5 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/04/2020

The expenses of the Talent and success Foundation in 2019 amounted to a record 20.1 billion rubles. This follows from the Foundation’s reports found by Open media on the Ministry of justice website.

Most of the funds spent in 2019 — about 9.7 billion rubles — were received by the Fund from the budget, according to its reports. The main item of expenditure of the Fund is “activities related to the acquisition of infrastructure facilities for the Olympic winter games in Sochi”, for which the organization spent 7.7 billion rubles received from the budget. Another 6 billion rubles, but received in the form of donations, the Fund also directed to capital expenditures: “the creation of construction projects, the acquisition of buildings, fixed assets.” Thus, in total, the Fund has allocated about 13.7 billion rubles for the purchase of real estate.

Last year, Talent and success spent less than 5% of all the money spent directly on supporting talented children: its expenses under the item “training children and youth who have shown outstanding abilities in the field of art, sports and science education” amounted to only 986 billion rubles. The Fund headed by Roldugin sent another 790 million rubles for the payment of presidential grants

Since 2014, the Talent and success Foundation has managed the Sirius children’s educational center in Sochi, which was created after the 2014 Olympic games on the initiative of President Vladimir Putin. The Foundation has acquired ownership of a number of major real estate properties, including sports arenas and hotels built for the Olympics. Sergey Roldugin is the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation.

An epidemic of American protests has infected Paris.

They also staged a demonstration against the murder of blacks during police detentions (there was a case in 2016). The police responded with tear gas. The action was illegal

The head of Samsung is suspected of financial fraud.

The South Korean Prosecutor’s office has already requested an arrest warrant for Samsung’s Vice President, as well as two former company executives. In 2017, Lee Jae-Yong was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to five years in prison. In 2018, he was replaced with a suspended sentence

Kiev decided to refuse to create an Advisory Council on the Donbass.

“There is no response from the German side, from the French side, from the OSCE. Therefore, this question is no longer appropriate. We have forgotten and are moving on, ” said the representative of Kiev in the contact group Reznikov.

In the Donbas, this decision was critically evaluated. “In the text of the Protocol, there is no condition that France, Germany and the OSCE should bless this Council, or allow it to be created,” the representative of the LPR Miroshnik reminded RIA Novosti.

NATO exercise Defender Europe begins in Poland

About six thousand soldiers (including two thousand from Poland), 100 tanks and more than 230 combat vehicles, artillery and missile systems, as well as aviation will take part in Defender Europe 20 at the Drava training ground — a total of about 2000 units of equipment.

The Ministry of justice of Russia has prepared a project on the work of collectors:

  • collectors will be obliged to record all negotiations with debtors,
  • the debtor will be able to prohibit collectors from calling him,
  • collectors will be given identification codes that they can use instead of a name when communicating with the debtor,
  • The FSSP will oversee all collectors, including the collection services of microfinance companies.

Restoration of railway communication with Murmansk

More than 100 military personnel and 42 units of special equipment will go from Bryansk to the Murmansk region to help restore railway communication after the collapse of the bridge, according to the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. Fully restore railway traffic to Murmansk is planned by October, according to Russian Railways

The collapsed bridge supported the market

After the collapse of the railway bridge near Murmansk, which caused the shutdown of the commercial sea port and shipments of coal, prices for it in Europe, which are at a critically low level for suppliers, went up sharply. According to Argus, they jumped by more than 20% compared to the end of last week. It is not clear how long the local deficit will last. It is planned to restore railway communication by the end of the month, and to build a new bridge by October. According to analysts, a local jump in prices will not help coal miners much: they are still low, and there are few prerequisites for growth.

Belousov assessed the possibility of abandoning national projects

If we pump money into the economy now, a year from now we may find that half of the reserves were burned in the crisis, and oil prices have not recovered. Then we will have to give up either national projects or social orientation. In an interview with “Izvestia” said the head of “macroeconomics” says, brother of the first Vice-Premier Dmitry Belousov.

If there is a second wave of pandemics with new quarantines and a halt to business life, if a new round of us-Chinese trade wars turns out to be severe and will threaten a prolonged drop in investment, this increase in oil prices. — «News») it will end quickly and for a long time, ” he explained.

Saudi Arabia exports migrant workers

Saudi Arabia has repatriated nearly 13,000 migrant workers who wanted to return to their countries as part of the Kingdom’s “awda” (“Return”) program, launched against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Monitor attached to the edge of the table

LG introduced the 27QN880 monitor, which received a 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2560: 1440 pixels. The new product is also characterized by 99% coverage of the sRGB color space, 350 CD/m2 brightness, 1000:1 contrast, 75 Hz refresh rate, 5 MS response time, horizontal and vertical viewing angles up to 178 degrees, support for HDR10 and AMD FreeSync technology for smooth gaming, 5-W stereo speakers, two HDMI interfaces, one DisplayPort, a USB hub, a symmetrical USB Type-C port, and an Ergo Stand that allows you to attach the monitor to the edge of the table. The price of LG 27QN880 is 450 dollars.

The Ministry of energy instructed oil companies to redirect exports to the domestic market

The Ministry of energy has developed recommended balances of motor gasoline for June 2020, providing for a total level of production at the level of last year (more than 3.1 million tons per month), an increase in shipments to the domestic market at a rate faster than expected growth in consumption, including to restore the level of commercial fuel reserves at refineries and oil depots, the report says.

Iran to increase petrochemical industry by a third

The growth of petrochemical production in Iran in 2020 will be 35%, Deputy oil Minister for petrochemistry Behzad Mohammadi said on June 3, according to the Iranian Mehr News Agency. These statements were made during the official’s visit to the petrochemical complex.

SpaceX successfully launched 60 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle from the Cape Canaveral spaceport, carrying another 60 Starlink satellites. The launch was the eighth, and the satellites were equipped for the first time with deployable flaps to protect them from the sun’s rays.

The first stage of the Falcon landed again on a platform in the Atlantic ocean. It has already been used 5 times. Instead of the old-fashioned “burning up in the dense layers of the atmosphere”. Its landing was made on a floating platform Just Read The Instructions in the Atlantic ocean 629 km from the launch site.

Israeli Ambassador on the situation in Ukraine:

“If people talk about the fact that a lot of Jews are doing business in Ukraine – this is anti-Semitism, this is not normal… If you rewrite history – it is anti-Semitism. If people write insults in the synagogue – it is anti-Semitism”

“If postcards with Nazi symbols are sold near the Maidan, you don’t need someone to go and complain. The police should automatically go there and deal with it as a manifestation of anti-Semitism”

The LNR Parliament made Russian the only state language

Compensate for lost revenue

The Federal budget will not receive 145.5 billion rubles of oil and gas revenues in June, the Ministry of Finance of Russia expects. To compensate for the lost revenue in may and June, the month will sell currencies for 203.7 billion rubles – 10.2 billion a day, the Finance Ministry said

Instagram has launched a function for ordering food in Russia

Social network Instagram has launched a function for ordering food in Russia and added a special sticker. This was told by representatives of the service. The company expects that the innovation will help the restaurant business in the face of a pandemic.

Funding of BAM and Transsib

The Russian government has approved the transfer from 2021 to this year of funding for BAM and Transsib from the NWF, for a total of 60.5 billion rubles in 2020

Syria received a second batch of Russian MiG-29s

The Syrian army has received a second batch of improved MiG-29 fighters from Russia, the Russian Embassy in Syria said. “The Syrians are already beginning to carry out missions on these planes,” the diplomatic mission said. The exact number of aircraft was not specified there

Russian BUK air defense systems to protect Haftar air base from Turkish F-16s

The al-Jufra air base of the Libyan national army (LNA) is currently reinforced with Russian-made Buk systems that were previously imported to the country. As the publication writes Defenseworld.net, it is unclear who sent the Buk systems to the Libyan air base. According to him, last week the Pentagon accused Russia of sending at least 14 fighters (MiG-29, su-35) to Libya to help the PMCs.

India and Russia have not agreed on the price of production of AK-203 submachine guns

India and Russia have not reached an agreement on a proposal for a commercial price for the production of AK-203 submachine guns at a joint Russian-Indian enterprise in Korva. This was reported on Thursday by the economic Times, citing informed sources.

More than a third of Russians decided to save on vacation

16% of respondents will go abroad, and 14% decided that they will rest both abroad and in Russia. Less than half of the respondents-45% – will be able to spend more than 30 thousand rubles per person on vacation. 56% decided to save money by choosing cheaper accommodation options and cheap tickets.

Vietnam changes visa rules in 2020

The new law does not cancel three-month tourist visas of the DL category, they can also be issued, but with the only difference that now the possibility of issuing an invitation for such a visa will remain at the discretion of the migration service employee, and three-month tourist visas will cost more and the processing period will be longer

Ridley Scott will shoot another part of ” Alien»

His career as a producer includes many films. Of these, “Robin hood”, “the Martian”, “Exodus: Kings and Gods”. But his main project is “Alien”, which he began shooting in 1979.


Evan Peters got the role in the TV series “Vandalized»

Previously, the actor played Wanda’s brother Pietro Maximoff three times in Fox films. If Peters again gets the role of Pietro Maximoff, he will become the second in the history of Marvel after Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played this character. Peters may also appear as a negative character.

Online vaccine development summit

Putin will not participate in the proposed British summit on coronavirus, the Kremlin said. Earlier, the Ministry of health told RIA Novosti that Murashko will perform there

Peskov on the question of whether it is safe to vote on July 1:

“Time is becoming safer every day, you know, the statistics of morbidity and the statistics on the epidemiological situation have leveled off quite well. Moreover, there is a steady downward trend”

“At that time, in fact, there are no immediate threats to health when voting while taking precautionary measures”

Passes to enter the Irkutsk region have been canceled, and roadblocks are being removed.

LUKOIL made a loss in the first quarter of 2020

LUKOIL, Russia’s largest private oil producer, made a net loss under IFRS in the first quarter of 2020 of 46 billion rubles, compared with 149 billion in net profit in the first quarter of last year, LUKOIL said on Wednesday. But the company assured that it is financially stable and will Finance the investment.

The net loss was the result of increased depreciation due to the introduction of new production facilities, a non-monetary loss on exchange differences due to the sharp devaluation of the ruble, as well as the result of asset impairment primarily in the European refining sector, LUKOIL said.

The travel companion search service BlaBlaCar resumes work in Russia.

BlaBlaCar limits the number of places to book to 4 (it used to be 5). In addition, BlaBlaCar is implementing the “only 1 rear seat” option and will urge drivers to use it to limit themselves to one passenger in the back seat. When publishing or booking a trip, BlaBlaCar will remind you of the recommendations of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, in particular: do not travel with symptoms of the disease, use personal protective equipment (mask and gloves), keep a safe distance, and do not shake hands.

Russian banks massively reduce rates on dollar deposits

In the past three days alone, five major retail banks have lowered interest on dollar deposits, and three more have said they will do so in the coming days. Among them the top ten banks: VTB, Sovcombank, Russian agricultural Bank “Opening”. This happened after the us Federal reserve (fed) reset rates last Sunday.

In total, since the beginning of March, dollar rates have adjusted more than a third of the top 30 banks in terms of the size of the portfolio of attracted funds of the population. A number of banks actually reset the rates of dollar deposits, and some refuse them altogether.

Putin on the results of the meeting on light industry:

  • instructed to prepare decisions on the priority of Russian light industry products in public procurement,
  • instructed to prepare measures to support light industry enterprises working in white,
  • he instructed to include the decisions on the results of this meeting in the national economic recovery plan.

Washington bans airlines from China from flying to the US

The administration of US President Donald trump prohibits all Chinese airlines from operating commercial passenger services between the United States and China. This follows from a distributed order from the US Department of transportation.

The ban will take effect on June 16, but, as noted in the document, it may happen earlier if the corresponding decision is made by trump. This measure affects seven airlines, including Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

Rosneft Shareholders approved final dividends for 2019 of 191.5 billion rubles. State-owned Rosneftegaz will receive 77 billion, British BP-38 billion, Qatari QIA-36 billion.

Sanctions against Nord stream 2 will expand

US senators plan to expand sanctions against Nord stream 2, Bloomberg reported, referring to the draft document. The document says that US sanctions should cover all areas related to the completion of the Russian gas pipeline. The new restrictions may apply to companies that provide services for the conversion and retrofitting of vessels that lay pipes on the bottom of the Baltic sea, as well as owners of auxiliary vessels involved in construction. In addition, it is proposed to impose sanctions against companies that have insured vessels working on the completion of the gas pipeline

China has dealt a blow to the American economy

Bloomberg and many Asian media outlets, including Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, report that Chinese state-owned companies have allegedly been ordered to suspend imports of agricultural products from the United States

Us strategic bombers flew over the Arctic

Four USAF b-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers performed a long-range training flight from Minot air base in North Dakota over the Arctic waters of the Arctic ocean, Laptev Sea and Norwegian sea.

The Russian Ambassador in Minsk reminded that Belarusian goods are waiting in Crimea

“We want Belarusians to understand the huge market as a single one within the Union state… Today, Crimea is waiting for the products of the leading enterprises of the Republic. But it cannot come there for a number of, in my opinion, far-fetched, artificial pretexts and obstacles. If we are talking about expanding the market, we must be extremely open and honest, and talk about the barriers that exist on the basis of political nuances and political conjuncture,” Dmitry Mezentsev said during the online conference “Russia and Belarus: the future after the pandemic”.

Artemiy Lebedev said that he was deceived

Designer Artemiy Lebedev starred in RT’s video about amendments to the Constitution, because he was sure that the initiative to “reset” the terms of Vladimir Putin’s rule does not apply to these amendments. He published the corresponding statement in his Telegram channel.

I don’t mind Putin being Tsar until he turns into a mummy. But I am against it being spelled out in the Constitution. – Artemiy Lebedev, Russian designer

We are talking about a video published on RT’s YouTube channel, which also starred hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov, cheese maker Oleg Sirota, actor Ivan Okhlobystin, figure skater Adelina Sotnikova and people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy.

The interior Ministry has announced a new legal regime for migrants

The interior Ministry is developing a new legal regime for long-term residence of migrants, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Department. The Ministry of internal Affairs noted that on may 30, the government approved an action plan for the implementation of the concept of state migration policy for 2019-2025 in 2020-2022.

In addition, the Ministry of internal Affairs intends to create a single information platform on which all information about foreigners will be stored. This portal with a personal account and a mobile app will provide public services, as well as interaction between citizens, organizations and government agencies.

The most opaque presidential election (ever conducted)

The state with the most opaque elections ever held is considered the African Republic of Liberia. Presidential elections were held there in 1927. Charles king won re-election to a third term. With 15,000 officially registered voters, king received 243,000 votes.

The number of political prisoners in Russia.

According to the report “Political repression and political prisoners in Russia in 2018 2019”, which was prepared by the human rights center “memorial”. The number of political prisoners increased from 130 to 308 by the beginning of 2018 and by the end of 2019. To date, this is 314 people.

Germany will lift travel restrictions for 31 European countries from June 15

The rules for restarting tourism will have to apply to EU countries, other member States of the Schengen agreement, as well as to the UK.

Travel restrictions <…> will be removed and replaced with individual recommendations, provided there are no entry bans or large-scale exit restrictions in these countries. All countries meet these conditions, including Norway, where entry restrictions will be extended, and Spain, where the extension of the entry ban until June 21 will be discussed during parliamentary hearings today, foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

The FSB raided a Russian venture capital company.

“The investigative authorities are studying the documents in the company’s office, their focus is on the” historical ” portfolio of RVC, transactions of 2012-2016, “a representative of the company told Interfax.

According to Kommersant, the management of RVC is suspected of using the company’s funds in personal projects. Searches took place not only in the office, but also in the home of CEO Alexander Povalko.

RVC was established in 2006 as a state Fund of funds. Its authorized capital is 30 billion rubles, and the company is owned by Rosimushchestvo.

Johnson promised to change visa rules for Hong Kong

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an article for the South China Morning Post that the UK is ready to change visa rules for Hong Kongers if China implements the Hong Kong national security law.

The Prime Minister noted that now more than 350 thousand Hong Kongers have citizenship of British overseas territories, which allows them to stay in the Kingdom for six months without a visa, and another 2.5 million can get it.

If China implements the national security law, the UK government will change the immigration rules and allow all holders of these passports in Hong Kong to come to the UK for 12 months with the possibility of extension and obtain additional immigration rights, including the right to work, which can open a path to citizenship,” the Prime Minister said.

China threatens Britain with unpleasant consequences

Chinese authorities are calling on the UK to stop interfering in Hong Kong’s Affairs, as this could have unpleasant consequences, Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian said.

“We advise the UK to step back from the brink, abandon its cold war mentality and colonial mindset, and recognize and respect the fact that Hong Kong has returned to China, “he said at a briefing.

Italy opens borders for tourists from Europe

In Italy, from Wednesday, the borders are opened to tourists from Europe and resume movement between regions, the Italian edition of the local newspaper reported.

According to the publication, the country’s authorities have canceled the rule for observing a two-week quarantine on arrival in Italy for the EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, as well as for the UK, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican. International flights will resume in Milan, Rome and Naples

France sees no preconditions for a return to the G8 format with Russia’s participation – Reuters with reference to the Elysee Palace

Apple blocks smartphones stolen from stores during protests in the US.

Screenshots with messages from Apple began to appear in social networks at the beginning of the week. In them, the company notifies that the phone is being tracked and asks you to return it to the store whose address is specified in the message. This is reported by CNN. Apple stores in the US started opening recently after temporarily closing due to a coronavirus. Some of them have already reported theft and vandalism.

Mortality in St. Petersburg in may

In may, the civil registry office of St. Petersburg registered 6427 deaths from all causes. This is a third more than a year earlier

Vedomosti: “Aeroflot” has received all the state subsidies at once.

The group’s companies-Aeroflot, Rossiya and Aurora-received state support immediately, while subsidies will be paid to non-state air carriers on a monthly basis. Payments to other airlines, as the newspaper notes, will stretch until the end of August.

Rosaviatsia reported on June 3 that it approved applications from 18 airlines for state support in the amount of 9.45 billion rubles. At the same time, the majority of this amount — 7.89 billion rubles — is accounted for by subsidies to the Aeroflot group. In total, the Federal air transport Agency received 31 applications for subsidies.

You will need to wear masks until mass vaccination of the population begins

This was announced by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin in an interview with TASS. According to him, this may happen in October or even later, in February.

Supreme court acquits two police officers accused of rape

We will remind, a 23-year-old law enforcement officer accused three interior Ministry officers of rape in October 2018. She claimed that the men abused her in the chief’s office. Later, all three suspects and the victim herself were dismissed from the authorities for negative reasons.

Initially, the court found all the police officers guilty, and they were given a 20-year total sentence. Today, the court acquitted Eduard Matveev and Salavat Galiev. Only one participant received a real term in the case — his sentence was reduced from 6 to 4 years in prison.

In the Kirov region, pilgrims went to the procession

The press service of the Vyatka diocese reminded that all visitors to the Kirov region must undergo a two-week quarantine, but local residents counted several thousand people from other regions who arrived at the service at the Trifonovsky monastery this morning and intend to go to the village of Velikoretsky.

Residents of the Kirov region are concerned about the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection and refuse, as previously, to let pilgrims into their yards and homes. Today, all forces are thrown into the fight against the spread of infection, so there will be no organized places of Parking and lodging, food, mobile storage, accompanying doctors, rescuers and other services this year, the press service of the diocese explained.

Eyewitnesses told “Rise” that people on the square were given free masks by volunteers, but the faithful immediately took them off to say a prayer. The diocese did not specify what to do with pilgrims who violated the instructions of the authorities.

The media was removed from the final stage of control over the counting of votes

The CEC made another important change to the final voting procedure for the Constitution: it removed the media from the final stage of control over the vote count, Open media found. Journalists will no longer be able to require Commission members to recalculate or even show part of the ballots before all the data is sent to higher commissions

The hero of the video for amendments to the Constitution was convicted of a fake diploma

As reported https://theins.ru, the hero of the RT video for amendments to the Constitution, Artem Trochin, the chief ship’s petty officer, was convicted of a fake high school diploma. As noted on the court’s website, at the meeting, the defendant admitted guilt, expressed remorse for what he had done, made an appeal to his colleagues, calling on them not to allow illegal acts, including those of which he is accused.

Instead of the mayor detained for a bribe, the Altai city of Slavgorod was headed by a former police officer who was tried for planting drugs. This is reported by the publication “Taiga.Info “with a link to the website”Altapress”.

Which countries produce the most plastic?

Asian countries are responsible for the total production of 51% of the world’s plastic, of which 30% is China, and only 21% – other countries in the region. 18% for North America, 17% for Europe. The CIS (together with us) produces only 3% of the world’s plastic.

A big environmental problem is that in Europe and America, at least they try to process plastic, but most of the plastic from Asia just ends up in the ocean and forms garbage Islands there…

Lukashenko demands that the new government reduce its dependence on Russia

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the new government reduce its dependence on Russia by diversifying the markets for its own products and, accordingly, attracting foreign currency.

“No exports — no currency. Moreover, the problem of dependence on the market of one country should be solved definitively. We cannot even depend on fraternal Russia for 50-55%. We must diversify the markets, ” the President said.

YouTube blocked campaign ads for amendments to the Russian Constitution

The YouTube administration has blocked campaign ads for amendments to the Russian Constitution for violations of the service’s terms of use. When you try to view the video, the following message appears: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s hostile speech policy.”

According to the video, Russia has not adopted amendments to article 72 of the basic law of the Russian Federation (they proposed to fix the concept of marriage as a Union of a man and a woman). Because of this, gay people in Russia were able to adopt children. In 2035, a boy from an orphanage is adopted by a gay couple, one of whom immediately offers the boy a dress. At the end of the video, the slogan sounds: “Will you choose such a Russia? Decide the future of the country, vote for amendments to the Constitution.”

The Ministry of construction of Russia approved the criteria ” standard housing»

The concept of “standard housing” will include apartments of up to 100 square meters and private homes of up to 150 square meters on land plots of no more than 1500 square meters.

Interior decoration of “standard housing” should include a metal entrance door, interior doors, painted or papered walls. The floor must be leveled and covered, plumbing must be installed, a sink and stove in the kitchen, as well as ventilation grilles.

The Ministry of communications called the condition for unblocking Telegram in Russia

“Telegram in Russia is blocked not by the authorities, but by a court decision. Accordingly, the court must reverse its decision. The judicial power in Russia is independent. The authorities do not influence the decisions of the courts in any way. We have the principle of separation of powers in the country, “Deputy Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin told the radio station” Says Moscow”.

In the Amur region, veterans were required to return payments by Victory Day

Employees of the Amur branch of the Pension Fund and demanded to return previously paid to the Victory Day 75 thousand rubles. We are talking about participants in the military conflict of 1969, which occurred in 1C units of the Chinese army on the island of Damansky, which are equated to veterans of the second world war. The FIU called the payments an error, since the list of recipients can only include participants in combat operations in 1941-1945.

Court releases police officers convicted of torturing detainees with cigarettes and boiling water

The Saint Petersburg city court overturned the verdict of police officers who tortured detainees with cigarettes and boiling water. This is reported by the press service of the courts of St. Petersburg. As stated in the release, the police officer Sergei Kotenko canceled the sentence, and his colleagues Artem Morozov and Andrey Barashkov changed the sentence. Taking into account the sentence already served, the security forces were released from custody. Kotenko’s case will go to the court of first instance for review

Morozov pressed on the injured eye of the detainee Alexey Shepelin and inserted a cigarette in the nostril, and Barashkov poured boiling water on the guard Zamir Abdulkamalov. Kotenko received 3.5 years of probation for falsifying the administrative Protocol against Abdulkamalov (part 1 of article 285 of the criminal code, part 2 of article 292 of the criminal code).

New album Run the Jewels” RTJ4 ” released

American hip-hop Duo Run the Jewels released the album “RTJ4”, recorded in the famous Los Angeles Studio of Rick Rubin Shangri-La and in new York Electric Lady. You can listen to it in Apple Music.

Life with ghosts in the video “A Ghost” by Travis

Scottish post-Brit pop band Travis has released a video for the song “a Ghost “from their upcoming album” 10 Songs”, which is scheduled for release on October 9.

Poco F2 Pro smartphone released in Europe

Xiaomi-owned Poco brand has released the poco F2 Pro smartphone for European sale, which many call the “flagship killer”. The version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory is priced at 499 euros, and the version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory will cost 599 euros.

Presented is a 43-inch Nokia TV with a 4K screen and JBL speakers

Previously, a 55 – inch model was introduced, and now a more affordable and smaller 43-inch model is available. It is called Nokia Smart TV 43″. The TV is equipped with a display with a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), which implements Dolby Vision, HDR10 and MEMC technologies.

The Microsoft Edge browser is now installed automatically

The browser is installed automatically, and the user cannot opt out of it. Only the system administrator can now remove Edge by installing special Blocker Toolkit software. Previously, Microsoft recognized that Edge is inferior to Chromium in the software sense.

The BBC has launched testing of its Beeb voice assistant

The BBC broadcasting company has launched a beta version of the Beeb voice assistant, available to British participants of the Windows Insider program. Users will start testing and searching for errors in the new product.

Lenovo introduced the Mirage VR S3 VR headset with ThinkReality support

Lenovo introduced the Mirage VR S3 VR headset with ThinkReality support. This is a joint project with Pico Interactive, a company specializing in virtual reality technologies. The Mirage VR S3 headset features a 4K display with a 75 Hz refresh rate and a 110-degree field of view.

Getac has released an IP66 protected b360 laptop

The new product has a 13.3-inch HD touch screen up to 1,400 nits, and runs on Windows 10 Pro. The laptop comes in two versions — the B360 PRO for the military and the B360 for harsh industrial environments

Smart watches Hublot Big Bang e

They received a body made of titanium and black ceramic with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 12.8 mm. Screw and button design, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, rubber strap with folding clasp, and patented one-Click easy-change system

Big Bang e is equipped with a 1.21-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels. Every three hours, the dial will change color, meaning eight different pieces will be displayed sequentially for 24 hours. The watch has a new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, Google Wear OS, so it will support Google Pay, Google Assistant, and compatible apps in the Google Play store. Many features of modern smartwatches are missing, including a heart rate sensor, built-in GPS, and support for various training modes. Hublot Big Bang e is priced at $5,800.

Xiaomi invests in Chinese OLED screen manufacturer Zhiyun

Xiaomi has invested $ 20 million in China’s leading OLED screen manufacturer Zhiyun. It is the largest Chinese company that produces liquid crystal and OLED displays.

The oldest and largest Mayan structure has been discovered

In the South of Mexico found the ruins of a giant structure, the length of which is more than a kilometer. According to experts, this may be one of the largest and most ancient monuments of the Mayan civilization that archaeologists have ever found.

Scientists have established the date of construction of the bridge on the Temple mount in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have found out when the bridge connecting the temple mount with the upper part of Jerusalem was built. This is reported by Mir 24.

Specialists applied the method of radiocarbon analysis on a sample of the historical bridge. This method is based on checking microscopic fragments of ash and other organic matter. According to the results of the study, the engineering structure was built during the reign of Herod the Great. Chronologically this is the period from 20 BC to 20 ad

Artificial red blood cells may be more versatile than natural ones

As a basis, scientists from the group of Jeffrey Brinker (Jeffrey Brinker) from the University of new Mexico and Wei Zhu (Wei Zhu) from the South China University of technology took natural red blood cells, covering them with the thinnest (about 10 nanometers) layer of silicone.

A sorbent was created to purify water from radioactive elements

Researchers from the far Eastern Federal University and the Institute of chemistry of the Feb RAS have proposed a new effective method for the synthesis of a sorbent based on sodium tungstate, which can be used to purify industrial and drinking water from caesium-137 and strontium-90, as well as to process liquid radioactive waste

The sixth mass extinction has begun in the world

Five years ago, scientists said that humans are entering an era of 6 mass extinction due to the rapid decline in biological diversity. According to today News Ufa, researchers are confident that the process is becoming too fast. For this reason, humanity is under real threat.

Researchers have studied the distribution of species that are disappearing across the planet. As a result, 515 species are on the verge of complete extinction, so they may cease to exist in a few decades. These 515 species have less than a thousand individuals left, and about half of them have only 250. Most animals live in tropical and subtropical places

Ecologists state that the planet’s animals are moving closer to the poles

As reported by French scientists from the Universities of Toulouse and Picardy, animals are migrating massively to the North, and this is due to global warming. 12 thousand species of animals are moving closer to the poles, and the habitats of marine inhabitants are shifting faster than land ones.

Amphibians per year will move North by 12 meters, reptiles by 6.5 meters. The most rapid in migration are insects, which have shifted their habitats by 18.5 kilometers in a year. The average speed of movement of marine animals to the poles was 6 kilometers per year, while the inhabitants of the land in their total number shifted by 1.8 meters.