4 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/03/2019

Kim Jong-un appeared in public with a “repressed” diplomat

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended the concert along with one of the close officials Kim Yong Chol, who, according to South Korean media, was removed from his post and sent to “reeducation,” reports North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (TsTAK).

“Comrade Kim Jong-un, the highest leader of our party, the state and the armed forces, looked at the presentation of the amateur art circles of women officers of the Korean Peoples Army on June 2,” the report said.

Among the persons accompanying the “respected leader” at the concert were his spouse Lee Sol Zhu and head of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers ’Party for the reunification, Kim Yong Chol.

About 10 thousand Soviet GOSTs will be abolished in Russia

According to Rosstandart’s calculations, the use of updated standards and participation in the standardization ecosystem will push Russian enterprises, finally, to share best practices and transition to modern technical policies.

WSJ: Russia sharply reduced the number of military specialists in Venezuela

The newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that Russia recently allegedly sharply reduced the number of military advisers in Venezuela.

Trump said he was not happy with the political situation in Israel

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he was not in awe of the political situation in Israel, whose parliament approved the law on self-dissolution on May 30 and called the first repeated parliamentary elections in the country on September 17

In the Russian Navy found a replacement for frigates without Ukrainian engines

“As part of the Russian Navy, the corvettes of project 20386 will be able to fully replace the frigates of project 11356,” the portal reports. It is noted that the project 20386 corvettes were developed in the Central Marine Design Bureau “Almaz”.

Hushits attacked a parade in Yemen using a drone

Representatives of the Hussite movement “Ansar Alla” reported on an attempted attack on the forces of the anti-Hussite coalition led by Saudi Arabia, reports the television channel Al-Masirah. Hussites attacked forces stationed in the Ras Abbas camp in Aden (southern Yemen).

Pompeo declares US readiness to negotiate with Iran

The US authorities are ready to begin a dialogue with Iran’s leadership without any preconditions. About this, as Reuters reports, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a joint press conference with Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis.

“We (the US authorities) are certainly ready for this conversation if the Iranians can prove that they intend to behave like a normal nation,” said Pompeo.

The head of the Social Democratic Party of Germany announced the resignation

The head of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Andrea Nales, announced his resignation from this post, as well as from the post of head of the SPD faction in the Bundestag, the BILD tabloid reported on Sunday citing a statement by the politician.

Trump has called on Russia to stop the bombing of Idlib

Donald Trump, in his Twitter account, called on Russia, Syria and Iran to stop the bombing of the Syrian province of Idlib. According to Trump, rumors have reached him that Russia, Syria and Iran are “bombing” Idlib and “killing” civilians “indiscriminately”.

“It is rumored that Russia, Syria and, to a lesser extent, Iran are bombing urine to the province of Idlib and killing many civilians indiscriminately,” the US president wrote on his Twitter

Gulf countries criticize Qatar for stance on Iran

The Foreign Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abderrahman Al-Tan, said earlier that Qatar does not agree with a number of statements made in Mecca after the summits of the Gulf countries and the countries of the League of Arab States, because they contradict its foreign policy.

In the DPRK, the desire of the Prime Minister of Japan to meet with Kim Jong-un is called “the height of arrogance”

The desire of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe to meet with the head of North Korea Kim Jong-un in the DPRK was considered “the height of arrogance”. A statement was made by the press secretary of the DPRK Peace and Peace Committee in the Asia-Pacific Region, RIA Novosti reports.

UN court will hold a hearing on the claim of Ukraine to Russia

From June 3 to June 7, the International Court of Justice intends to hold hearings on the claim of Ukraine against Russia within the framework of the international convention on the suppression of the financing of terrorism. On this June 3 reports “RIA Novosti”. The hearings will be held in two stages: the first will be held on June 3 and 4, where Russia will submit its objections, and the second on June 6 and 7, where Ukraine will speak.

On June 12, 2018, the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Kiev filed a memorandum to the UN court because of the illegal actions committed by Russia.

In the United States announced a plan for the economic destabilization of Russia

The plan for an economic war against Russia was published by the American corporation Rand, the Federal News Agency reported June 3. The plan contains recommendations for the US government on “non-violent destabilization of Russia.” This can be achieved by hitting Russia’s export earnings.

Tests of the Chinese nuclear missile of the new generation were on the video

China has successfully tested a new generation of ballistic missiles. It will be launched from submarines. Test video published on the Defense Blog Twitter page

Turkey supplies weapons to militants in Syria

The Turkish side is supplying weapons to the militants in Idlib, who are fighting against the Syrian government army. An article with this information was published on the portal “Military Review” with reference to the agency Reuters. It is assumed that Turkey has established arms supplies for large militant formations in Idlib. It is now that fierce battles by terrorists and the army of the SAR, supported by Russian troops, are unfolding on the territory of this region.

Pentagon ordered Russian ammunition

On the official state procurement website, the US Army Command has placed an application for the purchase of ammunition for Russian machine guns, pistols and machine guns. The document states that they will be used outside the United States.

In Syktyvkar, a rally was held against the construction of a landfill on Shiesa.

More than five thousand people came to the protest. The participants of the protest action demanded to stop the illegal construction of the landfill on Shiesa, to introduce separate garbage collection in Komi, to hold a republican referendum on banning the importation of garbage from other regions of Russia. In case of failure of the authorities to go to a meeting, protesters activists promised to arrange an indefinite protest

RANEPA refuted the official data of Rosta on the increase in earnings of Russians by 9.4%.

At the end of 2018, 18.3% of Russians reported a decrease in their salary. This conclusion was reached by experts of the Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasting of the RANEPA on the basis of the research. At the same time, at the end of last year, 62.5% of Russians did not change their salaries. It is noted that 41.4% of respondents reported an increase in workload.

In the “whale prison” in Primorye began to lead children’s excursions

Free tours for children are held in the “whale prison” in Primorye, where killer whales and beluga whales are kept, animal rights activist Nina Zyryanova told RIA Novosti. She said that she managed to videotape the arrival in the “whale prison” groups of adults with children. Video and photo published in her Instagram account

Labor in Russia with the largest number of unemployed

Most of the unemployed (over 581 thousand people) accounted for the “wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. ”

Next comes the sphere of “manufacturing” – 434 thousand people, then “construction” – 282 thousand people, “agriculture, forestry, fishing and fish farming” – 275 thousand unemployed, “transportation and storage” – 216 thousand

The least unemployed were recorded among specialists in the field of water supply, wastewater disposal, waste collection and disposal organization – 24 thousand people.

In total, in the first quarter of this year, about 3.6 million unemployed over 15 years of age were registered in Russia.

Greece demanded the resettlement of refugees to other EU countries

Athens insists that the country is at the limit. And Brussels is accused of having left them alone with the problem, reports DW.

Doctors: The symptoms of heart attack in women are different from those of men.

The first symptoms of heart attack in men and women can manifest themselves in different ways, which is important to consider. The corresponding warning was voiced by cardiologists from the United States. Doctors explain that the clinical manifestations of heart attack are characteristic primarily of men. For example, women often do not have such a pronounced symptom as heaviness in the chest. Against this background, women are more likely to face the risk of misdiagnosis, or they can tolerate a dangerous form of coronary heart disease unnoticed. Experts explain that in the case of a heart attack, pain in the chest in women can be several times weaker than in men. In addition, a runny nose may occur, as during the flu. Atypical manifestations can also indicate a problem, including shortness of breath, pain in the arms or back, and also heartburn. Doctors often write off such symptoms in women at the beginning of menopause.

Ministry of Transport changes the rules of subsidies for regional air travel

The Ministry of Transport changes the rules for regional air travel subsidies. The term of a contract with airlines on subsidized regional routes may grow up to three years, and subsidies for hard-to-reach territories may also increase.

Experts told how to get rid of the mate in communication

The Russian language is so rich that it makes it possible to express quite clearly any thought without profanity, while it must be remembered that the mat is absolutely unacceptable in public communication, in order to quickly get rid of it, experts recommend writing out censor synonyms for obscene words

“Children’s” liturgy was held in Ulan-Ude

On May 25, in the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Ethnographic Museum, the children’s liturgy was celebrated. The service was headed by the head of the diocesan department for church relations with society and the media, the cleric of the Holy Odigitrievsky Cathedral, Priest Alexy Shevtsov.

Minstroy wants to cancel the installation of heat meters

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities has proposed to stop the mandatory installation of heat meters in new buildings. Reports about it “the Russian newspaper”.

There will be no cheap Chinese metro in Krasnoyarsk

On the Facebook page of the Ministry of Transport of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, they said that the new metro concept from the Krasnoyarsk Trust Engineering and Construction Research and the Chinese company Poly Changda “absolutely does not suit Krasnoyarsk and will not be implemented.”

Former Dagestan officials rely on Ramazan Abdulatipov

As it became known to Kommersant, in the Lefortovo Court of Moscow, preliminary hearings will be held on a high-profile criminal case, the defendants of which are former top government officials of Dagestan – ex-prime minister of the republic Abdusamad Hamidov and ex-minister of economy Rayudin Yusufov. They are accused of embezzling 41 million rubles allocated from the budget for the construction of a special institution for the temporary detention of foreign citizens. The lawyers claim that the former officials did not violate the law, and insist on summoning the former head of Dagestan, Ramazan Abdulatipov, who, in the opinion of the defense, must confirm that the defendants are unfounded.

Residents of Chelyabinsk for the third week left without hot water

Heads of Chelyabinsk districts reported on the first stage of hydraulic tests. Many houses are still without hot water.

Krasnoyarsk housing organizations mired in debt

The management company Moi Dom, the Homeowners Association Cheremushki-1, TSN Sosedi did not transfer to the resource-supplying organizations the money of the residents who paid for heating, hot and cold water and drainage (RDF) and accumulated millions of debts to the WSS.

Vladivostok residents will be left without hot water for a week

Hydraulic tests are being carried out in the regional capital Today, June 3, in some areas of Vladivostok, hot water supply will be shut off. More than 500 houses of Pervomaisky and Leninsky districts will remain without water

1638 homes are disconnected from hot water on June 3 in Novosibirsk

According to the information of the Unified Duty Dispatch Service (EDDS), on June 3 in Novosibirsk 1638 objects were disconnected from hot water. Since June 3, the specialists of NTSC LLC have started hydraulic tests for the density and strength of heat networks in the CHP-4 zone. Without hot water – 885 objects

In the Russian Orthodox Church called the problem of inter-church attitude to alcohol

The Russian Orthodox Church treats alcohol more gently than secular society, said the official representative of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoyda.

“We have an inter-church attitude towards alcohol, which is far behind the public, by the way. The most serious, I think the problem. <…> And society is wrong, and we treat something like this: well, yes, drunk, kind, pretty. Nothing pretty, “- said the representative of the MP ROC.

Honored Doctor of Russia stated that tick bites are good for health

Honored Doctor of Russia, the spouse of the former head of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Natalia Tolokonskaya, stated that tick bites can be useful for immunity. She posted the corresponding message in social networks. Writes about this “Moscow says.”

Pope erected the victims of the communist regime in Romania to the face of the blessed clerics

As TASS reports, Pope Francis, in his sermon, noted that even “today, when dictatorial regimes that infringe upon freedom are overcome, the danger of a new colonization ideology remains.” According to him, it “devalues ​​human dignity, life, marriage, family, imposes schemes, as in the past, especially on our children and young people, depriving the roots”.

Railways will launch trains with children’s compartments

The Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, will launch trains with children’s compartments, Interfax reports. The lower places of such cars are equipped with special devices so that the child does not fall. Also in the compartment will be board games and toys.

Five “phantom” enterprises producing milk counterfeits in Novosibirsk

Specialists of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Novosibirsk region have identified five manufacturers of counterfeit dairy products, which are registered in Novosibirsk, but are not available at the stated addresses.

“To prevent possible implementation of counterfeit and falsified products and the threat of harm to life and health of citizens, employees of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor handed over documents for review of their competence to law enforcement agencies,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade reports.

In the medical institution of Yakutsk due to a shortage of drugs canceled operations

On the cancellation of operations, people complained to the editors of the SakhaDay news agency. The medical institution explained to regional media that the reason for the shortage of medicines was a very large flow of patients who need emergency help.

Garbage reform forced dumping of waste near the landfill

Residents of Berdsk refuse to pay for the service that they themselves provide. But according to the new law, private owners are not allowed to enter the landfill site, only partners of the regulative in garbage collection are allowed.

A few days ago, gardeners decided to clean the sites of garbage on their own, including taking out the trash on a trailer on their cars, as they did years earlier. Arriving at the MSW landfill, the staff of the dump stopped Sergei at the checkpoint. They told the inhabitants of Berdsk that the administration of Berdsk had banned physical persons from using the garbage to the landfill even for money: there are surveillance cameras and a barrier at the entrance.

In the State Duma of Russia introduced a bill on non-state pensions

The State Duma submitted a bill giving the right to receive a non-state pension at the age of 55 women and 60 years old for men. One of the authors of the initiative was the deputy chairman of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Peter Tolstoy.

“People who have entered into or intend to enter into agreements with non-state pension funds will be able to receive a pension upon reaching the previously established retirement age, that is, women from 55, and men from 60,” the politician explained.

In Russia can enter eco-collection from cigarette manufacturers

In Russia, they proposed to charge an environmental tax on tobacco manufacturers. It should be at least 5 rubles from one pack. The Ministry of Health does not object to such a measure, the ministry’s press service told Izvestia.

Leaders in socio-economic development

If you count the cities on a scale from 1 to 100, then Moscow has 88.049 points, St. Petersburg – 86.141 points, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – 78.398 points, and Tatarstan – 75.069.

The Republic of Ingushetia, the Altai Republic, the Jewish Autonomous Region and Tuva received the following scores below 15.

Online trading in Russia rose to a record 1.66 trillion

The market growth rates were the best since 2010, when the organization first conducted its assessment. Thus, over the past three years, the growth rate of online trading in Russia did not exceed 20%, and at the beginning of 2018, ACIT predicted that by the end of the year the market would grow by 15% to 1.2 trillion rubles.

Whose land in Russia

The largest landowner in Russia, according to the rating for 2019, which was made public in May, was the first Miratorg company. In total, the consulting company BEFL counted 44 holdings in the country, which manage land exceeding 100 thousand hectares, and another 12 agricultural enterprises, which have 100 thousand hectares.

Miratorg is the largest producer of beef and pork in the Russian Federation, Prodimex is sugar, and EkoNiva is milk. Other prizes at Rusagro and Agrocomplex. And the co-owners of the three holdings – Vadim Moshkovich, Alexander and Victor Linniki, Igor Khudokormov – are included in the Forbes rating list as the richest agricultural businessmen.

VAT increase didn’t meet expectations

Russia’s budget did not notice an increase in revenues from domestic value-added tax (VAT) after its increase in 2019. This follows from the Monitoring of the Economic Situation in Russia, compiled by the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of Russia (RANEPA), which was received by the Lenta.ru editorial board.

“There was no growth in domestic VAT revenues relative to GDP, although from January 1, 2019, the base VAT rate increased from 18 to 20 percent,” the study says.

The number of millionaires doubled in Altai Territory

In the Altai Territory, according to the results of the declaration campaign-2019, 5.4 thousand taxpayers reported revenues of more than 1 million rubles a year, which is 46% more than last year. The number of billionaires also increased significantly.

This year, meat production in the Russian Federation may decline

It is reported that due to the fall in household incomes and the saturation of the domestic market, the growth rate of meat production in 2019 may be the lowest in the last five years. At the end of this year, the growth rate of meat production in Russia may be the lowest in the last five years, Kommersant reports. with reference to the data of the analytical center “Sovekon”.

US companies will leave Mexico

US companies will leave Mexico and return to the United States if the Mexican authorities do not put an end to illegal migration to the United States, said US President Donald Trump.

“Mexico is sending a large delegation to discuss the migration crisis on the US-Mexico border. The problem is that they “talk” for 25 years. We want action, not talk

Boeing is unlikely to be able to return its main plane to the sky soon.

Emirates airline president Tim Clark said that permission to resume flights of the Boeing 737 Max is unlikely to be received before the end of this year.

“We should expect delays from the regulators – in Canada, Europe, China … It will take time for this plane to start flying again. If this happens before Christmas, then I will be very surprised”
“Boeing should accept the fact that no matter how well, in their opinion, they fixed the plane, it will not work if they do not enlist the support of all regulators,” said the President of Emirates.

Another case against Anna Baltina has been initiated.

Another case has been initiated against one of the activists of the “Parks and Squares of Yekaterinburg” movement, Anna Baltina. She tried to organize unauthorized protests in the city under the guise of “go for a walk”, although they report that she gladly took money for her illegal activities. Earlier, Sister Baltina lodged a fence surrounded by “random” photographers and climbed a tree.

VTB will become the controlling shareholder of the railway operator RTK

VTB and shareholders of the railway operator RTK (Rustranskoy) signed binding documents on the purchase of 50% plus 1 share of the company by the banking group, the parties said. The parameters of the transaction in a press release are not disclosed. The parties do not comment on the amount of the transaction.

Producer “Superdzhetov” estimated at 45 billion rubles

The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (GSS; part of the United Aircraft Corporation, UAC), which produces the SSJ100 passenger short-range airliner, is estimated at RUB 44.8 billion, told Vedomosti three people close to the UAC.

Novosibirsk owes over 2 billion rubles in property taxes

Residents of the Novosibirsk region owed property taxes of 2.3 billion rubles, REGNUM was told at the regional office of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.
The government wants to impose an excise tax on cigarette replacement devices

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Finance Ministry to categorize reusable electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) as excisable goods and determine excise rates for them for 2019–2021. Such an order was given on the results of the May 27 government meeting.

Central Bank plans to introduce verification of e-mail of individuals

Participation in the pilot take Tinkoff Bank, OTP Bank and VTB. The first deputy head of the information security department at the Central Bank Artem Sychev explained the need for verification by the fact that in the absence of confirmation of an email address by the client, an attacker could gain access to bank secrecy.

The economy of Crimea grew at the beginning of the year faster than others.

At the beginning of the current year, retail turnover grew by 2.9% in the Crimea, and by 2.8% in Sevastopol. Among the regions that also showed high growth rates are the Leningrad Region, Ingushetia and Chechnya.

Vodohod ordered 2 Arctic liners for 210 million euros

Vodohod ordered two cruise expedition vessels with ice class for work in the Arctic and Antarctic worth 210 million euros for the Finnish shipyard acquired by the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) of the Finnish shipyard Head of Rosmorrechflot Viktor Olersky.

Huawei acquired Russian face recognition technology

Chinese Huawei has acquired patents and a team of Vocord face recognition technology developers. A source close to one of its parties, a person who knows its conditions, and an acquaintance of one of the shareholders of a Russian company spoke about the Huawei deal to Vedomosti.

In Sochi, the sanatorium “Caucasus” put up for auction

At the auction a single lot exhibited several unfinished buildings with a degree of readiness of 11% and 9%, retaining walls, as well as the right to lease land in Sochi. The total value of the lot is 129.4 million rubles.

Russia acquired gas “insurance” from US sanctions

As you know, the American Anadarko is now bought by Occidental Petroleum. But the latter is not interested in a number of assets of the acquired company, therefore, according to preliminary agreements, Anadarko will redeem all African enterprises Total.

Named fastest growing retailers in Russia

Analytical agency InfoLine presented the rating of the fastest growing retailers in the Russian market.

The largest sales growth in 2018 was achieved by Ozon, an online retailer, who increased revenues by 76.6% to 35.5 billion rubles. The Wildberries online store increased its revenue by 73.4% to 94.2 billion rubles. The top three in terms of sales growth closes the grocery retailer “Vkusvill”, the revenue of which grew by 66.2% over the year and amounted to 54.6 billion rubles.

Next in the list of the fastest growing retailers are located the pharmacy chains managed by Vita, Product Service, developing the Spar multi-format supermarket chain, the Brighter! Grocery chain, and the Aprel and Imperia Pharma pharmacy chains (Doctor brands Stoletov “,” Ozerki “and others). Red and White and Bristol grocery chains, specializing in the sale of alcoholic beverages, close the top 10 retailers with the best sales dynamics.

The largest energy companies of the Russian Federation opposed the benefits for Transbaikalia

The largest electric power companies and energy consumers in Russia opposed the granting of incentives at energy prices for the Trans-Baikal Territory, follows from their letter to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak (RIA Novosti read the copy of the document).

Uralkali has agreed on a loan with tranches of $ 725 million and 650 million euros

Uralkali, one of the world’s largest producers of potash fertilizers, has signed an agreement with a number of banks to receive a five-year loan in tranches of $ 725 million and 650 million euros, the manufacturer said

Profit of the largest banks decreased by one third

In the first quarter of 2019, the 22 largest Russian banks earned a net profit of 237.8 billion rubles, which is 105.6 billion rubles, or 30.8% less than in the same period of 2018. Reports about it “Kommersant” with reference to their reporting under IFRS.

Toshiba Memory Holdings will receive $ 11 billion

Toshiba Memory Holdings announced that its board of directors had agreed with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, MUFG Bank and Mizuho Bank to receive 900 billion yen in the form of new loans and an additional line of existing liabilities (it accounts for 100 billion yen) “in order to further strengthen the business base and capital structure of the company “.

VTB to provide Susumanzoloto with a loan of 200 million

VTB opens a credit line for ZRK Omchak CJSC (part of Susumanzoloto OJSC) for 200 million rubles, follows from the Susumanzoloto report following a meeting of the board of directors.

We are still positive about the high-yield US bond sector.

For the first time in the current phase of the business cycle, one of the high-ranking officials of the US Federal Reserve spoke about the need to lower interest rates in response to a possible deterioration in the economic outlook, recalls Julius Baer, ​​head of research for debt instruments, Markus Allenspach.

The Central Bank has again imposed restrictions on deposits in dollars and euros

The Central Bank again raises the reserve ratio for foreign currency deposits of individuals. This demotivates credit institutions to attract deposits in foreign currency, and in the future, citizens will continue to convert them into ruble deposits.

Bahrain opened its oil and gas deposits to foreign capital

The document says that companies with foreign capital are allowed to own 100% of the production of oil and natural gas in the country

GKZ approved oil reserves in Taimyr of 1.2 billion tons of fuel

Examination of the State Commission for Mineral Reserves (GKZ) approved the oil reserves in Taimyr to 1.2 billion tons of fuel. This was announced by Tass on Sunday, June 2

Gasoline again went up in Syktyvkar

At the “LUKOIL” gas stations in Syktyvkar, gasoline went up again. On average, fuel rose in price by 15 kopecks. The last time the price increase was recorded on May 22 – a week ago.

In Bashkiria, registered another increase in gasoline prices

In Bashkiria, at the gas station “Lukoil” recorded a rise in gasoline prices. According to the business portal UfaTime.ru, now one liter of AI-92 “Ecto” costs 42.59 rubles instead of the former 42.30 rubles. AI-95 “Ecto” can be purchased for 46.10 rubles – its price has increased by 20 kopecks

Kirov region owes one billion rubles for gas

Residents of Kirov and the Kirov region may be disconnected from gas supply As of May 1, 2019, the region’s total debt for gas exceeded 1 billion rubles.

44.2% increase in net profit of Gazprom in the first quarter of 2019

The net profit of Gazprom reached 535.91 billion rubles. In January – March 2019, the net profit of Gazprom attributable to shareholders increased by 44.2% under IFRS compared to the figure for the same period of 2018, reached 535.91 billion rubles, said the gas holding.

Devon Energy sells oil and gas assets in Canada

Devon Energy, based in the United States, produces about 250 thousand b / d of oil, as well as 1.2 billion cubic feet of gas per day, Prime points out.

In Perm, new buildings for the year rose by 13%

In Perm, housing in the primary market in May went up by 1.25%. Now the average cost of 1 square. apartment in the new building is 59.9 thousand rubles (against 59.2 thousand rubles in April), experts at Avito Real Estate website reported.

VTB refinances mortgage loans at 5%

VTB launches mortgage refinancing program for families with children. The rate for the entire loan term will be 5% per annum. Take advantage of the new conditions “Mortgage with state support” can families in which the second and subsequent child was born in the period from January 1, 2018. As part of the offer, clients can refinance loans issued under the state program until April 13, 2019, as well as other mortgage loans that meet the parameters of state subsidies (including those previously refinanced).

The average mortgage rate peaked at two years

The average weighted mortgage rate in Russia in April 2019 was 10.56% versus 10.42% in March. This value was the highest in the last 20 months (since August 2017, when it was 10.58%). It is reported by “Interfax Real Estate”, with reference to the data of the Bank of Russia.

In the UK, Trump’s visit will meet with protests

Opponents of US President Donald Trump are going to organize protests during his trip to the UK, writes Time. The state visit will begin on Monday, June 3rd. It is expected that the demonstrations will be held not only in London, but also in other cities of the United Kingdom.

Transneft Awaits Clean Oil to Poland June 8-9

Shipment of conditional oil to Hungary and Slovakia via the Druzhba main oil pipeline has entered normal operation, and deliveries of pure oil to Poland can begin as early as June 8–9, Transneft’s official representative Igor Demin told journalists.

China will start issuing commercial licenses for the 5G network in the near future.

“In the near future, the Ministry of Industry and Information of China will begin issuing a commercial license for 5G, after which China will officially enter the era of the commercial use of fifth-generation communication technologies,” the agency reports.

Trump urged Democrats to take up work, not his impeachment

Members of the Democratic Party should get to work, and not waste time on unsuccessful attempts to impeach, wrote US President Donald Trump on Twitter. Congressional Democrats are “treading water in one place.”

The United States set an ultimatum to Europe on defense cooperation

The United States gave an ultimatum to European countries on defense policy. This writes El Pais. According to the publication, Washington insists on the participation of its companies in European projects in the field of armaments. But European countries are afraid to be “trapped in US regulations on the export of military material.” At the same time, tensions between the parties are increasing, and the United States warned the European Union that its members could be left alone “in the face of such threats as Russia”.

Thousands of thousands of protests continue to shake the capital of Albania

Another protest unfolded on the streets of the Albanian capital, where several thousand people are demanding the resignation of the government and Prime Minister Eddie Rama. This was reported on Monday, June 3, by the France-Presse news agency, citing data from the Albanian Ministry of the Interior.

China has officially accused the United States of a trade war

China took a firm official stance on the United States on Sunday by publishing the White Paper, which claims that trade disruptions provoked by Washington have a negative effect on the world, according to CNBC.

The former head of the Klin district found property worth 9 billion rubles

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation clarified the amount of the claim for the recovery of property, filed in court against the former head of the Klin district of the Moscow region, Alexander Postrigan, accused of corruption. The supervisory authority found an additional property of nearly 5 billion rubles from the former official.

The last participant in the uprising in Sobibor died

The last participant in the uprising in the Sobibor concentration camp Semyon Rosenfeld died in Israel, reports RIA Novosti. According to local authorities, the former soldier of the Red Army was 96 years old.

“The Secret Life of Pets-2” has become the leader of the box office at the weekend

The weekend of the second week of hire brought him 235 million rubles. Closes the three leaders of the militant “Godzilla-2: King of Monsters”. For the first four days of hire in Russia, he collected 157.5 million rubles.

Ford vs Ferrari – the first trailer for the film “Daring Challenge”

The 20th Century Fox film company, on its official YouTube channel, published the first trailer for the film “Bold Challenge” by director James Mangold (“Logan”). The main roles in the film were played by Christian Bale and Matt Damon.

Emir Kusturica will shoot a film about Genghis Khan

The famous Serbian director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica in 2020 will present a new film, telling about the life of the Mongol khan. The tape is based on Chingiz Aitmatov’s story “White Cloud of Genghis Khan”.

Medina announced the arrival of “The Treasure of Russian Museums” in Omsk

The famous exhibition “Treasures of the Museums of Russia” will arrive in Omsk in October. This was told by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky at the general meeting of the Union of Museums of Russia in Moscow, the press service of the Government of Omsk Region reports. The exhibition “Treasures of Russian Museums” is represented by 150 paintings.

In Zheleznovodsk announced the winners of the film festival “Hero and Time”

The Israeli-Austrian film “Testimony” directed by Amichai Greenberg won the Grand Prix of the international film festival “Hero and Time” in Zheleznovodsk, in the documentary film competition the main prize was awarded to the film “Life with Bacteria”, the TASS correspondent reports.

The creator of “Hannibal” intends to withdraw the fourth season of the show

Four years have passed since the end of the third season of “Hannibal”, and screenwriter Brian Fuller is still counting on the return of the show.

“We do not give up! I made it clear that I want to do this, as the cast and our executive producer. We need only a channel or stream service that wants to support us. I do not think that the idea itself has a time frame or expiration date. We need someone who bites her, “- wrote Brian on Twiter

Robert Pattinson is officially named the new Batman.

Robert Pattinson is officially named the new Batman. The Twilight Star was officially approved for the DC superhero role. Vampire Edward Cullen – the sex symbol of the end of zero – will be the new Batman. Actor Robert Pattinson was officially confirmed for this role in the upcoming DC Comics franchise.

Volkonsky House Museum invites you to the exhibition to the 220th anniversary of Pushkin

In the house-museum of Volkonsky in Irkutsk on the day of the 220th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin, June 6, will open the exhibition “Playing” The Queen of Spades “,” dedicated to the story, which has become a masterpiece of the world opera stage.

Wesley Snipes will play in the zombie thriller

The star of the “Blade” trilogy Wesley Snipes has signed up to participate in the movie “Epidemic Z” (Outbreak Z). He will play Spenazovtsa, who must find a vaccine against the zombie virus. All the action will take place at the university campus.

Named new model of the Terminator in the movie “Terminator: Dark Fate”

According to the publication Heroic Hollywood, in the new “Terminator” the familiar universe will undergo radical changes. In particular, it will no longer have Skynet as the main threat to humanity, but there will be some Legion, which also sends into the past the prototype of the killer machine of the Rev-9 model. But her goal is no longer John Connor, but a girl named Daniella Ramos. There is also a kind of resistance, which also sends back to the past, “improved” with the help of biotechnology, the protector Grace. Sarah Connor comes to their rescue. What value will now have the character, which was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is still unknown.

On Vasilyevsky Island, they want to create the square “Autumn Marathon”

On Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg, they want to equip the square “Autumn Marathon”. With such a proposal was made by the initiative group of the park on Smolenka. The deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Boris Vishnevsky, spoke about the idea on his page on social networks.

Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Art Competition opens in Moscow

The international competition of opera artists Galina Vishnevskaya, founded by the singer in 2006, will be held in Moscow from June 3 to June 7 for the seventh time. 49 people will fight for a ticket to the world’s leading scenes, the press service of the co-founder of the show, the Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Center, told TASS.

Miyavi will come to Russia with a new album

Japanese singer, virtuoso guitarist and actor Miyavi will give two concerts in Russia in the coming autumn of the year as part of the “No Sleep Till Tokyo Tour-2019”.

American jazz singer Yves Cornelius to perform in Barnaul

At a concert in the Philharmonic on June 6, Yves Cornelius, accompanied by the jazz trio of Alexei Podymkin, will perform jazz standards in author’s arrangements and works in soul and funk styles.

In the capital of Germany will open the festival “The World of Russian Theater”

On Thursday, June 6, the Third International Festival “The World of Russian Theater” opens in Berlin, at which the guests of the forum from eight countries of the world will present their performances to the German public. The Third International Festival “The World of the Russian Theater” will be held in Berlin from 6 to 9 June.

Street Theater Festival will be held on Ostrovsky Square

An international theatrical Olympiad will be held in St. Petersburg from June to December. The opening will take place on June 15 at 6:00 pm on Ostrovsky Square by a large festival of street theaters. The performances of the actors will unfold not only in Ostrovsky Square, but also in the territory from Nevsky Prospect to Lomonosov Square.

Russian government demanded to store data of eSIM users in Russia

Manufacturers of smartphones that support the technology of virtual SIM-cards (eSim) will be obliged to store user data and cryptographic information in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Huawei cuts smartphone production

The Taiwanese company Foxconn, which is engaged in the manufacture of equipment for major brands, has suspended the release of Huawei smartphones. It is reported by the newspaper South China Morning Post. It is assumed that Huawei reduces the production of devices going for export

Apple will introduce a dark theme for iOS

The third most significant WWDC presentation for Apple — a conference for developers — has been scheduled for June 3, UT. So, what is expected from Tim Cook and his company. Perhaps the main point – a dark theme for iOS 13 – a new version of the operating system for the iPhone.

The first 5G eye clinic will appear in Fujian Province of China

A vision conservatory will be built in Xiamen city of Fujian province in eastern China, equipped with fifth-generation communication technologies 5G, Xinhua news agency reported June 2.

Apple has closed official iTunes communities on social networks.

The company has already found a replacement for the application. iTunes is living its life cycle. Analysts have noticed that Apple has already closed the official Instagram and Facebook pages for this program, removing all of its photos, recordings and videos.

LG began selling the world’s first 8K OLED TV

The company LG Electronics (LG) announced today, June 3, the start of official sales of the world’s first 8K TV, made on the technology of organic light emitting diodes (OLED). This is a model 88Z9, which has a size of 88 inches diagonally.

Home Theater in the form of a virtual reality helmet

The company Xiaomi introduced its new product called Xiaomi Mi 3D Cinema Headset, which looks like a virtual reality headset, but in fact it is a portable home theater

The existence of the Huawei Nova 5 Pro smartphone is confirmed

Last week there was information that the Huawei Nova 5 smartphone will be presented on June 28 of this year, while its price will be, according to different data, from $ 290 to $ 580

The network lit the flagships Honor with 12 GB of RAM

The older model in the top version is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory. However, there is a possibility that soon anyone will be able to purchase this smartphone with 12 GB of RAM. Both Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro appeared in the TENAA database, including options with 12 GB of RAM.

ProtonMail accused of spying on users and helping law enforcement

According to Steiger’s tweets, during the speech, Walder bluntly stated that ProtonMail voluntarily offered its assistance to the authorities and voluntarily monitors its users almost in real time, without requiring a warrant from a federal court.

Centralized Runet Management

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia has developed a procedure for centralized management of a public telecommunications network, that is, Runet, in which it identified the main threats under which such management can be introduced

  • Integrity threat – when, due to a breach of the ability of communication networks to interact, users cannot connect to each other and transfer data.
  • The threat of sustainability is the danger of disrupting the integrity of a communication network due to the failure of a part of its elements, as well as in natural and man-made disasters.
  • A security risk is the operator’s inability to resist attempts at unauthorized access to a public communication network, as well as deliberate destabilizing effects, which can cause network malfunctions.

The Ministry of Communications will determine the relevance of these threats in coordination with the FSB based on an analysis of the likelihood of their realization (high, medium and low) and the level of danger (also high, medium and low). The list of current threats will be published on the official website of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor).

New features in Telegram

Telegram developers added new private functions to the messenger. Users can comment on posts in the channels, hide their number and select the group by which it will be visible. Suspicious accounts received a warning sign.

Google Maps will now know about the speed limit

Google Maps will now know about the speed limit and inform drivers about police cameras. Promise both fixed and temporary speed control points

BlackBerry Messenger service has stopped its work

The company Emtek Group announced the termination of the messaging service BlackBerry Messenger. The reason for closing the application was the low demand for it among users.

Pavel Durov reinvents the Internet

The developers of the blockchain platform simultaneously with the story of the testing course published the first 500-page documentation describing the functions, features, applications and prospects.

Journalists from The Bell have read the document and argue that the creators are planning an ecosystem that will create an alternative to most of the typical interactions on the Internet. That is, the base still remains the blockchain platform TON Payments and the associated cryptocell. But the scope is much broader: it provides not only its own services and applications, but also something similar to websites and browsers within the platform, in other words, a replacement for the usual Web. It is argued that TON will be friends with external services and can be connected via gateways, which means that Telegram will not be the only mass application of the system. The document also mentions a hypothetical and private social network – the replacement for Facebook.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia supported the bill banning smoking hookah in a cafe

The government commission on legislative activity supported the bill banning smoking of hookahs and vaps in public places. It is reported by TASS with reference to the head of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Valery Ryazansky.

“Rostelecom” and “Infoteks” tested the protection of data transmission with quantum encryption

Currently, the company proceeds to the next stage – the creation of multi-user experimental data networks using quantum protection, as well as testing prototypes of specific services in the interests of potential customers (after the vendors have passed the stage of mandatory certification of equipment and solutions).

Transgenic fungus killed 99% of the population of anopheles mosquitoes

A group of American scientists from the University of Maryland, with the active participation of specialists from the IRSS Institute of Burkina Faso, created a genetically modified fungus that can destroy 99 percent of the population of anopheles mosquitoes.

Fiztekh created a competitor LED bulbs

Russian physicists from MIPT have developed a prototype of a new lighting lamp. She has the characteristics that allowed her to become the most reliable and durable light bulb in the world, in addition, she received the best lighting power. The basis of the development is the principle of operation of the kinescope.

Scientists have found a molecule that enhances immunity against cancer

Scientists from Scotland, when cultivating dendritic cells, have added LL-37 molecules to them, which are produced by the body and help to kill foreign bacteria and viruses. Researchers have learned that LL-37 molecules increase the production of cells that can be used to treat cancer.

Diamonds at the beginning of the life cycle formed from the ocean floor

A group of scientists from Macquarie University (Australia) after a thorough study, made a sensational discovery, as a result of which they were able to understand the secret of diamond formation. on our planet. According to experts, our Earth produces diamonds from recycled ocean floor. The connection with the oceans is indicated by salt crystals, which are preserved in many stones. The authors of the study recreated in laboratory conditions the extreme pressure and temperature arising at a depth of 200 kilometers, and were convinced that sea water in the bottom sediment is capable of creating a typical salt balance for diamonds, according to Science Advances.

Scientists are developing a unique “luminous” protein

Researchers add such fluorescent proteins to other proteins using genetic engineering to make the latter visible to the microscope and observe their behavior in cells.

Russian scientists have figured out how intelligence influences the development of varicose veins.

A group of Russian researchers from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk stated that there is a connection between varicosity and the level of intelligence, which was not previously known. Moreover, scientists were able to identify proteins and genes that contribute to the development of the disease.

Start of the Russian thermonuclear installation will take place at the end of 2020

Experts are planning to launch the Russian thermonuclear reactor in 2020, according to the information and news publication evo-rus.com.

Google could not find traces of cold fusion

Engineers at technology company Google conducted research, during which it was found impossible to build a cold fusion reactor. Workers said that this is something of the category of impossible dreams.

A hybrid hybrid cell can cause diabetes

In diabetes mellitus of the first type, the immune system is misinformed and takes insulin as a target. This condition provokes an attack on the beta cells of the pancreas, but the mechanism of this process is still not clear.

Camel milk helps with diabetes

In the laboratory, scientists observed how saturated and unsaturated camel milk lipids in macrophages are cells that provoke the development of inflammation in diabetes. Scientists have found that camel milk fatty acids can reduce abdominal inflammation caused by macrophages.

The world’s largest storage facility for renewable energy will be built in the USA

The Japanese consortium Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and the American company Magnum Development have announced the launch of a joint initiative to build a renewable energy storage facility. According to the Associated Press, the project will be the largest in history and will be implemented in Utah.

Antibiotics destroy river ecosystems

According to Alistair Boksal, an ecologist from the University of York and one of the leading researchers, almost all antibiotics currently present in the pharmaceutical market are found in aquatic ecosystems, ranging from sub-Saharan Africa to the Danube River in Austria

The speed limit of catalysis increased ten thousand times.

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst discovered a new technology that allows you to exceed the current limit of the reaction rate and increase the speed of catalytic processes ten thousand times.

IEEE has prohibited Huawei employees from reviewing scientific articles.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has banned employees of the Chinese company Huawei from reviewing and editing publications in scientific journals produced by this organization.

Scientists have noted a common feature in people with the first group of blood

Japanese experts, while studying the characteristics of blood, have found out that there is a definite connection between blood groups and character traits. For example, recently, experts have identified a common feature in people with the first group of blood. All carriers of the first blood group are leaders in society. This means that they are persistent, purposeful and always achieve their goals.

Russian scientists have found a “green” replacement for lithium batteries

According to Skoltech press service, Scraps and his colleagues have been trying for years to find an organic substitute for the materials used in the manufacture of cathodes in lithium-ion and other types of batteries.

Physicists for the first time managed to obtain a mechanical soliton gas

Scientists under the leadership of Nicolas Mordan for the first time in the history of science managed to build a mechanical system in which you can study soliton gas. The system is a thirty-plus meter water tank, inside of which a wave-generating piston is installed.

In Perm, medical students will be trained by students in the fall

There are various equipment with which students can train various skills, from the placement of surgical sutures to the resuscitation of a newborn, etc. We had an idea to involve in the educational process robots, which are already being prepared for us by the Perm company Promobot, – told RBC Perm rector of the medical university Irina Koryukina.

The engine of the ship Dream Chaser successfully passed fire tests

Repeated tests of 2017 proved that the ship is able to plan and land effectively. The first public test of fire – another important milestone in the history of the creation of the ship, which will have to carry cargo on the ISS

NASA has published an X-ray of the universe

NASA has published an X-ray picture of the universe. Work on the image was carried out for two years in a row, to bring together all the visible cosmic sources of X-rays, according to Glas.

Space jetpack created in Russia

The system is designed to maneuver the ISS. According to Shkaplerov, astronauts are promised that the backpacks will be used during exits to the open space for transitions from one module of the ISS to another.

Draft aircraft carrier Stratolaunch declared closed

The American space launches company Stratolaunch, founded almost ten years ago by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, announced the closure and sale of property and intellectual property rights. About this reports portal The Drive with reference to the agency Reuters

Japanese space probe is preparing for a new landing on an asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is preparing for a new landing of the Hayabusa-2 (Sokol-2) space probe on Ryugu, an asteroid that has been in orbit since last June.

Roscosmos will spend on the construction of eight missiles more than 10 billion rubles

According to the technical task, 3 missiles should be made by next autumn, the remaining 5 – in a year

The launch of the Venera-D spacecraft is proposed to be postponed.

Roscosmos and NASA told that the Venus-D research space probe continues to be prepared and will be launched in 2031. It is reported that about 17 billion rubles have been allocated for the project. As it is easy to guess, the interplanetary station will explore Venus.

Russian lunar and Martian crews will receive a space trampoline

For long-term space missions to the Moon and Mars for astronauts will develop a real “gym”.

Europeans have shown a model of a hypersonic high-altitude airliner

The model of the hypersonic airliner, demonstrated at the Aerodays-2019 exhibition, shows the key features of the future aircraft. The overall concept of the project was declassified some time ago, so that the current demonstration did not become any sudden.

NASA recalled the upcoming total solar eclipse

NASA experts reported that on July 2, 2019, it will be possible to observe a total solar eclipse. The eclipse will last 4 minutes 33 seconds. During this phenomenon, the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking the light of the star.

In the Russian Federation started selling new Kia Soul

Dealers of the Korean company in the Russian market announced the start of sales of the third generation KIA Soul. Russian buyers KIA Soul will be available in eleven versions, including the “charged” GT Line. The cost of new items lies in the range from 1 029 900 to 1 629 900 rubles.

GM AvtoVAZ again extended discounts on Chevrolet Niva

Throughout this month, the Chevrolet Niva SUV can be purchased with a good profit: GM-AvtoVAZ decided to extend the Trade-in and Discount on Credit programs

Russians spent 766 billion rubles to buy new cars

According to analysts, in the current year in Russia for the purchase of new cars were spent 10% more than in the same period in 2018. The leader in sales is the Korean brand KIA, whose revenue in the first four months amounted to 96 billion rubles (+ 11%).

Mercedes-Benz came up with a design for a new electric crossover

The Denza brand, created by Daimler and Chinese BYD, presented the Concept X show car at the Shenzhen Auto Show. This crossover, designed by Mercedes-Benz design center employees in China, will enter the local market next year. Denza Concept X is a model for a future production model.

Racing electric car will develop in Belarus

It is expected that in the next they will be able to take part in the race “World Rally”. Belarusian scientists are working on the creation of a racing electric car.

GM will release a new SUV brand Hummer

The growing popularity of the Jeep Wrangler and the emergence of a new Ford Bronco may be the reason for the revival of the long gone, but not yet forgotten brand Hummer. At least, this opportunity is now being considered at General Motors.

Land Rover Defender will get the traditional “square” design

Preserving the square silhouette, the new look is a mixture of Land Rover Discovery and the 2011 DC100 concept car. The front end design has a straightforward appearance with straight horizontal grille openings and rectangular LED headlamps.

The biggest pickup truck Great Wall P-Series was presented in Shenzhen

As part of the international auto show in Shenzhen, Great Wall has unveiled a production version of the largest pick-up of the P-series. It is already known that the novelty will be sold worldwide. The plans of the Chinese automaker to produce annually more than 200 thousand of these machines.

Single Porsche was not destined to become serial

In 2015, Porsche built on the base of the 981 Boxster a lightweight, sporty vehicle for hillclimbing, which was to become the modern interpretation of the 1968 Bergspyder model 909. But the story decreed otherwise and the white-green speedster never got up on the conveyor.

Geely showed new Vision X3 for the price of Lada Granta

The company Geely declassified an updated version of the compact crossover Vision X3. Vision X3 2019 model year received a modernized front bumper with horizontal sections of DRL, a different head optics, redesigned grille and taillights with a different filling.

The 1010-strong supercar FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci is presented.

A startup from Italy FV Frangivento recently presented its first futuristic supercar, dubbed Asfane DieciDieci

Cars older than 10 years waiting for a new

As the main road police officer of the country, Mikhail Chernikov, told journalists, over 20 million cars over the age of 10 years are registered in our country. And their ecological class is not defined at all. Therefore, create a base to identify all the machines. Each motorist will be notified of the environmental class his vehicle has.

Last summer, the Council under the President of the Russian Federation proposed banning cars with too low eco-class from driving in some areas of megalopolises so as not to pollute the environment. Violations will fix road cameras, and drivers will be fined. However, it is not yet known what the penalties will be, and when exactly they are planning to introduce such an innovation. Innovation is being developed.

By 2025, Audi plans to release 30 electrified models.

For seven years, the German company will present 30 electrified models. By 2025, Audi is going to electrify its lineup so that global sales of electric cars are 40%.