21 May, 2020

News digest for 05/20/2020

he Russian government has submitted a draft plan to restore the Russian economy and citizens ‘ incomes after the epidemic. It consists of three stages.

“Adaptation stage” – the end of the second quarter — the third quarter of 2020. The goal of the stage is to prevent the recession from spreading to a wider range of industries and to stabilize the situation in the most affected sectors of the economy.

“Recovery stage” — IV quarter of 2020 — II quarter of 2021. The result should be a recovery in the economy and a steady growth trajectory.

“Active growth” — III-IV quarters of 2021. Its goal is to ensure active economic growth and bring it closer to the national goal of ensuring economic growth at a rate higher than the world’s.

It is assumed that all economic restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus will be lifted by the third stage.

FCS statistics on the decline for the first quarter:

Trade surplus -30.5% (up to $35.5 billion).

Gazprom’s revenues from gas exports -51.6% (up to $6.8 billion).

Oil exports -13.6% (up to $25.6 billion).

Coal exports -37% (up to $2.93 billion).

Aluminum exports -36% (up to $811.5 million).

Exports of ferrous metals -20.9% (up to $3.945 billion).

Exports of potash and nitrogen fertilizers -40.7% (up to $248.6 million).

Electricity exports -55.6% (up to $112.2 million).

More than a hundred Mafiosi received benefits for the poor and unemployed in Italy.

More than a hundred representatives of the Italian mafia organization ” Ndrangheta “(‘Ndrangheta) were identified by the Italian Financial guard as illegal participants in the program of the so – called” civil income ” – a state benefit for the poor, the maximum amount of which can reach 780 euros per month, the Agency reports.

“Rosneft” has filed a lawsuit against RBC due to the material on the sale of the Venezuelan assets

The company’s press service said that the authors of the note misled the public, market representatives and regulators, and deliberately distorted the true essence of the transaction.

“The information that the Russian Federation became the owner of the Venezuelan assets is contained in the source materials referred to by the RBC publication. Nevertheless, the RBC editorial Board used a provocative statement, creating the impression that the previously announced deal on Rosneft’s complete exit from business in Venezuela was imaginary, provoking a wave of disinformation in the print and electronic media.”

In a statement, Rosneft clarified that RBC refused to refute the published information and apologize to the company. Open media, citing a source, notes that Rosneft did not file claims with all media outlets that reported the deal, but only with RBC because of” tendentious presentation of material”. RBC said it was ready to defend its position.

In France, the demand for cheese has fallen sharply

The national interprofessional center for the dairy industry has launched a flash mob aimed at supporting cheese consumption and helping farmers cope with losses.

Death sentence in video conference mode

A court in Singapore first sentenced a 37-year-old Malaysian citizen in a drug smuggling case in 2011.

“Singapore’s use of the death penalty is inherently cruel and inhumane, and the use of remote technologies such as Zoom is even more cruel,” Human Rights Watch said.

A fine for violating self-isolation for a pensioner who left Moscow two months ago

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office has begun checking media reports about fines issued for violating the self-isolation regime for a pensioner who left Moscow for another region two months ago. This was reported to TASS by the head of the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office Lyudmila Nefedova.

In the media, a letter from a resident of Moscow, Natalia Kameneva, who complained about the fines issued to her on may 8 and 11 for violating the self-isolation regime in the capital, while she went to a dacha in the Vladimir region on March 23, and has not returned to Moscow since. According to her, she was not able to reach the Moscow Central Control office, which issued her fines, by phone.

Patrushev: large-Scale violations were recorded in the implementation of six national projects, from health to culture and demography. The main violations are related to corruption

The Czech defense Ministry said it could not transfer the monument to Konev to the Russian Federation

The monument is not the property of the Ministry of defense and is not located on its territory. At the same time, according to legal norms, it cannot be included in the category of war graves. The decision to dismantle the monument was taken municipality of the city district Prague 6, and the defense Ministry, according to law, can not enter into the rights of ownership of Prague-6, which includes the monument and, thus, has no right to make a decision about his possible transfer of the Russian Federation – wrote Meter.

Car loan disbursements decreased by 5 times in April

The number of car loans issued by banks in April 2020 decreased by 80% compared to March to 13.3 thousand. The volume of lending during the self-isolation regime decreased by 83% to 10.5 billion rubles. Compared to April 2019, loans decreased by 80% in number and by 81% in volume, according to preliminary data from the joint credit Bureau (OKB).

Russian foreign Ministry summed up the year since Zelensky’s inauguration

  • Corruption has not decreased, the influence of the oligarchy on the government has not weakened
  • Financial frauds of Poroshenko and his entourage, events on the Maidan, political murders were not investigated
  • Contrary to the opinion of Ukrainians land reform is being promoted at the behest of the outside
  • The pre-election idea of examining the law on the state language has been forgotten
  • National radicals continue to dictate what should be done and how
  • Without changes in the settlement in the Donbas, there is no political will to implement the Minsk agreements
  • The line of confrontation and tension in relations with Russia continues, Russophobia gets a new breath.

Onishchenko said how happy he was to see the masks

The former chief health officer of Russia said that he always wanted to ensure that during the flu epidemic, residents of the city used protective equipment.

“When I came to work in the Ministry of health of the Soviet Union, I was responsible for all this. I have been dreaming for 40 years to see a masked man walking on the streets of Moscow during the rise of the flu. And this happiness fell on my head unexpectedly thanks to COVID”

“Here I look, people are walking around Moscow in a mask, I think: Well, listen, life was a success. Finally I saw it all in reality,” he said in the MIA ” Russia today”

The mayor’s office of Chelyabinsk recognized the cost-effective washing of roads in the rain.

Residents of the city asked in social networks what operation the authorities carried out during the storm: washing the road or treating it with disinfectants. The mayor’s office said that it was a car wash using an effective and proven technology.

“We would like to explain that it is efficient and even cost-effective to wash roads in the rain! The rain, no matter how hard it is, just blows the dust away. But at the same time, when it rains, the mud gets wet, and then it is much easier to wash it off with a strong stream of water, ” they reported 74.RU in the press service.

KRET and its member UPZ have hired lawyers

KRET and the Ural instrument-making plant, which is part of it, hired lawyers for 72 million rubles after fires in hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where their ventilators were used, and against the background of statements about attempts to discredit the UPZ, according to the public procurement portal.

Sberbank has identified new fraud schemes during the coronavirus period.

As told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov, now scammers:

  • They offer employment on the remote site, but ask you to transfer money for equipment
  • They place an offer on the Internet to refund VAT to Russians who have no income. Users click on a fraudulent link and lose money.
  • They disguise themselves as sellers of medical masks and COVID-19 tests and send the victim a fake payment link

British scientists have described what mental disorders cause coronavirus

A study of 129 patients hospitalized with SARS and MERS coronaviruses showed insomnia in 54, anxiety in 46, memory impairment in 44, depression in 42, and confusion in 36. After recovery, 32% had post-traumatic stress, 15% had depression, and 15% had an anxiety disorder.

A study of the first data on COVID-19 showed that severe patients develop delirium-a disorder accompanied by confusion, impaired attention, perception, thinking and emotions.

Lavrov: Russian medical equipment from the United States will be delivered by two flights, and Washington will help Moscow free of charge

Where did dozens of new Toyota Camry come from in the woods

New cars were bought for the SCO and BRICS summits, because half of the old fleet is older than 10 years with a mileage of more than 200 thousand km,so repairs cost more than them. Before the summits, the new cars are parked on the territory of Smolino lake – this is a protected Parking lot of the Chelyabinsk region government administration. Explained RIA Novosti Chelyabinsk authorities

China has almost completely resumed production

Large industrial enterprises in China with the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country have almost completely resumed production, the authorities said

Syrian authorities have arrested the assets of businessman Rami Makhlouf

The Syrian government has seized assets belonging to Rami Makhlouf, a cousin of President Bashar al-Assad. According to Reuters, the corresponding document was signed on may 19. It States that the assets were seized as a preventive measure to guarantee payments to the budget from the syriatel mobile operator owned by Makhlouf.

Incorrect borrowings in dissertations of Russian judges

The Dissernet community found incorrect borrowings in the dissertations of 68 Russian judges. This is stated in the report, which is published on the website of “Dissernet”.

12 out of 68 judges showed signs of scientific forgery, seven judges incorrectly borrowed fragments from the scientific works of their colleagues, and two judges declared non-existent normative legal acts as valid.

Among the violators of scientific ethics, there is one judge of the constitutional court, five judges of the Supreme court, one Chairman of the regional court, and six chairmen of district or city courts. We are talking about both active and retired judges.

In St. Petersburg, it was forbidden to say goodbye to the dead

The authorities of St. Petersburg confirmed the existence of a ban on ritual farewell ceremonies. But they added that they are considering the possibility of resuming such ceremonies-however, without a personal farewell to the deceased

The state will gradually move away from funding professional sports in Russia — Mikhail Degtyarev, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on physical culture, sports, tourism and youth Affairs

Masks, which can signal infection with coronavirus

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) bioengineering laboratory and Harvard began developing sensors to detect the Ebola virus in 2014.In the past few weeks, researchers have been testing the technology for the ability to detect coronavirus in people’s saliva. Sensors that are supposed to be embedded in masks will give a fluorescent signal if a person is detected with a coronavirus when they cough, sneeze or just breathe.

Russian military enlistment offices will start sending the first recruits to the army

Russian military enlistment offices may 20, will begin sending the first recruits to the army during the spring draft, subject to strict sanitary measures, the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation reported.

Palestine withdraws from all agreements

Palestine is breaking all agreements with Israel and the United States, including agreements on security issues, according to local news Agency WAFA, citing a speech by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

The reason for the withdrawal of the Palestinian side from the agreements is the intention of Israel, with the support of the United States, to Annex the land of Palestine, Abbas said. He stressed that from now on, Israel, as an occupying force, bears full responsibility to the international community.

World Bank forecasts “extreme poverty” for 60 million people

According to the Bank’s definition, people with a daily income of less than $ 2 are in” extreme poverty”. Against this background, the world Bank is committed to allocate 160 billion dollars to the most vulnerable countries within 15 months.

Japan’s Ministry of defense conducts a post-hacking attack on Mitsubishi Electric

Japan’s defense Ministry is investigating a possible leak of data on missile development after a hacker attack on Mitsubishi Electric, Cabinet Secretary General Yoshihide Suga said.

Earlier, the Japanese newspaper Asahi reported that a hacker attack was carried out on Mitsubishi Electric, as a result of which attackers could get access to the performance characteristics of hypersonic missiles.

So says the Russian Minister of labor and social protection

  • The government did not consider the funds of the national welfare Fund as a source of assistance to the population.
  • The situation in the labor market is serious, but not catastrophic.
  • The government did not expect that a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles for each child under 16 years old would be so popular among the residents of Russia.

The mayor of Okha, Sergey Gusev, was detained for poaching.

During the inspection, 12 geese and 45 ducks were found, of which 19 were females.(hunting them in the spring is prohibited). And if you think his career is over, you’re wrong. In 2017, as mayor, he was already detained for poaching and was deprived of the right to hunt for one year.

Doctors who reported non-payment were warned about extremism

In the Krasnodar region, the OMVD for the Abinsky district warned of the inadmissibility of “extremist activities” of doctors who complained about the lack of payments due to medical workers for working with coronavirus patients.

Turkey refused from Russian gas

At the end of March, Gazprom’s deliveries to state-owned Botas and independent Turkish operators collapsed 7 times, to 210 million cubic meters, according to data published on Tuesday by the Federal customs service. Compared to 2018, the drop was more than 14-fold: then in the first quarter, Turkey purchased 8.8 billion cubic meters (2.93 billion on average per month).

Turkey replaces Russian gas with liquefied gas. According to Platts, in December last year, the state-owned Botas held a tender for the purchase of 30 batches of LNG with delivery until March 2020, and a month earlier – for another 70 batches with shipment in 2020-23. At the end of last year, Turkey increased LNG imports by 13%, to 9.1 million tons. The largest suppliers were Algeria (4.3 million tons), Qatar (1.8 million), Nigeria (1.8 million) and the United States.

Workers of the chayandinsky field found test tubes with their own analyses

Since April 17, people have been kept in isolation, explaining this by the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, as the employee of the company “Energomontazh SK” told the newspaper “Rise”, the men found in one of the offices a package with prepackaged samples that the workers took recently. Employees believe that no one took the samples anywhere for analysis, after they were collected, they were simply thrown away.

“In total, we made 3 fences: on April 20, may 3 and 14. The results of the first showed a little positive, the second-a lot. In fact, this is not the case: people did not come for tests in principle, but they still received positive results. Moreover, the authorities of Yakutia do not include in the statistics those who allegedly have positive tests. They say: “Let the locals bring them in – who came from where.” That is, they also conceal that they are falsifying.

The Nord stream 2 project will be completed

However, the difficulties created around it may lead to a rise in the price of gas for European residents, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference following a Ministerial meeting of the Council of the Baltic sea States.

“I am confident that it will be implemented. Experts — this is their opinion-agree that almost all options for resolving the legal conflict will lead to an increase in the cost of gas for end users, for citizens of EU countries,” Lavrov said.

In March 2020 there were 23 thousand fewer companies in Russia

In the latest report of Rosstat on the socio-economic situation in Russia, there are quite interesting figures on the change in the number of organizations in March 2020. During the month, 25 thousand organizations were created, and 48 thousand were liquidated. There are about 2.5 million organizations in Russia.

Only 4 industries were in the black: health care, metal ore mining, tobacco production and drug production (11 such companies were created during the month, and 10 were liquidated). Everything else is in the red: 11 thousand trade organizations, 2 thousand construction companies. Scientific and technical activities, manufacturing, and agriculture are also among the leaders.

Russia needs to make a strategic decision

The recent drop in the oil market has become a “tocsin bell”, after which Russia needs to make a strategic decision to reduce its dependence on oil prices and “turn away from this path”, said Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO.

It is impossible to put a country at strategic risk because of this economic structure. This technological system is becoming outdated, this is a fact. There is a well-known cowboy saying: if a horse is dead, you should get off it

The turnover of retail outlets increased by 10 percentage points

The turnover of retail outlets of small and medium-sized businesses in the week from may 11 to may 17 on average increased by 10 percentage points and reached 60% of what it was in early March before the introduction of restrictive measures in connection with THE SARC-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic. Data from more than 650,000 online sales offices across Russia were analyzed.

The largest increase was recorded in the Leningrad region, where the share of active small and medium-sized businesses increased to 77.2% (+17.9 p. p.), and their trade turnover almost reached the pre-crisis level of 91% (+11.8 p. p.). in second place in terms of positive dynamics ― Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, where the percentage of operating small businesses increased from 53.4% (+17.2 p. p.), the third — Kirov region, where the share of active enterprises reached 61.3% (+17.1 p. p.).

Six months to switch to domestic SOFTWARE

The Ministry of communications proposed to oblige owners of elements included in the critical information infrastructure (CII) to “primarily use” Russian software from January 1, 2021, and Russian equipment from January 1, 2022.

Sberbank and Visa will launch stores without cash registers and sellers

In Russia, there will be a store without cash registers and sellers — you only need a mobile app to make purchases in it. The pilot project was launched by Sberbank, Visa and Azbuka Vkusa, a representative of Sberbank told RBC.

Curator of garbage reform revealed the number of illegal dumps in Russia

In total, the Russian environmental operator (REO) has 1553 unauthorized objects. In fact, there are more of them, but the curator included in the scheme only those that have been used centrally until now and where waste has been transported for decades, RBC writes, citing sources. These dumps are mainly located in the far East, the North Caucasus, and Siberia. In these regions, there is a lack of landfills due to the large number of remote localities and low living standards.

The Ministry of communications offered to translate notifications into electronic form

The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation has developed a draft law on transferring all notifications from the state, both to citizens and organizations, to an electronic format. The mailing list will be carried out through the portal of public services and electronic document management systems, Kommersant newspaper reported on Wednesday with reference to the document.

The court re-fined Navalny for refusing to delete the investigation

The magistrate of the judicial district No. 257 of the Maryino district of Moscow fined opposition leader Alexey Navalny 15 thousand rubles. The reason was the failure to remove and to refute the investigation of food supplies for Regardie. This is the politician’s second fine for this investigation

Channel one showed apartments for the Russian military

The first channel showed a story about how 130 military personnel in the Naro-Fominsky district of Moscow region celebrate housewarming in office apartments that are located in metal containers.

“Children’s world” in April reduced revenue by 20%

Detsky Mir group of companies, the largest Russian retailer of children’s goods, reduced revenue in April 2020 by 20% in annual terms — to 7.5 billion rubles, while the turnover for the 18 days of may increased by 2%, the retailer said in a statement.

G7 Central banks buy up assets

The total net asset purchases by Central banks of the “Big seven” (G7) countries in the framework of economic support programs for March-April have already reached $ 2.5 trillion, Bloomberg calculated. At the same time, as the Agency adds, the volume of asset purchases by G7 Central banks in April alone exceeded $ 1.3 trillion.

Airports will be paid for lost passengers

Russian airports in the second quarter will receive compensation at the rate of 195.4 rubles for each lost passenger compared to the second quarter of 2019. The rules for allocating subsidies were developed by the Ministry of transport. A similar method has already been used to distribute subsidies for airlines — they will be paid 365 rubles per passenger.

Gazprom Neft to develop three major fields in Yamal

Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye is starting to develop deposits of the largest gas condensate fields in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district: bovanenkovsky, kharasaveysky and urengoysky. This is reported on the website of Gazprom Neft.

The UTI regime for individual entrepreneurs will not be extended

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has decided not to extend the single imputed income tax (UTI) for individual entrepreneurs for another year, until January 1, 2022. This is today, may 19, the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

“Gazprom” has lost about 50% of the proceeds from gas exports

Gazprom’s gas exports in January-March 2020 in value terms decreased by 2.1 times compared to January-February 2019 — to $6.812 billion, according to the materials of the Federal customs service (FCS). In January-March 2019, the gas holding company’s revenues from gas exports amounted to $14.065 billion.

India and China have reinforced the military contingent in Ladakh

The contingent was reinforced after clashes occurred on 5 and 6 may in the area of the high-altitude lake Pangong TSO. Sources of the publication note that the military was sent to the border area after the Chinese military began construction work in the valley of the Galvan river, and also pitched tents there.

China has imposed tariffs on barley imports from Australia

China has increased tensions with Australia by announcing anti-dumping and anti-dumping duties of 80.5% on Australian barley imports from may 19, which is expected to almost halt trade between the two countries worth billions of dollars, Reuters reports.

The frigate Admiral Grigorovich headed for the Indian ocean

The frigate Admiral Grigorovich, accompanied by the rescue tug Professor Nikolai Muru, headed to the Indian ocean to display the flag of the Russian Federation. This was announced today by the head of the information support Department of the black sea fleet, captain 2nd rank Alexey Rulev.

Again removed from the air program Mikhalkov “Besogon”

The new edition of Nikita Mikhalkov’s author’s program ” Besogontv “will be available only on YouTube, although previously the show was also shown on the TV channel” Russia 24″, TASS writes with reference to the press service of Mikhalkov.

The Ministry of culture has started accepting applications for grants for film projects

The Ministry of culture of Russia announced the start of the selection of film companies-recipients of subsidies for the production of national films, the press service of the Ministry reports. It is reported that the selection will consider projects of game author’s and experimental films, game children’s films, non-game special projects, children’s animated films.

Released a trailer for the action movie ” The Last days of American crime”

The film “Ice”: and there is only stupidity, stupidity and mediocrity

Honored coach and master of sports of the USSR in figure skating Tatyana Tarasova was among the few who did not like the film “ice” at all. The famous coach did not finish the picture to the end — she became bored. According to her, the screenwriters were badly underperformed, which is why young people may now have a wrong understanding of the real world of figure skating.

I didn’t watch this movie, it was boring. I don’t think Aronova created her image based on me. Nothing in common. This is an artistic fiction, which means that there must be an artistic value. And there is only stupidity, stupidity and incompetence, – Tarasova believes.
Disney is preparing an adaptation of “the Snow Queen”

The DisInsider announced that the Studio will shoot a full-length film based on the fairy tale “the snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Facebook has launched the Shops service for selling products

Facebook instagram Facebook has launched the Shops platform, thanks to which small businesses can create free storefronts directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Full-size AirPods will not be assembled in China

The American Corporation Apple is going to release new headphones AirPods Studio. These products are not planned to be manufactured in China, so they will not have a corresponding logo. For example, the companies of Apple partners are currently successfully operating in India, and recent information says that the new headphones of the “Apple” company from the United States, AirPods Studio, will be produced in factories in Vietnam.

Microsoft created a supercomputer for Elon Musk’s company

The new supercomputer was created exclusively for the non-profit research organization OpenAI. Its founders are SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and former head of the y Combinato venture Fund Sam Altman.

Robot dog Spot was taught to graze sheep

The new Zealand company Rocos has signed a contract with Boston Dynamics to expand the functionality of Spot robosobacks, according to the Internet portal Businesswire.com.

Rocos implements the ability to remotely control the robot, and will also add task adjustments to the functionality depending on the situation. These innovations will allow you to use the robot to explore uncharted territories, move through dangerous terrain, and collect data for 3D visualization. As an example, the use of agricultural companies in the field of crop control is given. Also, Rocos posted a video on the web where Spot helps to herd sheep.

Eurocom Nightsky LX15 is equipped with a 16-core AMD Ryzen 9 processor

Eurocom has announced the” mobile supercomputer ” Nightsky ARX15, which provides the highest performance. The new product is based on the AMD hardware platform. In particular, the top configuration provides for the use of a” desktop ” processor Ryzen 9 3950X.

Sony has patented Xperia smartphones with retractable speakers

Sony has patented Xperia smartphones with retractable speakers, and mobile devices with a similar design have not previously offered to make any manufacturer. The gadget will get a frameless screen.

Google will stop helping oil companies in exploration and production

Google clarified that it will no longer provide assistance in those processes that directly relate to the exploration and production of raw materials, but oil companies will still be able to use the cloud computing platform for storing data and managing operational activities

Apple is preparing smart glasses Apple Glasses

Popular insider John Prosser published information about a brand new Apple product. According to him, the company is currently actively working on smart glasses Apple Glasses. He also noted that the release of the new product may take place this year.

Microsoft has launched a new Windows Terminal command line

As part of the Microsoft Build 2020 conference (this year it is being held in full online format for the first time) Windows Terminal was officially launched. The Windows Terminal app is already available for download in the Microsoft Store, and its source code is published on GitHub. Since July of this year, Windows Terminal will be updated monthly.

Broadcast Internet based on ATSC 3.0

Brendan Carr, a member of the us Federal communications Commission (FCC), announced that the FCC will vote on its plan to develop a “broadcast Internet” using ATSC 3.0. the New broadcasting standard could become the basis for creating another Internet service delivery environment. The broadcast Internet will use the television frequency range and provide Internet access at speeds up to 25 Mbit / s, Carr States in an FCC press release.

ATSC 3.0 is a technology that can provide content streaming in 4K and with improved audio, and can help promote the Internet of things, telemedicine, and other relevant technologies and applications.

Introduced the first Honor router that supports Wi-Fi 6+

The Honor brand presented the first router of this brand that supports Wi-Fi 6+at the Smart Life event. Experts drew attention to the similarity of the new router with the design that is already known in the Huawei AX3 Series WiFi 6+device

Presented laptop Honor MagicBook Pro 2020

The novelty is equipped with chips Core i5-10210U and Core i7, 16 GB RAM, SSD capacity of 256 GB, discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX350, and 16.1-inch IPS-display with Full HD resolution, a 90 percent coverage of sRGB and a thin part, cooling system with two fans and two heat pipes, advanced integration with smartphones Honor, dactyloscopus in the power button, USB port and full sized HDMI. The dimensions of the laptop are 369:234:16.9 mm, and the weight is 1.7 kg. Sales of the MagicBook Pro 2020 already start at a price of $ 940 for the top version.

Scientists have described the mechanism for restoring nerve cells

Scientists at the University of Colorado school of Medicine have found a way to regenerate nerve cells after damage. Cellular processes can be stimulated by motor training-motor skills. The first experiments on mice suffering from multiple sclerosis confirmed the hypothesis of scientists. Behavioral training helped regenerate myelin sheaths in mouse tissues, and the nervous system was restored.

Toxic traces of new freons have been found in Arctic ice

Scientists have discovered that toxic compounds of fluorine and organic acids, which are used as a substitute for freons, have been accumulating in Arctic ice deposits for several decades.

The earth is entering a phase called the solar minimum

It has been 100 days since astronomers recorded sunspots, which, according to NASA experts, indicates that the Earth is entering a phase called the solar minimum.

Solar minimum — a period of low solar activity in the 11-year cycle of the Sun. During this period, the activity of solar flares and spots decreases, often the manifestations of activity are not observed for several days.

In the constellation Telescope, scientists have discovered a previously unknown black hole.

Experts at the European southern Observatory in Chile noticed two bright stars that, at the same time, revolved around an invisible something. This “something” turned out to be a black hole. But the most interesting thing is that it is very close to the Earth by cosmic standards – only 1000 light years from the Solar system, and the stars rotating around it can be seen with the naked eye on a cloudless night. If, of course, you are in the southern hemisphere. If we estimate the proximity of the dark region to us on the scale of the milky way, then, as the researchers say, this black hole is “almost in your backyard.”