5 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/04/2019

Elizabeth II meets with Trump at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain met with Donald Trump and First Lady Melania at Buckingham Palace. The arrival of the head of the White House on the territory of the palace on the presidential helicopter showed live on the British television channel Sky News.

Pompeo called on Russia to “do more” to investigate the collapse of the MH17

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Russia to “do more” to investigate the crash of flight MH-17 to Ukraine in 2014. In an interview with the Dutch branch of the television company RTL, Pompeo was asked whether Russia cooperated sufficiently in connection with the investigation of the disaster.

The head of the military council of Sudan announced the holding of general elections

The head of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burkhan, announced the formation of an interim government and called for a general election to be held within nine months, SkyNewsArabia reports.

Zelensky’s team began to prepare a strategy for the “return of the Crimea”

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will discuss the strategy of the “return” of Crimea reunited with Russia with high-ranking officials of the European Union and NATO during a visit to Brussels, press secretary of the head of state Yulia Mendel reported on the TV channel 1 + 1

The European Commission proposed a year to extend the sanctions against the Crimea

The European Commission proposed to extend the sanctions against the Crimea and Sevastopol until June 23, 2020, reports Bloomberg, citing an internal EU document. According to Interfax-Ukraine, the document says that the EU “does not recognize and continues to condemn the illegal annexation of the Crimea and Sevastopol”

The US Senate has approved a bill on sanctions for interfering in elections

The Senate of the US Congress on Monday unanimously approved a bill providing for sanctions in the form of a ban on the issuance of US visas or the deportation of those who, according to Washington, were involved in interfering with the elections held in the country. Broadcast of the meeting led the channel C-Span.

Latvian Foreign Minister announces intention to develop relations with Russia

Latvia intends to support the development of economic relations with Russia, which it considers to be an important trading partner in many industries, said Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich.

“We want to maintain a positive trend in the development of our economic relations, especially in transit and tourism. Latvia sees potential in strengthening economic ties between regions of our countries, ”RIA Novosti quotes a diplomat.

The Minister of Defense of Guatemala spoke about the presence of the US military

US Army troops are located in Guatemala as part of a joint fight against illegal migration, said Guatemala’s Minister of Defense Luis Miguel Ralda, reports Soy 502

The Kremlin expressed a desire to see Michael Calvi at the SPIEF-2019

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Kremlin would like to see the founder of Baring Vostok, Michael Calvi, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which will be held from 6 to 8 June. About this on Monday, June 3, writes RT.

“As for the case of Michael Calvey … This is, of course, a very annoying situation. We are very sorry. We, of course, would like to see Michael among the forum participants. He was quite an active player in the Russian market, ”said Peskov.

According to Peskov, the Kremlin does not have the authority to issue permission to participate in the Calvi forum, which is under house arrest.

If Calvi is released from house arrest and he gets this badge, he will really have the opportunity to get to the session with Vladimir Putin. – Denis Denisov, Russian hockey player

Kuchma is going to initiate a new truce in the Donbass

Former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, appointed by the representative of Kiev in the contact group on the settlement in the east of the country, announced his intention to initiate a new truce in the Donbas.

Russian military satellites will provide high-speed communications in the Arctic

Until the end of 2019, the entire Russian group in the Arctic will have access to high-speed information channels. As sources in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia, the polar link will start working when the Meridian-M satellites are launched into orbit

Zelensky introduced to the parliament a bill on illegal enrichment

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on the criminal responsibility of officials for illegal enrichment. The document is posted on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament.

Syria has rejected a deal with the United States and Israel

Earlier it was reported that the United States and Israel are going to offer Russia a deal on Syria at the upcoming trilateral meeting in Jerusalem. The essence of the deal is the lifting of sanctions from Syria and the recognition of the legitimacy of its government in exchange for limiting Iran’s influence in the region.

US approved supply of Bulgaria fighter F-16

Permission is obtained for the sale of eight aircraft, as well as related equipment and ammunition. From the point of view of the US military, the execution of the contract is in the interests of “US foreign policy and national security”

Russia will conduct an observation flight over Croatia

Russian specialists will soon conduct an observation flight over the territory of Croatia within the framework of the Treaty on Open Skies. According to the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”, over the territory of Croatia will fly Russian observation aircraft AN-30B. The maximum flight range will be 1.3 thousand km.

Moroccan authorities detain radicals who were preparing the attacks

Moroccan siloviki detained militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in Russia. According to local intelligence, the radicals were preparing terrorist attacks in the kingdom.

NATO exercises on air defense and missile defense “Tobruq Legacy-2019” began in Poland

In Poland, the NATO-based Tobruq Legacy anti-missile and anti-missile defense exercises started at the Central Air Force Test Ground in Ustka in Poland.

Russia blocked the statement of the UN Security Council on Syria

A source at RIA Novosti in the UN Security Council reported that Russia had blocked a statement calling on the parties to the Syrian conflict to confirm the cease-fire that Belgium, Germany and Kuwait had prepared.

It is reported that the document emphasized the need for the safe and voluntary return of refugees.

Thousands of Donbas residents applied for Russian passports

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia accepted several thousand applications for obtaining Russian citizenship from residents of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). This is reported on the site office.

It is noted that applications will be reviewed within three months. Items for the issuance of passports will begin work after the decision to acquire Russian citizenship, the report said.

Zelensky spoke about new solutions for the Donbass

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Kiev has “concrete proposals and new solutions” to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

“But no one is going to trade in the territory and sovereignty of Ukraine,” he said at a briefing.

Canada has suspended the work of the embassy in Venezuela

Consular services for Canadians in Venezuela will be carried out by the Canadian embassy in neighboring Colombia, the statement said. Since January, Canada has recognized Venezuelan leader Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaydo, who has declared himself interim president of the country.

Turkey welcomed talks on Venezuela in Oslo

Turkey welcomes the talks held in Oslo between the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition and is ready to support the dialogue between the parties, the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement published on the website of the country’s foreign ministry.

Pompeo called on Europe to exclude Russia from the energy supply system in the EU

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague called on Europe to exclude Russia from the energy supply system to the European Union.

In the US, they want to introduce five types of sanctions against the “Nord Stream-2”

A bill has been submitted to the US Congress to impose sanctions on companies that provide insurance to ships involved in laying the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. We are talking about at least five types of restrictions.

“The President may impose five or more sanctions <…> against a foreign person if the President decides that this person knowingly, on or after the date of this law coming into force, provides [for such] vessel with risk assessment, insurance or reinsurance services,” says the document.

Trump voiced his position on Brexit

Donald Trump has declared his support for Brexit. At the same time, he noted that the withdrawal of Britain from the EU should be carried out without violating economic and financial stability in the world. The position of the president announced the press service of the White House, reports TASS

Macron insists on leaving Britain from the EU in October

French leader Emmanuel Macron said that Britain’s exit from the European Union should take place in late October and there should be no further postponements of this date. “I think it would be a big mistake to delay this process,” Bloomberg quoted him as saying.

Boris Johnson promises to cut taxes and finally leave the EU

On the video posted on Twitter, the politician promises to cut taxes and finally implement Brexit

Nizhny Novgorod hostel refused to accommodate HIV-positive children

In the management of Rospotrebnadzor in the Nizhny Novgorod region “RG” stated that they understand this situation. On June 5, a meeting is scheduled with the participation of Olga Kuzmicheva, representatives of the Novinki sports village and the ombudsman for children’s rights in the region.

“Kommersant” faces a fine of up to 1 million rubles for the disclosure of secrets

The newspaper “Kommersant” want to bring to administrative responsibility for the disclosure of information constituting a state or other secret protected by law. About this TASS reported a source in judicial circles.

In “Kommersant” could not report the essence of the claims to the publication. According to Vladimir Zhelonkin, general director and chief editor of Kommersant, he is not yet aware of the case. “We were not summoned to the court,” he told Interfax.

Ministry of Health reported an increase in salaries to health workers in 2018

The press service of the Ministry of Health stated that the data of the Rosstat illustrate the fulfillment of targets set out in the May presidential decree in all 85 regions of the Russian Federation on the salaries of nurses and in 81 regions of the country on the salaries of junior medical personnel.

Almost 60% of the regions did not fulfill Putin’s decree on the salaries of health workers

May decrees of 2012 from Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase the salaries of middle and junior medical staff were not met in 50 out of 85 Russian regions. This is evidenced by the findings of the Accounts Chamber.

 “In 50 out of 85 subjects, the fulfillment of presidential decree No. 597 in terms of the increase in the average salary of the average and junior medical personnel was not ensured,” the report of the Accounts Chamber says

The traffic police proposed to ban car sharing for violators of traffic violations

The traffic police are planning to ban carsharing by drivers who regularly violate the rules of the road and at least once were deprived of their driving license, head of the traffic police’s supervisory department Roman Mishurov told the Izvestia newspaper

Cashiers issued racist slips of checks

The American chain of stores Smoothie King selling freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, announced the temporary closure of its two outlets after cashiers used racial slurs in checks to describe customers. It is reported by the New York Post.

Rospotrebnadzor: the number of obese Russians increased by 2 times

The incidence of obesity among Russians has almost doubled since 2013, the upward incidence rate persists, according to the report of the Rospotrebnadzor.

 “In dynamics, since 2013, there has been a 1.7-fold increase in the incidence of obesity among adults 18 years old and older, with the first-ever diagnosis,” the report says. In addition, the number of obese is increasing among adolescents.

A cafe re-opened in St. Petersburg where pensioners are fed free

In St. Petersburg, on Vasilyevsky Island, the Dobrodomik cafe re-opened, where older people are fed with hot meals for free. A week and a half ago, the institution stopped its work. As reported by the head of the Dobrodomika, Alexander Sinyak, on the social networking site’s page, claims to cafes arose from inspection agencies, now all questions have been cleared and the café will continue to feed pensioners every day

Russians have a growing willingness to participate in mass protests

Russians have a growing willingness to participate in mass protests, although the share of citizens who consider such actions possible where they live is decreasing, follows from the May poll by the Levada Center.

Named the best drink to quench your thirst in hot weather.

Apple juice, diluted with water twice, is the best drink to quench thirst in the heat, said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Tuesday, June 4, the project manager of the Russian Union of Juice Producers Lyudmila Khomich

The design of the electronic passport in Russia will be developed during the summer.

The concept of a digital passport design of a citizen of Russia must be developed during the summer. This was told by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, quoted by “Vedomosti”

In Tyumen University reduced scholarships

Tyumen University – State Agrarian University of Northern Zauralye – had to reduce student scholarships by about 30 percent. The reason for this decision was the increase in the number of those who study well. This was confirmed “Vsluh.ru” in the press service of the university.

In Yakutia, state employees are forced to collect wild plants for free

All collected wild plants will be donated to the Amma agricultural cooperative, writes News.Ykt.ru. 47 organizations were in the list of those who were obliged to pick berries and wild onions; for each of them, an amount was set for which wild plants should be handed over – 10 thousand rubles.

Russian detdomovtsy went on a hunger strike in order to obtain housing

In Khabarovsk, former inmates of orphanages came to the building of the regional government in the central square of the city and announced a hunger strike due to the inability to get the housing provided by law for years. About this reports portal “News Khabarovsk” on Monday, 3 June.

Summer tours for Russians went up by a third

In 2019, Russian residents will pay almost a third more for their summer vacation. Only 6% of organized tourists from Russia this summer will fly to domestic resorts, the rest will rest abroad. RIA Novosti cites such data with reference to the Travelata tour service.

The updated mirror will be removed from the telescope BTA

The management of the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences decided to remove an updated mirror from the six-meter BTA telescope, which was installed on a telescope in December 2018 after 11 years of processing at the Lytkarinsky optical glass factory. The corresponding order was signed on Monday by the director of the CAO, one of the staff of the observatory told N + 1. Astronomical observations with the help of the updated mirror lasted less than six months, now instead of it an old mirror will be installed, which has been used for almost 40 years, on which a new reflective layer will be applied.

Unknown stole part of the road near Tomsk

Concrete slabs were stolen from the only road that leads to the village of Kataiga, Verkhneketsky District, Tomsk Region. Six KamAZ trucks transporting 100-150 plates without documents were detained. According to the village head Ivan Nasonov, loggers, local taxi drivers and private car owners drive along the road. It is known that the concrete fragment was built in Soviet times

 Deputy Dmitry Shishkin: “Children are our everything!”

Candies of a well-known Moscow confectionery factory appeared in the city of Omsk, the original name of which turned out to be completely covered with a sticker indicating High Technologies, Sergei Morev, where the parliamentarian works, and the phrase “Deputy Dmitry Shishkin”. The photo of the sugary sweet treat of the name of himself the deputy has posted on social networks.

“Children are our everything!” – Shishkin signed the picture.

Around the supply of dirty oil from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline

All participants in the negotiations on the situation around the supply of dirty oil from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline, consignors and consignees, reached an agreement on how compensation would be calculated, said Russian Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin.

“The procedural aspects and the mechanisms and algorithms of interaction today were discussed and conceptually accepted by all parties. However, the specific amounts of compensation were not discussed today, because it is still too early for that. ”

Transneft, operators of Druzhba participants in other countries, major Russian oil companies, in particular Rosneft, as well as European recipients, such as Polish Orlen and French Total, participated in the negotiations. All of them signed a protocol following the last talks.

As follows from the draft protocol following the meeting in Moscow, Moscow will be able to cover “a certain level of costs” under the contracts concluded with suppliers for oil transportation for 2019.

Russia is invited to the June session in the PACE

The Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a draft resolution in which it proposed to provide the Russian delegation with the necessary powers to participate in the June session.

The committee proposed to “withdraw from the PACE rules” and invite the parliaments of countries that are not represented in the assembly to the session in June 2019. Among them are Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Russian Federation.

The approved draft resolution should be considered in Strasbourg at the PACE plenary session on June 24.

Russia ceased to take part in the work of the PACE in 2016, after its delegation was deprived of its right to vote because of the annexation of the Crimea. A year later, Moscow stopped paying membership fees to the organization, as well as providing the documents necessary for the participation of delegations at sessions.

Aeroflot in the first quarter brought Russia a loss of 17 billion rubles.

Foreign carriers pay up to $ 800 million for flights over the territory of the Russian Federation. This foreign exchange rent for air is received not by the budget, but by the director of Aeroflot, Vitaly Savelyev. Therefore, the real losses of the country from the activities of Aeroflot – more than a billion dollars annually

FSB demanded encryption keys for user correspondence from Yandex

What did Yandex say? A spokesman for Yandex told RBC that the company “works in full compliance with the current legislation.” He refused to answer questions about whether Yandex really received a request from the FSB to provide encryption keys and did not transfer them.

Buses will be launched from Yekaterinburg to the Crimea, Krasnodar Krai and Abkhazia

From the Northern Bus Station in Yekaterinburg, charter flights will be launched to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, the Crimea and Abkhazia and to Sol-Iletsk. Passengers will be transported by modern comfortable buses. Summer tours are launched at the request of Sverdlovsk

Roszdravnadzor found cancer-causing drugs in pharmacies

Roszdravnadzor specialists reported the discovery of drugs containing a cancer-causing substance in pharmacies. According to the ministry, millions of high-pressure drugs, containing Valsartan, are sold on the Russian shelves.

Kuban pensioners were supposed to FIU hundreds of thousands of rubles

Quite unexpectedly, 30 pensioners living in the Uspensky District received a subpoena from the FIU. It turned out that elderly residents owed the institution hundreds of thousands of rubles without knowing it.

Concerned people turned for help to State Duma Deputy Natalia Kostenko. People showed the people’s choice of the summons from the Armavir inter-district branch of the Pension Fund. The notice states that people must return received payments. The PF money accrued in the form of a fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension on the disabled family member. When relatives died, relatives brought death certificates to the Pension Fund. But now it turned out that they had to write a statement about the termination of payments. Although no one had warned people about this

UAE issued the first “golden visa”

Indian Yusuf Ali became the first resident of the UAE, received a “golden visa”, which guarantees him the right to permanent residence in the country, according to the publication The National. The businessman has lived in the UAE for over 45 years. His fortune is estimated at 4.7 billion dollars.

Organizers of “Invasion” opened accreditation

Accreditation for the largest All-Russian open-air festival “Invasion” is open. This year, “The Main Adventure of the Year” will celebrate its 20th anniversary, reported the news agency NSN. The festival will be held July 19 – 21 in Bolshoi Zavidovo in the Tver region

China’s Ministry of Tourism warned citizens about the dangers of traveling to the US

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued a warning for Chinese tourists about traveling to the United States, Xinhua News Agency reported June 4.

Russian tourist flow to Turkey increased by 35 percent

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey published data on travel for the first third of 2019. 8.735 million foreigners arrived in the country (a 12.2% increase compared to 2018.) Russian tourists are among the leaders: in January-April, Turkey was visited by more than 710 thousand. citizens of the Russian Federation.

Residents of the village of Stavropol “pay for the air” instead of water

Residents of the village Yessentukskaya in the Piedmont region of the Stavropol Territory complain about the lack of water in the summer. As it became known, “Region online”, while the company supplying water, does not recount bills. No luck to those who do not put the meters on the water.

ROC has positively appreciated the idea of ​​assigning the names of saints to aircraft

The ROC gave a positive assessment to the assignment of the names of the saints to the aircraft. About this today, June 3, writes “TASS” with reference to the words of the deputy chairman of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media, Vakhtang Kipshidze.

In the church, the name of the Sverdlovsk region was considered “indecent”

The Secretary of the Diocesan Council of the Yekaterinburg Diocese and the Bishops’ Council of the Yekaterinburg Metropolis, Abbot Veniamin Rainikov stated that the name of the Sverdlovsk Region is “indecent”.

Doctors began to infect Russians more often with infections

Almost 18% over the year, the incidence of infections in the provision of medical care in Russia. This information follows from the report “On the state of sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population in the Russian Federation in 2018”.

A cancer patient tried to be treated with raw vegetables and died.

In the British county of Derbyshire, a vegan woman who did not believe in medicine and was cured of cancer with vegetables and fruits died. About it reports the Daily Mirror. Three years ago, a 40-year-old Katie Britton-Jordan (Katie Britton-Jordan) found a malignant tumor of the breast.

REO will tighten control over garbage in Russia

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation stated that the time has come for the Russian Ecological Operator (REO) to perform the functions of tightened control over the management of solid municipal waste. This means that the agency can change the collection and removal of garbage in the regions of Russia.

VTsIOM decided to raise the rating of Vladimir Putin twice

The May VTsIOM poll showed a decline in the level of trust in Vladimir Putin to a thirteen-year low of 30.5%. Such results forced sociologists to change the assessment methodology. In the first case, the Russians were offered to recall the name of the politician they trust. In the second, the respondent was asked directly to answer whether he trusts the acting head of state or not. Judging by the new data published on May 31, more than 72 percent of respondents are satisfied with Putin.

In Yekaterinburg, initiated the first criminal case after the protests

The first criminal case was initiated after the May protests in Yekaterinburg. The suspect is one of the protesters against the construction of the temple on the site of the square Stanislav Melnichenko, lawyer Alexey Bushmakov told Interfax. He clarified that the case was initiated under the article “insulting a representative of the authorities”

The court fined the organizer of the protests in Yekaterinburg

Anna Baltina, a representative of the “Parks and Squares” movement, was found guilty of organizing unauthorized actions against the construction of St. Catherine’s Cathedral in a public garden in the center of Yekaterinburg. She was sentenced to a fine.

Sechin launched mining at the West Erginsky field

Rosneft chief executive officer Igor Sechin and Rosneft shareholders launched production at the West Erginsky field. The launch of mining took place right at the annual meeting of shareholders.

JSFC Sistema made a profit under IFRS in the first quarter

The consolidated revenue of Sistema according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the first quarter of 2019 increased compared to the same period last year by 10.4% and amounted to 185.5 billion rubles, taking into account the application of new standards.

Azino 777 is no longer the largest advertiser of the RuNet

In the first quarter of 2019, Azino 777 took only 60th place (the advertiser’s share in total video advertising shows was 0.3%), whereas a year ago the casino was on the first line (6.7%).

Shell will pay shareholders $ 125 billion in the next five years

Oil producing company Royal Dutch Shell Plc is going to pay at least $ 125 billion to shareholders in the next five years in the form of dividends and share repurchases. This is stated in the updated company strategy.

Krasnoyarsk authorities accuse TV journalist Karaulov of extortion

First Deputy Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Sergey Ponomarenko at a session of the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday accused TV journalist Andrei Karaulov of extorting money for refusing to release airings on the situation in the region.

Construction of the most expensive road in Russia decided to postpone

The route Dzhubga – Sochi will not be built by 2024. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov in an interview with Vedomosti newspaper, owned by Demian Kudryavtsev. He clarified that the track – “this is definitely not a draft of the current cycle.”

VEB intends to borrow from investors 300 billion rubles

The first deputy chairman, board member Mikhail Poluboyarinov told RBC about the intention of the state corporation to borrow from investors, including Asian ones, “about 300 billion rubles. in equivalent.

Debt load of Antipinsky Oil Refinery exceeded Sberbank’s expectations

The debt load of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery turned out to be significantly more than Sberbank had assumed when building relations with the plant, the bank’s press service told TASS.

“Naturally, this is a problem for us,” said Sberbank, noting that this could be one of the reasons for the current situation at the plant.

Dmitry Mazurov, the founder of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, has attracted loans from the plant’s guarantees for affiliated trading structures, Forbes reported earlier citing sources. They were not reflected in the financial statements and Sberbank did not know about them, a former employee of the bank told the publication. However, a former employee of Antipinsky Oil Refinery claims that Sberbank was aware of transactions.

The rules of maternity capital spending have changed in Russia

The Russians will not be able to spend matkapital to pay off the mortgage, taken in unaccountable to the Central Bank of banks. The government of the Russian Federation has approved changes to the rules for the use of maternity capital funds to improve housing conditions.

Chinese business can transfer production to the Russian Federation

Small and medium-sized enterprises in China under pressure from the trade war with the United States have thought about moving production to Russia. About this RIA Novosti told the Secretary General of the Chinese Association for the Development of Enterprises Abroad He Zhenwei.

GAZ Group has asked for 100 million euros for projects in Cuba

GAZ group of businessman Oleg Deripaska asked the government to issue a loan of € 100 million to implement projects in Cuba, RBC reported with reference to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

The average rate of banks on deposits in rubles decreased

The rate of credit institutions on ruble deposits in the third decade of May 2019 decreased. This is stated in a published study of the Bank of Russia. From the materials of the Central Bank it follows that the average maximum interest rate on deposits in Russian rubles dropped to 7.37%.

Australia’s Central Bank lowered rates to a record low

The Reserve Bank of Australia lowered its key interest rate from 1.5% to a record low of 1.25% per annum. Australia’s central bank lowered interest rates for the first time in almost three years to stimulate a slowing economy and moderate inflation

In the USA, the first bank went bankrupt in 2019

The regulators of the US state of Texas ceased operations of The Enloe State Bank, which became the first bank closed in the US since the beginning of 2019, according to a press release of the United States Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Deposits from this bank will be transferred to Legend Bank by agreement with the FDIC.

Loko-Bank Announces Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2019

Net interest income amounted to 1.4 billion rubles, and net fee and commission income rose to 0.8 billion rubles, an increase of 44.4% over the same period in 2018.

Domodedovo Airport received a loss

Operating profit amounted to 10.5 billion rubles. The net debt to EBITDA ratio increased from 2.49 at the end of 2017 to 3.76 at the end of 2018. The loss, according to the airport, is associated with the weakening of the ruble, it “does not have negative consequences for the financial stability of the group’s business.”

Uralkali has agreed on a loan with tranches of $ 725 million and 650 million euros

Uralkali, one of the world’s largest producers of potash fertilizers, has signed an agreement with a number of banks to receive a five-year loan in tranches of $ 725 million and 650 million euros, the manufacturer said

Argentina prepared the first batch of liquefied gas for export

30 thousand cubic meters of fuel are already being loaded onto the ship Tango GNL. The first batch of Argentine LNG was bought by the American company Cheniere Energy.

Erdogan confirmed that Turkey will not refuse to buy C-400

Turkey will not abandon the agreement with the Russian Federation on the acquisition of anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) S-400, said President Tyyip Erdogan.

“The United States did not make such a lucrative offer on [the sale of] Patriot complexes, which Russia did with its C-400,” Haberturk’s publication quotes Erdogan’s proposal on 4 June.

British outraged by the absence of black actors in “Chernobyl”

A writer from English Manchester has posted on her Twitter a complaint about the absence of black actors in the Chernobyl series, which has caused a wave of indignation in the Internet community.

China Southern Airlines will bridge the line between Guangzhou, Urumqi and Vienna

China Airlines China Southern Airlines will launch a new route between Guangzhou, Urumqi and Austrian Vienna, Xinhua news agency reported June 4

Trump’s limousine refueled at a gas station “for the people”

Residents of the British capital in shock – Donald Trump tucked his armored limousine nicknamed “The Beast” on a standard BP column. As you know, cars of the first persons do not appear at gas stations for ordinary people.

Mexican authorities warned the United States of a possible increase in the number of migrants

Mexican authorities are warning the United States of a possible increase in the number of migrants to this country in the case of the application of new US duties, said a joint statement by the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Agriculture of this country

In the Murmansk region opened a case after theft of the bridge span

In the Murmansk region, a criminal case was opened after theft of 56 tons of metal structures of the beam welded span of the bridge over the Umba River. The prosecutor’s office recognized this ruling justified, according to the website of the regional prosecutor’s office.

“According to the investigation, in May 2019 an unidentified person secretly stole metal structures 23 meters long and weighing 56 tons, belonging to one of the organizations carrying out economic activities in the Kirov district, for mercenary reasons,” the Murmansk region prosecutor’s office said.

Rosgvardeytsev punished for the slow opening of the gate in front of the general

The junior lieutenant and police captain will be punished by order of the head of the Moscow General Directorate of Private Security of the Rosguard for late opening of the gate. The corresponding document on Tuesday, June 4, was published in the group of the Police Ombudsman on VKontakte.

Director David Lynch will receive an honorary Oscar

American director David Lynch will receive an honorary Oscar for outstanding contributions to the cinema. This is stated in a message published on the website of the American Academy of Film Arts on Monday, June 3.

Sergey Lukyanenko published the first chapter of the new book “Eternal Watch”

Writer Sergey Lukyanenko on his official page on VKontakte published the first chapter of his new book, The Eternal Watch.

Directed by “Avengers” will make a cartoon series on Magic: The Gathering

Joe and Anthony Rousseau, who shot The Avengers: The Finals and other films in the Marvel universe, will produce the cartoon series for the Magic: The Gathering card game. The customer was Netflix service.

Beyonce appeared in the new teaser of “The Lion King”

Studio Disney showed on YouTube a new teaser for the movie “The Lion King”, in which the voice of the singer Beyoncé Knowles sounds. Beyonce in a remake of the legendary cartoon voiced the lioness Nala

World Street Cinema Festival will be held in the Vladimir region

The world festival of street cinema will be held this summer in the Vladimir region. About it reports GTRK “Vladimir”. The holiday for all film fans will be held at various venues in the region.

Brass Band Festival at VDNH opens on June 7

The festival of brass bands at VDNH will open on June 7 and will last until September 8, according to the portal of the mayor and the government of the capital. Performances will be held on Fridays.

Street exhibition of contemporary sculpture opens in St. Petersburg

The street project “Museum Line” starts in St. Petersburg on June 4th. His pilot exhibition was the exhibition of modern sculptures by artist Dmitry Kavarga. It is called “Toxicosis of anthropocentrism”

On Poklonnaya Hill will host the festival “Multinational Russia”

The festival “Multinational Russia”, which the Federal Agency for Nationalities with the participation of the Government of Moscow will organize on June 12 on Poklonnaya Hill, will unite all peoples of the country

Diane Kruger starred in the spy thriller

Diana Kruger replaces retired Marion Cotillard in the spy thriller “355”. The cast also includes Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz and Bingbin Fan. The director of the film will be Simon Kinberg, who wrote the script with Teresa Rebeck.

Marvel plans new solo heroes of the Avengers 4

Marvel Studio plans to launch into production several solo film projects dedicated to the heroes of the film universe already familiar to viewers. Reports the edition about it News18 referring to the informed sources.

Director David Lynch will receive an honorary Oscar

American director David Lynch will receive an honorary Oscar for outstanding contributions to the cinema. This is stated in a message published on the website of the American Academy of Film Arts on Monday, June 3.

Scorsese’s Bob Dylan Movie Trailer Released

A video documentary trailer shot by Martin Scorsese and telling about one of the tours of the famous singer Bob Dylan has appeared on the YouTube video hosting.

Neural network replaced Schwarzenegger in the “Terminator” on Stallon

The author of the video with the help of a neural network replaced the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger with the image of his colleagues. The movie begins with a scene from the comedy action movie John McTiernan’s “The Last Movie Hero”.

Tor from the “Avengers” temporarily leaves the cinema

Australian actor who played the Torah in “The Avengers”, Chris Hemsworth temporarily leaves the cinema. This was reported on Tuesday by Mirror. According to the publication, the 35-year-old actor decided to suspend his career for the sake of the family – the 42-year-old wife of Elsa Pataki and three children.

Producer “Terminator” intends to shoot in Uzbekistan

Part of Hollywood blockbuster Lawrence Kasanoff will be filmed in the republic. Famous American film producer Lawrence Kasanoff considers Uzbekistan as one of the locations for the filming of his new film.

Julia Snigir starred in the continuation of the series “Young Dad” with Jude Law

The actress shared in her Instagram microblogging with an offscreen photo from the site, which was previously directed by Paolo Sorrentino in her microblog. Julia Snigir starred in the continuation of the series “Young Dad” with Jude Law. In the frame Snigir was captured in richly decorated interiors in red outfit.

The first teaser of the TV series “Carnival Roe” with Orlando Bloom

The first trailer of the fantasy television series Carnival Roe appeared in the network, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. The video was published on Amazon’s official YouTube channel.

Jason Statham will come to Moscow

It became known that the British actor Jason State will arrive in Moscow on June 25. The star of militants will visit the capital of Russia during a promotional tour dedicated to the release of a new part of the Fast and the Furious.

Investigation film “New newspaper” received a special prize jury DIG awards

The investigative film “New newspaper” “The wealth of the Personal Guard of the President” was marked by a special mention of the jury in the category Investigative Medium at the Italian international competition of documentary films DIG Awards, which took place from May 30 to June 2 in Riccione.

For the first time in the Bolshoi Theater there will be a gala concert of the laureates of the “Artist of Russia” award

The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia (Bolshoi Theater) on the New Stage will present for the first time on Tuesday a gala-concert “Opera Encore”, which will be attended by the winners of the award “Actor of Radio of Russia”. This Tass reported in the press service of the Bolshoi Theater.

In the summer in the DNI will be a major rock festival

A rock festival with the participation of musicians from Russia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia will be held in the DNR at the end of August. This was announced today by the Director General of the Republican House of Folk Art and Cinema Maxim Romanovsky.

In Belgorod will begin the season of “casual meetings”

In Belgorod, the season begins for “secret meetings” organized by the staff of the philharmonic society and the Belgorod State National Research University. Concerts in the botanical garden will be held on Thursdays from June 6 to August 29. On June 6, the summer open-air season will be opened by the Mezzo Music chamber orchestra conducted by Natalia Borovik.

Tula pianos purchased for the national project “Culture”

Until the end of 2019, within the framework of the national project “Culture”, children’s art schools in the regions of Russia will receive 900 pianos. The first tools produced in Tula, Kaluga, Moscow and St. Petersburg have already entered schools.

Jazz concert dedicated to the Day of the Russian language

Today in the center of culture and arts “Meridian” a solo concert of jazz trumpeter Evgeny Baranov will take place. A new meeting with a veteran of Soviet jazz is dedicated to the Day of the Russian language.

Sales of updated Zenit cameras started in Russia

Oleg Evtushenko, executive director of the Rostec state corporation, said that for the first time the new Zenit photo equipment was demonstrated at an exhibition in Germany in September. He noted that the interest in the camera both in Russia and abroad is very large.

Russian prices for Samsung TVs announced

Samsung Electronics has announced the start of receiving pre-orders for the Samsung Frame Frame 2019 model year. At the moment in Russia are available to pre-order Frame TVs with screens of 55 and 49 inches. With pre-order The Frame 55 ″ (recommended retail price is 119 990 rubles), users will receive a wireless audio system Samsung VL550, The Frame 49 ’’ (recommended retail price – 99 990 rubles) as a soundbar Samsung HW-R550. Devices with a screen diagonal of 43 and 65 inches will be available in July.

YouTube and Twitch have imposed restrictions on juvenile streamers

After the scandal, YouTube tightened the rules for users and introduced new precautions. Over the year, more than 400 channels were blocked and 800 thousand clips that violated the site’s security policy were removed. YouTube also turned off comments on millions of videos of minors.

Twitter acquires Fabula AI to fight fake news

According to Twitter in its official blog, the company acquired Fabula AI, a London-based startup that uses machine learning to detect the spread of false news in social networks.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be presented on June 11

According to the teaser picture, published on the Xiaomi Miija page on the Chinese social network Weibo, the device will be presented on June 11. The inscriptions in the picture focus on the new features of the fitness bracelet: an integrated voice assistant and a color screen.

Apple introduced the Pro Display XDR 6K Monitor, priced at $ 4,999

At the start of sales, the cost of the novelty will be $ 4,999, while the special stand Pro Stand will be sold separately for $ 999. The Pro Display XDR monitor, which supports extreme dynamic range with extended P3 color gamut, has several built-in reference modes.

Intel launched pilot production using EUV scanners

For the first time and officially, Intel announced the timing of the introduction of EUV scanners into production about three weeks ago. According to Intel, the first 7-nm products of the company will be launched in 2021 in the form of graphics processors for accelerators of calculations. In the production of 7-nm products, the company will for the first time use EUV scanners.

Canon Announces New 4K Laser Projector Release

Today, following the announcement of the development made at ISE 2019, Canon is announcing the release of a high-brightness XEED 4K6021Z laser projector with a hardware resolution of 4K. Read more – in the material Planet Today.

Seasonic Introduces 700 W Fanless Power Supply

One of the most unusual and interesting Seasonic novelties is the Prime Fanless TX-700 – a 700 W power supply with fully passive cooling.

AMD introduced a graphics accelerator – Radeon Pro Vega II Duo

Apple introduced a new Mac Pro PC yesterday. Its top versions include the Radeon Pro Vega II Duo video card (you can even install two), which contains two second-generation Vega GPUs. And now this accelerator was presented by AMD itself.

LG began selling the world’s first 8K OLED TV

The company LG Electronics (LG) announced today, June 3, the start of official sales of the world’s first 8K TV, made on the technology of organic light emitting diodes (OLED). This is a model 88Z9, which has a size of 88 inches diagonally

Microsoft creates a two-screen laptop on Windows Lite

It is very unusual that Microsoft gave a presentation to employees instead of showing their developments to the general public, but this may also indicate that the device creation cycle is nearing completion.

The teenager has collected a homemade analog AirPods for $ 4

The teenager gathered an analogue of Apple’s AirPods worth just $ 4. The original version of the headset will cost users a more impressive amount – $ 160.

Image and sound become one.

Thanks to the new concept of Sound-from-Picture Reality, sound and image on ZG9 TVs with 8K HDR support become one: you see, hear – and believe in the reality of what is happening

Huawei Mate 30 with HongMeng OS or Ark OS will present on September 22

The latest information shared on Twitter by the source indicates that the Mate 30 line will be built on the Kirin single-chip system and run under the proprietary operating system HongMeng. According to new data, the Huawei Mate 30 series can debut already on September 22.

Named Quake 2 RTX minimum system requirements

NVIDIA has published the official minimum system requirements for Quake 2 RTX on a PC. Also, the “green” showed several new screenshots that demonstrate the new effects of ray tracing in real time.

System requirements are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7 with a bit of 64 bits;
  • Processor: Intel i3-3220 or equivalent AMD;
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM;
  • Graphics: NVIDIA RTX 2060 or higher;
  • HDD: 2 GB of free space;
  • Special Requirements: Vulkan API support.

Quake 2 RTX will be released on June 6 and will be free.

Smart Watch Apple Watch 3 sharply cheaper

Apple Watch 3 smart watches have fallen sharply in price and are now offered for purchase for $ 279.

One of the budget Nokia smartphones has arrived in Russia

In Russia, sales of Nokia 3.2 began – a budget smartphone with a large display – 6.26 inches, which is a rarity for smartphones in this price category.

ASUS ProArt PA32UCX and PQ22UC

According to the developer, the models demonstrated are the first monitors in the world with Dolby Vision technology support.

Started selling the Samsung Galaxy Fit fitness bracelet in Russia

Samsung has announced the start of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fit fitness bracelet. The model was introduced in February and comes to replace Gear Fit 2 Pro.

African Union and Huawei have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

According to Chinese media reports, telecommunications company Huawei and the African Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The concluded agreements imply cooperation in the areas of 5G, IoT, broadband Internet access, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.

Introduced combo DVR Inspector Piranha

The model has an improved quality of shooting Full HD (1080p), especially at night, and an increased viewing angle of up to 135 °. The main difference from most current models is the lack of signature recognition of radar signals.

Some applications from Microsoft Store are infected with viruses.

Even if you install applications from the Microsoft Store, do not be sure that you are protected. Recently, more and more complaints have been appearing that pop-up windows from official applications lead to suspicious sites.

Apple will prevent advertisers from accessing user email addresses

From autumn, users will be able to register with various services via Apple ID and not provide their real email addresses. This effectively closes the access of marketers of companies to a part of their clients’ personal data, AdAge reports.

Huawei denied access to software updates for chip design

With reference to the Nikkei publication, the source reports that the leadership of the American company Synopsys ordered its employees to deny Huawei access to the updates after the US Department of Commerce added Huawei to the list of companies that have limited access to American technology.

Microsoft said goodbye to the forced change of passwords in Windows 10

In Windows 10 (1903) and the server version of the “dozens” you can now put one password and not count the days until it is replaced. As noted in the material publication TechCrunch, regular password changes are counterproductive.

New feature from Google – to send important information through a secret channel

Google introduced the privacy mode for Gmail in 2018 – a setting that allows people with personal accounts to send messages with a limited expiration date, with the ban on copying content, forwarding or downloading.

Sony starts testing updated voice chat with support for up to 16 players

Sony has announced the imminent start of testing the updated “Party”, which will receive several global changes: support for up to 16 players (now – 8), improved sound quality, improved connectivity.

Editing the genome to protect against HIV can shorten life

The study showed that the assigned mutation CCR5-Δ32 can shorten the lives of girls. Speaking about the study itself, the scientists used the data of 500 thousand people.

Scientists first created a laser pumped by an organic diode

Scientists whose group was headed by Sneezing Adachi for the first time managed to create a working laser based on an organic diode pumped with current. A thin film of 4,4’-bis [(N-carbazole) styryl] diphenyl was used as the active medium.

The physicist described the holographic duality using the Boltzmann machine

Japanese physicist Koji Hashimoto showed that holographic duality (AdS / CFT compliance) can be described using the deep Boltzmann machine. To illustrate this statement, the scientist considered the classical theory of a scalar massive field against the background of a curved space.

Archaeologists have recreated the appearance of the ancient fort of Pict.

Thanks to radiocarbon analysis, it has been established that this fort is the most ancient one built by the Picts. Its inhabitants abandoned it at the end of the 4th or the beginning of the 5th century. On the recreated model, the cliff is connected by a small isthmus to the land.

Opened a new way to protect against high doses of radiation

Spanish scientists have discovered a new way to protect against high doses of radiation in the treatment of cancer. Pancreatic cancer is affected by the rays when using the URI1 protein.

Scientists have created an energy-intensive organic cathode for batteries

Russian scientists from the Skoltech Center for Energy Sciences and Technologies, the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the DI Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technological University have developed a new material for cathodes used in fast-charged metal-ion batteries.

Yoga helps older people improve mental and physical health

Scottish researchers conducted tests that proved that regular yoga exercises improve both mental and physical health.

Scientists talked about the effect of light on sleep

The quality of sleep depends on the level of illumination: if in the evenings a person is exposed to bright light, melatonin is produced by his body much worse. Thus, a person feels tired later. The most dangerous effect on the human body is blue, which comes from gadgets, smartphones and from TV.

Immune cells have been able to stimulate tumor growth.

Tumors occur when healthy cells become damaged and multiply uncontrollably. But the growth rate of the tumor, as it turned out, depends not only on how fast the cancer cells can divide, but also on how quickly the immune system can recognize them. EurekAlert writes about a study by scientists at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) who found that using the LL-37 molecule as part of immunotherapy provides an additional stimulus to the body’s immune attack on a cancer.

Scientists have improved the elements of the latest solar cells

Scientists of the National Research Technological University MISiS (NITU “MISiS”) with colleagues from the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry A.N. Frumkin RAS and the University of Tor Vergata (Italy) have achieved significant stability and efficiency of perovskite elements – a promising basis for solar cells – thanks to a layer of copper iodide.

Scientists warned of the mortal danger of canned drinks

Drinks from cans can carry fatal harm to human health. This conclusion was made by Russian researchers, according to “GlavUfa”.

Scientists have developed protein synthesis technology to enrich feed

Scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) have developed a protein synthesis technology for enriching feed for livestock.

Red onion prevents the formation of tumors

Canadian scientists at the University of Guelph found out which product helps fight neoplasms and diseases

Psychologists: even thoughts of coffee can invigorate

The invigorating effect of coffee manifests itself so vividly that the brain closely associates it with increased attention and concentration. Therefore, not only the drink itself can invigorate, but also its smell, and even just thoughts about coffee.

Scientists reanimate Soviet project to study terrestrial magnetism

Novosibirsk and Moscow scientists plan to restore the measurement system of terrestrial magnetism, created in the 70s of the last century.

Dragon cargo ship has successfully splashed down in the Pacific

The SpaceX corporation’s press office reports that the Dragon space truck has successfully completed its next mission to service the International Space Station.

Rogozin called the timing of the launch of the first radar satellite

Earlier it became known that the state corporation “Roscosmos” intends to put into orbit 30 civilian satellites until 2025.

In ESO showed a double asteroid that flew past the Earth

The object has the designation 1999 KW4. At the end of last month, it flew past Earth at a minimum distance of approximately 5.2 million kilometers. The speed of movement was more than 70 000 km / h. ESO used the advanced SPHERE receiver on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) to shoot an asteroid.

June 10 Earthlings will be able to observe the Great Confrontation of Jupiter

Great confrontation occurs once every 12 years. On September 26, 2022, Jupiter will again be seen low above the horizon. The diameter of Jupiter is 11 times the diameter of the Earth, and its mass is 2.5 times the mass of all the planets of the Solar System.

The first direct image of a distant system of young exoplanets was obtained.

The star of the solar type PDS 70 is located at 370 light years, and, in contrast to the previous system HR 8799, its planets still continue to form and grow. A star is surrounded by a disk of gas and dust, and rotating young exoplanets clear wide gaps in it.

Robot Fedor will not enter the cosmonaut corps in flight on the ISS

Robot Fedor, who is preparing to fly to the International Space Station (ISS), will go to it as an experiment. He will not become a member of the cosmonaut corps, Sergey Krikalev, executive director of Roskosmos on manned space programs, said at a press conference in Moscow on June 3.

Fedor is not very compliant. He did not complete the basic training course, so he will fly aboard the ship as an experiment. Let’s see how its technical systems will work, ”Tass quoted Krikalev’s words.

A galaxy without dark matter appeared due to incorrect calculations.

In 2018, a study published in the journal Nature announced the discovery of a galaxy without dark matter. Scientists were puzzled that the distance to the galaxy was clearly anomalous. Using five independent methods to estimate the distance, they found that they all matched on one thing: the galaxy is much closer than was indicated in the previous study. The real distance is about 42 million light years.

It turned out that the total mass of this galaxy is about half of the mass estimated earlier, and the mass of its stars – only about a quarter. This implies that the rest is dark matter.

Scientists: The Forbidden Planet Discovered

The rogue planet is 920 light-years from Earth, and its temperature reaches 1000 degrees Celsius. Astronomers suggest that the planet has moved into the desert of “Neptune” in the last million years.

The new planet of the solar system was given the name

The dwarf planet, which is located next to Pluto, has found its name – Gungun. About this June 1 reports the TV channel “Star”. The new planet of the solar system was discovered just 12 years ago.

The first crew of Crew Dragon has completed in Russia the preparation for the flight to the ISS

The first crew of the US piloted spacecraft Crew Dragon from SpaceX has completed preparation for the flight to the ISS at the Cosmonaut Training Center. This was announced by NASA astronaut Robert Becken on Twitter