20 May, 2020

News digest for 05/19/2020

More than 75% of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia believe that the economic situation will deteriorate in the near future, the study showed.

When asked which industries were most affected by the crisis related to the consequences of the spread of coronavirus infection, 82.9% of respondents named the restaurant industry. Problems in the fashion and beauty industry were noted by 61.6% of the study participants, and in the manufacturing sector — 48.5%.

According to respondents, the crisis is most easily experienced by IT industry players (81.5%), telecommunications (54.2%), and medicine (37.1%).

At the same time, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses believe that in the current difficult situation, they have to rely only on themselves. More than 83% of the survey participants do not expect the state to help them. Only 5.2% of businessmen share the opinion that the authorities will help business or have already started to help it.

Putin signed a law on the online sale of medicines

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the procedure for remote sale of medicines, including prescription ones. The document is published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the law, pharmacies will be able to retail medicines remotely. In this way, it is impossible to sell narcotic, psychotropic, and alcohol-containing drugs with a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 25%.

Putin blamed the Republic’s residents for the high death rate in Dagestan

A large number of deaths in Dagestan during the coronavirus pandemic is due to the fact that residents of the Republic turn to doctors late, are treated themselves and do not observe quarantine, President Vladimir Putin assured. His speech is broadcast by Rossiya 24.

Despite the dedicated efforts of doctors and nurses, the number of tragic outcomes is increasing, including among medical professionals themselves. According to experts, the main causes of severe complications in residents of the region are late requests for medical care, as well as self-treatment at home. In addition, we need to further analyze how the recommendations of sanitary doctors on the regime of self — isolation and restriction of mass events are being implemented,  Putin said.

Billionaire Usmanov will receive support from the state Treasury

The state intends to spend 1 trillion rubles to support system-forming enterprises, first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov said. The government has compiled a list of strategic enterprises that can count on state support. First in line for support from the budget was Alisher Usmanov, who took seventh place in the ranking of the richest people in the UK will forgive funds from the state Treasury for five of their businesses at once. These are metalloinvest holding, Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK, and Ural steel JSC.

Moscow has suspended the program “My street”

Due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection, Moscow has frozen spending on landscaping, including the “My street” program in 2020. This was reported to Vedomosti by Vladimir Efimov, Deputy mayor of Moscow for economy.

Vice-mayor for housing and utilities Pyotr Biryukov told the newspaper that the work was suspended until the order of the head of the city Sergei Sobyanin, the competitions are “in the waiting stage”.

Passport data of those who violated the quarantine in Moscow was publicly available

Passport data of those who were fined in Moscow for violating the quarantine are available on websites that pay fines, Kommersant writes. You can find them by the unique accrual ID (UIN).

Imports disappear from the shelves. We are facing a deficit

The Russian economy is experiencing a shock reduction in the supply of imported goods from abroad, according to data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the balance of payments for January-April. According to the regulator, the country’s trade surplus shrank to $ 3.5 billion last month, which is three times lower than the average in the first months of the year.

The Central Bank’s estimate suggests a drop in imports in April by about 40% year-on-year, analysts at Raiffeisenbank wrote in a review on Monday. The share of imports in GDP fell from 15% to 12%.

According to the Federal customs service, foreign supplies in Russia are almost 50% of high-tech products that belong to the category “machinery, equipment” and include machine tools, automobiles and electronics – from industrial to consumer. 19.6% of imports are chemical products, including pharmaceutical substances that are used for domestic drug production. 12.2% of imports are food, 6.2% are clothing and footwear.

Russians began to transfer more money to charitable foundations.

As the monitoring of fees collected by more than 600 Russian NGOs that help socially vulnerable groups of the population showed, in March the number of online transfers increased by 37% compared to February, and in April-by another 38%. In addition, the average transfer amount has increased.


In Kazan, an employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs without a mask and gloves made a report on the man for the lack of a mask and gloves. A local resident was detained while walking. While the employee without means of protection wrote out to him the resolution on violation of a mask mode,” the criminal ” was protected by three more police officers. In social networks, he was advised to contact the Prosecutor’s office with a complaint about the actions of the police. Now a check is being conducted against a female police officer, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan told the newspaper “Rise”..


In Russia, the number of people sent on vacation at their own expense is growing

According to a study by infom commissioned by the Bank of Russia, at the beginning of April there were 7% of them, at the beginning of may there were 10% (4% in the public sector, 15% in private companies). The number of those who had their pay cut in the previous month also increased. At the beginning of April, there were 9% of them (in the budget 7%, in private 11%). In early may, it was 16% (13% and 19%).

The us attorney General accused Apple of collaborating with authoritarian regimes

Us attorney General William Barr criticized Apple for refusing to help us law enforcement agencies, as well as cooperation with Russia and China. Barr’s words are quoted on the website of the us Department of justice.

For example, there have been many reports that Apple is working with the Chinese Communist Party and the Russian regime to move data centers [there] and allow the governments of these countries to massively monitor [citizens]. <…> If technology companies like Apple are willing to comply with the demands of authoritarian regimes, they have no reason to refuse to cooperate with countries where the rule of law exists, which respect civil liberties and the right to privacy, ” Barr said.

Apple responds to criticism of the us attorney General

Apple rejected the statement of US attorney General William Barr, according to Bloomberg. Earlier, he accused the Corporation of refusing to help American law enforcement agencies and allegedly cooperating with the authorities of Russia and China.

“False statements about our company are an excuse to weaken encryption and other security measures that protect millions of users and our national security,” Apple said in a statement.

The FBI hacked a terrorist’s iPhone without Apple’s help

After several months of unsuccessful attempts, the FBI finally managed to unlock at least one of the two password-protected iPhones belonging to Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, the perpetrator of the shooting at the Pensacola naval base in Florida last December, CNN reports.

In Tatarstan, a magistrate and an EMERCOM employee were detained with 80 bundles of drugs.

Aidar Hadiullin and Farhad Safiullin organized a cache in the forest and stored mephedrone there for sale, writes LifeShot. They were detained near the village of Dubrovka in Zelenodolsk district. To participate in drug trafficking, the judge could have been pushed by debts and a craving for gambling, local media write.

In fact, a case of attempted sale of narcotic substances on a particularly large scale was initiated. An EMERCOM employee was detained until a preventive measure was taken. A judge can be brought to criminal responsibility only with the consent of the Higher qualification Board of judges.

Planned vaccination has been suspended in Russia

The Ministry of health is suspending planned vaccination among Russian adults because of the spread of the coronavirus, said Deputy head of the Department Oleg Gridnev. According to him, this decision was made due to the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic already puts a great strain on the immune system.

Double cameras were spotted on the roads.

About a strange observation on the R-90 Uvarovka — Tver highway near Moscow Autonews.ru told the Deputy Yaroslav Nilov from the LDPR party. His questions were raised by an unusual tandem of a stationary speed camera and a mobile complex on the roof of the Lada Granta about 10 meters away.

“Both cameras work, both record violations. Drivers receive receipts from both sides, ” Nilov said. — I approached the operator who sat in this car, he told that the points where they stand are determined by the traffic police. And it is in the traffic police then make decisions. But I don’t understand why these cameras work together.”

Autonews.ru I sent a request to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow region, but they said that the regional transport Ministry is responsible for all cameras on the territory of the Ministry of defense.

“The placement of cameras is handled only by the Ministry of transport, and the traffic police has nothing to do with this, the traffic police does not have any cameras on the balance, and the traffic police will not control how close these complexes are to each other. The traffic police only notify that, for example, the cameras will stand from the 1st to the 10th km of the highway, there is no question that we will be informed about the exact coordinates up to a centimeter. We can only recommend places where accidents occur and where additional monitoring is needed.”

Norway will restrict entry until August 20

Bans on entering Norway will remain until August 20. The Norwegian Ministry of foreign Affairs has extended the recommendation not to leave the country until August 20. By June 15, the issue of allowing tourists from Scandinavian countries to enter for leisure will be considered.

Russia recorded a record demand for cash

In Russia, since mid-March, a sharp increase in demand for cash has been recorded, while in the last 4 weeks it has reached record levels. So, on may 15, the volume increased by 40.7 billion rubles, and on may 14-by 52.3 billion rubles.


Russia in April sharply increased gasoline imports from Belarus

In April, rail shipments of motor gasoline from Belarus to Russia increased sharply. So, at the end of the month, the volume of deliveries in this direction amounted to 40.1 thousand tons, which was the highest monthly figure for several years, the Argus Agency notes. At the same time, 200 thousand tons of Belarusian gasoline were delivered to the Russian market over the past year.

Putin explained the absence of a single tariff for gas transit in the EEU

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a single tariff for gas transportation can only exist in the single market, but so far there is no such integration in the Eurasian economic Union.

Zhirinovsky proposed to liquidate the Federation Council

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to liquidate the Federation Council. He also believes that it is necessary to halve the number of deputies of the state Duma and regional parliaments.

Medvedev announced changes to United Russia

The head of United Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, said that the party’s election platform will change, including ideologically. He noted that these changes will have to be responded to properly. If the party can make all the necessary changes, it will remain as a leading political force.

Russia joined the who Executive Committee for a three-year term

Russia has been elected to the Executive Committee of the world health organization (who) for a three-year term. According to TASS, the decision was made by the world health Assembly without a vote.

Ukraine demands money from Russia for the incident in the Kerch Strait

Russia will pay Ukraine for material and moral damage caused in connection with the arrest of ships and sailors in the Kerch Strait in November 2018. Kiev has already formulated its requirements in a Memorandum, which will be sent to international arbitration in the Hague in the near future. This was announced by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin. The amount of compensation that Kiev expects to receive from Moscow, ENIN did not disclose.

German TV channel called Soviet soldiers in the GDR occupiers

The German TV channel MDR released a story about the relations between the USSR and the GDR, which stated that the Soviet contingent was occupying. As stated in the article, by the mid-1980s, both Moscow and East Berlin consciously supported German-Soviet friendship only on a formal and impersonal level.

The US plans to track hypersonic missiles using satellites

The US space development Agency (SDA) intends to place a constellation of satellites in near – earth orbit that will track launches of hypersonic missiles in the atmosphere. At the first stage, eight such devices will be built.

Russia plans to supply Iran with powerful weapons

Iran understands that its own production equipment is far from perfect and does not provide reliable protection of its borders. According to the Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia, the Islamic Republic is considering purchasing long-range Russian air defense and MiG-35 and su-30SM fighters.

MSU moved the defense of dissertations online

For this purpose, the University develops its own technological solution. The corresponding documents have already been approved by the rector of Lomonosov Moscow state University, academician Viktor Sadovnichy. In case of successful defense, the authors of these works will be awarded degrees and awarded diplomas of holders of scientific degrees of the Moscow University of the established state sample.

Solzhenitsyn’s son headed Russia’s largest coal company

Stepan Solzhenitsyn headed the largest coal company in Russia — SUEK. Its former CEO and co-owner Vladimir Rashevsky, who held this post for more than 15 years, will remain on the company’s Board of Directors

Russia opposed the investigation

Moscow does not see grounds for conducting an investigation against the world health organization (who) in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, there is no alternative to this organization now, speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko told Interfax on Monday.

Ford launches production of auto parts from McDonalds coffee waste

Ford and McDonald’s have joined forces to process raw materials called coffee husks. This is a type of cake, part of the shell of the coffee bean, which is separated from it during roasting and is waste from the food industry. Or the basis for a promising biohybrid material. In addition to the fact that cheap waste is taken as the basis, and McDonald’s is even ready to pay for their disposal, such bioplastics are also lighter and less energy-intensive than analogues made of hydrocarbons

The US will supply 200 ventilators to Russia

Washington will send artificial lung ventilation (ventilator) devices to Moscow in the next few days as a free aid in the fight against a coronavirus infection. Details were disclosed at the American Embassy in Russia, Interfax reports.

In response to the request of the President (of Russia Vladimir Putin) Putin’s request for help President (US Donald) Trump offered to donate and supply 200 fans to the Russian people,  the diplomatic mission said. It is noted that the first 50 devices produced in the States will be ready for shipment on may 20. The remaining 150 will be sent later.

The US will completely stop funding who

If the who does not show a commitment to reform within the next 30 days, Mr trump has promised that the temporary suspension of who funding will become permanent. The US President said that Washington’s membership in the organization will be reviewed.

This review confirmed many of the serious concerns I have raised over the past month, and revealed others that the who should have responded to, especially the organization’s disturbing lack of independence from China, ” trump said in a message he posted on Twitter.

The FSB will check the systems that control the self-isolation of Russians

The Moscow branch of the Russian bar Association in its appeal to the Russian government, the Moscow city hall, the Ministry of communications and the FSB in early April noted that all information systems for monitoring compliance with restrictive measures must comply with the requirements of the FSB and FSTEC to protect against unauthorized access, modification or destruction of information.

Banks seek mortgage insurance on the principle of CTP

Russian banks do not support the Central Bank’s proposed concept of risk insurance for mortgage registration and offer to introduce state regulation of insurance rates similar to CTP, according to a letter from the Association of banks of Russia (ADB), sent to the first Deputy chairmen of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin and Sergey Shvetsov, which was reviewed by RIA Novosti.

Russia’s GDP decline in April 2020

The nominal GDP of Russia (calculated in current prices) in April 2020 amounted to 6.3 trillion rubles — 28% (or 2.4 trillion rubles) less than in April of the previous year, according to the monthly report of the Ministry of Finance on the execution of the Federal budget

The territory of advanced development in the Murmansk region will be expanded

At the meeting, the regional government discussed the creation of a territory of advanced development in Murmansk and the Kola region.

Within a month, we will submit a package of documents to expand the TOP, – said Olga Kuznetsova. – We work with projects: the terminal for servicing vessels and transshipment of fish products, the tourist product “Port Liinahamari”.

Nasdaq introduces minimum size for IPO

The American NASDAQ exchange, which specializes in shares of high-tech companies, introduces a minimum size for initial offerings. The lower threshold will be $25 billion, according to Reuters.

Large state-owned companies will not refuse to pay dividends

In the run-up to the dividend payments, there was a lot of discussion about whether and how much dividends will be paid. On the one hand, state-owned companies that have payments set out in their Charter cannot refuse to make payments.

Russian reserves are being converted from US government securities to gold

Russia has significantly reduced its investment in US government securities in recent months. Instead, preference is given to gold, whose share in the international market continues to grow. To support the ruble, the Central Bank sells the currency inside the country.

Nord Stream 2 is appealing the decision of Germany and EU Directive

This intention was stated in the management of the operator, where they do not agree with the position of the Federal network Agency of Germany (BNetzA). BNetzA argues that the pipeline does not meet current standards. Only gas pipelines built before may 23, 2019 are eligible for an exception to the Directive.

Tender to create an “electronic brain” for unmanned wingmen

The US air force has announced a tender for the development and production of artificial intelligence systems that will control promising unmanned wingmen. According to Flightglobal, applications for participation in the tender held under the Skyborg program will be accepted until June 15, 2020 inclusive.

Scientists have proved the human influence on global warming

Researchers from Rutgers University in the United States found that the current global warming is different from the past large-scale climate changes, reports Science Advances.

Humanity is becoming stupid because of modern technology

Scientists say that with the development of technology in the modern world, humanity is becoming stupid. If this continues, the world will face real degradation. In General, according to experts, a person’s intellectual abilities depend directly on the environmental and social environment, living conditions, and working conditions. In addition, negative events affect a person’s IQ: tragedy, personal losses, etc.

The IQ of the world’s population was recorded half a century ago. But in our time, the opposite process is observed. For example, in Norway, every 10 years the IQ indicator decreases by 7 points. If this situation persists, in the near future the level of intellectual development of mankind may be reduced from 130 to 69.

The Japanese foreign Ministry once again declared the Southern Kurils its territory

The Japanese foreign Ministry in the annual report “Blue book on diplomacy” once again stressed its position on the ownership of the southern Islands of the Kuril archipelago: Tokyo claims that they have the right to claim the “Northern territories”, as they are called in Japan.

The captured Russian “Carapace” was driven through the streets of Tripoli

The forces of the government of national accord (GNA) drove a self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system (zrpc) “Pantsir-S1” of Russian production through the streets of Tripoli. The videos are published in the telegram channel WarJournal.

Uriah Heep’s debut CD ” Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble” is 50 years old!

It is known that the critics met the debut CD Uriah Heep, which owes its name, as well as the name of the band, to the famous writer Charles Dickens and one of his literary heroes named Uriah Heep (or GIP) from the Victorian-Gothic novel “David Copperfield”, with hostility.

Israel retaliated with a cyber strike on an Iranian seaport

Israel earlier this month was behind a cyber attack on computers at the Iranian port of Shahid rajai (in the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran), which caused massive disruptions on waterways and roads leading to the Islamic Republic’s transport facility

In Ukraine, Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Adha will become state holidays

The Muslim religious holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Adha will become state holidays in Ukraine. This was announced by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky during a meeting with representatives of the Crimean Tatar people on may 18.

“Vladimir Zelensky said that in the coming days, he plans to sign a decree according to which Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Adha will receive the status of state religious holidays,” the press service of the Ukrainian leader reports

The Russian military is experiencing a gun-stun gun

A soldier is testing the latest complex of non-lethal weapons “Stunner”, which was first put into service by the military police units of the Belogorsky garrison of the Eastern military district

Severomorsk will conduct anti-submarine exercises in the Barents sea

The large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk will perform a complex of anti-submarine tasks in the Barents sea. Today, in the Kola Bay, the ship will take on Board an anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27PL, which will go to sea for a joint search for a submarine of the simulated enemy.

Airbus decided to attract theologians to work on a new fighter

To do this, the manufacturer has established a Commission to study the ethical aspects of the program “Combat aviation system of the future”, reports the air force. The new platform will combine several different air systems, ground stations, and other facilities. Its work is impossible without artificial intelligence. The storage, processing and transmission of data in it will take place largely without human control. Representatives of the company explain the presence of two theologians in the Commission by saying that they needed specialists in the field of reasonable and responsible use of technology.

Justice League releases Director’s version!

As reported by DCEU Mythic On may 19, Zack Snyder is still thinking about what format to launch the Director’s version. Perhaps it will be a mini-series, or maybe a well-known three-hour film.

The “Supernatural” finale has been moved to the fall

The premiere of the final seven episodes of the 15th season of the series “Supernatural” will take place in the fall of this year. The creators of the series did not have time to finish shooting the last two episodes of the final season. The premiere is scheduled for autumn this year.

Warner will relaunch the Dark knight trilogy

Warner Bros. Studio will show Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy in cinemas in Hong Kong and Taiwan ahead of the premiere of the blockbuster “Argument”. In early June, viewers will be able to watch the films ” Batman: The beginning”, “the Dark knight” and “the Dark knight rises”, as well as the first part of the Wachowski sisters ‘ “matrix” in 4K format.

It became known when the relaunch of the series “Cool Walker” will be released

The CW reported on the timing of the relaunch of the series “Cool Walker”, which was released in the period 1993-2001 with Chuck Norris in the title role. New series should be expected in January 2021. The channel announced on Twitter when the project will appear on screens.

Ridley Scott will create projects for Apple TV

Scott Free will develop new projects for Apple TV together with producers David Zucker and Jordan Sheehan. It is reported that the value of the deal between Apple TV and Scott Free, which will last for several years, is determined by a seven-digit number. Ridley Scott founded Scott Free in 1995.

Harry styles dedicated a new clip to touching

British singer Harry styles shared a new video for the song “Watermelon Sugar”. The musician dedicated the video to touching. The video was shot in January on Malibu beach

Brockhampton have released two more tracks from their upcoming albums

A week ago, Brockhampton shared two more singles — “N. S. T.” and “Things Can’t Stay the Same”. Brockhampton’s most recent album, “Ginger”, was released last August. Prior to this, the band released several music videos for tracks from the album: “If You Pray Right”, “Boy Bye” and ” No Halo»

David Arquette will return to the role of Sheriff Dewey in the new part of “Scream”

The actor will again play the role of Dewey Riley, a regular character in all previous series. In the first episodes, Dewey worked as a Deputy Sheriff, in the last series, the character himself became the Sheriff of the city of Woodsboro, in which a masked maniac appeared

Samsung creates a smart window

As reported in the Verge, the SunnyFive window (originally called Sunnyside) creates a full spectrum of natural light, with the angle of the projected light changing throughout the day, creating sunrise, dawn and sunset scenarios

Released IOS 13.5 Golden Master firmware

Apple released iOS 13.5 Golden Master firmware for developers today. If everything goes according to schedule, it will soon be available to all users. The Golden Master version usually has the same composition as the final version.

Realme smart watches can measure blood oxygen saturation

The watch is designed to track the body’s vital signs around the clock. Owners, in particular, will be able to measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. Of course, this data can be viewed in the mobile app on your smartphone

Apple prepares round QR codes

According to an insider, former TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine, it is about the ability to read information from traditional monochrome QR codes, and from round multi-colored QR codes. It is not yet known what software will be used to create such codes.

The Honor Tab V6 tablet received support for Wi-Fi 6+ and 5G

Honor Tab V6 will be available in China today, but the manufacturer has not yet announced its price. At the same time, you can buy a tablet in several stores at once: Huawei Mall, JD.com and Tmall.

Mail.ru launched a group video call service in the mail

“Mail Mail.ru” I have launched a group video call service that can be used by up to 100 people. This was reported to TASS by the company’s press service.

Instagram has added a function for making guides

Instagram has added the ability to make step-by-step instructions Guides, according to the official website of the social network. Guides makes it faster and easier to search for the necessary information, and bloggers can present it in a more organized way

Google Arts and Culture platform introduced a photo editor

The Google Arts and Culture platform introduced a photo editor created in conjunction with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Transfer allows you to style images to match the work of famous artists.

Ex-Symantec releases free tool to detect Twitter bots

NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec) last week released a beta version of a free browser extension that Twitter users can use to identify bots on this social platform

Apple will introduce a budget iPad at 10.8 inches

Ming-Chi Kuo has always been known for his accurate forecasts and data about Apple products. This time, the analyst concluded that in the second half of 2020, the company will release an updated iPad with a 10.8-inch screen. This will be the cheapest tablet from the entire line presented.

MSI has released its own water cooling system

MSI MAG CoreLiquid is a closed loop. The MSI MAG CoreLiquid line includes four models: MAG CoreLiquid 360R, MAG CoreLiquid 360RH, MAG CoreLiquid 240R and MAG CoreLiquid 240RH. MSI used its own approach to the cooling system.

The “quiet” PC case Abkoncore Cronos Zero Noise S500 is presented

X2 Products introduced the Abkoncore Cronos Zero Noise S500 computer case, which boasts sound-absorbing material in the side walls, top panel and bottom.

Scientists have invented a robot crab to explore the sea floor

Italian engineers have made a robot to explore the ocean floor and other reservoirs. In contrast to the majority of marine equipment, this is similar to the crab, the robot does not swim but walks along the bottom. This allows it to explore complex terrain, interact actively with the environment, and freeze motionless and silently for a long time. The article is published in Science Robotics.

Created a material that can change the properties of various surfaces

An international team of researchers has created ultra-thin ferromagnetic materials that can become the basis for new spintronic devices. Scientists took a two-dimensional tantalum sulfide as a basis and created a two-layer structure with ferromagnetic properties based on it. To do this, the authors introduced atoms of various transition metals between the layers of sulfide. The researchers described their method in an article published in the journal Nature.

During sleep the brain can turn off information from the outside world

French scientists have found that during the REM sleep phase, the brain, as well as during wakefulness, better processes meaningful speech, rather than nonsense. The processing itself is still less effective, which means that the brain does not block the incoming information during sleep, but filters it. At the same time, during active eye movements in this phase, almost no speech processing occurs. Since eye movements in the rapid phase correlate with the appearance of dreams, this restriction mechanism may explain why external information is rarely included in dreams, the scientists write in Current Biology.

Scientists have discovered a mechanism that restores nerve cells

Researchers from the University of Colorado school of Medicine have identified a new way that cells in the Central nervous system regenerate and repair after damage. In particular, scientists have identified how motor learning affects the stimulation of cellular processes, improving recovery after damage to oligodendrocytes, cells crucial to human neurological function.

Two new minerals discovered in Kamchatka volcano

Scientists of Saint Petersburg state University discovered two new minerals-arsmirandite and lemannite – during the study of rocks of the Kamchatka volcano Plosky Tolbachik, according to the University’s website. It turned out that they arise from volcanic gases.