10 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/09/2020

A smartphone distracts every other driver from the road

More than 60% honestly admitted that they are distracted while driving. Almost every second (52%) is mostly distracted by a smartphone/phone. More than 40% of drivers continue to answer calls or make calls, more than 7% have learned to text WITH one hand while driving, and 4% still have time to browse social networks

Rogozin complained about the US ridicule after the launch of Crew Dragon

Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin complained about the ridicule from the US after the launch of the Crew Dragon ship to the International space station (ISS). He wrote about this in an article in Forbes magazine.

According to him, after the successful test of the ship, Washington began to shower it with jokes and ridicule, although “it would be appropriate to thank our Soyuz, its Soviet developers and Russian engineers, who in recent years have continued to modernize this most reliable manned ship in the world.” He added that Russia has not received any words of gratitude or “professional noble response” from the Americans.

Roscosmos Rogozin is in a great mood

The appearance of the US own spacecraft capable of delivering astronauts to the ISS did not spoil the mood of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin said.

“Just because someone finally got their own ship doesn’t mean that we should have lost it. Our country was the first to send a man into space, and we remain the first to this day, ” Rogozin justifies himself.

According to him, the success of the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon ship created by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX spoiled the mood only of the Boeing company, which lagged behind with its Starliner ship.

Trump to sign bill on sanctions for harassment of Uighurs in China

US President Donald trump intends to sign a bill passed earlier by both houses of Congress that allows to impose sanctions on Chinese officials who, according to Washington, harass Uighurs and other Muslim groups in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR) of China. This was reported by Reuters with reference to its sources.

The Nikolay Rastorguev Foundation received 200 million rubles from the Moscow city hall to repair its office

This is stated in the list of recipients of grants for the preservation of cultural heritage in 2017-2019, according to Open media. The document says that 191.1 million rubles for the reconstruction of the 1880 mansion on Zabelina street were allocated in may 2018, but, according to the publication, the money has not yet been spent.

In the reports of the Rastorguev Foundation on the website of the Ministry of justice for 2018-2019, such expenses are not specified in the documents. It is noted that the organization had to restore the facade of the building before the end of 2019.

The world Bank has published a semi-annual Global Outlook


  • The growth forecast for the world economy in 2020 is reduced from 2.5 to -5.2%
  • The forecast for the US for 2020 is reduced from 1.8 to -6.1%
  • The forecast for the Eurozone is lowered from 1.0 to -9.1%
  • The forecast for China is reduced from 5.9 to 1.0%
  • The forecast for Russia has been lowered from 1.6 to -6.0% (in April, the world Bank forecast Russia’s GDP at -1.0%).

When calculating world GDP, the world Bank weights countries ‘shares by nominal GDP, so its estimates differ from those of the IMF, which takes into account countries’ shares of GDP based on purchasing power parity.

Co-author of amendments to the Constitution awarded the title “Honored scientist”

The co-chair of the working group on amendment of the Constitution, academician Waist Khabrieva was awarded the title “Honored worker of science”. The corresponding decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is published on the portal of legal information. As follows from the document, the title was awarded for “merits in scientific activity and long-term conscientious work”.

Canada is preparing to return to normal operations

New jobs are being created in Canada as companies prepare to return to normal operations. Some employers respond by creating new health and safety posts that meet on construction sites, which check workers as they arrive and record the results of inspections.

The government of British Columbia announced that the total hourly minimum wage will increase to $ 14.60 an hour starting Monday, June 1, in what was called a movement in support of the province’s low-paid workers.

The head of the who said that the situation with coronavirus in the world is getting worse

The global situation with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection is getting worse. This statement was made by the Director-General of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus.

Russian doctor in the United States announced the disappearance of the coronavirus from New York

According to today News Ufa, Russian doctor Yevgeny Pinelis, who works in new York (USA), said that suddenly kovid disappeared from the city. The departments where patients with coronavirus were treated were suddenly empty. Also, for a month and a half, there is no longer any staff diseases or infection from patients. Also, the news does not contain information about the death of patients.

Top managers were dismissed from Gazprom

Top managers who disrupted the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline by hiding problems with the development of the chayandinsky field were dismissed from Gazprom. This was reported by with reference to sources in the company.

Gazprom has signed the largest gas supply contract in Russia

A twenty-year contract for the supply of raw and commercial gas was signed on Monday, June 8, by Gazprom and Ruskhimalyans LLC. The latter is the operator of the project to create a complex for processing and liquefying natural gas.

The agreement signed today with Ruskhimalyans provides for the annual supply of 45 billion cubic meters of gas over 20 years. This is the largest gas supply contract in Russia in the history of Gazprom, “Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov told RBC.

Oil company BP announced large-scale cuts

Oil company BP plans to cut about 15% of its workforce amid the coronavirus outbreak and as part of CEO Bernard Looney’s plan to move the company to work with renewable energy sources, Reuters reports

MFIs are disguised as banks, introducing clients to confusion

Offering their services, microfinance organizations (MFOs) do not warn customers about the risk of lack of income or non-return of funds, which is fraud, according to a report by the International Confederation of consumer societies (CONFOP)….

For the analysis, CONFOP used data on the work of 10 largest MFIs in the Russian financial market. The result showed that businesses disguise their product as a cash Deposit and do not inform customers that the investment is a risk and is not subject to insurance.

The Ministry of economic development is no longer associated with the Russian investment Fund

Due to the abolition of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation, the powers of the Ministry of economic development have been adjusted. The functions of the Department no longer include the preparation of conclusions on the compliance of investment projects that apply for state support at the expense of the Fund, the calculation of the contribution of investment projects to the increase in gross domestic product or gross regional product.

Friedman’s LetterOne sold a stake in Uber at a loss

Investment company LetterOne (L1, owned by Mikhail Fridman, Herman Khan and Alexey Kuzmichev) has sold its stake in the taxi aggregator Uber, RBC reports with reference to the company’s financial report for 2019. The deal, which is valued at $173 million, was completed in February.

The Central Bank of Russia sold 11.5 billion rubles worth of currency on the market

The volume of operations for the sale of foreign currency on the domestic currency market on June 4 amounted to 11.5 billion rubles, according to data from the Bank of Russia. A day earlier, 11.3 billion rubles were sold.

Hong Kong authorities will start paying people in connection with the pandemic on July 8

The Hong Kong government on July 8 will begin making promised payments to the population of 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars ($1,290) as part of assistance in the new coronavirus pandemic. This was announced on Monday at a press conference by the Secretary (Minister) for financial Affairs of the local administration, Paul Chan.

The volume of the Russian Federal budget decreased by 245 billion rubles in may

The volume of the national welfare Fund of Russia (NWF) for may, as of June 1, decreased in rubles by 245 billion, to 12.161 trillion rubles, and in dollars increased by 3.5 billion – to 171.889 billion, the Ministry of Finance of Russia said in a statement.

Mexico refused to extend oil production cuts until the end of July

Mexico will not join the extension of oil production cuts until the end of July. This was stated by the country’s energy Minister Rocio Nale, reports Reuters. On the eve of June 6, OPEC+ countries agreed to keep the total quota of 9.7 million barrels for another month. per day, valid in may and June.

In the US, Democrats introduced a bill on police reform

Congressional Democrats on Monday introduced a bill aimed at implementing large-scale police reform in response to mass protests in the country.

The initiative, in particular, prohibits police from using chokeholds, creates a national database to track police misconduct, and prohibits in some cases issuing a warrant allowing police to break into a home without warning. The proposed reform increases the responsibility of law enforcement officers, including for acts of violence and arbitrariness against suspects.

In Italy, they proposed to introduce a “tax on cash@

Former Prime Minister of Italy, leader of the party “Living Italy” Matteo Renzi proposed to introduce a tax on cash in the country, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Thus it is planned to help the Italian economy overcome the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

Hamburg will abandon Windows and MS Office

Hamburg officials will switch to Linux instead of Windows and use their own Phoenix office Suite instead of Office. This is done as part of the rejection of Microsoft software products, and the authorities want to make Hamburg, which has been strongly tied to its SOFTWARE for years, “an image of digital sovereignty.” A similar step will be taken by the authorities of Munich and a number of German Federal States.

The G7 is trying to influence Chinese legislation on Hong Kong

The g-7 member countries are developing a joint document regarding Hong Kong, which will imply “two systems” in the administrative center of the PRC. This is written in the Japanese media.

North Korea has closed all communication channels with Seoul

North Korea has cut off all lines of communication with Seoul. The corresponding statement was issued by the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA). Pyongyang has nothing more to discuss with the South Korean authorities, as the actions of the Seoul authorities have brought ” inter-Korean relations to an end point»

Haftar’s Libyan national army has declared an air war

The Libyan national army (LNA), operating under the leadership of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, is changing its strategy and is beginning to actively use combat aircraft, LNA spokesman major General Ahmed al-Mismari said at a press conference in Benghazi on June 8.

Us fighter-bombers will be able to use atomic bombs

The American f-15E Strike Eagle fighter-bomber has been tested for the possibility of using the B61-12 atomic bomb. This was reported on Monday by the Sandia national laboratories (SNL), which conducted these tests.

Tommy Lee unveiled two new music videos

The track “Tops” was created in collaboration with South African rapper Push Push. Rapper Killvein took part in the work on the single “Knock Me Down”. Both videos were directed by Fred durst of Limp Bizkit.

Both songs will be included in Lee’s new solo album “Andro”, which will be released on October 16 via Better Noise Music. The album also includes tracks SOMA COMA, When You Were Mine, Hot Fudge Sundae, Caviar On a Paper Plate, Leave Me Alone, Demon Bitches and others.



Krasnoyarsk artists arranged an exhibition of paintings in a pixel apartment

Siberian artists filled their virtual apartment with their works. The authors of the project have collected works of artists, musicians, performers and videographers since April. The exhibition could be attended by the Creator of any genre and type of art.

QR codes from WhatsApp threaten to leak user data

The essence of the vulnerability is that Google indexes metadata, so the phone numbers of such users are freely available on the network.

AMD no longer supports graphics in Intel processors

Despite the termination of cooperation, Intel promised to support Kaby Lake-g processors for another five years. However, there have been no updates for the processor for 12 months. Intel solved this problem by transferring support to AMD.

The line of Samsung Galaxy A smartphones will feature wireless charging

According to the source, the Galaxy A line may include smartphones with wireless charging-a technology that is not available in mid-budget models of other brands. Probably, we are talking about the older models of the mentioned line.

Scientists reveal the secret of the origin of RNA and DNA

In the first experiment, we used a combination of water and radiation, and observed the reaction that accompanied the interaction of these two elements. Natural materials such as hydrogen cyanide, phosphate, ammonia, and salt were used to create radiation. As a result of the research, scientists were able to obtain complex compounds that could serve as a building material for RNA.

After the first experiment, the researchers conducted another one aimed at studying the relationship between the formation of DNA and ultraviolet light. Scientists placed water in a special flask and directed ultraviolet rays at it. The resulting reaction not only created RNA molecules, but also several DNA. Previously, it was assumed that DNA molecules were formed by generating RNA. A new study calls this hypothesis into question

The Constitution with new amendments appeared in online stores, which will be voted on on July 1< / p>

China does not intend to participate in Russia-US arms talks

China does not plan to participate in the us-Russia arms control talks, despite the country’s commitment to efforts in the field of global strategic stability, the Chinese foreign Ministry said.

China has repeated many times that we do not intend to join the so — called trilateral talks on arms control between Russia, China and the United States, and this position is quite clear, – RIA Novosti quotes the official representative of the Ministry Zhao Lijian.

The Chinese foreign Ministry called on the US, in order to create conditions for the participation of third countries in the negotiations on disarmament, first of all”to respond to the calls of the Russian side to extend the start III Treaty, as well as to reduce its nuclear Arsenal.”

The launch complex at the Vostochny cosmodrome will be completed by December 2022

Construction of the launch complex for launching Angara missiles at the Vostochny cosmodrome will be completed by December 2022, said Yuri Roslyak, Roscosmos ‘ Deputy General Director for capital construction. He also stressed that in order to speed up the construction of Vostochny, it is necessary to clarify the prices for contracts. According to him, Roscosmos, together with the Ministry of construction, is currently discussing possible ways to solve this problem.

Thai authorities plan to change the tourist image of the country

“We will update the image of Thailand as a safe place for a relaxing holiday,” the country’s Tourism Department said.
In particular, it is planned to conduct an advertising campaign aimed at”rich young travelers”. Special interest is shown to guests from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. Moreover, these countries are also successfully coping with the coronavirus.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers is developing measures to support domestic tourism – the number of local residents who vacation in the country in the off-season-from July to October-should increase.

Tourists will be allowed to rest throughout Russia from July 1

Russians will be able to travel around the country again from July 1. The government plans to resume domestic tourism after the quarantine. As stated in the Cabinet of Ministers, the tourist flow will be restored gradually. And for organized travelers, new destinations will be opened this year.

Kaliningrad region, Khakassia, Baikal, and Gorny Altai — we want charters to appear in these areas for the first time, and we already have such an agreement. This will significantly reduce the cost of travel. Over the summer, it is planned to open more than 10 such new destinations. – Dmitry Chernyshenko, Russian politician

The court arrested 100% of “Business lines”

On June 4, the arbitration court of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region seized 100% of the shares of a large automobile cargo carrier Delovye linii. The court’s ruling is published in the file of arbitration cases and decisions. The interim measure was taken at the request of Caledor Consulting Limited.

Mandatory labeling of shoes and medicines

In Russia, from July 1, the requirement for mandatory labeling of medicines and shoes will begin to apply. This was announced by Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade Viktor Yevtukhov, TASS reports.

NOVATEK ordered two LNG barges from DSME

The Korean shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering will build two LNG barges for NOVATEK. This is reported by “Kommersant”. The vessels will serve the planned fuel transshipment projects in Murmansk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The volume of one barge is 380 thousand cubic meters of LNG. The total cost will be 748.2 million dollars. Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Gazprom refused to change the price of gas for Belarus

Gazprom refused to change the gas price for Belarus for 2020. This is reported in a release on the company’s website. This message is a response to a letter from the Ministry of energy of Belarus to the company with a proposal to discuss the cost of gas supplied to the Republic.

Banks will need 1.5 trillion rubles for reserves

On June 8, 2020, it became known that Russian banks will need 1.5 trillion rubles this year to create additional reserves for possible loan losses due to the growth of overdue debt. The increase in arrears depending on the sectors of the economy may double, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports, citing a joint forecast of the Russian Academy of national economy and civil service and the Gaidar Institute for economic policy.

Uzbekistan to build the world’s largest wind farm

In Uzbekistan, the international company Masdar (UAE) will build one of the world’s largest wind farms with a capacity of 500 MW, reports Podrobno.uz. The investment agreement between the world’s leading renewable energy development company and the Ministry of investment and foreign trade of Uzbekistan has already been signed.

Tesla electric cars will get new batteries

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), a supplier for the American automaker Tesla, announced the development of fundamentally new batteries. The opening of Bloomberg was told by the head of the company Zheng Yuqun (Zeng Yuqun). According to him, CATL is ready to produce batteries that will work for 16 years and will allow you to travel two million kilometers. This is twice as long as the warranty for current devices, which, in addition, can only cover 150 thousand kilometers.

Volkswagen has appointed a new CEO

Volkswagen has officially announced that Herbert dissa will step down as CEO of the VW brand, and chief operating officer Ralf Brandstetter has been appointed to this position. The new CEO will make every effort to reduce the company’s costs at the company’s largest factories in Germany.

In Crimea, from June 15, the mandatory observation for visitors will be canceled

The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said about the cancellation of June 15, mandatory space in the Observatory, all visitors to the territory of RK residents of other regions. The self-isolation regime for citizens over 65 years of age and suffering from chronic diseases is also canceled.

In Ukraine, they counted the Russian Shells destroyed by Turkey-C1

In recent years, during the military conflicts in Syria and Libya, at least 23 Russian-made Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (APCS) have been destroyed, Defense Express estimates, citing its own sources

Kiev included journalists in the negotiations on the Donbass

Kiev has included journalists who come from this region in the negotiations on the settlement of the conflict in the Donbas. Sergey Garmash and Denis Kazansky will participate as representatives of the Donetsk region in the meetings of the Trilateral contact group. On Tuesday, June 9, reports Vesti.ua.

A native of Sevastopol was sentenced to ten years for espionage

Sevastopol city court sentenced a native of the city to ten years of strict regime on charges of espionage. This was reported by the press service of the court. It is not specified in the interests of which state he acted.

Collected, stored for the purpose of transfer and handed over to the representative of a foreign state information about the place of deployment of military units, the real names of the military units revealed the number of staff, availability of arms, military machinery indicating item — that is, information whose transmission could be used to the detriment of external security of the Russian Federation,— is told in the message on the court’s website

The network has released the debut trailer for the movie “You should have left”

the trailer for the new horror film “You Should have left” (“You Should Have Left”) was published by Universal Pictures on its YouTube channel. The film tells the story of a family who decided to spend a vacation away from civilization in a beautiful country house. However, soon the family members discover inexplicable oddities happening in the house.

The horror film stars Kevin bacon (“Mysterious river”, “invisible Man”, “Trembling earth”) and Amanda Seifred (“Nine lives”, “Les Miserables”) in the lead roles. The film will premiere digitally on June 19.


Appartment NTV from Margulis received the prize of the festival in Los Angeles

The program “Kvartirnik NTV at Margulis” won the main prize in its category at the prestigious US International Film and Video Festival.

Roscosmos: there are no Russian parts in Crew Dragon

There are no Russian-made parts in the design of the Crew Dragon spacecraft’s docking station. This was stated in the state Corporation “Roscosmos”. The Crew droid spacecraft (also known as Dragon-V2), created by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, delivered two astronauts to the ISS in late may.

Astronomers have detected a powerful signal from deep space

An international team of scientists has recorded the second case in the history of observations of cyclical transmission of powerful short radio signals from space, which are repeated with a frequency of 157 days. A brief report on the discovery is published on the website of the University of Manchester (UK). We are talking about mysterious signals known as FRB. They were first discovered in 2007

Researchers believe that the presence of a regular sequence in the activity of flares may indicate that they are associated with the orbital movement of a massive star, neutron star, or black hole.

VKontakte launches audio message recognition function

The social network Vkontakte has come up with a way to reconcile fans and haters of voice messages, so it has launched a function for reading audio messages. You can only read a voice message if it has a time limit of up to 30 seconds

Developed a program that turns any sketches into a portrait

Chinese experts have developed a DeepFaceDrawing system that can create a high-quality portrait even from a “rough” sketch. In their scientific article, they described the principle of operation of the algorithm and the description of the method.

The program itself considers the sketch to be an approximate basis for image synthesis. Special algorithms compare the outline line with the database, creating portraits based on the lines. The system consists of three modules (detailed mapping, image synthesis, and an attachment component).

Manufacturers of system boards deliberately reduce the service life of processors

In the utility HWinfo, an opportunity has appeared that has allowed to catch some manufacturers of system boards that they deliberately give them a feature that can reduce the service life of AMD Ryzen processors.

The fact is that these processors rely on data about current power consumption coming from the Board and used for dynamic clock speed control. By underestimating the power consumption sensor, you can make the processor believe that it has the ability to accelerate. According to the developers of HWinfo, such a “trick” can lead to overheating and reduce the service of the processor

Criterion Games started developing a new Need for Speed

Criterion Games has announced the start of work on a new Need for Speed. No details were given about the title. The authors will provide additional information on EA Play on June 18.

The developers also said that the most important update will be released on June 9 in Need for Speed Heat. The game will add cross-play between all the platforms it is on, including Steam and Origin. Starting June 16, races will be available in EA Access and Origin Access Basic.

Archaeologists have found the predecessor of the great wall of China

The famous Great wall of China is actually a very long fortification system. Its most famous section is 8850 kilometers long and was built during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). At the same time, we also know about the existence of the wall, the so-called “Northern line”, which stretched from West to East through Mongolia, to the borders of Russia.

Israeli archaeologists have carefully studied what is left of it. The wall was built in bulk, in contrast to the “great”, made of stone, and therefore from the “Northern line” remained on average only one meter of elevation. But scientists say that it could reach a height of two meters. Radiocarbon analysis has shown that the wall was built between 1000 and 1100 Ad — that is, before the invasion of Genghis Khan’s army, which occurred around 1162. Archaeologists suggest that this wall was built to protect against migrations from Mongolia. As Gideon Shelah-Lavi of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem points out, thanks to this wall, China could control human traffic and possibly tax those entering its territory.

St. Petersburg scientists have discovered a new mineral

Scientists published a description of the new mineral in the journals Mineralogical Magazine and organic Chemistry. In the lattice Dokuchaeva there are copper atoms surrounded by oxygen and chlorine are also present tetrahedral complexes with copper. Due to this structure, the mineral has magnetic properties.

Austrian archaeologists have questioned the chronology of ancient events

Scientists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences conducted archaeological excavations in Sindos, where they found pottery with accurate Dating, researchers analyzed it and began to revise the ancient Greek chronology. It turned out that many famous works and inventions could have appeared 50-150 years earlier. Scientists have stated that it is already possible to assert that the spread of writing in Greece and Italy began everywhere in the IX century BC.

Chinese unmanned bathyscaphe plunged to record depth

Created in China, the unmanned bathyscaphe “Haidou-1” plunged to a record depth — the remotely controlled device descended into the Mariana trench at 10,907 meters. The record-breaking sinking of a Chinese bathyscaphe is reported by the Xinhua news Agency