16 May, 2020

News digest for 05/15/2020

The share of Russian companies at risk of bankruptcy during the period of quarantine measures increased from 28% in the first week of self-isolation to 32% by the end of April, according to the results of the CSR study.

The largest share of potential bankrupts is in the areas of trade and services (40%), the smallest — in the energy and other resources industries (24%). The risk of bankruptcy is now twice the level of the 2014 crisis, said Laura nakoryakova, head of the center for socio-economic research of the CSR.

The CSR specifically pointed out that more than half of the companies under threat of financial insolvency (58%) do not fall under the six-month moratorium on bankruptcy introduced in early April. It concerns only the most affected sectors, system-forming and strategic enterprises. Most often, representatives of pre-bankruptcy companies from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors (80%), as well as Finance, investment and insurance activities (80%) say that they are not among the companies from the most affected industries.

Valdai international discussion club. Main thesis

The sovereign state remains the only institution capable of acting in an organized and efficient manner. At a time of crisis, citizens are looking for help from the state, they have nowhere else to turn.

The pandemic has caused an erosion of alliances and a crisis of familiar ideological patterns. A number of international institutions were unclaimed. The dichotomy of “autocracy-democracy” has again shown itself to be false. The question is not about the structure of the political system, but about the traditions of countries.

The most dangerous scenario may be a US – China confrontation. The confrontation is fraught with splits in both Western and non-Western institutions.

Nuclear weapons remain the main factor protecting against a slide towards a global military catastrophe. But its deterrent potential is not unlimited, and further degradation of institutions will affect it.

The economic consequences of the pandemic will be enormous. This is a shutdown of almost the entire system.

The authorities allowed the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix race to take place

The authorities allowed the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix race to be held on August 30 with empty stands, reports sporza.be. As the newspaper notes, this was announced by the Minister-President of Wallonia Elio Di Rupo. It is reported that now the Belgian side needs to agree on a date with the management of “Royal racing”.

Did I tell you to count the hours?

Listen to me, listen carefully! We agreed – and it was clearly stated that this money should be paid for working with patients with a coronavirus infection, and not for some hours and minutes.

Specific dates and figures for these payments were mentioned. At the beginning of next week, we will discuss in detail and sum up the results for all the regions of the Federation, without exception, and how this order was fulfilled.

Earlier, doctors in several regions complained that instead of the 25 thousand rubles promised by the President, they received additional payments of 500-800 rubles, since the hospital administration began to count the number of minutes they spent in ” red zones”

In the Tver region, residents are given free potato plots

Dmitry Kerdanov, the head of the administration of the Kablukovsky settlement, told the newspaper “Rise” that the situation with the coronavirus can hit the economy of families, so people are offered unclaimed plots. A plot in the village of savvatievo in 6-8 “acres” can be obtained by writing an application

People are now in a difficult situation, do not work, there is no knowing what is ahead. Therefore, we suggested that just in case for residents of apartment buildings in savvatievo who do not have gardens, take land where you can not build, and develop plots. We will help you with seeds, so that people can plant potatoes and get a harvest. Potatoes-because this is the most inaccessible culture, the rest must be protected. They asked for five precincts so far, but more applications were sent. The entire plot of 1 ha is somewhere”.

Microsoft offered to use its services for free

Microsoft offered the Russian government to use its services for free for at least six months. The proposal was explained by the fact that the company actively cooperates with governments around the world to help cope with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Belarus has announced the start of oil supplies from the United States

The implementation of American oil supplies is part of the state strategy to diversify sources (supply) and ensure the stable operation of the oil refining complex in Belarus in 2020 and in the following years, the Belarusian foreign Ministry said.

Employees of a fish factory on the Kuril Islands demand full pay

On the Kuril island of Shikotan, fish handlers refused to go to work. They work for the company “Krabozavodsk”, which is a branch of JSC”Kurilsky Rybak”. A company with a profit of 4 billion rubles promised people one salary when hiring, but paid less.

The wealth of Germany and the wealth of 33 European countries

Germany’s national wealth is $14.5 trillion. The combined national wealth of Russia and 32 other countries is just under $14.5 trillion.



Alcohol production in Russia decreased by 13% in 4 months

Vodka began to make less by 8%, quiet wines by 16.5%. But cognac became more by 3%, and champagne-immediately by 20%

Oil export duty to increase by $1.5 from June 1

The export duty on oil in Russia from June 1, 2020 will be $8.3 per ton, according to materials on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The duty on high-viscosity oil will increase from June 1 to $1.2 from $1.

The preferential oil duty rate for a number of fields in Eastern Siberia, the Caspian fields and the Prirazlomnoye field due to the new calculation formula adopted as part of the tax maneuver in the oil industry, has remained at zero since February 1, 2015.

The duty on light petroleum products and oils will increase to $2.4 from $2 per ton, and on dark products-to $8.3 from $6.8.

The duty on the export of commercial gasoline will rise to $2.4 from $2, and straight – run (nafta) – to $4.5 from $3.7 per ton.

The duty on liquefied gas will remain at zero, and on pure LPG fractions it will also be zero.

Russian foreign trade balance for January-April (Central Bank estimate):

A positive balance of $35.6 billion compared to $61.6 billion a year earlier.

Current account surplus of $23.5 billion versus $40.1 billion.

Net capital outflow of $23.9 billion vs. $27.6 billion

Elon Musk’s first transport system

Elon Musk has finished drilling the second tunnel of his rapid transit system in Las Vegas, begins to build stations. Trains from Tesla cars will travel through the tunnels. After Las Vegas, Musk plans to build branches in Los Angeles. Chicago and from Washington to Baltimore.

VTSIOM conducted a survey on work in the pandemic

54% of Russians do not work now (this group includes both those who did not work before the restrictions, and those who cannot work because of them).

27% continue to work in the office or at the enterprise.

16% fully or partially switched to “delete” (2% of them worked in this mode before the pandemic).

Of those who switched to “delete”, 61% do not like this mode to varying degrees. The main reasons are that you need direct contact with people, you can’t concentrate.

And 36% like it, most often because you do not need to spend time on the road and you can make a flexible schedule.

Number of self-employed in Moscow

The number of self-employed in Moscow has increased by 42% since the beginning, by may 1, their total number reached 275 thousand, the mayor’s office said. On average, 20 thousand people are registered every month, especially drivers, Tutors, copywriters, legal consultants, advertising and marketing specialists.

Australia will spend $31 million to support residents ‘ mental health amid the pandemic

Manned cosmonaut to replace CEO

Russia’s main manned space enterprise, RSC Energia, will change its CEO, a source in the industry told RIA Novosti. It is planned that Igor Ozar, adviser to the head of Roscosmos, will head the Corporation instead of Nikolay Sevastyanov. The reasons for the reshuffle are not specified.

The German regulator refused to ” Nord stream 2″

The German Federal grid Agency rejected Nord Stream 2 AG’s request to exempt the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline from the requirements of the updated EU Gas Directive.

“Board number seven on may 15 rejected the application of Nord Stream 2 AG to exempt the part of Nord stream 2 that runs in the territorial waters of Germany from regulation,” the report says, TASS reports.

China’s economy continues to recover

Industry: 3.9% yy (expected 1.5% yy) vs -1.1% yy in March; January-April: -4.9% yy

Retail sales: -7.5% yoy (expected -7.0% yoy) vs -15.8% yoy in March; January-April: -16.8%

Investments (since the beginning of the year): -10.3% yoy vs -16.1% in January-March

The recovery of Chinese industry is much faster than expected, but the situation with domestic consumer demand remains extremely weak, and here the recovery is below the forecast trajectory

Germany has extended the restrictions on the issuance of visas in Russia

Germany extended restrictions on visa issuance at the country’s Embassy and consulates-General in Russia until June 15.all interviews were canceled before this date, according to the Embassy’s website. The question of opening the EU border for Russian citizens in practical terms is not yet worth it – Russian Ambassador to the EU

The hackers are selling the database of the Russian car owners

A database of Russian car owners has been published on one of the darknet forums, said DeviceLock founder Ashot Hovhannisyan in the Telegram channel. For a fee, sellers offer to provide personal data from the traffic police register. In total, the database contains 129 million leads.

The published data contains only General depersonalized information — the place of registration of the car, make, model, and date of registration. Sellers claim that the full version contains full names, addresses, dates of birth, passport numbers, and contact information. It is sold for 0.3 bitcoins (about $2.8 thousand). for exclusive use of information, the cost will be 1.5 bitcoins (about $14 thousand).

The Director of the school in Yakutia was punished because of the crowd of parents when issuing dry food

The incident occurred at school number 20 in Yakutsk. The educational institution made a schedule for receiving food packages without taking into account time intervals, which led to a mass gathering of people.

Growing number of receiving Russian citizenship

The number of people who received Russian citizenship, has increased over the four months of this year nearly three times compared to the same period of 2019, according to statistics of the interior Ministry.

“The number of persons in respect of whom the decision to acquire Russian citizenship was made was 215 thousand 901, from January to April 2019, there were 85 thousand 937 of them,” the report says.

MSU will not conduct a check after students report harassment

The MSU faculty of Philology will not conduct a check after reports of students ‘ harassment by the Professor. Acting Dean of the faculty Andrey Lipgart told TASS that there are no grounds for this, as well as evidence of the teacher’s guilt.

“We do not have these facts. Evidence in these publications is not presented, names are not named. We can’t replace law enforcement agencies. If this is harassment, then this is a serious charge, it is recorded in the legislation of the Russian Federation. Therefore, no Commission of the Philology Department can replace law enforcement agencies, even if something happens.”

Earlier, the student publication DOXA published confessions of several female students of the MSU faculty of Philology about harassment by teachers, in particular, Dmitry funk. Later, an open letter was published on the DOXA website, which was signed by students, postgraduates, teachers and graduates of the University. The authors called on the MSU leadership to create legal mechanisms that protect students from harassment. violation of these regulations should lead to real consequences “up to disciplinary penalties and dismissal”. The signatories also propose to introduce mandatory educational courses for teachers on the unethical nature of romantic and sexual relationships between teachers and students.

In Russia, it was proposed to introduce a benefit for masks and gloves.

This initiative was made by the Head of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets. According to her, the government should decide to pay a monthly allowance that will provide people with one mask a day and will be calculated based on prices in each region. In special cases, it is also possible to distribute the necessary means of protection to Russians instead of benefits, Volynets said.

Smart glove for astronauts

“Smart glove” allows you to control the equipment using gestures. The SETI Institute and NASA have adapted the technology to operate at low temperatures and in airless or low-pressure environments. It also took into account the stiffness of the movements of a person in a spacesuit. The glove is equipped with sensors that detect even barely noticeable movements of the hand, and a microcontroller for reading the output signals of the sensors. If the technology is approved, the drones will not only be able to fly around the moon, but will also help astronauts on Mars

Open media, analyzed decrees on awarding orders in Russia

Only 5% of state awards are awarded by President Putin to those who have performed feats, while 60% go to bosses for abstract successes, Open media found, analyzing the decrees on awarding over the past 500 days. Among those awarded are judoists, defenders of the Amur tigers, members of the” Fighting brotherhood”, a Mongolian cattle breeder who shook hands with Stalin, and 30 senators. For more information, see the Open Media study: https://openmedia.io/svml

Roskomnadzor demanded that Google block the news ” MBH media”

Roskomnadzor sent a notification to Google to block the news on the website of MBH media, written on the financial Times article, which claimed that the death rate in Russia from coronavirus is significantly higher than official data.

The notification, writes MBH media, States that the request for blocking is based on the decision of the Prosecutor General’s office of may 13, 2020. The Prosecutor General’s office considered that the news contains ” calls for mass riots, extremist activities, participation in mass (public) events held in violation of the established order.”

The notification was sent to Google, since the publication’s website is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. MBH media did not receive any messages, according to the editorial Board.

Russia will once again hold the air part of the Victory parade

This is reported in the Ministry of defense. It is noted that the exact date of the solemn event has not yet been chosen, due to the situation with the coronavirus. The air part of the parade will not be an exact copy of the event held on may 9. The aircraft will fly not only over the capital, but also over other cities, the list of which is under discussion.

Workers of the Ulyanovsk plant “Aviastar” cut their wages in half

Workers of the Ulyanovsk plant “Aviastar”, which produces aircraft under the state defense order, have their salaries cut in half. Today, employees of the company gathered for a strike to Express dissatisfaction with low wages. Ordinary workers in a conversation with a representative of the plant administration appealed to historical facts to prove that they were working ultra-productively, and demanded to justify the decision to cut payments. Employees did not hear a clear response from the management

Which countries have the largest unemployment benefits?

If you compare benefits with income before you lose your job (which is most correct) – in Portugal! Particularly lucky Portuguese can receive 92% of their normal income in the form of unemployment benefits. Yes, and 75% of the least lucky – a very good result.

Support for small businesses in the United States

Governments around the world are trying to help small businesses stay afloat during this difficult time. Borders in the United States are currently closed, and businesses are suffering from a lack of customers. In this regard, I would like to note the coordinated work of the Americans, who are allocating billions of dollars for this purpose.

In General, you can apply for assistance to small businesses and within a month get a loan under the state program at 0% per annum for the first 6 months, and then 1% per annum for two years. But this is not all, the state can pay the rent of your premises and the salary of employees for 2 months. To do this, you need to submit documents about the amount of salary paid last year (including yourself), and then just get a receipt. Please, you can pay expenses for 2 months.

Russia will cancel taxes for the second quarter

In a may 11 address to Russians, President Vladimir Putin said that tax and insurance premiums, excluding VAT, for the 2nd quarter of 2020 for small and medium-sized businesses will be written off. This measure will affect companies that have suffered the most damage from closing and suspending operations during the spread of coronavirus infection.

China, despite constant demands from Washington, does not intend to participate in any trilateral negotiations on nuclear arms control, Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian said at a briefing.

Moscow authorities bought the largest Russian manufacturer of medical masks

The Moscow government in March acquired LLC “company of innovative technologies” (“KIT”), which is the largest manufacturer of medical masks in Russia, the newspaper Vedomosti reported on Friday”

Navalny’s “Five steps for Russia” petition has gained 100,000 signatures

The petition of the politician and head of the FBK Alexey Navalny “Five steps for Russia”, which provides for direct monetary payments to all Russians, has gained the necessary 100 thousand signatures for consideration at the Federal level on the state portal “Russian public initiative”. Navalny himself believes that the number of signatures was underestimated.

In Russia, the volume of savings of citizens has fallen sharply

By the end of 2019, the increase in savings of Russians decreased by almost 14% — from about 2.5 trillion to 2.1 trillion rubles. This year, experts believe, the decline will continue, and citizens will be able to save no more than 1.3-1.5 trillion rubles for a rainy day

Unexpected results of self-isolation: there are more employees of small and medium-sized enterprises

The increase in the total number of employees occurred in all categories of SMEs: microenterprises (up to 15 employees); small enterprises (up to 100 employees) and medium-sized enterprises (from 101 to 250 employees).

Rosneft to deliver 9 million tons of oil to Belarusian refineries by the end of the year

The Russian state-owned company Rosneft has signed contracts with the Belarusian enterprises Naftan, BNK and Mozyr oil refinery for the supply of oil. This is stated in the report “Rosneft”.

Rosneft plans to launch the Rospan gas project in 2020

Rosneft plans to launch the Rospan gas project this year, the project will provide annual gas production of more than 21 billion cubic meters, the company’s press service reported.

Cheap diesel fuel from China began to be imported to Russia.

The tanker Zaliv Vostok, carrying 4,000 tons of raw materials, arrived at the port of Nakhodka on may 12, reports the Reuters edition. As it turned out, the supply of diesel fuel from abroad was affected by the low cost of the product

Facebook launches group video calls

The American company Facebook, which owns the social network of the same name, launched a group video call service called Messenger Rooms on Thursday. This was announced by the head of the company mark Zuckerberg on his page in the social network.

Russia has appealed the court’s decision in the Hague to pay Yukos shareholders

Russia has filed a complaint against the decision of the Hague court to recover 57 billion dollars in favor of ex-shareholders of Yukos, the press service of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation reports.

The Hague court of appeal in February ordered Russia to pay $ 50 billion to former Yukos shareholders, and the Russian justice Ministry said it would appeal the verdict to the Dutch Supreme court. Initially, the arbitration decided to recover $ 50 billion from Russia, in April 2016, this decision was overturned by the District court of the Hague

Apple supplier to build $12 billion factory in the US

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), a supplier of semiconductors for the us Apple, announced its intention to build a $12 billion chip manufacturing plant in Arizona. The company promises that it will create 1,600 new jobs in this way.

The US accused Cuba of refusing to fight terrorism

The us authorities have again added Cuba, as well as a number of other States, to the list of countries that “do not fully support US efforts to combat terrorism.” This is reported in a statement by the American foreign Ministry

The white house is preparing an Executive order to move drug production to the United States

The document can be presented to the public as early as Friday. The white house is preparing an Executive order to move drug production to the United States. This was reported by American journalists on CNBC.

In the regions of Siberia, the collection of utility payments has decreased

The collection of utility payments in the regions of Siberia against the background of the coronavirus pandemic and in connection with the cancellation of penalties and fines in April significantly decreased, in Khakassia it is only 62%, said the presidential envoy to the SFO Sergei Menyailo.

Barrick Gold has sold its last asset in Russia

One of the largest gold miners in the world, the canadian company Barrick Gold has sold a license for the Deposit of platinum and palladium in the Murmansk region Fedorova tundra, RBC reports with reference to the Governor of the region Andrey Chibis. This is the company’s last asset in Russia.

Rosneft’s loss under IFRS reached 156 billion rubles in the first quarter

Rosneft’s loss under IFRS reached 156 billion rubles in the first quarter against a profit of 131 billion rubles in the first quarter of 2019, the company reports. The loss was mainly due to a negative exchange rate difference (RUB 177 billion) due to the weakening of the ruble and the revaluation of foreign currency liabilities.

The decrease in operating profit (-64.8% in quarterly terms) also played a role in the formation of the loss. Positive free cash flow amounted to 219 billion rubles, despite the sharp decline in oil prices, Rosneft emphasizes.

Debt and trade obligations decreased by $9 billion. Capital investment decreased by 13.6% year-on-year to 185 billion rubles.

Revenue and revenue from related organizations and joint ventures amounted to 1.765 trillion rubles (-20.6% in quarterly terms and -15% in annual terms).

EBITDA amounted to RUB 309 billion (-36.7% in quarterly and -23.6% in annual terms).

Unit operating costs for production amounted to 191 rubles ($2.9) per barrel of oil equivalent (b. o.e.), which is 2.1% less than last year.

In the first quarter, Rosneft increased oil refining by 6.9% in quarterly terms and by 1.4% in annual terms to 28.7 million tons.

Hydrocarbon production was 5.75 million bpd (-2.5% yoy), and gas production was 16.63 billion cubic meters (-2.9%).

Bashneft’s IFRS profit fell six-fold in the first quarter

Bashneft group’s net profit under IFRS in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to 3.863 billion rubles, which is more than six times less than in the same period of 2019, the company’s report says.

The Central Bank reported a decrease in Russia’s international reserves

The Central Bank reported that Russia’s international reserves as of may 8 fell by $4.9 billion (-0.9%) to $562.4 billion. This is reported on the regulator’s website.

OTKRITIE Bank’s quarterly profit fell almost 28 times

The net profit of FC OTKRITIE Bank according to IFRS amounted to 823 million rubles in the first quarter of this year, which is almost 28 times less than the result of the same period last year, according to the materials of the financial organization.

The Bank “FC Opening” ceased to give out quick loans to SMEs

Today, on may 14, 2020, Mikhail Zadornov, Chairman of the Board of PJSC Bank OTKRITIE FC, announced that the credit organization has completely closed Express lending to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) due to the spread of coronavirus

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the US is unwilling to activate closed communication channels

Russia and the United States have closed communication channels to “build a trusting dialogue and clarify issues of concern” between the two countries, but Washington leaves all attempts by Moscow to activate these channels without reaction.

On the territory of Khakassia a brigade of rocket troops will be located

A new military unit will be built in the capital of Khakassia. According to the RTS TV channel, today the Governor met with the chief of the rocket troops and artillery of the Central military district Oleg Kisedobrev.

The General brought with him the commander of the brigade of rocket troops Vasily Latyshev, who will oversee the new unit in Abakan. According to Chesedonia, the new building will provide the Republic of Khakassia more than five hundred new jobs. It will be located next to the railway crew. The number of personnel is not yet reported.

The US army will resume large-scale exercises in Europe in June

The US army will resume large-scale exercises in Europe in June, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This was reported by the command of the American army. Maneuvers involving thousands of military personnel will be held in Poland.

Azerbaijan is preparing for large-scale military exercises

Large-scale military exercises involving up to 10,000 military personnel will be held in Azerbaijan from may 18 to 22. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan. The plan of operational and tactical exercises of the Azerbaijani army was approved by President Ilham Aliyev

Ukraine will buy three large batches of weapons from the United States

Ukraine and the United States are continuing negotiations on Kiev’s purchase of three large batches of weapons, the deal should take place this year, Ukrainian Ambassador to Washington Vladimir Yelchenko said on may 12. He recalled that Ukraine already received two island boats last year

The final of “Supernatural” will be shown in the fall of 2020

Studios had to change their plans on the fly. According to CW President Mark Pedowitz, the popular series “Supernatural” will return to screens in the fall. The man noted that the shooting is planned to begin in late summer or early autumn.

USA Network announced that it is closing the series “Judgment night”.

The second season of the project was released in 2019. The reason for this was a sharp decline in the rating of views and too high costs for the production of the picture, according to the publication Deadline.

In Broadway theaters musicals are canceled until September

Broadway theaters in new York canceled all shows of musicals until September 6. This was reported by the press service of the “Broadway League”. The decision was made due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Moby released the seventeenth album

The album was the seventeenth in the musician’s discography; it includes tracks, including the previously released songs “Power Is Taken” and “Too Much Change”.The album was originally scheduled to be released in March, but the release was later moved to may

The rapper’s new album Future has been released

Rapper Future released his eighth Studio album — “High Off Life”, which included 21 tracks, including joint recordings with Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and other artists.

The “photochromic” camera of the oneplus 8 Pro smartphone can Shine through clothes

Recently, the oneplus 8 Pro gadget went on sale, the main feature of which was a “photochromic” camera that allows you to shoot objects in a special mode. Thanks to its use, it is possible in some cases to see through the plastic.

Apple will introduce a 10-inch budget iPad

The American company Apple is working on two new models of tablets. Manufacturers promise to make one version a budget version. This year the largest American smartphone manufacturer promised to increase the diagonal of the new generation iPad to 10.8 inches

Microsoft plans to completely abandon 32-bit Windows 10

Starting with the updated version of Windows 10 (2004), Microsoft stopped offering the 32-bit version of this operating system to OEMs.Updates for the 32-bit version will still be released, but it will not be installed on new computers.

Apple bought the developer of virtual reality technologies NextVR

Apple confirmed to Bloomberg the acquisition of the California company NextVR, which provides the ability to watch concerts, sports events and other events in virtual reality on the basis of its platform. NextVR was founded in 2009 by David Cole and DJ Roller.

Presented 17-inch “small” laptop

The XPS 15 received the largest update in five years, but the larger and more powerful XPS 17 attracts the attention of experts. This model is declared by the manufacturer as “the smallest 17-inch laptop on the planet”, while the device is really very compact.

Visa has filed a patent application for a digital currency to replace Fiat

Visa wants to use digital currency technologies to solve the problems of the Fiat payment system. On may 14, the US patent and trademark Office published a patent application that the company filed in November last year.

Google Chrome will start blocking “device-heavy” ads

Google Chrome will block ads that load your devices. The browser support service has informed you that banners that do not meet the new requirements will be removed.

LG creates a blockchain platform for launching self-driving cars on the roads

LG Group is involved in the development of a blockchain-based platform designed to function and protect self-driving vehicles and their systems from hacker attacks. The contract value is 1 billion Korean won (about $817 million).

Twitter in Android will get a separate retweet counter with comments

The social network Twitter is testing a retweet counter with comments for Android, on may 11, the portal reports 3dnews.ru with a link to the Android Police resource. According to the resource, this feature is already available in the Twitter app for iOS.

WebMoney has added face recognition to the video call service

The call initiator selects the call participants in The WebMoney Keeper contact list, and the service identifies the user via WebMoney Login or face recognition technology. In addition, WebMoney Video has a demonstration of the screen and conversation in the chat. The number of participants has been increased to eight.

In Africa, traces of ancient people were found on the slope of a volcano

Experts found that the 408 traces found belonged to 17 people: 14 adult women, two men and one teenager. Ancient people walked along the slope of the volcano, covered with a non-frozen mudflow.

The movement of The earth’s North magnetic pole towards Russia is explained

Researchers from the Danish technical and Leeds universities have developed a theory explaining why the Earth’s North magnetic pole drifted from Canada to Russia. The scientists ‘ work is published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The authors suggest that there are two large fractions of negative magnetic flux at the core-mantle boundary. According to their calculations, a change in the flow of molten metal in the core leads to a change in the magnetic flux in these fractions. The position of the pole is determined by the power of the flows in them — when one gains power, the other loses it, resulting in the pole moving faster in a certain direction. The result is a constant “tug of war” between the two lobes. According to this theory, the pole movement observed today is due to the fact that one of the fractions of the negative magnetic flux is more powerful than the other.