16 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/15/2020

In 2020, the budget of the national project “Ecology” will lose about 23 billion rubles, which are planned to be redistributed to the reserve Fund of the Russian Federation. The decision on this issue has already been made, and amendments to the passports of the national project “Ecology” and its constituent Federal projects have been prepared. These changes are expected to be approved at the meetings of the project Committee for the national project “Ecology” and the Presidium of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for strategic development and national projects, which will take place in the near future, Dmitry Kobylkin, head of the Ministry of natural resources, told RIA Novosti in an interview.

According to the state services, the amount of funding for the national project “Ecology” in 2020 was supposed to be 528.7 billion rubles. The total budget of the Ecology project until 2024 should be more than 4 trillion rubles.

In the state Duma of Russia want to cancel the environmental expertise in construction

As it became known to “Kommersant”, the state Duma deputies propose to completely cancel the state environmental expertise (see) in the construction of the most dangerous objects — for example, incineration plants. This rule was found by Kommersant in a package of amendments prepared for the second reading of the bill on a different topic. Experts interviewed by Kommersant are afraid of the risks of ” man-made emergencies and significant damage to natural resources and the population.” In turn, the business claims that projects of dangerous objects will still be checked for compliance with environmental requirements by Glavgosexpertiza under the Ministry of construction, and the cancellation of the see will significantly speed up the approval process and deadlines for construction.

Bankers have warned that the issue of cards may become paid

Banks will be forced to charge customers money for certain services if administrative regulation and restrictions on fees for accepting cards (acquiring) remain, Izvestia writes, referring to a letter from the Association of Russian banks (ADB) to the government.

You may have to pay for issuing and servicing cards, using banks ‘ mobile apps, or accessing a call center. Companies can also reduce or cancel loyalty programs, the newspaper reports. The costs of these services are now subsidized by interbank commissions, the letter emphasizes

The state Duma proposed to strengthen control over shamans and healers

Viktor Zubarev, a member of United Russia, appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister of the government, Tatyana Golikova, with a proposal to strengthen control measures over folk healers and shamans, as well as to create a special working group to develop professional standards for each type of such services.

Russian Railways will return trains to resorts in Krasnodar territory

In June, the schedule returns trains to the resorts of the North Caucasus and the black sea coast. They will run from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Tambov, Cherepovets, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk, Kirov, Samara, Arkhangelsk, Barnaul and other cities to Anapa, Adler, Novorossiysk, Imereti resort, Kislovodsk and back.

A new listening technique has been developed

Experts from Israel have created a technique and special equipment called Lamphone, with which it is possible to listen to secret conversations of people through an ordinary light bulb or chandelier.

The equipment consists of a laptop for studying signals, a telescope to be able to provide an overview of the audience at a distance of hundreds of meters, and an electro-optical sensor. It is reported that when sound waves hit the pendant lamp, the movement of the lamp itself can begin, but only for minor distances. To eavesdrop on a conversation, the lamp must be within sight.

The Russian Finance Ministry did not disclose the share of the budget deficit in GDP for may

The report of the Ministry of Finance of Russia with a preliminary assessment of the Federal budget execution for may 2020 does not disclose data on the share of the budget deficit to GDP. This was the first time since 2009, according to RBC. According to the report, in may, the Federal budget of Russia was executed with a deficit of 655.8 billion rubles.

By the end of the year, the total deficit of resources in budgets of all levels will be a record since the beginning of the 2000s. As a result, the “hole” in the budget system will exceed the size of the national welfare Fund of Russia. This is reported by the Internet portal Finanz with reference to the review of analysts of the Agency “National credit ratings” (NKR).

The opposition accused the Indian authorities of levying high taxes on gasoline

The Indian government has capitalized on falling oil prices instead of reducing the cost of fuel, said Kapil Sibal, a member of the Indian national Congress party, on June 13, according to the Indian TV channel NDTV. Sibal noted that since March 5, the government has earned 2.5 trillion rupees (about $33 billion) due to high taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Recall that after the fall in world oil prices in India, prices for gasoline and diesel fuel did not change, and the government increased taxes on fuel.

Turkey’s military has launched an operation against the Kurds in Iraq

Turkey’s defense Ministry tweeted that the country’s military has launched a new operation against members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers ‘ party (PKK) in Northern Iraq. The defense Department reports that the operation is called “paw of the eagle”.

Germany is completely reoriented to pure hydrogen

Germany plans to invest 8 billion us dollars in the development of environmentally friendly hydrogen production. The country’s authorities are going to produce 5 GW of hydrogen energy by 2030,and 10 GW in 10 years. According to German economy Minister Peter Altmaier, the proposed development of hydrogen energy represents a “quantum leap” that will lead the country in the field of hydrogen technologies.

Dam on the Nile threatened by a new conflict in Africa

Construction of the Ethiopian Revival hydroelectric power station on the Blue Nile at a cost of $ 4.6 billion began in 2012 and is more than 70% complete. The HPP is planned to be completed in 2023. The facility will generate electricity, much needed for 100 million people in Ethiopia.

However, the construction of the dam has caused controversy in the three main countries of the Nile basin-Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. The key issue in the three-way talks on the dam is the time frame during which the reservoir will be filled. Egypt proposed to fill it gradually over 10 years, given that the facility needs 74 billion cubic meters of water. Ethiopia is going to do it in just three years. In this case, Egypt and Sudan will only miss 25 billion cubic meters of water per year, which threatens the two countries with drought and crop loss.

When demolishing the statue of the head of the Confederacy in the United States found whiskey in 1936

The whiskey was hidden in 1936, it became clear because next to the bottle was a copy of the State Journal newspaper. Issue dated October 20, 1936, the day the monument was erected in the Capitol building in the capital of Kentucky, Frankfort.

The BBC has begun showing a series about the Salisbury incident

The BBC Corporation has started showing a game mini-series about what allegedly happened in English Salisbury after the incident with Sergei and Yulia Skripal, reports TASS. It is noted that so far there has been one series of “Salisbury poisonings” (The Salisbury Poisonings).

Rospotrebnadzor ordered hotels to submit a report on the settlement of unmarried couples in one room

As part of the recommendations of the Rospotrebnadzor for the resumption of the operation of hotels, a rule has appeared, according to which hotels must accommodate customers “mainly single or family”. If there are any unmarried couples in one room, the hotel will be forced to give an explanation to the Agency. The recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor have been in effect since June, with the opening of hotels

The daughter of the Samara Governor got an elite apartment in Moscow

In 2017, the daughter of the head of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov graduated from MGIMO. In the same year, Polina Dmitrievna Azarova purchased an apartment with an area of 149.4 sq. m. in the capital’s residential complex Balchug Residence. The cost of the apartment is about 85 million rubles – 568.3 thousand rubles per square meter.

In the official Declaration of Dmitry Azarov for 2017, it is indicated that the annual income of his daughter Polina for that period of time amounted to 5,7 thousand rubles. A year later, Polina Azarova earned 22 thousand rubles. The Governor’s own income in 2017 amounted to 6.1 million rubles, and in 2018 — 4.3 million rubles.

Sberbank has launched a free service for checking phone numbers and websites

Sberbank has launched a free service on its website to check phone numbers and websites for fraudsters. In addition, any user can fill out a simple form and send the address of a fraudulent site or information about a suspicious phone number that the attackers called them from. Expert organizations will check them, the Bank said.

The state Duma has introduced a bill to unblock Telegram in Russia.

The authors of the document indicate in an explanatory note that the messenger is available for installation in Russia and continues to work, despite the decision to block it. According to the authors of the document ,” further declarative blocking of the messenger causes damage not to its development, but to the prestige of the state power”.

In addition, during the COVID-19 epidemic, officials “use the telegram messenger officially as one of their main information resources on the Internet, “the explanatory note says.

Russia has expelled two employees of the Czech Embassy

The Russian foreign Ministry declared two employees of the Czech Embassy in Moscow persona non grata and demanded that they and their family members leave Russia by June 17.

Russian foreign trade in April-may

  • Exports of goods in may -38.5% (-36% in April), exports of services -56.2% (-52.9%)
  • Imports of goods -24.8% (-21.9% in April), imports of services -67.8% (-60.7%)
  • Foreign travel of Russians almost stopped: -96.9% in may (-94.5% in April)
  • The balance of goods and services in may was $4.5 billion (-52.1% yoy), in April it was $5.6 billion (-53.3% yoy)

Gazprom was ordered to return to Poland 1.5 billion dollars of overpayment for gas

The Polish energy company PGNiG announced the signing of an Annex to the gas supply contract with Gazprom, according to which the Russian company will pay PGNiG 1.5 billion dollars of overpayment for fuel by July 1 following the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

Gazprom Neft Shareholders approved final dividends of 94 billion rubles, a total of 180 billion rubles for 2019. Of these, Gazprom accounts for 90 and 172 billion rubles, respectively.

Well-known bloggers are bribed to campaign for constitutional amendments.

As it turned out, the budget for campaigning on the Internet was not small. So, blogger Catherine Konusova that the channel is estimated in million. At the same time, customers were ready to bargain. According to the technical task the blogger had to carry two theses to the masses:

  • amendments are not evil;
  • all need to participate in the vote.

According to Open media sources, Yevgeny Prigozhin oversees campaigning for the Constitution on YouTube, and political strategists close to the government are engaged in this.

The Moscow city court sentenced US citizen Paul Whelan to 16 years for spying

The Moscow city court sentenced American Paul Whelan to 16 years in a maximum-security prison for espionage. Whelan said in court that he intends to appeal the verdict.

According to investigators, former marine corps Sergeant Whelan, as a career intelligence officer, during his trips to Russia collected secret information, and also tried to recruit employees of the FSB and the defense Ministry. On January 3, 2019, he was arrested.

According to the defense, the FSB detained Whelan because of a flash drive that a friend gave him at the Metropol hotel. Lawyers claim that the foreigner thought that the drive had photos from a tourist trip to Sergiev Posad. The defense believes that for reasons of promotion, the comrade framed Whelan, because he is related to the power structures.

Pompeo demanded Whelan’s immediate release

“I am outraged by today’s decision of the Russian court to sentence US citizen Paul Whelan on the basis of a secret trial,” the foreign Minister wrote on Twitter

The number one topic in Armenia today is the search and interrogation of Gagik Tsarukyan.

Tsarukyan is a major entrepreneur and one of the richest people in Armenia. He has been engaged in business since the 80’s. He is a shareholder in four dozen companies. His concern “Multi group” owns, among other things, the famous cognac factory “Noy”.

Gagik Tsarukyan-President of the national Olympic Committee of Armenia.

Since the early 2000s, he was repeatedly re-elected to Parliament and was a member of the security Council. In 2004, he founded the prosperous Armenia party.

In the current composition of the Parliament, “prosperous Armenia” is the second largest faction. It is in opposition to the ruling block “EFC” Pashinian and advocated the strengthening of relations with Russia.

The Ministry of communications called to disperse the journalists of Vedomosti

Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Alexey Volin in an interview with the project “Digital journalism” called to disperse the journalists of the newspaper “Vedomosti” who refused to accept the new editor-in-chief Andrey Shmarov. This is how he reacted to the conflict that arose in the editorial office

To be on the edge of an information war against all evil in the world

The Headhunter job search service now has an editor’s position in the channel One information programs Directorate. In the “working conditions” column, it is indicated that the applicant for a vacant position must be able to “be at the forefront of the information war against all evil in the world.”

It is also noted that the employee must speak foreign languages and have work experience. In addition, the journalist needs to navigate the current domestic and foreign policy agenda. The editorial Board promises to pay an employee from 90 thousand rubles a month. In addition, the First channel provides applicants with the opportunity to work in a “promising company and a unique creative team”.

The Central Bank recorded a new outflow of Russian deposits from banks

In may, when the restrictions caused by the pandemic began to be lifted in Russian regions, Russians again began to withdraw deposits from banks, according to Central Bank data received by RBC. During the month, individuals ‘ funds on deposits decreased by 0.1%, or about 31.5 billion rubles — as of may 1, the amount of funds raised from the population in deposits was 31.48 trillion rubles. The Central Bank did not disclose the currency structure of the outflow.

35 investment agreements were signed in Haikou

Investment agreements totaling 6.4 billion yuan (about $903 million) for various projects related to the construction of a free trade port on Hainan were signed last Saturday in the city of Haikou. This was reported on Monday by the China Daily newspaper.

Mishustin approved the roadmap for engineering and industrial design

The roadmap provides for the growth of the domestic market of the industry. It should increase from 2.8 trillion to 3.9 trillion rubles. In addition, the share of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the domestic market is planned to increase from 42% to 45%. As for complex contracts, which include engineering, supply and construction, their share should increase from 30% to 40% of those concluded on the market.

Lisin suggested that Russian Railways return the old way to transport containers

The main owner of the First freight company (PGK), Vladimir Lisin, proposed to transport containers in open wagons, and not only on fitting platforms, in order to solve the problem of empty cars and increase loading on the Russian Railways network

Lotus abandons the internal combustion engine in favor of electric motors

Lotus will completely abandon internal combustion engines and switch to electric motors. This was announced By CEO Phil Popham on June 12 in an interview with AutoExpress.

Germany lifted all restrictions on the borders

Since June 15, Germany has opened its borders to both entry and exit in the same way as before the pandemic. Air services to 29 EU and Schengen member States were also resumed.

Academician Rubakov was awarded the Hamburg prize in physics

Famous Russian physicist, academician Valery Rubakov was awarded the prestigious Hamburg prize for theoretical physics for 2020. This is reported on the award’s website.

Greece has opened its borders to foreign travelers.

At the same time, the authorities are preparing for a significant drop in tourist traffic to the country. According to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, it is not yet known how the reduced tourist season will affect the economy.

The trailer for the movie “7500” is published

Streaming service Amazon Prime Video has published a trailer for the film “7500” directed by Patrick Vollrath. In the center of the plot of the film, the pilot of a passenger plane that was captured by terrorists.



In Seattle, protesters declared autonomy

After numerous clashes with the police, the protesters began to demand the resignation of the city authorities. The protesters fenced off the area of Capitol hill, declaring it a so-called “Autonomous zone”.

Russia’s domestic debt has increased

Since the beginning of the year, the amount of domestic debt has increased by 604 billion, including the volume of securities has increased by 690 billion, and state guarantees have decreased by 85 billion. According to the Ministry of Finance, the state internal debt of the Russian Federation on June 1 was 10,776 billion rubles. This is about 10.6% of GDP projected for this year.

The main part of the internal state debt is the securities of the Ministry of Finance (93%). Another 7% are state guarantees. The share of securities in the structure of the state debt is steadily increasing, while the share of fixed – coupon bonds is growing-OFZ-PD accounts for 7,310 billion or 67.8% of the total volume of domestic state debt.

China’s economy continued to recover in may

China’s industry almost played down the fall in may, but domestic demand has not yet managed to reach pre-crisis levels. The decline in investment has slowed

  • Industry: 4.4% yy (5.0% yy expected) vs 3.9% yy in April; January-may results: -2.8% yy
  • Retail sales: -2.8% yoy (expected -2.0% yoy) vs -7.5% yoy in April; January-may results: -14.01%
  • Investments (since the beginning of the year): -6.3% yoy vs -10.3% in January-April

In Russia, we need to set a standard for the level of salaries.

According to the politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the minimum wage in the country should be 1 thousand rubles a day, or 30 thousand rubles a month, and the average — 70 thousand rubles a month. Middle management, engineers and highly qualified specialists should receive 150-200 thousand, he believes. The maximum salary should not exceed 500 thousand rubles.

“This should be done so that anyone who goes to the position of head of the state Corporation, immediately understood, he can only count on this amount,” – said the leader of the LDPR. According to him, dissatisfaction with too high salaries in state corporations and commercial structures has been brewing in the country for a long time.

Zhirinovsky proposed to set the salary for deputies at 500 thousand rubles, and for the President — at 700 thousand rubles.

Investors made a mistake because of the similarity of names

The share price of the little-known Chinese real estate company Fangdd on the world market has jumped in price 13 times, according to data from the Nasdaq exchange. Bloomberg attributed this to a mistake by investors who confused the company with global it giants because of the similarity of names. The publication suggested that investors confused the name Fangdd with a similar abbreviation FAANG, which is made up of the first letters of the names of the most successful technology companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google). According to the publication, more than 15 thousand. clients of the Robinhood investment app have added DUO (the Ticker under which Fangdd shares are traded) to their portfolio.

The jump occurred on Tuesday, June 9. At the opening of trading, the company’s shares were worth $10, but during the day their value at the moment rose to $129.04. Trading closed at $47.06 per fangdd paper. The next day, the company’s shares collapsed in price, losing most of the value acquired during the previous session. By June 12, their price had dropped to $11.75.

Egypt resumes international flights

Egypt is gradually resuming international air traffic from July 1, said Egyptian civil aviation Minister Mohammed Manar.

Egypt’s tourism Minister Khaled al-Anani, in turn, said that Egypt will cancel visas for tourists arriving at local resorts until October 31. However, according to him, only three resort provinces will be open to foreign tourists: the Red sea, where the famous resort of Hurghada is located; South Sinai, where Sharm El-Sheikh and Dahab are located, as well as the province of Matruh, located on the Mediterranean sea.

In Tunisia with a certificate of a negative test for coronavirus

Tourists arriving in Tunisia since the borders opened on June 27 will have to submit a negative test for coronavirus, according to the country’s tourism office.

“Tourists will need to provide a negative PCR test, the deadline for which is no more than 72 hours. In addition, they will have to undergo a temperature measurement procedure upon arrival at the Tunis airport. Before boarding a plane in their country, they will have to fill out forms related to their health status, ” the tourist office said in a statement.

The French President recalled the equal rights of citizens

Emmanuel Macron recalled the equal rights of citizens, the importance of the fight against racism, he expressed support for the guards of order ensuring “Republican order” and stressed that France will not give up any name in its history and will not remove any of the monuments placed to its heroes.

In St. Petersburg, a new criminal case of treason is being investigated.

Valery Mitko, the 78-year-old head of the Arctic Academy of Sciences, has been charged with selling secret information about Russian submarines to Chinese special services. According to the scientist, he only lectured at the Dalian Maritime University in China as a visiting Professor.

The head of Rosprirodnadzor has elite apartments in Moscow and nice

Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption Fund in connection with the environmental disaster in Norilsk published an investigation on the income and property of the head of Rosprirodnadzor. Svetlana Rodionova has been working in the civil service all her life. Her Declaration for 2017 shows an income of 400 thousand rubles a month and an apartment of 60 square meters in 2018 the official in connection with the transition from Rostekhnadzor to Rosprirodnadzor did not report on her income and property

However, the FBC found an apartment with an official in the popular French resort city of nice. The cost of the object is estimated at 500 thousand euros (about 33 million rubles at the exchange rate of 2017). This apartment was purchased in 2017 and issued to the firm of Rodionova’s parents. In turn, Novaya Gazeta previously reported that since 2015, the official has flown to nice more than 40 times.

We also found out that the mother of the official Tatiana Rodionova owns the apartment area of 120 sq m and costing 86 million rubles in one of the houses in furmanniy alley, and an area of 189 sq. m. in elite residential complex “legend of Tsvetnoy” in cost of 210 million rubles.

Thus, the retired parents of Svetlana Rodionova own real estate with a total value of 720 million rubles (plus a dacha and a house of 600 sq. m. in the Moscow region).

Jazz singer Nora Jones presented an album of “additional” songs

Nora Jones ‘new Studio album” Pick Me Up Off the Floor ” was released on June 12, 2020. The album, which became the eighth in the artist’s discography, was released on the Blue Note label and contains 11 tracks that the singer initially did not even plan to collect in a separate release: all of them were recorded as separate singles during collaborations with other musicians, and then unexpectedly for Nora herself lined up in a single album.

Google releases a brand-name set-top box Android TV

The set-top box will receive a Quad-core Amlogic s905x2 platform, which uses a Mali-G31MP2 graphics adapter. Paired with this platform will be 2 GB of RAM, and the volume of internal memory is still unknown. The set-top box will support Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.1, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. With this set-top box, a remote control with voice control will be included.

Brain cells can feed and spread HIV in the body

Scientists at rush University Medical center in Chicago found that astrocytes, a type of brain cell, can contain HIV and then spread the virus to immune cells that travel from the brain to other organs. The study, published in PLOS Pathogens, was funded by the National institutes of health.

Researchers have found that transplanted HIV-infected astrocytes are able to spread the virus to CD4 + t cells in the brain. These CD4 + T cells then migrate from the brain to the rest of the body, spreading the infection to peripheral organs such as the spleen and lymph nodes. The same processes were detected in patients undergoing combined antiretroviral therapy

The secret of Islands that do not sink when the ocean level rises has been discovered

The level of the World’s oceans is constantly growing. However, there are Islands that are not afraid of flooding. This phenomenon has interested scientists. At risk of flooding are fertile inhabited Islands, one of them – the Maldives. However, some reef Islands manage to stay permanently above the ocean level. It was found out that they manage this by transferring gravel, sand and other rocks. This adaptation will help protect the population of large regions from forced migration. So far, scientists say that more research is needed.

A flexible sensor for breath monitoring has been developed

Chinese scientists have developed a compact flexible sensor for monitoring breathing due to the difference in the temperature of the inhaled and exhaled air. It automatically processes the signal and detects respiratory arrest. This sensor is suitable for monitoring breathing through the nose and mouth, and it can be used both during physical activity and during sleep. The article is published in the journal Advanced Electronic Materials.