13 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/12/2019

Fines for foreign satellite Internet

The Ministry of communications has begun to develop a draft law amending the Code of administrative offences (Cao), introducing penalties for illegal use of foreign satellite systems.

Moscow authorities urged not to participate in the action in support of Golunov

Moscow authorities are urged not to participate in the uncoordinated action in support of Ivan Golunov on June 12, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the capital’s Department of regional security and anti-corruption.

In Moscow, the police detained the March participants in support of journalist Golunov

Among the dozens of detainees – opposition leader Alexei Navalny and a large number of journalists. Alexander plushev, Tatyana Felgengauer, Ekaterina Shulman, Anna Narinskaya, Nikolay Svanidze, Arina Borodina, Lev Rubinstein, Zoya Svetova and other activists who previously demanded the release of the detained correspondent of Medusa Ivan Golunov are present at the rally.

In St. Petersburg, an action in support of journalist Golunov

At the Uprising square at noon Wednesday, June 12, an action was held in support of the arrested and then released correspondent of the publication “Medusa” Ivan Golunov. One of them is a solidarity flash mob. Two trucks with riot policemen were present on the square.

In Arkhangelsk booed the Governor at a concert for the Day of Russia

In Arkhangelsk at a festive concert for the Day of Russia, with performances at the local drama theater. Local officials took the stage, among them the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov. He began to speak a celebratory speech, but the crowd interrupted him with shouts and whistles. Ignoring shouts “Shame”, the Governor finished the speech, further descended from a scene and tried to talk to protesters, write “Northern news”.

The use of police force was considered a sign of unprofessionalism

Russian Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova called the use of force a sign of unprofessionalism of the police.

Golunova detained the head of the Department of the interior has declared his innocence

Head of division on control over drug trafficking of the internal Affairs on the Western administrative district of Moscow, Colonel Andrei Serov stated that he is not afraid of prosecution, so not guilty, reports RT.

“I’m sitting at work and checking up on me all who can,” said Shirov.

Previously, law enforcement officers involved in the case of Ivan Golunov, suspended from duty. The materials of the internal investigation were sent to the UK.

Posner called case Golunova victory of civil society

Release of the journalist of the Internet edition “Medusa” Ivan Golunov speaks about awakening of civil activity. This position was expressed by Vladimir Pozner. According to him, the Golunov case was a victory for the journalistic community and civil society.

And this is perhaps the first victory of its kind, although such victories could include what happened not so long ago in Yekaterinburg, when residents opposed the construction of an Orthodox Church in a public square. — Vladimir Pozner

EU countries intend to extend the “Crimean” sanctions against Russia

EU ambassadors approved without discussion the extension for a year of sanctions against Russia in Crimea. This is due to the policy of non-recognition of the reunification of Crimea with Russia, said TASS source in Brussels.

Klimkin announced Ukraine’s response to Russia’s return to PACE

If the Russian delegation returns to PACE without Russia fulfilling any conditions, Ukraine will take a more pragmatic approach to its activities in the Council of Europe. This foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin wrote in his article on the website of “European truth”.

“If Russia gets the desired indulgence without making any concessions, our approaches to participation in the Council of Europe will become more pragmatic. We don’t do formal polite gestures in the direction of the Institute, discredited,” — said Klimkin.

In Moldova, fired government-backed Sandu police

Six employees of the National investigation Inspectorate, who expressed support for the government of Maya Sandu, were suspended from work, said on Wednesday the head of the General Inspectorate of police of Moldova Alexander Pynzar.

Tokayev took the oath and took office of the President of Kazakhstan

Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev on Wednesday in the Palace of independence in the capital of Kazakhstan took the oath to the people of the country and officially took office of the head of state, the correspondent of TASS from the press center, where the event is broadcast.

On Sunday, Kazakhstan held early presidential elections, and for the first time in the years of independence, the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev did not participate in them. Seven candidates, including the current President, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, applied for the post of head of state. Tokayev won the election, gaining 70.96% of the vote.

About 200 protesters in Kazakhstan were taken to other regions

About 200 participants of illegal street actions in Kazakhstan were taken to Akmola and Karaganda regions to ensure safe punishment. This was stated by the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic Marat kozhaev, reports June 11 edition Zakon.kz ahhh!

In Kazakhstan, about 700 people were detained for protests in the presidential elections

In Kazakhstan, law enforcement officers detained about 700 people for participating in unauthorized speeches on June 9 and 10, head of the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Nurdilda oraz said.

Kazakhstan has blocked instant messengers and social networks

Blocking the work of Internet messengers was held in the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 11, the correspondent of IA Krasnaya Vesna reported, citing a source in the management of a large company in Kostanay region.

The source said that around 14:00 on June 11, he was approached by employees and friends with information about the failure of the Internet messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and social networks Twitter and Facebook.

According to the source, the blocking of messengers is a consequence of the work of the law enforcement agencies of the Republic to neutralize the protest activity and anti-government actions of opposition forces.

Syrian air defenses repulsed Israeli missile attack

On June 12, in southern Syria, the country’s air defenses repelled a missile attack, shooting down several missiles. Sana’A claims that the rockets were fired by Israel. As a result of the attack, only material damage was caused, there were no victims, RIA Novosti reports.

Macron has announced the talks with Putin

French President Emmanuel macron announced his intention to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the near future. The French leader announced his intention in an interview with the Swiss TV channel RTS.

Europe should have a conversation with Russia, and the latter should “make efforts for this,” French President Emmanuel macron said in an interview with the Swiss RTS channel.

The Pentagon will discuss with Turkey the situation around the S-400 and F-35

Acting defense Minister Patrick Shanahan will discuss with his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar the situation around the purchase of Russian s-400 missile systems by Ankara and the suspension of training of Turkish pilots on American f-35 aircraft.

Hong Kong postponed consideration of the extradition law after protests

The legislative Council of Hong Kong postponed the meeting, which should be considered amendments to the extradition law, against the background of the protest, according to the South China Morning Post. The term for which the consideration of the document is postponed is not specified

Defense Ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to meet in Gabala

On June 12, a trilateral meeting of Azerbaijani defense Minister Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Georgian defense Minister Levan Izoria Will be held in Azerbaijan’s Gabala, the press service of the Azerbaijani defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

Lithuania gave Ukraine ammunition for Soviet weapons

The Lithuanian Ministry of defense handed over to Ukraine almost a million ammunition intended for Soviet small arms.

“The transfer of assets is consistent and comprehensive part of the support by Lithuania of Ukraine and strengthening its defense capability and ensure the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state”, — UNIAN cites words of the head of the defense Ministry of Lithuania Raimundas of Karoblis

Trucks with us military equipment arrived in Syria

According to human rights activists, only this week dozens of vehicles with military and logistics equipment arrived in the region. Trucks entered Syrian territory through the checkpoint, Skalka on the border with Iraq.

In Lithuania are NATO special forces exercises “Flaming sword»

NATO is conducting in Lithuania the exercise of troops of special purpose “Flaming sword.” They are attended by more than 400 foreign military, writes TASS, citing the Lithuanian defense Ministry.

The social party of Moldova and the ACUM bloc do not intend to bring people to the barricades

In Moldova, in early June, the political situation deteriorated again. The Pro-Russian Party of socialists of Moldova and the Pro-European bloc ACUM formed a parliamentary majority on June 8, and the country received a new government after three months of waiting.

US imposed new sanctions against Syria

According to the report, sanctions were imposed on the company ASM International Trading with an office in Dubai. Restrictions also affected Syrian citizens associated with the company. Also, sanctions are imposed against the TV company LANA TV, located in Beirut

Became known fare on the new toll road M-11

For travel on the highway M-11 “Moscow — Petersburg” motorists will have to pay about 3 thousand rubles, including the cost of gasoline. This was announced at SPIEF 2019 by the special representative of the President on environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov.

The charges against Assange do not correspond to the gravity of the crime

Belgian lawyer, specialist in criminal law and fundamental freedoms Christophe Marchand said that the charges against the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange does not correspond to the severity of the crime, RIA Novosti reported. He noted that Assange merely published the classified information.

The military Council of the Sudan promised to free all political prisoners

The Sudan transitional military Council has promised to release all political prisoners from prison, special representative of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiya Ahmed Ali, who is in Khartoum on a mediation mission, told reporters.

UAE announced its intention to participate in the stabilization of the situation in Sudan

The UAE maintains relations with the transitional military Council of the Sudan and representatives of the opposition to facilitate the peaceful transfer of power in the country, UAE state Minister of foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Venezuela accused of trying to coup 17 people

Official charges of attempted coup in Venezuela charged 17 detainees, June 11, the press service of the Prosecutor General of the country

“Due to a perfect 30 April coup attempt, which was called “operation Freedom”, against 34 individuals under investigation. Of these, 17 people were detained and charged,” said attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic of Tarek William Saab.

In Peru promised to make humanitarian visas for Venezuelans free

“The procedure for obtaining a humanitarian visa is free, in addition, we inform that Venezuelan citizens with a humanitarian visa, upon arrival in Peru will be able to request a card of a foreigner,” the statement says.

The Supreme court of Russia recommended to deprive of the rights for dirty and closed numbers

The Supreme court of Russia at the end of the Plenum provided clarification on how to punish drivers for dirty and unreadable license plates, reports TASS.

Thus, the penalty will be imposed if the license plate is applied “distorting characters or one of them (for example, by sealing) prevents reading and identification of the sign.” The number is considered distorted if it cannot be read correctly due to the presence of cardboard, paper, leaves, snow and dirt. Distortions also include various special devices, such as curtains for numbers or magnets, and the installation of such devices is considered a violation, even if they were not used at the time of fixation and the number was read correctly. Punishment – a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of rights for a period of 1-3 months.

The US will strengthen its military presence in Spain

The United States in the near future intend to expand the contingent of the us armed forces in southern Spain. According to El Pais, the permission of the Spanish authorities has already been obtained.

Cave with Geode opened for tourists in the Spanish city of Pulpy

In Spain, in the city of Pulpy, Almero province, a cave was opened for tourists, inside which there is a Geode – the so-called cavity filled with crystals. According to OTR, a unique object was found by geologists 20 years ago and since then it has been guarded by the police.

Experts called kidney-destroying vitamin

Scientists from Canada urged not to abuse vitamin D. They believe that its use without medical indications leads to the destruction of the kidneys, write “Izvestia” with reference to the magazine CMAJ.

Scientists have found the main cause of corruption

Corruption manifests itself in various forms, including favouritism, clientelism (exchange of goods and services for political support) and embezzlement of public funds.

Neurologists talked about the impact of the Internet on the human brain

According to the portal “Medpulse”, neurologists have found that due to the influence of the Internet in the human brain there are changes that affect the concentration of attention, the ability to process memories and participation in social life. The permanent flow of information in the Network dissipates attention and makes it impossible to concentrate on specific tasks. In addition, a person loses the ability to control the time he spends on the Network.

In the German village of Omsk crowds of people came out of the flooded houses

The problem of flooding of the Omsk region already takes people to the streets. About the mass gathering of residents of The German village reported in the group “Omsk state of emergency” social network “Vkontakte”. The gathering took place on Monday, June 10. After that, the situation was commented on in the Omsk Management of road facilities and improvement.

“The German village is located in the lowland, and, unfortunately, the problem with groundwater there periodically arises. Today the situation is aggravated by rainy weather. Forces of crews of district DEU all week branch and pumping out of water is conducted, it is planned to involve there and additional equipment. Experts of management of road economy and improvement homeowners are asked not to block the access of water to the bypass pipe and the existing gutter drains»

The Central Bank intends to limit banks in collecting debts from borrowers

The Central Bank of Russia (CB) intends to limit banks in collecting debts from borrowers whose debt burden exceeds a certain limit, the regulator said.

In addition, in order to limit the risks associated with the population’s credit, a debt burden indicator (PD) is introduced, the level of which will directly affect the premiums to the risk coefficients. The latter are planned to be installed from October this year. In the formation of allowances will also take into account the full cost of the loan of the Bank’s client, writes TASS

Energy will not be sold in containers larger than 0.5 litre

Energy producers want to limit the volume of containers for their drinks to 0.5 liters. The fact that now the companies are developing a document, one of the provisions of which may be this rule, “Izvestia” said the President of the Union of producers of non-alcoholic tonic drinks Maxim Novikov.

Russians began to borrow smaller amounts in microfinance institutions

The average loan size in Russian microfinance institutions (MFIs) in January-may this year decreased by 3.9% compared to last year and amounted to 12 thousand rubles. This was reported by “RIA Novosti” on Wednesday, June 12.

Siluanov said about well-earning investors in Russia

Sanctions risks discourage investors, but the Russian debt market now offers high returns that are not found in other countries, said first Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the “Primakov readings” on Tuesday, June 11, the correspondent of RBC.

Capital outflow from Russia has doubled since the beginning of the year

According to preliminary data, the outflow of capital from Russia for the period from January to may 2019 almost doubled and amounted to $35.2 billion compared to $18.9 billion last year, according to the official website of the Central Bank of Russia.

Georgia confirmed its intention to build a deep-sea port

The Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze, who is in the United States, confirmed the readiness of his government to build a deep-sea port in Anaklia on the Black sea, to which he was called by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the correspondent of the newspaper VZGLYAD in Tbilisi

Car sales in China fell by 12.5 percent in may

“For automakers came hard times,” – said the head of CPCA Cui Dongshu.

According to him, sales of Chinese-made cars last month collapsed by 26.5%, while the supply of luxury cars increased by 9.4%.

Minsk is ready to place bonds on the Russian market in 2019

The Ministry of Finance of Belarus intends to place on the Russian market m sovereign bonds for 10 billion Russian rubles this year. This was announced on Wednesday, the Minister of Finance of the Republic Maxim Ermolovich

Medvedev made the transition to a four-day working week

In the future, the world can move to a four-day working week. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“It is very likely that the future is for a four-day working week as a new basis for the social and labor contract,” Interfax quotes him.

Salary in the Chelyabinsk region will not grow for at least another year

According to the data, which at the end of may this year led the acting Governor of the region Alexei texler, Chelyabinsk region is on the 12th place in terms of GRP, and income tax has tripled over the past five years. At the same time, the region ranks 18th in terms of investments in fixed capital, 36 in the country out of 85 regions in terms of salaries. And for three consecutive years increasing the gap with salaries in the whole country.

Italian Prime Minister hopes to find ways to reduce the country’s large national debt

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is confident that Rome and the European Commission will find a solution to the problem of reducing the country’s large public debt, without resorting to the procedure of compulsory reduction of sovereign debt

IEnova and TC Energy built a gas pipeline from the US to Mexico

Mexican IEnova and TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) announced the completion of the construction of a marine gas pipeline from the us Texas to the East coast of Mexico, which will allow a 40% increase in gas import capacity of the Latin American country, the joint statement of the companies said.

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine for the first time issued six-year bonds

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine for the first time issued long-term bonds of the internal state loan with a six-year maturity. About it reports a press-service of Department. The amount of funds raised from six-year OVGZ amounted to 3.42 billion hryvnia.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia called for an increase in the tax on mining

The Ministry of Finance proposes to increase in 2020 the rate of tax on mining (met), told reporters the head of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Sazanov, reports TASS.

Total started gas production at the Culzean Field offshore great Britain

French Total began gas production at the Culzean field, located on the shelf of the UK, the company said.

Prime Minister of Japan arrived in Iran on a historic visit

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Iran on Wednesday, June 12, marking the first visit by the head of the Japanese government since the Islamic revolution. Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif met Abe at Tehran airport.

Annual inflation in the US in may slowed to 1.9%

According to analysts, commercial oil reserves in the United States (excluding the strategic reserve) for the week ended June 7, decreased by 0.5 million barrels, or 0.1%, to 482.8 million barrels. At 21.00 Moscow time, the us Treasury Department will report data on the state of the country’s budget in may.

In Hungary, the continuing clashes between Romanians and Hungarians

A few days ago, hundreds of Romanians arrived in the village to consecrate the memorial. Hungarians tried to prevent Romanians from entering the cemetery by forming a human chain, but Romanians broke through using physical force. After that Romanian nationalists destroyed several graves in the “Hungarian” graves.

In the US, Amazon will stop delivering food from restaurants

“Wall street journal” reports that Amazon plans to close in the United States unit for the delivery of food ordered by them in restaurants. The service called Amazon Restaurants was introduced in the US in 2015 and in the UK in 2016.

The new Chinese radar is able to detect stealth aircraft

Chinese scientists headed by academician Liu Juntunen has developed a new radar system (RLS), which is able to detect sea and air targets at ranges of hundreds of kilometers in all weather conditions.

Export of rare earth metals from China since the beginning of the year fell by 7.2%

For the first time in 5 months of 2019, 19 thousand tons of rare earth metals were exported from China, the volume of supplies decreased by 7.2% compared to the same period of 2018 in physical terms, and by 5.1% in monetary terms, the General customs administration of China reports.

In the Chinese city of Wuhan launched the world stamp exhibition FIP 2019

The main world exhibition of philatelists FIP 2019 opened in the Central Chinese city of Wuhan, where some of the rarest brands of China were presented, Xinhua news Agency reported on June 11.

Boris Johnson joined the fight for the post of Prime Minister of great Britain

Former British foreign Minister Boris Johnson launched the election campaign for the post of leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Guardian reports.

The interior Ministry will expand the list of signs of intoxication drivers

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia intends to expand the list of signs of the presence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances in the body of the driver identified with the help of special devices, according to the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Residents of Kizlyar tore down the sign that says “the Chechen Republic»

On the night of June 11, the inhabitants of Kizlyar demolished a sign with the inscription “Chechen Republic”, installed on the border of the two regions. According to the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev, Dagestanis, who removed the road sign, took his installation as “an attack on their territorial interests.”

A few hours after the incident, the sign was restored to its original location, and the head of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov came to the Kizlyar district, who, according to the Caucasian knot portal, considered the incident to be the fault of the local administration, which “did not work enough with the population.”

On the border of Chechnya and Dagestan, there are several places on which the republics are arguing. So, in addition to the Kizlyar’s Botlikh, Gumbetovskogo and Tsumadinsky regions of Dagestan, where all agree on the demarcation failed

The journalist photographed the “secret” agreement between the United States and Mexico

A Washington Post reporter photographed and partially deciphered a document concluded between the US and Mexico. The agreement from afar was demonstrated to journalists by the head of the White house Donald trump.

“The government of Mexico will take all necessary steps within the framework of national legislation to put into effect the agreement, hoping to spend no more than 45 days,” the publication cites the transcript on Wednesday, June 12.

The publication raises the question of the legal force of the agreement, which trump took out of his jacket pocket. Signatures under the document were put by officials of not the highest rank, it is noted in the message, — the Deputy assistant to the Secretary of state of the USA and the assistant to the adviser on legal questions

Copies of passports found in an abandoned building in Saratov Balakovo

Copies of passports were in an abandoned building in Saratov Balakovo. This writes “Interfax”. Boxes and sacks of documents were found by the locals. There were also contracts with banks. They indicated personal data of citizens, their home addresses. Investigators intend to find out how the documents were publicly available, who and under what circumstances committed the crime.

The attack on the Telegram was the cause of a global failure

Telegram employees reported a DDoS attack on the service. He was the cause of a global failure of the messenger, specified in the official Twitter account of the application.

“At the moment we are faced with a powerful DDoS attack, Telegram users in the countries of North and South America and some users from other countries may face connection problems,” the messenger’s Twitter account says.

WhatsApp decided to sue users

Whatsapp messenger has announced its readiness to sue users for violation of the terms of use. The new measures are indicated in the update of the security section on the website

Huawei canceled the release of a new laptop due to us sanctions

Cooperation with the Chinese Corporation stopped Google, Intel, Broadcom and other IT giants. Interestingly, in the line of Matebook used Intel processors and the Windows operating system. It turns out that the laptop will be the first product of Huawei, which will not be able to enter the market due to us sanctions.

Uber will launch an air taxi in Melbourne, Dallas and Los Angeles

The American company Uber launches air taxi in Melbourne, Australia, as well as in the American cities of Dallas (Texas) and Los Angeles (California).

Opera has released a gaming browser for gamers

Opera introduced the browser GX, created for gamers, according to June 11 portal cyber.sports.ru ahhh! It monitors the amount of memory used and allows the user to integrate with the Twitch service during the game without slowing down the computer.

Huawei released the first million smartphones with its own OS

Chinese company Huawei has released the first batch of smartphones running the operating system of its own production HongMeng. One million devices were shipped to suppliers for trial, China Daily reports with reference to the report of the brokerage company Rosenblatt Securities.

RUSNANO resuscitates Plastic Logic again

In 2012, the Plastic Logic for the first time poured money Corporation RUSNANO. This resulted in the project “Chubais tablet”.

HTC introduced two new smartphones – HTC U19e and U19+

HTC in Taiwan announced two mid-level smartphones – HTC U19e and U19+. HTC HTC U19e U19e relates to devices average price category, but has several advanced features, including dual main camera, dual selfie camera, and support for AI technologies HDR10.

Foxconn may shift production of the iPhone from China if necessary

Foxconn, in particular, produces a significant share of Apple smartphones. If economic confrontation observed between Beijing and Washington will continue to threaten sales of the iPhone, Foxconn is likely to make production outside of China.

The first monitor with IPS panel and response time of 1 MS is presented

At the E3 exhibition, LG Electronics introduced the LG UltraGear gaming monitor, which uses Nano IPS technology, due to which it was possible to obtain a response time of 1 MS — for the first time for a monitor with a liquid crystal screen such as IPS.

Fujifilm returns to black and white film production

Acros is a legendary brand that Fujifilm also used to name the black and white film simulation mode in its x-series digital cameras. The Neopan 100 Acros II film will be available in both 35mm and 120mm formats.

Android users already offer alternative browsers and search engines

Some Android users confirm that after updating the Google Plau app store, they receive pop-UPS offering to download and install other web browsers and search engines. This innovation has already begun to spread, but is not yet available to all users.

Analogue AirPower unknown manufacturer went on sale

Analog AirPower unknown manufacturer went on sale six months after the cancellation of the release of Apple. The device came to market under the name AirUnleashed.AirUnleashed is suitable for use with AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone and can simultaneously replenish the energy of three devices.

MyKronoz introduced new series of “smart” watches to the Russian market

Russian buyers available models of “smart” hours ZeTrack, ZeTime and ZeNeo, and wireless headphones ZeBuds which are suitable for any smartphones MyKronoz produces smart gadgets that combine modern technology and classic elements hours — for example, mechanical hands, metal case or sapphire crystal.

Fujifilm has introduced a miniature camera Instax LiPlay

Fujifilm has introduced the miniature camera collection Instax – LiPlay. The key feature of the new item is a 15-second audio recording, which is automatically converted into a QR-code and applied to the photo when printing.

Xiaomi Mi AI Translator: real-time translation between 34 languages

Xiaomi has announced the mi AI Translator gadget — a portable translator that looks like a multimedia player or a smartphone in a case of increased thickness. The new product is able to translate in real time between 34 languages

The largest Bank in South Korea will start working with cryptocurrency

The largest Bank in South Korea, Kookmin Bank will launch its own cryptocurrency-custodial service. To do this, the company began to cooperate with Atomic Labs, which will ensure the safe storage of digital money through the next generation of cryptography, writes CoinDesk Korea.

Ubisoft plans to use blockchain technology for their activities

The source reports that Ubisoft plans to introduce blockchain technology to save game items in the form of ERC-721 tokens-a standard that has a thin and unique characteristic.

The Alliance between Microsoft and Oracle have agreed to work together

Microsoft and Oracle have agreed to work together on their cloud services. Companies are committed to providing high-speed connectivity between their data centers.

A method of creating a universal donor blood was found

As part of the experiment, scientists used the second blood group. A team of researchers from the University of British Columbia, located in Canada, conducted an experiment in which a way to transform one blood group into a universal donor blood was found.

Russian biologist announced plans to create “GMO children»

The Russian biologist confirmed the plans of the Russian scientific community to start experiments with the implantation of genetically modified embryos. However, experts are waiting for the appropriate approval, because they do not intend to create “GMO children” secretly, like their Chinese colleagues

Study: Koalas were lovers of water

Previously, it was believed that koalas get all the necessary water for life directly from the leaves of eucalyptus, which are their main food. But the reality turned out to be not so little — seeing drinkers, Koala drink water, even if the outside is not especially hot

“We thought that koalas do not drink water, or do it very rarely, but it turned out that these animals are very big water lovers. This is a very unexpected discovery. Let’s hope that it will help us to preserve the population of these lovely animals, which, unfortunately, continues to decrease,” says Valentina Mella, an employee of the University of Sydney and one of the authors of the study.

The RAS space Council called to start work on the Venus-D project»

The Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences space called the Russian space Agency to begin development work on the project of automatic interplanetary station “Venera-D”. Told about this TASS the head of the space research Institute of RAS lion Green.

In the US space missiles will print

The private American space company Relativity Space rented from NASA a platform for installation of huge 3D printers on which it will print the space rockets. The first launch of the Terran 1 spacecraft is scheduled for 2020.

Scientists wanted to change the orbit of the Earth for the sake of salvation from death

Scientists have reported a desire to change the orbit of the Earth in order to save the planet at the risk of its destruction. Specialist from the University of Glasgow Matteo Ceriotti notes that it can be absorbed by the Sun.

Released the official trailer for the cartoon “Cold heart 2»

The premiere of the animated adventure Disney “Cold heart 2” will be held on November 28, 2019, and while the audience can see the official dubbed trailer.

Nasimi manuscripts found in Egypt

Manuscripts in Azerbaijani and Persian of the brilliant Azerbaijani poet and thinker Imadeddin Nasimi were found in the House of Egyptian books thanks to the research of Seymour Nasirov, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Diaspora organization “Patriot” in Egypt.

“Life Doll” from Netflix renewed for a second season

It became known that the series “the Life of Dolls” from Netflix will continue. The second season will consist of eight series. “Matryoshka” was released in February 2019.

Disney announced the restart of the animated series “Chip and Dale»

Walt Disney has announced the restart of the adventure animated series “Chip and Dale.” The updated project will consist of 39 mini-series, lasting seven minutes. The plot tells about the adventures of chipmunks in the big city

Group Kiss gave a concert farewell tour in St. Petersburg

Rock band Kiss gathered a full hall of the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg at a concert of his farewell tour, according to the correspondent of TASS, who visited the speech. On Tuesday evening, on the way to the Ice Palace, a huge queue of people wishing to see their idols was formed.

Coppola will be awarded the Lumiere brothers film Festival prize

According to the organizers of the French forum, 80-year-old Director of the “Godfather” usually says that he no longer needs awards, but this time “allowed himself to be convinced” film Director Francis Ford Coppola will receive the award of the Lumiere brothers film Festival, which will be held in French Lyon on October 12-20, according to the site of the show.