7 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/06/2019

Only four of the Russian Ministry could be called completely open.

This conclusion was made by the experts who prepared the report for the accounts chamber. Experts described the situation in Russia as “inertial openness”. Formally, state bodies publish large informative arrays. But they turn out to be low-content, confusing or present data in an incorrect format and with a complicated structure. There are also empty, symbolic data sets. The situation with the transparency of government agencies in Russia is deteriorating.

“There is no positive dynamics, the situation with openness goes down by inertia. No one in the government is dealing with this problem centrally, and the previous government’s policies are not being followed. System work has been suspended.” The concept of openness of state bodies was adopted in 2012, measures to increase transparency are prescribed in the road maps. “But because of the control over their realization not work is neglected”, — said the expert.

Lavrov spoke about the us proposal to hold a second referendum on Crimea

John Kerry, who served as us Secretary of state from 2013 to 2017, offered to hold another referendum on the reunification of Crimea with Russia. This was in an interview with RBC said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Why? If everything is clear to you, why once again drive people to any vote? I hope John doesn’t mind me. He also published in his memoirs some of the secrets of our conversations. — Sergey Lavrov, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Kuchma proposed to lift the economic blockade of Donbass

The lifting of the economic blockade from Donbass is planned to be discussed at the meeting of the contact group on June 19, OSCE special representative Martin Sajdik said. According to him, such a proposal was made by the representative of Kiev Leonid Kuchma and was supported by representatives of certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

The Russian foreign Ministry does not see reputational risks

The Ministry of foreign Affairs does not see reputational risks for Russia in connection with the negotiations of Minister Sergey Lavrov with representatives of the Taliban movement, recognized in Russia as a terrorist in 2003. This is stated in the response to the request Znak.com ahhh!

“We believe that it (the Taliban delegation. — Primas’. auth.) participation in events in Moscow, including the inter-Afghan meeting “on the sidelines” of the solemn meeting dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Russian-Afghan diplomatic relations, should not create tension in the dialogue with both Kabul and the Pakistani side and Western partners, who themselves maintain contacts with the Taliban, — the foreign Ministry said. — We are convinced that the visit to Moscow of representatives of the political office of the Taliban movement in Doha and their participation in these meetings, along with prominent Afghan politicians, not only does not carry reputational risks for our country, but, on the contrary, confirms our active role in the Afghan settlement process. The Russian side has repeatedly stated that the Afghan conflict can be resolved only by political and diplomatic methods, through the gradual rapprochement of the positions of the warring parties. This is the only way to stop the crimes and atrocities that the war brings.”

“Russian” was French and German

There is, it turns out, such a company – Gazprom-space systems. She’s launching satellites, too. May 31 state RIA “Novosti” cheerfully reported:

“The most powerful Russian civil telecommunications spacecraft Yamal-601, owned by Gazprom space systems, has been put into target orbit and handed over to the customer, RIA Novosti reported in the operator company.”

But today on “Yamal-601” there were problems and information on its not Russian stuffing went. The satellite, it turns out, is made by the French company Thales Alenia Space. The S400 engine is manufactured in Germany by Airbus. Small engines are also made in Germany.

North Korea on the threshold of the beginning of the famine. The country is running out of food.

North Korea has asked Vietnam to provide her a debt of 300 thousand tons of food. Such a request was voiced at meetings with the Vietnamese leadership by a delegation led by the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN during his visit to the country in February this year.

Even if Pyongyang cannot significantly improve its relations with the United States, the request for food aid in the form of a loan from Vietnam will be a possible measure against the reduction of food production in the DPRK.

North Korea is also openly seeking support through diplomatic lines. In February, North Korea’s Ambassador to the UN Kim Sung-Jin sent a letter to international organizations requesting food aid to the country. About the shortage of food is reported as the ambassadors of Pyongyang in the countries of South-East Asia.

The head of Minvostokrazvitiya Russia will visit North Korea

“Alexander Kozlov is a co-Chairman of the intergovernmental Commission on the Russian side,” RIA Novosti reported.

It is noted that the Minister’s working visit to the DPRK will last until June 8. In April, Russian interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev visited Pyongyang.

The most dangerous for life and health regions of Russia became known.

The dirtiest regions of Russia were Krasnoyarsk region, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. This is evidenced by the rating, which was made by the public organization “Green patrol”. Last year, the Moscow region and Moscow covered a series of environmental scandals, the result was an attempt to fill up other regions of Russia with garbage and other waste.

The survey Showed that Russians consider air pollution (22%), garbage dumps (16%), dirty rivers and lakes (13%), untimely garbage removal (11%), poor quality of tap water and problems with landscaping of parks and forests (6%) to be the most acute environmental problems. Responsibility for the state of the environment, the respondents assigned primarily to local and regional authorities

Putin called the relations between Russia and China unprecedented

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that relations between Russia and China has reached an unprecedented level, reports TASS. It is specified that he said this during a meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping.

We set the task to reach the level of 100 billion dollars of trade turnover. Thanks to the efforts of our teams, we have exceeded this bar. That’s $ 108 billion. All this is the result of our work and the result of the work of our teams. To a large extent, this is your personal contribution to this work. — Vladimir Putin

The airport in Tripoli have been air strikes

The runway of Mitiga airport in Tripoli was subjected to airstrike. This is stated in the statement of the air Harbor, published in Facebook.

Sakhalin deputies approved the date of the gubernatorial elections

Deputies of the Duma of the Sakhalin region approved the date of early elections of the Governor, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday in the press service of the island Parliament.

“Early elections of the Governor of the Sakhalin region will be held on September 8 – in a single day of voting. This date was approved by the deputies at the plenary session on Thursday,” the source said.

Parliamentary elections in Croatia were won by the opposition

The majority of votes in the elections to the Danish Parliament received the left opposition, reports Danish radio. After counting one hundred percent of the ballots, it became known that 52.1% of voters voted for the bloc of the left opposition parties. They will get 91 seats in the Parliament.

The U.S. Navy tested the electromagnetic gun

The U.S. Navy has tested an electromagnetic gun. It is reported Space.com ahhh! According to the portal, during the tests the projectile reached the speed of m/sec. As noted, the work on the creation of the gun “is carried out with an eye to the creation of long-range weapons.”At the same time, new tests will be carried out on Board the ships.

Skvortsova has denied the information of the accounting chamber about the salaries of doctors

The head of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova called a mistake the data of the accounts chamber on the non-execution of the decree on increasing the average salary of medical workers in 50 of 85 regions.

Supporters of the former President of Sudan tried to get him out of prison

According to the channel, about a hundred armed supporters of Omar al-Bashir tried to storm the Kober prison, which contains the ousted head of the Sudan. Guarding the building of the prison, the security forces managed to repel the attack and capture several attackers.

Rogozin tightened the rules of travel abroad of employees of Roscosmos»

General Director of the state Corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin tightened the rules of travel abroad for the heads of enterprises of the rocket and space industry and the company’s management, admitted to classified information.

Ukraine decided to create a new naval base

The government of Ukraine approved the redeployment of four ships and vessels of the Ukrainian Navy from Odessa to Ochakov, Mykolaiv region; according to media reports, there will be a new base of the naval forces of the country. The decision to relocate was made by the government of Ukraine on Wednesday.

The Ministry of defense of Japan was mistaken in the calculations in determining the locations of missile DEFENSE forces

Experts of the Ministry of defense of Japan made a number of mistakes during the survey of possible locations of ground-based missile DEFENSE systems of American production Aegis Ashore (“aegis ashore”) in the prefectures of Akita, Aomori and Yamagata. This was reported on Thursday by the newspaper Mainichi.

Bloomberg: Venezuelan military train Colombian rebels

Representatives of the Venezuelan Armed forces train members of the Colombian left-wing rebel group “national liberation Army” (ELN) the use of portable air defense systems (MANPADS) “Igla-S”.

The first batch of French Rafale fighters arrived in Qatar

The first batch of five French fighters of the fourth generation Rafale arrived in Qatar on Wednesday in the two-year anniversary since the introduction of the blockade of the Emirate’s neighbouring countries, the ceremony to mark the arrival of the aircraft was visited by the Emir of the country, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, told Qatar news Agency QNA.

The latest us aircraft carrier was incompatible with the F-35

The us Congress is going to ban the adoption of the second aircraft carrier class “Gerald R. Ford”, which is being completed at the shipyard, as the f-35S fighters, which should form the basis of the aircraft wing of the ship, can not take off from it, reports The Drive.

Marine corps of the Caspian flotilla for the first time to use lasers in exercises

In Dagestan alerted the Marines of the Caspian flotilla made a forced March to the landfill Adanak. During the performance of special combat training tasks, the military will for the first time use laser simulators of shooting and destruction.

Ukraine refused to discuss the special status of Donbass

Nikonorova noted that first of all it is necessary to start a dialogue on the entry into force of the law on the special status of Donbass. However, according to her, the Ukrainian representatives refused to discuss the agenda.

Lavrov spoke about Russia’s contacts with the opposition of Venezuela

During contacts with the Venezuelan opposition, Moscow confirmed its position on the need for a national dialogue. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, Moscow has responded to the opposition’s requests for contacts several times.

Russia and China supported the restoration of the INF

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping advocated dialogue and the restoration of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles after the US withdrawal.

General elections to be held in Sudan within nine months

“The military Council decided to withdraw all agreements reached, to stop negotiations with the Alliance for freedom and change (civil opposition activists) and to announce the holding of General elections in a period not exceeding nine months,” – said Tuesday in a televised address, the commander of the Sudanese army Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

YouTube banned chauvinistic video

YouTube video service announced the strengthening of the fight against chauvinistic materials on its site. The statement noted that the company is still in 2017 have introduced strict measures against the rollers with chauvinistic content, including the limiting of the recommendations and comments.

Participant of the show Malysheva accused the organizers of lying

The patient is a resident of Bashkortostan said about the deception after the filming of the program “Live healthy!”on the First channel, the website reports kp.ru ahhh! The woman complained that to her promised free treatment which she didn’t wait. At the same time she Malyshev has denied these accusations.

Ministry of labor: the Russians are confused in the pension reform

Russians have twice as often apply to the Ministry of labor with requests to clarify the procedure for payment of pensions. This is evidenced by the statistics of the Department at the end of last year. The shaft of addresses as explained to “news” in the Ministry, is connected with pension reform. In particular, people can not independently understand the changes in the boundaries of the retirement age, in the payment of allowances to villagers, in the indexation of pensions and other issues.

Moscow authorities have hidden the income of Nikita Mikhalkov

As the BBC reports, the Declaration of the film Director, the artistic Director of the theater of the actor and the head of the company “trite”Disappeared from the website of the capital’s Department of culture. In 2018, from the tax return of Mikhalkov, it became known that he earned more than 530 million rubles in 2017, is the owner of almost a hundred land plots, the owner of houses and apartments, 11 non-residential buildings, and owns a helicopter and a tractor. Mikhalkov is also the founder or co-owner of dozens of companies.

87% of Russians are dissatisfied with the quality of roads in the country

Most respondents are predictably not satisfied with the quality of the road surface. Experts of the Russian popular front conducted a survey among Russian motorists and pedestrians to find out how people relate to the quality of roads in the country

In the Krasnodar region, the sanatorium refused the veteran to rest because of age

Last year, 86-year-old veteran of labor Nikolai Katsko from Krymsk planned to relax in a sanatorium: booked a room in advance made an advance, but a month before the trip suddenly learned that he was not ready to take it. Employees of the health resort told his relatives that Nikolai Romanovich “too old, let him die at home.” In the institution claim that they can not provide services to Katsko according to the order of the Ministry of health.

Why Russians are afraid of losing their jobs

Most Russians (65 percent) are afraid of losing their jobs due to the emergence of new technologies. And every fifth resident of the country (21 percent) has friends who have already had to change jobs due to the fact that they did not manage to master new technologies

Pharmacies may deny a license for improper storage of drugs

Russian pharmacies may lose their licenses due to improper storage of drugs. This will be facilitated by a new type of inspection, which will check the conditions of storage of goods. At this time, such a system is only being developed

Summer vacation in Crimea was more expensive than a trip to Italy

Daily accommodation in a three-star hotel in Alushta this summer will cost travelers 3 times more than in the Turkish Alanya. The cost of one night in a hotel in Yalta is 38% higher than in the Italian resort of Rimini. This was reported to the booking service Island.ru.

In Sochi came the best Serbian students

Guests from Serbia were met in Sochi. The best students of the Republic came to visit the resort. The guys received an invitation from the head of Sochi, who in may visited Serbia on a working visit

Six beaches will be closed in Sochi this summer

We are talking about the recreation area “Magri”, recreation center “Glory of the black sea”, the municipal beach “Transparent”, beaches “don Lakes” and “Tiona”, as well as a bathing area in the sanatorium “Youth”, reports IA “Kuban news” with reference to the administration of Sochi

Thomas Cook will invest in the development of its own hotels in Spain

Thomas Cook plans to invest 40 million euros in the development of hotels under its own brand in Spain, the press service of the group.

In the main city of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district will freeze all construction

Surgut in 2020 will face a shortage of capacity when connecting new buildings and other facilities to heat supply networks. About it “URA.RU” the source in the municipal enterprise “City heat networks”reported.

“Today, those developers that applied to us, connected to heat. But by the New year and then the situation will be much worse, the system is already loaded as much as possible,” the insider said. He added that while the situation is saving the crisis in the construction industry of the city. “But how we will get out further, if necessary, entering the order of 300-350 thousand square meters of housing annually, even difficult to imagine,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Makarov: without the construction of temples Russia will come into disrepair

The speaker of the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov, answering journalists ‘ questions, said that Russia will be orphaned and will go into disrepair without the construction of Orthodox churches, reports Sachs.ru.

“Oil” poured from the taps on the seaside Avenue of St. Petersburg

Residents of house number 151 on seaside Avenue, the second day of complaining about the black water that flows out of their taps. Hydraulic tests are currently being conducted at this address. Earlier, a similar problem was reported by residents of Vyborg district.

The Chinese company will design a new metro station in the capital

An agreement on cooperation on the project of development of the transport interchange hub (TPU) “Michurinsky Prospekt” between the companies “Mosinzhproekt” and the Chinese Corporation CRCC, said in a press release of the construction complex of Moscow

The social network announced the appearance of the crocodiles in Primorye

Users of social networks reported that in some coastal rivers there were unexpected “guests”, reports PRIMPRESS.

So, on the eve of the popular instagram public posted a video from a subscriber who claims to have shot a crocodile that swam in the river near the village of Razdolnoe in Nadezhdinsky district. According to the man who called the crocodile “handsome”, he had previously seen in the river another reptile.

“Yandex” bought a ticket system for event organizers

«Yandex.Media services, a subsidiary of Yandex, acquired exclusive rights to TicketSteam – a ticketing system for event organizers. This was reported to “Kommersant” in the press service of “Yandex»

Pharmacologists warned about the danger of receiving activated carbon

This medicine is taken for poisoning, including problems associated with intestinal permeability, including weight loss. It is effective in cleaning blood, as it helps the body to get rid of bacteria and removes toxins.

However, coal can not be used without a doctor’s appointment. Patients suffering from ulcerative colitis, the drug should not be used. The same applies to persons who complain of periodic bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. Experts warn that violation of the permissible dose when using this drug to reduce body weight can lead to constipation. The drug collects nutrients, including minerals, vitamins and bifidobacteria. He accumulates and toxins that causes an increase the risk of beriberi and of dysbiosis, thus there is a decrease in immunity.

How to get doctors in the Orenburg region? Officials and medics are called different numbers

As told to us in the Ministry of health of the region, on average in the region doctors receive 57 575 rubles per month. This is two and a half times more than the average salary in Orenburg, which the day before reported Orenburg (22 537 rubles). Meanwhile, the average medical staff , as noted in the Department, receives 28 477 rubles.
Online edition orenday.ru addressed to employees of Orenburg hospitals and clinics

  • Head of Department – 42 500, 30 600
  • District doctor – 30 000
  • Doctor of the highest category – 24 000
  • Nurse.– 22 500, 19 000, 17 500, 16 500
  • Nurse (area) – 13 500

Abolition of privatization in the people’s Republic of China completed

“In China officially ended the campaign on investigation and the cancellation of the privatization and market reforms in the 1990-ies.

As a result of the trial, which lasted 8 years, 4,082 shareholders, including 1,039 foreign citizens, were deprived of property and sentenced to life imprisonment in labor camps, 590 of them in absentia.

A similar punishment was received by more than 6,000 officials who arranged the sale of state property.

Up to 15 thousand people across China received various terms for the promotion of privatization, including law enforcement and regulatory officials, “who showed criminal inaction and at any cost did not stop the waste of national property.

In total, for 8 years, China has regained factories and enterprises at a total cost of 122 trillion yuan. Under the threat of execution of family members of the former shareholders, it was also possible to return 45 trillion yuan, withdrawn abroad. According to President XI Jinping, “the Chinese people have made it clear that they think about the so-called privatization, and in fact – the theft of socialist property.”

VTB increased requirements to potential loan recipients

The head of VTB Andrey Kostin said that the Bank has strengthened the requirements for potential recipients of loans and predicts an increase in the number of loan refusals. The Bank takes such actions against the background of the Central Bank’s concern about the growth of the credit burden on the population against the background of the lack of growth in living standards.

“The Central Bank has arguments: lending is growing, and the standard of living is not, so the debt burden <…> It seems to us that we have not yet entered the risk zone, there is still a safe pillow where you can build up, but where there will be a level, probably, it is necessary to closely monitor this,” Kostin said.

“We have significantly increased the requirements for applicants, we are looking more closely. I do not exclude that the number of refusals can grow in the near future because of this.»

The IMF does not see the threat of a global recession amid trade war

Managing Director of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said that the trade war between the US and China, as well as the introduction of possible duties on goods from Mexico do not pose a threat of a global recession.

“We are not seeing a recession,” Lagarde said, answering the question of whether us duties could lead to a recession in the world economy. The head of the IMF noted that while there is 3.3% growth in the world economy.

Who: Every minute 44 people get sick because of unsafe products

According to researchers, in Europe, diarrhoeal diseases account for 94% of all cases of diseases caused by the use of substandard products or lack of hygiene, they cause 63% of deaths and 57% of severe consequences – complications of the disease.

Video message to the Amur government about the pollution of rivers by gold miners

A resident of the village of Stoiba recorded a video message to the government of the Amur region with a request to pay attention to the environmental problems of the Selemdzhinsky district. Yevgeny Rogalev claims that for several years gold mining organizations regularly release the waste rock into local rivers.

Kudrin spoke about the consequences of Calvi’s arrest for the Russian economy

The arrest of the founder of the Baring Vostok Fund Michael Kalvi was a shock to the Russian economy, said the head of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin

“Of course, this is a shock, since the beginning of this outflow of capital from Russia has doubled, now more than 40 billion dollars, only since the beginning of the year, reached”, – said Kudrin, speaking at the session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

Oreshkin said the risk of recession due to the growth of consumer loans

The growth rate of consumer lending creates risks of recession in Russia in the coming years, said the Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin, speaking at the SPIEF

The Ministry of Finance promised to spend the funds of the NWF “very carefully»

Earlier Siluanov said that Russia will invest the national welfare Fund (NWF) after the liquid part of the Fund reaches 7% of GDP. The international monetary Fund, on the contrary, recommended Russia not to spend the funds of the NWF even after reaching the level of 7% of Russia’s GDP.

WEBB.Russia will Finance a project to create a proton therapy Center

The fight against cancer part of the national project “Health”, the implementation of which involved the web.Of the Russian Federation. One of the tasks of the national project to build in the near future at least five centers of proton therapy.

The USC announced its readiness to create a nuclear aircraft carrier

According to the head of the Corporation, the development and construction of the aircraft carrier, according to the global trend, is laid in 15 years. Doing this can businesses of OSK from “Baltzavod” to “Northern shipyard”, including “Sevmash Enterprise”, which “made for an Indian customer, the work is very good quality.”

The survey showed the unwillingness of Russians to reform pension savings

Russian citizens have a negative attitude to the idea of additional contributions from wages to non-state funded pension, which potentially threatens the plans of the authorities to reform the system of pension savings.

The number of the closed enterprises in the Russian Federation twice exceeded the number of the opened

In Russia the number of the closed enterprises in the Russian Federation twice exceeded the number of the opened ones. This is stated in the study of the audit and consulting network FinExpertiza, writes RBC. Experts estimate that in Russia in 2018 opened 290 thousand enterprises, and closed — 600 thousand.

The President called on the authorities to work on the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs

The Russian authorities need to work on protecting the rights of entrepreneurs and their property, it will give more confidence in the government, said first Deputy Prime Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, speaking at the session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

“Entrepreneurs talk about the need to protect the rights of entrepreneurs and property. We will need to work in this direction. I think there is a reserve in this direction, and this direction will give us additional confidence and trust in the government from the business side,” he said.

Zelensky asked the US for new weapons

According to Portman, Zelensky admitted that the Ukrainian army is brave, but needs new weapons. He also added that he and the President of Ukraine talked about “Russian propaganda along the Eastern border.”

Fiat refused to merge with Renault

Concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N. V. (FCA) withdrew its proposal to merge Renault, said in a press release FCA (.pdf). “It became clear that in France at the moment there are no political conditions for the successful implementation of such a merger,” the automaker said.

Rostelecom sells its premises in Moscow Central Telegraph

“Rostelecom” will tender his square in the historic Central Telegraph building in Moscow, told the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to the publication in the company, scheduled for August auction exhibited 35 thousand square meters for 3.5 billion rubles.

FAS has found a new way to keep the price of gasoline

FAS has proposed a new way to stabilize wholesale prices for gasoline, “Izvestia”writes. To restrain the growth of fuel prices, it is necessary to regulate trade on the exchange from independent refineries, according to the FAS. Now their market share is 10-15%.

“Rosneft” carries on negotiations on purchase of four companies PTK holding

It is planned that the deal will be concluded in the next few months. After that ,Rosneft will increase its network of gas stations in Russia by 5%, as well as take 27% of the St. Petersburg market.

Markets believe the fed is more than a trade war

According to ADP Services, the private sector of the us economy created only 27 thousand new jobs in may, although it was expected 180 thousand us ISM Index in the service sector rose in may to 56.9 p. from April 55.5 p. In the “Beige book” of the fed said that the us economy as a whole developed at a modest pace, although the labor shortage and import duties restrained more active growth.

Russia and China signed a Memorandum on the creation of a venture Fund for $1 billion

Russian Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin and Chinese Minister of science and technology Wang Zhigan signed a Memorandum on the creation of a scientific and technological innovation Fund for $1 billion in the presence of the leaders of the two countries.

Net inflow to mutual Funds exceeded 1.3 billion rubles

In may 2019, the net inflow to mutual funds (mutual Funds) exceeded 1.3 billion rubles, thus interrupting the outflow, which lasted seven months in a row. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to data of Investfunds. Interest in the collective investment market began to recover in the spring.

Bank “trust” for 5 months sold assets at 30 billion rubles

Bank non-core assets “trust” combining the assets of rehabilitated “FC Opening” of the Bank, Growth Bank, Promsvyazbank and the “Trust”, for the first 5 months of 2019 sold assets worth 30 billion rubles this was announced by the head of the Bank “Opening” Mikhail Zadornov, speaking at SPIEF.

“LUKOIL” will be included in the project in Congo, with a share of 25%

LUKOIL is planning to start the project in the Congo with a market share of 25% and considering the possibility of LNG production. This was reported to journalists by the head of the company Vagit Alekperov.

Chelyabinsk business is outraged by the upcoming increase in electricity prices

Chelyabinsk business is anxiously discussing the upcoming increase in electricity tariffs. Since July 1, the cost of electricity for industrial consumers and entrepreneurs can grow to 11%. This is due to the fact that the sales allowance will be increased.

Russia plans to take a leading position in LNG supplies to Europe in the near future

The cooperation agreement has already been signed by NOVATEK, which is responsible for the implementation of the project, with three leading companies in the industry: Technip, Linde and Nipigaz»

Renewable energy has become the cheapest in most regions of the world

The international renewable energy Agency (IRENA) has published a report on “Renewable energy costs in 2018”. Having conducted a comprehensive study, the authors of the document came to the conclusion that in most regions of the world RES have become the most affordable new source of energy.

US and Mexico have not reached an agreement on duties

“The United States and Mexico are unable to reach agreement in the course of trade negotiations, which took place on 5 June,” – said the TV channel. Earlier, the head of the White house Donald trump said that from June 10, a duty of 5% is imposed on all Mexican goods. This measure Washington responded to the migration crisis at the border.

Hungary will expand its gas transportation system for gas “Turkish stream»

“Until the end of the year,” Novak answered the question about the open season procedure and the timing of the expansion of the Hungarian GTS for Turkish stream gas. Speaking about the volume of gas transportation at the new facilities in Hungary, Novak said that this issue concerns “from 6 to 10 billion cubic meters.”

In St. Petersburg will be awarded the art prize “Peter and Paul»

June 6 in the concert hall of the Museum-apartment of Alexander Pushkin at the Sink will be the ceremony of awarding the art prize “Peter»

NBC films Dan brown’s novel “the Lost symbol»

Earlier films based on Dan brown’s novels were filmed by Director Ron Howard. In the series on “the Lost symbol” he will take the position of Executive producer. Whether Tom Hanks will return to the role of Robert Langdon is not yet known.

Elizabeth Hurley will play in the third season of ” Fugitives»

Elizabeth Hurley landed a role in the third season of “the Runaways” (the Runaways). According to Variety, the actress will play a supervillain from Marvel comics Morgan Le fey. A student of Merlin, Morgana is considered the greatest sorceress of all time.

Film festival “BLICK’19»

From 13 to 16 June at the documentary film Center will present eight feature, documentary and experimental films shot by German Directors. They consider various aspects of masculinity and gender roles: historical, social, psychological, biological.

The first trailer for Persona 5, The Royal on the Kasumi Yoshizawa

The first trailer for Persona 5, The Royal about the new companion Kasumi Yoshizawa. Persona 5 The Royal – expanded edition of Persona 5 with new characters, enemies and additional activities

Finalists of the National literary prize Big book announced

At the traditional Literary dinner in Moscow Gum the names of finalists of the XIV season of the National literary award “Big book”were named.

Dzhussi Smollett does not return to “Empire»

Dzhussi not going back to “Empire,” wrote Daniels.InterMedia recalls that one of the leading actors of the series at the beginning of the year was in the center of the scandal with his own beating and subsequent proceedings over the possible staging of the attack

Daria Zhuk will be the Director of the second season of the series “kept Women»

The series will continue the plot of the first season – the story of the investigator Lena (Daria frost) and gallery owner Dasha (Sophia Ernst), who were in the world of big money from a life full of routine and everyday problems. The creators promise the return of familiar characters and the introduction of new characters

108 countries applied for “Pacific Meridians”

The film by the Chairman of the jury and the President of the festival will open the festival program “Pacific Meridians”-2019. In the autumn the starry carpet of the festival the company Konstantin Habenskogo and Anna Melikyan will be another 40 well-known personalities of the national cinema.

12 incredible days full of wonderful stories

More than 250 films will be shown in 12 days of the competition program of the 66th Sydney film festival. After the first premiere screenings, the jury will choose 19 ribbons, which will become winners and laureates of the competition, dividing its prize Fund of 60 thousand dollars.

“We have prepared a really amazing program: there are feature films, short films, documentaries and experimental films. All the pictures we carefully selected during the year, thoroughly studying the programs of the most prestigious world film forums”, – said the Director of the Sydney film festival Nash Mudley

Nickelodeon will shoot a children’s series on the video, which has 2.8 billion views

Recall, the video Baby Shark Dance was posted on YouTube June 17, 2016. It is in the top 10 most popular video service, since the publication of the video has already gained more than 2.8 billion views.

Bach never dreamed of. In Irkutsk, the organ will sound in combination with Tuvan instruments

The sound of hooves and folk instruments of the Tuvans merged with the melody of the organ. This “combo” for the first time will sound in the Irkutsk Philharmonic. Johann Sebastian Bach could not imagine that someday organ music would complement Tuvan folklore.

Released the trailer for the film “to Mystify Michael Hutchens»

The film company Madman Films has released a trailer for the film “to Mystify Michael Hutchens”, which tells the story of the tragically deceased leader of the group INXS. In the tape were collected interviews with friends of the musician, including his former lovers Kylie Minogue and Helena Christensen

The New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre will test VR-technologies in dance

From 6 to 9 June at the New stage of the Alexandrinsky theater will be LOOK@DANCE VR, where St. Petersburg will be able to try out VR-technology in dance. This was told by the organizers of the event

Russian algorithm took the second place in the world neural networks competition

The Russian algorithm, developed by specialists of the company NtechLab, took second place in the global contest of neural networks that can recognize actions in videos. The Activities in Extended Videos Prize Challenge (ActEV-PC) was held on June 4 in the United States

SberCloud will develop artificial intelligence with American Nvidia

On Thursday, June 6, “daughter” of Sberbank “Cloud technologies” (provides cloud services under the brand SberCloud) signed an agreement with the American Nvidia Corporation at the St. Petersburg international economic forum. This is stated in the message received by RBC Sberbank.

TransContainer and the China COSCO Shipping plans to set up a joint venture

Russian “TransContainer” and Chinese shipping company COSCO Shipping plan to create a joint venture, said the General Director of the Russian company Vyacheslav Saraev.

Venture Fund with the participation of “Rosatom” invests in four high-tech projects

The venture Fund with the participation of the state Corporation “Rosatom” carried out four investment transactions in the first year of operation and by the end of the year plans to invest in four more high-tech Russian and international projects. This was reported by TASS head of the Fund’s management company, General Director of Orbita Capital partners Evgeny Kuznetsov.

“One investment we recently announced is Botkin.AI, the developer of artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of cancer and other lung diseases….»

The next startup, he said, is related to the processing of video images, it was made by a company whose software is installed on 40% of smartphones in the world. In addition, the Fund invested in a company that creates “smart” urban farms (the company “Local roots”)

In Russia earned the first store without sellers

In Moscow on June 5 opened a shop “Beans” without sellers. He will become the flagship of the franchise program of Metro, writes retail.ru ahhh! The retail outlet of the Express format is located in the Central office of Metro.

Google released Android Q Beta 4

Google began distributing Android Q Beta 4. Install the new version of Android now can owners of all models of smartphones Pixel

Company Bird launches double electric scooter

The developers of the Bird continues to create a mobile vehicle on electricity. This time the company announced a symbiosis of a Bicycle and a moped called Bird Cruiser, which can carry two passengers. The new scooter will be part of the company’s fleet.

Samsung Electronics began research in the field 6G

Samsung Electronics Corporation in its research center in Seoul has started research in the field of sixth-generation communication technologies (6G). On Tuesday, the Agency Yonhap.

New smartphones, Apple will lose the 3D Touch

Apple is abandoning optional features in favor of a less advanced but cheaper technology. Experts have repeatedly raised the question that Apple will leave without 3D Touch iPhone 11. New smartphones of the Corporation will lose this function, and haptic Touch will replace it.

INOI presented the Russian budget 4G‐smartphone

The Russian company INOI has launched sales of 4G-smartphone 7i on the operating system Android 8 Go. This was reported by IA Nation News. The smartphone is equipped with a bright 6.2 inch IPS screen and reliable 2.5 D glass.

The new street cameras Wisenet fixed optics

Outdoor performance of new thermal cameras with high protection classes against mechanical and atmospheric influences (IK10/NEMA4X and IP66) and stable operation at external temperatures from -40 to +60°C, allow their use for perimeter and process video monitoring.

Chrome browser 75 released: strict site isolation mode and read mode

Google has released a new stable version of the web browser Google Chrome 75. It is available on all supported desktop operating systems as well as on Android. The number of the current version — 75.0.3770.80. In this Assembly not too many innovations. It is reported that the company has fixed 42 security problems. The “lazy” image loading feature has also been added by default.

Google is shutting down the travel planning service

Representatives of the American Corporation Google announced the completion of the smart application Trips for operating systems Android and iOS. Presumably, it will be replaced by the online interface Travel, which was launched in mid-may

Amazon has introduced a new drone-deliverer

At the re:MARS conference, one of the leaders of Amazon, Jeff Wilke ,introduced a new drone, which also combines the possibility of vertical and horizontal flight, but has a simpler design. It is a hexacopter with a large hexagonal frame.

Geneticists deciphered the DNA of the first peoples of the East Siberian Arctic

Paleogenetics and researchers were able to decipher the DNA of the ancient peoples of Siberia, according to information and news publication evo-rus.com ahhh!

A team of experts with Russian scientists for the first time thoroughly studied the DNA of the ancient population of the East Siberian Arctic and found how people settled in this area 30 thousand years ago. This discovery will restore the processes of human settlement not only in Northern Eurasia, but also in America. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature, the work of the Russian group of scientists supported by the RPF grant.

Global glaciation associated with increased plate tectonics

Scientists have shown that at least three known periods of global icing in the past could increase tectonics — and, conversely, a long break between the glaciers was reflected in a noticeable slowdown between 1.8 billion and 800 million years ago.

Scientists: Walnuts reduce blood pressure

Employees of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study in which confirmed the benefits of walnuts for human health. They found that walnuts are especially useful for hypertensive patients, as they help to reduce blood pressure

3D-printed first cornea of the eye

South Korean researchers have created a unique object using a 3D printer. They managed to print the cornea of the eye, and they managed to recreate the thin collagen structure of the organ, without losing its transparency.

New winners of the global energy prize became known»

Laureates of the International energy prize “global energy” 2019 two, this is Professor Fred, Blabjerg (Frede Blaabjerg) from Denmark and Dr. Amin Khalil (Khalil Amine) from the United States. Blabjerg awarded for the development of intelligent control systems for renewable energy, and Amin for contribution to the development of technologies for efficient energy storage.

The award ceremony will take place in October as part of the Russian energy week forum. The winners will receive gold medals, gold badges, diplomas and share the prize Fund of 39 million rubles.

According to the global energy Association, 39 scientists from 12 countries took part in the struggle for the award this year. Since 2019, the competitive selection is conducted in three main categories: “new ways of using energy”, “non-traditional energy” and “traditional energy”.

White meat was just as harmful as red

According to recent studies, white meat was just as harmful as red. Beef, pork and lamb are now many completely excluded from their diet, because they increase the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, which means that they hit the health of the cardiovascular system

Sunbathing reduces the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases

According to a new study by the Australian national University (ANU), children who spend half an hour outdoors in the sun have a reduced risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Scientists have found the origin of walnut

Geneticists from the United States, Germany and China published material in the publication Molecular Biology and Evolution, which told about the European origin of hybridogenic walnut. The genus Juglans, which includes walnuts, originated in North America, but the species Juglans regia, that is, in fact, walnut, appeared in Europe.

“About thirty-five to forty-five million years ago, representatives of the genus Juglans divided into two lines and came from North America to Eurasia. Directly walnut, the origin of which interested us especially much, appeared in Europe about three and a half million years ago,” – say scientists from the international research project, in which it was possible to determine the origin of Juglans regia.

Jupiter and its four moons will be visible in the night sky all June

The largest planet in the Solar system Jupiter in June came closer to the orbit of the Earth. Throughout the month, Jupiter can be seen in the night sky with the naked eye. Using binoculars, wishing to be able to distinguish and four satellites: IO, Europe, Callisto and Ganymede, reports Universe Today.

An accretion disk around the black hole of our galaxy was found

The discovery confirms the presence of an acretion disk around the black hole of the milky Way, – writes sciencenews.org with reference to Nature. Some supermassive black holes report their presence by visible hot disks of orbital gases.

Transport spaceplane Space Rider will be launched in 2022

The official website of the European space Agency (ESA) reported that the first unmanned transport spaceplane will be launched in 2022. It will be called Space Rider

NASA is testing prototypes of the modules of the future orbital lunar base

NASA and the Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (for the ngis) has completed ground tests of a prototype of a future lunar orbital base, which will help to expedite the return of the Agency’s astronauts to the moon.

Astrophysics for the first time “caught” a giant star flash

A group of researchers for the first time discovered and found out the nature of a powerful eruption in the atmosphere of an active star HR 9024, marked by an intense flash of x-ray radiation followed by the release of a giant plasma bubble

Scientists first received energy from americium

For the first time, scientists were able to get electricity from americium, a radioactive element that is seen as a possible alternative to rocket fuel for long-range space flights. Americium is not found in nature, it is a by-product of plutonium breakdown.

The Pentagon prohibits work with Russia

December 31, 2022 Russian public and private companies will be closed access to the us space market. No commercial company will be able to use Russian launch vehicles to launch satellite communications spacecraft into orbit.

Test firing of the OmegA showed in the video

Fire tests were held in normal mode, but then, when the engineers decided to allow the engine to work longer than the permissible, sparks and burning fragments flew out of the nozzle, which the Corporation considered abnormal

Curiosity confirmed the presence of clay on Mars

Mount Aolida is inside the Gale crater, where Curiosity landed on August 6, 2012. It has a height of 5.5 kilometers, which means that the composition of its rocks can tell a lot about the Geology of Mars and its history. At the foot of this mountain Curiosity and drilled two wells to find clay.

Roscosmos will not create a women’s cosmonaut team

Today, on June 3, it became known that Roscosmos will not create a new cosmonaut detachment, mainly from women. The information was announced at a press conference by the current Executive Director of the state Corporation Sergey Krikalev.

Two dead stars merged into one and “came to life»

The image of the nebula around the “revived” stars in the infrared range /©Vasily Gvaramadze, MSU But in the life of the star there comes a stage when the energy of thermonuclear reactions occurring in it is not enough to start new processes. To give energy to new processes, the star’s core begins to shrink

Jaguar presented the road sedan XE SV Project 8 Touring

A division of the British brand Jaguar, which specializes in creating special cars, released a limited series of sedan version of the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, focused on public roads. The novelty received the prefix Touring in the title.

Mercedes-Benz has published a teaser for the new GLB-Class crossover

As you can see from the Mercedes post on Facebook, the teaser only shows what the crossover silhouette looks like, and also gives us a glimpse into the interior at a great distance.

Presented the updated Renault Koleos

In the power line of the updated Renault Koleos appeared two diesel engines. The first of them is a 1.9-liter engine with a capacity of 148 HP. It will replace the outdated 1.6-liter diesel unit. Paired with a new “engine” will work only front-wheel drive

Kia began testing the updated Kia Sorento

The company KIA has started to test the Sorento SUV next generation. Recently, the prototype of the car 2021 model year for the first time came out on public roads in the Swiss Alps.

Start of sales of cars Aurus postponed

The cost of the models will be known in June. The press service of the Russian brand Aurus said that the price list for the most anticipated novelties on the market, sedan Senat S600 and limousine Senat L700, will be declassified before the end of this month

Updated SUV Mitsubishi Pajero 2020 appeared on sale

The Japanese company announced the launch of the Mitsubishi Pajero 2020 model year. Restyled version of the SUV has virtually no changes in appearance. The cost of the car 2020 model year begins with a mark of 3.3 million rubles.

Toyota and Subaru will create a joint platform for electric cars

The first model, which will be based on the novelty, will be a crossover. Today, June 6, the leaders of Toyota and Subaru announced their intention to begin joint development of a new platform that will be used for medium-and full-size electric vehicles

Wagon Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake got AMG-version

The “budget” Mercedes-AMG family with index 35 was replenished with a new model — CLA 35 4Matic Shooting Brake. Technically, universal is no different from the previously presented sedan: the same “turboservice” 306 forces and all-wheel drive with electro-mechanical coupling connection of the rear axle.

Exclusive Ferrari Monza SP1 sold out in six months

Exceptionally rare Monza SP1 was recently delivered to the Ferrari HR Owen dealership in Central London. Recall that the supercar Ferrari Monza SP1 was presented in the autumn of 2018 and looks like a real concept car.

BAC revealed a teaser for the new Mono model

The famous automotive brand Briggs Automotive Company has published a teaser, where you can see an improved modification of the supercar Mono, which is different from its predecessor.

Gordon Murray release of the successor to the McLaren F1 for £2.5 million

Legendary designer Gordon Murray, who created the McLaren F1, presented a brand new ultra-light hypercar worth 2.5 million pounds or more than 207 million rubles, which, in his opinion, will surpass all competitors, including Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG One.