18 May, 2020

News digest for 05/16-17/2020

In the Kaluga region, the chief doctor of the hospital was dismissed, who gave doctors 27 rubles for working with patients with coronavirus. The chief physician of the Central Interdistrict hospital No. 3 in Kozelsk explained to employees who worked for a month in visiting teams to collect smears from COVID-positive contact patients that according to the order of the administration, the payment was calculated based on minutes spent directly during contact with an infected patient.

73 million rubles were withdrawn from the former health Minister of the Murmansk region

During searches in the Murmansk regional children’s clinical hospital, the former Minister of health of the region Valery peretrukhin was seized about 73 million rubles in Shoe boxes. According to the former head of the Ministry of health, 62 million rubles, 133 thousand euros and 60 thousand dollars were found in Shoe boxes. The reason for the searches was the former Minister of health of the region Valery Peretrukhin, against whom a criminal case was opened

Income of the Minister during his term in government :

2012: 1.34 million Spouse — 16 thousand.
2013: 2.3 million Spouse — 247 thousand.
2014: 3.1 million Spouse — 1.6 million.
2015: 2.6 million Spouse — 724 thousand.
2016: 3.1 million Spouse — 758 thousand.
2017: 2.9 million Spouse — 871 thousand.
2018: no data available

Diagnosis through the door

The administration of the clinic in Balashikha apologized to the patient who reported the diagnosis made through the door. The doctor who goes out on a call will be punished. Earlier, a resident of the Zheleznodorozhny district told the newspaper “Rise” that the doctor from the clinic, who was supposed to examine her and her elderly mother, did not inform them of the arrival and only left a note with a prescription under the doorbell.

In the Department for work with the media of the city of Balashikha, “Rise” reported that in fact, the doctor only wanted to say that she came, but did not find the women at home, and the prescription they accepted as a guide was on the back of the paper accidentally.

In Kaluga, employees of the Volkswagen plant were offered to quit for six salaries

Employees of the plant who will write a letter of resignation before the evening of may 15, promised to pay six salaries, and also allowed not to return the funds taken from the company as subsidies for the purchase of a car or housing. Those who quit before the evening of may 18 will be paid five salaries.

“Quite a lot of employees agreed to leave for six salaries. In one of the divisions, the number of employees who filed applications for termination of employment contracts for six salaries is more than they planned to reduce the staff, ” the trade Union reports.

Ambulance workers in Irkutsk complained about non-payment of compensation

“The promised payments of 25 thousand, 50 thousand rubles of a stimulating nature for special working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic to all emergency medical workers of the city of Irkutsk — doctors, paramedics, drivers — have not been paid as of 16.05.2020,” the video message of medical workers says.

One of the ambulance doctors in Irkutsk told a local newspaper IRK.ru that on may 15, some doctors received additional payments, while their amount was significantly lower than the compensation promised by Vladimir Putin.

“Calculations were made on the night, as they say on the lap, and payments were made on the night. 40 rubles. 100 rubles, 142 rubles up to 2000 rubles. Here are such funny payments, and they reported to Mishustin That Yes, there are payments in the Irkutsk region. On TV it sounded, the Irkutsk region paid”, – the doctor told.

Bailiffs and multifunctional centers will deal with out of court bankruptcy of citizens

This procedure will become available to debtors with outstanding obligations from 50 thousand to 500 thousand rubles, whose bailiffs previously did not find property and closed enforcement proceedings for this reason, follows from the revised draft law, which was reviewed by Interfax.

The house of representatives approved a new support package

The house of representatives approved a new $ 3 trillion package of support for the American economy. This is about 210 trillion rubles. For comparison, the expenditure part of the Russian budget in 2019 amounted to approximately 18 trillion rubles. This is not the first support package. Over the past few weeks, Congress has already allocated $3 trillion.

The amount of the fine for refusing to test for coronavirus.

We are talking about citizens who have a suspicion of a disease. Those who returned from abroad and did not report their place of stay can also be punished, the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs told the TASS news Agency. The Agency noted that sanctions are applied if a person does not seek medical care at home when signs of illness appear, and also evades mandatory laboratory testing. For these violations, a fine of 15 thousand to 40 thousand rubles is provided.

Highly paid effective Manager

The other day Sechin asked Putin for state support for Rosneft, and today, confident that there will be help, optimistically announced that the company is doing well with “cash flow” in the first quarter (219 billion rubles) and the payment of expected dividends for last year (354 billion rubles). This statement justified the announcement of the company’s losses in the first quarter of 2020 in 156 billion rubles. (mainly due to the revaluation of foreign currency debt due to the fall of the ruble).

over the past 3 years, the Central Bank of Russia has lost 1.05 trillion rubles. (including 182.6 billion rubles for 2019)

Rogozin held a meeting on resource extraction on the moon

Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin held a meeting on may 15 on the exploration and development of useful resources on the moon, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the meeting’s agenda. Earlier, the US announced plans to extract resources on the satellite.

With a brain implant, the blind can “see” through a camera

Thanks to a unique brain implant, people who have lost their vision will be able to “see” surrounding objects by using a special video camera. The latest device transmits visual data from the camera to an electrode that is implanted in the human brain.

Russian tour operators cancel foreign tours for June

The reason is the uncertainty of the timing of restrictive measures due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. Coral Travel, ANEX Tour and PEGAS Touristik have already announced the cancellation of foreign travel packages with departures in June

China will have the first hotel with an air taxi for guests

Together with the tourist company LN Holdings, the Chinese company EHang, a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, will offer guests of the hotel chain the opportunity to see sights from the air. The first hotel with a rooftop take-off platform will be the LN Garden Hotel in Guangzhou.

Gazprom to stop transit through Poland under Yamal contract

The contract on gas transit to Europe via Poland via the Yamal-Europe pipeline expires, and it will not be renewed. This was stated by Gazprom’s press Secretary Sergey Kupriyanov to Reuters. At the same time, he noted that ” deliveries via Poland will continue anyway»

Qiwi co-founder Solonin granted Durov a $17 million loan

In 2018, the co-founder of Qiwi invested $17 million in TON. The placement was then attended by 175 investors, who invested a total of $1.7 billion in the project. Durov announced on may 12 that the TON blockchain platform and Gram cryptocurrency project will be closed

Russia has tripled its investment in US government bonds

The us Treasury Department said that Russia reduced its investment in us government bonds by three times in March. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the American Department. It is specified that investments have decreased to $3.85 billion.

Netflix presented its song for Eurovision

On the YouTube channel Netflix UK & Ireland, a one-and-a-half-minute parody clip “for Eurovision “was announced, in which will Ferrell (sings himself) and Rachel McAdams perform the synthetic track Volcano Man. A work of clinically Scandinavian themes – fjords, clouds that trample the tops of mountains, an eternal hero and eternal love-that’s it.

China continues to build its part of the ” Power of Siberia»

According to Sea News, China continues to build the Chinese part of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, called the Eastern main gas pipeline Russia-China in China. Its length on the Russian territory is 3 thousand km, on the Chinese – 5.1 thousand km. Today, China has completed the construction of the Northern section of the Heihe – Changlin gas pipeline. It is expected that the middle section of Changling – Chongqing will be put into operation in 2020, and the southern section – in 2023.

In 2020, China is expected to receive 5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas through the constructed part of the pipeline. From 2024, this volume will increase to 38 billion cubic meters per year.

Italy plans to allow travel to other countries

The Italian government intends to lift the ban on movement between regions, as well as on entry and exit from the country from June 3, according to a press release of the Council of Ministers published on the government’s website.

Ukraine has expanded sanctions against Russia

As part of the restrictions, Ukraine will suspend scientific cooperation with institutions from the list for three years, as well as stop cultural and sports contacts with them. The Kiev authorities also extended sanctions against Russian social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

In the US, Gazprom has been threatened with severe sanctions

If Gazprom completes the construction of the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline, it will be fully affected by the US sanctions that were adopted in December. This was stated by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, writes the Atlantic Council.

The sanctions against companies that contribute to the construction of Nord stream 2 include a ban on entry to the United States for their shareholders and officials, as well as blocking access to any property and resources controlled by American companies. In the case of Gazprom’s problems will also appear at the Federal Agency for state property management, “Rosneftegaz” and “Rosgazifikatsiya”

Four suspects in rehabilitation of Nazism were detained

Four suspects in the rehabilitation of Nazism during the virtual March “Immortal regiment – online” have been brought to criminal responsibility, according to the RF IC. During the investigation, the persons involved in the Commission of these crimes who are located on the territory of the Russian Federation were identified. Among them are Daniil Simonov from Perm, Andrey Shabanov from Samara, Denis Vorontsov from Volgograd, and Vyacheslav Kruglov from Ulyanovsk. Criminal cases have been initiated against these individuals, investigative actions are being carried out, including searches of their places of residence, and they are being interrogated by investigators.

Regardie monitors the citizens with the help of the balloon

Regardie monitors the cases of violations of the isolation in the Moscow region with the help of a balloon. The high-altitude video surveillance system “OKO” allows you to cover an area with a radius of up to five kilometers, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the Central district of Rosgvardiya.

You can monitor violators from a height of up to 300 meters. Information about offenses, including violations of self-isolation, is transmitted to the patrol. The OKO complex has already been used for security during the 2018 FIFA world Cup, as well as the MAKS international aerospace salon and the Nashestvie festival.

The submarine “Prince Vladimir” started underwater tests in the White sea

The strategic missile submarine “Prince Vladimir” has started underwater tests in the White sea, the press service of the Northern Fleet reported. The main part of the tests, including the firing of Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Bulava” “Prince Vladimir” took place at the end of 2019. In February of this year, the commander of the Northern fleet, Alexander Moiseyev, announced the imminent arrival of the “Prince Vladimir”in combat. According to an Interfax source, the submarine will join the Navy in June.

In Greece, the anti-coronavirus regime was relaxed and more than 500 beaches were opened

More than 500 beaches opened in Greece on Saturday as part of a relaxation of strict measures to contain the COVID-19 epidemic and in conditions of unusually hot weather, according to the Internet portal of the Greek publication “katymerini”.

You can put everyone in a chemical protection suit, a gas mask, and it will definitely be safe

Measures of social distancing in transport, such as Seating passengers through one, can not be implemented in planes due to a decrease in the return on flights and the rise in ticket prices, said Russian transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich.

This is a certain kind of balance. You can put everyone in a chemical protection suit, a gas mask, and it will definitely be safe. Only in this form, no one will go anywhere. Everywhere there is a balance between the necessary level of protection for the passenger and how cost-effective transportation is for them. We have already said many times about social distancing at least on air transport: if you seat people with this level of social distancing on the plane, the ticket will cost somewhere to 70 thousand rubles, even the minimum, – he said.

The Ministry of communications has created a form for complaints of doctors working with coronavirus

On the Unified portal of public services, doctors and health workers working with those infected with a new coronavirus infection can leave complaints about the lack of incentive payments. Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, instructed to provide a section for medical appeals at a meeting with members of the government of the Russian Federation on may 15, 2020, – the Ministry’s press service said in a statement.

The electoral system is in a state of readiness

The new date for voting on amendments to the Constitution will be determined by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Nikolai Bulaev told RIA Novosti. According to him, the CEC is ready to hold a vote.

The CEC was ready to hold a vote in April. As for the new voting date, it will be determined by Russian President Putin. And the electoral system of the Russian Federation is in a state of readiness— – said Mr. Bulaev

We call on Russia to be part of the Artemis agreement

The National Aeronautics and space administration of the United States (NASA) hopes that Russia will join the “Artemis Agreement” — the legal framework for the project to extract resources on the moon, said the head of NASA Jim Bridenstine.

We call on Russia to be part of the Artemis agreement. And we think that it would be good if the whole world agreed to the right approach to the peaceful exploration of space

The agreement should regulate the behavior of countries and companies in space and on the moon, including the creation of “safety zones” around areas where they plan to conduct exploration and mining operations. NASA noted that the country must sign it in order to participate in the lunar management program.

For me, it’s blah-blah-blah ….

American entrepreneur and head of SpaceX Elon Musk told the writer JK Rowling about the advantages of bitcoins over money issued by Central banks, calling the cryptocurrency more stable.

Rowling said that she does not understand what bitcoins are, and asked Internet users to explain the essence of the cryptocurrency to her. However, numerous messages with explanations did not help the writer.

People explain to me what bitcoin is, and, frankly, for me it’s blah-blah-blah… – the writer wrote.

But they removed the mosaic not far away, in a Museum on the territory of the same Patriot Park

Archpriest Leonid Kalinin, head of the ROC Expert Council on Church art, architecture and restoration, explained why the mosaics with Stalin were removed from the main Church of the Ministry of defense.

In such a situation, when really passions have flared up and outright rejection has arisen — – well, then, it is not necessary, — he said.

But they removed the mosaic not far away, in a Museum on the territory of the same Park “Patriot”. In addition to the mosaic with Stalin, the main temple of the Ministry of defense, as reported, was planned to place a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin — in an image dedicated to the annexation of Crimea. These plans, which were also widely discussed in society, were also abandoned. Whether the mosaic with Putin will be displayed in the Patriot Park Museum is not yet specified.

A scandal is brewing in the Khabarovsk territory.

The Minister of health of the region Alexander Vitko reported on all payments of incentive allowances to medical workers involved in helping patients with coronavirus infection. As the Governor Sergey Furgal commented on the report, the region completely coped with this task one of the first in Russia.

Medical professionals, seeing this message, began to massively refute such information in the comments to the publication. In fact, emergency medical workers in the Khabarovsk territory received scanty payments for working with COVID-19 patients, or did not receive them at all.

In France, the sponsor of the genocide in Rwanda, Felicien Kabuga, was arrested

Kabuga is one of the most important defendants in the International Tribunal for Rwanda. He is accused of creating groups involved in the extermination of Tutsis in 1994. According to the French TV channel BFM, Kabuga is “one of the most wanted fugitives on the planet”. He was arrested on the morning of Saturday, may 16, in the vicinity of Paris, the Prosecutor’s office and the French police said.

In 1994, Felicien Kabuga owned the radio station “Free radio and television of a thousand hills”, which he and his accomplices used to “incite ethnic hatred between Hutu and Tutsi people and spread messages to incite crimes” against Tutsis, BFM writes. Kabuga also organized a fundraiser to provide financial and logistical support to the units of the Interahamwe to commit crimes against Tutsis.

Charges of “genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, incitement to commit genocide, persecution and mass extermination” were brought against Kabuga by the International Tribunal in absentia back in 1997.

Mass demonstrations are taking place in Germany

In Germany, on Saturday, may 16, there was a new series of protests against restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Promotions are held in Berlin, Munich (Bavaria), Dortmund (North Rhine – Westphalia), Stuttgart (Baden-württemberg) and a number of other cities in Germany. And often several protest events are held simultaneously in one locality: only in Munich, about ten of them are declared.

The largest canadian airline Air Canada will lay off up to 60% of employees

Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, has announced that it will lay off at least half of its employees due to the crisis caused by the pandemic. About 20,000 people may be out of work

Do not correspond to the idea of EU solidarity

French interior Minister Christophe Castaner: Today’s statement by the Italian authorities on opening the borders to tourists does not correspond to the idea of EU solidarity. It is very important for us to agree on solutions at the European level, especially with regard to the Schengen area. This is not happening today

Those undergoing “self-treatment” at home are required to take a selfie every 20 minutes

In Moscow, meanwhile, due to the lack of places in hospitals, they came up with a solution to the problem. Now sick people undergoing “self-treatment” at home are required to take a selfie every 20 minutes through the “Social monitoring” program, and if for some reason the selfie was not taken, the sick person is charged an automatic fine, which is unrealistic to appeal. Selfies should be taken even at night, if you suddenly do not Wake up, you also get a fine. The app is unstable and sometimes forces you to take a selfie almost every minute

Moscow cancels fines for refusing to take selfies at night

The Department of information technology in Moscow commented on complaints of citizens who are quarantined for coronavirus, fines due to the application ” Social monitoring”

Medical workers from Kuzbass showed how to erase disposable protective equipment.

In the Kemerovo region, ambulance employees wash disposable suits and masks, and then put them back on and go to calls! People simply have no other choice, because new costumes and masks are not issued to them. According to the information received from the source, the medical staff is also dissatisfied with the fact that there are still no payments and they intend to organize a hunger strike and rally.

In Russia, Russians will be fined for refusing to test for coronavirus

Russian citizens will be fined 15-40 thousand rubles for refusing compulsory testing for COVID-19 in case of suspected coronavirus infection. This was reported in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Russia has created a material that disguises military equipment as snowdrifts

As told to RIA Novosti in “Roselektronika”, the material is made on the basis of filaments with a nanostructured ferromagnetic micro-wire. The detection range of masked equipment by intelligence and aviation radars is reduced by 3.5-4 times. The material absorbs 99.5% of the radar’s electromagnetic radiation, and the reflected wave does not allow it to identify and recognize the masked object.

Seaside drivers staged a protest at the border with China

Due to the lack of measures aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus infection, more than 300 trucks have accumulated at the Border customs point. Russian drivers stuck at customs in Primorye refused to cross the border with China for three days in protest.

Saudi Fund buys stakes in Boeing, Facebook and Citigroup

The Fund spent another $495.8 million on Disney shares, $487.6 million on Bank of America shares and bought a small stake in billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Fund. The Saudi Foundation did not provide the channel with a comment on this issue. The value of PIF is estimated at $300 billion.

A new oil and gas region may appear in Russia

Russia may soon have a new oil and gas region. We are talking about Kalmykia, a steppe Republic where, according to experts, there are a large number of hydrocarbons. Some deposits in Kalmykia were found during the years of the Soviet Union.

From July 1, a new procedure for operations with cash currency is in effect

The Bank of Russia has updated the rules for conducting cash transactions with foreign currency by organizations, sole proprietors and individuals. Instruction No. 5396-u dated January 30, 2020. The changes will take effect on July 1, 2020. They will touch:

accepting foreign currency in cash for crediting to clients ‘ Bank accounts, as well as their Deposit accounts;

issuance of foreign currency cash to clients with simultaneous debiting of foreign currency cash amounts from their Bank accounts and from accounts for deposits and deposits;

conversion of foreign currency in cash

The Central Bank reported a decrease in capital outflow from Russia

Net capital outflows from Russia in January-April 2020 decreased by 13.41% in annual terms-to $23.9 billion, the Central Bank said in a statement. In January-April 2019 net capital outflow from Russia amounted to $27.6 billion, follows from materials of Bank of Russia

The Finance Ministry reported on the rate of funds of the NWF

The volume of the national welfare Fund (NWF) in April decreased by 449 billion rubles and on may 1 amounted to 12.406 trillion rubles, the liquid part was 7.4% of GDP, according to materials posted on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The volume of the national security Fund as of April 1 was 12.855 trillion rubles.

Volume of the monetary base in Russia

The volume of the monetary base in a narrow definition in Russia on may 8 amounted to 12 198.9 billion rubles against 12 111.8 billion rubles as of April 30, the press service of the Bank of Russia reported. Thus, the base grew by 87.1 billion rubles during the week.

Petrobras net loss in the first quarter

Brazilian oil and gas giant Petrobras posted a net loss of $ 9.7 billion for the first three months of 2020, compared with a profit of $ 1.07 billion a year earlier, the company said.

Rosneft reduced capex in the first quarter

Rosneft in the first quarter reduced capital expenditures by 13.6% year — on-year to 185 billion rubles against the backdrop of difficult market conditions and optimization of the production drilling program, according to the company’s IFRS reporting.

France’s total supplies LNG from Yamal to Turkey

The French oil and gas company Total, under a contract with Turkish Botas, delivered a large batch of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Yamal to Turkey. Today, this was reported by the international news Agency Reuters (Reuters).

The European Commission has accused Russia of spreading conspiracy theories

As stated by EC representative Peter Stano in an interview with the tabloid Bild am Sonntag, conspiracy theories and misinformation about the COVID-19 coronavirus are used for this purpose. The publication does not contain any examples proving this practice, RIA Novosti writes.

Our observations show that various official and state-supported sources from Russia, i.e. Kremlin-friendly sources and Russian state media, are spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation in the EU, which can have a significant impact on healthcare, ” he said.

EU countries and Japan have decided to call for an investigation into who’s actions

The Japanese authorities, together with the European Union, intend to propose an independent investigation of who’s actions in connection with the spread of the coronavirus in the world. This was announced on Friday, may 15, by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

The us Treasury Department asked the court to reject Deripaska’s claim

The Ministry of Finance of the United States asked the Federal court of the district of Columbia to stop considering the claim of a businessman from the Russian Federation Oleg Deripaska to the Department and its head Steven Mnuchin, reports TASS.

Puerto Rico will hold a referendum on joining the United States

According to La nacion, the voting form will specify only one question about whether Puerto Rico should immediately be admitted to the United States. The publication notes that for its accession to the territory of the United States, the results of the referendum, in particular, must be approved by Congress.

Spending on nuclear weapons in the world has increased to record levels

According to experts, the cost of producing nuclear weapons in the world over the past year has increased by 10%. The leader in spending was the United States, which began to modernize its nuclear Arsenal, spending 35.4 billion dollars. The US is followed by China (10.4 billion), the UK (8.9 billion), Russia (8.5 billion), France (4.8 billion), India (2.3 billion), Israel (1 billion), Pakistan (1 billion) and North Korea (0.6 billion)

The reason for China’s purchase of Russian su-35 fighters is explained

Chinese experts noted that Russia and China have been closely cooperating in the military sphere for a long time. According to analysts of the publication, one of the reasons for buying Russian fighters is the high cost of mass production of Chinese J-20s. At the same time, the existing air forces of China are not enough to perform all combat tasks.

Fiat Chrysler is negotiating a loan

The company’s Italian division is in talks with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. It is expected to open a credit line of €6.3 billion for a period of three years. It is noted that the loan funds received will be used to Finance the company’s activities in Italy.

The US Congress approved a new package of assistance to the economy

The house of representatives of the US Congress approved a package of measures to support the us economy in the amount of $3 trillion. The session was broadcast on the chamber’s website. According to the bill, about a third of the total amount will be allocated to States and regional authorities.

China calls on the US to pay its debts to the UN

A call to UN member States to fulfill their financial obligations to the UN was published by the Chinese authorities, emphasizing that the US owed more than $ 2 billion. on may 16, a message about this was distributed in the media, CNA portal reports.

The history of the Marvel movie universe fit in 2 minutes

Tom cruise and Elon Musk plan to make a movie in space

Filming on Earth has stopped because of a global pandemic, but this does not mean that space is out of the question. According to an exclusive Deadline, Tom cruise and Elon Musk are in talks with NASA to create the first narrative feature film to be shot at least partially in space.

Austria has a planned opening date for theaters and concert halls

Theaters and concert halls in Austria will open on may 29, a representative of the Austrian government said at a press conference on may 15, according to AFP. However, the number of people in the first days will be limited to 100 spectators, subject to strict distance standards.

The Bolshoi theater refused to show Eugene Onegin in a mask

The management of the Bolshoi theater will review the plan of premieres for the next seasons due to the coronavirus pandemic and will reschedule all performances. This was announced by General Director Vladimir urin.

Russian astronomers have recorded the awakening of the galaxy’s core

It is noted that NGC 3516 is the first Seifert galaxy in which spectral variability has been recorded, and at the same time the first open active galaxy core that changes the spectral type, according to the MSU website.

Fibi Band revealed the first official singles

Fibi Band is a rock and roll project originally from Minsk. The band was founded in 2014, went through several transformations and finally entered the path of official releases. And although the musicians are still in search of a signature sound, the first compositions already definitely have their own character.

NASA plans five spacewalks from the ISS in June

American astronauts in June will make five spacewalks from the International space station, according to NASA materials available to RIA Novosti. Earlier in 2020 there were already three exits on the American program

Yang Lin released a video for the single ” My Agenda»

Swedish cloud rapper and former Sad Boys member Yang Lin released a video for the track ” My Agenda “from his new album” Starz”, which was released recently. Lin’s previous Studio album, “Stranger”, was released in November 2017.

Atomic iron was found in the atmosphere of the hottest exoplanet

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of iron atoms on the day side in the atmosphere of ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-9b — the hottest exoplanet. The discovery allows us to understand how such exoplanets form and evolve. A Preprint of the work is available on the portal arXiv.org

In the center of the milky Way two black holes can rotate at once

Scientists in the study made the assumption that two black holes can rotate at the center of the milky Way at once. The corresponding work was carried out by astronomers from the University of California. A Preprint of the work is published on the portal arXiv.org

The Right Stones have released their first official single, ” Six Feet Underground»

This spring, the St. Petersburg band The Right Stones, which has been performing classic rock since 2017, will present their first official single “Six Feet Underground” – the track that started it all. This song was the first one to be born during one of the band’s rehearsals

Samsung unveils quantum smartphone

In a business partnership with the Korean mobile operator SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics has introduced the world’s first quantum smartphone, Galaxy A Quantum. The device is equipped with a quantum Random Number Generator – a project of the Swiss ID Quantique

NVIDIA Jarvis has simplified the creation of dialog AI services

Jarvis has a full GPU-accelerated software stack and tools that make it easier for developers to create, deploy, and launch real-time dialog applications that can understand company-specific terminology.

Sony unveils artificial intelligence sensors

Sony has announced the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) image sensors on Board the IMX500 and IMX501. They are 12.3-megapixel “smart vision” sensors.

Hackers broke into supercomputers for cryptocurrency mining

Several European supercomputing centers were hacked and infected with cryptocurrency mining software, ZDNet reported on may 16. Information about hacking supercomputers came from various sources over the course of a week.

Steam has launched a new recommendation system

Since February, Steam has been testing a new recommendation system based on machine learning. The new recommendation system received quite a large number of positive reviews in Steam labs, after which it was implemented in Steam for the mass user.

Huawei updates 12 more smartphone models

Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei is updating 12 more models of Huawei and Honor smartphones to the new emui 10.1 shell.However, this is only about users inside the PRC participating in the beta testing program.

The list of devices includes smartphones Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 x 4G, Mate 20 X 5G, Mate 20 RS Porsche Edition, Nova 5 Pro, Huawei MediaPad M6 tablet computers with two screen options-8.4 and 10.8 inches. In addition, the new shell will receive smartphones of the Honor sub-brand-devices Honor 20, 20 Pro, V20, Magic 2, 9X and 9X Pro

The first 120 Hz 4K TV went on sale

The company Hisense released the first 4K TV on sale, the image refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. The gadget implements MEMC and VRR technologies that provide “picture” visualization in smooth mode for scenes with a rapidly changing plot. The TV is priced at $ 563 for the 55-inch version and $ 774 for the 65-inch version

Linux-tablet PineTab with 10 screen will cost $100

Optionally, you can install the M. 2 SATA SSD, M. 2 LTE, and so on. Traditionally, Pine64 computers use an operating system with the Linux kernel. The price of the new product will be only $100, and the additional keyboard will cost $20

The brain can see letters blindly

American scientists managed to achieve the appearance of complex visual images through deep stimulation of the visual cortex. To do this, they dynamically changed the current strength and duration of stimulation of closely located electrodes so that they formed letters. The technique was tested on sighted and blind patients with electrodes implanted in the occipital lobe: both were able to recognize and draw letters on a touch screen. The article was published in the journal Cell.

Austria has developed a quantum radar

Austrian engineers were able to develop a test sample of quantum radar by using entangled microwave photons. Its main advantage is the ability to work even with strong interference.

Facebook launches avatars feature in the US

Facebook launches the avatar feature in North America. Competing with snapchat’s Bitmoji, Facebook avatars were launched last June and have since been available in many countries, including Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.