26 May, 2020

News digest for 05/25/2020

The trial of Benjamin Netanyahu has begun in Israel. In this country, there have already been cases when former Prime Ministers have appeared in the dock, but the trial against the current head of government is being held for the first time.

Netanyahu is accused of fraud, bribery and abuse of trust. The process is expected to last from several months to several years.

Protests against the new law have resumed in Hong Kong.

The bill “on improving the legal system and law enforcement mechanism of Hong Kong” was presented on may 21 at the annual session of the national people’s Congress – the Parliament of the people’s Republic of China. Opponents of the law believe that Hong Kong is effectively losing its autonomy. The Chinese authorities are able to send state security agencies to this special administrative region of the PRC and punish “separatism and Subversion”.

The US condemned this initiative, the EU expressed concern and suggested that consultations be held with the participation of all parties. Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi called international criticism of the controversial law “interference in internal Affairs”.

China’s takeover of Hong Kong could lead to us sanctions

It seems that with this national security law, they are going to basically take over Hong Kong, and if they do, Secretary Pompeo will most likely not be able to confirm that Hong Kong retains a high degree of autonomy, and if this happens, sanctions will be imposed against Hong Kong and China, said us national security adviser Robert O’brien.

Visitors will be placed aimlessly in a paid punishment cell-an Observatory

The head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, said that citizens coming to the region who cannot confirm the purpose of their visit will be placed in paid observation cells at their own expense.

We have agreed that citizens of other regions who travel aimlessly on personal matters that do not concern the work of state authorities should be placed in the Observatory at their own expense. If you are not ready to pay immediately, at the end of your stay in the Observatory, claims must be sent to the court and recover the entire amount. That’s enough. Dear citizens of the Russian Federation, we are waiting for you in the holiday season — – kryminform quotes him.

Aksenov specified that the observation cells will be guarded by employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs and Rosgvardiya with electric current and dogs. Paid observatories will also accommodate shift workers who are staying in the region at the expense of the employer.

Moscow city hall collects data from Muscovites when checking passes

To use the service of the Moscow city hall to check passes, citizens are forced to consent to the processing of personal data (all conditions are built in there). Having given consent to the DIT of Moscow, the Muscovite transmits their full name, address, phone number, email address, place of work and position.

Using this data, the mayor’s office or “third parties”, which citizens also automatically allow to transmit all this information, will be able to include them in the distribution of advertising materials by SMS

The mayor’s office explained to which third parties user data is transmitted.

Alexey Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovation development, said that they refer to Federal agencies that verify the accuracy of information for digital passes.

The consent to the processing of personal data that users of the digital pass verification service on the I.moscow portal agree to is a standard document for all members of the Moscow innovation cluster. The storage and processing of personal data of users of the I.moscow portal is conducted in strict accordance with Federal law No. 152-Federal law On personal data,  Fursin said.

When asked why users also subscribe to advertising campaigns, Fursin explained that only social advertising will be sent out.

a Group of LDPR deputies and a Senator have introduced a bill to the state Duma that reduces the age of accrual of pension allowances. Now, pensioners who have reached the age of 80 years, set an increase of 100%. Parliamentarians suggest replacing this age with 75 years

Spanish beaches open for swimming

Spanish beaches located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, as well as in the region of Andalusia, are open for swimming from Monday. Before that, some of these beaches were only accessible for sports. However, despite the opening of beaches for recreation, local health services recommended limiting the number of visitors, as well as installing protective screens and distributing umbrellas with sun loungers at a distance of four meters from each other

Moneron was excluded from the list of strategic enterprises

Moneron group of companies, a share in which was acquired by TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, was excluded from the list of strategic enterprises on the website of the Ministry of agriculture, as well as from the corresponding list of the Ministry of economic development.

Sobchak’s business partner Igor Konyaev confirmed that, according to His information, Moneron was excluded from the list of system-forming organizations on the basis of the Protocol of the government Commission of may 18. The Commission’s decision, according to him, was made in absentia and without discussion, and the reasons for excluding the company from the list are unknown to him.

The situation “can cause nothing but bewilderment,” according to Konradev: in 2019, the group paid more than 3.5 billion rubles in taxes, and its revenue for 2019 amounted to more than 23 billion rubles. To be included in the list of systemically important companies in the fishing industry must have revenue of at least 20 billion rubles or revenue of 10 billion rubles with a staff of at least 1.5 thousand people

Is it easy to defend your rights in Russia

Every third Russian citizen has faced a violation of their rights over the past 5 years, according to a survey by Levada center, which was at the disposal of Open media. Lawyers and human rights defenders are better at protecting the rights of citizens than the state: only 34% of those who went to the police were able to solve the problem. With the help of lawyers, 47% of Russians were able to defend their rights. The most losing tactic turned out to be going to the public reception rooms of deputies, the President, or to official human rights commissioners – only 27% of those who applied managed to defend their rights.

Only 3% of respondents believe that it is easy to defend their rights in Russia, 59% say that it is difficult, and a third of citizens (34%) believe that it is almost impossible to do so. The most vulnerable segments of the population and educated urban residents are the most likely to face arbitrariness

The state Duma will protect Russian companies from foreign courts

The state Duma has decided to update and urgently adopt a bill introduced last summer by Andrey Lugovoi and his colleagues on the protection of Russian companies from Western sanctions. The second reading will be held on Wednesday. As Open media found out, the profile Committee adopted a large number of amendments – in fact, a new version of the bill-without a meeting.

According to the authors, all arbitration courts involving sanctioned domestic companies can now be moved to Russia. And if the Western court continues, the Russian court can start an alternative process, and the opponent will be charged a penalty equal to the amount of the claim.

China has demanded the United States to cease arms supplies to Taiwan

The Ministry of defense of the PRC made a formal demand to U.S. to immediately halt the supply of arms to Taiwan.

Us military tranches to the island demonstrate Washington’s interference in China’s internal Affairs in an attempt to shake the country’s territorial integrity. We are forced to take retaliatory measures – added the press attache of the Chinese defense Ministry, Wu Qian.

Russia has set a five-year record for air pollution

In the first quarter of 2020, 44 cases of high air pollution were recorded in Russia, which is 57% higher than the number of significant emissions for the same period in 2019 (28 cases). This is stated in the research of the analytical service of the audit and consulting company Finexpertiza based on data from the Federal service for Hydrometeorology. The press service of the Ministry of natural resources confirmed that the conclusions of Finexpertiza coincide with the data of the Federal service for Hydrometeorology (the service is part of the Ministry).

Hotels in Abkhazia open room reservations

Websites of Russian tour operators offer reservations at tourist accommodation in Abkhazia starting from June 1. Vacationers can reserve rooms only in online mode. However, the vast majority of hoteliers do not ask for prepayment.

Money for mega-project of “Gazprom” has suggested to take from the citizens

The Gazprom and Rusgazdobycha megaproject in Ust-Luga will be able to attract financing at the expense of citizens by creating a collective investment Fund. Traditional options for attracting Russian and foreign investors are also being considered. This assumption was made by the head of VEB in an interview with the RBC publication owned by Grigory Berezkin.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov.

According to him, it was previously assumed that the government would allocate money for the gas chemical complex from the national welfare Fund (NWF), but the crisis forced to adjust the plans.

VEB.Russia in 2020 will receive a planned loss

By the end of 2020, VEB.RF will again suffer a loss, but the state Corporation’s capital adequacy will remain at a level above 10%. This was stated by the head of the state Corporation Igor Shuvalov in an interview with RBC. In 2019, VEB’s loss.The Russian Federation has been reduced three times, to 52.8 billion rubles. In 2018, the loss was 175.8 billion rubles.

Putin instructed to work out special tariffs of Transneft and Russian Railways for the term of OPEC+

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to work out the issue of setting special tariffs for the services of Transneft and Russian Railways for the transportation of oil and petroleum products for the duration of the OPEC+ agreement by June 15, according to the list of presidential instructions following the meeting on energy development.

Earlier, the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, during a working meeting asked Putin to discuss the issue of bringing the tariffs of transport monopolies in line with current oil prices. Currently, according to the head of Rosneft, 32% of the final cost of oil is spent on transport. Putin promised to discuss this issue.

Gazprom has started preparing for the construction of Power of Siberia-2»

Gazprom has started carrying out design and survey work in preparation for the upcoming construction of the Power of Siberia – 2 gas pipeline. The future pipeline will connect the infrastructure of the Western and Eastern parts of Russia.

Gas prices were predicted to fall below zero

Gas prices in European markets may fall below zero against the background of storage overflow. This possibility was predicted by a number of traders and confirmed by analysts interviewed by the RBC publication owned by Grigory Berezkin.

Algeria plans to invest in solar energy

The Algerian government plans to build several photovoltaic solar power plants with an estimated cost of $3.2-3.6 billion to meet growing domestic demand for electricity and sell electricity abroad. This was reported by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

Oil exports from Russia

The average daily export of oil from Russia for the first 20 days of may decreased by 25% compared to the same period in April – to 428 thousand tons per day, while exports by sea fell by 33% – to 237 thousand tons, deliveries by pipeline decreased by 13% – to 192 thousand tons per day, according to statistics obtained by Interfax.

In Japan, the emergency mode declared due to coronavirus was completely canceled

The Japanese authorities decided to cancel the state of emergency (ES) in the country, declared because of the threat of the spread of a new coronavirus. This was announced to reporters at a press conference in Tokyo by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

China called the timing of sending the probe to Mars

The launch will be carried out within the framework of the 13th five-year plan of the PRC (2016-2020), according to the plan of the national program for the development of Mars, approved in 2016. The probe will be delivered to the Red planet in seven months using the Changzheng-5 launch vehicle, reports TASS with a link to Xinhua

The series “Real ghouls” was renewed for a third season

FX channel renewed the series “Real ghouls” for a third season. The show is based on the vampire Comedy of the same name, directed by new Zealand Directors Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement.

New York auto show finally canceled

Organizers canceled the international auto show in new York because of the coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed to next year, may 22, according to the publication Automotive News.

Japan to send nearly $1 trillion to support economy

The Japanese government intends to adopt an additional budget of 100 trillion yen ($929 billion), according to the Nikkei newspaper. It is reported that about half of this amount will go to support businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rogozin stated the need for a new orbital station

“Russia, as a country that has always been a leader in creating space stations, should immediately begin work on creating a new space station,” Rogozin said. According to him, the issue of the status of the orbital station will be resolved in the near future.

North Korea will adopt a new missile submarine

The submarine in the North Korean Navy will be equipped with three pukguksong-3 medium-range ballistic missiles. The Yonhap newspaper has spread information from the South Korean intelligence services that the intelligence service is carefully monitoring the new submarine from the DPRK.

Pixar released the first cartoon with gay main characters

Animation Studio Pixar released a short cartoon Out, which tells about a gay couple. Out is available on the Disney+platform. He talks about Greg and his boyfriend, Manuel. They will move to the metropolis, but Greg does not know how to tell his parents about his orientation.

Before that, the LGBT character only appeared in one Pixar cartoon — “Forward”. She was a Cyclops girl who worked for The police

Netflix has renewed the Spanish TV series “Elite” for a fourth season

Netflix has renewed the Spanish drama series “Elite” for a fourth season — this happened a couple of months after the premiere of the third season. The project takes place in the most exclusive school in the country, where children of large entrepreneurs and just rich parents study.

Insider John Prosser named prices for all iPhone 12 models

It is expected that the new series of smartphones will be presented in four versions. In particular, these are the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. All mobile devices will receive OLED displays. Each device will also support a fifth-generation wireless network.

The “Junior” model will cost from $ 650. For the iPhone 12 Max, the buyer will have to pay from 749 to 849 dollars. The 12 Pro model will cost about a thousand dollars. The flagship Pro Max model will be available for purchase at a price of up to 1,4 thousand dollars

Hackers from Unc0ver created a jailbreak for all current iPhones and iPads

Hackers developed a jailbreak for all current iPhone and iPad models with iOS versions from 11 to 13.5. Despite the fact that Apple’s mobile operating system is becoming more secure every year.

Realme Watch smartwatches are presented

The first Realme smartwatch received a 1.4-inch square screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. The pixel density is 323 pixels per inch. There is a physical control button on the right side of the case.

Realme Watch can track your heart rate 24/7, as well as determine your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). They will be able to determine 14 types of exercise, communication with the smartphone is carried out through the Bluetooth 5.0 module. Realme Watch can display the date, time, weather forecast, app notifications, information about calls and messages. You can use the watch to control the music player and release the camera shutter.

Important is the dust and moisture protection in accordance with the description of the degree of IP68. More than 100 themes that allow you to personalize your device will also be available for the watch. Realme Watch costs $ 52. Sales will begin on June 5.

Xiaomi launches Redmi sound bar TV Soundbar

The sound panel is equipped with two 45 X 80 mm wide-band speakers with a power output of 30 W. The speaker is also equipped with a channel-type sound resonator. The gadget comes with two connection options: wired and wireless. It can be connected via a wired s / PDIF and AUX connection, as well as via Bluetooth. The sound bar supports Bluetooth 5.0.

In terms of hardware, the Redmi TV sound bar is 78 cm long, 6.4 cm wide, 6.3 cm high, and 1.5 kg in weight. The Redmi TV Soundbar comes at an affordable price of $ 28 and is currently sold on Xiaomi Youpin.

Samsung has introduced new gaming monitors

Samsung launched sales of Odyssey G7 monitors – 27-inch c27g75t and 32-inch C32G75T. The latest models feature curved VA panel technology, QLED, a resolution of 2560:1440 pixels, a refresh rate of 240 Hz, the radius of curvature of 1000 mm, 95% coverage of the space DCI-P3, a peak brightness of 600 CD/m2, VESA certificate DisplayHDR 600, contrast ratio 2500:1, response time 1 MS, viewing angles horizontally and vertically 178°, support VESA Adaptive-Sync NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible, two DisplayPort 1.4, one HDMI 2.0, a USB 3.0 hub on two ports and a 3.5 mm connector. The price of monitors is 600 and 700 euros.

WhatsApp will feature adding contacts by QR code

The function of adding new contacts using a QR code is being tested in the test version of WhatsApp messenger. This is reported by the Verge.

A new Internet speed record has been set

During the experiments, the researchers dispersed and recorded a connection speed of 44.2 TB/s. This indicator allows you to download 50 movies in 4K resolution with a volume of 100 GB in one second. The indicator of 44.2 TB/s was performed by specialists on a 75-kilometer conventional fiber-optic cable

Scientists told how human memory works

Scientists still do not know how memory is organized, and where it is located in the brain. Scientists have found that spatial memory is associated with the hippocampus. If a person tries to remember the first time they see a situation ten years later, this memory will be extracted from another area. The experiment showed that memory is able to move inside the brain. It has been proved that there is one storage for immediate learning results, and another is necessary for long – term storage.

Understanding the processes that occur in memory can provide work at the level of individual synapses. According to scientists, this requires targeted delivery of the blocker to the contact between neurons, and this is not yet possible.

Scientists: Earth’s Magnetic field has begun to weaken

According to experts, this process is developing especially quickly in the territory from Africa to South America. Information about the weakness of the magnetic field came from a series of satellites of the European space Agency Swarm. Abnormal indicators not only surprised geophysicists, but also created technical violations in the work of near-earth vehicles.

It is known that the magnetic field is vital for our planet. The field is the main protection against cosmic radiation and charged particles of the Sun.

The government of Israel has approved a plan to ease the isolation regime in the country

So, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of health of Israel approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, bars, cafes and restaurants will be able to resume working in the country from may 27. In addition, gyms and pools will be opened in sports and entertainment complexes.

Who came to Sevastopol

Sevastopol intends to introduce testing for coronavirus at checkpoints for all visitors starting from June 1. the result will have to wait for self-isolation

Lenny Kravitz postponed concerts in Russia

American singer lenny Kravitz postponed concerts in Russia due to coronavirus, according to the company SAV Entertainment, which organizes tours, on the official Facebook page. The artist’s concert in Moscow was to take place on June 10, and in St. Petersburg-on June 8. It is reported that new concert dates will be announced soon.

Charters from Russia to Turkey may resume earlier than regular flights, he said.

“We want tourists from Russia and Germany to be able to fly to our country on charters, even if regular flights have not yet opened. We are working on it. Travelers will be able to rest and return home safely, ” Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was quoted as saying by Anadolu Agency. At the same time, Cavusoglu noted that countries themselves decide when they are ready to resume international communication, based on their own dynamics of the pandemic.

Mishustin about the tourist season this year

The Russian Prime Minister recommended that the country’s residents spend their holidays this summer without leaving the borders of the state, because it is “better and safer”.

Recently, our country has made some progress in fighting the spread of the disease. But we must remember that the coronavirus was imported to us from abroad, so I think it is advisable to refrain from tourist trips abroad in the near future and spend a vacation in Russia, – said Mikhail Mishustin.

The Russian government has banned the import of fuel to Russia

The Russian government has imposed a temporary ban on fuel imports to Russia until October 1, 2020. The corresponding decree was published on may 25 on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The ban applies to gasoline with octane numbers 80, 92, 95 and 98; kerosene; jet fuel; summer, winter, Arctic, inter-season and other diesel fuel; gas oil and marine fuel with a flash point in a closed crucible of no more than 61 degrees.

Berlin is ready to provide places in city hospitals for patients with COVID-19 from Moscow

This was stated by the mayor of the German capital, Michael Mueller. According to him, Berlin clinics are ready to accept patients from the twin cities, one of which is Moscow. The mayor noted that now there are 8 thousand beds available in the capital out of 20 thousand that can accept patients with a coronavirus infection.

Transfer part of salaries to the benefit of doctors and patients

In Kuzbass, information is spreading that employees of the largest coal company “SUEK-Kuzbass” are offered to voluntarily transfer part of the money from their salaries to the benefit of doctors fighting the coronavirus.

SUEK is Russia’s largest coal producer, a supplier of coal to the domestic market and for export, as well as one of the leading producers of heat and electricity in Siberia. At the enterprises of SUEK employs more than 70,000 people. The main shareholder is Andrey Melnichenko