12 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/11/2019

Russia will start paying pensions to migrant workers

As specified in the press service of the Ministry of labor, it is planned that the document will be signed in the autumn and ratified by all member States of the EAEU before the end of the year, reports RBC. Currently, migrant workers make contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia, but they do not receive pensions.

On seized from Golunov packages with drugs found DNA of other people

The study of samples will end on June 11 in the afternoon. The results of the examination, as soon as it is completed, will be published immediately. The journalist’s lawyer Sergei adamsin, in turn, said that the bags of drugs seized from Golunova did not find the fingerprints of the journalist.

A criminal case against the journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunova discontinued.

This was reported by the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The decision was made due to the lack of proof of the journalist’s guilt. Godunov will be released from house arrest on Tuesday. Kolokoltsev has declared that will petition before the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the suspension from office of the head of Department on fight against a drug trafficking of the Moi in Moscow Yuri Sochi. The Minister also said that he would require the resignation of the chief of internal Affairs in the Western district of the capital Andrei Puchkov. Police officers who detained Golunov suspended from duty.

Islamic mortgage in Russia

In the Russian mortgage market there is a new service – a housing loan under Sharia or Islamic mortgage. The usual mortgage is a percentage loan secured by the purchased property, Islamic mortgage involves the sale of real estate in installments by a financial institution to the end customer at a fixed cost. The mark-up, which is included in the sales price, is calculated based on the terms of installments.

The minimum loan amount is 500 thousand rubles, the client must make an initial payment of 10 to 80%. Term of financing – from 1 year to 25 years. Repayment is carried out in equal installments, in case of late payment of the Commission, fines or penalties are not charged, early repayment is possible at any time without commissions and restrictions on the amount.

The Russians were unreliable borrowers

Only 41 per cent of families have no difficulty in servicing the loan. Thus, 59 percent of the study participants were unreliable borrowers. The situation is even worse with microloans: only 35 per cent of debtors pay on time.

AliExpress will reduce the delivery time for all goods cheaper than 150 rubles

Aliexpress marketplace started testing fast delivery of goods to Russia worth up to 150 rubles. Within a month, the opportunity will be available for all low-cost orders, said TASS representative of the company

Dismissed the head of the manufacturer “Tuple” Putin

Currently, Adil Shirinov has been appointed to the position of General Director. It is worth noting that the change of leadership happened on June 1, but reports about it did not appear on the website of the Ministry of industry and trade, or on the official website

The Russian budget loses up to 2.3% of GDP from informal employment

Russia’s budget loses from 1% to 2.3% of GDP from lost payments of workers employed in the informal sector, whose share is estimated at 15.1%-21.2%, according to a world Bank (WB) report on the Russian economy.

“The share of informal employment – a common phenomenon in Russia – is estimated to range from 15.1% to 21.2%. The losses of the budget from the lost payments of workers not employed in the formal sector are estimated at 1%-2.3% of GDP,” the authors of the report note.

Tatyana Golikova called on to replace the fines for hospitals prevention

According to the all-Russian Union of insurers, CMOS returned to the CHI system 14 MRD rubles. in the form of fines for poor quality medical care. However, some sanctions, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, could be avoided.

“We have two main positions on which insurance medical organizations fine health facilities – defects in the design of primary medical documentation (40.3% of the total number of violations) and non-compliance with the terms and volumes of medical care (38.1%), – said Tatiana Golikova. – Actually, I think it’s time to prevent them. Medical organizations could eliminate these violations in the process, it is not necessary to punish for it. Medical organizations should be fined only when there is a threat to health.”

U.S. Congress wants to increase military aid to Ukraine in 2020

Prepared by the Chairman of the Committee on Affairs of the armed forces of the House of representatives of the us Congress Adam Smith, the draft military budget for 2020 provides for the provision of military assistance to the Ukrainian side in the amount of $250 million, reports TASS.

Moldovan Democrats offered Russia a secret deal

The leader of the Democratic party of Moldova Vladimir plahotniuc during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Kozak gave him an envelope with proposals to change the foreign policy of the country. About this Kozak has told to the edition “Kommersant”.

“After reviewing the contents of the envelope, we were surprised to see the proposals of the democratic party on a radical change in Moldova’s foreign policy with a reorientation to Russia»

Moscow recommended that the President and the socialist Party not agree to any secret deal, whoever offered them.

Trained in the United States on the F-35 pilots from Turkey stopped flying

Earlier, the head of the Pentagon Patrick Shanahan informed the Minister of national defense of Turkey Hulusi Akar that by July 31, the travel orders of Turkish pilots studying at the bases in Florida and Arizona will be canceled, and their access to the bases will be terminated.

Us special representatives to discuss the situation in Syria in Cairo

Us special representative for Syria James Jeffrey and Deputy assistant Secretary of state special envoy for Syria Joel Rayburn arrived in Cairo to discuss the situation around the settlement of the conflict in Syria, reports TASS.

Tankers of Russia and Laos will hold joint exercises

It is noted that the military VVO participated in a conference with representatives of the Ministry of defense of Laos on the organization and conduct of exercises called “Laros-2019”.

“They plan to hold in December of the current year in the territory of Laos”, — quotes RIA Novosti news

Rosatom to open a branch in Saudi Arabia

Rosatom state Corporation opens a branch in Saudi Arabia, it will deal with the participation of Rosatom in competitive procedures for the project of possible construction of a nuclear power plant with the participation of Russia, the company said Rosatom JSC “RusAtom overseas”.

The United States sent a request to the UK for the extradition of Assange

The us Department of justice has sent an official extradition request to the UK for the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange. This was reported on Monday by The Washington Post, citing its sources in the us Department of justice.

Russian Ambassador and us Deputy Secretary will hold a meeting

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov and us under Secretary of state for political Affairs David Hale will meet on June 11. This is reported by the press service of the us state Department.

Reuters accused Russia of killing 25 civilians in Syria

According to the newspaper, eyewitnesses reported that Russian planes flying at high altitude, dropped bombs over the village of jabala. Rescue teams have so far recovered 13 bodies, among them women and children, leads Reuters information from an anonymous source.

Trump and Abe at G20 to discuss denuclearization of North Korea

Us President Donald trump at a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the G20 summit will discuss the denuclearization of the DPRK, us state Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said.

Russia will strengthen the Western border with a new tank regiment

The tank regiment will be deployed in the Smolensk region, the press service of the Western military district.

The defense Ministry reported the purchase of nearly a hundred mi-28NM

Earlier, a number of media reported that the military Department refused to purchase helicopters due to the high price of 98 modernized reconnaissance and attack helicopters Mi-28NM “Night hunter” will buy the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation until 2027, RIA Novosti reported.

Houthis drones attacked an airbase in Saudi Arabia

Rebels from the Yemeni movement “Ansar Allah” (Houthis) said the shelling of the Saudi military airbase named after king Khaled near the Yemeni border, this was reported by the TV channel controlled by them “al-Masira”. The attack was made by several drones, RIA “Novosti”.

India said that the rejection of the S-400 will be a blow to Russia.

Despite the fact that India has signed a contract with Russia for the purchase of s-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, India is actively discussing the consequences of refusing to buy these air defense systems. Recently, India is critical of almost any Russian weapons, and attempts to initiate the rejection of the Russian s-400 “Triumph” are seriously fueled by the introduction of us sanctions against India.

“The issue with the procurement of S-400 has long been resolved. It is always possible to refuse a deal within the framework of an already signed contract, it is provided by any contract, but it will have serious consequences, including from the point of view of India’s security. <…>Russians will be annoyed. Remember that it is not only about Russian fighters and air defense system. In many areas, such as the nuclear sector, Russians are our only source. They also play an important role in the nuclear submarine programme. It will also affect the oil business and relations in other areas,” reports the Print»

The U.S. Congress has proposed to create a group for dialogue with Russia in the military sphere

The US Congress proposed to the Pentagon to form a high-level working group for dialogue with Russia, China and North Korea in the military sphere, in order to prevent incidents that could provoke the use of nuclear weapons.

The US government will buy six more machines in a helicopter detachment, trump

The US will buy six more cars in the helicopter squad of us President Donald trump, the contract value will exceed half a billion dollars, said Monday the Pentagon

The government of Nicaragua released 50 members of street riots

The Nicaraguan authorities announced the release of 50 participants in the coup attempt in 2018, according to Reuters. According to the interior Ministry of Nicaragua, 50 people were arrested for crimes against public security.

Chief oncologist of the Ministry of health of Russia

Chemotherapists working in Russian hospitals and clinics do not prescribe modern high-quality drugs to cancer patients, because they do not know how they work. To solve this problem, doctors need additional training, said the chief oncologist of the Ministry of health Andrey Kaprin:

“We see that are our chemiotherapeutic to assign to modern treatment. It’s our fault, we should teach them”, – RIA Novosti reported.

In Syria, amnestied more than 58 thousand people who evaded the service

The Syrian government has amnestied more than 58 thousand people who evaded military service, said on Monday, the Minister of municipal administration and ecology of Syria Hussein Makhlouf.

Paris threatens London with a default Brexit without debt

Reuters, citing a source close to French President Emmanuel Macron, reports that if the UK does not pay the debt to the European Union in the amount of 39 billion pounds (50 billion dollars, or more than 3 trillion 200 billion rubles), the country should be declared default.

The order of departure of children outside Russia will change from June 12

The border service of the FSB of Russia warned about the change in the order of departure of children abroad, which will enter into force on June 12.

“In this regard, since June 12, 2019, the border authorities do not accept applications from citizens for disagreement on the departure from the Russian Federation of a minor citizen of the Russian Federation,” the FSB explained.

Egypt demands the return of Britain’s bust of Tutankhamun

In the Egyptian foreign Ministry demanded the return of Britain stone bust of king Tutankhamun

The manufacturer of carrier rockets “Angara” tore the timing of their manufacture

Omsk branch of the Khrunichev space center FOR “Flight” delays the production of the third heavy and second light launch vehicles of the Angara family from three months to a year, told RIA Novosti with reference to the order signed by the head of the branch — Director OF “Flight” Victor Shuliko.

Kuzbass residents seek asylum in Canada

Residents of the city of Kiselevsk, Kemerovo region appealed to the canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to grant them refugee status in Canada. The corresponding video was published in social networks.

“The honourable Trudeau, we would like to address you with a huge request to consider the issue of granting refugee status by a resident of Kuzbass, in particular, the residents of Kiselevsk. This winter the whole world saw our black snow. We were suffocating in the city from coal dust, emissions of career transport. Our children almost all winter could not go outside to walk. Children became ill from the smog, from hanging in the air of coal dust”, — is spoken in the address of inhabitants of Kuzbas.

In Khabarovsk opened a case after a hunger strike of homeless orphans

A criminal case on abuse of authority of officials of the Ministry of Khabarovsk territory in the construction of housing for orphans was opened in Khabarovsk, the regional Prosecutor’s office reported on Tuesday.

Moscow taxi drivers massively refuse orders in the city center

As reported on the website “Kommersant”, drivers motivate it with a large number of prohibiting signs. In particular, for stopping in the wrong place for more than 10 seconds they are fined 3 thousand rubles.

Unknown defeated the editors of the project “Snob»

In the editorial office of the international project “Snob” penetrated unknown and destroyed the entire office. This was on Monday, June 10, said the chief editor of the platform Ksenia Chudinova.

Picture of da Vinci’s “Savior of the world” is holding on a yacht Saudi Prince

Painting “Savior of the world”, written by Leonardo da Vinci, is on the yacht Serene crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, according to Artnet. The canvas was sold for $450 million two years ago.

Shortly after the auction, the Abu Dhabi Department of culture and tourism announced that the Savior of the world would be part of the permanent collection of the new Museum, dubbed the Louvre of Abu Dhabi. The screening of da Vinci’s painting was scheduled for September 2018. However, a few days before the scheduled date, the Department postponed the screening without explaining the reasons. In late March, The New York Times wrote that the painting “the Savior of the world” disappeared from the Louvre of Abu Dhabi. Museum staff anonymously told the publication that they do not know where the work of da Vinci.

Federal workers complete under the dust of the track “Lena»

In the Amur region, gravel sections of the Federal highway “Lena” were treated with a solution of calcium chloride. This will help reduce dust formation on the road. According to experts, the consumption of salt per kilometer of road surface is more than four tons.

The number of unemployed in Russia exceeded 650 thousand people

The number of unemployed citizens of Russia as of January 1, 2019 amounted to 693.2 thousand people, according to the report on the activities of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova for 2018, published in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The Putin proposed a ban in Russia

Rospotrebnadzor announced the initiative to ban the destruction of all suitable food. The relevant proposal was submitted by the office at the request of the HRC.

In Moscow bought Newspapers with a statement in defense of Golunov

“Vedomosti”, “Commersant” and “RBK” on June 10 was released with the same cover. On the first page of the publication put a statement in defense of the arrested correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov.

The debtors of alimony will recover the property issued to others

The state Duma received a package of bills, which, according to the authors, are aimed at improving the mechanism of recovery of alimony. Thus, one of the initiatives allows to seize the property of defaulters even if it officially belongs to other people.

Environmental fee for tourists will be introduced in Russia within two years

The issue of introducing an environmental fee for tourists in Russia should be resolved in the next two years. This was reported by the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on physical culture, sports, tourism and youth Mikhail Degtyarev during a visit to Belokurikha in the Altai territory, reports TASS.

Amazon has become the world’s most expensive brand

American company Amazon took first place in the ranking of BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands and became the most expensive global brand. This was reported on the website of the Agency Kantar Millward Brown

In Moscow awarded the winners of the ” Golden mercury»

This year, the owners of the award “Golden mercury” in the category “Best small enterprise in the construction industry” was the company “Russian yard”from the Kamchatka territory(construction of residential buildings of different floors), in the category “Best small enterprise in the service sector” – NCE “Information and measurement technology” from the Rostov region (production of devices for energy saving).

Russian Railways told how they plan to conquer foreign markets

Russian Railways is actively engaged in the promotion of Russian railway technologies to overseas markets and plan to increase revenues from such activities, working in a number of areas, said in an interview with RIA Novosti in the framework of SPIEF first Deputy General Director of the company Alexander Misharin.

The average mortgage size in Russia in April broke the record

According to the study, in April, a record figure of the average mortgage size of 2.55 million rubles was reached. The total volume of mortgage loans issued in April increased by 2.6%. For the year, the growth amounted to 5.4% — up to 108.6 billion rubles.

In five months, Kazakhstan’s GDP grew by 4%

Gross domestic product (GDP) in Kazakhstan increased by 4% in the first five months of 2019. On June 11, said the Minister of national economy of the Republic Ruslan Dalenov, the Agency “KazTAG”

Russians have become much more interested in real estate in Cyprus

On the part of the Russians demand increased by 40 percent. As a result, the changes in the program were insignificant, but experts do not exclude its complete abolition due to the discontent of the local population

Startup automation of labour office staff electroNeek Robotics raised $500 thousand

Investors were the funds of I2BF Global Ventures, SVP, YellowRockets.VC and a number of business angels. As reported TechFusion.ru in Softline Venture Partners, a Russian-based startup in the field of robotic automation of work of office employees electroNeek Robotics has attracted pre-financing in the amount of 500 thousand dollars

Gold production in Russia in January-April increased by 11%

Gold production in Russia in January-April 2019 amounted to 78.29 tons, the Ministry of Finance reported, citing data on the supply of raw materials to Russian refineries

Consumer confidence of Russians for the year fell by half

Consumer confidence of Russians in the first quarter of 2019 decreased by half compared to the same period of 2018, to -16 points. This is evidenced by the data of Rosstat, which are familiar with “Izvestia»

“Surgutneftegas” replenished oil production with new reserves of 141%

“During the reporting year due to the exploration achieved, the increment of recoverable oil reserves of categories АВ1С1 in the amount of 86.1 million tons, the reserve replacement rate amounted to 141,4%. Over a five year period of oil reserves categories АВ1С1 obtained at the expense of exploration, was 377,9 million tons, offsetting the prey is 123.4%”, – reported in the report.

China increases gold and currency reserves of the country

The Bank started buying gold again to replenish its reserves at the end of last year, after a two-year break. In may this year, gold in China was estimated at 61.61 million ounces or 1916 tons, while in April this year, the reserves amounted to 61.1 million ounces

“RUSAL” has again postponed the launch date of the aluminum plant in Tayshet

RUSAL postponed the launch of the Taishet aluminum plant from the fourth quarter of 2020 to 2021.

Trade turnover of China and Africa exceeded 204.2 billion dollars

China and Africa are increasing their joint trade. At the end of 2018, it reached 204.2 billion dollars – an annual growth of 20 percent, the correspondent reports tvbrics.com with reference to the Xinhua news Agency.

“Gazprom” became the leader by market capitalization, overtaking Sberbank

“Gazprom” has again passed the savings Bank by market capitalization after shares of credit organizations fell on the Moscow stock exchange due to the cutoff on dividends.

Gold adds to the price due to the correction

August gold futures rose by $3.1 to $1332.4 per Troy ounce, Prime reports. As noted by FxPro analysts, at the end of last week, the weakening of the dollar “caused a new impetus to the growth of gold”, and as a result, “the quotes overwritten the annual highs by $1348”.

Mozyr oil refinery has demanded from “Rosneft” $155 million in dirty oil

According to Kommersant, the letter indicated the amount of $155 million Mozyr oil refinery justified it by the fact that out of 443 thousand tons of oil worth $185 million, which Rosneft supplied to the plant in April, 370 thousand tons were substandard; their cost the Belarusian side considers zero.

“Gazprom” will create a “daughter” in exploration with a budget of 80 billion rubles

The structure of “Gazprom bowels of the earth” will unite two existing “daughter” monopolies — “Gazprom georesurs” and under sanctions of the USA “Gazprom exploration” and will be the General contractor for geological exploration, geophysical and special-purpose works, getting contracts for about 80 bn annually.

The first LNG is shipped from the world’s largest floating LNG plant

The first batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) was sent from the world’s largest floating LNG plant – Prelude FLNG, said the operator of the Anglo-Dutch Shell project (67.5%). The plant was launched at the end of 2018. The shipment will be sent to consumers in Asia.

The Russian government : the cost of gasoline will grow

Price freeze is valid until July 1. Next, the gasoline is more expensive, but – within the limits of inflation.

“Our task is to regulate, including through the created instrument, within the framework of the amended tax legislation – reverse excise, damper,” Novak commented on the situation.

Glavgosekspertiza approved the construction of Primorskaya TPP

Earlier, the Russian West wrote that equipment was brought from Novosibirsk for the Primorsky TPP. In February 2019, Glavgosexpertiza of Russia issued a positive opinion on the construction of the railway station of non-public use “Primorskaya TPP” in the Svetlovskiy urban district

China allows Russian LNG to its markets

NOVATEK and Gazprombank, as representatives of the Russian side, have signed legally binding basic terms and conditions of the agreement with Sinopec, a Chinese petrochemical company, no less than on the formation of a joint venture, which will be engaged in the sale of Russian liquefied natural gas in the domestic markets of the people’s Republic of China

A large gas processing and gas chemical cluster will be created in Russia

A large gas processing and gas chemical cluster will be created in the North-West of Russia. The project is planned to be implemented in 2019-2024. The presentation of the industrial cluster in the Ust-Luga region was held within the framework of the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The cost of new buildings of the mass segment in the “old” Moscow

At the end of may 2019, the average cost per square meter in new buildings of the mass segment of the “old” Moscow amounted to 166.1 thousand rubles, an increase from the beginning of the year by 2.5%. This “Stroygazeta” reported in the company “Metrium”, specifying that in some projects the monthly increase in prices varies from 2 to 6%.

The authorities of St. Petersburg will purchase social housing for 10 billion rubles

Over the next two years, Smolny will purchase social apartments worth more than 10 billion rubles. This was told in the Committee of property relations (CIO). Such an opportunity for officials will be due to the unification of budget investments for the purchase of housing in 2019 and 2020.

Huawei wants to replace the Russian Android OS

Minister of digital development and communications Konstantin Noskov and CEO of Huawei Guo Ping before SPIEF discussed the possible transition of the Chinese company’s smartphones from the Android operating system to the Russian, writes The Bell, citing sources.

“Yandex” is testing a service with AR technology for fitting clothes

Yandex has developed and is testing an application that uses augmented reality technologies for virtual fitting of clothing items. The service called Sloy can recognize these items in videos — both recommended by the service and created by users.

IOS 13 hints at the existence of USB Type-C in iPhone 2019

The iPhone system recovery screen, found in the beta version of iOS 13, hinted at the imminent rejection of Apple’s proprietary lightning connector in favor of USB Type-C, – reports the GSM Arena resource

Samsung’s popular flagship models are at risk.

Digital Security has revealed critical vulnerabilities in Samsung smartphones that give hackers full access to the device. The problem affected, for the most part, modern flagship devices. Samsung has already released the necessary security patches.

Samsung smartphones are at risk, in particular the galaxy Note 5 and S6 lines (exynos 7420 processor), J6, J7, A2 Core, J5, M10, A6, A3 (Exynos 7870), as well as the S7 and Note 7 (Exynos 8890) and S8 and Note 8 (Exynos 8895).

Samsung has released a rugged smartphone Xcover 4s

Samung released a secure smartphone Xcover 4s, which previously appeared in the news and was surprising. The model is similar to the xcover 4 released in 2017 with buttons to control the system.

Orange will provide reliable communication to the Arctic vessels of Sovcomflot»

In the far East, orange communications will be provided to ships of another type – three supply vessels, whose task is to ensure the safe operation of marine platforms. Orange secures the connection for the plug-in ships on 99.5% of their routes.

Samsung C27RG5 monitor supports G-Sync and 240Hz refresh rate

Samsung Electronics has announced the release of the 27-inch C27RG5 monitor, which has expanded the line of Samsung gaming monitors with curved screens. Description of the new product the manufacturer begins with a mention of support for G-Sync technology and 240 Hz refresh rate.

Budget smartphones Xiaomi lost test firmware MIUI

Xiaomi announced the exclusion of outdated smartphone models from the beta program. The company plans to focus on miui firmware only for new products. So, from July 5 in the beta test MIUI will participate only smartphones, released no more than one year ago

Electrophoretic from Sarolea on sale

Sarolea N60 MM.01 Limited Edition, namely the so-called novelty of the Belgian company, will be a healthy competition within the class. Equipped with an electric motor N60 MM.01 power 163 HP and 450 Nm of torque, and the battery is up to 80% charged in just 20 minutes.

Huawei has suspended the supply and development of laptops

According to the publication Digitimes, the supply and development of Huawei laptops suspended. A number of suppliers received a message from the Chinese manufacturer about the termination of the supply of components

A new type of fraud found in the “Kaspersky Lab»

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a new scheme of fraud, which involves the use of Google Calendar service. This method is associated with sending malicious messages under the guise of automatic notifications in the calendar on the smartphone.

Gmail emails will become interactive

July 2, the new feature will appear in the web version of Gmail. In the mobile version of Google mail, this feature will be available later.

In Yakutia found the head of a wolf aged 40 thousand years

In the summer of 2018 resident of Yakutia Pavel Efimov found on the banks of the river Tirekhtyakh the head of a wolf. Russian scientists from the Department of mammoth fauna of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha together with colleagues from Japan and Sweden studied the head and determined its age. This publication reports The Siberian Times.
Scientists have found a way how to “owl” to become a “lark»

Sleep Medicine published the results of a joint experiment of Australian and British scientists, the researchers concluded that the gradual change in the daily routine not only makes the “owl” “lark”, but also improves the health of a person, saving him from morning drowsiness at work.

Russian scientists have found out how to burn sawdust

Scientists from Tomsk analyzed how the shape of sawdust affects the rate of combustion and made them more attractive for use as a substitute for coal and other fossil fuels. The results of their experiments were published in the journal Fuel.

Scientists have found out how sleep with light affects weight gain in women

Scientists as a result of the experiment, which for 5 years was attended by 44 000 American women from 35 to 74 years, found that falling asleep with the light on knocks people’s biological clock, which can lead to obesity.

Physicists offer a new way to detect dark matter

Many physicists believe that dark matter is made up of particles that have yet to be discovered. For some time, the favorite candidate was a weakly interacting massive particle or WIMP.

Ministry of education and science launched a public discussion of the draft law on science

The Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation launched a public discussion of the future draft law “On scientific and technical activities in the Russian Federation”. You can leave comments on the text of the law on the platform “Transformation” until September 7 inclusive.

Roundworms memorized pathogenic bacteria for four generations

As established by researchers from Princeton University, memory has allowed roundworms to inherit knowledge about the dangerous bacteria. Scientists note that we are talking about the example of inheritance of information about stressful situations — this factor of evolution can be extremely useful for survival.

“Stress (e.g. hunger or heat shock) activates interesting adaptation mechanisms in roundworms. For example, they change the structure of proteins that are responsible for the ordering of DNA. In itself, genetic information, at the same time, remains unchanged,” the researchers report.

Over the past 250 years, 571 species of seed plants have disappeared

British botanists under the leadership of Maria S. Vorontsova (Maria S. Vorontsova) from the Royal Botanic gardens Kew compiled a list of extinct seed plants over the past 250 years, since the appearance of the Botanical nomenclature.

Biologists have found non-dividing cells in the liver and other organs

For a long time it was believed that our body is able to “update” over time, replacing the old cells of tissues and organs with new ones. These processes are complicated only in the nervous system and the heart, so that some of their cells are preserved throughout life and they can surely be called the oldest in our body.

However, recent work by scientists at the Salk Institute for biological research has demonstrated that other internal organs, including the liver and pancreas, exhibit “age mosaicism” and may include both young and old — comparable to the age of the body — cells. This Professor Martin Hetzer (Martin Hetzer) and his colleagues write in an article published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Scientists have denied the claim about the dangers of red meat

It was found that the level of cholesterol obtained by the body from white meat is comparable to that of red meat, so the replacement of red meat in the diet should not be white

Ionic liquids conduct electric current according to the relay principle

An international group of scientists, including representatives of the Kursk state University and the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology, found that ionic liquids conduct electric current through a kind of “relay”, in which the “stick” acts as a charge

It is shown how the brain changes during the acquisition of the skill

Scientists from the University of Carnegie Mellon (USA) conducted an experiment with monkeys, who were taught the purposeful movement of the cursor. At the same time, they monitored neural activity patterns and recorded changes. So they showed how the brain changes in the process of acquiring a new skill. The work was published in the journal Proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences.

Diabetes in cats can help to learn more about the disease in General

Besides humans and primates, the cat is the only animal which spontaneously develops type 2 diabetes. So researchers are interested in studying how cats develop diabetes to learn more about the disease in General.

Drops of liquid gave the polymer a magnetic shape memory effect

Researchers from Switzerland have developed a polymer material with inclusions of liquid droplets that contain metal particles. This gave it the property of shape memory — when deformed in a magnetic field, the material retains a new shape, and if the field disappears, it quickly returns to the original.

Elephants can count using their sense of smell

According to a study by the City University of new York, elephants were first able to show that they can count the amount of food using only the sense of smell. In order to confirm their guesses, the researchers conducted experiments on six Asian elephants in Northern Thailand.

The ancient DNA of grape seeds reveals the pedigree of winemaking

Grape varieties that are used for winemaking in France, come from medieval or even ancient Roman varieties. This conclusion, according to the journal Nature Plants, came genetics, sequencing DNA obtained from ancient grape seeds.

In the US, artificial intelligence has trained the quadcopter soft landing

Neural networks, on the basis of which an algorithm close to artificial intelligence works to control the UAV, take into account the screen effect that occurs when approaching the drone propellers to the surface. Accordingly, the landing is more accurate and accurate.

Dietary supplements can harm your health

The researchers found that the use of dietary supplements for weight loss, muscle building and energy leads to death, disability and hospitalization in children and young people, when compared with taking vitamin complexes, writes The Peninsula.

Scientists told how to recognize Parkinson’s disease

The researchers called the main signs of Parkinson’s disease, which can be recorded at an early stage of the disease. Recognizing the disease in time, you can slow its development.

Among the symptoms scientists have identified tremor of the limbs, clenching of the handwriting, the deterioration of smell deterioration and the state of sleep, confusion and changes in voice. Signs of the origin of Parkinson’s disease, scientists believe these symptoms in the complex, because individually they may indicate problems of a different nature.

Scientists have developed a patch with microneedles for rapid diagnosis of plant diseases

Scientists have developed an alternative way to analyze plants for diseases. They are created from inexpensive polymer adhesive with a postage stamp, from one side of which is hundreds of microneedles with a length of 0.8 mm each. Needles penetrate the plant when the patch is pressed against its surface

Biologists have discovered “trade relations” between plants and mushrooms

It is no secret that most land plants live in close, often symbiotic relationships with fungi. This Union is more than 400 million years old. Their roots and mycelium are closely intertwined and even penetrate each other.

Rogozin on “Lada” launched into space

The test flight within the ToSky project was organized by students of Tomsk state University of control systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR). To the automatic stratostat they attached a figure of Dmitry Rogozin in a toy “Seven”. The flight was successful — Rogozin together with the first stage landed 150 km from the launch site.

The developers explained that they did not want to send commercial cargo into space, but the test without a payload would be meaningless. Therefore, with the help of voting on the Internet, Rogozin was chosen for “Zhiguli”. With the head of “Roscosmos” competed figure of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, Tesla and cactus.

In the largest crater of the moon found an anomaly

Scientists have found that in the crater of Aitken is a giant anomaly associated with heavy metal deposits. Experts suggest that this is the remains of an asteroid that four billion years ago crashed into the South pole of the moon.

“Roscosmos” for the first time ordered the carrier rocket “Angara-1.2»

The state Corporation Roscosmos placed the first order for the production and supply of the Angara-1.2 launch vehicle on the state procurement website. The rocket is needed to launch three communication satellites “Messenger-M”. The orbital grouping of these communication satellites provides communication in hard-to-reach areas such as the circumpolar region

Orion Span space station is available for bookings

The price of the issue is 9.5 million us dollars. Orion Span, a space startup based in Houston (USA), is preparing to welcome guests to Aurora station in 2022.

Jeff Bezos: we need to colonize the moon to save the Earth

Bezos said that the use of the moon is part of his plan to save humanity, so he helps build the infrastructure necessary for space colonization. According to Bezos, the Moon is an ideal landing place for possible space needs for various reasons

Falcon Heavy rocket will be launched on June 24

Representatives of the space center of the US air force said that at the moment the work on the preparation for the launch of the super-heavy launch vehicle Falcon Heavy is not completed. In this regard, the start will take place not earlier than June 24.

NASA will launch into space atomic clock

NASA employees June 22 plan to launch into space a new atomic clock. They will allow the devices to determine the exact location. The atomic clock is in a rectangular case.

The launch complex of the Vostochny cosmodrome will be insured for 7.3 billion rubles

For launches of Soyuz launch vehicles, the ground launch complex of the Vostochny cosmodrome is planned to be insured for 7.3 billion rubles, RIA Novosti reports. According to the documents posted on the public procurement portal, the insurance should be valid from July 4, 2019 to July 5, 2020.

NASA Martian helicopter begins to pass the final test

The Mars helicopter NASA Mars Helicopter has successfully passed several key tests. In 2021, this small Autonomous helicopter will be the first heavier-than-air vehicle capable of flying over the surface of another planet.

ESA has submitted a draft of a reusable space laboratory

The unmanned laboratory will be created on the basis of already developed technologies — the experimental ship IXV and the fourth stage of the European rocket Vega AVUM, which will significantly reduce the project implementation time.

Construction of the National heliogeophysical complex of RAS

Glavgosexpertiza of the Russian Federation approved the first stage of construction of the National heliogeophysical complex of RAS, within which the construction of two facilities worth 2.5 billion rubles in Buryatia begins.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the seven-seater crossover GLB

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has released a new seven-seater crossover GLB. On June 11, the press service of the brand. The car is built on the front-wheel drive platform MFA, which is the basis of the Mercedes A-Class and GLA models.

Crossover Kia XCeed will get a digital instrument panel

The new dashboard Supervision KIA XCeed will receive as an option. It can replace a combination of traditional instruments and a 3.8-inch monochrome LCD, or a 4.2-inch color TFT LCD, which will also be available in a number of models.

Scania has developed a conceptual urban electric transport

Scania presented a new development at the Global public transport summit (UITP 2019). The company demonstrated a conceptual modular unit that can be the basis for a passenger bus, truck and garbage truck. This is not a unified Assembly line, but interchangeable parts of the chassis. In the morning and in the evening it can be transport for transportation of passengers, in the afternoon to serve as cargo transport, and at night at change of the module to become car of city service.

The first electric car Mazda will appear in 2020

According to Mr. Akira Marumoto, Mazda’s first electric car will be announced in 2020. The novelty will be built on the brand’s own platform.

Alibaba expands the scope of artificial intelligence 

Chinese public company operating in the field of Internet Commerce, Alibaba reported that its voice assistant office will be presented in local vehicles AudiAG, Renault SA and Honda Motor Co Ltd, as the technology giant expands the scope of artificial intelligence, June 11, reports Reuters.

Nine models of cars left Russia

Audi stopped deliveries to Russian dealers sports coupe TT and the R8 sports car. In may was bought for just one model of TT and not a single R8.Ford stopped production of its Fiesta, Mondeo, Kuga, EcoSport and Explorer models in Russia. As reports the edition “Autorambler”, the Fiat company plans to complete deliveries pickups Fullback, as the model is not in demand in Europe. It is known that in may the dealers of the brand managed to sell 19 trucks.

Opel cars will receive Russian engines

As part of a special investment contract (SPIC) concluded by PSA Group on April 22, 2019, it is planned to establish the production of Opel cars at the enterprise near Kaluga. We are talking about models built on the same platform with Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy.

Rating of electric cars with the largest power reserve

Electric car Kona Electric 64kWh recognized as the best in terms of power reserve among the well-known products. This car can overcome without recharging 417 km.

Quite a bit inferior to the Jaguar I-Pace, which is located on the second line with an indicator of 410 km. Closes the top three Kia e-Niro with an indicator of 407 km.

The popular Tesla Model X in the 100D modification is located on the 4th position and already noticeably lags behind the leaders. The power reserve of this electric car is only 373 km. For the Model S version 75D from the same brand, the figure is even less — 328 km

The second half of the list of electric cars with the largest power reserve included Audi E-tron, BMW i3 120Ah, Hyundai KonaElectric, Renault Zoe R110 and Zoe Q90.

Aston Martin presented the anniversary DB4 GT Zagato Continuation

The novelty is the most expensive model of the British brand. The British company is preparing to present its new car – Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. The novelty will debut at the circuit SART during the “24 hours of Le Mans”.

U.S. Symphony orchestra to perform in Hiroshima

The national Symphony orchestra of the United States will go on an 18-day tour of China and Japan, during which for the first time since the end of world war II will give a concert in Hiroshima: up to this point, American orchestras were not invited to the city

Netflix has extended the series “Love, death and robots” for a second season

The producers never told the details of the plot of the series, but stressed that it should be called the second volume, not season.

Okko started investing in the production of web series

Rambler Group and Okko have been investing in film production since the beginning of 2019, with the participation of the online cinema, more than 20 films will be created this year. Okko also co-produced a number of films, the newspaper notes.