23 May, 2020

News digest for 05/22/2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed amendments to the law on education that expand the concept of educating students. The document is published in the database of the lower house of Parliament.

Now the law on education defines education as an activity for the development of the child’s personality, creating conditions for self-determination and socialization “on the basis of socio-cultural, spiritual and moral values and rules accepted in society… in the interests of the individual, family, society and the state”.

Putin proposes to fix in the law that education should also be aimed at forming “a sense of patriotism and citizenship, respect for the memory of defenders of the Fatherland and the exploits of heroes of the Fatherland, the law and order, the labor man and the older generation, mutual respect, respect for cultural heritage,” nature and the environment.

In early may, Vladimir Putin said in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin ” that the national idea of Russia is patriotism.

Belarus will develop its missile production

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has promised that the country will develop rocket production, BelTA reports. According to him, “despite epidemics, pandemics, hysteria”, “no one has canceled the war”, and “we have to prepare for it in peacetime”, so that later “we do not reap the bitter fruits”. Therefore, “we have to spend money on defense,” although “there is no extra money.”

The strategic task of Belarus in the event of military aggression of the enemy is to inflict unacceptable damage on it, Lukashenko explained. “And we must demonstrate this now, so that those who, God forbid, decide to fight with us, understand that we can respond with dignity. The best answer in terms of weapons today is missiles, high-precision weapons, ” the President stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko was outraged by Russia’s refusal to conduct joint development of missile weapons and provide a testing ground for a Belarusian missile.

“Don’t get down on your knees in front of the Russians. This is a signal if our closest ally not only did not agree to make a missile with us, but the test site does not provide… Listen, this is a question,” Lukashenko said.

Russian floating nuclear power plant in Chukotka

The world’s first Russian floating nuclear power plant has been put into commercial operation in Chukotka. This is a historic event not only in the Russian but also in the world’s nuclear power industry.Thus, it officially became the 11th Russian and northernmost nuclear power plant in the world.

When will the US lift sanctions on Rosneft Trading

Assistant Undersecretary for Cuba and Venezuela Carrie Filipetti said that the United States will not lift sanctions against Rosneft Trading if there are any links between the Venezuelan authorities and Rosneft. This statement was made during a telephone briefing in response to a question from journalists about whether the us side might consider lifting sanctions on Rosneft Trading after it was officially announced in mid-may that Roszarubezhneft had acquired Rosneft’s assets in Venezuela.

If any ties between Rosneft and the Maduro regime continue, we will not lift the sanctions. We may consider imposing additional sanctions against other organizations that enter into new relations with the Maduro regime, ” RIA Novosti quoted Carrie Filipetti as saying.

Small and medium-sized businesses assessed their situation as a disaster or crisis.

As follows from the monitoring data of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, half of the respondents can not pay employees salaries and taxes on labor.

39% of companies have reduced their financial indicators, and only 6% of respondents consider their situation stable.

55% of respondents said that they have a negative attitude to business support measures announced by the Russian government. Almost 28% rated the measures positively

Bulgaria opens borders for citizens of the Schengen area

Bulgaria opens its borders to EU and Schengen citizens from may 22. Any European can enter the country, subject to a two-week quarantine. And if his stay in Bulgaria will not exceed a week, the quarantine will not be required at all

Sobyanin announced the first stage of easing restrictions

Sergei Sobyanin announced the “first stage” of easing restrictions in Moscow from may 27.

  • MFC will start working.
  • Carsharing will return. The car will be available for a minimum of five days.
  • Gloves and masks will become mandatory at train stations.
  • Passes from the Moscow region will no longer be valid in the city.

That’s about it. There is no question about any walks that Rospotrebnadzor recommends allowing at the first stage of lifting restrictions.

Preparing for voting on constitutional amendments

The Central election Commission has unfrozen funds to prepare for voting on amendments to the Constitution. The corresponding resolution is published on the CEC website. The document removes the ban that has been in effect since March 28. Now the election Commission can renew funding for the supply of goods, works and services and the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry — the formation of precinct election commissions abroad.

The quorum was secured and the decision was made officially and unanimously. Due to the prompt decision on this issue, the broadcast of the meeting was not resumed, while the resolution was posted on the website of the CEC of Russia immediately-the CEC commented on the decision to unfreeze money at a closed meeting

Russia’s Federal penitentiary service accused France 24 TV channel

The Department of the Federal penitentiary service (FSIN) in the Irkutsk region accused the French TV channel France 24 of provocation because of a story about a riot in IK-15 in the city of Angarsk. According to the Agency’s statement, it is about the France 24 story from may 20. According to the Federal penitentiary service, it is based on false information from citizens “interested in destabilizing the situation” in the institutions of the Russian penal system

Rosneft explained the amount of the claim to RBC

Mikhail Leontiev, Vice-President of the company, told the newspaper “Rise “that the amount of damage was calculated by Rosneft experts based on market dynamics.

“The origin of the amount is very easy to explain. It is calculated by experts based on real market dynamics. This interpretation, the spread of these rumors affected the market. There was no other reason for this dynamic from the experts ‘ point of view.”

Rosneft appealed to the court to recover 43 billion rubles from RBC as reputational damage due to the publication on the website of the publication “Ryazan chop received a share in the former Venezuelan project of Rosneft”. The company said that the authors of the note misled the public, market representatives and regulators, and deliberately distorted the true essence of the transaction.

A police officer received a suspended sentence for torture with a Taser

23-year-old employee Vladimir B. was found guilty of abuse of authority with violence and the use of special means. He received a 4.5-year suspended sentence, according to the Miass court website.

In February and March last year, a police officer Tasered three detainees who were taken to the Department for administrative offenses. One of them was handcuffed. After the torture, the employee forced the detainees to sign blank protocols, local media reported.

South Korea reported a new disappearance of Kim Jong UN

In Seoul, they announced the new disappearance of Kim Jong-UN, the second in the past couple of months. Since he visited the plant’s opening on may 1, there has been no news of the North Korean leader, the South Korean government said.

“The authorities are closely monitoring [this story],” said a representative of the Ministry of unification of the Republic of Korea.

Kim Jong-UN has already disappeared from public space in January and April. The last time this was the reason for reports of surgery and even death.

Us billionaires increased their wealth during the pandemic

American billionaires increased their wealth by $434 billion, or 15%, in two months in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study by the analytical groups Americans for Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies. The period from March 18 to may 19 was chosen for the analysis.the study was conducted on the basis of Forbes data.

The combined wealth of billionaires (more than 600 people) during the pandemic increased from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion. The five richest people-Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), bill gates (founder of Microsoft), mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), Warren Buffett (head of Berkshire Hathaway) and Larry Ellison (co — founder of Oracle) – increased their wealth by $75.5 billion, or 19%, 21% of the total increase. The study notes that in March, there were 614 people on the list of billionaires, and in two months their number rose to 630. Among the newcomers is American rap artist Kanye West.

The Network has a new trailer for the film “Argument” by Christopher Nolan

A new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s film “the Argument” has been released Online — it premiered in Fortnite. This is not the first major event to be held virtually in this game — but moviegoers were still surprised.

Scientists have revealed the secret of covering the tombs of ancient Egyptian mummies

Scientists at the British Museum have revealed the composition of the substance used in Ancient Egypt to cover the coffins of mummies. Experts for the study took 100 samples of black hardened material that was layered on wooden sarcophagi between 1300 and 750 BC. As it turned out, the sticky coating was made from a mixture of animal fat, vegetable oil, wood resin, solid crude oil, and beeswax. According to experts, it is possible that there were other components in the composition, which, due to the prescription, can no longer be determined.

WhatsApp has a new feature

The QR code recognition feature is now available in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. Later, it will also be available for Android devices, the wabetainfo portal notes

Created tablets to enhance mental abilities

At the University of Oxford, tablets have been created to enhance a person’s mental abilities. The appropriate drug improves memory and makes a person more determined without compromising the thinking of actions. Scientists have managed to accelerate the cognitive functions of the human brain using tablets.

Neon glow protects discolored corals

Scientists have discovered corals that undergo a strange transformation. The fact is that instead of becoming white, they begin to emit various neon colors. Photosynthetic algae pigments absorb most of the sunlight

Scientists have found out the origin of hemoglobin

Using statistical and biochemical methods to reconstruct and experimentally characterize ancient proteins, scientists were able to restore mutations that led to the appearance of hemoglobin in the last common ancestor of humans and sharks 400 million years ago. An article about this discovery is published in Nature.

Ultrasound allowed to control the behavior of macaques

During the experiments, scientists used short pulses of ultrasound to affect the frontal oculomotor fields — the areas of the frontal lobes that control the direction of vision

Released the trailer for the final season of the series “13 reasons why”

The first live music concert was held in the USA

In the United States, the TempleLive music venue (Arkansas) hosted the first concert with live music and audience since the country began mass self-isolation in March due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. Musician Travis McCready of the Blues-rock band Bishop Gunn performed on stage, according to Rolling Stone.

ASUS has brought new inexpensive gaming laptops to Russia

ASUS has brought new inexpensive gaming laptops TUF Gaming to Russia. They can already be pre-ordered. We are talking about a compact 15-inch model A15 and 17-inch A17 series TUF Gaming, which is considered by ASUS budget.

The most convincing evidence of the birth of a new planet has been obtained

Astronomers have found the strongest evidence that a planet is being born right now in a star not far from the Sun. Experts call this data the first direct evidence of this exciting process. The achievement is described in a scientific article published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Samsung introduced TVs for the street

The model will be presented in three sizes. Samsung has introduced its first “street” TVs, The Terrace. Externally, they are no different from standard TVs: Smart TV, 4K resolution, HDR and other features.

Published a trailer for the action movie “Old guard” with Charlize Theron

The researchers found that the gene for thinness

A group of scientists has discovered a gene that plays a role in the body in people who do not follow their diet and do not exercise, but do not gain weight, reports UfacityNews.ru with a link to New Atlas.In their work, the researchers conducted an extensive study of the entire genomic Association involving about 50,000 people.

A cosmic ray simulator was created to study radiation outside the Earth

NASA has created a unique tool for studying the effects of radiation. Using a galactic cosmic ray simulator, scientists were able to observe the effects of a key radiation source on animals

Artificial “lunar soil” gets ISRO patent

As part of its Chandrayaan-2 lunar landing mission, the Indian space research organization (ISRO) had to prepare an artificial surface of the moon so that the Vikram lander and the Pragyaan Rover could be tested on it. On may 18, the Indian patent office granted ISRO a patent for the invention of a method for manufacturing a lunar soil simulator. The patent is valid for 20 years from the date of application.

“The surface of the Earth and the surface of the moon are completely different. So we had to create an artificial surface of the moon and test our Rover and lander, ” M. Annadurai, who retired as Director of the UR Rao satellite center (URSC), formerly the ISRO Satellite center, told IANS.