3 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/02/2020

The Russian economic recovery plan includes three stages.

The first stage (June-September 2020) is called the adaptation stage. “This stage is characterized by the continuation of restrictive measures in the context of the epidemic spread of coronavirus, “the source told Interfax, adding that up to 70% of Russian regions by the end of this phase will be no higher than the second stage of opening the economy according to the Rospotrebnadzor methodology.

At the second stage (October 2020 – June 2021), recovery growth of the economy and incomes of citizens should occur, while measures should be taken to prevent complications of the sanitary and epidemiological situation. “This stage is characterized by the preservation of certain restrictive measures… By the end of this phase, no more than 20% of Russian regions are at the level of the third stage of lifting restrictions,” the source said.

According to the national plan, the economy will work without restrictions only at the third stage of active growth (July-December 2021). During this period, it is planned to “ensure a steady increase in real incomes of the population and active economic growth”.

In China, the war starts turning against the mining of cryptocurrencies.

The administration of the Dehong-Dai-Kachin Autonomous region in the Western part of Yunnan province held a meeting on the issue of closing mining farms on its territory. Liquidation orders were issued to 57 big data projects that mine bitcoin and do not have a license from the authorities. Also, 7 sites that are currently under construction are subject to elimination.

There will be no economic breakthrough in Russia

The government aims to put the Russian economy on a path of sustainable GDP growth by the end of 2021 — at least 2.5% per year, according to the draft National action plan for restoring employment and income, economic growth and long-term structural changes in the economy.

Other targets by this date include “sustainable” growth in real incomes (without a specific figure), the return of unemployment to below 5%, ensuring an increase in investment in fixed assets by at least 4.5% per year, and a number of others

Top 10 most valuable brands in the world in 2020

1. Amazon: $ 221 billion (Retail)
2. Google: $ 160 billion (Tech)
3. Apple: $ 141 billion (Tech)
4. Microsoft: $ 117 billion (technology)
5. Samsung Group: $ 94 billion (Tech)
6. ICBC: $ 81 billion (Banking)
7. Facebook: $ 80 billion (Media)
8. Walmart: $ 78 billion (Retail)
9. Ping An: 69 billion dollars (Insurance)
10. Huawei: us $ 65 billion (Tech)

The recording was served as a live broadcast

Putin’s meeting with Pamfilova and other officials about voting on the Constitution seems to have been shown to us in the recording, although it was served as a live broadcast, “Open media” noticed.

Why do we think that? Two points. First, the” broadcast ” clearly cut the answer of the Minister of education Sergei Kravtsov after Putin asked him whether the vote would prevent the use – in the video shown on TV, the President immediately after his own question answers that the Minister is not against.

And secondly, the time on the President’s watch clearly does not correspond to the time of broadcast on the air

South Korean President accepts Donald trump’s invitation

President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In on Monday in a telephone conversation with the American leader Donald trump said that he was ready to accept an invitation to the meeting of the Group of seven (G7). this was reported by the Yonhap news Agency with reference to the press Secretary of the South Korean leader Kang Min-SOK.

“I will gladly accept the invitation to participate in the G7 summit. South Korea is ready to fulfill its role in the fight against the [coronavirus] pandemic and [in solving] economic issues, ” moon Jae-In said during a dialogue with the US President.

Nicolas Maduro says he will soon visit Iran

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would soon visit Iran. According to him, a number of agreements will be signed there. In particular, we are talking about cooperation in the field of energy. The visit will take place against the backdrop of Tehran sending tankers with fuel as aid to Venezuela, which is suffering from a lack of gasoline.

Putin has set a date for voting on amendments to the Constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the all-Russian vote on the adoption of amendments to the Constitution will be held on July 1. The head of state called on Russians to take an active part in it.

Together with our colleagues, we looked at international experience, we asked for the position of our scientific experts and developed recommendations that, in our opinion, will not only minimize, but eliminate the risks of proliferation during this voting day. – Anna Popova, Russian politician

The defense Ministry has selected volunteers to test the coronavirus vaccine

The Ministry of defense has selected volunteers to conduct clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine. This includes 50 military personnel, including five women, who have all been examined and tested. Tests of the COVID-19 vaccine will be conducted on the basis of the 48th Central research Institute of the Russian defense Ministry, which previously studied vaccines for Ebola and the middle East syndrome, according to the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

Capable of completing the Nord stream 2, the vessel has found a new owner

The pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky — the only Russian vessel capable of completing the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline — is owned by the Samara heat and power property Fund (STIF), according to an extract from the vessel’s registration in the Russian international register of vessels. Previously, nothing was reported about the owner of the pipelayer. The operating organization since 2016 was called LLC “Gazprom FLOT”, writes RBC

The first holidaymakers arrived in Sochi health resorts

On June 1, health resort organizations with medical licenses started operating in the Krasnodar territory. In Sochi, this list includes 79 sanatoriums, which will begin to open gradually within a month. On the first day of summer, 20 health resorts started working at the resort, and they have already accepted 591 vacationers.

Scientists explain the origin of the pyramids in Mexico

Scientists from the National Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico (INAH) published a research paper that explained the reason for the construction of pyramids by the ancient inhabitants of Mesoamerica, which was located on the territory of modern Central America. A brief report on the research presentation is published on the organization’s website.

Scientists, after studying the famous pre-Hispanic objects found in Mexico, suggested that the pyramids were sacred copies of the mountains. In their opinion, this is how the ancient inhabitants imitated nature, in which they met pyramidal forms – for example, the silhouettes of volcanoes. According to archaeologists, the pyramid shape also facilitated the task of erecting a high monumental object, which was especially important for ancient people.

Roskoshestvo urged not to drink tap water

Roskachestvo called on Russians to refrain from regular use of tap water because it exceeds the norm for the amount of harmful substances, RIA “Novosti” reports with reference to the press service of the Department

Rosturizm: from June 1, regions can open any hotels

Regions of Russia from June 1 can make decisions about opening any accommodation facilities, the Federal tourism Agency told reporters. Rospotrebnadzor and Rosturizm, with the participation of the industry community, have completed work on approving recommendations for the operation of all types of accommodation facilities.

One-fifth of Gazprom’s capacity was left without demand

According to Interfax calculations based on operational data from the Central fuel and energy Department, in may 2020, Gazprom group produced 32.9 billion cubic meters after 41.77 billion cubic meters in may 2019. This is also lower than in may 2018 (39.98 billion cubic meters), 2017 (35.93 billion cubic meters), but higher than in may 2016 (27.53 billion cubic meters). In the first five months of 2020, Gazprom’s production decreased by 31.8 billion cubic meters (this is production for a whole calendar month) compared to January-may 2019.

The bitcoin exchange rate rose above $10,300

The price of bitcoin rose to $10,380, but failed to update the maximum of $10,500 set in mid-February. To date, the exchange rate of the coin has corrected and now stands at $10,100, it has grown by 5.5% in 24 hours. Daily cryptocurrency trading volume increased by 26% and reached $37.8 billion. The share of BTC in the crypto market is 65.6%.

I plan to ban bitcoin in Russia

The Russian authorities intend to ban all turnover and mining of cryptocurrencies in the country that were not issued under internal regulation. This became known from the bill “on digital financial assets” published by the state Duma, published on the website of the legislative support System.

These restrictions apply to the bitcoin and Ethereum currencies. According to the draft law, Russia proposes to introduce a definition of a digital currency and a digital financial asset. In the first case, it means any cryptocurrency, in the second case – digital assets and securities.

The US broke records for importing gold into the country

The bulk of the metal came to the States from Switzerland. Swiss gold exports to the United States reached 111.7 tons in April, the highest figure on record. Back in March, gold imports to America exceeded $ 3 billion, the highest in ten years.

Weighted average price of a new car in Russia

The weighted average price of a new passenger car in Russia for the first 4 months of 2020 was 1 million 688 thousand rubles. This is 9.7% higher than in January-April 2019, according to the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT»

Gazprom has signed a contract to supply gas to Greece

Gazprom export, a subsidiary of Gazprom, has signed a long-term contract for the supply of natural gas to Greece, TASS reports, citing the company’s press service. The contract provides for the supply of gas to Greece in the period from 2020 to 2030

Kiev offered to negotiate on the Donbass without Russia’s participation

As Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov wrote in an article for the NGO “Atlantic Council”, the US and the UK need to organize negotiations on the situation in the East of the country in the” Budapest format ” without the participation of Russia.

Canadian Prime Minister opposed Russia’s participation in the G7 summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, commenting on the idea of the American leader Donald trump to invite a number of countries, including Russia, to the upcoming G7 summit, noted that Russia will remain outside this format

Russia was excluded from the G7 after it invaded Crimea several years ago. Her continued disrespect and violation of international rules and norms is the reason why she remains and will remain outside the G7, ” Trudeau said during a press conference.

Earlier, trump had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the conversation, the Kremlin said, the US President spoke about his idea of holding a G7 summit with the possible invitation of the leaders of Russia, Australia, India and the Republic of Korea

Cost of launching a SpaceX rocket

the cost of sending one astronaut to the ISS by SpaceX will cost NASA $ 50 million. Roscosmos charges almost twice as much for this service – $ 90 million. On Board Crew Dragon: the pilot, 49-year-old Robert Lewis benken and 53-year-old commander Douglas Gerald Hurley

In Moscow, all coronavirus posts were removed-barriers at the exits from the city.

They were installed in mid-April, when the city authorities restricted entry to the capital. From the first days of the pass regime, there were heavy traffic jams at the entrances — the police stopped almost every car to check the pass. Then, however, the police realized the mistake and relaxed the pressure. Now all the barriers were removed altogether — by yesterday evening, all the posts on the exits from the city had been removed, except for those that were still standing before the quarantine.

Investigators believe that the girl “self-harmed”

SK refused to initiate a case on the beating of our journalist Anna Nikitina. Investigators believe that the girl “self-harmed”. Anna’s lawyer Alexey Mikhalchik said that the refusal to initiate the case will be appealed.

Five months ago, the journalist of “Base” was the first to talk to the mother of Lubyanka Shooter Yevgeny Manyurov. During the interview, police and FSB officers burst into the apartment, one of whom hit Anya. The journalist recorded the injuries and immediately wrote a statement to the UK.

At first, the claim of beatings just walked around the UK-it was only investigated two months ago. Investigators spoke with the FSB, who, of course, did not find any evidence of violence, and even, as indicated in the refusal, with the mother of Yevgeny Manyurov, who also allegedly denied the use of force to Anna. Here only in conversation with journalists of “Base”, the woman told that nobody questioned her and for giving explanations didn’t cause.

Poland has completed the first part of the canal construction bypassing Russia

The initial stage of construction of the canal on the Baltic (vislin) spit was completed in Poland, the construction of moles began, Business Insider reports. The builders completed the earthworks and built a pier for Parking the ships. Construction of the Northern, Western (900 m) and Eastern (500 m) jetties, as well as two bridges, has begun.

Poland is building a channel to allow Polish ships to enter the Gulf ports, bypassing the territorial waters of Russia. It is also expected that the construction of the canal will revive the economic life of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The authorities plan to complete the construction of the canal next year

China demanded to suspend the purchase of soy and pork from the United States

The Chinese authorities demanded that state-owned companies suspend the purchase of soybeans and pork from the United States because of Washington’s position on the resolution on the development of a law on national security in Hong Kong, adopted by the national people’s Congress. This is reported by TASS with reference to Reuters.

The drop in retail lending is comparable to 2008 and 2015

The number of loans issued to the population in April decreased more than in the crises of 2014-2015 and 2008-2009. Thus, according to the United credit Bureau, during the global financial crisis, the largest drop was recorded in December 2008 and amounted to 47%. The second largest decrease in the number of new loans in retail lending was in January 2015 – 58%. In April 2020, compared with April 2019, the drop was the largest – the number of issues decreased by 62%. At the same time, the volume of lending has not decreased as much as in previous crises.

The former head of the service of district commissioners filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of internal Affairs

The former head of service of election commissioners in Novosibirsk Elena Ustinova, dismissed from service because it got in the media data plans for the number of penalties for withdrawal, filed a lawsuit against the interior Ministry. In the lawsuit, Ustinova demands to recognize the dismissal as illegal, restore the service and rank, and pay compensation for forced absenteeism and moral damage.

She was fired after in late April, the public “police Ombudsman” published audio recordings in which she demands the implementation of the plan for fines for violation of self-isolation and gives instructions to “register everyone completely from the age of 16, except women with strollers and the elderly” and “work until there are about ten protocols from each district

The police are violating a direct order from the Minister

Chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov and editor-in-chief of “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov addressed to the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev because of the dangers from the police, who detained the protesters at the building of GU MVD of Moscow.

“The authors of the letter draw attention to the fact that the police violate the direct order of the Minister. The letter is accompanied by badge numbers and photos taken during the detention at 38 Petrovka street, ” the website of Ekho Moskvy reads.

The photo from the picket on may 28, where police officers with identical badges detain the editor-in-chief of “Mediazona” Sergey Smirnov, drew the attention of “MBH media”. In response to a question from the newspaper’s correspondent about the tokens, one of the policemen who was in the picture suggested that it was a photoshop.

Special forces shot and killed a suspect in the theft of four rolls of Wallpaper

On may 31, in Yekaterinburg, a special squad of the Russian Guard stormed an apartment, a resident of which had previously stolen several rolls of Wallpaper from a store. During the arrest, he was killed.

After that, the hashtag #RussianLivesMatter (“the Lives of Russians matter”) appeared in Twitter trends.this is an analog of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter (“black Lives matter”), which became the main symbol of racial protests in the United States. Users left more than 10,000 tweets about police violence in Russia under the hashtag #RussianLivesMatter, and the Civil society movement announced pickets against police brutality.

Facebook employees refused to work

Facebook employees decided to stop working in solidarity with the protests that began after the death of an African-American man detained by police, George Floyd. According to the New York Times (NYT), they added an automatic message to their digital profiles that they left the office in protest. The same notification is sent from the email addresses of the company’s employees.

NYT notes that a group of employees of the company staged a “virtual strike” to the management of Facebook to tighten the social network’s policy in relation to the posts of US President Donald Trump related to the riots.

The Turkish army has deployed an American air defense system in Northern Syria

The Turkish army has deployed the American MIM-23-HAWK medium-range air defense system at the ALB-Bani Ayub altitude in the South of Idlib, with a range of 25 km, and the Turkish army is seeking to fully secure all areas where it is represented in the Idlib province, a source told ia Krasnaya Vesna.

Released the final episode of the fourth season of “Rick and Morty”

The episode “Star mort: Rick and Jerry” was the season finale. Undoubtedly, the fifth season will be and the creators of the project assure that the audience will not wait for the new season as long as the previous ones. “Rick and Morty” is an animated series in the science fiction genre. The plot of the series tells about an ordinary schoolboy Morty and his crazy grandfather-Explorer Rick, who can at any moment pull his grandson into unusual journeys among worlds, civilizations and fantastic creatures

The writers of the Outer Worlds have won the nebula award

The American science fiction writers Association announced that the winners of its annual nebula award in the game category were the writers of the role-playing action film The Outer Worlds from the Studio Obsidian Entertainment. The winning team included Leonard Boyarsky, Kate Dollarhyde, Paul Kirsch, Chris L’etoile, Daniel McPhee, Kerry Patel, Nitai Poddar, Makr Soskin and Megan Starks.

Recall that the “nebula” award in the category of games began to be awarded only in 2018. Its first winners were the authors of an interactive episode of the series “Black mirror “called” brandashmyg ” from Netflix.

James Cameron resumed shooting “Avatar 2”

Director James Cameron has returned to New Zealand to resume shooting the second part of Avatar. This was announced on his Instagram page by the film’s producer, John Landau. There were 54 people on Board the chartered direct flight from Los Angeles to Wellington.

Lady Gaga has released a new album

Shocking singer Lady Gaga has pleased fans with the release of a new Studio album Chromatica. It includes 16 tracks, including songs recorded as a duet with Ariana Grande, Elton John and the band Blackpink.

Charlotte released the album “Born in hell”

“Life between hell and heaven. A person always makes a choice, every second. It is important to understand this and accept it. And then there is harmony with yourself, with the people around you, with all life. I have become aware of my existence, acquire the right values, and move on. This album is my confession, and everyone is just as capable of confessing. I give examples to each of the seven songs, revealing the secrets of deep feelings, without covering my mistakes with dense sound and cheap words. “Born in hell” is your ideal world, ” said Charlotte about the new album.

WhatsApp users have been warned about a new fraud scheme

WhatsApp users are faced with a new fraud scheme that allows you to steal an account, writes Forbes. It is noted that hackers have learned to fake messages from WhatsApp, in which the app requests a confirmation code from an SMS. In fact, at this point, the attacker requests access to the victim’s account and, after receiving the code, steals the account.

The app for deleting Chinese programs from your smartphone has become a hit

Recently, developers from India released an app for removing Chinese programs, which immediately became the leader in downloading in the app store for Android smartphones. The app is called Remove China Apps.

Huawei P50 and Mate 50 will switch to Snapdragon

Independent analysts reported that Qualcomm will begin delivering Snapdragon single-chip systems for the Huawei P50 and Mate 50 lines in 2021. It is known that TSMC refused orders from Huawei.

ZTE introduced the ZTE Axon 11 SE smartphone

ZTE officially introduced the Axon 11 SE smartphone, which became the cheapest 5G device in the company’s range. The smartphone comes in three versions: 6+128 GB, 8+ 128 GB and 8+ 256 GB. The price is 280 dollars, 322 dollars and 364 dollars, respectively

Vivo has released TWS Neo wireless headphones

Vivo has released TWS Neo wireless headphones running on the aptX Protocol with the Adaptive codec, achieving a new level of 24-bit/48 kHz streaming quality. The device runs on a Qualcomm QCC3046 processor based on the new Bluetooth 5.2 standard

Xiaomi introduced a charger for smartphones and laptops

65 watts for just $ 14. Xiaomi has introduced a tiny fast charger for smartphones and laptops. The size of the adapter is 27% smaller than its predecessor.

Nitrogen was given the crystal structure of black phosphorus

A team of researchers from three countries was able to obtain for the first time a polymer modification of nitrogen similar to the structure of black phosphorus. To do this, the researchers had to create a pressure of 1.38 million atmospheres. The discovery will help create new materials with high energy density based on nitrogen. The results of the study are published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Fast acting insulin was created based on the venom of sea snails

A fast-acting and safe human analogue of insulin was created based on the venom of sea snails-cones, reports June 1, the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Physicists have proposed an effective way to create matter from light

Professor Alexey Arefyev from the University of San Diego suggests using a method for generating a magnetic field equal in strength to the field of a neutron star. Even from this radiation, there is a chance to get particles of matter and antimatter due to the collision of gamma rays.

This experiment of American scientists, which uses only light, simulates the Universe in its first minutes of existence quite accurately. That is why the model of arefev and his research group will allow us to study the most important stage in the history of space.

FAST radio telescope will start searching for aliens in the fall

In September, China will launch a new largest telescope in the world, which was created to study the formation of distant galaxies and search for extraterrestrial life. The telescope was named FAST — an abbreviation that translates as”Spherical radio telescope with a five-hundred-meter aperture”. Its diameter is almost 500 meters. The Chinese authorities allocated 185 million dollars for the construction and equipment of the telescope, and this is the officially announced amount.

The telescope has been operating partially since the beginning of 2020, and 102 new pulsars have already been detected since then. Scientists noted that the Chinese telescope is 2.5 times more sensitive than the Arecibo Observatory telescope.

The early universe was spinning, astronomers said

Since the time of Edwin Hubble, astronomers have believed that the universe “inflates” without any particular direction, and that the galaxies in it are distributed without a strict cosmological scheme

Analysis of more than 200,000 spiral galaxies has revealed unexpected connections between the directions of their rotation, and the structure formed by these connections suggests that the early universe may have been rotating!

Giant magnetic spots and superflares have been detected in hot stars

Using the telescopes of the European southern Observatory (ESO), astronomers have detected giant magnetic spots on the surface of very hot stars in star clusters, and also recorded some of them super-powerful flashes and explosive events that emit several million times more energy than similar phenomena on the Sun