1 Jun, 2020

News digest for 05/30-31/2020

Additional changes may be made to the voting procedure for amendments to the Constitution, according to the draft resolution of the Central election Commission (RBC has it). Its authenticity was confirmed by two interlocutors in the Commission’s office. RBC sent a request to the CEC press service.

The voting procedure was approved in March. The new document offers to simplify the procedure. According to it, participants in the process can be allowed to vote early outside of polling stations for six days before voting day. A resolution passed in March allowed voting outside the premises on polling day.

Also, according to the new draft resolution, ballots will be issued to voters without recording their passport data, as in the original document. However, in order to receive the ballot, the participant will need to present a passport or a document replacing it.

The deal to sell the newspaper “Vedomosti” took place.

Gleb Prozorov, General Director of Business news Media, confirmed this information to RBC. As Medusa previously reported, the company that bought Vedomosti is controlled by the founder of FederalPress, Ivan Eremin, who previously also participated in the launch of UralPolit., and the publisher of the newspaper” Version ” Konstantin Zyatkov.

In mid-April, the first attempt to sell the newspaper failed: one of the alleged co-owners, the founder of Arbat Capital Alexey Golubovich withdrew from the deal amid a conflict between the editorial office and acting editor-in-chief Andrey Shmarov, who was appointed after the announcement of the upcoming sale of the publication.

The Ministry of justice presented a new draft of the administrative Code.

The Agency refused to significantly increase fines, which caused criticism last time. The Statute of limitations will also remain unchanged.

The draft administrative Code includes an indication of the presumption of innocence.

The practice of punishment in the form of a warning will be expanded. Thus, when checking all legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the Supervisory authorities will be able to issue a warning to them, and not impose a fine, if the violation is committed for the first time and is not severe.

Almost all fines for non-violent offenses can be paid at a discount of 50%, if the offender pays the money within 20 days after the ruling.

The deadline for mandatory work will be reduced from 200 to 60 hours. Parents of minors under 14 years of age or those who care for the disabled will not be able to be punished with compulsory labor.

Bringing legal entities and their officials to responsibility for the same administrative offense is excluded.

When assigning administrative punishment to a minor, in addition to the General rules, the conditions of his life and upbringing, the level of mental development, other personal characteristics, as well as the influence of older persons on him will be taken into account.

The administrative Code will introduce administrative responsibility for violating the peace and quiet at night, from 23 hours to 7 hours, as well as responsibility for violating the rules for improving the territory of municipalities.

A joke for the initiated: The trampoline works …

The head of SpaceX amused the participants of the briefing on the launch of the manned ship. In 2014, when us sanctions affected the Russian space industry, Rogozin, then Deputy Prime Minister, jokingly suggested that the US would now deliver its astronauts to the ISS using a trampoline. “The trampoline works, “Musk said, noting that it is”a joke for initiates.”

The launch of the Crew Dragon ship to the ISS took place yesterday at Cape Canaveral. On Board are astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob benken. This is the first us manned flight since 2011 and the first space flight by a private company with people on Board.

VTSIOM presented confidence ratings for politicians, parties and state institutions

The Average presidential approval rate for the week from may 18 to 24, 2020 was 65% and is within the range of values formed in recent weeks.

Estimates of the work of the Russian Prime Minister and Government over the past week were 39.5% and 37.7%, respectively.

68.9% of respondents responded positively to a direct question about trust in Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Mishustin-52.5%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky-33.7%, Gennady Zyuganov-30.8%, Sergey Mironov-27.5% of respondents.

The level of support for the United Russia party for the week from 18 to 24 may was 33.9%, the Communist party-14.5%, the LDPR-11.5%, and Fair Russia-5.4%.

Renault in the city of Maubeuge in Northern France stopped its work

The plant of the French automobile group Renault in the city of Maubeuge in Northern France has stopped working, employees of the company are on strike, reports Agence France-Presse.

Earlier, Renault group said that under the new plan, it will cut costs by more than 2 billion euros and cut staff by about 15,000 people over three years. 4,600 jobs will be cut in France.

To insure the results of operational search activities

Denis Konovalov, a former police officer who confessed to planting drugs on the journalist Ivan Golunov, said during the confrontation that another police officer, Akbar Sergaliev, knew about his falsification of evidence.

“Konovalov during a confrontation with sergaliev said that The latter was aware that their chief – Igor lyakhovets instructed him to “insure” the results of operational search activities, “- said” Interfax ” informed source.

Moldova again turned to Russia for a loan

Moldovan President Igor Dodon plans to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin the possibility of restarting negotiations on a loan of 200 million euros, which was previously blocked by the Constitutional court of the Republic.

In an interview with NTV-Moldova on Friday, Dodon said that he plans to meet with the Russian leader at the solemn events that will be held on June 24 in Moscow in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Declared income of the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma

Information about income and property obligations was published on Saturday on the website of the Moscow city Duma. According to the Declaration, Alexey Shaposhnikov’s income in 2019 amounted to 1 billion 951 million 949 thousand rubles. In 2018, its revenue was 24.4 million rubles. Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov explained the growth of declared income for 2019 by the sale of securities that he had.

Start the process of canceling all benefits for Hong Kong.

According to him, Donald trump, China has changed the formula for Hong Kong “one country — two systems” to “one country-one system”. “In this regard, I have ordered my administration to begin the process of abolishing the exclusion policy that provided for Hong Kong’s special status,” he explained.

The United States will cancel all the benefits enjoyed by this administrative region of China, including trade. Previously existing customs preferences will also be canceled. In addition, the recommendations for travel to Hong Kong will be revised for Americans.

In Moscow, lawyers were detained at single pickets outside the IC building

At least seven people were detained at the Investigative Committee building in Moscow. Lawyers took to single pickets in support of their colleagues from Kabardino-Balkaria accused of using violence against police officers.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation regarded as unjustified cruelty the targeted spray by the Minneapolis police in the face of a RIA “Novosti” correspondent. Russia calls on relevant international structures and human rights NGOs to respond to this outrage with media employees in the United States.

It is considered inappropriate to involve third parties in the negotiation process

On may 26, foreign Minister Lavrov, referring to the border conflict between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, announced : “We call on our allies to engage in dialogue and refrain from using force as much as possible. We are ready to provide our own intermediary services.”

Three days later-a note from the Tajik foreign Ministry: activities in the field of delimitation and demarcation of state borders are an internal matter of the CSTO member States and are conducted exclusively on a bilateral basis. … the involvement of third parties in the negotiation process to resolve border issues between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic is considered inappropriate.

Dangerous to others and to himself.

The medical Commission of the psychiatric clinic recognized the Yakut “shaman” Alexander Gabyshev as dangerous for others and for himself. This was reported to TASS by Alexey Pryanishnikov, a Lawyer for pravozaschita Postcard, who provides legal assistance to Gabyshev.

As previously reported to journalists, Gabyshev’s lawyer Olga Timofeeva, on may 12, security forces stormed Gabyshev’s house, and the next day, under the pretext of passing a test for coronavirus, placed him in a mental health clinic. This all happened without a court decision. After that, Gabyshev was not contacted for more than a week.

Recall that Alexander Gabyshev became famous last year when he went on foot to Moscow to perform the ” rite of exorcism of Vladimir Putin.” He intended to travel eight thousand kilometers in two years. When a group of followers joined him, security forces detained the shaman on the border of Buryatia and the Irkutsk region. After that, Gabyshev was charged with public calls to extremist activities. In October, the state examination found him insane. In January 2020, Yakut announced a new campaign.

Joe Biden is ahead of Donald trump in popularity

Former Vice-President and most likely Democratic party candidate in the presidential election Joe Biden ahead at the popularity of the incumbent President Donald trump 10 percentage points, according to a survey by the Washington Post and ABC News.

Biden’s rating among polled registered voters was 53%, trump’s was 43%. Until two months ago, the candidates ‘ ratings differed only within the statistical margin of error.

“Life is so ordered”. Amendments to the Constitution are already working

Earlier, the head of the CIRCUS of Russia Pamfilova said that the amendments to the Constitution have already been taken and Putin the kindness of your heart decided to learn “the opinion of the people”: “Passed this law amended.

Some of the amendments to the Constitution approved by the state Duma and the Federation Council and signed by Putin have already started working, said Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, on may 30, 2020.

But “life has so ordered that some of the amendments to the basic law have already started working in connection with the current situation,” Krasheninnikov said

Based on the amendments, he explained, Federal laws and presidential decrees are already being adopted. For example, the updated articles of the Constitution are quoted in the bill on Patriotic education in schools, which the President introduced on may 21.

Putin will announce a new date for voting on the Constitution of the Russian Federation when he sees fit-Peskov

Penalties for refusing mandatory vaccination

The draft of the new code of administrative offences (code of Administrative offences of the Russian Federation) establishes a fine of up to 7 thousand rubles for citizens from the risk group for refusing medical examinations and vaccinations prescribed by law.

Kazakhstan switches to “green” transport

According to the statement of the Chinese manufacturer, buses running on compressed natural gas will be put into operation in Shymkent and Atyrau by the beginning of June. A batch of 760 buses has already been delivered to Kazakhstan. The cost of the contract between the two neighboring countries was not disclosed.

Unified rules for waste water control will come into force in July

From July 1, 2020, new unified rules for monitoring the composition and properties of wastewater will come into effect, regulating the impact of industrial subscribers on the environment and the state of water bodies. The standard also updates the existing system of compensation for environmental damage and approves the calculation of the efficiency of wastewater treatment by the enterprises themselves.

On the don, due to low water, navigation is forced to be restricted

On the don river until June, navigation was forced to be restricted, which should have started on April 1, otherwise water shortages and deterioration of the sanitary condition of the river could not be avoided. About this in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta “H2O-friend and enemy. Whether we face a new Tulun this year, ” said the head of the Federal Agency for water resources (Rosvodresursy) Dmitry Kirillov.

A special regime due to fires was established in the Khabarovsk territory

In the Khabarovsk territory on the territory of 15 districts, there is a special fire protection regime. They introduced additional measures to prevent the occurrence of grass fires and forest fires, including a ban on visiting forests.

Crimea is preparing an electronic tourist registration system

The authorities of the Republic of Crimea are preparing an electronic system of accounting and registration of tourists arriving in the region to record the real tourist flow to the region, the press service of the regional Ministry of resorts and tourism told reporters.

The Minister of tourism of Tunisia announced his readiness to start accepting tourists

Thanks to a well-thought-out health policy, Tunisia is among the countries in the world that have shown the best results in the fight against COVID-19. In this regard, the Minister of tourism and crafts proposed opening the borders to foreign tourists at the end of June, – said the representatives of the Tunisian tourism office in Russia.

Zelensky published a Declaration of income for 2019

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and members of his family declared income of more than $1 million for 2019. This was reported in the press service of the Ukrainian leader. It is noted that the Zelensky family paid 3.6 million hryvnias of taxes to the country’s budget last year.

The amount of the salary received by the head of state from may to December 2019 amounted to 208,787 UAH (almost $7,8 thousand), — the press service noted.

Russian banks have accelerated the export of gold from the country

In the past six months, gold reserves in Russian banks have been steadily declining, while in the spring, the export of the precious metal from the country accelerated. This conclusion follows from the statistics of the Central Bank of Russia, writes the publication RBC

Since January, the balance of credit institutions has become almost 16.82 tons of gold less. In monetary terms, gold reserves increased in March, but this was due to the growth in the value of the precious metal on world markets.

A plant for sanitary and hygienic products has started operating in the Kaluga region

Archbum Tissue Group is a subsidiary of JSC Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill – the country’s largest manufacturer of packaging cardboard, packaging, pulp and student notebooks. Its shareholder is the Austrian-German group Pulp Mill Holding. The total investment in the Kaluga project is estimated at 11.5 billion rubles, with more than 9.7 billion rubles invested. Currently, it is operating normally, with a production capacity of 70 thousand tons of sanitary and hygienic products per year.

Maduro announced a rise in the price of gasoline in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday, may 30, announced an increase from June 1 in the price of gasoline in the country, the cost of which was the lowest in the world. This plan is being implemented due to a shortage of fuel at the refinery of the national Venezuelan company PDVSA, which has led to the need to import fuel, in particular, from Iran.

For the past 20 years, the cost of gasoline in Venezuela has been symbolic, equivalent to about 4 kopecks per liter of 95-grade fuel. The new price of gasoline will be 5 thousand bolivars, or 1.4 rubles for the same volume. Drivers will be allowed to use up to 120 liters of gasoline per month, and motorcycle owners will be able to use up to 60 liters of fuel per month.

Gas transit through Ukraine under a new agreement with Gazprom

The transit of Russian gas under the new transit agreement with Gazprom through Ukraine has reached 20 billion cubic meters, the head of LLC “Operator of GTS of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon said on Saturday.

Condition of the owner of Louis Vuitton

The head of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group, Bernard Arnault, increased his fortune by $8.1 billion in a week, after which it again exceeded $100 billion.

VEB’s net loss for the first quarter

In the first quarter of 2020, the net loss of the state development Corporation “VEB.Russia ” amounted to 9.2 billion rubles against a profit of 304.5 million rubles a year earlier. This follows from the organization’s quarterly report on RAS. The volume of funds raised in the first quarter increased by 4.7% and amounted to 2.4 trillion rubles.

External state debt of Belarus since the beginning of the year

The external public debt of Belarus from January 1 to may 1, 2020 decreased by 2.9%, or $500 million, to $6.6 billion, the press service of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic reported. Domestic public debt increased by 9.5% to 9.6 billion Belarusian rubles ($1 — 2.4 Bel. rubles).

Gazprom announced the amount of debt owed by Belarus for gas

Gazprom will be ready to start negotiations on gas supplies to Belarus in 2021 after settling the issue with the country’s debt for raw materials of 165.6 million dollars, said Alexey Miller, the company’s Chairman of the Board.

Belarus says it has no debt to Gazprom

The Ministry of energy of Belarus stated that they do not have debts to the Russian side for the import of natural gas. The Ministry stressed that there are differences between the parties on determining the cost of fuel “taking into account its calorific value”.

Payments for the supplied natural gas are made by Belarusian gas supply organizations with Gazprom transgaz Belarus in accordance with the agreements concluded, the press service of the Ministry of energy said.

The US is ending all relations with who

Washington intends to completely terminate relations with the world health organization (who), because its leadership refused to carry out the changes that the US authorities insisted on.

HBO released a trailer for the mini-series “Perry Mason”

On the YouTube channel “Amediateka” appeared a Russian-language trailer for “Perry Mason” – a new series from HBO about the main character of the novels of Earl Gardner, a classic American detective. Books about lawyer Perry Mason have been adapted into films more than once. The new series will tell the backstory of the main character at a time when, according to the idea of the writers, Mason was still working as a private investigator. The first episode of the new show will air on June 21, 2020.

Google postponed the presentation of Android 11

Alphabet Inc’s, the parent company of Google, announced that the planned June 3 presentation of the new version of the Android operating system will not take place. “We would love to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate,” the message reads.

An American destroyer crossed the Maritime border of China

In the southern military district of China, they told about the provocation that the United States staged near Chinese territorial waters. The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Mustin crossed the Chinese Maritime border without permission. Armed with Tomahawks, the ship was spotted near the Yunle archipelago.

The American destroyer was taken in a semicircle by Chinese military vessels. As a result, the us Navy ship left the region. The representative of the South China SEA, Colonel Li Huamin, said that the Americans are trying to undermine Chinese sovereignty and destabilize the situation in the Asia-Pacific region with their provocations.

In the United States, the world’s largest electric plane flew

The first flight was made by the world’s largest hydroelectric plane, the Cessina Grand Caravan 208B, according to the AeroTEC portal on may 28. According to the report, during the tests, the plane made several circles over lake Moses in Washington state.

The US described six types of space weapons

The us center for strategic and international studies has identified and described six types of space weapons. This was done for the future legislative framework that will regulate the use of such weapons.
The first category includes kinetic systems “earth-space”.
The second category includes non-kinetic systems “earth-space”.
The third category is “space-space” kinetic systems.
The fourth — non-kinetic systems “space-space”.
Fifth category-space-earth kinetic systems
The sixth category — non-kinetic systems “space-earth”.

In Germany, there will be an alternative to the “Nord stream-2”

In accordance with the contract signed between the German Corporation LTW and the Japanese MOL, the construction of a marine regasification station for the LNG plant in Wilhelmshaven will be carried out. The unit can also be used as a gas tanker. According to preliminary data, the plant will have a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Microsoft will replace news editors with artificial intelligence

Microsoft has decided to terminate its contract with the British news Agency PA Media, whose employees edited materials for the home pages of the MSN site and the Edge browser, the Guardian newspaper reports. The functions of employees will now be performed by artificial intelligence.

Greece has started to get rid of disposable plastic

The Ministry of environment and energy of Greece has launched the campaign “Greece without single-use plastic”, launched by Minister Kostis Hadzidakis, who, along with volunteers from non-profit organizations, came to the beach of Schinia in Eastern Attica on Saturday morning to collect garbage.

Ukraine conducted tests of the Neptune rocket

At the AliBey range in the Odessa region, a complex of ground-based cruise missiles “Neptune” was tested, during which almost simultaneous combat launches were carried out on two sea targets, the Armiaipform newspaper writes”

The state Department accused Russia of illegally supplying money to Libya

The US state Department has accused Russia of supplying $1.1 billion worth of counterfeit Libyan currency to Libya. This was reported on may 30 in the press service of the US foreign Ministry. According to the state Department, the government of Malta seized the Libyan currency, allegedly printed by the Russian “Goznak”.

Zelensky was not invited to the Victory parade in Moscow

The Kremlin did not invite Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the Victory parade, which this year will be held on June 24. Last year, Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that invitations to attend the parade were sent to many world leaders, including Mr. Zelensky.

Trump has restricted entry to scientists and graduate students from China

US President Donald trump has restricted entry to scientists and graduate students from China. The measure was taken to protect the country’s intellectual property and technology, according to a Bulletin published by the White house.

The US has started selling off property in Hong Kong

The United States government is selling real estate in an elite area of Hong Kong. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to a letter from the state Department. We are talking about several mansions in the Shawson hill area, which are estimated at $1.3 billion.

Saudi coalition launches airstrikes in Yemen

11 airstrikes in the Yemeni province of Marib were carried out by the forces of the coalition of Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, on may 31, the Saba news Agency reported. A source in the Yemeni Houthi military circles said that Saudi warplanes carried out 11 airstrikes in the Majar and Sirwa districts.

Indian police have arrested a Pakistani pigeon on suspicion of spying

The bird was detained after it flew over the border between the countries. Police found a number on the pigeon’s foot, which was classified as a secret code for militants, according to the vse42 publication.

Trailer for new episodes of Attack of the titans

The video shows snippets from the show’s final season. New episodes are expected to premiere in September 2020. Recall that “Attack of the titans” is a popular manga and anime series of the same name.

Actor Ryan Gosling will play in the film “the wolf Man”

American actor Ryan Gosling will play the main role in the remake of the film “the wolf Man”. This is reported by the Hollywood Reporter. The screenwriters of the future film were Lauren shucker bloom and Rebecca Angelo, but the Director for the project has not yet found. Production will be handled by Universal studios, and the film will enter the “Dark universe”, which was revived after the success of the film “the invisible Man” with Elisabeth moss in the title role.

According to shuker bloom and Angelo, when creating the script, they were inspired by the atmosphere of the films “Teleset” in 1976 and “stringer”, which was released in 2014, and would like to see” wolf Man ” made in a similar style….

Britney Spears presented the track “Mood ring” in the Network

American singer Britney Spears released the bonus track “Mood ring” from her album Glory (2016). Previously, the song was only available in Japan, according to Billboard. The singer also showed a new album cover.

China launches rating system to assess citizens ‘ health

The administration proposed to borrow the system’s operating principle from the Alipay Health Code system for tracking physical contacts with infected COVID-19, which was launched in China in February 2020 on the basis of the Alipay application developed by a subsidiary of Alibaba.

The census of Russians will be held on a PC with Windows and foreign chips

PCs for the population census As CNews found out, the all-Russian population census in 2020 will involve laptops and monoblocks assembled on foreign processors with pre-installed Microsoft SOFTWARE. This equipment will cost the state 547.9 million rubles.

LarkBox PC gets Intel Celeron j4115 CPU

Chuwi announced that the updated LarkBox mini-PC will be built on the new Intel Celeron J4115 processor. At the same time, its price will drop from 199 to 169 dollars.

Recall that this PC is characterized by the ability to decode video 4K resolution, tiny size 61:61:43 mm, weight 127 grams integrated graphics UHD Graphics 600, 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, solid state drive capacity 128 GB SSD support, SSD 256 GB, active cooling system, power consumption standby 5 W two full size USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, 3.5 mm headphone Jack and a wireless module Bluetooth 5.0

Trailer of a documentary about Bruce Lee

ESPN showed a trailer for a documentary about martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. The picture is called “Be water” (“Be Water”; this is a reference to the phrase of Lee himself) and will be released on June 7 as part of the project about sports legends

Presented curved gaming monitor MSI

MSI has expanded its range of gaming monitors with the Optix PAG343CQR model, which has a 34-inch concave VA panel. The new product is characterized by a resolution of 3440:1440 pixels, an aspect ratio of 21:9, a radius of curvature of 1500R, 85% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and 110% coverage of the sRGB palette, horizontal and vertical viewing angles up to 178 degrees, brightness of 350 CD/m2, contrast 3000:1, dynamic contrast 100,000,000:1, Display Port 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 interfaces, support for AMD FreeSync technology for a smoother gameplay, response time of 1 MS, refresh rate of 144 Hz, multi-color RGB lighting, as well as anti-flicker and less blue light eye care systems.

An implant that activates the production of insulin is presented

Scientists have presented a device for patients with type 2 diabetes that contains producing cells and is controlled by an electronic unit. Using such a device, the patient is able to independently activate the production of insulin-producing cells after eating directly from their smartphone. According to the researchers, their study focuses on the activation of gene expression and its regulation by means of electric signals.

The attorney General of Arizona sued Google

The chief Prosecutor of the state of Arizona, mark Brnovich, filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing it of illegally collecting users ‘ geolocation data. This was reported on may 28 by Business Insider

The Bank “Opening” has offered customers a virtual card

OTKRITIE Bank has offered its current customers a new format for Its opencard flagship-a virtual card. This is reported by the Bank’s press service. The press service explained that now you can issue Opencard without visiting the branch – the card is issued and serviced online.

SAR11 grows the virus in its DNA

The most common marine micro-organisms called SAR11 are able to grow a virus in their DNA and infect weaker organisms with it, scientists have found. This type of bacteria has displaced many others in the course of evolution. The survival of the microorganism for many centuries has provided its habitat-SAR11 lives on the bottom of the seas and oceans. Like other bacteria, it multiplies by fission, and the virus multiplies with it, copying its DNA. The total mass of all SAR11S exceeds the total mass of fish living in marine waters

Scientists have discovered a way to measure consciousness

A new study by an international team of experts led by researchers from Monash University in Australia may now change people’s understanding of complex neurological problems. By studying the brains of fruit flies, experts were able to find a reliable marker of active consciousness that does not depend on external stimuli

Created a polymer that can be infinitely processed

Scientists have proposed a new method for the synthesis of two-dimensional polymers based on istriangular. It turned out that the new material has a graphene — like kagome structure and the same Dirac cones-unusual dependences of the energy of electronic States on the momentum. However, unlike graphene, a two-dimensional polymer has semiconductor properties. The material will be used in nanoelectronic devices. The article is published in the journal Nature Materials.

“Bi-2” released a new video on self-isolation

The video series was directed by Max Shishkin, who previously shot the video for the song “Peklo”from Bi-2. This time, the work took place in a very unusual mode, and the video maker gave all the advice to the musicians over the phone. According to the Director, this clip was very difficult for him.

Number of Internet users in China

As of the end of the first quarter of this year, 903.59 million Chinese had access to the Network. This is 7.38% more than in the first quarter of 2019. The penetration of Internet access services reached 64.5 %.

It is noted that 99.26 % of the total number of web users in China, or 896.9 million people, use smartphones to access the Internet. Another 42.7 % surf the web from desktop computers, 35.1 % from laptops, and 29.0% from tablets.

Astronomers have recorded the most powerful solar flare in three years

Chief scientist of the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN Sergey Bogachev reported the most powerful over the past three years flash on the surface of the Sun, reports TASS. According to the scientist, such an outbreak indicates the end of an abnormally long and quiet period of solar “hibernation”.

Display for non-displaying the numbers of the Braille

German engineers have learned to use an ultrasonic haptic display for non-contact display of Braille numbers. It is able to create several zones in the air at the same time, in which ultrasonic waves are focused and create a pressure that is discernible by the skin. The authors tested different modes of operation of the device and showed that in one of them, blind people are able to recognize characters from four points in 88 percent of cases. This display can be useful when working with confidential information — such as when interacting with an ATM. The paper will be presented at the DIS 2020 conference, and its Preprint will be published on arXiv.org.

Scientists have created batteries from bacteria

Experts from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have made so-called “live” batteries that support and regulate the life of bacteria inside them using a special porous hydrogel made of a nanocomposite material. The existence of exoelectrogenic bacteria Shewanella oneidensis was known for a long time, but before this development, no one was able to preserve the life of their colonies in a food source for a long time.