8 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/06-07/2020

The death of an African-American man, George Floyd, who died from the actions of police officers who detained him, was only an occasion, and not the cause of mass riots in the United States. This is the opinion in an interview with Lenta.ru ” was expressed by former police officer of the us state of Florida mark Dugan.

Those who participate in them [riots] today will look for any excuse to continue setting fire to buildings and killing people. They only hide behind the death of this guy to morally justify themselves for participating in the looting of stores and pogroms — – said Dugan

According to him, the main participants in the riots are residents of poor areas of large cities, mainly African — Americans. They learned to fight for their rights, but they forgot how to work, which formed a specific worldview for them. They are used to just waiting for the government to give them everything they want, which led to the pogroms in the United States.

In the US, police officers left their jobs in protest

All employees of the rapid response group of the police of the city of Buffalo (new York, USA) left the special forces in protest against the suspension of two police officers. This is reported by WIVB TV channel.

Two police officers in Buffalo were suspended because they knocked down a 75-year-old man who is now in a serious condition in a hospital during the protests

According to the TV channel, an elderly man fell on his back after being pushed by police officers. A video posted on social media shows the man lying motionless after the fall, with blood appearing under his head. The state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, condemned the actions of the police.

Beijing residents will be given vouchers for shopping and restaurants

Beijing authorities will give residents vouchers totaling 12.2 billion yuan ($1.7 billion), which can be used for shopping, going to restaurants, sports, education or travel. This is done to stimulate consumption after the collapse of retail sales, writes Bloomberg.

How many accidents will be able to prevent cars with Autonomous control

Self-driving cars are considered one of the methods of eliminating accidents in the future. However, according to the insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is based on Reuters, driverless cars can prevent only a third of accidents.

In total, experts analyzed more than 5,000 accidents in the United States and identified the factors that caused them. According to them, two-thirds of accidents occurred due to a combination of circumstances, in particular, the wrong actions of other drivers

China has opened a transport corridor to Uzbekistan bypassing Kazakhstan

The Chinese authorities have opened a new transport corridor, along which trains to Uzbekistan will run bypassing the territory of Kazakhstan. The first cargo train left Lanzhou (Gansu province) for Tashkent on June 5, the Global Times reports. The route will pass through the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

The debt of residents of Naberezhnye Chelny for housing and utilities exceeded 1 billion rubles

The debt of residents of Naberezhnye Chelny for housing and communal services exceeded 970 million rubles, 81 of them – contributions for capital repairs. Data for June 1 of this year was presented in the press service of the Prosecutor’s office of the city.

The Supervisory authority reported that the debt of 22 management organizations for the supplied utilities amounted to 331 million rubles. According to the results of the audit, the Prosecutor’s office made representations to the 22 criminal code with the requirement to organize work with residents-debtors. The acts are under review.

Apple’s price has reached a historic high

In January of this year, Apple shares were worth about $ 328, but the price began to decline against the background of the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, Apple’s stock price reached a new historical high of $ 331.75.

Poland raised the tariff for transportation via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline

This was reported by the Polish energy regulatory Authority (URE). It is noted that the tariff for gas operator Gaz-System in 2021 for gas input to Poland is increased by 10-13%, depending on the type of fuel.

“Miratorg” is preparing to open export supplies of vegetables

“Miratorg” agro-industrial holding, widely known primarily as a major producer of meat products, plans to export vegetables. On the HeadHunter website there are vacancies from Miratorg related to deliveries abroad and search for distributors in the foreign market

Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to extend oil production cuts

Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed on the need to extend the maximum level of reduction in oil production in OPEC+ for at least one month. Further plans will depend on the market situation, a source involved in the negotiations told TASS.

Iraq has put a deal on the oil at risk

Reducing oil production in Iraq may lead to an economic crisis in the country, which will provoke hunger riots. This is stated in an article by Bloomberg, reports. Iraq is unable to reduce oil production, which accounts for about 90% of the country’s revenue.

Trump extended the embargo on oil and petroleum products from Iran.

“There is a sufficient amount of oil and oil products from countries other than Iran on the market to significantly reduce the volume of oil and oil products purchased from Iran by foreign financial organizations or through them»

The US imposed sanctions on Iran in November 2018. The measure was taken in response to Iran’s continued nuclear program. At the same time, an exception was made for eight countries and they were allowed to freely buy Iranian oil. Among them were China, Turkey, South Korea, India, Greece, Italy, Taiwan and Japan.

North Korea protests against South Korea’s propaganda leaflets

North Korea has threatened to permanently close the liaison office with Seoul in protest against propaganda leaflets thrown by South Korea using balloons, the KCNA news Agency reported, citing a statement from the Central Committee of the Workers ‘ party of Korea.

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, Kim Yo-Jong, previously said that if the flow of leaflets is not stopped by the South Korean authorities, Pyongyang may also take steps such as “breaking the North-South agreement in the military field, which is unlikely to have any value.”

To intervene to stop the violence

The state of Minneapolis after the death of African-American George Floyd will ban police from using chokeholds, the Associated Press reported, citing proposals from the state’s office of human rights, which the city Council intends to approve. In addition, police officers will be required to report any cases of violence against citizens by their colleagues and to intervene in such situations to stop the violence.

Casino in Monte Carlo has reopened its doors to visitors

However, the casino has a number of restrictions, in particular, the maximum possible number of players at the tables has been reduced. Instead of seven people, no more than three visitors are allowed to play English roulette at the same time. Glass partitions are installed around the playing tables and slot machines. Employees regularly disinfect tokens and chips. In the casino of Monte Carlo, the mandatory wearing of masks is introduced, and visitors are provided with antiseptics. There is a special marking on the floor to keep the distance.

Vladimir Putin instructed to allocate funding for the creation of a national system of genetic information

To ensure the creation and functioning of the information and analytical system for storing and processing genetic data “national database of genetic information”, including the development of formats for storing and transmitting data, related search programs and software tools, – the website reports.

The government should also develop training courses and disciplines in the field of genetics for schools and further education organizations. Funds of several billion dollars for the program will begin to be allocated from the budget from 2021.

Murmansk official laid a carpet for a comfortable observation of the flood.

The head of the administration of the Kola district Alexander Likholat arrived in the SNT “kildinskoe” to inspect the territory affected by the flood. The official inspected the dacha Association accompanied by EMERCOM employees, the group moved on special equipment, the body of which was covered with a carpet. Users of social networks compared Liholat with Boyarynya Morozova, some noted that the head of the administration arrived at the scene of the emergency in a business suit and without a mask.

In Moscow, at the building of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the police detain activists who did not stand in pickets

In Moscow, detentions continue at the building of the Ministry of internal Affairs on Petrovka, writes MBH media. The police detain even those who are not on the picket line.

Police officers detained the activist Alexandra Popova, who was wearing a medical mask with the inscription “Freedom of speech”. She didn’t have a poster.

Dmitry Ivanov, an activist, was also detained. “I didn’t stand in the picket line, and my mask doesn’t say anything. I was ordered to be detained by a plainclothes official, “he wrote in the telegram channel”Protesting MSU”.

Activist Igor Safonov was detained for entering the roadway. For the same reason, the police wanted to take Sota Vision journalist Anastasia Kashkina to the Department, but in the end she was issued a fine of 500 rubles and released.

Later, the journalist Pyotr Ruzavin was detained, standing in a single picket with a placard “I Have a DOCTOR today. Azar, come!”

In Germany, it is legally forbidden to treat homosexuality.

The Bundesrat supported a law banning reparative therapy-attempts to change the sexual preferences of a homosexual person in the direction of heterosexuality. Now conducting such procedures will be punished with a prison term of up to one year, and for advertising or mediation will be fined up to 30 thousand euros. Organizations offering such services will be penalized. And if such a procedure was going to subject minors — their parents or guardians

In Russia they take control of transactions via Internet resources

From July 1 – “experiment” to control private Internet transactions through the companies AVITO, <url>, CIAN. Now in these largest networks for reselling people to each other household appliances, things, cars, real estate will need to register through the portal of public services. And all transactions can be checked by the tax or security forces.

The us unemployment rate fell sharply in may

Compared with April figures (14.7%), last month it decreased to 13.3%, according to a report from the us Department of labor.

The number of jobs in non-agricultural sectors of the economy increased by 2.5 million. In the entertainment and hospitality sector, the number of jobs increased by 1.2 million after falling by 7.5 million in April. The rest of the job growth was recorded in the restaurant business

Mishustin called for changing the practice of public procurement

Every year trillions of rubles are allocated for purchases, while in some areas of state and corporate procurement, preferences are often given to foreign suppliers, and this practice needs to be changed, – quotes the head of the Cabinet of Ministers RIA Novosti.

Singapore authorities have allocated funds for direct payments to the population

Since the beginning of the year, the government of Singapore has paid citizens 3.5 billion Singapore dollars ($2.5 billion) in benefits due to the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced in Parliament on Thursday by the Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister hen Swee Keith.

Sberbank is in talks to buy a stake in Ozon

Sberbank is in talks to buy a large stake in online retailer Ozon, according to Reuters, citing four sources familiar with the preparations for the deal. The Bank can get about 30% of the shares

Trump ordered to reduce the American contingent in Germany

According to Reuters, with reference to a senior American official, there are now 34.5 thousand American military personnel on the territory of Germany. The head of state ordered the Pentagon to reduce their number by 9,5 thousand. In addition, trump ordered to limit the number of American military personnel who are in Germany at the same time to 25 thousand people instead of the currently allowed 52 thousand.

China plans to develop a new solid-fuel launch vehicle

Chinese engineers intend to start developing the Changzheng-11A solid-fuel launch vehicle in the near future, the Chinese aerospace science and technology Corporation reported on June 5. The new rocket will have a greater payload capacity

Toyota invests in joint venture in China

A new joint venture in China with Chinese car companies to develop fuel cell systems will be launched by Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp, on June 5, Reuters reports

Toyota said it will launch a venture in Beijing with FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor, Beijing Automotive, GAC and Beijing SinoHytec. The company said that the total investment will be about 5.02 billion yen ($46 million), adding that it will own 65% of the company’s shares.

In the United States, the first tests of missiles that destroy air defense systems were conducted

The American publication the Drive reported that the United States Navy in late may for the first time conducted tests of the AGM-88G missile, designed to destroy enemy anti-missile defense systems. In March 2019, Jane’s 360 called the AGM-88G anti-radar missile the “killer” of the Russian s-400 Triumph systems.

The US refused to return diplomatic facilities to Russia

The US refused to return Russian diplomatic property in new York, which was necessary for humanitarian reasons. This was told by Deputy Russian Ambassador to the UN Gennady Kuzmin at a meeting of the UN General ASSEMBLY Committee on relations with the host country, RIA Novosti reports.

The Russian Navy took under protection two vessels for completion of the ” Nord stream-2″

Supply vessels “Ivan Sidorenko” and “Ostap Sheremeta” set a course for the Baltic, where they will help “Academician Chersky “in completing the”Nord stream-2”. They were taken under protection by the Russian Navy. The warships will provide the supply ships with complete security during the campaign to the Baltic sea and protect them from possible provocations on the water. At the moment, “Ivan Sidorenko” and “Ostap Sheremeta” are in the port of Sri Lanka, where they intend to replenish the necessary supplies, and then move to their destination.

Putin gave the Federal tourism Agency subordinated to the government

President Vladimir Putin handed over the management of Rostourism to the government, while the Agency itself is responsible for overseeing the activities of tour operators. According to the decree published on the portal of legal information, this is done to improve public administration in the field of tourism, increase the efficiency of the industry and optimize power

Nikolai Platoshkin, leader of the movement For new socialism, was arrested

The leader of the social movement “For a New Socialism” Nikolai Platoshkin was arrested, reports IA DEITA.RU with a link to the official YouTube channel of the politician. He is charged with organizing mass riots. In his latest videos on his YouTube channel, Platoshkin called on Russians to take part in single pickets and rallies across the country.

Zyuganov explained the arrest of Platoshkin “sliding to policing”

Most likely, the arrest of N. N. Platoshkin is caused by the growing slide of the authorities to policing, their desire to shut up any manifestations of discontent, – believes the leader of the Communist party.

Zyuganov stressed that his party condemns repressions against political repressions, regardless of their party affiliation.

The US air force announced the interception of a Russian MiG-29 off the coast of Libya

The African command of the us Armed forces published a video with a MiG-29 fighter jet, which allegedly proves Russia’s intervention in the military conflict in Libya. The video is available on the us military’s Twitter account.

As noted, the footage shows an unmarked Russian-made MiG-29, which was allegedly sent by the Russian Aerospace forces (VKS) to Libya to support field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan national army (LNA) led by him. According to the African command of the US armed forces, the video was shot by American pilots in may 2020.

Brazil has threatened to leave the who

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro announced that the country is considering the option of withdrawal from the world health organization (who) after the USA. He accused who of being ideologized.

I warn you: the US has withdrawn from who, and we are considering it in the future. Either the who will work without an ideological background, or we will also leave. We don’t need outside people telling us what to do about health care. — Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian politician

A petition has appeared Online against the reset of Vladimir Putin’s terms

A petition was published on the Internet against the reset of the terms of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It does not apply to other amendments to the Constitution. At the same time, the authors of the petition note that they stand for the change of power, justice and law, development and prosperity of Russia.

We call on our fellow citizens not to support the amendment to article 81 of article 3. 1 Constitution of Russia, which will allow Vladimir Putin to reset the presidential term and remain in power until 2036, – said in the published text.

US congressmen opposed Russia’s presence in the G7

A group of American congressmen-Democrats opposed the presence of Russia in the G7. This is stated in a letter sent to US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo by congressmen

We strongly recommend and ask the presidential administration not to deviate from the political vector that implies the exclusion of Russia from the G7, as long as its political course of direct destabilization of the situation in the United States and other responsible States does not radically change, — write American lawmakers.

The Kurds with the support of the United States have started a war with the Caliphate in Eastern Syria

Operation against militants of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia) began the Kurdish Association of Syrian democratic forces (SDS) on June 5, IA Red Spring with reference to a source in Syria

He added that the operation is taking place in the area of the khabur river (an Eastern tributary of the Euphrates, — note ia Red Spring), as well as near the border of Syria with Iraq. The international coalition and the Iraqi army are involved in the anti-terrorist operation.

Russia has transferred military aircraft to Syria

A batch of MiG-29 fighters and su-24M bombers took off from Russia and landed at the Khmeimim air base, MK reports. Russian military aircraft are designed to Supplement the losses of the Syrian army in the battles with terrorists and Pro-Turkish militants. On the basis Hamim arrived Russian planes have been diagnosed and was officially handed over to the Syrian air force.

Russia is building up its forces in the Western strategic direction

An additional brigade was sent to the guards tank army of the Western military district to strengthen the protection of the Russian Federation’s borders in the Western strategic direction. This was reported in the press service of the ZVO. At the end of may, Russian defense Minister General of the army Sergei Shoigu said that the Western strategic direction remains the most threatened for Russia’s military security.

In the Russian animated series “Tsarevny” added an Asian and a mulatto.

Now five young witches from the school of magic have new friends: dark-skinned Vasko and Wang Li from China, according to the Vedomosti newspaper. According to the producers, the new characters differ not only in gender, but also in skin color, because all five princesses are light — skinned Europeans.

Adding boys, especially dark-skinned and Asian types, can help with cartoon sales abroad, because it’s a trendy theme. We all understand that the dark boy and the Asian boy are two regions — – said the head of the film company “Tsar Pictures”, which is engaged in the production of the series.

The trailer for a new film about Banksy has been released

Another new film about Banksy – “in pursuit of Banksy” (Banksy Most Wanted) by Aurelia Rouvier and Seamus Haley entered the program of the Beat Film Festival, which will be held from July 21 to August 2, 2020.


Germany will allocate €1 billion to support culture

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to a €130-billion package of measures to stimulate the economy, which, in her opinion, is “in the worst crisis in the history of Germany” caused by the coronavirus pandemic. €1 billion euros of this package is planned to be allocated to support culture.

Aerosmith concert in Moscow postponed to 2021

Moscow concert of the American rock band Aerosmith, which was supposed to take place on July 30 as part of a European tour, has been postponed to may 29, 2021, reported on Friday, June 5, in the company SAV Entertainment, which organizes the show

China is using the death of George Floyd for political gain

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo accused the Chinese authorities of heartless attempts to use the death of African-American George Floyd to extract their own political benefits.

The Chinese Communist party’s heartless attempts to exploit the tragic death of George Floyd for its own political gain will fail. Beijing has ruthlessly imposed communism at any time, the report said.

Pompeo also said that despite the protests sparked by the police killing of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, “the United States continues to ensure freedoms.”

Chinese mobile operators intend to install more than 550 thousand 5G base stations across the country by the end of the year, the Ministry of industry and Informatization of China reported.

The report to the Russian President did not correspond to reality

The report to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the delivery of the defense Ministry’s coronavirus hospital in Ulan-Ude did not correspond to reality, Senator Vyacheslav Markhaev said. He confirmed the information that the institution did not work, and also told about the debts to employees.

The delivery of the hospital, we recall, was officially announced by the head of Buryatia, Secretary of the regional Department of United Russia Alexey Tsydenov. About the delivery of the centers, in particular, was transmitted by the TV channel “Russia”. “In General, the head of state [Vladimir Putin] noted that the medical centers were built in an unprecedented short time, with good quality and conscience,” the host said on air.

The state does not have reliable data on 84% of the country’s forest resources

The total area of forests in Russia, according to Rosleskhoz, is estimated at 1.145 million hectares, the state has “no reliable information”about the state of the forest Fund on the area of 967 million hectares. The accounting chamber came to this conclusion

This problem is especially relevant for the subjects of the Siberian and far Eastern Federal districts, where the prescription of forest management on forest lands for more than 10 years is 93.3% and 96.6%, respectively, – the report of the joint venture says.

Russian post has rented an office on the site of VEB Arena»

FSUE “Russian Post” has leased office space and Parking space with a total area of 37 thousand square meters on the site of “VEB Arena”, which is the home stadium of the CSKA football club. Portal sports.ru reports that the transaction cost was about 7 billion rubles.

Demonstrators rioted outside the Parliament building in Central Beirut

Hundreds of people began to break glass Windows and throw stones at the guards. Security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd. People took to the streets demanding better living conditions, economic reforms, and calling on the government to take effective action to get the country out of the crisis. A peaceful demonstration of thousands continues in a square near the site of the clashes.

Rally at the UN headquarters in new York.

The protesters demand that the organization adopt a resolution condemning the actions of the United States in the context of treatment of national minorities. They also call for justice and a reduction in police funding.

There are mass detentions at actions against the authorities all over Kazakhstan.

In Almaty, Nur Sultan and several other cities, police blocked approaches to squares that opposition groups had designated as protest sites. The authorities said they were conducting “disinfection”. Dozens of detainees.

Innotuit record emptio “Gazprom”

OOO “Gazprom placerat” fuerit nuntiatum est apertum auctor massa in aliquam formam, quia partus in 2020-2022 annos tibiis initialis (maximum) contractus pretium at 98.4 billion rubles, sequitur ex data porta publicae procuratione. Secundum in porta, hoc est, maxima emptio tibiis de “Gazprom”

Aliena commutationem subsidiis Sinis excederet $3.1 trillion

Aliena commutationem subsidiis de PRC, sicut ad finem, ut 2020, erant $3 trillion 101 sescenti et 700 million, tradit “Interfax”, cum de Statu administrationis commutationem imperium of lorem ipsum. Ministerium manifestum est quod 0.3% vel $10.2 billion magis quam ad finem aprilis.

Libya est maxima oleum agro resumes productio

Maxima oleum agro in Libya Sharara (Sharara) paulatim proin productio, refert Bloomberg, utererque fontes

In Balticum mare coepit NATO exercitia

Baltops est annua multinational exercitium, regulariter quoniam 1972. Eorum finis est, ad augmentum flexibilitatem participantis, regionibus, in ducatum iuncturam terra, aer et navali operationes in regionem quidem inconpertae,.

Commercium inter Russia et Sinis in primis quinque mensibus

Commercium inter Russia et Sinis in primis quinque mensibus huius anni minuatur per 4.3% yoy, ad $40,89 billion hoc dictum est in dominica fama, Generali administratione consuetudines PRC.

Overdue personas reperiantur, ex Ruteni sunt magis ad vendere ad collectores

Micro-Finance dolor in ut coepit vendere overdue personas reperiantur, Russian collectores. Haec assumptio est, quae in Centralis Ripam aliquet, operam, quod solvit, ad RBC.

Est certum, quod in principio de may, post non-opus mensis, quia summus de coronavirus, portfolio praestantes personas reperiantur, ex microfinance instituta, et emarcuit per quinque percent. Hoc acuta declinet posset esse debitum ad venditionem overdue debitum collectores, determinat moderatoris.

Miyazaki and his son are adapting a novel about an orphan and a witch

This is reported by the independent. The name of the animation has not been officially announced, but the Studio calls it “How do you live?”. The Director of the new work from the Studio “Ghibli” was the son of Hayao Miyazaki-Goro. Previously, he performed projects such as” My aunt the witch “and”the Walking castle”. The premiere date of the cartoon is still unknown. However, the cartoon was included in the official program of the Cannes festival, but the exact release date is not yet reported.

Thomas Anders released a duet album with Florian Silbereisen

German artists Thomas Anders and Florian Silberaisen released a joint record under the uncomplicated name “Das Album” on June 5, 2020. The record was produced by Christian Geller, who had previously worked with Eloy de Jong, Giovanni Zarella and many others.

The trailer for “one more” with Mads Mikkelsen has been released

The British edition of Screen International published a trailer for the film “One more” by Danish Director Thomas Vinterberg. One of the main roles in the film was played by Mads Mikkelsen, known for the TV series “Hannibal”.



Vienna Opera starts selling concert tickets in June

On June 8, the Vienna state Opera will open with a performance by the Austrian singer Gunter Groysbeck. In addition, the repertoire of the Opera stated recitals Kamila Nylund, Tomasz Final, Michael Schade and others. On June 10, the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra will perform works of chamber music.

Oppo introduced three fitness bracelets at once

Oppo officially introduced three fitness bracelets at once, which were named Oppo Band, Oppo Band Fashion and Oppo Band Eva. All three versions of the Oppo Band feature a 1.1-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels that covers 100% of the P3 color gamut.

Oukitel introduced the WP7 smartphone with a night vision camera

The famous brand Oukitel announced the release of a new smartphone called Oukitel WP7 with a night vision camera. In addition, the model received a reinforced battery and contactless payment module. In addition, the device will be available for free sale in a week.

HP Omen laptops are now available with AMD processors

Now when purchasing HP Omen 15, you can choose not only from the version with Intel Core i7-10750H. In particular, the analog is the Ryzen 7 4800H produced by AMD. As for the video card, the maximum available solution is RTX 2070 Super Max-Q from Nvidia. The maximum amount of RAM is 32 GB, with up to 1 TB of storage. At the same time, you can choose a laptop with two 512 GB drives. A special feature of laptops is the presence of a unique IR sensor that helps to control the temperature. You will also be pleased with the impressive ventilation, the device should provide more than 12 hours of battery life in office mode. The cost of the new product is almost a thousand dollars.

Telegram has a video editor

The popular telegram messenger has been updated to version 6.2. the main innovation of the update is an integrated video editor. The usual photo editor appeared in Telegram five years ago.

In China found the oldest fossil parasite on the Earth

In the Chinese province of Yunnan, researchers from the northwestern University of China have found the remains of ancient mollusks, referred by scientists to the type of brachiopods, very common during the “Cambrian explosion” (about 12 thousand species) and have fallen into decline in our time (about 450 species in total). Along with mollusks that feed on substances filtered from ocean water, worms were found, which were the first parasites now known to science. They intercepted and ate some of the filtered nutrients before the shellfish had time to eat them.

An algorithm for personalization of the heart activity model is presented

Employees of the laboratory of human physiology at MIPT together with experts from Kazan Federal University and George Washington University have developed an algorithm that allows us to obtain a mathematical model describing the electrical excitation of heart cells in a specific patient.

The scientists noted that in addition to the fundamental interest, the work also has practical prospects, for example, to use models in clinical practice or in drug development.

NASA has signed a contract for a residential block of the lunar station

The press service of NASA announced the conclusion of a contract worth 187 million dollars for the creation of a manned module of the Gateway lunar station with the company Orbital Science Corporation, RIA Novosti reports. It is reported that the contract amount includes the design of the residential and logistics block of the station

Astronomers determine the origin of huge gas bubbles in the milky way

Astronomers have focused their efforts on studying Fermi bubbles — massive bursts of high-energy gas coming from the galactic core. They are called Fermi bubbles because they were discovered in 2010 by the Fermi space telescope. These bubbles are huge, extending about 50,000 light-years from the disk of the milky Way, and moving at a speed of millions of kilometers per hour.