27 May, 2020

News digest for 05/26/2020

As an independent study of the online job search and recruitment service “Работа.ру”, since the beginning of the restrictive measures announced due to the coronavirus, 58% of Russians have reduced their salary. 39% of Russians noted that their earnings remained at the same level, 3% reported an increase in wages. 66% of respondents also reported a decrease in the premium part of their income.

Earlier data from Rosstat showed that the real disposable income of Russians in January—March decreased by 0.2% compared to the same period in 2019

All firms received approval, with the exception of blockchain startups

The Swiss government has rejected a request to provide financial support of $103 million to FINTECH startups from the “Cryptodolina”. This is a center for innovative developments in the field of blockchain, located in the city of Zug.

In April, the government promised to provide about $ 160 million in support to FINTECH companies to help them survive the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting crisis. In total, it reviewed more than two dozen applications from companies from different sectors of the economy. All firms have received approval, with the exception of blockchain-related startups.

President Putin’s Department of management will buy medals and orders

The office of the President of Russia will spend 31 million rubles to purchase 5,650 medals and orders of various degrees from Goznak. Another 13 million rubles were allocated from the budget for the purchase of cases, ribbons and certificates for these state awards.

According to the information posted on the public procurement portal, the presidential Administration has ordered 2,500 medals of the order of merit for the Fatherland of the second degree (their total cost is 10.7 million rubles), 15 signs of this order (815 thousand rubles), 1,700 Suvorov medals (5.5 million rubles) and 845 Zhukov medals (1.8 million rubles), MBH media reports.

In addition, the presidential Administration will purchase medals and badges of the order of “Parental glory”, the order of Honor and Courage, the badge of the order of Alexander Nevsky, as well as the badge of distinction “for impeccable service”.

Kudrin: the economy of oil rents is living out its last days

This is a critical moment for the Russian economy, which receives more export revenue from the sale of hydrocarbons. The model based on extracting oil rents is a thing of the past, writes Alexey Kudrin, head of the accounting chamber, in an article for Kommersant.

Before the crisis, the role of hydrocarbons in the world was reviewed, including due to climate change and discussions about the future of the planet.now it is even more relevant. Alternative energy is becoming more accessible, – says Kudrin. Russia, he notes, will remain an oil producer, “but we will no longer have such rents as we have had for the past 20 years.”

Rosturizm sees no prerequisites for international tourism

The situation in many countries in connection with the coronavirus pandemic remains complex, so the recommendation to refrain from traveling abroad from March 19 remains relevant, said at a briefing on Monday, the head of the Federal tourism Agency Zarina doguzova

Russians mostly plan to spend their summer holidays at home (61%) or at their dacha (31%) this year, said Kirill Rodin, Director of public relations at VTSIOM.

A journalist must write honestly and provide information objectively

Alexander Lukashenko believes that a journalist should write honestly and objectively provide information, and not raise a scandal.

If it is not honest, if it does not correspond to reality , then we must answer for it. As it was with the Russian First channel (the correspondent and operator are not accredited by the Ministry of foreign Affairs to work in Belarus), – the Belarusian President noted.

Lukashenko drew attention to the fact that Russia is now demanding at the international level that one of the foreign Western publications apologize for falsifications on the topic of coronavirus.

So, why did Russian channels do this? Lukashenko remarked.

Internet applications that violate copyright and related rights will be blocked

Internet applications that violate copyright and related rights will be blocked from October 1. This deadline is set by the amendment recommended for adoption, the text of which is published in the Duma electronic database.

According to the document, Roskomnadzor takes measures to restrict access to illegal content in mobile apps after the copyright holder’s application and on the basis of a court act that has entered into force. As previously reported by TASS, the bill finalized for the second reading extends this obligation to app aggregators (in particular, the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery).

The authorities of the Emirate of Dubai allowed the business to resume its activities

From Wednesday, may 27, it is allowed to open cinemas and sports centers, as well as conduct other types of business from 06:00 to 23:00 hours with all precautions, “al – Arabiya TV channel reports.

People are required to wear masks in public places and keep a social distance of two meters. As noted, retail and wholesale stores, educational centers and courses, children’s centers, gyms, fitness clubs, cinemas and other entertainment and leisure facilities will be able to return to activity from Wednesday.

Muscovites will test an app that works instead of a passport.

According to the project of the Ministry of communications, a separate application “mobile ID” can be used to obtain a number of public services, for example, to register an individual entrepreneur, to buy train and plane tickets within the country, or to confirm your age when buying alcohol.

The experiment is scheduled to run from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. It will be attended by persons over 18 years of age with permanent or temporary Moscow registration. Among other things, they will not be allowed to transfer their gadget to other people.

A resident of Primorye is accused of failing to perform parental duties

An administrative report was drawn up on a resident of Primorye who took his children to the forest to wait out the coronavirus. He is accused of failing to perform parental duties. Now the children are in a medical facility in the village of Kavalerovo. Students are going to be sent to a social rehabilitation center under the care of teachers and psychologists. At the same time, children’s Ombudsman in the region Olga Romanova noted that the father created quite acceptable conditions in a tent in the forest. According to the man, he wanted to teach children to live in nature, so he went with them to the forest.

Allow narcologists to join labor collectives to identify alcoholics

Chief narcologist of the Ministry of health of Russia Yevgeny Brun believes it is necessary to allow narcologists in the workforce to identify alcohol abusers and treat them – the death rate of the population of working age has increased significantly.

They don’t really want to see us in working groups, but we should join them, identify people who abuse them, and offer treatment or rehabilitation measures. I’m even a little ashamed of myself, but the unions practically do not deal with this problem, although in vain, ” said Brun.

Russian citizens do not know where the state spends the taxes received in the budget

According to surveys conducted by the Center for strategic research in Russia in December 2019 and may 2020, the share of Russians who believe that it is permissible to evade taxes has increased from 35 to 45%. In addition, according to surveys, the share of citizens who do not know what the state spends taxes received in the budget has increased: from 38% at the end of 2019 to 57% in may 2020.

Rospotrebnadzor gave recommendations on the transportation of passengers in trains:

  • it is recommended to prohibit trading;
  • we recommend that you prohibit playing music instruments;
  • prevent the presence of persons who do not observe hygiene in the cars.

Mortgage lending in April 2020

According to preliminary data of the “United credit Bureau” (OKB), banks in April 2020 issued 81.5 thousand mortgage loans totaling 184 billion rubles. Compared to March, the number of issues decreased by 33% and by 39% in volume. In comparison with April 2019, the number of issues decreased by 18%.

Lukashenko: the state must respond to unjustified price increases

There is no need to speculate about the fact that the market will regulate everything. We have already worked a lot in the market and we understand that the market does not always regulate everything. But this is a special case. And look: countries that are very advanced in market relations quickly closed their borders, and Russia has already banned the import of fuel to the domestic market. That’s the whole market for you, ” said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

There will be no full Amnesty for fines

There is a system for challenging fines. And we will not consider a full “Amnesty” for fines for violating self-isolation. We see and know that there are people who violate more than once or even twice, and they are fined completely legally,” – said Deputy chief of staff of the mayor of the capital, head of the Department of trade and services Alexey Nemeryuk on the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

In Russia, the death rate of the working-age population has increased

In Russia, the death rate of the working-age population in the first three months of 2020 exceeded the figure for the same period in 2019. This was stated by the chief narcologist of the Ministry of health Eugene Brun, Interfax reports.

Gas transit through the Yamal-Europe pipeline was completely stopped

Gas transit via the Yamal-Europe pipeline from Russia via Poland to Germany was completely stopped. This is reported by TASS and Interfax with reference to data from the German company Gascade.

Russian banks imported a record amount of currency into the country

At the end of March 2020, Russian banks imported cash in the amount of $4.95 billion and €1.13 billion. The import of dollars increased almost 10 times compared to the previous month, and euros – three times according to statistics from the Bank of Russia.

Putin signed the law on individualization of CTP tariffs

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the individualization of CTP rates depending on a number of criteria. The document is published on the official portal of legal information

Roshen and “Mouth-Front” are suing over the wrapper of the “Chamomile” candy»

Roth Front already filed a similar lawsuit in 2017 and won the court, but the decision was annulled in 2018. Now the confectionery factory asked the court to cancel the decision to reject its objection and received a positive response.

The cost of housing construction permits in Dushanbe has been reduced by 50%

In order to support the construction subjects of the city during the pandemic and improve the investment climate, the mayor of Dushanbe, Rustam Emomli, decided to reduce the cost of permits for the construction of housing and retail outlets by 50%.

Previously, construction companies had to pay from 165 to 220 somoni (approximately 1,157 to 1,543 rubles) per square meter for building housing and retail outlets in the capital of Tajikistan.

Adventures in the desert in the new Jpegmafia clip ” Cutie Pie!”

Rapper Jpegmafia released a video for his new track ” Cutie Pie!”. This is his fourth single in recent months, so we should probably expect a new album soon.

The Russian government subsidizes the construction industry

A total of about 100 billion rubles will be allocated from the state budget to support the construction industry. This amount includes the purchase of apartments from developers, subsidizing the interest rate on their loans, capitalization Of the Fund for the protection of the rights of shareholders, etc.

Questionable data in Russia’s trade with Belarus

In March, the export of wheat, soy and sunflower from Russia to Belarus, recorded in the data of the Federal customs service (FCS), increased to impossible values. This conclusion was reached by experts of the analytical center “SovEcon”, RIA Novosti reports.

Belarus usually buys several thousand tons of wheat and sunflower per month, but in March these figures increased to 426 thousand and 320 thousand tons, respectively. In the case of soy, the volume of exports — 5.2 million tons — exceeds the Russian harvest of this product for the past year (4.4 million tons).

Georgia has reduced natural gas imports from Azerbaijan

According to the updated forecast, Georgia will import 2.348 billion rubles from Azerbaijan in 2020. cubic meters of natural gas. Of these, 1.465 billion cubic meters will be received from SOCAR and 883 million cubic meters from Shah Deniz.

Revenues from the export of the Sakhalin gas fell

The picture for the first quarter of 2020 showed that the revenues of Sakhalin Energy, the operator of the Sakhalin-2 project, and Yamal LNG fell by 6.7 percent, which is up to 1.818 billion dollars. However, in physical terms, LNG exports increased by 42.3 percent to 16.7 million cubic meters.

Qatar has no plans to reduce LNG production

Qatar, the largest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world, does not plan to reduce its production, and also retains plans to increase LNG capacity from the current 77 million t/g to 110 million t/g by 2025 and 126 million t/g by 2027, the press service of Qatar Petroleum quotes the words of the country’s energy Minister and head of the company, Saad Sherid al-Kaabi. He noted that in June, the company will reduce capital and operating costs by 30%.

Netflix released a teaser for the third season of “Darkness»

The Netflix channel showed the first teaser of the third season of the series “Darkness” and announced the premiere date — June 27, 2020. It is already known that the third season will be the final, and in it the audience will get answers to all questions.

The fifth part of “John Wick” will be the final

One of the creators of the John Wick film franchise, screenwriter Derek Kolstad, spoke about plans for its further development. This was reported by the ComicBook portal. In addition to the announced fourth part of the film, there may be a final, fifth part.

Sonic Youth released a live album “Hold That Tiger”

The iconic alternative rock band Sonic Youth continues to share their archive materials with fans — this time the musicians released a corrected version of the live album “Hold That Tiger”on Bandcamp. The album itself was recorded in October of 1987 at the Cabaret Metro club in Chicago.

New algorithm fixes errors in the quantum computer

A physicist at the University of Sydney has developed a code to fix errors in quantum computers that could free up more hardware to perform useful calculations. The researcher described his work in an article in the journal Science Advances.

Xiaomi has released a budget TV Mi TV Pro E32S with thin frames

Chinese company Xiaomi has introduced a new product-a budget TV line Mi TV Pro, which has a thin frame. The price of the Mi TV Pro model marked E32S from Xiaomi for buyers from China is 125 dollars.

Vivo officially introduced the Vivo y70s smartphone

Without too much noise, Vivo introduced the Vivo Y70s smartphone with 5G support. This is the world’s first smartphone powered by an Exynos 880 processor.

A banking Trojan was discovered in the official Google Play store

ESET company in the official Google Play store discovered a banking Trojan that steals money from users ‘ accounts. The Trojan was placed in the “Education” section called DEFENSOR ID

Microsoft won’t close Skype

The sudden success of Microsoft Teams and the shift in consumer interests due to the coronavirus pandemic has raised fears that Microsoft will eventually decide to switch completely to Microsoft Teams and abandon Skype.

The situation was clarified by corporate Vice President Jeff Teper (Jeff Teper), who heads work on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, in an interview with the resource VentureBeat. He stressed that Microsoft has no plans to close or abandon Skype. Jeff Teper stressed that the development team will continue to pay attention to Skype. The service will improve and get new features. You will be able to interact between Microsoft Teams and Skype.

In Thailand, a database of 8 billion Internet records leaked

AIS, Thailand’s largest mobile operator, has leaked a database of more than 8 billion Internet records. The number of victims whose information about online activity was publicly available is estimated at several million people.

Cats became Pets 14,500 years ago

The researchers studied fossils of unknown species of cats. Fossils of baleen were found in the area of the settlement of ain Mallah (Israel), which is more than 8000 years old. During the study, it turned out that the information about domestication in Cyprus about 9500 years ago is not accurate.

The new device will help you get electricity from the shadows

Scientists from the National University of Singapore have come up with, assembled and tested a device that converts the contrast in illumination between light and shadow on its surface into electricity. A device called a generator that runs on the shadow effect (shadow effect energy generator – SEG).