11 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/10/2019

The number of poor in Russia decreased by 400 thousand people

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the number of poor Russians decreased by 400 thousand people in 2018. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia”. According to her, the number of poor in Russia is 12.9% of the population.

Sociologists have recorded a sharp increase in the loyalty of Russians to life on credit

The share of Russians who are ready to take out a loan in the conditions of falling income in the last year has increased significantly. These are the data of the FOM survey conducted for the Central Bank.

According to “Kommersant”, may studies have shown that the number of citizens who are not ready to abandon the planned purchases due to the inability to implement them with money from wages, increased in the first quarter of 2019 almost twice. In 2017 and 2018, 2-5% of Russians talked about the intention to take out a loan to compensate for falling incomes and maintain the current level of consumption. In 2019, those were 9%.

Consumer loans have become the most popular. At the moment, they are used by 16% of citizens, loans for urgent needs took 11%, credit cards are used by 5%.

Regular payments on these loans make 32% of respondents, while no one took a loan for educational services (0% of respondents), a mortgage – 10%.

The share of households with debts to banks is growing. In may 2017, there were 34%, in may 2018 – 38%, and in may this year – 44%. The number of citizens who have friends or relatives with debts for the year increased from 26% to 34%. To pay off debts is becoming heavier. In may last year, 13% complained about it, this year – 16%.

Banks spent more than 4.5 billion rubles on entertainment

In 2018, Russian banks spent 4.53 billion rubles on sports, cultural, educational and other similar events. This is almost 1.5 times more than in 2017 (3.12 billion rubles), reports “Real time” with reference to the reporting of credit institutions

Three Russian Newspapers came out with a joint statement in The Golunov case

The paper version of the Russian business newspaper RBC, “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti” published a single first strip dedicated to the business of the correspondent the Internet-editions “Medusa” Ivan Golunova, accused of attempted sale of drugs. The first page of publications is the inscription: “I/We Ivan Golunov»

49% of Russians are satisfied with the standard of living

According to a survey of the all-Russian center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM), which refers to TASS, 22% of Russians are dissatisfied with the level of their lives. Almost half (49%) of respondents said that their life is generally satisfied. Another 28% said that they are satisfied with the standard of living in part.

“Kommersant”: the Network got personal data 900 thousand Russians

As a result of two leaks affected the interests of about 900 thousand Russians. As it is specified, leaks of databases occurred at the end of may of the current year. The data specified in the databases were collected a few years ago, but most of the information is relevant today.

Intel and Qualcomm have banned employees from contacting Huawei

Intel and Qualcomm have banned employees from talking about technology and technical standards with colleagues from Huawei. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources. According to the Agency, such restrictions were also introduced by InterDigital Wireless and LG Uplus.

Defense “giant Corporation” will appear in the United States

Two major American companies of the military-industrial complex – Raytheon and United Technologies are negotiating a merger, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing its own sources.

Matvienko proposed a criterion for assessing the effectiveness of the Governor

“It would be right to introduce a criterion that will reveal the effectiveness of the Governor in attracting investors on modern platforms,” Matvienko said. In her opinion, it will lead to that “heads of regions will compete, stretch each other”.

Iran introduced a new air defense system of its production

According to the news Agency Tasnim, the defense Minister of Iran, Amir Khatami introduced the system of “Khordad-15” at the ceremony in Tehran.

Khatami noted that the system can detect a variety of targets, including military aircraft and drones, within a radius of 150 km. Also, the system is able to detect hidden targets within a radius of 85 km, hit them at a distance of 45 km. at the same Time, the system can intercept six targets, to defeat targets it can be prepared in less than five minutes.

Chinese foreign Ministry denied accusations of persecution of ethnic minorities

China rejected accusations of keeping 1 million Uighurs and other national minorities in political camps for ideological processing. Chinese Deputy foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui called such statements fabricated

Trump announced the beginning of “great” cooperation between the United States and Mexico

American leader Donald trump expressed confidence that relations between the United States and Mexico will reach a new level after the countries reach an agreement on duties and migrants.

Authorities in Salisbury are going to buy a house Skripal

The city Council of British Salisbury plans to buy the house in which lived the ex-Colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal. This is reported by the newspaper The Sun, citing a representative of the Council Alistair Cunningham.

The United States was transferred to Poland the aircraft EW for offensive operations

The us military has transferred its aircraft EC-130H Compass Call, designed for offensive operations on the territory of Poland. The aircraft was delivered to the airbase Krzesiny. The relevant information was published on the official website of the United States air force in Europe.

Russia is selling new su-57 abroad

Export of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57 is planned, but only after its adoption, said “Interfax” Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Peskov told about informal talks between Putin and XI Jinping

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov assessed the effect of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping in St. Petersburg during SPIEF 2019. He believes that face-to-face meetings between leaders are sometimes more effective than formal negotiations.

NATO revealed the purpose of exercises in the Baltic sea

The purpose of the major naval maneuvers that are taking place is to demonstrate that NATO can defend itself against any enemy. Lungescu recalled that the Baltic sea is of strategic importance for the Alliance, and six NATO States have access to it.

China overtook the United States in size of the naval forces

The Chinese Navy outnumbered the American Navy. 300 Chinese fighting units of the basic classes against 287 in the United States.

Terms of repair of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” were under threat of failure

Problems with the repair and modernization of “Admiral Kuznetsov” arose after the floating dock, which served the warship, sank at the exit of the ship from the factory. In Murmansk, the Navy commander-in-chief will hold a meeting on the situation

The Arab coalition tried to break through the territory of the Houthis

The attempt of the Arab coalition to penetrate the wilderness of Copper in the province of Hodeidah was prevented by soldiers and militia, the Houthis, June 9, reported the Yemeni news Agency “Saba”. Penetration was carried out from three directions: from the North, West and South.

Roszdravnadzor criticized the imposition of expensive drugs in pharmacies

Roszdravnadzor intends to fight the imposition of expensive drugs in Russian pharmacies. This was stated by the head of Department Mikhail Murashko, RIA Novosti reported. He noted that the Agency identified violations when the pharmacy network actually establishes a bonus payment system for pharmacists

The Ministry of health plans to reduce cigarette sales by a quarter

Deputy head of the Ministry of health Oleg salagay Said about plans to reduce tobacco products for retail trade during the St. Petersburg international forum. The Deputy head noted that tobacco increases the risk of mortality among men, which is still high.

Venezuela has developed a mechanism for calculating with Russia in rubles

Venezuelan authorities have created a payment mechanism to settle with Russia in rubles. This was told by the Vice-President of the Republic for economy and Finance Tarek El-Aissami.

Ministry of labor: the fall in fertility is associated with low incomes

The fall in the birth rate in recent years is due to the low incomes of the population, than to the reduction in the number of women of childbearing age. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of labour of the Russian Federation Alexey Vovchenko, according to “Gazeta.ru.”

The West did not support the idea of Ukraine to introduce peacekeepers in Donbass

Commenting on the situation in Donbass, the French Ambassador to Ukraine Isabel Dumont said that in the international arena no one will discuss the introduction of peacekeepers in Donbass, at least in the medium term.

Germany will allocate 5 million euros to help residents of Donbass

Until 2021, Germany will allocate 5 million euros to help the residents of Donbass, who suffered as a result of the war. This was stated in the German Embassy in Ukraine, reported June 7, UNIAN news Agency

It became known about the retreat of the Russian military in Syria

Russian soldiers had to retreat from a military base in tal-SALB in the North of the Syrian province of Hama after the militants of the group “Hayat Tahrir al-sham” (KHTSH, created on the basis of banned in Russia “Jabhat al-Nusra”) inflicted on their positions several artillery strikes

In Aleppo restored the plant for the production of glue

The plant for the production of glue earned in the largest city of Syria, Aleppo after the end of the fighting, said the engineer of the enterprise Abdullahed Zahdan.

Britain allowed the revision of the agreement with the EU on Brexit

EU leaders are ready to revise the previously concluded agreement on the terms of Brexit, taking into account the new proposals of London, said British foreign Minister and Prime Minister Jeremy hunt

Russia will not “change behavior” at the request of London

Peskov noted that partnership relations with the countries are very important for Russia, but they should be based on the parity of mutual interests. The Kremlin does not intend to change “its behavior”.

Maduro gave instructions to open the border of Venezuela with Colombia

“To open the border crossings with Colombia” in the state of Tachira, ordered the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. He reported about it on June 8 in the account in Twitter. According to Maduro, the border was closed because of “the threat of sovereignty»

The foreign Ministry allowed the increase of Russian military specialists in Venezuela

The head of the Latin American Department of the foreign Ministry Alexander Shchetinin said that Russia can send its military specialists to Venezuela to service the obligations under the contracts. He said this on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), according to TASS.

Rostrud: it is necessary to provide work for everyone who needs it

A number of Russian companies when posting vacancies on the portal “Work in Russia” have already indicated that they are particularly interested in applicants with extensive experience.

Remote work is not popular in Russia

According to Lyudmila Spiridonova, the main reason for the unpopularity of remote work is the insufficiently developed legal framework for the registration of labor relations between the remote employee and the employer.

In addition, not everywhere in Russia there is an Internet connection of good stable quality, and the income level of many Russians does not allow you to buy the equipment you need to work from home, quotes the expert “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Number of cats and dogs in apartment can limit

Possible number of Pets in the house or apartment offer to count on the basis of the square footage of the living space, and the leadership of the regions want to ask for money for animal shelters, including confiscated wild animals.

The new concept of the administrative Code was developed by the government

The government has developed a new concept of the Code of administrative offences (Cao), which involves changing approaches to the imposition of fines for business. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the head of the government Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuichenko.

The state Duma proposed to increase payments for the care of the disabled eight times

LDPR deputies introduced a bill to the state Duma proposing to increase payments for the care of disabled people of group I from 1.2 thousand rubles to 10 thousand rubles, the press service of one of the authors of the draft head of the Duma Committee on labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov said.

Medvedev instructed to simplify the construction of schools

Following the meeting of the Presidium of the Council for strategic development and national projects, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to prepare proposals on excessive regulatory and technical requirements, the exclusion of which will reduce the cost of construction of educational institutions

In Russia there will be a national day of career guidance

The Federal service for labour and employment welcomed the proposal to hold a national day of vocational guidance and expressed readiness to assist in the implementation of this idea. This was told by Deputy head of Department Denis Vasiliev

With the exam for violations removed more than 500 graduates

Since the beginning of the main period of the exam was removed more than 522 offenders, the press service of Rosobrnadzor in Facebook. At 223 offenders when it turned out to be a mobile phone, and 219 – crib.

The Committee will take the estate of Orlov-Denisov from the owner

The Committee for state control, use and protection of monuments of history and culture (KGIOP) plans to seize the estate of Orlov-Denisov on the Main street, 32 in kolomyaga. Recall that the company “Baltikstroy” bought the building from the city in 2011 for 40 million rubles.

In Yekaterinburg, a monument to the street artist

According to the authors, Leonid Cherny and Pavel Safonov, the work is dedicated to all street artists who live the romance of night streets.

The Ministry of construction told about the difficulty of refusing to turn off hot water

In the coming years, utilities will not be able to refuse to turn off hot water in the summer. “I will not dissemble – in the near future, the refusal to turn off hot water in the summer is not waiting for us” – said the Minister of construction and housing Vladimir Yakushev

Affected by the weather in Sevastopol residents will receive compensation

In the government of Sevastopol told that the majority of territories of the city which suffered from bad weather, will put in order soon. Now restoring roads, clean storm drain, starts repairing porches and roofs.

Preparation of heating systems of Novosibirsk for the winter will cost 721 million rubles

721 million rubles will be allocated for the preparation of Novosibirsk heating networks for the next heating season, the amount of funds compared to last year increased almost twice, reported IA REGNUM in the Siberian generating company (SGK).

Yekaterinburg police will be presented to the award

Head of the Department of public order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Yekaterinburg Alexander Kashigin presented to the medal “For the difference in the protection of public order.”

It – the gratitude to the Lieutenant Colonel for his role in settlement of a situation with protests in the square at drama Theater (the police didn’t allow serious collisions). It is Alexander Kashigin who is the victim in a criminal case initiated under article 318 of the criminal code (“Use of violence against a representative of the authorities”) during rallies against the construction of the temple in Yekaterinburg

Net outflow from funds investing in Russia for the week increased 2.1 times

The rest was for funds with other geographical mandates. Passive funds investing in Russia, recorded an outflow of 31 million dollars, active — 197 million. Emerging markets as a whole recorded an outflow of almost 2.1 billion dollars against 1.9 billion a week earlier.

Inflation in early 2020 may fall below 3.5%

As for next year, the overall inflation forecast is 3.8%, he said. And at the beginning of the year, this figure may fall below the bar of 3.5%. The Deputy Minister also said that the Agency expects to accelerate the growth of investments in fixed assets in the Russian Federation in the second half of 2019.

In Russia from July 1, the price of gas will rise by 1.4%

Gazprom from July 1, 2019 will increase the price of gas for residents of Russia by 1.4%, reports June 10, “Interfax” with reference to the order of the Federal Antimonopoly service

During the year, prices of goods and services in the Sverdlovsk region increased by 4.9%

In April 2019, compared to the same period last year, the consumer price index for goods and services in The middle Urals increased by 5%. In addition, in the first four months of 2019 in comparison with January-April 2018, the prices of goods and services increased by 4.9%, according to Sverdlovsk State.

China reduced trade with the US by 14.5%

Trade between the US and China for the five months of 2019 decreased by 14.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $209.7 billion, according to published data of the General customs administration of China.

2.6 billion rubles for dividends

Shareholders of PJSC “Sinarsky pipe plant” (SinTZ, part of the structure of the Pipe metallurgical company) at the annual meeting decided to send 2.6 billion rubles for dividend payments at the end of 2018.

Veterinary standards of the Russian Federation are consistent with international

The Ministry of agriculture has written two bills affecting the veterinary control of agricultural exports of Russia — it is proposed to modernize for the implementation of the national project and the obligations taken by the Russian Federation upon accession to the WTO

China in may increased reserves by 16 tons of gold

Gold reserves of the people’s Bank of China at the end of may 2019 amounted to 61.61 million ounces (1916 tons) against 61.1 million ounces at the end of April, the Bank said. Thus, during the reporting period, the Bank replenished reserves by 510 thousand ounces (15.86 tons).

Hong Kong has offered Russian companies the incentives for the placement on the stock exchange

Hong Kong offers Russian-the Chinese companies preferential terms when placing on the stock exchange, said the Minister of Finance of the Special administrative region of Hong Kong Paul Chan, in the course of the business dialogue “Russia-China” at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The President of Russia has exempted from income tax written off debts under the defence loans

Defense industry enterprises and authorized banks will be exempt from income tax upon assignment of rights on loans to state defense contractors, as well as upon cancellation of debts on such loans by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers

The Bank of Russia on June 5 bought the currency for the Ministry of Finance at 19.46 billion rubles

The Central Bank of Russia on June 5 bought the currency for the Ministry of Finance under the budget rule for 19.46 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Bank of Russia. The Ministry of Finance from may 14 to June 6 plans to purchase currency for 300.5 billion rubles.

The Omsk refinery will have a solar power plant

Gazprom Neft plans to open solar power plants at its refineries and has chosen Omsk oil refinery as a pilot site. By the end of 2019, employees of the administrative units of the onpp will be able to use the energy of solar panels.

Severstal and Gazprom have extended the programme of scientific and technical cooperation

In the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum – 2019 Director of technical development and quality control of JSC “Severstal Management” Peter Mishnev and Deputy Chairman of the management Board – head of Department of “Gazprom” Oleg Aksyutin signed an updated program of scientific-technical cooperation, said “Severstal”

In the Nizhny Novgorod region electricity generation decreased by 16%

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, power plants in January-may 2019 produced 4.22 billion kWh of electricity, which is 16% less than the production for the same period last year.

“Gazprom oil” has a JV with Shell and Repsol

The company creates a joint venture with Shell (25%) and Repsol (25%) for the development of Liskinskogo and Pohutakawa plots for Gydane resources of 135 million tons. The deal may be closed in 2020

“Gazprombank Leasing” will supply ERIELL equipment for 1.4 billion rubles

“Gazprombank Leasing” and one of the largest independent oil service companies in Russia — Eriell signed a leasing agreement providing for the supply of drilling rigs in the amount of 1.4 billion rubles.

A plant for LNG production will be built on Sakhalin

Gazprom will build a complex for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on Sakhalin. The first plant in Poronaisk will be built in 2021-2022

The police of England is gaining assistants among volunteers

In the announcement of the recruitment of volunteers said that they will become assistants to criminologists and will be able to visit the crime scene, having all the practical experience in this difficult work.

US approved the sale of India’s armed drones

India became the third country (after the UK and Italy) and the first non – NATO member state to be given the opportunity to purchase an armed version of the American Guardian drones.

The government of Canada will invest $2 billion in women’s entrepreneurship

Investment Fund for the development of women’s entrepreneurship was opened during the Banff world media forum in Canada, reports Deadline on June 9.

Assange will be given to the US, said the former foreign Minister of Ecuador

Former foreign Minister of Ecuador Ricardo patiño said that the founder of the Wikileaks portal Julian Assange is likely to be given to the United States. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. According to him, such probability arose from-for treachery of the President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno.

German foreign Minister plans to meet with Iranian President

It is planned that he will hold talks in Tehran with foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif, during which he will discuss with his Iranian counterpart a plan to preserve the “nuclear deal”. In addition to Iran, he also plans to visit several middle Eastern countries, including Jordan and the UAE.

Road camera UK learn to penalize too loud machines

The Department of transport of great Britain begin to test the “acoustic camera fixing noise”. New devices will be used to fight too loud cars and motorcycles.

Pickets in support of Golunov in Moscow will be indefinite

Single pickets in support of the correspondent of Medusa Ivan Golunov in Moscow will be indefinite and will continue at least until the release of the journalist, reports “MBH media” with reference to the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Ilya Azar.

In the Crimea are mass searches of the Crimean Tatars

In the Crimea, Russian security forces conduct searches in several areas, according to “Crimean solidarity”. In the village of Stroganovka of Simferopol district has completed a search of Eskender Suleymanov – a brother of Ruslan Suleymanov, the ninth defendant in the case of the Crimean “Hizb ut-Tahrir”.

On Android-smartphones found a pre-installed virus

Hackers installed viruses in smartphones with the Android operating system before they were sold. This was reported in his blog, the experts at Google. We are talking about the programs of the Triada family, designed to advertise on the device and send spam.

Doom Eternal will be released in November 2019

Eternal Doom will be released on November 22 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The company announced this at the conference at E3 2019. During the presentation, the developers showed the trailer and the passage of one of the levels where the final Doomguy meets Cyberdemon.

“Technoserv Cloud” and JungleJobs announced cooperation

Cloud provider “Technoserv Cloud” and the Internet platform vacancies JungleJobs announced collaboration. JungleJobs moved part of its it infrastructure to the Technoserv Cloud by choosing the Virtual data center service based on the VMware virtualization platform.

Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi will ignore Chrome’s restrictions on blockers

Google intends in future versions of Chrome to seriously cut the possibilities of ad blockers. However, browser developers Brave, Opera and Vivaldi do not plan to change their browsers, despite the common code base.

In Japan, invented a device to control the mood

Japanese company Japan Display has developed a device called Multi Sensory Device XVG-01, which allows you to change the mood. As the name implies, Japan Display specializes in the production of displays. The company has a program “Unusual projects»

In Nixdorf ATMs, Diebold discovered RCE-vulnerability

Today, on Monday, June 10, 2019, one of the world’s largest ATM manufacturers Diebold Nixdorf began to warn its customers about the vulnerability of ATMs of the brand Opteva. The bug allows to execute arbitrary code remotely.

Started Russian sales of cheap metal laptop HP NB245 Pro

Domestic brand Irbis announced the start of sales of inexpensive laptop NB245 Pro, made in 14-inch form factor and equipped with IPS-screen with full HD resolution. The model is based on Intel Celeron N3350 processor with two cores. The amount of RAM is 4 GB, built – 32.

Mozilla will add paid premium features to Firefox

Bird said that premium add-ons will provide users with access to cloud storage, as well as VPN features. It is expected that the launch of the service will be held in October 2019.

New Android weaned from automatic connection to Wi-Fi networks

If the user disconnects the active network, it will be blocked for a day. During this time, the device will not be able to connect to it automatically. The final version of Android Q should be released in the third quarter of this year.

Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has already appeared for pre-order

The fourth version of the popular fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band became available for pre-order in India. June 11 will be a presentation of Xiaomi which are planning to introduce a new generation of wristbands Mi Band.

Experts named patent leaders in the field of AI

Experts conducted a study and found that the largest number of patents for the creation of developments in the field of artificial intelligence came from Microsoft, IBM and Samsung

Microsoft introduced a new Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller

Xbox Elite Series 2 was designed to work with both Xbox and computers. It was said that this is a completely new controller, which revised ergonomics, design and added a large number of additional settings.

Noted advanced features upgrade Telegram

The team of developers of the popular telegram messenger has released an update that expanded the capabilities of users in the field of enhanced privacy and convenience. One of these features, which was liked by most users of the messenger, was the ability to hide the cell phone number for individual groups and chats, at the user’s choice.

Pavel Durov will create an analogue of the aggregator “Yandex.Current events»

As Pavel Durov wrote on his channel, he is “impressive in technical terms” from the news aggregator, in addition, it implements a large number of technologies that will freely create such global services.

Google will stop giving more than two results from one site

Google-search will not produce more than two results from one site. Developers optimize the results page. The latest update will allow users to see a greater variety of resources offered.

In Canada found a plant that eats Salamander

A plant that can “digest” any of the vertebrates in the country found for the first time. Studies have shown that almost every fifth plant in the Park managed to trap salamanders about the length of a human finger, and some of them contained several amphibians caught.

Chemists have studied the behavior of acid in space

One of the most frightening features of cinematic alien xenomorphs was their acrid blood, showing the properties of the strongest acid. However, real acids in real space should not be as dangerous and active as they are on Earth.

The limit of physical endurance of the person is established

Specialists of Duke University in the United States set the limit of physical endurance. To do this, they analyzed the health indicators of athletes who participated in various competitions, including a multi-day Cycling race “Tour de France” and the race for 5 thousand kilometers.

According to The Telegraph, experts have identified volunteers value of the basic level of metabolism BMR – the amount of energy consumed by a person at rest – at the beginning of the experiment, and then watched as it changed.

The final mark, which reached the figure – 2.5 BMR. Once it falls below, the body begins to take energy from its own reserves, due to the fact that calories are burned faster than they come.

Participation in the study was taken by pregnant women, who were Champions in endurance. The limit value of BMR was 2.2.

Chinese scientists have created the latest medicine for diabetes

Chinese scientists have achieved a real breakthrough in the development of a new drug for the treatment of diabetes. After the experience on rodents, they created a unique hydrogel, which helps to get rid of this disease.

The fracture of the human aging curve fell on 50 years

The search for a molecular “program of aging” has not yet been successful. Therefore, it is still impossible to talk about the age of the beginning of aging, nor about a universal way to stop it. Scientists from the UK, Finland and the USA analyzed the work of genes in the brain and muscles of people from 20 to 90 years and found that before and after 50 the set of genes associated with age varies significantly. Apparently, in 50 years there is some significant restructuring at the genetic level. At least some of the candidates for “old age pills” can postpone it.

Tomato juice reduces the risk of heart disease

It turned out that 94 people suffering from hypertension and hypertension, decreased blood pressure, and 125 subjects – the level of cholesterol in the blood. Thus, the use of unsalted tomato juice can significantly reduce the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system in humans.

Daytime sleep helps to improve academic performance in children

It turned out that grades in school have children who sleep by day three times a week or more, to the second year of the experiment increased by 7.6%. Also, scientists noted that daytime sleep helped to increase not only academic performance, but also the level of happiness and self-control.

Chinese scientists will test the first vaccine against norovirus

The state administration for drug control of China has approved clinical trials of the world’s first tetravalent vaccine against norovirus, Xinhua news Agency reports.

Organs respond to day and night on their own

A group of researchers said that human organs respond to the time of day independently of the brain. To this conclusion, scientists came after a large-scale study of the biological clock of the body. It is known that the modern way of life can easily disrupt the circadian rhythms.

Water with lemon has a positive effect on the body

Scientific experts said that ordinary water with lemon can bring much more benefit to the human body than previously thought. Scientists have studied all its properties. It is known that clean water is useful and necessary to drink

Named the launch date of the Indian station “chandrayan-2” to the moon

It is reported that the launch of the Indian mission to the moon will be held from 9 to 16 July 2019. Chandrayan 2 will deliver the Vikram self-propelled vehicle to the moon. This device was named in honor of the founder of the Indian space program Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

Astronomers have recorded the first plasma emission of a giant star

Astronomers were able to record for the first time coronal mass ejections — the most powerful eruption of a huge amount of hot plasma, which had previously been observed only in the Sun, on a distant star

Physicists talked about space weather and its dangers

Experts from the Michigan technological University studied space weather and its danger to the inhabitants of the Earth. It turned out that earlier its influence on our planet was underestimated. It is believed that the progress of technology has a positive effect on the study of outer space.

Astronomers first found a “bridge” between two galaxies

The experts noted the intergalactic bridge, which stretches between the two galaxy clusters Abell and Abell 0399 0401. “Trace” of magnetic fields and relativistic (that is, moving almost at the speed of light) electrons covered 10 million light years, according to The Daily Mail.

Ultraviolet radiation killed Neanderthals in two stages

Scientists believe that the extinction of the Neanderthals lasted for two and a half centuries relatively short polar shift. A lot of ultraviolet radiation hit the Earth when the geomagnetic field of the planet Earth weakened, it happened, according to the new theory, more than 40 thousand years ago.

In 2021, the first robot will go to the moon

As part of the project, implemented under the leadership of the Director of the Institute of robotics William Whittaker, a miniature robot on four wheels will be sent to the natural satellite of our planet. It became known that for the first time the moon will go miniature robot on four wheels.

In Russia opens first cinema ScreenX format

The unique hall will be opened on the basis of the multiplex in the Moscow shopping center “European”. The Creator of the technology is the company CJ 4DPLEX, which previously also offered rolling networks 4dx format

Marvel showed the first frame of the series about Loki with Tom Hiddlestone

The head of Marvel Studios Kevin Figi showed the first frame of the upcoming series “Loki” with Tom Hiddleston in the title role. It is reported by the website Comicbook.

Steven Spielberg writes the script for the night series of horrors

The developers of the video service have found a solution: the content will be tied to time zones. So until night falls, watch a mini-series of horror from Steven Spielberg will not work. Jeffrey Katzenberg added that Spielberg has already written five or six episodes out of 10 – 12

Season of concerts on the roof of the pavilion “worker and collective farmer»

The group “Both two” on Sunday opened the second season of the project “Music on the roof”, in which on the roof of the pavilion “worker and collective farm” at VDNH in Moscow all summer on Thursdays and Sundays will go concerts. TASS was informed about this in the press service of the exhibition center.

Masters of the world performing arts will give a concert at the Tretyakov gallery

Musical and educational project “Masters of the world performing arts — young talents of Russia” is held for the seventh time: from September 2018 to June 2019 in different cities of Russia, from Astrakhan to Vladivostok, concerts are held with the participation of leading performers-teachers from Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Israel and Austria

Medina explained the removal of scenes from the “Rocketman” business interests

The decision of the Russian distributors of the biographical film about Elton John “Rocketman” to remove a number of scenes from it is caused by “interests of business”, the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky considers.

Tver will host a Summer jazz festival

From 13 to 30 June, the Tver Philharmonic will host a traditional Summer jazz festival. Guests are waiting for as many as three wonderful concerts, which will be performed by musicians who have earned fame around the world

In the US, Tony award in the nomination “Best musical” received Hadestown

The musical production of Hadestown (“the City of Hades”) was named the best musical of the ended Broadway season. This was announced on Sunday during the 73rd Tony theater award ceremony in new York. The event was broadcast by CBS.

Sigourney weaver will appear in the sequel to “Ghostbusters»

What kind of character will play weaver is still unknown. In addition, the filming of the new “Ghostbusters” will also be attended by actors Dan Ackroyd and bill Murray. According to the Director of the film, the film will not restart the original franchise.

Days of Georgian cinema to be held in St. Petersburg

The festival of Georgian cinema will be held in St. Petersburg for the third time. The festival will feature both modern paintings and those that have become classics. 10 and 11 June, the screenings will be held in the “House of cinema”, and on 11 and 12 June in the cinema “Rodina”.