4 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/03/2020

The Central election Commission of Russia approved the final voting procedure for amendments to the Constitution on July 1. According to the new version of the document, the plebiscite will last 20 days: the expression of will in remote areas will begin in 10 days, and mass voting — at the polling stations, at home and in other places — will start on June 25.

As discovered by Open media, in the new voting procedure, election commissions are allowed to print out voting boxes daily at their discretion and transfer used ballots to safe bags. Monitoring this process is not prescribed in any way.

You will be able to receive the newsletter without leaving your passport details. To vote at home-without a valid reason, and a request to do so verbally for a citizen can be transmitted by a third person, whose data will also not be recorded anywhere

Vladimir Putin has scheduled a vote on the Constitution for July 1.

The term of the current President is “reset” — he will be able to run for President in 2024 and in 2030.

2. in the future, you will not be able to run for President for more than two terms — whether in a row or not.

3. Formally, international law will retain priority over Russian law, but the constitutional court will be able to block the execution of decisions of international organizations if it considers them “unconstitutional”.

4. a Person who has ever had a foreign residence permit or citizenship will not be able to run for President.

5. the Lifetime immunity of former presidents will be enshrined in the Constitution.

6. the President will have even more power: he will be able to remove judges of the constitutional and Supreme courts (with the consent of the Federation Council) and dismiss the Prime Minister without resigning the entire government.

7. the President will be able to challenge the law even if the Parliament overcame its veto by sending it to the constitutional court for review.

8. the President will decide which authorities are subordinate to him, and which to the Prime Minister (power Ministers — automatically to him).

9. the President will be able to appoint the Prime Minister, even if his candidacy was rejected three times by the Duma (and not to dissolve it at the same time — now he is obliged to do so).

10. the President will appoint more members of the Federation Council, and after his resignation, if he wants, will be able to join it himself.

11. members of the Federation Council will be officially renamed senators (but the chamber will not become a Senate). With them the President will be consulted in the appointment of security Ministers.

12. state authorities will have the right to participate in the formation of self-government bodies, and the President will coordinate their overall work.

13. Deputies, senators, governors, Ministers, and judges will be banned from holding foreign citizenship or residence permits.

14. the Constitution will mention the state Council, which will determine the main directions of foreign, domestic and socio-economic policy.

15. the Russian people will be declared state-forming.

16. A marriage is considered to be only the Union of man and woman.

17. The Constitution will appear the mention of faith in God.

18. Pensions and other social benefits will be regularly indexed, and the minimum wage should not be lower than the subsistence minimum.

19. Calling for the” alienation ” of any territories of the Russian Federation will be unconstitutional.

The plan of restoration of economy of Russia. Main measures:

1. growth of income of the population. Social Treasury for effective social assistance. Payments to families with children and other vulnerable groups. Help for people who have lost their jobs. Digitalization of the labor market, including remote work.

2. Support for small and medium-sized businesses. Loans at 2% for affected industries and write-offs if the company does not lay off employees. A comfortable ecosystem for small businesses through a “single window”. Risk-based supervision.

3. Investment support. Comprehensive support for major projects. Powerful infrastructure projects with a large multiplier effect. Effective development institutions. Improving the business climate. Acceleration of approvals and digitalization in construction. Accelerated development of cities as centers of economic growth.

4. The increase in labor productivity. Transformation of public services and creation of a single Gostech platform. Digitalization of healthcare and education, free higher education by 2024, unified digital medical records. Leadership in artificial intelligence. Support for IT startups. Development of electronic and radio-electronic industry.

5. Support export and import substitution. Acceleration of reasonable import substitution, diversification of the defense industry. Comprehensive support for exporters through a “single window”.

6. Development of traditional industries. Preferential loans to system-forming enterprises. Recovery of the most affected industries. Improving the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex. Promotion of domestic and inbound tourism.

7. Resistance to epidemics. Modernization of the infection service, development of the base for laboratory research. Effective threat prevention and detection. Creating an advanced pharmaceutical industry and creating a reserve of medicines.

Voting in the presidential elections of Belarus in Russia

Voting in the presidential elections of Belarus for citizens of the Republic will be organized in three cities of Russia, the press service of the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow reported.

According to the Embassy, polling stations will operate in the building of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia, which is located in Moscow, as well as in the office of the Embassy in St. Petersburg and in the office of the Embassy in Kaliningrad. Presidential elections in Belarus are scheduled for August 9

In Paris, a rally against police violence.

In Paris, almost 20,000 people staged a rally in memory of 24-year-old Adam Traor, who died after being detained in 2016. The memorial event turned into a riot

Moscow police detain protesters against police violence.

Police officers began to detain participants of single pickets against police violence, taking place near the building of the Moscow Ministry of internal Affairs on Petrovka, reports “OVD-info”. Among the detainees are also those who went on a picket in support of the arrested journalist Ilya Azar.

The action on Petrovka was staged after the special forces of the Russian Guard in Yekaterinburg shot a man suspected of stealing four rolls of Wallpaper.

Protests against police brutality continue in the United States.

They began because of the death of a black American, George Floyd, who was severely detained by the police on may 25. Peaceful rallies began in Minneapolis, where Floyd was detained. A few days later, residents of Los Angeles, new York, Washington, Chicago and other American cities took to the streets. Protesters there also smashed up police cars and engaged in looting. Curfews were imposed in 25 cities; and US President Donald trump called for the arrest of participants in the pogroms.

When China made the first announcements, kovid was already in Moscow

Head of Moscow’s information technology Department Eduard Lysenko said in an interview with Khabru that the coronavirus infection appeared in Moscow in mid-late January.

The team has been working 24 to 7 since we started it all. This means that about the middle of January. I don’t know how anyone noticed when kovid came to Moscow, but in reality it was… mid-late January. When China made the first announcements there, something else. In fact, kovid was already here — ” Lysenko said.

Rospotrebnadzor officially announced the first Russian with coronavirus on March 2. This was David Berov, who returned to Moscow from Italy on February 23

Putin approved the basics of nuclear deterrence policy

The document specifies four conditions under which Russia can use nuclear weapons: the launch of ballistic missiles on the territory of the Russian Federation or its allies, the use of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction by the enemy, the impact on critical state or military facilities, and aggression with conventional weapons that threatens the existence of the Russian Federation as a state.

The book festival starts on red square on June 6

The organizers intend to hold a book fair on red square, despite the isolation regime imposed in Moscow, and the current ban on mass events. The head of the organizing Committee for the festival, adviser to the President of Russia on culture Vladimir Tolstoy said that the fair was considered acceptable, since non-food stores, including bookstores, began opening in Moscow on June 1.

Establish administrative supervision for a period of 9 years.

The requirements of the Department of the interior Ministry for the district of Kuntsevo, which is the plaintiff in the case of Varvara Karaulova, contains a ban on staying out of residence from 22: 00 to 06: 00 Moscow time, if it is not related to work, until April 27, 2029. This was announced by the lawyer of a former MSU student who was convicted of trying to join the is, Sergei badamshin. The lawyer noted that such a restriction was not established even by the court at the time of PAROLE.

“The probation period has already ended without complaints. All right. Works, studies, gets married. How can this be tolerated? The Ministry of internal Affairs must show its real face. An inspector from the Department called and said that the lawsuit is scheduled for June 04, 2020. They are in such a hurry that they did not even hand over a copy of the claim, and they refuse to tell the court what requirements they want to set in accordance with the supervision.”

The state theater of Nations is a major recipient of state subsidies

Since the beginning of 2020, this theater, headed by Yevgeny Mironov, has received three budget subsidies for 1.18 billion rubles. Information about this “Open media” found on the portal “Electronic budget”.

The theater received its first and largest subsidy on January 20, 2020. It is designed for three years, during which the state will allocate 1.08 billion rubles to the theater for “ensuring the state task for the provision of public services”. This year, The theater of Nations will receive 416 million rubles, and then-333 million rubles in 2021 and 2022.

The theater received the next subsidy of 80.4 million rubles on January 28. this money will also be received in equal parts over the next three years. Finally, at the end of may, the state allocated 16.3 million rubles to the Mironov theater to support the institution during the coronavirus pandemic

Mishustin instructed to analyze the application of Sobyanin’s decrees

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed to check the regulations adopted during the coronavirus pandemic, including the decrees of the mayor of Moscow, for compliance with the rights and interests of citizens. The Ministry of justice, the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor, together with the government of Moscow, will carry out the inspection. A report on the results of the audit must be submitted to the government by June 8.

Enterprise “Roscosmos” has started to produce elevators with the voice of Gagarin

Ust-Katavsky car building plant (UKVZ, part of the United rocket and space Corporation) has completed the certification procedure for elevators of its own production, TASS reports. The new elevators will greet passengers with the words of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin before the start of movement: “Let’s go!”

Minnesota police will be tested for discrimination in 10 years

The Minnesota Department of human rights has begun checking local police for systematic discrimination over the past 10 years, Governor Tim Walz said. The US justice Department has also launched a Federal investigation into racism, the White house said, amid protests over the death of African-American George Floyd.

A third of companies plan to optimize (reduce) staff

In the next six months, more than a third of Russian companies plan to cut an average of 16% of their employees. This was shown by the study hh.ru, which the company conducted at the request of Izvestia. Almost half of the companies have already optimized, giving up about 20% of the staff.

African-American billionaire demanded compensation for slavery in the United States

In the United States, the first African-American billionaire, Robert Johnson, called on the authorities to pay their compatriots an impressive compensation for centuries of slavery. The media Mogul is sure that the US is obliged to pay black citizens of the country the amount of 14 trillion dollars.

In Russia, the minimum hourly payment rate can be set

For information about the introduction of the minimum hourly rate (MRR), see the section “development of employment forms”. It is noted that the introduction of MRCHS will contribute to the fight against shadow pay and protect the interests of employers and their employees who work part-time

Russians will be deprived of the right to refund money for canceled trips

Russian companies will be allowed not to return money to customers for canceled trips and failed reservations in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The corresponding bill was approved by the Federation Council, RIA Novosti reports.

Tourists began to refuse to stay in Sochi because of the new rules

Tourists refuse already booked trips to Sochi because of the certificates required for testing for coronavirus when checking in, resorts offer them to postpone vacation dates or refund money, Irina Tyurina, a spokeswoman for the Russian Union of tourism industry (PCT), told Interfax.

Poland has launched an investigation against Gazprom»

The Polish competition and consumer protection Authority (UOKiK) has initiated an investigation against Gazprom. The national regulator threatens the Russian company with a fine of 50 million euros for refusing to cooperate in the case of the construction of the Nord stream — 2 gas pipeline.

Qatar reserves capacity in South Korea to build LNG carriers

Qatar Petroleum (QP) has signed three agreements to reserve the capacity of South Korean shipbuilders to build more than 100 liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers.

China intends to buy out US shale companies

All may not be lost for the shale industry. The fact is that against the background of a significant decline in the value of assets of American companies, China may intervene in the situation, according to Sergey Pikin, Director of the energy development Fund.

Currently, the shares of key American corporations are trading at lows: since the beginning of March, the value of Occidental Petroleum securities has fallen by more than 60%, and the stock prices of Continental Resources and EOG Resources have sunk by an average of 30-40%, — the expert said in an interview with RT.

China has started building super-large gas carriers

The implementation of the signed agreement will allow China to receive about 400 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas from offshore fields. The contract involves the construction by CSSC of 1,500 tank vessels for the transportation of liquefied natural gas.

Rats successfully transplanted a human mini-liver

The resulting mini-livers were able to secrete bile and urea and were completely identical to a normal human liver. As part of the experiment, five rats were transplanted with grown livers. At first there were certain problems with blood supply, but then the organs took root and worked

Russia was in the group of high risk countries

The popular resort island of Cyprus will only accept tourists from a certain list of countries. Russia has not yet entered it, the Association of tour operators of Russia reported. The list also does not include the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the United States and Sweden, reports TV channel “360”. Official Cyprus intends to adjust the list based on changes in the epidemiological situation of States.

Anomalous matter found inside neutron stars

Finnish astrophysicists from the University of Helsinki have proved the presence of exotic quark matter in the cores of the largest neutron stars. The researchers ‘ paper is published in the journal Nature Physics.

It is known that inside neutron stars, matter collapses into extremely dense matter, so that neutrons and protons form essentially a giant atomic nucleus. However, it was still not clear whether this substance is destroyed in the bowels of the most massive neutron stars, forming even more anomalous quark matter. According to scientists ‘ conclusions, quark nuclei are actually present inside such objects.

A horror trailer featuring Emilia Clarke has been released

The film contains eight separate stories. But despite the fact that the film is declared as an anthology, the trailer hints at the connection between the stories. A large film crew worked on horror, which included Douglas KIV, Matt Newton, Tony Tikkanen, Noor Vazzi and others



Donald Trump was sued

The center for democracy and technology, a nonprofit organization, considered the decree on regulating social networks an attack on freedom of speech. In her opinion, the goal of Donald trump is to force social networks to change their content moderation, which will increase the risk of misinformation and pressure on voters before the presidential election, – reports Deutsche Welle. The sponsors of the organization that filed the lawsuit are, in particular, the social networks Facebook and Twitter

Establish whether imports of vanadium to national security

The US Federal government has begun to consider whether the purchase of vanadium abroad in the current volumes threatens national security, including in light of the industrial policy of Russia and China. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the us Department of Commerce.

Russian combat laser shot down an Israeli drone in Syria

The Russian Federation continues to test the latest weapons on the territory of Syria. A number of media outlets spread information that the newest Russian combat laser system “Peresvet”was tested on the territory of the SAR.

The EU pointed out that the US does not have the right to change the composition of the G7

European Union high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Josep Borrel opposed Russia’s return to the G7. This is how he responded to the initiative of the head of the White house, Donald trump, to return to the G8 format, TASS reports.

The G7 is a forum of the world’s leading democratic countries that share common views. Cooperation between countries that share common views is now more important than ever. Russia has moved away from these principles, as a result of which it was forced to leave this forum. The situation has not changed sufficiently yet — ” the European politician said.

In Japan, a fourth-generation tank with ceramic armor was tested

Japan tested a fourth-generation Type-10 tank at a test site in Shizuoka Prefecture, a feature of which was composite ceramic armor. It is not inferior to steel, and even surpasses it,but it also costs more.

Russia’s Northern fleet will receive new weapons

In 2020, the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy plans to receive six warships, more than 180 weapons and military equipment, said the commander of the SF Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseev. Among the new products are two nuclear submarines and a new type of landing ship.

Photos of the Batmobile from the new “Batman” with Robert Pattinson appeared

American artist Jeff frost published photos of the Batmobile, which was created according to his concept. The car will be used in the movie “Batman”, the main role in which will be played by British actor Robert Pattinson. Frost posted the images on his website, but later closed the page.

American scientists have taught human kidney cells to produce squid protein

This gave the cells new properties: now they are able to signal (the role of which is played by a salt solution) from colorless to opaque. This is a new method of intravital staining of the cells, which can replace traditional fluorescent proteins. And at the same time, with its help, we can learn more about what other mechanisms are used by squids to intimidate or disguise. The work is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Instagram has launched a function for ordering food in Russia

The social network Instagram has launched a function for ordering food in Russia as part of support for small businesses affected by the coronavirus, the social network said in a statement.

Reducing stress levels can restore color to gray hair

Scientists from the Columbia Institute were able to learn that if a person’s hair has just started to turn gray, this process can be stopped. Color from nature can be returned to the so-called stress gray hair.

The trailer for the Italian horror series Netflix ” Flooded city”

Netflix has shown a trailer for the series “the Flooded city ” (Curon) – a kind of Italian version of “the Keys of Locke”. According to its plot, seventeen years after some tragic events that forced the heroine to leave the city of Kuron, she returns home with her twin children.



Scientists have discovered the place with the cleanest air on the planet.

Experts from Colorado were able to find the atmospheric layer untouched by anthropogenic activity. The place with the cleanest air on our planet is located near the glaciers of Antarctica. As it became known, the air in the lower clouds over the Southern ocean does not contain aerosol particles, car exhaust, dust, emissions and other unnatural particles. As proof, the scientists presented samples of air and analyzed it with the help of bacteria in it.

Razer introduced the Ornata V2 keyboard

With Razer Chroma RGB, gamers can access unique lighting effects and game integrations from more than 100 games, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warframe, and more. The new keyboard is already available for purchase on Razer.com

HP released OMEN 15 gaming laptops with AMD processor

HP has updated its OMEN 15 gaming laptop with a new design and new specifications for 2020. Among other things, it is possible to buy a laptop with an AMD processor, for the first time FOR omen laptops. OMEN 15 can now work with an Intel Core i7-10750H or AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor.

HUAWEI has released a new tablet MatePad

The new product is equipped with a bright frameless screen with a diagonal of 10.4 inches, a vision protection function, a powerful audio system, a Kirin 810 processor and a set of intelligent technologies. HUAWEI MatePad weighs 450 grams. Thanks to the narrow frame width of 7.9 mm, the usable area of the 2K screen reaches 84%.

Facebook makes it easier to find and delete unnecessary information

The new feature allows you to hide both individual posts and groups of posts. To do this, the platform has added filters that will help the user find publications for a specific time period or with a specific person. Facebook also added a feature to move messages to the trash.

The German mobile operator decided to use Ericsson equipment for 5G

All three major German mobile operators refused to use Chinese Huawei equipment to build 5G networks after Telefonica Deutschland was the last to do so, Reuters reported on June 2. The choice of equipment supplier for the German company fell on the Swedish Ericsson

Scientists found out what the herbivorous dinosaur had for lunch

The contents of the stomach of a dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago, scientists from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) were able to study, CNN reported on June 3.

Leaf fragments and other plant fossils were preserved down to the cells, ” David Greenwood, a co-author of the study, a Brandon University biologist and an associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, told CNN in an email.

Nodosaurus, known as Borealopelta markmitchelli, was found in 2011 during mining operations North of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. It has been on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of paleontology in Alberta since 2017.

Chinese scientists have reported a breakthrough in the development of chips on carbon nanotubes

A group of scientists from Peking University informed about the new development, according to the online publication 3DNews on June 2. Scientists were able to place carbon nanotubes with a density of 120 pieces per micron on a 100-nm silicon wafer. The purity of the material was 99.9999%.

Blue light at night made the mice depressed

Scientists have discovered a subcortical neural pathway responsible for the development of depressive behavior in mice under prolonged exposure to night lighting. The pathway begins with light-sensitive retinal ganglion cells, and ends with neurons of the nucleus accumbens. Intermediate switching occurs in the dorsal perigabenular nucleus, which is activated at night and leads to depressive behavior due to its direct connection with the nucleus accumbens, which is responsible, among other things, for mood. The authors of the article published in Nature Neuroscience note that the circadian rhythms of the mice were not disturbed.