19 May, 2020

News digest for 05/18/2020

NASA has published the Artemis Accords agreement on mining on the moon. The Agency expects that other countries will approve the document and develop the satellite under the same conditions. The new rules expand the international space Treaty of 1967.

There are 10 points in the new agreement:

The concept of “safe zones” around future lunar bases is introduced. Reuters reported that this concept will ensure the implementation of international law on the moon so that countries do not claim the territory as sovereign.

Countries will be able to extract and use the satellite’s resources. Mining on space bodies is called “critical” for space exploration — for example, so that you can produce fuel right there, instead of delivering it from Earth.

Participants in the agreement will be required to register spacecraft and ships used on the moon. NASA already has a registration Convention, which calls for those countries that have not yet done so to join.

Free public exchange of scientific data is assumed.

The countries participating in the agreement undertake to protect all places and artifacts on the moon that have historical value — lunar Rovers, vehicles and landing sites of the Apollo missions.
Countries will have to dispose of unused or used ships and vehicles to prevent the formation of space debris

NASA plans to return to the exploration of the moon by 2024.  Artemis Agrees to publicly announce plans and policies for lunar exploration, conduct activities only for peaceful purposes, use compatible systems with open international standards, and provide assistance to partners in emergency situations.

In early April, US President Donald trump signed a decree on the resumption of the lunar program and the commercial development of resources on the moon and other space bodies. Roscosmos considered this an aggressive plan “to actually seize the territories of other planets” and an attempt to”expropriate outer space”.

The United States, in turn, decided not to involve Russia in the negotiations because of the hostile actions of Russian forces in earth orbit. The United States suspects that the Russian satellite collects data about the American one, which is located next to it, and transmits the data to the military

Russia and China may be banned from building nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic

Czech authorities have approved a secret document that can exclude Russia and China from the project to build new power units of the Dukovany NPP. According to Czech media, Prague believes that ” the choice of the future performer is associated with a huge geopolitical and economic significance.”

The Parliament of Israel approved the composition of the 35th government of the country.

Netanyahu will be the head of the new government until the rotation, after which he will be replaced by the leader of the “Kahol-Laban” Gantz, who will be in the position of a replacement Prime Minister, as well as defense Minister until the rotation. The rotation will take place on November 17, 2021. Gantz noted that “the biggest political crisis in the history of Israel is over”

The local authorities didn’t want to tell the truth

The leading adviser on the fight against coronavirus of the Chinese government blamed the local authorities in Wuhan for trying to hide from the center the completeness of information about the spread of coronavirus.

The local authorities didn’t want to tell the truth, – Zhong Nanshan told CNN. In particular, local officials were unwilling to report that the virus is transmitted from person to person.

Issuance of consumer loans in April fell by 2 times

According to preliminary data of the “United credit Bureau” (OKB), banks in April 2020 issued 661 thousand non-purpose consumer loans totaling 215 billion rubles. In comparison with March 2020, the number of issues decreased by 56% and by 55% in volume. Compared to April 2019 – by 55% in quantity and by 51% in volume.

China to provide $2 billion to coronavirus-affected countries

China will provide $2 billion in aid to countries affected by coronavirus in the next two years. This was stated by Chinese President XI Jinping, speaking on Monday at the opening of the 73rd annual session of the world health Assembly.

Bedridden Muscovite received a fine for violating self-isolation

A resident of Moscow, Professor Irina Karabulatova RUDN, who almost a year does not leave the apartment and is bedridden, received a notification of a fine of four thousand rubles for violating self-isolation. A video of her story was published on her Facebook page by journalist Natalia Pankratova

The coronavirus pandemic has not affected the housing market in Germany

The coronavirus epidemic has not affected property prices in Germany, said Bernd Leutner, managing Director of the housing, real estate, and environment consulting Agency F+B, according to the German business newspaper Handelsblatt on may 16.

Demand for new buildings has fallen by almost a third in Russia

In Russia, demand for new buildings fell by 30% by the end of April. This was announced by the Deputy head of the analytical center of Dom company.Russian Federation Nikita Belousov. Belousov stressed that in February-March, 300-350 square meters of housing were sold

The situation with forest fires this year is again unfavorable

Head of the Federal forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz) Sergey Anoprienko said that the situation with forest fires this year is again unfavorable.
“According to Rosgidromet, the upcoming summer fire season and weather conditions suggest that this year will enter the top five (leaders) in temperature records for the entire history of observations. They promise a hot year, ” Anoprienko said.

Transneft responded to Rosneft: it offered to raise tariffs

Transneft proposed to raise tariffs for the transportation of oil and petroleum products. This is how a fully state-controlled company responded to Rosneft’s attempts to reduce prices. Transneft points out that oil companies are more concerned about the income of private shareholders, while Transneft pays more dividends to the budget

Japan’s GDP in the first quarter of 2020

Japan’s economy in the first quarter of 2020 shrank by 3.4% compared to the first three months of last year, according to the website of the government Of the country of the rising sun. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, the decrease was 0.9%.

Tenants will be able to claim a discount or terminate the contract without penalty

Vedomosti got acquainted with the amendments prepared by the Ministry for the second reading in the state Duma. The lessee can request a reduction in the room fee, and if the owner does not concede, will be entitled to terminate the contract without penalty until October 1, 2020. And the lessor may not return the security payment, if this is provided for in the contract. Their authenticity was confirmed by a Federal official. A representative of the Ministry of economic development did not respond to the request.

Rusagro increased its profit in Q1 2020

Rusagro group increased its net profit under IFRS 3.3 times in Q1 2020 to 3,198 billion rubles ($48 million), according to the company’s report. Revenue increased by 18% to 32.933 billion rubles ($494 million).

The Russian government has approved a preferential credit program for businesses

The government approved the rules of a new preferential credit program to support businesses from the most affected industries and a number of socially oriented non-profit organizations. Loans will be issued by banks at 2 percent, the rest will be compensated by the state.

Russia has sharply reduced its investment in the US national debt

Russia in March 2020 more than tripled its investment in US government securities. This is evidenced by data from the us Ministry of Finance, which leads TASS. Thus, the total volume of investments decreased from 12.58 to 3.85 billion dollars.

New power plants are planned to be built in Taimyr

Rosneft, the energy holding “inter RAO” and “Timerdelegate” signed an agreement on cooperation in developing energy infrastructure. The document provides for the construction of gas power plants and an electric grid complex for the power supply of oil and gas fields of the Vostok oil project on Taimyr.

Italian scientists have discovered the secret of domes of Renaissance cathedrals

Researchers from the University of Bergamo analyzed the masonry technique of octagonal domes of Italian cathedrals and found out how the brick dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence withstood its own weight and did not collapse under the influence of gravity during construction without external support. The results are described in the journal Engineering Structures.

During the construction of the dome, a peculiar masonry technique was used for the first time, in which the role of the frame, which provides rigidity, was played by rhombuses of vertical bricks laid with a “herringbone”. The space inside the lozenges was laid with horizontal rows of so-called field bricks. Each such row served as a flat arch, or plate, the final elements of which rested on the end stops in the form of horizontal rhombus bricks and actually distributed the load throughout the structure.

Russians detained in Libya were accused of trying to interfere in the elections

The Prosecutor General’s office of the Government of national accord (PNS) of Libya has charged two Russian citizens — Maxim Shugalei and Samer Sueifan — with attempting to interfere in the elections. This was reported by their lawyer, Mohammad Ayad.

The space group of the self defense Forces began operating in Japan

The space task force of the country’s air self-defense Forces on Monday began officially operating in Japan, defense Minister Taro Kono announced

Fire complexes will appear in Suvorov and military schools

The decision was made on the establishment of the Suvorov military schools and the multifunction fire weapon systems. This was announced by Dmitry Nesterov, General Secretary of FATSR, Chairman of the public organization “Moscow suvorovites”.

LGBT flag in Baghdad

The Iraqi foreign Ministry condemned the EU mission in the country for raising the LGBT flag in Baghdad. The action was timed to coincide with the International day against homophobia and was organized jointly with the embassies of Canada and the United Kingdom in Iraq. The foreign Ministry said that these actions are a provocation against the religious feelings of Iraqis.

We remind all diplomatic missions in Iraq of the obligation to adhere to the laws of the country, to observe diplomatic etiquette and the principles accepted in the Iraqi society, ” the statement reads.

How to get compensation from China for the pandemic

US President Donald trump, when the time is right, will decide how to get compensation from China for the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, state Department chief Mike Pompeo said.

First, we need to deal with this situation (with the pandemic). The second stage is that we need to inform the whole world that the Chinese Communist party still does not provide us with information (necessary to fight against the virus that originated in China),-he said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. The world should come together to make China pay its bills until it changes its behavior and behaves like a decent country, ” Pompeo added.

Sberbank has created a company that will produce a coronavirus vaccine

The savings Bank has created the company “Immunotechnology”. The Pharmaceutical Bulletin was the first to draw attention to this. According to the SPARK database, the company with an authorized capital of 50 million was registered on may 15. It is fully owned by Sberbank. Its CEO was Dmitry Efimov, who previously headed the Nizhny Novgorod chemical and pharmaceutical plant (“Nizhpharm”).

In the SPARK database, among the activities of “Immunotechnologies” are scientific developments, production of pharmaceutical substances and ready-made medicines, as well as wholesale of pharmaceutical products.

In Russia, the size of the monthly funded pension may decrease

In Russia, starting next year, the size of the monthly funded pension may decrease due to an increase in the payment period. This follows from the draft law of the Ministry of labor, which was developed on the basis of Rosstat data on the growth of life expectancy, Izvestia writes. This will occur as a result of increasing the term of payment of savings to 264 months, or up to 22 years — that is, six months longer than the previous term.

The German government warned against using WhatsApp

As Kelber reports in the letter, the use of WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is “excluded” for Federal authorities. “Just as a result of sending messages every time, WhatsApp gets metadata” that Facebook transmits, warns Kelber.

Putin instructed to write off taxes to small businesses and NGOs

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to write off taxes for the second quarter for small businesses and NGOs by June 1 this year. The corresponding item is contained in the list of instructions drawn up following the meeting on the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country.

Open churches and support them with money as small and medium businesses

A group of state Duma deputies addressed this letter to the government. Lawmakers are asked to quickly resolve the issue of opening churches and Church NGOs to parishioners, “in order to return to normal activities.” At the same time, it is noted that the Church needs the economic support of the state in the image and likeness of that received by small and medium-sized businesses.

According to the authors of the letter, the Church in these difficult times is able to solve the most acute social issues, strengthen the soul and faith of parishioners. Therefore, their activities are no less, and perhaps more important than the work of other non-profit organizations.

Vouchers instead of money will only be given to domestic tourists

This follows from the list of changes proposed by the Ministry of economic development for the second reading of amendments to the law on tourist activities. Such data was provided to Interfax by an unnamed source.

If the first version of the document mentioned foreign tours, then, according to the new version, only tour operators who organize trips in Russia will be entitled to issue vouchers. This refers to both domestic and inbound tourism. The government will determine the list of tour operators that will be able to issue vouchers.

Moscow has started accepting applications for subsidies for social enterprises

Moscow has started accepting applications for subsidies for social enterprises, according to the official website of the mayor and government of the capital.

Crimea has terminated its contract with the largest producer of black sea oysters

The Council for improving the investment climate of Crimea decided to terminate the agreement on the implementation of an investment project for growing mussels and oysters, concluded with the Russian black sea company “Crimean seafood “LLC. This was announced by the Minister of economic development of the Crimea Dmitry Shirako, write “Vedomosti”.

Aquafarmers of the Azov-black sea basin previously recorded a video message to President Vladimir Putin, warning that the cultivation of mussels and oysters in the Crimea may stop due to excessive requirements of Rosprirodnadzor. They compare the situation with Supervisory “repression”.

Belarus intends to attract loans worth 3 billion US dollars

According to journalists, the authorities will use part of the money to support the country’s health system, and the other part to support the Belarusian economy, including the budget balance, servicing the foreign debt and helping businesses

More than a third of Americans refused to buy “Made in China” products

The “Made in China” sign has the maximum impact on the purchasing preferences of Americans compared to others, according to the survey. The least Americans are confused about the origin of goods made in Europe — only 12% said they are not ready to buy things made in this part of the world

Taiwan chip maker TSMC to build a factory in the US

The world’s largest chip manufacturing contractor, Taiwan’s Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), said on Friday it would build a $12 billion plant in Arizona.

China’s foreign trade is facing unprecedented challenges

Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said China’s foreign trade faces “unprecedented” challenges as the coronavirus pandemic limits global demand, Reuters reports. In the first four months of 2020, China’s exports fell by 9% compared to the same period last year, while imports fell by 5.9%.

The government will stimulate domestic demand and consumption, the Minister said. According to him, the government has accelerated the return of export duties in recent months, and has also taken measures to support companies selling products on the domestic market. In April, sales of export products in the Chinese market increased by 17%, the Minister said.

Russian banks will not be able to protect alimony from debt collection

The Association of banks of Russia (ADB) has sent letters to the Ministry of justice and the Bank of Russia asking them to explain how income should be marked on the accounts of Russian citizens starting from June 1. Banks are afraid that forced repayment of debts will get child support, which is received by debtors, and this is prohibited by law, writes RBC.

The US sent equipment to Russia to fight the coronavirus

Russia has faced serious difficulties in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus, and the US is happy to help by sending ventilators and equipment to test for infection, said the head of the us state Department, Mike Pompeo.

Yes, there is a really difficult situation there. In particular, Moscow suffers greatly from the virus. About a week ago, or maybe a little more, our President had a telephone conversation with President Putin. The US President agreed to send substantial assistance to Russia: we are talking about testing equipment and ventilators. This equipment is on the way, ” he said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Tripoli discussed the situation in Libya and Russia’s participation with NATO

The development of the military situation in Libya was discussed by the head of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli, Faiz al-Sarraj, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a telephone conversation, on may 16, the Libyan channel 218TV reported.

The Russian defense Ministry announced the largest-scale exercises in 2020

The strategic command and staff exercise “Caucasus-2020″, which will be held in September, will be the largest military training event this year. This was told by Deputy defense Minister of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, reports ” Red star»

The case of an attempt to sell medtech manufactured in the 1990s is being investigated

“Kommersant” became aware of the details of the investigation related to the attempt to sell several hundred outdated artificial lung ventilation (ventilator) devices “Phase-5NR” produced in the late 1990s in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Medical equipment purchased for a song, which was stored in warehouses for a long time and did not have operating permits, was sold for 700 thousand rubles per device. Law enforcement authorities consider the former Deputy of the Nizhny Novgorod Duma from “Fair Russia” Valery Gelzhines to be the alleged organizer of the sale.

Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam

Instead of the Eurovision final, the main TV channels of 46 countries broadcast the concert “Europe lights up”. Participants of 2020 and winners of previous years came out of isolation, thanked doctors for fighting the coronavirus and jointly performed the song “Love Shine a Light”. At the end of the show, the hosts announced that the competition’s venue in 2021 would be Rotterdam.

The Night Snipers band released a new song

The song ” Stone “became the sixth single from the upcoming album”Night Snipers”. The musicians plan to release the album under the working title “Mercury” in the summer of 2020. The album will include the familiar songs “a Second ago”, “Rome”, “Experiment”, “Gopnik”and ” Casino”. As told to InterMedia in the press service of the band, all new songs are recorded by musicians in their home Studio, fully “equipped” and ready to function.

Disney will make a series about Percy Jackson

Disney launched production of the series based on a series of books about Percy Jackson. The plot of the first season will be based on the book “Percy Jackson and the lightning thief”. A guy named Percy who finds out that his father is the Greek God Poseidon, and he is, accordingly, a demigod. The cast, plot details and release date have not yet been announced

Disney is preparing a remake of the next cartoon

Disney will shoot a game remake of the animated film ” Atlantis: Lost world». Disney announced that it will make a remake of the animated film ” Atlantis: The lost world ” 2001. The project is under development.

The date of the premiere of the series “brave new world»

The premiere date of the film adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s novel “brave new world” was announced in the streaming service Peacock of the NBCUniversal company. This was reported by the Hollywood Reporter. The series will be released on July 15, along with the start of the streaming service itself. The project contains nine episodes.

Greta Thunberg starred in the Pearl Jam video

The main character of the clip comes to a fortune teller, who is played by eco-activist Greta Thunberg. She talks about the environmental consequences of not paying enough attention to the planet. After this, the members of the Pearl Jam band appear in the frame as Tarot cards.

Moby released the seventeenth album

The album was the seventeenth in the musician’s discography; it includes tracks, including the previously released songs “Power Is Taken” and “Too Much Change”.The album was originally scheduled to be released in March, but the release was later moved to may

Usadba Jazz music festival postponed to 2021

The press service of the music festival “Usadba Jazz” announced the postponement of the event to 2021. Before the pandemic, it was planned that the concerts would take place on may 30-31 at the Arkhangelsk estate, but due to the extension of self-isolation in Moscow, the festival was decided to be held next year.

The photonic crystal will help you determine the chemical composition of complex substances more accurately

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University, together with colleagues from Germany and Lithuania, have proposed a way to increase the sensitivity of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). They demonstrated a new sensor design for SERS, which uses a photonic crystal together with traditional nanoparticles. The development of this approach will make it possible to determine more precisely the chemical composition of mixtures of various substances. The results are published in the journal Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (IF: 6,393; Q1). The work is supported by the Russian science Foundation

Samsung has abandoned virtual reality

For unnamed reasons, Samsung decided to stop working with virtual reality technologies, gradually limiting the functionality of its branded applications before finally closing its Samsung XR and Samsung VR services on September 30, 2020.

Mozilla will completely get rid of Flash in December with the release of Firefox 84

Mozilla recently announced when it will take the final step towards eliminating Flash in Firefox in order to improve security. Support for Flash technology will be completely removed in Firefox 84, which is scheduled to launch in December 2020.

HBO has stopped supporting second and third generation Apple TV

HBO has discontinued support for the old Apple TV set-top boxes. Now the service’s app doesn’t work on second-and third-generation Apple TV. HBO has previously warned of upcoming changes, giving users time to resolve the issue.

Microsoft to build first data center in Italy

Microsoft is going to invest $ 1.5 billion in the construction of its first cloud data center in Italy. According to analysts, the cloud services market in Italy will grow rapidly in the coming years, as companies forced to switch to remote methods of work during the coronavirus pandemic will continue to actively implement digital technologies.

Facebook has launched an emotional bot

Social network Facebook has launched a chatbot that can sympathize and answer questions. “RG” figured out whether this technology can also appear in voice assistants, so that their communication becomes more human.

Google will make its smartphones cheaper

The debut of the new Pixel 4a has not yet taken place. But the network has already become aware of the characteristics of the Pixel 5 model. the Company intends to make it a budget. According to the portal “notebookcheck.net”, Google Pixel 5 will not get the top-end Snapdragon 865 platform, but will only be limited to Snapdragon 765G.

Xiaomi introduced a finger battery

The battery capacity is 2900 mA/h, and it weighs only 16 g, about 33% less than similar batteries. It is equipped with an explosion-proof valve, o-ring and three-layer safety mechanism to prevent short circuit or explosion during use. The battery also received a double membrane that completely absorbs the electrolyte. The price of the device is 2.38 dollars, sales in China will start on may 20.

Samsung told how it protects its flagship smartphones from hacker attacks

Samsung published a post about this on its official website. According to the company’s representatives, the Galaxy S20 security system is based on a special processor to protect user data from hacker hardware attacks.

It is a chip with an isolated space that can detect unacceptable changes in voltage or temperature. The processor also continuously scrambles (reversibly converts the digital stream) and encrypts confidential data. The chip is equipped with security algorithms to prevent attacks through third-party or side channels.

Huawei has introduced a new version of the Huawei MateBook X Pro laptop in Russia.

Pre-order for the updated Huawei MateBook X Pro model will begin on may 21. You will be able to buy a laptop in the emerald green color from may 27 in the Huawei branded online store, as well as in the online stores of partners at the recommended retail price of 129,990 rubles.

ReduxBuds wireless headphones promise up to 100 hours of battery life

The Kickstarter service offered a unique novelty-wireless headphones called ReduxBuds. This model refers to submersible devices. The developers have equipped the headphones with 7-mm emitters, so the model has a high-quality sound. The price of the new ReduxBuds will be about 85 dollars.

Samsung will supply electronics for Hyundai cars

Recall that Samsung has been supplying its Exynos Auto processors to Tesla and Audi since 2019. Another line of Exynos processors is used for mobile devices. The company’s competitors in the car electronics market are Dutch NXP, Japanese Renesas and German Infineon.

Sony XH90 TVs will go on sale at the end of may

Sony has announced that its new series of full Array XH90 4K HDR TVs will go on sale in Europe later this month. The XH90 is a mid-range TV that aims to offer excellent image quality, improved sound, and a user-friendly interface.

Realme announced that it will hold a presentation of its new products on may 25.

Among other devices, the company will also present its first smart TV. The company is silent about the characteristics of the TV. Realme can also present its first smartwatch.

Plastic turned out to be dangerous for cyanobacteria in the ocean

According to a study published in Communications Biology, Australian scientists led by Sasha Tetu from Macquarie University in Sydney found that substances released from plastic reduce the productivity of cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus, disrupt photosynthesis and generally kill it.

Climate change may lead to the depletion of boreal swamps

According to the authors ‘ calculations, the vegetation of swamps and forests differs fundamentally in its ability to retain moisture during climate change. As a result, under certain warming scenarios, in two-thirds of the boreal zone, swamps will lose 20% more moisture than forests.

How the brain works during sleep

Scientists have conducted a new study of the impact of experiences on dreams. As a result, it was found that during sleep, a person reproduces the past day. This data was obtained by comparing the activity of the brain during rest and wakefulness. Thus, in practice, it has been proven that sleep helps a person to remember information that he has acquired during the day.

The US forced TSMC to stop supplying chips for Huawei

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.(TSMC), the world’s largest contract chipmaker, has suspended accepting new orders from Huawei Technologies in response to tighter U.S. export controls aimed at further restricting the Chinese company’s access to critical global chip supplies, multiple sources told the Nikkei Asian Review.

Yukos shareholders sued Russia’s brand of vodka “Stolichnaya”

Majority shareholders of the former YUKOS oil company received the rights to use the Stolichnaya trademark and other Russian-owned vodka brands in the Benelux countries (the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), the shareholders told the Dutch publication NRC Handelsblad.