30 May, 2020

News digest for 05/29/2020

Us President Donald Trump has signed an Executive order that is designed to deprive social networks of the legal protection they enjoy thanks to the law on decency in the media. Now this law exempts social networks, with rare exceptions, from any legal liability for materials published by users.

There is no precedent in American history for such a small number of corporations controlling such a large area of human interaction, ” trump told reporters before signing.

According to him, decisions of social networks about the veracity of messages, making changes to them or blocking them are essentially editorial policy, and social networks act as publishers.

At such times, Twitter ceases to be a neutral public platform and becomes an editor with a point of view. I think the same can be said for others if you look at Google, if you look at Facebook and maybe others, ” trump added.

The Ministry of internal Affairs proposed to create an app “Migrant”

Experts of the Ministry of internal Affairs suggested considering the possibility of creating a mobile app that will oblige all migrant workers who come to Russia to install. The corresponding proposal, RIA Novosti reports, is contained in the forecast of the development of the situation in the migration sphere, prepared by experts.

According to an Agency source in law enforcement agencies, it is planned to link the digital profile of a person who came to work in Russia to the “Migrant” app. The profile will contain all information about the social and legal status of the migrant, biometric data, health information, criminal history or lack thereof, as well as the “social trust rating of the migrant”.

“Mail of Russia” will be engaged in delivery of drugs and other pharmacy products.

At the first stage, delivery from manufacturers and aggregators to pharmacies will be launched, and in the future, contactless courier delivery of medicines from the pharmacy to the final buyer is planned.

Facebook launches identity verification:

The test will affect users with a wide audience in the United States. It is also planned to introduce identity verification for accounts that are rapidly gaining popularity in the country. It is reported that identity documents may be required for verification.

New requirements are introduced in order to increase user confidence in the content. This is especially important for accounts that are rapidly growing their audience.

Russian media included in the list of industries affected by the coronavirus.

What it means:

  • Six-month deferred payment of all taxes (except VAT)
  • 6-month moratorium on rental payments
  • Interest-free loans for urgent needs and salaries
  • Soft loans at 2% for any purpose
  • A moratorium on bankruptcy, scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

Elon Musk’s Starship gets permission for test flights

The Federal aviation administration of the United States has issued a license to conduct test suborbital flights of the Starship spacecraft created by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX

SpaceX is allowed to carry out multiple missions to launch a launch vehicle with a prototype of the Starship ship. Takeoff and landing in the framework of flight missions permitted by this license will be carried out at The Boca Chica spaceport in Texas,-the text of the document says.

For the development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol

The Ministry of economic development of Russia proposes to the Cabinet of Ministers to make changes to the Federal target program for the development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, extending its validity for two years – up to 2024 inclusive and increasing funding by about 295.6 billion rubles, or 30.8%, to 1 trillion 256.9 billion rubles.

Twitter marked the post of the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry

An exclamation mark “Get the facts about COVID-19” appeared under a March 12 post in which Zhao lijian suggested that the us military might have brought COVID-19 to Wuhan during the World war games last October.

Cultural values brought to the Soviet Union after the end of the great Patriotic war as part of restitution are the property of Russia, and it is unacceptable to review the law regarding their status-assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky

Rules for resuming football games in Russia:

  • Matches with spectators, but only for 10% of seats
  • Maintaining distance between players and staff
  • Zoning of the stadium (sports area, stands and external area)
  • Distance when greeting a guest club
  • Diagnostics of staff, players and referees, daily medical check-UPS, enhanced hygiene measures and regular disinfection
  • Instruction on correct behavior before, during and after training sessions and matches.

The Boston marathon was canceled

The organizers will hold a virtual campaign. Participants who confirm that they have run 42 kilometers, 195 meters (26.2 miles) will receive a medal from the finishing athlete.

The accounting chamber reported fake oil and gas reserves in Russia

A significant portion of Russia’s oil and gas reserves reported by commodity companies and placed on the state balance sheet are not confirmed as a result of revaluation, exploration and production. This is reported by the accounting chamber in the report on the state of the country’s mineral resource base in 2015-19. oil and Gas companies tend to overestimate the explored deposits, reporting to the state about natural resources.

On average, every year Russia writes off the state balance sheet proved to be “fake” reserves of hydrocarbons in almost the same volume as it annually pumps out of the subsurface. In total, since 2016, 2,278 billion tons of oil and condensate reserves have been recognized as non-existent, which is almost five times the annual production volume. During the same period, 6.041 trillion cubic meters of gas – more than nine annual production volumes-had to be written off due to non-confirmation.

The Central Bank of Poland lowered the discount rate

At the end of today’s meeting, the Bank of Poland presented a surprise, reducing the key rate by 40 BP to 0.1% per annum. This year, this is the third reduction in the rate, which in January was at the level of 1.5% per annum. The government believes that the national economy will decline by about 10% in the second quarter. The press release notes that the Central Bank will continue to buy assets (state and quasi-state debt)

The Council of Europe will study the updated Constitution of Russia

The monitoring Commission of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) decided to send a request for a legal examination of the amendments to the Russian Constitution to the European Commission for democracy through law (the Venice Commission). It is noted that the reason for checking was a petition against amendments to the Constitution, which was supported by more than 200 thousand people.

Russian Railways canceled the social distance when Seating passengers on trains

Russian Railways canceled Seating for passengers with a social distance in long-distance trains. Previously, this rule worked in connection with the pandemic. Tickets for any seats in the line-up will be available from may 29.

Russians refuse to pay for utilities

According to specialists of the National center for public control in the housing and utilities sector, in April 2020. one in four Russian families ignored utility payments. About this writes MK. Several regions of the South were among the twenty worst defaulters. Kalmykia beats antirecords – 60% of debtors in the Republic. Every second family does not pay for communal services in Kuban and Adygea. Collection of payments for housing and communal services in Crimea fell by 30-50%.

India fears Chinese military activity in disputed territories

Indian media reports that China continues to increase its military presence in the area of the border with India. First of all, we are talking about the disputed territory of Ladakh. Chinese authorities have recently begun upgrading military infrastructure in the area

Almost half of Russians do not return microloans

As of may 1, the volume of overdue loans on microloans increased to 51.3 billion rubles and reached 34.3% of the entire portfolio, according to statistics from the credit history Bureau “Equifax” (RBC has it). The problem BKI includes microloans, payments for which were not made for more than 90 days (NPL90+).

The share of overdue microloans in Russia in April increased by 2.7 percentage points-to 40.7. the Number of overdue microloans last month increased to 4.52 million loans from 4.37 million loans.

Russian banks reducing reserves of gold

Russian banks reduce their gold reserves for the sixth month in a row, according to statistics from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Reserves of precious metals of Russian banks in terms of gold in April decreased by 4.6 tons to 73.4 tons, since the beginning of the year-by 17 tons

5g tower radiation protection device

On the portal “5GBioShield” appeared a rather interesting product. A seemingly ordinary flash drive, according to the seller, will be able to protect the entire house from 5G, thanks to”quantum holographic catalyst technology.” The cost of the drive is from 280 to 330 pounds, which in translation into Russian currency will be from 24000 to 28600. Additionally, the flash drive has 128 MB of memory.

Japanese physicists have developed a new periodic table of elements

Unlike the periodic table, which is based on electrons in the atom, the new table from Japanese scientists is based on protons in the nucleus. For the creation of the theory of the shell structure of the nucleus, the Nobel prize in physics was awarded in 1963. This is a theory that represents the atomic nucleus as nucleon shells with protons and neutrons. An article on the new periodic table appeared in the publication Foundations of Chemistry.

Switzerland will allow prostitutes to work

Switzerland will allow prostitutes to work, but they will be required to comply with security rules. This is reported by the Daily Mail. Sex workers will be required to work in safe positions and, if possible, wear masks. If possible, the girls will have to change the sheets for each new client. It is noted that customers will no longer be able to remain anonymous. Their data will be stored in the database for at least four weeks in case prostitutes become infected with the coronavirus.

New rules when visiting the beaches of Turkey

Since June 1, parks, cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and, to the great joy of local residents, beaches are officially opened in Turkey. Sobkor told about their preparation for the season and new rules of behavior TourDom.ru Maria Sheker.

Sun beds will be installed based on 9 sq. m per family. After each tourist, they are disinfected, and the place must remain free for at least 20 minutes. Sunbathe on their towels where they will have to vacationers will be banned, Smoking on the beach is now impossible, hookahs are also banned. Information about what types of water sports will be available is not yet available. So far, only boat trips have been resumed.

Norway called its quarantine useless

Camilla Stoltenberg, head of the Norwegian Institute of public health, assessed the consequences and conditions of the introduction of quarantine in Norway. As “Region online” has become known, it considers the restrictions imposed useless. This is because the country was already at its peak when the quarantine started. Even without restrictions, the incidence would have fallen further.

Instead, we could leave the borders open and just take precautions to slow down the spread of the virus, Stoltenberg said

Ukraine intends to buy American gas

On may 27, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of partnership with the American company Louisiana Natural Gas Exports. The document implies the study of new ways to supply natural liquefied gas from the United States of America. About this SNG.Today reported in the press service of the government.

The Kremlin spoke out on Sobyanin’s decision to walk on schedule

Answering a question about the decision of the mayor of Moscow about walking Muscovites on the schedule from June 1 to 14, presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that in this case, he would not want to intrude on the terms of reference of the heads of regions, and especially in the terms of reference of Sergei Sobyanin.

Ukraine has included the DPR and LPR in the plan for decentralization

The government of Ukraine has included the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR, which Kiev considers “temporarily occupied territories” in its long-term plans for decentralization. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, his words are quoted by the press service.

The Russian Embassy reminded Washington the Indian removal act

The United States authorities have no moral right to teach others things of the past after a mass eviction of the Indians. The Russian Embassy in Washington wrote about this on Facebook on Thursday, may 28.

This is one of many tragic and sad dates in the history of the United States, depriving the state Department of the moral right to teach other Nations, to make claims against them with reference to the dramatic events of the past,” the report says.

The diplomatic mission timed its publication to coincide with the 190th anniversary of the signing of the Indian removal Act by American President Andrew Jackson.

NATO refused to suspend military exercises during the pandemic

Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sent a letter to the Alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suggesting that military activities be suspended. But Brussels responded that NATO’s activity is defensive in nature, and its strengthening in Eastern Europe is linked to the Russian threat, the Kommersant newspaper reports.

Ukraine has accused a native of Russia of killing Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) said that it has established personal data of persons involved in the murder of Ukrainian special forces in the Luhansk region in may 2018. This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

Iranian border guards received 100 sea boats

One hundred new boats were handed over to the Iranian revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) naval forces in the southern Iranian port city of Bendar Abbas on may 28, Tasnim news Agency reported. Transferred to the court, are improved versions of boats of class “Ashura”, “Tarek” and “Zolfaghar”.

Three journalists were detained for picketing in support of Ilya Azar

Sergey Smirnov, editor-in-chief of Mediazona, and Tatyana Felgenhauer and Alexander plushev, journalists of Ekho Moskvy, were detained outside the main Directorate of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Moscow on ul. Petrovka, reports the human rights project “apology of protest”.

They went on a single picket in support of Novaya Gazeta journalist Ilya Azar, who was detained in the center of Moscow on may 26 and arrested for 15 days after a single picket in support of the Creator of the human rights project “police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov. Azar also went on a picket line to the main building of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Gal Gadot will play in the Apple TV series+

The star of the movie “Wonder woman” Gal Gadot will play the main role in the series of Apple TV+, which will be dedicated to the famous Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it was originally planned to launch the Showtime TV channel, but then abandoned this idea.

The third season of the series “Cobra Kai” will not be released on YouTube

The third season of the series “Cobra Kai” will not be released on YouTube, but on some other well-known streaming service. This was reported on may 29 by the portal Screen Rant. It is noted that the first two seasons of the show will also move to a new platform.

The series “it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” has been renewed for a 15th season

The FX series “it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” was renewed for a 15th season. Thus, the project became the longest-running Comedy game series in the history of television. Previously, this record belonged to the show “the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”, according to Deadline

Boulevard Depo released the album ” Old Blood”

Ufa rapper Artem Kulik, who performs under the pseudonym Boulevard Depo, released the first album since 2018, called Old blood. The album is available on almost all platforms, you can listen to it here or in the official group Boulevard Depo in VK. The album features an introduction and 11 tracks, including feats with Basic Boy, Artur Kreem, Yung Hum and Dope Vvs.

Samsung is preparing a mass release of 5-nm Exynos processors

The transition from the standards of 7 nanometers, according to which the Exynos 990 chip is manufactured, to the 5-nanometer method will increase the speed of processors and simultaneously reduce their power consumption.

A new Star wars game has been announced

The game will feature new and familiar characters for fans. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is scheduled for release in 2020. In 2019, ILMxLAB released another VR game in the Star wars universe-Vader Immortal.

Huawei has found a replacement for YouTube for its smartphones

Huawei will replace YouTube on its smartphones with a video hosting service called Dailymotion, which will help develop Huawei’s own Video service.

HP officially announced the new Reverb G2 VR helmet

HP showed the HP Reverb G2 VR helmet and told about its technical characteristics. The device was developed jointly with Microsoft and Valve. Unlike Valve Index, Reverb G2 will have a lower refresh rate, and the device will not be able to track the position of individual fingers. The cost of HP Reverb G2 will be $599. Currently, the product cannot be purchased or pre-ordered, but HP accepts reserve requests: when the product goes on sale, the company will contact potential buyers.

Nokia Smart TV is getting ready for release

Last year, Nokia entered the smart TV market with a 55-inch model. Now HMD Global is planning to expand the range by adding another product. This time we are talking about a 43-inch model, which was certified in March. Now we have information about the possible date of the TV announcement. Sources say that HMD Global will finally show its next TV on June 4.

A sensor was placed inside the cell for observation

Researchers at the University of Bath, as part of the study, introduced tiny devices into cells to monitor the process of its development from the inside. Mouse embryos were selected for this work, because they were larger than normal cells. So you could freely place the sensors inside. The nanodevice was inserted together with the sperm into the mouse eggs. The device itself is a spider with legs that assess the movement and influence of intracellular components on each other

Scientists have identified the area of the brain where stress originates

Scientists have determined that the signal of an unpleasant emotion originates in the hippocampus. This area of the brain is responsible for regulating motivation, emotions, and memory. In most cases, scientists study the physiological response to stress in animals.

Scientists from the United States have created a cure for cocaine addiction

Molecular biologists from the United States have developed a cure for cocaine addiction. According to them, it is devoid of severe side effects. The drug was tested on mice.

The idea of creating a drug for addiction that affects the ntsr1 receptors has been around for about two decades. All attempts to implement this idea failed, since drugs that include these receptors had a very negative effect on blood pressure, body temperature, and coordination of movements. This problem has not been solved until now — – quotes Professor at Duke University Mark Caron magazine Cell.

American scientists have found in the brain “switch” feelings of pain

A small area that can block pain is The ceaga amygdala, which was previously associated with controlling negative emotions, anxiety, and stress. General anesthesia activates the reaction of inhibitory neurons in the Central zone of this area. As part of the study, laboratory mice received a pain stimulus, and scientists observed the body’s response. About 16 brain centers that processed sensory or emotional aspects of sensations became active. All of them received a signal from CeAga. The senior author of the study was Phan Wang, a Professor of neuroscience at Duke University.

Smart sponge will help you clean up oil spills quickly and cheaply

A smart sponge will help you quickly and cheaply clean up spills of oil and other oily substances. The development of scientists from northwestern University in the United States is described in the journal Industrial Engineering and Chemical Research.