15 May, 2020

News digest for 05/14/2020

The administration of the President of Russia has prepared a bill that allows citizens to vote remotely in elections, including by mail and the Internet. This is reported by “Project”. According to the publication, the document will be submitted to the state Duma in the coming days, this will be done by deputies from the party in power.

Amendments to the law “on basic guarantees of electoral rights” will allow the Central election Commission to introduce voting mechanisms under quarantine “to protect the health of citizens”. Such mechanisms include postal voting and electronic voting, as well as allowing early voting in state Duma and presidential elections.

The constitutional Committee of the Federation Council supported the law on the ability to vote by mail-Klishas

The rule on the possibility of voting by mail will not apply to voting on amendments to the Constitution, Deputy Vyatkin told RIA Novosti

The UK government has announced the launch of a large-scale scientific program

The goal of the program is to clarify the possible genetic predisposition of people to severe COVID-19.

“A large-scale study of the human genome will be conducted by the National health service with the participation of 20 thousand people who are currently or have undergone intensive care with the coronavirus, as well as 15 thousand people with mild or moderate symptoms,” the Ministry of health said in a message transmitted to RIA Novosti.

Russia surpasses many countries in combat aviation

Russia is significantly superior to many other countries in the field of combat aviation. The country has great prospects for the development of this area. The corresponding statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian schools will start working in the new mode after opening

“Review the organization’s working hours, including the schedule of training sessions, changing the start time of the first lesson (class) for different classes and the time of changes in order to maximize the separation of classes (groups),” – said in the text of the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, published by the Department.

The Financial Times wrote that Russia underestimates the number of victims of coronavirus

The Russian Federation will not revoke accreditation of financial Times and New York Times journalists after publications about understating mortality due to coronavirus – official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Zakharova

Earlier, we will remind, the financial Times wrote that in Russia there may be 70% more victims of coronavirus than official statistics show.

The New York Times does not doubt the authenticity of the published material

The New York Times does not doubt the reliability of the material published by THE publication on the statistics of mortality from covid-19 coronavirus infection in Russia, which was previously declared unreliable by the Russian foreign Ministry.

“We are confident in the accuracy of our material, based on data published by the official state Department and interviews with experts from state institutions. No facts given in our article are disputed, “Danielle Rhoads, Vice President of communications for the New York Times, told Interfax.

The Director General of the WTO, Robert Azevedo, decided to leave his post early.

The 62-year-old Brazilian, who has headed the WTO since 2013, informed the organization’s member countries about his decision, Bloomberg learned.

US President Donald trump claims that the agreement on the first phase of the trade deal with China will not cover the damage from the spread of a new coronavirus, which, according to Washington, Beijing is guilty of.

Beijing is dissatisfied with the anti-Chinese actions of the United States in connection with COVID-19

Beijing is dissatisfied with the anti-Chinese actions of the United States in connection with COVID-19 and is considering retaliatory measures against individual officials and organizations, the Chinese press writes, citing sources.

Earlier, the US Senate received a bill on sanctions against China if Beijing does not provide all data on the coronavirus. The Chinese response list may include a number of us congressmen and organizations

Saudi Arabia intends to cut oil supplies to the US and Europe

Saudi Arabia in June intends to halve oil supplies to the United States and Europe, Bloomberg reported, citing its sources. According to him, deliveries to some customers in these regions will be reduced by 60-70%. Saudi Aramco also notified three buyers in Asia of a reduction in June deliveries. According to the Agency, the Kingdom is taking such measures to reduce the excess of oil on the world market and restore it.

Incineration plants will worsen the environmental situation in Russia

Incineration plants will not solve the garbage problem. 30 incineration plants (25 new + 4 in the Moscow region and 1 in Tatarstan) will be able to burn only 20% of waste (18 million tons). In this case, the combustion will produce toxic ash, which has a higher hazard class (…) According to Greenpeace calculations, 30% of the ash (from the mass of waste) is formed after incineration. It turns out that from 30 plants, 5 million tons of toxic waste will be generated annually, ” Greenpeace said in a statement released on Thursday.

VEB, rostec and Rosatom state corporations have signed an agreement to build 25 environmentally friendly plants for the energy utilization of solid municipal waste in Russia. The project cost is 600 billion rubles

The state Duma has increased Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance was increased to 10 million rubles in some cases, such as inheritance or sale of housing. The same law, but only from October 1, extends standard insurance of 1.4 million rubles to the accounts of non-profit organizations, in particular homeowners ‘ associations.

The state Duma approved the reform of the insurance

Rates for car insurance will become more individual: when determining the price of the policy, not only accidents will be taken into account, but also traffic violations. Deputies also allowed until October to purchase a CTP policy without inspection, since most service stations are closed due to coronavirus.

The Russian government has allocated 23.4 billion rubles to airlines

The Russian government has allocated 23.4 billion rubles to airlines to compensate for losses related to the spread of the coronavirus. The subsidy can be spent on salaries of aviation personnel (at least 60% of the total amount), leasing payments (no more than 30%), aircraft Parking (no more than 10%), as well as on operating activities and property maintenance.

The Cabinet of Ministers allocated funds for payments to doctors of the Ministry of defense, FMBA and FSIN

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation allocated 4.8 billion rubles to the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, Rosgvardiya, FMBA and FSIN for payments to those who helped in providing medical care to citizens with COVID-19

Doctors who provide emergency medical care to citizens with COVID-19 will be paid 50 thousand rubles a month

Average and Junior medical personnel, ambulance drivers – 25 thousand rubles a month.

Doctors who provide assistance to citizens with COVID-19 in hospital conditions – 80 thousand rubles per month

Average medical personnel who provide assistance to citizens with COVID-19 in hospital conditions – 50 thousand rubles per month

Junior medical staff in hospitals – 25 thousand rubles per month

Trump insists that a negative interest rate should be introduced in the US

Now the rate in the US is zero. A day earlier, trump had already suggested lowering it to negative values. The fed said it had no plans to do so.

Russian banks issued almost three times less consumer loans in April

Russian banks in April issued almost three times less consumer loans – 580 thousand, the National Bureau of credit histories estimated. RIA Novosti has his research. There was a decline in almost all regions. It is strongest in the Krasnodar territory (-74%), Rostov region, Stavropol and Perm territories (about -66%).

In Russia thought about the development of the first commercial ultra-light missile.

The project is planned to be implemented by the national technology initiative with the involvement of Roscosmos and other organizations. This year, it is expected to allocate 150 thousand dollars for development. So far only New Zealand has a commercial ultralight rocket

The court of the us state of Wisconsin canceled the decree of the Governor

The court of the us state of Wisconsin canceled the Governor’s decree to extend the self-isolation regime imposed because of the coronavirus. The judges found that the local authorities exceeded their authority by extending the restrictive measures until may 26. The Governor said the court’s decision “plunges the state into chaos.”

Representatives of the authorities began to pay attention to the actions of the mayor of Moscow

State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov asked Vladimir Putin to check the system of electronic passes, which was introduced in dozens of regions of the country, including Moscow.

He asked to consider the problems of ensuring information security and the inadmissibility of regions using systems that do not have a state status for processing confidential information. Lysakov pointed out that the regions do not have the right to independently make decisions on the procedure for collecting and processing information about personal data of citizens. Lysakov points out that this violates their constitutional rights and contradicts the requirements of the law.

“This is not just a challenge to the entire Federal government. This is a planned voluntary action to establish the special status of Moscow in the system of the Russian state system”

Russians have become more likely to complain about unjustified dismissals

The onf told RIA Novosti that Russians over the past month have become more likely to complain about unjustified dismissals, less often-about delays in salaries and forced unpaid leave. The leaders in the number of requests were Moscow, Moscow region, Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar territory. Experts and lawyers were able to help in 33-50% of cases. The rest of the requests are still being processed.

Minsk has a great chance to negotiate a fair gas price with Russia

Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Rumas believes that Minsk has a great chance to negotiate a fair price for gas with Russia, BelTA reports.

We have every reason to show that the price of $127 in terms of profitability for Gazprom exceeds the profitability of its deliveries to foreign countries, ” the Prime Minister said. According to him, negotiations on the price of natural gas with Russia’s Gazprom are scheduled for may.the Belarusian side will be represented by Ambassador Vladimir Semashko.

Ambulance services across the country are mass – posting their billing lists for z/p in April. Payments for special working conditions during the pandemic, which Putin promised from TV screens in 25-50 thousand rubles, on the ground turned into 154 rubles 91 kopecks, 347 rubles 14 kopecks…

In California, the season of night glow of the ocean and beaches has come.

Residents of Los Angeles County and neighboring areas of southern California have been observing an unusual phenomenon for several days – the crests of waves and sand are colored blue. A sparkling glow radiates from plankton. Usually microorganisms glow under the influence of external stimuli — when water moves in the surf zone or if you swim at night.

Doctors in Italy will be paid up to 2 thousand euros per month during the pandemic

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the rehabilitation of Nazism

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the rehabilitation of Nazism after posting photos of Nazi criminals on the websites of the “Immortal regiment” campaign.

Unknown people published a photo of the reichsführer SS Himmler on the Internet, calling him Colonel Alekseyev V. M, as well as a photo of Hitler with a comment that it depicted a participant in the great Patriotic war “Hitler Adol Aloiso”.

Rospotrebnadzor suspended the work of the Moscow plant of thermal automation

The Moscow plant of thermal automation was closed after an inspection, as employees were not provided with masks and gloves, and there were no markings on the entrance to observe the distance and non-contact thermometers for measuring temperature

China may impose sanctions against the United States over coronavirus-related charges-Global Times newspaper

Severe isolation entails threats of increased aggression and violence

People can live in strict self-isolation for up to two months without damage to the psyche. Then there is the threat of increased aggression, domestic violence and a significant increase in the level of alcohol consumption. This was told by the honored doctor of Russia and Deputy head of the Institute of medical and biological problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Bubeev.

If the conditions of isolation are strict, then the maximum time that a person can stay in it is a month and a half or two. After this, hidden conflicts can turn into an open form, which will lead to an increase in aggression, more frequent cases of domestic violence, and alcoholism. Now there are many more cases of domestic violence, when restrictions are introduced, and we must prepare for the fact that their number will increase, – the Professor warned.

Unified state exam-2020 decided to postpone

The timing of the Unified state exam in 2020 will be adjusted and moved from June 8 to a later period, the Ministry of Education reported. The date of the exam for 11th graders is still being specified. It is also noted that the use will be held only for those who are going to enter the University.

“This decision is based on the recommendations of the health authorities based on the epidemiological situation in the country and the necessary requirements for protecting the health of children and teachers,” the Ministry’s press service quotes RIA Novosti

In the budget of “Gazprom” found a “hole” for $10 billion

At the end of 2019, Gazprom, which has a monopoly on the export of pipeline gas, became unprofitable in terms of cash flows. The company spent 190 billion rubles more on capital construction than it received from operating activities.

The coming year of 2020, instead of relief, brought a sharp deterioration of the situation. In April, spot prices at European gas hubs fell to $ 60 per thousand cubic meters and were lower than in Russia ($63 in the Leningrad region, $ 67 in the southern Federal district). At the end of the year, Gazprom is likely to receive negative cash flow again due to low gas prices. The “cash gap” in the budget will have to be covered by debt. The company may need to borrow $ 10 billion, Agency analyst Dmitry marinchenko estimates.

Gazprom in 2020 will spend 5.3 billion rubles on a pier for a replica of the ship” Poltava ” of the time of Peter I

The ventilators that caused the fires were manufactured by the Rostech

The deadly fires that occurred at The Spasokukotsky hospital in Moscow on may 9 and St. George’s hospital in St. Petersburg on may 12 both involved ventilators that were manufactured at the same factory. The manufacturer was the Ural instrument-making plant, which is part of the rostec state Corporation.

As Fontanka notes, the Ural instrument-making plant in late April signed a contract with St. George’s hospital for the supply of 237 ventilators for 441 million rubles. MBH media calculated that KRET, which includes the Ural instrument-making plant, has already received state contracts for the supply of ventilators worth 14.6 billion rubles without competition

Ambulance riots in Sormovo

Today, at the Sormovo ambulance station, a spontaneous gathering of workers took place, outraged by the lack of allowances for working with Covid-19. Employees came to the authorities to understand this problem. The Deputy Minister was supposed to be at the meeting, but for some reason did not come. The Minister of health of the region, David Melik-Huseynov, said that this was a provocation and instructed the chief doctor of the station to write a statement to the police and the IC.

Images were removed from the main temple of the Armed forces in Kubinka

The images of not only Putin and Shoigu, but also Stalin were removed from the main temple of the Armed forces in Kubinka the other day, a correspondent of Open media who visited the temple was convinced.

Instead of Russian officials, the mosaic of the annexation of Crimea now features figures of priests,and Putin has been replaced with an icon. The slogan “our Crimea” has also disappeared — instead of it, the phrase “We are together”is now laid out. And in place of the portrait of Stalin on the mosaic about the Victory, there is now a poster with the slogan “let’s Plant the banner of victory over Berlin”.

Gasoline prices rose on the Russian stock exchange

Gasoline prices rose sharply on the Saint Petersburg international commodity exchange. Only for may 13, the cost of the brand “Regular92 “increased by 4.33% (from 42,396 thousand to 44,232 thousand rubles per ton), and” Premium-95 ” — by 4.42% (from 43,34 thousand to 45,254 thousand rubles per ton), according to the results of the auction. Since the beginning of may, “Regular92” has risen by 10.85%, and “Premium-95” – by 11.44%.

Mikhail Turukalov, General Director of commodity markets Analytics, attributes the increase in exchange prices to a reduction in gasoline sales at Spbmtsb and a decrease in gasoline shipments to the domestic market as a whole — from 630 thousand tons per week in March to 408.5 thousand tons per week over the past month.

Non-residents and “daughters” of foreign banks continued to buy currency in April

Last month, they bought the currency for 108.9 billion rubles, which is a “significant” amount, according to the Central Bank. Nevertheless, April purchases of foreign currency by non-residents are about three times less than purchases made in March, when non-residents, amid the flight of investors from the markets of developing countries, bought foreign currency at stock exchanges for a record 389.4 billion rubles since 2014. This led to a sharp weakening of the ruble.

The Central Bank in March began selling the currency under the budget rule, which provides for sales from the national welfare Fund when the price of Urals oil falls below $42.4 per barrel. The regulator also introduced a new mechanism for selling the currency received from the government’s purchase of a controlling stake in Sberbank — for such operations, the cut-off price was $25 per barrel. The government also paid for Sberbank’s shares with money from the national welfare Fund.

Credit to the population began to decline in April

Credit to the population: -0.3% mm and 14.2% yy (in March: 0.8% mm and 16.7% yy)
Credit to legal entities: -0.2% mm and 10.9% yy (in March: 7.3% mm and 9.4% yy)

Sberbank’s published RAS data for April shows that deleveraging has begun in the consumer lending segment. This is quite expected. This has always been the case – a drop in income always leads to a reduction in demand for credit. Banks also always tighten their lending standards in times of crisis.

Forecasts of the Central Bank suggest that the loan to the population this year will show dynamics from -2 to 2%, while unsecured loans will decrease by about 5%, while mortgages still hope for growth in the range of 8-10%

SBERBANK’s profit collapsed in April

Sberbank’s published RAS data for April shows that Sberbank’s interest income did not suffer much from the beginning of the crisis, but Commission income sank quite sharply – by 20%. Net profit simply collapsed, amounting to only 11.5 billion rubles (-85% yoy). This is the result of a large – scale formation of reserves-since the beginning of the year, Sberbank has sent 242 billion to reserves, compared to 9.9 billion for the same period last year.

Gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Bank of Russia

In April, the Bank of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves increased by $2.5 billion to $566.0 billion. The increase in gold reserves was due solely to the increase in gold prices. As a result, the price of gold in gold reserves increased by $6.2 billion, while the value of currency part of gold reserves declined by $3.7 billion due to currency sales by the Central Bank. The share of gold in gold reserves reached a record 22.3% at the beginning of may, its value was estimated at $126.1 billion.

Expectations that the fed may move into the area of negative interest rates (although Powell yesterday denied these plans), push gold prices up. At the same time, the Central Bank continues to sell the currency. As a result, by the end of the year, the share of gold in the gold reserves may reach 25%.

The Russian government extended Sechin’s contract for five years

The Russian government has signed a Directive to extend the contract of the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, for another five years. This is reported by Vedomosti with reference to three sources familiar with the company’s management, and a Federal official.

Rosneft’s Board of Directors should decide whether to extend Sechin’s contract at a meeting on may 14 or 15, one of the newspaper’s interlocutors said. A representative of Rosneft declined to comment, and Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian President, responded to Vedomosti’s request: “Wait for the Directive.”

Recall that Sechin headed Rosneft in may 2012, before that, he was the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors for several years, Vedomosti reminds. The first contract with Sechin as the head of the company was signed for three years, in may 2015, it was extended for five years.

The biggest actor’s fee

The first ” Matrix “revolutionized the minds of viewers, the third beautifully put an end to the story, and the second became the highest-grossing of all the” Matrix”, collecting around the world almost $ 750 million and giving a modest and sad Keanu the largest income in the history of cinema. Keanu Reeves ” the Matrix: Reboot — – $ 126 million

China strongly protests

China strongly protests the introduction by a number of us senators of a bill against China that provides for sanctions for COVID-19, said Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin instructed to deal with the lack of personal protective equipment for doctors in hospitals in the Vladimir region, which is why they are being dismissed.

South Korean authorities will ban minors from downloading mobile messengers

South Korean authorities, amid a string of sexual crimes, will ban minors from downloading mobile messengers where it is impossible to identify users and save the history of conversations.

The corresponding reaction of the authorities was caused by the recent exposure of a group of individuals who blackmailed women and minors to participate in the creation of pornographic materials via telegram chat. At least dozens of women and more than 15 teenagers were injured by the attackers. About 260 thousand people transferred money to criminals as a payment for connecting to a Telegram channel with pornography.

Australian authorities fined the Church

Australian authorities issued 12 fines totaling $98,000 to a Church that illegally advertised a “miracle” cure for coronavirus. The product contained bleach, the Australian medicines Administration (TGA) said.

The Ministry of health of the Altai territory purchased two new SUVs

On April 28, the Ministry of health of the Altai territory signed a contract with an official Nissan dealer in the region for the supply of two cars with a total cost of almost 2.4 million rubles. It is not clear why the Department needed two comfortable SUVs: the documents of the public Procurement portal do not clarify this. Ia “Bankfax” sent a request to the Ministry to clarify the purpose of such a purchase.

In the Krasnodar territory offered to charge for accommodation in quarantine observatories

At a meeting of the operstab, Vice-Governor Andrey Alekseenko said that many citizens from other regions purposefully go to the Kuban to live for two weeks at the state expense.

“It is well settled. People come for the purpose of two weeks on state support to sit in the Observatory, and then settle down, continue living at the resort. In other words, they are not going to return to their native region.”

The authorities of St. Petersburg explained the refusal of free distribution of masks

The authorities of St. Petersburg decided to give money to local residents instead of individual protective equipment because of the large number of visitors, explained the Governor Alexander Beglov.

In Moscow, the number of buyers of Parking spaces under houses has sharply decreased

In Moscow, over the past year, the number of buyers of apartments in new buildings who simultaneously purchase Parking spaces in the Parking lot under the house has decreased by a third. This is stated in the report published today by specialists of INCOM-real Estate.

A traffic camera will be to check insurance policies

The Kommersant portal reported that the “Quarantine” platform, which is aimed at identifying drivers without permits during quarantine measures, can be reprogrammed into a system for monitoring CTP policies. In addition, you can use this SOFTWARE to track malicious non-payers of fines and control the registration of cars in the traffic police.

The drought in Azerbaijan can affect everyone

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at a recent video conference with the head of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), Suma Chakrabarti, said that the country faced a serious drought in 2019. This year, there is also a drought. The volume of water in storage is as small as ever

Kadyrov called for collective prayer against coronavirus

The Pope’s initiative on global prayer was supported in Russia, and Pope Francis declared may 14 a universal day of prayer for the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Believers of the Republic joined the action

Rosneft asks for a discount on oil transportation

Rosneft asks to bring the tariffs of Transneft and Russian Railways “in line with current prices” for raw materials. This was announced by the head of the oil company Igor Sechin at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

The Bank of Russia reduced its loss by almost 2.5 times

According to the results of 2019, the Bank of Russia reduced its own loss by 2.4 times. It fell to 182.6 billion rubles, in 2018, the loss of the regulator was 434.7 billion rubles, according to the annual report sent to the state Duma. The Bank of Russia’s revenues in 2019 increased by 9.14% to 630.7 billion rubles

US extends sanctions against Huawei for another year

The ban on American companies using telecommunications equipment produced by” national security-threatening ” companies has been extended for another year. The corresponding order was signed by US President Donald trump

NATO Secretary General accused Russia and China of misinformation

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg accused Russia and China of misinformation about the spread of the coronavirus. He said this in an interview with the newspaper Repubblica.

North Korea received humanitarian aid from Russia

In this situation, the Russian government decided to help the Korean people by supplying 25,000 tons of selected wheat. The ship “POLINA” under the flag of Sierra Leone delivered her to the port of Nampho from Novorossiysk

Ukraine is on the verge of water scarcity

The national security and defense Council of Ukraine warned about the possibility of water scarcity in the country, suggesting to optimize the use of resources and introduce economical water consumption. This is reported by the NSDC press service.

The last five years have been low-water, and there is a possibility of water scarcity in the basins of some rivers that have a significant anthropogenic load — – said in a statement on may 13.

Ukraine to extend sanctions against Russian social networks

The decision was made by the national security and defense Council (NSDC). NSDC of Ukraine decided to extend sanctions against Yandex companies, Mail.ru and others, TASS reports. In the spring of 2017, it was decided to start blocking Internet resources in Ukraine.

Ukraine has banned the entry of cars with Chinese wheels

Ukraine’s Railways have imposed a ban on accepting wagons that are equipped with wheel pairs produced by two Chinese companies for their infrastructure. This follows from a telegram from Mikhail Sapetov, head of the carriage management Department of the Central Directorate of infrastructure of the Russian Railways (the text of the document is available to TASS).

The railway administration of Ukraine, by telegram dated may 6, 2020, informed about the ban on accepting cars equipped with all-rolled wheels produced by Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd (people’s Republic of China) and Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Transit Equipment Co., Ltd (people’s Republic of China), – noted in the telegram

The Rada finally banned the return of “PrivatBank” Kolomoisky

The bill received the support of 270 parliamentarians with a minimum threshold of 226 votes. The next stage is the signing of the document by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. The adoption of this law makes it impossible to return to the Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky “PrivatBank”.

The US plans to seek an extension of the embargo against Iran

The US intends to continue to seek an extension of the arms embargo on Iran, even if the UN security Council vetoes the prepared resolution. Earlier, the Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said that Russia does not see the need to extend the UN security Council arms embargo against Tehran

In the US explained the purpose of purchasing microdrons Black Hornet

The US army has signed a contract with FLIR Systems on the acquisition of a new batch microdrones Black Hornet. Deliveries are made under the Soldier Borne Sensor program. As explained in the Pentagon, the drones are designed to improve the awareness of ground units of the US army. The intelligence apparatus is designed to transmit information about objects in the area of patrolling or conducting a combat operation.

The Black Hornet is a small helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicle. Its weight is only 18 grams. The diameter of the main rotor of the drone is 12 centimeters. The miniature helicopter, which can stay in the air without recharging for 25 minutes, can reach a maximum speed of 20 km / h, with a range of two kilometers.

The Boeing X-37B spacecraft will translate energy

The US air force’s Boeing X-37B spacecraft is participating in an experiment to create a unique technology for drones. This was reported by journalists from the Drive. The publication refers to a local engineer named Paul Jaffe, who works in the research laboratory of the US Navy.

The specialist said that the developers are testing a technology that can make drones devices with almost unlimited validity. Paul Jaffe said that the us air force’s Boeing X-37B spacecraft is taking part in the experiment. The military plans to launch it into space on may 16 from a site located on Cape Canaveral.

German Bank started accepting deposits in bitcoin

German online Bank Bitwala, operating under the license of Germany’s leading Bank SolarisBank AG, began accepting deposits in bitcoin, as reported in its Twitter account. The annual interest rate on deposits in cryptocurrency will be 4%.

Us Democrats have prepared a new aid package

Democrats in the us House of representatives intend to put to a vote a new package of economic stimulus measures in the amount of more than $3 trillion, reports Fox News

In North Ossetia, a bridge cracked six months after its construction

The bridge over the Uruk river, rebuilt for half a billion rubles, cracked in North Ossetia six months after its construction. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to social networks. According to the publication, the crack went along one of the lanes of the bridge, the damage appeared at the edge of the road.

According to the Chairman of the road management Committee of the Republic Tariel Soliev in his Instagram account, this was due to “waterlogging of the slope caused by heavy prolonged precipitation.” He promised that the opening and strengthening of the damaged area will be carried out at the expense of the contractor.

According to the Agency, the 113-meter-long bridge opened at the end of 2019 on the 78th kilometer of the Vladikavkaz — Ardon — Chikola — Lesken-2 highway. Money for its construction was allocated from the Federal budget.

The European Parliament approved the agreement on simplification of visa regime

The European Parliament approved the agreement on visa facilitation between the EU and Belarus and on cooperation between the parties in the field of readmission. The decision was made on Wednesday during an online vote of the European Parliament’s plenary session in Brussels. 634 MEPs voted for the documents. 48 people opposed it, and four more deputies abstained.

The documents signed by Brussels and Minsk will have to be approved by the EU Council, after which the parties will notify each other of the completion of the ratification procedures. The agreements will take effect on the first day of the second month after the date of notification of the parties. Initially, the documents were supposed to come into force in June, but now it is expected that in the best case, this will happen in July.

In Saratov reduced the cost of public procurement of medical masks and five times

As previously reported, local officials tried to buy medical masks for 425 rubles apiece! The Governor’s chief of staff was fired because of the attempted Scam. And now the region has started to severely “cut” the cost of public procurement.

We planned to buy 20 thousand insulating suits for the region for 3350 rubles per piece,and bought 638 rubles! Budget savings in the end turned out to be more than 54 million rubles! So they can, when they want to!..

A criminal case was opened against Penza Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Burlakov

He is suspected of fraud with embezzlement of budget funds, the press service of the Federal security service for the region reported. It is not specified what criminal actions are connected with which the Minister of agriculture and the Deputy Chairman of the Penza government are suspected. The FSB conducted searches of his home, and the government previously reported that investigations were also being conducted in his Ministry.

Their actions were called “environmental extremism”.

Yekaterinburg city hall will ask the FSB and the interior Ministry to check the actions of environmental activists after they illegally planted 47 trees. The Chairman of the ecological Council under the head of Ekaterinburg Olga Startseva said that their actions are illegal, reports Znak.com.

There are signs of environmental extremism when a number of eco-activists decided to use the green theme to their advantage. You can’t bring trees, even expensive ones, even noble ones, and shove them anywhere without experts. It is not a fact that the trees were planted correctly and they will take root.”

Activists planted saplings in a Park near the Ural state University of Railways, where they are going to build a swimming pool. Six months ago, trees were cut down there on the initiative of the University.

The Russian government’s oil asset in Venezuela was recorded on a PSC from Ryazan

A private security company from Ryazan, RN-Okhrana-Ryazan, became the owner of the National oil consortium, through which Rosneft owned a major oil-producing asset in Venezuela. This was noticed by Interfax»

PSC used to be part of Rosneft, and at the end of April it became the property of Roszarubezhneft — a company that rossimushchestvo established on the same day that the Russian government announced the purchase of Rosneft’s assets in Venezuela.

Reese Witherspoon has signed up for two romantic comedies for Netflix

Reese Witherspoon’s media company Hello Sunshine will produce two new Netflix projects, in which the actress herself will play the main roles. According to Deadline, these are the romantic comedies “you or me” (“Your Place Or Mine”) — the directorial debut of the screenwriter of “the Devil wears Prada” Alyn Brosh McKenna — and “cactus” (“The Cactus”) based on the novel by Sarah Haywood “Cactus. It’s never too late to flower.”

The world’s first diffraction chocolate has been released

American experimenter Samy Kamkar gave the chocolate an iridescent color by pouring it under low pressure. The taste of the product was not affected — only its optical properties changed. The author announced the results of the experiment on Twitter.

Sony has introduced a sensor with built-in artificial intelligence

According to the company, the technology is intended for retail and industrial applications and is able to perform data collection tasks more safely and much faster than existing methods, according to Bloomberg.

The new MacBook Pro 13 inches is on sale

Apple released the MacBook Pro 13 just a couple of weeks ago. And today it went on sale in the official Apple store in Rosssi. The updated MacBook Pro features 10th-generation Quad-core Intel Core processors with Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5 GHz.

A new version of CommuniGate Pro 6.3 has been released

CommuniGate Systems has announced the release of a new flagship product, CommuniGate Pro 6.3. CommuniGate Pro is a software platform for creating enterprise communication systems, from small office scales to cluster installations that serve millions of users.

Disabling three areas of the brain deprived the rats of the fear of sudden silence

Portuguese scientists have identified brain structures responsible for the stress response of a rat when it hears that its relatives have stopped making noise. To do this, they used methods of optogenetics and drug — induced inhibition of neurons: rats that were individually disabled amygdala, middle cranial nucleus of the thalamus and ventral part of the temporal cortex, did not show a stress response to sudden silence-unlike their relatives from the control group. How such a system works has yet to be studied, scientists write in the journal PLoS Biology.

New evidence of Neanderthal intelligence found

Researchers from the University of California, Davis, carefully studied one of the Neanderthal tools found in the South of France. We are talking about the lissoir, a blunt-edged bone tool that was used to smooth the skins. After performing analyses using a mass spectrometer, scientists found out which animal bones were used to make these tools.

It turned out that lissoirs were made mainly from the ribs of bison and bison. But at the same time, judging by the found remains of bones, the main object of hunting of ancient people in this area were deer. Selecting the bones of the Buffalo and the bison, the Neanderthals, according to the head of research Naomi Martisius acted intentionally. It was the large and hard bones of these animals that were most suitable as tools for the heavy work of skinning.