25 May, 2020

News digest for 05/23-24/2020

Deputies of the State Duma of Russia in the third reading approved an amendment to exempt religious organizations from paying taxes and insurance premiums for the second quarter of 2020. According to the law, donations in any form from any legal entity to non-profit and religious organizations will be charged to the expenses of the donors and reduce the income tax paid by them.

The author of the amendment, Chairman of the Duma Committee for the development of civil society, public and religious associations Sergey Gavrilov hopes that state support for the Church and socially-oriented NGOs will be extended and expanded. In particular, he wanted to reduce their insurance premiums on a permanent basis from 30 to 15% of the wage Fund, as it has already been implemented for small and medium-sized businesses.

The share of Russian spending on food purchases has increased to a record level

In April, the average Russian family spent 46% of all their expenses on food purchases, which is a record figure, according to the research holding “ROMIR”. ROMIR started calculating the Food Index, an index that reflects the share of food expenditures, in 2019, and since then its value has never risen above 36%.

“Compared to March, the index increased by 26%. At the same time, the index is growing by 46% against the previous year, “ROMIR said in a statement. In April 2019, the Food Index was 31.4%, and in March this year — 36%.

According to the holding, the average Russian family spent 26 thousand rubles on products in April, and its total expenses amounted to 56.8 thousand rubles. The sharp increase in the share of spending on food is explained by the increase in food prices.

IMF and Ukraine agree on new cooperation program

IMF staff and Ukrainian authorities have reached working-level agreements on economic policy for a new 18-month reserve loan (SBA). The new SBA with requested access to 3.6 billion SDR (Special Drawing Rights), equivalent to $5 billion, is aimed at ensuring a balance of payments and budget support to help the Ukrainian authorities cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 strike, — said the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine Ivanna Vladkova gollar.

Hertz filed for bankruptcy

The largest car rental company Hertz filed for bankruptcy due to the crisis. Hertz was founded in 1918 in Chicago and started with just a dozen cars. Now it has more than 10 thousand rental locations in 150 countries.

Every fifth resident of Russia has never used the Internet.

When asked when you last used the Internet, 69% of respondents said that in the last day, 4% – in the last week, 1% – in the last month, 1% – in the last three months, 1% – in the last six months, 2% – more than a year ago, 22% – never.

According to the research, Russians need the Internet to know the news, stay up to date (41%), get useful, necessary information (35%), communicate (28%), work (25%), watch movies and programs (17%), study (17%), sit in social networks (16%), have fun (13%), play Internet games (6%), expand their horizons (5%).

Over the past month or two, 27% of Russians have started spending more time on the Internet, 9% – less, and 63% have not changed.

Argentina defaulted on foreign bonds

Argentina’s default officially came at 17: 00 new York time (00:00 GMT). The country did not make coupon payments for $503 million on three issues of dollar-denominated bonds issued under new York state law. These bonds are due to be repaid in 2021, 2026 and 2046.

The payment deadline was April 22, but Argentina formally had another 30 days to avoid default. During this period, the government expected to negotiate a $65 billion restructuring of external debt with creditors. However, this has not yet been done, and the government yesterday extended its restructuring offer to creditors until June 2. Argentina does not intend to pay until an agreement is concluded.

In Antarctica appeared “green snow”

Climate change and rising temperatures significantly increase areas suitable for breeding microscopic algae that need melted snow to live. Although these snow algae are very tiny, however, when a large number of them grow, they turn the snow into a bright green color. This can be seen even from space. This is reported by CNN.

The concept of a flying car-drone of the future is presented

Specialists of the Brazilian company Embraer presented an innovative concept Pulse. The latest concept of the car-drone of the future was developed by engineers of the Brazilian aircraft Corporation Embraer.

Cyprus will resume flights with a number of countries from June 9

The Council of Ministers of Cyprus decided to resume air services with a number of countries from June 9. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Minister of transport, communications and public works Yannis Karousos. The island state is ready to accept tourists from 19 countries from June 9

Iceland opened for tourists

So far, only for tourists from Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but from June 15, Iceland will be open to all of Scandinavia. Recall that Iceland has successfully completed coronaries. In early April, a little more than a thousand cases of infection were registered in the country.

Siluanov has ruled out the abolition of fiscal rules

The cancellation of the budget rule is not discussed, thanks to it, Russia has the opportunity not to significantly reduce spending and provide support to victims of the spread of the coronavirus, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. According to him, the rule has already passed several tests for strength.

IBM announced a major reduction

The American computer company IBM plans to lay off employees due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported on may 21. The company does not name the number of employees to be cut. According to a source “the Wall Street Journal”, several thousand people may lose their jobs.

Xiaomi reported revenue growth in the first quarter of 2020

Revenue from Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi rose 13.6% in the first quarter, the company said in a report on Wednesday. The company’s revenue grew despite a decline in global demand for smartphones

Rosneftegaz reduced its stake in Rosneft

Rosneftegaz state company (owned by Rosimushchestvo) reduced its stake in Rosneft from 50% and 1 share to 40.4%. The owner of 9.6% of Rosneft’s shares was RN-Neftkapitalinvest (100% “daughter” of Rosneft), Interfax writes, referring to the company’s statement. Rosneft also withdrew from Grupo Rosneft C. A. (Venezuela), Rosneft Energia GmbH (Frankfurt am main), Petrovictoria S. A., (Venezuela) and the National oil consortium.

Russia will return the canceled tax

Due to the crisis situation in the Russian economy, the government intends to return the tax, which was canceled in January 2019. This is a tax on movable property of organizations. A proposal to reintroduce it was made by members of the Federation Council.

Spanish Repsol changed its mind about participating in the Gazprom Neft project

Repsol, the largest oil and gas company in Spain and Latin America, has notified Gazprom Neft that it will not participate in the planned joint venture on the Gydan Peninsula. The reason was the current economic conditions.

Bank Vostochny’s net profit in the first quarter

Bank Vostochny’s net profit under IFRS in the first quarter increased by 4.6% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 2.48 billion rubles, the Bank said.

Ukraine has sharply reduced gas prices for the population

The wholesale price of gas for the population and production in Ukraine in may fell by 21 percent compared to April, the press service of Naftogaz reports on its website. At the same time, since the beginning of the year, prices have fallen even more sharply — by 51 percent compared to the January cost and by 62 percent compared to the same period in 2019.

China blocks American airlines

The us Department of transportation, which is trying to persuade China to allow us airlines to resume passenger service in the country, briefly delayed several Chinese Charter flights earlier this week for failing to comply with notification requirements.

Turkish authorities decided not to cancel the “buffet” and ” all inclusive»

Turkish culture and tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that the authorities will not cancel the “buffet” and “all inclusive” systems, reports TASS. However, according to him, the presentation of buffet dishes will make adjustments. So, the selected food will now be served by the cook.

The US has imposed sanctions on 33 Chinese companies and organizations

The United States Department of Commerce has blacklisted 33 Chinese companies and government organizations, the U.S. Commerce Department said in a may 22 report published on the organization’s website.

Venezuela’s armed forces will begin escorting Iranian tankers

On VTV, the head of the Venezuelan defense Ministry, Vladimir Padrino, said that relevant agreements have been reached with the Iranian military Department. All Iranian tankers will be accompanied by warships and planes of the Venezuelan armed forces

The US Navy has successfully tested a new laser weapon in the Pacific ocean

A us Navy warship has successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy a drone in flight. This, according to CNN, is stated in a statement by the us Navy’s Pacific fleet.

The US coalition has eliminated two leaders of the Islamic state in Syria

The international anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States reported the elimination in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor of two leaders of the “Islamic state” (is, the organization is banned in Russia). This is reported by TASS with reference to the statement of the headquarters of operation “Unshakeable determination”

Halle berry will play in the disaster movie with Josh Gad

Halle berry will join Josh Gad in the movie “the Fall of the moon”. InterMedia reminds: according to the plot of a fantastic disaster movie, the Moon is lost from its orbit and flies towards the Earth.

JK Rowling revealed the secret of creating “Harry Potter”

Officially, the place of” birth ” of Harry Potter is considered to be the cafe The Elephant House. On its door it is indicated that here Rowling invented her character. She did spend a lot of time at the cafe, but had been writing a book for several years at the time. The writer also stressed that she had never been to the Harry Potter Library bookstore. It is located in Portugal.

It turned out that the first chapters about the famous boy wizard star wrote while living in a rented apartment. Rowling was in London at the time. The writer showed where this place was located. The room that the celebrity rented was located above a sporting goods store

Hungry bumblebees nibble on leaves to encourage blooming

When ground bumblebees Bombus terrestris lack the main food-pollen, they make holes in the leaves of plants so that they bloom faster, according to Science. In some cases, the opening of buds can be accelerated by 30 days. At the same time, the damage that people cause to plants has a very weak effect. The mechanism of influence of bumblebee punctures on flowering is still unclear, but most likely, they are ultimately useful for the plants themselves.

The trailer for the military drama “Outpost” with Orlando bloom has appeared

The network has released a trailer for the military drama “Outpost” with Orlando bloom and Scott Eastwood, the plot of which is based on the story of the battle for Kamdesh in 2009. The film tells about a detachment of US troops who faced superior Taliban forces in Afghanistan, attacking them in one of the valleys.

7rasa released its first album in seven years

Alternative rock band “7rasa” has released a new album “Avidya” — the sixth Studio album of the band in a row and the first in seven years. Musicians believe that the tracks from the new record are especially relevant today.

The US has announced new sanctions against China

The us Department of Commerce has announced new sanctions against certain Chinese companies and government organizations. Two new sanctions lists have been published.

The first included the Institute of forensic expertise of the Ministry of public security of the people’s Republic of China and eight Chinese legal entities. Washington believes that they “are complicit in human rights violations and abuses committed during the Chinese campaign of repression, mass illegal detentions, forced labor, and high-tech surveillance of Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region. The Ministry noted that all of them will add to the sanctions list created in October 2019, which already includes 28 Chinese companies on the same charges.

The second sanctions list includes 24 Chinese government and commercial organizations “engaged in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.”

Passenger car production in Russia fell by 79.2%

Production of passenger cars in Russia in April 2020 amounted to 30 thousand units, reducing by 79.2% compared to April 2019 due to plant downtime due to the coronavirus epidemic. Such data is provided by Rosstat.

Thus, the volume of production was slightly more than the anti-record of August 2009 – then only 19 thousand passenger cars were produced in the country, and Rosstat recorded a decrease in production by August 2008 by 85%, Interfax reports.

The Russian government will support the auto industry

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order to allocate 25 billion rubles to support the Russian automobile industry, five of which will be used to buy ambulances, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

5 billion rubles will be spent on the purchase of ambulances, 7 billion-on subsidizing loans, 8.5 billion-on preferential leasing, including the state program “Affordable rent”. Another 4.5 billion will be spent on subsidies for loans for the purchase of transport for state needs.

Earlier, AVTOVAZ turned to a loss all the aid received from the state, losing 160 billion rubles over 5 years.

Hungary refused to legally recognize gender reassignment!

The Hungarian government continues to support the birth rate in its country. In a revolutionary vote that attracted international attention, Hungary refused to legally recognize gender reassignment in documents. This decision has already been condemned by international human rights organizations.

Democrats demand an explanation for sending a ventilator to Russia

A group of Democrats in the us House of representatives sent a letter to President Donald Trump demanding to explain in detail the reasons for sending artificial ventilation devices to Russia.

“We are deeply concerned by recent reports that you are providing critical life-saving ventilators to Russia, while they are urgently needed in the United States to fight the coronavirus crisis and save American lives»

The authors of the letter pointed out that the funds of American taxpayers, which were used to buy and deliver ventilators abroad, can not be used for “political gain”.


New rules for the use of maternity capital have been approved

The Ministry of labor has established a new procedure for applying for the disposal of maternity capital. Recall that the law allows the use of maternity capital for only five purposes: Improving housing conditions, Education of the child, a Funded pension, Social adaptation of a disabled child, and a Monthly payment for a second child.

Putin instructed to work out the issue of paying fuel excise duty at gas stations

Russian President Vladimir Putin, as part of instructions following a meeting on energy held on April 29, instructed to work out the issue of paying excise duty on fuel from gas stations, and not from refineries, as is happening now. This order is stated in a document published on Saturday.

New trailer for the post-apocalyptic game Paradise Lost

The game is being developed for PC and consoles, and will be released in 2020. On Steam, you can already add Paradise Lost to your wish list.

Scientists have found a way to strengthen aircraft and car parts

Perm national research Polytechnic University (PNRPU) has developed a technology that will help extend the service life of aircraft parts, submarines, cars and building structures

Our technology is based on measuring structural fatigue. In other words, we can determine exactly when a particular part of an airplane, car, or building structure may collapse. Taking these characteristics into account will make it possible to create stronger structures in the future, – explained Roman Sevastyanov, senior lecturer at the Department of building structures and computational mechanics of PNRPU.

The Embassy called on Bloomberg to apologize for the article about Putin’s rating

The Russian Embassy in the United States called on Bloomberg to apologize to the audience for an article with misinformation about the rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, Bloomberg, with reference to VTSIOM, published a graph showing a decline in Putin’s rating in April to 27%. The Agency writes that ” Putin’s rating declined with the strengthening of the crisis in connection with the coronavirus.”

Putin signed a law on the possibility of remote voting

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for the possibility of voting in elections remotely and by mail. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information

Tests of the ” Buk ” and “Smerch” in Venezuela were shown on video

Venezuela demonstrated the capabilities of the Buk-M2E air defense system and BM-21 Grad and BM-30 Smerch installations. The American portal The Drive drew attention to the fact that the Venezuelan army sent a contingent of forces to the island of La Orchila off the coast of the country in the Caribbean sea as part of the exercises.

The United States could create a Department to respond to the pandemic

The United States may create a Department of state to respond to pandemics, as opposed to the world health organization. This is reported by the newspaper “Politiko”. As noted, the reason for the creation of the Department was the lack of coordination of various organizations in the country in the fight against coronavirus.

Haftar urged not to spare Turkish mercenaries in Libya

Turkish soldiers and mercenaries are being targeted by the Libyan national army (LNA), LNA chief Khalifa Haftar said, may 23, according to the Libya Review.

Every Turkish soldier, mercenary sent by [Turkish President Recep] Erdogan to Libya, and every traitor who allowed the occupier to return is the target of our armed forces. Don’t give them any mercy, Haftar said.

The Chinese military captured a group of Indian soldiers

Chinese soldiers at the border detained several Indian army soldiers, but then released them. According to journalists, a large-scale conflict may occur between Beijing and Delhi. A series of incidents on the borders of India and China continued with the capture of a group of Indian military personnel by Chinese fighters.

The 1975 released the album “Notes on a Conditional Form”

British indie rock band The 1975 presented their new full-length album “Notes on a Conditional Form”. “Notes on a Conditional Form” is already the fourth longplay on the British account.

Apple will release an AR headset in the form of Steve jobs glasses

John Prosser is a well-known insider who provides almost always correct information. This time, he said that Apple is preparing to release an AR headset called Apple Glass. The design of the device will resemble the round-rimmed glasses worn by the company’s founder, Steve jobs.

Xiaomi is preparing to release A “smart” mi Band 5 bracelet

It is reported that the device will be equipped with a heart rate sensor with the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood (SpO2). Women new product will help to control the menstrual cycle. In addition to the regular version of Mi Band 5, the Mi Smart Band 5 modification debuts. This device will receive additional support for the Amazon Alexa intelligent voice assistant.

Huawei has registered a new smart watch

Chinese company Huawei is preparing to release a smart wristwatch. They were officially registered under the name Mate Watch. The device may be released in 2021.

The message service replacing SMS will be able to encrypt data

The Google Messages platform, which implements the new RCS messaging format, will be able to support end-to-end encryption, 9to5google portal reported on may 23. Portal specialists analyzed the source code of the test version of Google Messages 6.2 and found the strings responsible for implementing end-to-end data encryption. In addition, a special parameter was found that allows the user to choose whether to encrypt the message exchange.

Released the trailer for the second season of the series “Alienist” with Dakota fanning

TNT channel published a trailer for the second season of “Alienista”. The main role in the series is played by American Dakota fanning. The 2018 project was about a reporter, a doctor, and the first female police officer who teamed up to investigate a string of brutal child murders in new York city in the late 19th century.

Created a micro robot that can move through the circulatory system

Researchers from Germany, the United States, and Turkey reported that they have developed unique microspheres for point-to-point drug delivery through blood vessels. Scientists have long been developing methods that can help deliver drugs targeted.

The earth’s magnetic field is gradually weakening, scientists have found.

This is especially fast in the area that stretches from Africa to South America. The data came from the European space Agency’s Swarm series of satellites. The anomaly has puzzled geophysicists and caused some technical problems in the work of near-earth vehicles, according to the European Space Agency.

A psychiatrist named products to lift the mood

Psychiatrist Olga Sivoldayeva on Saturday told what products can reduce anxiety and contribute to the production of serotonin in the human body, which is responsible for a good mood. According to the expert, anxiety increases when serotonin levels fall.

To improve your mood, according to Olga Sivoldaeva, you should eat bananas (1-2 per day), walnuts (100 grams per day) and spinach (200 grams daily).

The gene responsible for selecting a partner in Drosophila has been identified

In an article published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, it is said about the discovery of a special gene in fruit flies that is responsible for their choice of a partner for mating.

Scientists also found that the functions of the detected gene are responsible for another — no less important-mechanism: the so-called “reproductive isolation”. It is this mechanism that establishes a kind of reproductive barrier for each individual, preventing cases of interspecific interbreeding.

Japanese scientists artificially created cancer cells

An important study was conducted by a group of Japanese scientists from Okayama University (a national University in Okayama Prefecture). They artificially created cancer cells using normal induced stem cells, or ipscs. In the future, their results can be successfully applied to the development of anti-cancer therapy.

A new technology for the production of medicines without side effects has been created

Scientists from Hong Kong have come up with a new way to get medical drugs, which is not only more environmentally friendly and cheaper than existing production processes, but also allows you to have the purest medicines at the output without side effects

The milky Way counted 150 undetected satellite galaxies

Astrophysicists have shown that the milky Way’s halo should contain about 220 dwarf galaxies, about a quarter of which are located in the gravitational field of the Large Magellanic Cloud. This number is significantly higher than the observed number: approximately 150 satellites have yet to be detected.