian products. Officially, Beijing says that the sanctions are not politically motivated, but are caused by violation of requirements for goods.

In the US, the children’s Fund did not accept donations from a criminal rapper

Gratitude for the generosity and simultaneous refusal to accept a donation of $200 thousand was expressed to Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) non-profit organization No Kid Hungry, whose representative on may 12 told reporters, reports the publication USA Today

The government of Afghanistan is going on the offensive

The President of Afghanistan ordered the country’s security agencies to go into offensive mode against terrorists, Tolo News reported.

Earlier, at least 13 people, including two newborn children, were killed in an attack on a hospital in Western Kabul, and 15 others were injured. Before that, at least 24 people were killed and 68 others were injured in an explosion that occurred at a funeral ceremony in Nangarhar province in the East of the country.

Lavrov offered to help Venezuela investigate the invasion of mercenaries

Speaking to reporters via videoconference after a meeting of the CIS Council of foreign Ministers on Tuesday, Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia’s special services are ready to consider helping Venezuela investigate the invasion of mercenaries in the country, if requested.

In Kabul, terrorists attacked a hospital

According to Tolo News, five civilians were killed and four injured in the attack. It is known that the hospital worked under the auspices of the humanitarian organization “Doctors without borders”.

The budget for the continuation of “Avatar” became known

The budget of the sequels of the film “Avatar” by American Director James Cameron exceeds $1 billion. Filming of the film, which is taking place in New Zealand, has been frozen due to the coronavirus pandemic. About the approximate amount that the team needed to create films, Deadline reported

Pavel Durov announced the closure of the TON project and the Gram cryptocurrency.

He wrote about this in his Telegram channel. Durov accused the American court of closing the project. Durov compared the logic of the American court with a ban on gold mining because people do not mine it for themselves, but in order to resell it to other people and make money on it.

Some TON investors are inclined to file a lawsuit against Pavel Durov

In fact, we are among the investors who invested in Telegram, discussing various options for the development of events. … There is a large enough part of investors who are inclined to sue Mr. Durov, since almost $ 500 million has been spent, this is 28% of the $ 1.7 billion raised for the project and in return for these investments, investors do not receive anything. They only get a return of 72%, – told RIA Novosti investor TON, the founder of the Tokenbox project Vladimir Smerkis.

Pavel Durov agreed to make a concession to buyers of the Gram cryptocurrency

According to Forbes, the company promised buyers of the Gram cryptocurrency located outside the United States that they will receive a return of 110% of the funds invested in the cryptocurrency, even if Telegram pays off the debt to them ahead of time.

Call the Commission began to work in Moscow

From may 20, the first dispatches to the army will be made from Moscow and the Moscow region. All conscripts will be tested for coronavirus , the press service of the Western military district told Interfax. According to the ZVO, about 10 thousand recruits will be sent to the troops from Moscow and the Moscow region.

Instagram has announced new features in working with comments

According to the press release, users will be able to mark up to 25 comments under a post, then delete them with a single click. If you want, you can block the authors of these comments. In addition, users will now be able to pin their favorite comments so that they are displayed first.


Pensioners, large families and low-income families with children in St. Petersburg will receive payments of 800 rubles for the purchase of masks and gloves


The US has suspended the deployment of Russian ventilators

The US authorities decided to withdraw from warehouses and not use Russian artificial ventilation devices “Aventa-M” until the causes of the fire in a hospital in St. Petersburg are clarified, the emergency management Agency (FEMA) reports.

In early April, Russia sent a shipment of medical equipment to the United States, including Aventa-M ventilators. At that time, an acute shortage of ventilators was predicted in new York and new Jersey, so the devices were delivered to warehouses belonging to two States, the report said.

The Pentagon will try to save the bankrupt satellite company OneWeb

The US is trying to prevent commercial satellite communications technologies from reaching potential adversaries. Oneweb has already found buyers from China.

The IMF allocated money to Egypt

The Executive Board of the International monetary Fund (IMF) approved Egypt’s request for emergency financial assistance in the amount of 2,037. 1 million euros. SDR ($2,772, 100% quota) under the rapid financing Instrument (RFI) to provide an urgent balance of payments related to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published top universities RUR Russian Universities Ranking 2020:

1. Moscow state University
2. MEPhI
3. Tomsk state University
4. Moscow Institute of physics and technology
5. Saint Petersburg state University
6. ITMO University
7. Russian University of friendship of peoples
9. Tomsk Polytechnic University
10. Nizhny Novgorod state University

Every second resident in Russia notes a drop in their family’s income

Workers with grey wages are the most vulnerable — 74% of them reported a reduction in earnings. Revenues fell for 75% of entrepreneurs. On average, salaries in Russia fell by 6 thousand rubles, and the largest, by about 10 thousand rubles, in mining and energy companies, as well as financial organizations.

Russia is testing a shooting shield

“Research Institute of Applied chemistry “(NIIPH, part of rostec) is testing the shooting shield “Legion” in the interests of one of the Russian law enforcement agencies. This was reported to TASS by Artem Muranov, Deputy managing Director of NIIPH for civil products, PTS and marketing


The HRC is preparing a bill to transfer articles for violating the rules of the rally from the criminal code to the administrative Code. If it is accepted, Russian citizens will not receive criminal sentences for participating in rallies. The starting point for discussion was the case of activist Konstantin Kotov.


Teachers of North Ossetia complain about the new tax

Teachers are forced to give part of their salaries to help doctors and victims of the pandemic. As teachers, including the Director of one of the schools, told Open media, money is collected in cash or forced to transfer to a charity Fund recently created by the authorities. If you refuse, you will be fired.

The Teacher trade Union receives similar complaints from other regions. But public sector employees do not want to protest publicly, for fear of losing their place — there is high unemployment in the same Ossetia. Although teachers earn a little: last year, the Republic led the anti-rating of regions with the lowest salaries in the education system

The bill on sanctions against the PRC for COVID-19 was introduced in the US Senate.

If the document is adopted, trump will be able to impose sanctions if the PRC does not provide a full report on the outbreak.

In the Pacific ocean found the wreckage of the battleship that survived pearl Harbor

Researchers have discovered the wreckage of the legendary world war II battleship USS Nevada at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. It lay 65 nautical miles southwest of pearl Harbor, Fox News reported

Trailer for the Thriller “Rampant” with Russell Crowe

The trailer for the American psychological Thriller from Director derrick Borte with Russell Crowe in the title role was published by Movieclips Trailers on their YouTube channel. The premiere of the film will take place on July 1, thus the premiere of this picture will be one of the first after the end of the quarantine.

Josh Gad from will play in the movie about the fall of the moon

One of the roles in the new disaster film “the Fall of the moon” by German Director Roland Emmerich will be played by American actor Josh Gad, known to viewers for the role of Lefou in the fairy-tale film “Beauty and the beast”. This was reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

Gad got the role of a brilliant eccentric scientist who predicted the date of the moon’s fall to Earth. Humanity has only a few weeks left before The earth’s satellite collapses. But a group of rescuers are sent to the moon, who must do the impossible — save the Earth from a collision

Emmerich, Spencer Cohen, and Harald Kloser wrote the screenplay for the film. Filming will take place at Centropolis Entertainment studios. Distribution of the film will be handled by Lionsgate Studio. The timing of the film’s release is still unknown.

The CW will show the TV series “Swamp thing”

The rights to show the TV series “Swamp thing”, which was canceled earlier on the streaming service DC Universe, acquired the American TV channel CW. This is reported by journalists of the Hollywood Reporter. The channel did not specify when the show will air. Reporters report that the CW’s Premier schedule will be announced at the end of may.

Netflix will release an adaptation of the comic book “sweet Tooth”.

In the comics “sweet Tooth” tells about a post-apocalyptic world where people live-hybrids. The main character is a boy with deer antlers. When his father dies, the boy goes to travel the world.

The main role in the series will be played by Christian Convery, who previously starred in the film “Beautiful boy”. Will Forte will also star in the film, and James Brolin will read the VoiceOver.

Trailer mini-series “Birdy the merciful Lord”

Out the trailer for mini-series Showtime “Bird merciful Lord”, based on the novel by American writer James McBride. One of the main roles in the project was played by actor Ethan hawke. The series will launch on Showtime on August 9, 2020.

The series takes place in the United States in the middle of the XIX century. In the center of the story is a young slave Onion, who lost his father. Slave owner John brown (Ethan hawke) mistakes onion for a girl and takes Him to his anti-slavery army, which consists of his sons.

Temuera Morrison will play in the second season of ” Mandalorian»

Previously, the actor played the role of Jango Fett in the film “Star wars”. It is also known that the role will be insignificant. It was confirmed that the character Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) will appear in the new episodes.

The Killers will perform at the Park Live festival in 2021

American rock band The Killers will perform at the next Park Live festival. The festival will be held in Moscow in the summer of 2021. The Killers ‘ concert is scheduled for July 17.

Nightwish will arrive in Russia in a year

According to the concert Agency Eventation, according to the new schedule, on June 7, 2021, a performance will take place in Moscow, at Crocus City Hall, and on the 8th-in St. Petersburg, at the A2 Green Concert club. The concert will be held in Minsk on the 3rd and in Kiev on the 5th. As planned, the special guest of the Nightwish tour will be Finnish heavy metal band Beast In Black. All previously purchased tickets will be valid for the new dates.

The may Windows 10 update is already available on MSDN

Microsoft has begun gradually rolling out a major Windows 10 May 2020 Update. The company released the official SDK today, and updated images with the operating system became available for developers on the MSDN portal.

The head of Xiaomi was caught using an iPhone

Xiaomi CEO Lei Zong, who has repeatedly urged users to switch to the company’s smartphones, personally prefers to use Apple products. This is evidenced by a note in Weibo made with the iPhone.

The YouTube Music service will replace Google Play Music by the end of 2020.

Both streaming music services now exist in parallel, but Google prefers YouTube Music in terms of active promotion and adding new features.

Sony announced the release of “Iron Man VR” on July 3, 2020.

The game about Iron Man was postponed several times for a number of different reasons. Today we finally got a new release date. However, there is no guarantee that the game will not be delayed again

Honor Tablet V6 with 5G will be presented on may 18

Honor Tablet V6 with 5G and Wi-Fi support of the fifth generation will be presented on may 18. The official teaser of the device has already appeared on the Honor company’s website. The basis for the tablet will be a Kirin 820 5G chip with Cortex-A76 cores with a frequency of up to 2.36 gigahertz.

SteelSeries nimbus + wireless controller for Apple devices

The SteelSeries nimbus+ wireless manipulator, designed for use with mobile gadgets and Apple computers, has gone on sale. You can buy the new product at an approximate price of 70 us dollars. The controller is equipped with joysticks, a crosspiece and a set of buttons.

Sony has introduced a new column for outdoor enthusiasts

Sony has updated its line of extra Bass wireless speakers. The SRS-XB23 model was added to the list of devices. Judging by the characteristics of the new gadget, it will be a great purchase for those who prefer active recreation.

The Aura app is available in the AppStore

At first, access to” Aura “was possible from the main Yandex app. Then there was a version of Aura for Android and later for iOS. The Aura app for iOS is available in the AppStore.

The Russian authorities refused to create a Russian equivalent of Wikipedia

The idea of creating a Russian equivalent of Wikipedia appeared in 2016 and was supported by the authorities. Considerable sums were allocated for the development of the Internet encyclopedia.

New polymer composite protects against ionizing radiation

Scientists from North Carolina state University have presented a new polymer material with bismuth trioxide particles, which can protect against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. In the future this material will replace lead in industrially important applications

The superconductor was made a source of magnetic field

Physicists have experimentally discovered a new quantum state of a superconductor in which the material becomes the source of a magnetic field. This result is important both from the point of view of fundamental science and for the development of superconducting devices. The article is published in the journal Nature Physics.

Created eczecstwa for people who have suffered a stroke

In 2017, a team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, clothing designers, and neuro-rehabilitologists developed a soft robotic exocosuit. The device with a built-in motor was powered by an external battery and supported the ankle when walking. The exosuit has helped people with paralyzed leg to bend and straighten the foot by lifting and lowering his feet to the ground. Scientists tested the mechanism on living patients and continued to improve the design.

A new study by the mentioned group of developers, which flew to IEEE Xplore from the Wyss Institute of biological engineering at Harvard University, showed that a soft exocosuit can be effectively used for rehabilitation after a stroke

Chemists have assembled a cheap solar-powered electrolyzer

American and Chinese chemists have developed a new solar electrolyzer-a device for producing hydrogen from water using solar energy. Scientists deliberately refused to use expensive materials: the electrolyzer is based on catalysts made of cobalt oxide nanorods and a perovskite solar cell, which are enclosed in a packaging film. The efficiency of converting solar energy to hydrogen is 6.7 percent. The results of the study are published in the journal ACS Nano.

Scientists have found out how radiation affects complex molecules in space

Researchers from the Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Federal University and Lomonosov Moscow state University have shown the dual role of photochemical processes in the formation of complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium. The authors showed that intense ultraviolet radiation from massive stars destroys polyatomic molecules, preventing the development of complex molecules in unprotected areas, and weak secondary radiation contributes to the creation of complex organic molecules in protected areas. The researchers reported on their work in the journal “Advances in chemistry”.

Geologists have confirmed the rotation of The earth’s inner core

In a new study, geologists were able to confirm the super-rotation of The earth’s inner core. To do this, specialists used new technologies of seismic analysis. They made it possible to synchronize the work of sensors located in different parts of the earth’s surface with high accuracy.

Scientists have found out what helps mammals learn from other people’s mistakes

By electrocuting laboratory rats, neurophysiologists have discovered a chain of neurons that helps mammals learn from the negative experiences of their relatives. The results of the experiments were published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

In Argentina, paleontologists discovered the skeleton of a ten-meter megaraptor

Paleontologists have discovered a megaraptor skeleton in the Patagonia region of Argentina, which is ten meters long. The dinosaur lived about 70 million years ago. This type of dinosaur was carnivorous, but had an impressive size and dexterity for hunting.

Researchers found vertebrae, ribs, and part of the sternum and shoulder girdle. In comparison with tyrannosaurs, megaraptors were more slender and prepared for a long chase. Thanks to their long tails, the dinosaurs kept their balance, and their muscular and elongated legs took longer strides. Scientists also report that the megaraptor has an elongated neck and skull, which helps them get closer to the victim more easily.

Russian astrophysicists have found out where neutrinos are born

Scientists from FIAN, MIPT and INR RAS have found that high-energy neutrinos are born near black holes in distant quasars, since high-energy neutrinos can only be born using protons accelerated almost to the speed of light. The article by Russian astrophysicists was published in the authoritative Astrophysical Journal.

Japan will help Myanmar develop space technology

Graduate students from the Myanmar aerospace engineering University will be trained in Japan to master satellite design technologies. This is reported by the Nikkei Asian Review.