6 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/05/2019

Putin’s assistant called billionaires fools and idiots

The assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Andrey Belousov found out names of businessmen through whom the offer to withdraw from 14 companies more than 500 billion rubles flowed away. He told Forbes about it. He said that the paper fell to the businessmen due to leakage from the government. He did not call specific names, so as not to collapse the shares.

According to Belousov, entrepreneurs misunderstood him, and the transfer of information to journalists caused the effect of “grenades thrown into the chicken coop.” He noted that if before “to pour out in the press”, called it, he would explain everything correctly, but they “at all didn’t think”.

“What fools! Wow, those billions and are such idiots,” — said Putin aide.

Last year it was reported that Belousov proposed to withdraw from 14 metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical companies more than 500 billion rubles of super profits. It was stated that these funds will be used to Finance the implementation of the may decree.

Zelensky appealed to Russia because of the “escalation of the conflict” in the Donbass

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky addressed to Russia, commenting on consequences of attacks in Donbass where, according to him, three people were lost.

“As a result of attacks of positions of OOS in Donbass three servicemen were lost, three more were wounded. I Express my condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to the victims. I appeal to the Russian leadership: the aggravation of the conflict is not the best background for the resumption of negotiations,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

XI Jinping arrived in Moscow on a state visit

In the evening, Putin and XI Jinping will attend a gala concert at the Bolshoi theater on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. On June 6-7, XI Jinping’s program will continue in St. Petersburg, where he will be the main guest of the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

Ukrainian expert permanently expelled from the Studio “Russia 1»

Leading Eugene Popov demanded from Nepogodina leave the program, but he showed an indecent gesture and continued to shout insults at the residents of the DPR. After that, the Ukrainian expert left the Studio

Zelensky promised Ukrainians a referendum on joining NATO

According to Zelensky, Ukraine is heading for Euro-Atlantic integration. However, it is necessary to explain to the Ukrainian what advantages they will receive after the country’s accession to NATO. When people will understand that Zelensky has promised to hold a referendum.

Russia has denied us charges of unsafe interception самолета.

Russian fighter su-35 June 4, three times, was intercepted over the Mediterranean sea, the American reconnaissance aircraft P-8A Poseidon, said the sixth U.S. Navy.

According to the Russian defense Ministry, June 4 to the Russian Navy base in the port of Tartus in Syria twice approached the us reconnaissance aircraft, but the unsafe interception of the us aircraft by a Russian fighter over the Mediterranean sea was not stated in the Department.

North Korea received from Russia thousands of tons of wheat in the form of humanitarian aid

Russia gave North Korea almost four thousand tons of wheat. Moscow provided humanitarian aid because of the drought that broke out in the country in 2019. About three thousand tons on Wednesday began to unload in the Korean port of Nampho, the Russian Embassy in North Korea reported on its Facebook page.

Matvienko has proposed to allocate money for the protection of Russians abroad

Members of the Federation Council will prepare and submit to the Russian government a proposal for the protection of Russians who are in a difficult situation abroad. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, it is necessary to provide funds in the Federal budget.

Let’s think. Andrey Klishas, Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation, you have two weeks to study and submit a proposal to the Ministry of Finance in the budget 2020. Colleagues, it is not God knows what money, but it is the country’s respect for its citizens, wherever they are. — Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

Shoigu spoke about the military-political situation on the borders of the CIS

The military-political situation on the borders of the CIS is extremely tense, challenges to the sovereignty of the CIS countries are becoming more real, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

“Given the negative trends in global and regional security, the military-political situation on the borders of the Commonwealth remains extremely tense. In these circumstances, challenges to the sovereignty of the CIS States are becoming more real,” Shoigu said, speaking at a meeting of the Council of defense Ministers (CMR) of the CIS member States on Wednesday.

Zakharov told a strategy Zelensky, “the return of Crimea»

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the preparation of the team of the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky strategy “on the return of the Crimea.” According to her, the residents of the Peninsula made their choice at the referendum in 2014 and answered “that it is better not to say”.

“So far, only Saakashvili has responded to the call to Ukrainians to return home,” — quoted Zakharova as saying “NSN”.

Moldova does not intend to pay Russia for gas for Transnistria

Moldova is not going to pay Russia for the gas supplied to the Transnistrian region, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said.

The debt of the Transnistrian region for gas is a very serious problem. We will never pay for this gas. Consumers from the right Bank of the Dniester regularly pay for gas, and this is the debt of the left Bank. And this issue needs to be discussed. — Igor Dodon, Moldovan politician

Rosatom will provide nuclear fuel to all nuclear power plants in Slovakia until 2030

Fuel company of the state Corporation “Rosatom” TVEL and Slovak national power generation company Slovenske elektrarne on Wednesday in Moscow signed an agreement on the supply of nuclear fuel at the Slovak nuclear power plant for 2022-2030, RIA Novosti reported.

The US provided Turkey with several options in exchange for abandoning the S-400

The United States has provided Turkey a few options in exchange for refusal from the purchase of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 from Russia. This was reported by the head of the Department of security and cooperation of the us Department of defense Charles Hooper.

Russia will start developing an analogue of Mistral»

Ships, docks, similar to the helicopter carrier type “Mistral”, will begin engineering in Russia in 2020. This is reported by RIA Novosti, citing its informed source, according to which the first of the two such ships, which will order the Russian Navy, is scheduled to receive in 2025.

Us authorities will increase financial assistance to Israel in the defense sector

The United States will increase financial assistance to Israel in the field of defense, while tightening tel Aviv’s spending of these funds. It is reported by TASS Agency with reference to the representative of the Ministry of defense of Israel.

“Additional evidence” of the Russian military presence in Donbass

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine received “additional evidence” of the military presence of the Russian Federation in the Donbass. This was reported on the website of the GPU.

In particular, it is noted that in the course of investigative actions in the area of the operation of the United forces, on the “abandoned positions of militants” in the vicinity of the village of Vodnoye Volnovakha district of Donetsk region, the staff of the Prosecutor General’s office and the security service Of Ukraine found the body from the jet assault grenade “Tavolga”, which “is supplied by order of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation”. Also on this place helmets, bullet-proof vests, the automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 and a glass of the cassette of KPOM 2 to antipersonnel mines which as consider in GPU, “belong to Russia”are found.

The first sample of the newest self-propelled gun for airborne forces “Lotus” is presented»

In may, the General Director of TSNIITOCHMASH albert Bakov in an interview with RIA Novosti said that the new self-propelled gun for airborne forces “Lotus” will shoot at 13 kilometers, the first samples of self-propelled guns will be collected on KBAL them. Koshkin.

Indian air force decided to equip 40 su-30MKI missiles “BrahMos-A»

The command of the Indian air force, as reported in the Indian press, decided on the decision on the air-based cruise missiles BrahMos-A. The Indian industry will receive an order from the state to equip 40 su-30MKI fighters with these missiles, which have already passed through a series of tests.

Ukraine reported on tests of new anti-tank weapons

The company hopes that the defense departments of Ukraine and Turkey will be interested in the new system. The project, the report says, is the first example of joint promotion of Ukrainian-Turkish defense products in the markets of third countries.

China called the Russian su-57 backward and therefore useless

“Production of T-50 (su-57 – approx. ed.) far behind Chengdu J-20”, – said the publication “Sina”, referring to the fact that it is because of the unavailability of the Russian fighter, he does not need any India or any other country in the world.

Among other things, the PRC notes that during the time that Russia spent on the development of the su-57 fighter, China is almost ready for serial production of the second fifth-generation fighter – Shenjang J-31, in which Pakistan is actively interested, especially against the backdrop of military capacity-building by India.

Russian engineers told them about the new gravity gun

In the Russian edition of “Star”, it is said that the basic for the creation of “Grazer” was the theory of quantum mechanics. It is known that for the first time the need to develop such weapons started talking in the 1980s, and the first put forward the idea of the Belarusian scientist albert weinik.

Britain will provide NATO with the latest aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth

British Prime Minister Theresa may during a joint press conference with us President Donald trump announced that the latest British aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth will be made available to NATO.

The first Chinese aircraft carrier will soon be ready for adoption

In the end, “Varyag” after modernization was adopted as the first Chinese aircraft carrier in 2012 year, under a new name. As previously reported, Pyongyang is actively continuing to strengthen its Navy. Not so long ago, the Internet got a record of China’s latest ballistic missile tests.

In Minsk, three working sub-group on Donbass began negotiations

The economic, humanitarian and security subgroups started working in Minsk after a 1.5-month break, the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic reported on Wednesday. The meeting of the contact group and its working subgroups is scheduled for Wednesday in Minsk.

The Parliament introduced a bill on deprivation of property of residents of Donbass

The corresponding bill was introduced by the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Oleg Musiy. At the moment, there are no details regarding the content of the bill, the website of the Verkhovna Rada has published only information on the registration of the project entitled “Law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on civil confiscation of property of persons — citizens of Ukraine who voluntarily received citizenship of the Russian Federation and live in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions”.

“Productivity leaders” will appear in Tomsk companies

Applications for training are accepted by the productivity Center via e-mail Leaders-pro@vavt.ru the Key objective of the national project “labor Productivity and employment support” is to accelerate the growth of labor productivity in medium and large enterprises of the basic non-resource sectors of the economy to 5% per year by 2024.

In St. Petersburg launched a “zero” day of SPIEF

Already on June 6, the St. Petersburg international economic forum will begin. And on June 5, its organizers meet guests and present the program of “zero” day. The so-called zero day of the St. Petersburg international economic forum started on June 5.

The first legal brothel with sex dolls opened in St. Petersburg

The townspeople report that the institution Dolls Hotel, which includes a brothel with dolls, is located in the house 3 on 9 Sovetskaya street. It is noted that this is the first brothel with dolls opened in the Cultural capital

On SPIEF brought gold Aurus Senat

Russian car Aurus Senat Golden color, built in the framework of the Federal project “Cortege”, showed on the promenade of Expoforum, which now hosts the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF).

The Ministry of natural resources wants to change the law on waste

The Russian environmental operator (REO) together with the Ministry of natural resources and ecology will propose amendments to the law on production and consumption waste. They will be announced at the plenary sessions of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), dedicated to the so-called “garbage reform”. This was reported by the General Director of REO Denis Butsaev, TV channel “360”. According to him, the amendments will fully develop the industry both at the Federal and regional levels.

Qatari foreign Minister to head the country’s delegation to SPIEF 2019

Qatar’s foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abderrahman al-Thani will head the Emirate’s delegation to the SPIEF, told RIA “Novosti” in the press service of the government of Qatar. It is noted that the Embassy of the Emirate in Moscow is expected to participate in the economic forum a number of officials of various departments of Qatar.

Medvedev proposed Slovakia to connect to the “Nord stream — 2»

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged Slovakia to find a solution to connect to the “Nord stream — 2” and “Turkish stream”. He said this during a press conference following talks with Prime Minister of Slovakia Peter Pellegrini.

Russia and Slovakia will sign a contract for 100 million euros for MiG-29

“A contract will be signed recently,” Prime Minister of the Republic Peter Pellegrini said following talks with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

Zelensky opposed the “Nord stream-2»

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky considers it necessary to resist the construction of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline. He told about it at a briefing after a meeting with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda in Brussels, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“One of the important areas of our common cooperation at the European level is the issue of energy security, the preservation of the strategic role of the Ukrainian GTS and countering the Nord stream – 2,” Interfax-Ukraine quotes Zelensky.

Deutsche Bank confiscated 20 tons of collateral gold of Venezuela

This is due to the failure of Caracas to make payments on a five-year loan of $ 750 million received in 2016. The contract expired in 2021. Representatives of Deutsche Bank and the Central Bank of Venezuela refused to comment on the situation

Colombia has opposed military intervention in the Affairs of Venezuela

Bogota does not support military intervention in the internal Affairs of Venezuela. This was in an interview with “RIA Novosti” on Wednesday, June 5, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Colombia Carlos Olmes Trujillo.

Trump announced a “phenomenal” trade deal with the UK

Us President Donald trump, while in London, announced the conclusion of a “phenomenal” trade deal with the UK. The American leader stressed that the deal will be concluded after London leaves the European Union.

The European Union called on Russia to implement the decision of the UN Tribunal for Ukrainian sailors

At the end of may, the international Tribunal for the law of the sea demanded that Russia release 24 Ukrainian sailors and three ships detained for violating the Russian border. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, respect for the decisions of international courts is fundamental for the international order

The Ministry of justice proposed to introduce a new type of alimony

The Ministry of justice has proposed to require parents in divorce to pay extra for accommodation for the child. The corresponding document is published on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts. The new payments will affect those whose children live separately and need new housing space

General Director of “Sheremetyevo” explained the problems with baggage

Delays in the delivery of Luggage to passengers at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport are caused by changes in technological processes in the maintenance and processing of Luggage, and not a shortage of movers, said the airport’s General Director Mikhail Vasilenko.

We were redoing the technology. We need other people and more people. We felt that some calculations should be corrected. Because the amount of Luggage has changed. It has its own coefficients, I will not talk about the calculations. Yes, it took some change. Quietly now are working. — Mikhail Vasilenko

“Russia 24” decided to expose the mistakes of “Chernobyl”, but she made a mistake

In the story of the TV channel “Russia 24”, which was devoted to historical inaccuracies in the series HBO “Chernobyl”, host Stanislav Natanzon said that the articles of academician Valery Legasov were published in Soviet Newspapers, although it is not. For the error pointed out to him the journalist of the Rain Ilya Shepelin. Natanzon recognized her and promised to “mention” her on the TV channel. The program was released on the Federal channel on may 28.

Rostelecom bought 51% of the developer of Safe city»

Rostelecom closed the deal on acquisition of 51% stake in the Charter capital of LLC “Carclass” the sole owner GK “Outpost”. FAS approved the deal on April 19, 2019, the Telecom operator said.

Ministry of natural resources: killer Whales and Beluga whales will be released from “whale prison” before the end of summer

In the July-August animals from the “whale jail” in the Middle Bay in Primorsky region is planning to release into the wild. This statement was made at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, the Minister of natural resources and environment of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kobylkin, reports TASS.

In Zabaykalsky Krai Schoolgirls on the exam was looking under skirts crib

The Ministry of education of Transbaikalian edge have informed that in the village of Mogoytuy 3 June during the exam on the Russian language organizers exceeded his authority and behaved improperly. So they made the boys take the belts off their pants to see if they had cell phones underneath. One of the parents said that among the organizers there were representatives of Moscow, who before the exam divided the students into boys and girls, and then began to search them.

The hotels in the resorts of Russia turned out to be more expensive overseas during the summer season

The cost of hotel rooms at Russian resorts in the summer season – 2019 was much higher than in tourist cities abroad. These findings are contained in research service online booking Ostrovok.ru with which acquainted “Izvestia”.

In the Kuban judge was outraged by the picture on the envelope with the materials of the case

The judge of the arbitration court of Krasnodar territory Andrey Gorbovsky asked for clarification of trial participants who have sent in court documents inside the envelope with the image of the painting “the Flaying of skin from corrupt judges” of the court ruling.

Bailiffs are trying to recover from the dead Initial debt of 50 thousand

Bailiffs are trying to recover from the dead Initial debt of 50 thousand Singer did not pay the transport tax and violated traffic rules. Bailiffs are trying to recover from the late Julia Nachalova debt of more than 47 thousand rubles.

Criminal liability will be introduced for the turnover of eye medication

Since December 1, 2019 in Russia, the punishment for violations in the circulation of three drugs: Tropicamide (a means to dilate the pupil), tapentadol (opioid analgesic) and pregabalin (anticonvulsant drug) has been tightened.

Named the cost of the smallest apartment in Moscow

On 11 “squares” fit the living area and bathroom. Service specialists believe that the apartment was converted from a room or non-residential premises. The most expensive small-sized housing in the capital’s primary real estate market was a business class Studio with an area of 19 square meters (5.8 million rubles).

Timothy answered with a mate on allegations of fraud defense

Russian rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) responded to criticism of the clothing collection, which he released together with the Russian defense Ministry. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. Netizens accused him of cheating, as the presented clothing line resembles products on Amazon and AliExpress.

Most tourists go to Georgia from Russia

The first five countries by the number of international visits to Georgia in may 2019. Country Number of visits Change for the year – % Russia 172217 53.2 Azerbaijan 105962 3.0 Armenia 98572 15.5 Turkey 71563 – 14, 0 Israel 17084 9.3 In may, the country was visited by 39.8 thousand representatives of the Georgian Diaspora, which is 12.3% more than in may 2018.

The flow of Russians to Turkey at the beginning of the year increased by 35 percent

Tourist flow from Russia to Turkey in the period from January to April 2019 increased by 35 percent in annual terms. At the same time, in April, Russian tourists came in first place in the number of foreign arrivals to Turkey.

Athos began to demand from Ukrainian pilgrims information of the UOC

The website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reported that the hegumens of the monasteries of Athos ask Ukrainian pilgrims to provide certificates confirming their belonging to the canonical UOC.

The ROC announced the unwillingness of believers to accept the Pope in Russia

The visit of Pope Francis to Russia is not yet on the agenda, many representatives of Orthodox believers and clergy are not yet ready to accept it, said Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for external Church relations (DECR).

The increase in the number of ticks associated with climate change, according to environmentalists

There is a direct link between the increase in the number of ticks and climate change, said PhD, associate Professor of the Institute of living systems of the Baltic Federal University. Kant Natalia Medicina, referring to environmentalists world wide Fund for nature (WWF).

Rospotrebnadzor called the products that are not enough in the diet of Russians

Consumption of vegetables per Russian decreased over the past year by 3 kg per year, bakery products per 2 kg, dairy products — by 7 liters per year, according to statistics Department. It is noteworthy that the villagers eat less fruit, eggs and meat products than the residents of megacities.

Rosprirodnadzor: open burning of the MNPZ torch GORENJE

Open burning torch Moscow oil refinery (JSC “Gazpromneft-Moscow refinery”) is not a freelance situation and did not lead to the exceedance of the maintenance in air of harmful substances. About it to Agency of city news “Moscow” reported in a press-service of Rosprirodnadzor.

Rostrud urged to reduce the working day in the heat

If the temperature in the working room has reached 28.5 degrees, it is recommended to reduce the working day by one hour. When the temperature rises to 29 degrees – for two hours, at 30.5 degrees – for four hours.

The Ministry of Finance will increase the volume of currency purchases

The Ministry of Finance of Russia from June 7 to July 4, will purchase foreign currency on the they put out 310.3 billion, according to June 5, the press service of the Ministry of Finance. “The daily volume of purchase of foreign currency will be equivalent to 16.3 billion rubles,” the report said.

Cellular communication has risen in price in Russia after the abolition of roaming

The average cost of the minimum package tariff for mobile communications in Russia from December 2018 to may 2019 increased by 3%, from 255 to 262 rubles per month, follows from the Content Review report, which was reviewed by Kommersant. Earlier it was reported that the head of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law on the abolition of national roaming, which obliges mobile operators to charge a single fee to subscribers across the country

Medvedev approved a change in the agreement with Venezuela in favor of Rosneft»

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved by his resolution the draft Protocol on amendments to the agreement on Russian-Venezuelan cooperation in the implementation of joint strategic projects developed by the Ministry of energy

Customers who refuse plastic bags, will make a discount

The Ministry of natural resources of Russia, together with experts, is developing an introduction to retail chains of discounts for buyers who refuse plastic bags, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

The Finance Ministry called the condition of unification of CASCO and CTP

The Ministry of Finance of Russia conceptually supports the idea of combining CTP and CASCO policies, the study of the issue is appropriate after the adoption of the law providing for the improvement of the CTP charging system, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reported.

The Ministry of transport received a project to create a new regional airline

The documents on the project of creating a new regional airline were received by the Ministry of transport last week, the materials are being worked out, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov told TASS.

Hotel “Beijing” in the center of Moscow put up for auction

The building was built in 1939-1958 by architect D. Chechulin. At the end of January, some media reported that the company “gals-development” can close the deal for the sale of the hotel “Beijing” Chinese company Sichuan Railway Investment Group (SRIG), which is based in Chengdu, China.

Russia may tighten conditions for obtaining loans

The state Duma introduced a bill obliging banks to check the obligations of citizens under credit agreements in the issuance of consumer loans, the correspondent of “Rosbalta”. The bill also provides for a comprehensive modernization of the existing system of formation of credit histories.

The state budget of Ukraine for January-may executed with a surplus of $316 million

The state budget of Ukraine for the five months of 2019 is executed with a surplus of 8.6 billion hryvnia (316 million dollars), the press service of the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.

Ukrainian Cabinet plans to reduce public debt to 43% of GDP in 2022

The national debt of Ukraine over the next three years will be reduced to 43% of GDP in 2022. The relevant strategy was adopted by the Cabinet at a meeting on the proposal of the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

In Russia, the cost of housing construction has increased dramatically

The increase in the cost of construction has already led to a rise in the cost of housing in most regions of Russia. So, according to the company Domofond.ru, in General, the country’s square meter in new buildings for the year increased in price by 10.9% — from 62.4 thousand rubles in March 2018 to 69 thousand rubles in March 2019.

Visa began to discuss with banks transfers by phone number abroad

The payment system offers international C2C transfers, which will work in the same way as the Russian counterpart, adds another interlocutor. According to another source, the money can be transferred only between Visa cards issued by banks participating in the service

Tightened control over foreign accounts of Russian companies

According to the currency legislation, the list of operations that can be carried out through foreign accounts is very limited, and for Russian citizens and for Russian companies, reminds K. Gritsepanov: cash transfer, transfer from your Russian or foreign account, funds under loan agreements from residents of OECD and FATF countries, and a few more

The Ministry of Finance proposed to carry out part of public procurement in the format of “e-shop»

The relevant provisions may be contained in a new bill on improving the system of public procurement, which is planned to be submitted to the state Duma in the autumn session, said at the conference of the expert Council of the working group of the state Duma on improving public procurement Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov.

“There is a bill in the government, which can be called a “closed bill”, because it is devoted mainly to closed procedures. There are a number of issues that open procedures also affect, they are not of a fundamentally innovative nature – it is rather about eliminating duplication of information about different documents, simplifying their description and understanding of all what document, to what extent should arise,” he said

The EAEU countries will start to accept the “World” cards by the end of 2019»

By the end of the year, Mir cards will be accepted in all the EAEU countries (the Union includes Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in addition to Russia), as well as in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. This was reported by the head of the National payment card system (nspk) Vladimir Komlev in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.

China first launched a rocket into space from a sea platform

China for the first time in the history of the country carried out a successful space launch from the sea platform, according to China’s Central television. At 12:06 local time from the platform located in the Yellow sea, launched a carrier rocket “Changzheng-11” (CZ-11) with seven spacecraft.

Greece demanded from Germany €320 billion in reparations

The Greek Ambassador to Berlin conveyed to the German foreign Ministry a note in which the Greek government called on the German authorities to begin negotiations on reparations. According to RIA “Novosti” Yu As noted, Greece has asked Germany for reparations in the amount of € 320 billion.

The sky over Montenegro began to patrol NATO fighters

In early April 2019, NATO forces for the first time used their aircraft to prevent a possible threat in the airspace of Montenegro: then Italian Typhoon fighters lifted to intercept a passenger aircraft of the German airline Tui Fly, which for some time lost contact with dispatchers, while in the air over Montenegro.

The campaign to promote small and medium-sized businesses will begin in the autumn of 2019

The information campaign to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will start in autumn 2019. This was in an interview with TASS said the head of the public organization for the support of small and medium-sized businesses “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin.

New technologies have forced Volkswagen to lay off thousands of people

The decision is due to the transition to new technologies of car Assembly and a shift in focus on the production of electric vehicles. “We are making the company prepared and resistant to the onset of the digital age,” said Volkswagen COO Ralph Brandstetter.

Vakhtangov theater will go on a big tour of Canada and the United States

The Vakhtangov theater will go on a Big tour of Canada and the United States from 9 to 19 June with the play “Masquerade” on the drama of Mikhail Lermontov staged by Rimas Tuminas, the press service of the theater reported.

The European Commission has officially accused Italy of violating budget rules

The European Commission believes that the Italian government does not comply with the EU budget rules in terms of the amount of public debt, and therefore against Italy opened a case, said Wednesday, June 5, Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis, reports ANSA

Environmentalists: for the Earth can be repeated “the Great extinction»

Scientists warn that the Earth may repeat the “Great extinction”, which occurred 250 million years ago. Experts say that in different parts of the world they have noticed processes that are similar to those that occurred in ancient times.

Migrants staged a mass brawl in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Una-Sana Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that the centre for temporary reception of “Miral” in the town of srebrenik in the night of Wednesday, workers staged a mass brawl. About 100 people beat each other, broke Windows and broke furniture.

Samsung with the made in China label will soon disappear from the smartphone market

After closing the last Samsung factory in China, there will be no more models of the brand with the made in China label on the market. In the future, if you need to increase the output of smartphones, Samsung will turn to the capacity of Xiaomi.

At “Rusagro” there can be a new shareholder

The Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) is planning to become a new shareholder of Rusagro, one of Russia’s largest producers of meat products and sugar. This writes “Kommersant” with reference to the head of the Fund Kirill Dmitriev.

The group “Leningrad” has released a new video

Russian band “Leningrad” released a video for the song “i_$uss”. The video was posted on the band’s official YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 5

This is a mediocre trick, this is anti-Russian art. Cords — a follower of Pavlensky, who once nailed the scrotum to the pavement on red square. — Vitaly Milonov, the Russian politician

New song recorded 83-year-old Alain Delon

French actor Alain Delon recorded a new song. The lyrics to Je n’aime que toi (“I only love you”) were written by Julia Pari and the music was composed by Rick Allison. The song was recorded at Studio Saint Germain in Paris.

20th Century Fox said goodbye to the franchise “x-Men»

On Thursday, June 6, the Russian premiere of the film “x-Men: the Dark Phoenix” — the last picture of the mutant people of the Marvel universe, on which the 20th Century Fox Studio worked before joining The Walt Disney Company.

Out the trailer for the psychological Thriller “Plus»

The network has the first trailer for the movie “Plus”, which premiered on “Sundance”.

Prilepin told about attracting rappers in the Moscow art theater. Bitter

Writer and Deputy artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. Gorky Zakhar Prilepin in an interview with “Izvestia” spoke about the implementation of the theater projects “40 poets” and “40 musicians”. According to him, these are formats that the “Moscow snobby public”does not know. “Our music and music groups are crushed by pop music, popular media formats. But there are interesting, smart, serious musicians: “Refining”, Branimir, “underwood”, “25/17″, Husky, rich” – listed Prilepin rappers and rockers with whom he intends to establish a dialogue.

Christoph waltz and Louis Garrel Will star in the new woody Allen film

A new project by woody Allen nachinaet to recruit the cast. In the romantic Comedy will star mostly European actors: Christoph waltz, Louis Garrel, Elena Anaya, Serhi Lopez. In addition, the film will play American Gina Gershon.

The network has a trailer for the movie “To the stars” with brad pitt

The film company 20th Century Fox released the first trailer of the fantastic Thriller “To the stars” with brad pitt in the main video. The video was published on the official YouTube channel of the Studio

Medina explained the removal of scenes from “Rocketman” in Russia

“In a legal state should not rule private aesthetic and sexual preferences of individuals, and the law,” – said Medinsky.

Earlier, Elton John criticized the removal of scenes with drugs and sex from the “Rocketman” in Russia.

Andrew Pale compared rap battles with homosexuality

The soloist of group 25/17 Andrew Pale in an interview with NSN expressed his opinion about became popular rap battles. He said that everyone is free to do what he wants, but noted that he does not plan to compete in graphomanism.

“That’s not why we started doing all this. We had no desire to humiliate someone. We had other motives. I think about it in the same way as I do about homosexuality: if people like it, it’s absolutely their business. But without me,” said the Pale.

Einar Selvik brought a musical time machine to St. Petersburg

The leader of the Norwegian group Wardruna Einar Selvik in his first solo tour of the cities of Russia brought to St. Petersburg a real time machine

The basis of the acoustic program, presented on the eve of the inhabitants of the Northern capital, formed the selected works of the famous skald, Wardruna songs and songs from the series “Vikings”.

Alan Parsons with new album

“Creator of the Pink Floyd sound”, legendary British musician, Director and producer Alan Parsons will give the only concert in Moscow as part of the world tour in support of the album “The Secret”.

Cheryl crow has recorded two female trios for the new album

In late may, Crowe unveiled another track, “Live Wire”, recorded in collaboration with Bonnie Wright and Mavis Staples. These singles, as well as the Duo with the late johnny Cash “Redemption Day”, will be included in the new album of the singer “Threads”, the release date of which has not yet been announced.

“Rostelecom” and “Megaphone” has made the first international call in 5G

The President of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky, Director of technical innovation and infrastructure of “MegaFon” Frederick Vanoise and Vice-President of Nokia in the region of Eastern Europe Demetrio Russo contacted by video conference with the President of the global division of mobile networks Nokia Tommy Vito in Finland.

The developers have filed a lawsuit against Apple for monopolizing the market

Developers of applications for Apple Inc. they said they consider the practice of selling iPhone apps exclusively through the official App Store uncompetitive. In this regard, they sent a lawsuit to the Federal court of the Northern district of California, in which they accused the Corporation of monopolizing the market.

Absolut group will invest $50 million in the insurance project on big data

Absolute group will launch an online insurance project called Mafin in the summer, which at the first stage will specialize in the sale of KASKO and OSAGO policies, told RBC co-owner of the group Alexander Svetakov (ranked 43rd in the Forbes list with a fortune of $2.5 billion).

Russia has mastered the industrial production of polymer for medicine and space industry

Rostec has developed a technology for industrial polymer production that can be used in medicine and in the rocket and space industry. Pilot batches have already been sent to customers, including Roscosmos, said a statement circulated by the state Corporation on Wednesday.

Samara project “endless flash drives” closed

Samara Creator of Flashsafe Alexey Churkin announced the closure of the project. In three years of sales, the startup was unable to make a profit and compete with cloud storage.

Smart speaker Samsung Galaxy Home will be released in the third quarter of 2019

From July to September 2019, we can expect official sales of the long-awaited device, which received advanced functionality and high-quality performance. Currently, experts are discussing the reasons why the output of the Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker was postponed to a later date

Robert Downey Jr. plans to clear the Earth with the help of robots

The organization will start its work in April 2020, according to the statement of the actor, it will be engaged in the next decade.

Apple has awarded IOS apps with the best design

Apple presented awards to IOS app developers at the annual Apple Design Award 2019. The list of winners was published on the official website of the company. One of the awards went to the application for creating notes Flow, developed by Moleskine.

The project of the new vertical take-off device was first shown in Moscow

The Fund of perspective researches (FPI) for the first time presented a draft of a new aircraft — cikolata vertical takeoff. The novelty was presented at the international salon “Complex security — 2019”, held in Moscow

IOS 13, will help extend the life of iPhone battery

Announcing the IOS 13 at WWDC 2019 in San Jose, Apple representatives talked for a long time about the benefits of the update, but did not mention one important feature that will increase the battery life of i-devices.

Portable gaming console Smash Z will be presented at E3 2019

The team of developers of the game console Smash Z reported that their creation will go on sale at the end of this year, and the debut of the device will take place at the annual exhibition E3 2019. The company has released a small video, which demonstrates the work of the console.

Scientists have developed cheap sensors shelf life of products

A group of scientists has created sensors to determine the freshness of meat and fish products. The device is a small paper sticker with a layer of activated carbon and a microchip. It is able to capture caused by the decomposition of gases and transmit information to your smartphone.

SIBUR and Ericsson, with the support of NVision group, tested the private LTE corporate network

NVision group, a Russian system integrator, a member of MTS group, Ericsson, a solution provider in the field of information and communication technologies, and SIBUR group, a Russian petrochemical company, announced the successful completion of testing of the corporate data transmission network and convergent services based on The private LTE concept

Almost half of Russians managed to find out the personal data of their colleagues

Almost half of Russians (44%) at least once saw confidential data of their colleagues at work. It is reported in his Telegram-channel “Kaspersky Lab”, which investigated the habits of people at work.

Xiaomi explained the principle of operation of the sub-screen camera

“The transparent display plays the role of a camera lens,” explained xiaomi’s Vice President. Allowing more light to enter the lens, the sub-screen camera is able to create selfies much better than the cameras located in the point hole of the screen.

There are pictures and parameters of the smartphone Lenovo Z6

The date of presentation and details about the smartphone Lenovo Z6 is kept secret, but the Network continues to appear the next information about the devices. Thus, the model Lenovo Z6 will be the successor to the outdated version of Lenovo Z5.

Vivo Y12 smartphone: four cameras, 5000 mAh battery and Helio P22 chip

The smartphone has four cameras, where the front has a resolution of 8 MP and is located in a drop-shaped cutout, and the main received three sensors on 13, 8 and 2 MP. The model runs on the processor MediaTek Helio P22, and for its autonomy will be responsible for the battery 5 000 mAh.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s fully declassified

The battery capacity of the smartphone was 2800 mAh. The manufacturer also noted the use of high strength with compliance with the IP68 standard. The price of the smartphone will be about 250 euros

All Xiaomi smartphones with OLED screens will get color mode Always On Display

Yesterday, Executive Director lei Jun left a message on his page on the social network Weibo, which concerns the functionality of the always on screen (Always On Display).

ASUS introduced the monitor ProArt PQ22UC

ASUS has officially introduced the proart PQ22UC MONITOR, which will please you with its compact size, 4K resolution and a lot of other advantages that are so important when developing websites or working with photos.

The mobile version of Skype has a long-awaited feature

Microsoft has updated the mobile application Skype, adding him a very useful and long-awaited feature. It’s about sharing the screen during a video call, which can be very useful in certain situations.

Google has challenged in court the European Commission fine of 1.5 billion euros

Earlier, the company was punished for violating the law on competition, Google challenged in the European court of General jurisdiction in Brussels a fine of 1.49 billion euros, which was previously imposed by the European Commission

Tesla denied employees access to the social network for complaints against employers

Tesla company Elon Musk has blocked its employees access to the social network Blind for complaints against employers. Earlier, employees were warned about the responsibility for information leaks, according to Verdict

The bees tied up the symbols with numbers

Ethologists have found that bees are able to match symbols with numbers and Vice versa. As reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, insects have learned how to correctly correlate a certain number with a symbol (sign N and inverted T), or Vice versa, a symbol with a number

How to develop emotional adaptation in children, scientists have established

Scientists have established how you can develop emotional adaptation in children to reduce the risk of various psychological problems when a teenager reaches the age of 12. It turned out that this is well helped by constant physical activity and sports, writes “Yekaterinburg on the air.”

AI successfully learns to reconstruct the appearance of the voice

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology have developed an algorithm that is able to reconstruct the appearance of a person based on the recording of his voice. As reported by Futurism, for AI sufficiently short sound clip

The shell allowed the robot cockroaches to help each other get to their feet

Robotron were able to provide each other assistance in the process of lifting to his feet. This was required after the fall of one of “individuals” on back. The developers experimentally determined the best shape of the shell, as well as the collision angle.

The steering wheel in the Jaguar will be able to send a heat alert

In addition to notifications about the turn, the developers of the company plan to use the new opportunity to inform the car owner about the lack of gasoline or about the imminent arrival to the destination.

KLM presented the concept of a V-shaped airliner

Engineers from the Netherlands showed a rather exotic – looking concept passenger aircraft of the future. The V-shaped airliner is developed by the staff of the Delft technical University with the support of the carrier company KLM. See below a video with a 3D model of a unique aircraft

Robot sloth are taught to climb the spider’s web of cables

American engineers have developed a robot sloth, able to climb the ropes and move from one cable to another

The engine for ion starships patented scientists of St. Petersburg

Scientists of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University received a patent and filed three more applications for inventions, presenting a prototype engine for spacecraft, which is based on ion acceleration

A new method of 3D reconstruction of explosive phenomena in the sun Has been developed

Scientists were able to estimate the height of the shock wave in a rather difficult conditions, when both satellites STEREO observe different segments of the wave, as well as when the wave becomes diffuse and the signal weakens. In addition, 3D reconstruction allows you to correctly estimate the speed of wave propagation.
The launch vehicle spaceplane for Space Rider appointed for 2022

The European space Agency (ESA) will launch its first unmanned space Shuttle space Rider in 2022. This is stated in a statement published on Wednesday on the official website of the Agency.

Scientists: Exoplanets steal gas from the parent star

Scientists have found that exoplanets, which are considered a common space phenomenon, steal gas from the parent star. The materials of the study were published by Nature Astronomy.In 2018, astronomers discovered the exoplanet PDS 70b, weighing 4-17 times more than Jupiter

China will launch its Rover in 2020

It is planned that the Rover will be launched in 2020. China has expressed a desire to become the second country after the United States, which will carry out a research mission to Mars. As stated by Chinese researchers, the mission to the Red planet will begin next year.

The Spitzer telescope showed an area in the constellation Cepheus, where stars are formed

Space infrared telescope “Spitzer” received an image of the star formation in the constellation Cepheus, where you can find stars of all ages. Observations allow us to trace the life paths of stars in such nebulae, according to NASA.

Parker probe will solve the mystery of overheating of the Sun

Researchers at the University of Michigan believe they have the answer, and hope to prove it with a Parker NASA solar probe.

SpaceX knows how to get to Mars. For the rest she needs partners

As Worcester says, repeating the Mask, SpaceX is primarily a transport company, which does not include collecting samples or conducting scientific experiments, and for the implementation of other aspects it will need partners.

BMW announced ruble prices for the new M8

BMW announced the ruble prices of “charged” coupe and convertible M8 new generation. The cost of new items starts at 10 790 000 rubles. The first copies will reach Russia at the end of 2019.

Audi introduced the new generation of the Audi A6 Allroad wagon

Audi introduced the “off-road” wagon Audi A6 Allroad new generation. The car received adaptive suspension, increased ground clearance and three diesel engines (based on one). In Europe, sales will begin in June this year.

“Avtotor” started production of BMW X7 SUV

Kaliningrad plant “Avtotor” began production of a new flagship SUV BMW X7. The first car of the local Assembly has already gone off the Assembly line. On Wednesday, June 5, reports Agency “TASS”.

Volgabus presented an unmanned all-terrain vehicle

The company Volgabus, which produces city buses, presented an unmanned all-terrain vehicle. It is interesting that when creating new products specialists used only domestic components.

Mahindra has updated its SUV Scorpio

Accordingly, the base has increased. External changes are not too much — the recognizable design of Mahindra Scorpio is preserved, only slightly diluted with fashionable solutions. It is already known that the SUV will get a new motor