22 May, 2020

News digest for 05/21/2020

The German Federal grid Agency (Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA) has decided to withdraw the Nord stream gas pipeline from the restrictions imposed by the EU gas Directive. In accordance with the decision of the regulator, the Nord stream section in Germany is exempt from the obligation to comply with the rules on the separation of the gas supplier and the transport company and on ensuring access by third parties to the gas pipeline capacity for 20 years starting from December 12, 2019.

“We are satisfied with the positive decision of the Federal grid Agency,” said Alexey Zaitsev, managing Director of Nord Stream AG, noting that the German Agency confirmed that there is no negative impact of Nord stream on the competitive situation in the domestic gas market in Europe.

The US has allocated Ukraine $15.5 million to fight the coronavirus.

Of this amount, $13.1 million will go to strengthen local health care, and $2.4 million will go to support vulnerable segments of the population. Thus, Ukraine will get more than other post-Soviet republics. For example, the United States allocated $3.9 million to Uzbekistan, $3.6 million to Azerbaijan, $2.7 million to Georgia, $2.3 million to Armenia, $1.7 million to Belarus, $920,000 to Turkmenistan, and $900,000 to Kyrgyzstan.

Greece is preparing to receive tourists

From July 1, direct foreign flights to tourist destinations in Greece will gradually resume, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said. The tourist season will open there on June 15. Tourists coming to Greece will take tests for coronavirus:

“Our visitors will be tested and our General health protocols will be followed, but they will not Mar our bright sun or the natural beauty of Greece,” the Prime Minister said.

Senators proposed allowing electronic statements to the police

Citizens should be given the opportunity to submit statements about crimes to law enforcement agencies in electronic form. Such changes to the criminal code were proposed by members of the Federation Council.

“In many localities there are “panic buttons” for calling the police, offenses and crimes are recorded by video cameras and so on. Electronic filing of a crime report to the police is the next logical step, ” said Irina Rukavishnikova, first Deputy Chairman of the SF Committee on constitutional legislation

Russian Railways will take pension savings of Russians

The state management company VEB can invest 100 billion rubles of pension savings of citizens in “eternal bonds” of Russian Railways. This is reported by Reuters. According to the document, the share of Russian Railways and related issuers ‘ bonds in the expanded investment portfolio of GUK VEB, which manages the pension savings of 39 million future pensioners, should not exceed 20%.

Russian Railways plans to weigh in 2020 perpetual bonds in the amount of 370 billion rubles. These funds are needed by the budget of the railway monopoly to pay for the capital investment program, which would have to be reduced by four, the head of the company, Oleg Belozerov, said earlier.

After Russian Railways, other state corporations will also come to the market of “eternal debt”. The placement of perpetual bonds was chosen by the government as the main mechanism to support the budgets of state-owned companies, due to the fall in commodity prices and the recession in the economy

The head of the Tokyo Prosecutor’s office resigns for violating the emergency regime

The head of the Tokyo Prosecutor’s office, hiromu Kurokawa, has submitted his resignation due to a scandal over his Mahjong game with journalists during the emergency regime due to COVID-19, Kyodo news Agency reports.

The scandal erupted when the weekly magazine “Shukan bunsiun” published on its website allegations that Kurokawa played Mahjong with three journalists of two major Japanese Newspapers on may 1 and 13, while the emergency regime required everyone to stay at home and not go out without urgent need.

Putin’s main statements at a meeting on the situation in the education system

The exam will be held across the country, starting on June 29. The school will help graduates to prepare for exams in remote mode. Use will be taken by those who are preparing to enter universities, and certificates will be issued to all graduates.

Enrollment in universities will take place in August: those who can not pass the exam in June, will be able to pass it in August for the remaining places in universities and start studying in September.

Conscription of this year’s graduates will be postponed.

All the rumors about leaving the traditional education system and replacing it with distance education have no grounds.

The state Council of the Russian Federation will discuss the problems of education in the fall.

The President sent amendments to the law on education to the state Duma. Their purpose is to strengthen and emphasize the educational component of the national educational system.

Rosneft estimated the damage from the RBC article at 43 billion rubles.

“We are delighted with the assessment of RBC’s influence on what is happening in the Russian and global markets and intend to continue to provide our audience with balanced information that helps make business decisions,” said RBC CEO Nikolai Molibog.

Rosneft sued the publication because of the material about the sale of the company’s Venezuelan assets. In a statement, the press service said that the authors of the note misled the public, market representatives and regulators, and deliberately distorted the true essence of the transaction.

The Federation Council proposed to levy a “digital tax” on Russians»

According to TASS with reference to the document, the SF working group proposed several changes in the field of taxation, including a new tax. The legislative initiative was sent to the first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov.

“Consider the introduction of a digital tax that provides for taxation in the country where consumers of digital products are located,” the document says.

The state Duma in the third reading adopted a law on the creation of a unified database of Russian residents.

The law introduces the concept of an “identifier” that indicates “the totality of information about a person in a state information resource”. The Federal register of population data will store:

  • full name
  • date and place of birth and death
  • gender
  • information about marital status
  • citizenship and residence permit abroad
  • data from birth and death records
  • data of identity documents
  • data of documents confirming the right of a foreigner to stay in Russia
  • data on registration / migration registration
  • data on the decision on Russian citizenship
  • data on tax accounting and registration of individual entrepreneurs
  • military registration data
  • data on registration in the mandatory pension, medical and social insurance system and in the employment service
  • data on documents of education and academic degrees
  • link to your ESIA account
  • links to profiles of parents, spouses, and children in the register

The political crisis in Moldova is getting worse.

The opposition is hastily forming an anti-government Alliance to unseat Kiku’s Cabinet – the third in a year. Dodon said that the resignation of the government will turn into a disaster: it will probably not be possible to hold parliamentary elections until spring, so the authorities will not be able to respond properly to crises.

The idea of resigning the government is supported by 47 deputies out of 101, and 2 more may join them. In the government coalition of socialists and Democrats – 52 people.

Response to mass protests in Hong Kong

Chinese lawmakers will consider a bill to ban subversive and separatist activities in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post reported, citing sources. The bill is planned to be adopted as a response to mass protests in recent months in Hong Kong. According to the publication, Beijing concluded that the Parliament of Hong Kong itself will not be able to pass such a law.

Alfa-Bank’s Board of Directors recommended not paying dividends for 2019

The Board of Directors of Alfa-Bank recommended at the annual General meeting of shareholders (AGM) not to pay dividends for 2019. The Bank’s management proposed to direct the net profit of the previous year in the amount of 52 billion rubles to increase the capital and credit it to the account of retained earnings of previous years. The Bank, which is owned by AB holding of Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, Alexey Kuzmichev and Peter Aven, did not pay dividends for 2018.

“The Board of Directors decided not to pay dividends for 2019, but to direct the profit to the development and maintenance of stable operations of the Bank. This is a traditional approach of Alfa-Bank — we have also spent a significant part of our profits on development in all previous years”

HBO has released a trailer for the documentary Welcome To Chechnya

The feed tells about a group of activists who help Chechen representatives of the LGBT community. They’re working undercover. The characters ‘ faces are hidden using a neural network. The film was directed by American Director David France. The film was previously shown at Sundance and the Berlin film festival. The premiere is scheduled for June 30.

The Federation Council proposes to legislate the concept and procedure of self-isolation.

“In connection with the pandemic, all measures were taken, so to speak, with the wheels, the issues of self-isolation of citizens are not spelled out in our legislation… All this was done for the first time, but unfortunately we are not immune from such situations,” Senator Rukavishnikova explained to RIA Novosti.

The state defense order 2020 is performed better than last year

The implementation of the state defense order in 2020, despite the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, is more successful than in the same period last year, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“In General, the situation with the implementation of the state defense order, even in the new realities, can be called stable. The level of Contracting and cash execution this year is slightly higher than in 2019, ” he said.

The court in the United States allowed to open the hull of the Titanic

An American court allowed the wreckage of the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic ocean, to be cut up in order to bring to the surface the Marconi wireless Telegraph, which the crew used in 1912 to contact neighboring ships and call for help. This is reported by “Gazeta.Ru ” with reference to foreign media.

Air carriers asked to cancel antivirus filling of salons

The Association of air transport operators (aevt) asked the head of the Ministry of transport of Russia Yevgeny Dietrich at a meeting of the coordinating Council to combat the spread of coronavirus to raise the issue of canceling the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor on Seating passengers in the cabin, Kommersant reports. They pointed out that selling tickets for only 50% of seats is an excessive measure and can lead to a sharp increase in prices.

The Moldovan Metropolitan Church blackmails government: We will not pray for you

The Moldavian-Kishinev Metropolia appealed to the country’s authorities to review the decision prohibiting the holding of services with the participation of parishioners in the premises. Otherwise, the hierarchs threatened, ” the clergy will not mention the country’s leadership during services.”

The state Duma proposed to imprison people for illegal turnover of crypto assets

State Duma deputies proposed to introduce fines of up to 2 million rubles and up to 7 years in prison for illegal turnover of digital financial assets and currencies. Experts believe that the proposed changes may lead to the transition of the crypto business to the gray zone or its relocation to other countries.

Acron group’s net loss for the 1st quarter was $153 million

Acron group’s net loss for Q1 2020 under IFRS was $153 million, compared to $133 million in profit a year earlier and $30 million in profit in the previous quarter. Net debt for the reporting period increased by 4%, from $1,215 to $1,258 million.

In Russia, sales of cosmetics have grown significantly

In April 2020, sales of perfumes and cosmetics increased in Russia by 17%, RIA Novosti writes, citing a study by the operator of fiscal data “platform OFD”. Analysts have compared the April sales data on the territory of Russia with the same period last year.

In Russia, sales of jewelry collapsed

Sales of jewelry in Russia decreased by 50-70%, and their production-by 30-50%, the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation told TASS. The decline in demand for jewelry led to their rise in price and the crisis. Consumer demand has shifted to essential goods.

Sechin remains the head of Rosneft for another five years

The government, the Cabinet of Ministers reported, approved directives to Board members representing the state’s interests in the company to vote at a Board meeting for his nomination to be appointed chief Executive officer for the next five-year term starting on may 24. Sechin has been managing Rosneft since may 2012. In 2004-2011, he was the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

A new type of repulsion-based crystals has been created

The unique configuration called the “Pauli crystal” is the result of a quantum mechanical rule – the Pauli exclusion principle. Experts have previously predicted the existence of Pauli crystals, but until today, no one has been able to create them.

The team of experts managed to create their own Pauli crystal from lithium atoms, which were driven by lasers into a two-dimensional region with a radius of about a micrometer. In this trap, scientists placed three to six atoms at a time, which emitted pulses. This allowed researchers to observe some patterns. As it turned out, the atoms created a regular spatial lattice, resembling a crystal lattice

Russians owe a trillion rubles for housing and utilities

Russians owe a trillion rubles for housing and utilities, writes RBC with reference to the data of the Ministry of construction. The amount includes debts of management companies, individuals, homeowners ‘ associations, and other consumers

Sberbank restructured corporate loans

Sberbank has restructured 50.8 thousand corporate loans for 113 billion rubles, such data is cited by the press service of Sberbank with reference to Vice President Sergey Bessonov.

Samsung has introduced a military smartphone Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

Samsung presented the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition smartphone, protected from all sides. According to the Corporation, it can work with secret applications for the military and is able to connect to combat gadgets for communication.

The connection between the brain and the intestines has been established

Neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh’s brain Institute have discovered neural pathways connecting the brain to the stomach, providing a biological mechanism that explains how stress can contribute to ulcers.

The results, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), provide a scientific basis for the impact of the brain on organ function and highlight the importance of the connection between the brain and the body.

Britain sold negative yield bonds for the first time

The British authorities for the first time sold government securities with negative returns, reports Reuters. In effect, this means that London will receive a reward for the loans, since investors have agreed to pay less than what was borrowed

In this regard, the British authorities joined their counterparts from Japan, Germany and some other European countries. Last week, the yield on two-year UK bonds fell to a record low of -0.051%, it is noted that this indicator responds to expectations for interest rates of the Central Bank.

Gas supplies within Russia have become more profitable for Gazprom than exports

According to the results of the auction, gas was cheaper at European hubs on Wednesday, may 20, than in Russia, even without taking into account 30% of export duty and transportation costs (netback). Gas prices at the Dutch TTF hub have fallen almost twice compared to the end of March (from $80 to $46-47 per 1,000 cubic meters now); at the closest to Russia hub in Baumgerten, it is more expensive — about $62.

Putin, Shoigu was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree

Russian President Vladimir Putin on the birthday of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu signed a decree awarding him the order of merit for the Fatherland, I degree with swords, the Kremlin press service reported

Zelensky said that Russia does not want to discuss the issue of Crimea

The Russian authorities refuse to raise the issue of Crimea in the negotiations. This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference in Kiev on the occasion of the anniversary of the inauguration. The broadcast was conducted by 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Strelkov took moral responsibility for the crash of the MH-17

Former defense Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) Igor Girkin (Strelkov) admitted “moral responsibility” for the death of passengers of the downed Malaysian Boeing MH-17. However, he again stressed that the militia did not shoot down the plane, and Strelkov denies the blame of the Russian military for the crash of the Boeing.

The Duma introduced a draft on allowing the import of scarce sanctioned goods

Russian counter-sanctions, which prohibit the import of goods whose analogues are produced in Russia, have been proposed to withdraw scarce products, even if there are enterprises in the country that produce them. The relevant draft law is registered in the state Duma database

The reform of the “garbage” industry, which was supposed to turn it into a technological sector where waste is perceived as raw materials, and priority is given to their processing and involvement in secondary turnover, turned towards the growth of the number of incinerators and landfills.

France and Germany will create a new tank

The cost of the work is divided equally between France and Germany. The first phase of the contract to create the architecture of the new combat vehicle will last 18 months. The replacement of German leopard 2 and French Leclerk tanks with a new model will begin in 2035.

Turkey has tested its own laser guidance system for aerial bombs

The Turkish air force successfully tested the hgk-84 LAB laser bomb guidance system. This was announced yesterday by the press service of the Ministry of defense of this country.

Belarus has ratified the agreement with Russia

Belarusian parliamentarians have ratified the Belarusian-Russian intergovernmental agreement on the mutual exchange of geospatial information between the armed forces of the two countries.

The network has released a trailer for the new series of “Cosmic forces”

Sony will shoot a new movie with a mysterious heroine from Marvel

While Sony has not given official information about who the Central character in the new film will be, however, insiders suggest that we will be told the story of Madame Web. The mysterious heroine can read minds, look into the future and heal mental wounds

Physicists have created an entanglement between an atom and a molecule

A group of physicists from China and the United States has created a controlled quantum entanglement between a cooled atom and a molecule for the first time. The experiment demonstrates a way to create hybrid microscopic systems for quantum information processing. The work is published in the journal Nature.

Scientists are closer to solving the mystery of the amount of matter and antimatter

Scientists explain that in the framework of the standard model of physics, after the Big Bang, the amount of ordinary matter and antimatter should be the same. However, in the universe there is a predominance of ordinary matter over antimatter, which is the biggest problem of physics.

The mystery of the uneven distribution of matter and antimatter in the universe can be solved on the basis of experiments with the isotope Thorium-228, said a group of scientists from the University of the West of Scotland (University of The West of Scotland), led by Dr. David O’donnell (D. O’donnell) on may 18 in an article in the journal Nature Physics.

Found the reason for the extinction of Neanderthals

The results suggest that the extinction of Neanderthals could only have occurred if CRO-magnons had a significant advantage over them in the use of food resources. In other words, competition contributed to the extinction of Neanderthals. which they lost.

David Lynch published a black-and-white animation of “Fire”

The animated short film “fire”, shot back in 2015, was published by Director David Lynch on his YouTube channel. As indicated in the video’s caption, Lynch personally acted as the film’s writer, artist, and Director.

Honor and Huawei smartphones will switch to MediaTek processors

According to the head of the Honor brand Zhao Ming, Honor and Huawei smartphones will start using MediaTek EN masse. The first such smartphone was the new X10, presented today. The new MediaTek processor has already been announced in this model.

Birds of different species can understand each other

Previous work has shown that animals hunted by identical predators can respond to each other’s calls. This indicates that they partially understand other species. Toshitaka Suzuki, author of the new study, noticed a similar phenomenon in two different bird species

In South Africa, a poisoned arrowhead with an age of 60 thousand years was found

Researchers from around the world analyzed an ancient artifact that was discovered in South Africa back in the 1960s. We are talking about an arrowhead found in one of the caves of the Klasis river, which is located on the East coast of the Republic of South Africa. The ancient arrowhead was located in a layer more than 60,000 years old — it was only now discovered that it was smeared with poison.

Skeleton of an ancient forest elephant discovered in Germany

Researchers reported that almost an entire skeleton of an ancient forest elephant was discovered on the territory of a coal quarry. According to archaeologists, the remains of about ten elephants have already been found in the area.

Scientists found traces of native American ancestors in southern Siberia

Scientists in the study found traces of the presence of ancient native American ancestors in southern Siberia. The work was carried out by specialists of the max Planck Institute, cell reports. Experts organized a study of the genome of 19 citizens whose remains were previously found in the Baikal region.

A single pain switch is found in the brain

A few years ago, experts at Duke University found that General anesthesia can trigger a group of inhibitory neurons in the Central amygdala — the area of the brain that is responsible for controlling negative emotions. These neurons are called CeAga. Further experiments revealed that they have connections to many areas of the brain.

Released the trailer for the movie “Force of nature” with Mel Gibson

The 64-year-old actor played a former detective who saves his daughter in the midst of a major hurricane.Lionsgate Released a trailer for the film “Force of nature”. The main roles in this action-Thriller were played by Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth and Emile Hirsch. Mel Gibson plays the role of a retired detective

Huawei introduced budget smartphones of the Y series in Russia

Huawei has introduced three new budget smartphones of the Y series for the Russian market – Huawei Y5p, Y6p and Y8p. The new line received a triple camera with a 48 MP lens for Huawei Y8p and a 5000 mAh capacitive battery for HUAWEI Y6p.

Presented an affordable smartphone with a stylus LG Stylo 6

LG introduced the LG Stylo 6 smartphone in the US, which really turned out to be an affordable alternative to the expensive Samsung Galaxy Note. The recommended price of the new product in the us market was $ 220, but Boost Mobile sells Stylo 6 for $ 179.

Microsoft releases a new app for remote work

The cloud has a new, 365-th service from Microsoft. According to the developer, we are talking about the Microsoft Lists organizer, which is great for remote work. Access to the new product will be available in the summer.

Ancient spiral galaxy discovered

The oldest known galaxies were formed in just a few hundred million years, but our milky Way took shape only about six billion years after the Big Bang. Such large spiral galaxies are considered to be among the most highly organized, and their evolution takes a very long time. However, a new finding by scientists from the German Institute of astronomy of the max Planck Society raises doubts about this picture.

In an article published in the journal Nature, Marcel Neeleman and his colleagues report new observations of the distant galaxy DLA0817g, also known as the” wolf Disk ” — in honor of the major American astrophysicist Arthur Wolfe, who several years ago, together with Neeleman, was one of its discoverers. With a redshift of 4.26, DLA0817g formed about a billion and a half years after the Big Bang — more than a billion years earlier than A1689B11, which was considered the oldest known spiral galaxy.

Chinese startup iSpace has tested an engine for a future reusable rocket

Another fire test of the JD-1 oxygen-methane engine was conducted by the Chinese private space company iSpace on may 19. The 15-ton engine had a running time of 200 seconds. The engine will be used on the first and second stages of the future two-stage hyperbola-2 rocket.

The Hyperbola-2 rocket with a launch mass of 90 tons will be able to put up to 1,900 kg of payload into low earth orbit. It is planned that the first stage of the rocket, equipped with nine JD-1 engines, will perform a jet landing for reuse.

Comet SWAN will be well visible until mid June

Comet SWAN was discovered at the end of March in images from the Observatory (SOHO). It looked pretty bright, but fading, and the best chance to see it is from the last week of may to the beginning of June. With binoculars, the comet should be visible in the southern hemisphere in the Northwest sky after sunset, close enough to the horizon.

NASA seeks motivated US citizens for 8-month isolation in Russia

NASA is going to send people to Russia to understand how they can adapt to flights to Mars and the moon. The American space Agency NASA has announced a set of volunteers who will have to spend eight months in a Russian scientific laboratory in complete isolation

EU scientists have created a graphene sail for future spaceships

Scientists from the European Union have created a graphene sail, which is planned to be used for the construction of spaceships of the future. Such vehicles will be able to fly to other star systems, reaching them in decades. The device has already passed the first tests