17 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/16/2020

In March, Russia reduced these investments in US government bonds to $3.85 billion, and in April increased investments by 80% to $6.85 billion, the us Treasury said.

In Georgia, a Russian was detained who was preparing an attempt on the journalist George Gabunia

The head of the Georgian channel “Mtavari Archi” Nika Gvaramia, where the journalist Georgy Gabunia works (a year ago, he insulted Putin on TV), announced the detention of a Russian who was preparing an attempt on Gabunia. The reason for the attempt allegedly became the words of Gabunia to Putin, and the customer of the crime — Ramzan Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called stupid statements that allegedly wanted to make an attempt on a Georgian journalist on his order.

“Once successful developing countries are governed by people who, instead of thinking about the real problems of the people, make stupid statements. This time they say that they caught a Hitman who intended to make an attempt on Kadyrov’s order on the Georgian mountain journalist. Gentlemen, believe me, if someone acts on my behalf, he will fulfill it, ” Kadyrov wrote in his telegram channel.

The media found an associate of Yanukovich unpaid fines in Moscow for 1 million rubles.

A motorcade of four Escalade cars, a Mercedes GL500, a Maybach S600, and a Mercedes Vito Tourer 119 were spotted the day before at the Remy Kitchen Bakery restaurant, which is officially closed for now.

One of the cars, the media found out, belongs to the company “Gazneft-service” of the Ukrainian oligarch Sergey Kurchenko. The rest – the company “Premium services”, also associated with Kurchenko. The legal entity has 351 unpaid fines in the traffic police for a total of 1 million rubles.

It is known that Kurchenko was close to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and left the country with him in 2014. Now the businessman is in control of the mine in the LC. A few days ago, the miners of the Komsomolskaya mine, one of the largest in the Donbas, rioted over salary debts.

The US Congress accused China and who of growing COVID-19 from an epidemic to a pandemic

The leader of the Republicans on the foreign Affairs Committee of the us house of representatives, Michael mccaul, on Monday blamed the Chinese authorities for the spread of the coronavirus and criticized the world health organization for “politicized decisions”, reports Ria.ru. The relevant conclusions are made in the preliminary report of the Congressman on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“After several months of investigation, it became very clear that the Chinese Communist party’s cover – up of the coronavirus, especially in the early days of the outbreak, played a significant role in turning what could have been a local epidemic into a global pandemic,” McCall said.

How Russia’s business disappeared in April 2020

In April of this year, there were another 20 thousand fewer companies in Russia (in March there was a decrease of 23 thousand). The decline was recorded in almost all regions, except for Karachay-Cherkessia (where + 67 organizations for the month), the Voronezh region (+24), Ingushetia (+16), Sakhalin (+8) and quite symbolic growth in Transbaikalia, Chukotka and Kalmykia (3, 2 and 1 companies in the black, respectively). The leaders are Moscow (-5700), St. Petersburg (-1500), Samara region (-800), Rostov and Novosibirsk regions (-700 each).

In Russia, a sharp spike in loan delinquencies

The increase in the volume of bad debts for the five months of 2020 increased by 110 times compared to the increase in the same period last year and amounted to 11% (in January–may 2019, the rate of increase was at the level of 0.1%). This is stated in the data of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA) and the credit history Bureau “Equifax”, which were reviewed by “Izvestia”.

EBay employees retaliated for the criticism.

According to the us Department of justice, six employees of the company organized virtual harassment in August 2019, after the management saw compromising material on eBay bloggers.

At the first stage, the family was sent “anonymous and disturbing packages to the house”, in particular, a blood-stained pig mask, packages with live cockroaches and beetles, funeral wreaths and a book on how to survive the death of a spouse. Pornography was also ordered in the couple’s name, but the package was deliberately delivered to neighbors. At the second stage, they were threatened on Twitter, and at the third stage, eBay employees were going to set up surveillance on the couple, but they turned to the police.

The company has already announced that employees have been laid off. They face up to five years in prison and a quarter-million-dollar fine.

New escalation in Ladakh

An officer and two Indian army soldiers were killed in a clash with the Chinese military on Monday evening in the Galvan valley area, an Indian army spokesman said.

“During the de-escalation process taking place in the Galvan valley, a violent confrontation occurred last night, resulting in casualties. An officer and two soldiers were among the dead on the Indian side. Senior military officials from both sides are currently meeting on the ground to defuse the situation, ” the statement said

Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian said he was not aware of any incident on the border with India.

North Korea has announced plans to enter the military in the demilitarized zone.

The General staff of the North Korean army noted that “relations between the North and South are getting worse and worse”, against this background, Pyongyang promises to “turn the border line into a fortress” and further increase vigilance against the actions of Seoul.

The US lifts the ban on American companies working with China’s Huawei.

The United States will review restrictions to allow American and Chinese companies to “work together to set standards for next-generation 5G networks.”

The number of alien civilizations that exist in the milky Way.

Scientists at the University of Nottingham in the UK have calculated the likely number of alien civilizations that exist in the milky Way. Experts have suggested that intelligent life appears on other planets in a similar way to what happened on Earth, that is, it takes about five billion years. Another limitation is the number of stars in the milky Way, which, like the Sun, are highly metallicized, meaning they are rich in elements heavier than helium. Thus, there should be about 36 intelligent and technologically advanced civilizations like our own in the galaxy. These civilizations have been sending radio signals into space for at least 100 years.

In Russia, fines for violating the quarantine were issued for a billion rubles

The total amount of fines for violating restrictive measures since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Russia is approaching one billion rubles. Such data is provided in the report of the human rights group “Agora”.

Since the beginning of April, the courts have received about 400 thousand cases under the administrative article on non-compliance with the rules of conduct in the event of an emergency and 15 thousand cases under the article on violation of sanitary and epidemiological legislation. Another 54 thousand fines were issued in Moscow under the city administrative Code using the application “Social monitoring”.

In the regions, the largest number of administrative protocols were issued in Tatarstan (56 thousand), in the Krasnodar territory (27 thousand), in Dagestan (21 thousand) and in the Bryansk region (19 thousand).

All Russian schools will install cameras with facial recognition function

The project is being implemented by the national Informatization center (part of rostec state Corporation), commissioned by regional education departments. According to the newspaper, the total amount of contracts for the supply of tracking systems to schools, which were posted on the public procurement website, exceeds two billion rubles.

North Korea bombed the inter-Korean communications office in Kaesong

North Korea’s military on June 16 blew up an inter-Korean communications office located in the border city of Kaesong, South Korean Yonhap news Agency reported. South Korean authorities have confirmed that North Korea blew up the building amid growing tensions between the countries, the Associated Press reports. North Korea’s state news Agency KCNA confirmed that the office was completely destroyed by the explosion.

Mexico is ready to help supply fuel to Venezuela

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that he is ready to help with the supply of fuel to Venezuela, if there is an appropriate appeal from them.

“If there is a request and there is a humanitarian need, we will do it. We are a free and independent country and make our own decisions, ” Lopez Obrador said in response to a question about his readiness to help Venezuela, despite US sanctions.

The President stressed that Mexico does not interfere in the politics of other countries, believes in self-determination of peoples and humanitarian support.

“No one has the right to oppress others. No hegemony can stifle other countries, ” Lopez Obrador added.

Earlier it was reported that the administration of US President trump is studying the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Iran to block the export of Iranian fuel to Venezuela. After five Iranian tankers went to Venezuela, the issue of sanctions against the crews and confiscation of these tankers in case of refueling in ports of third countries is being considered.

The Federation Council proposed to reduce the new year holidays

Senator from Saint Petersburg Andrey Kutepov proposed to reduce the new year holidays in 2021 to three days — from January 1 to January 3. He justified the reduction of weekends as important for maintaining the economy after the effects of the coronavirus.

Thus, for the first six months of the year, the number of working days will be 218 against 147 non-working days. The number of non-working days in 2020 is 20% more — Andrey Kutepov, politician

China encourages its exports, not transit

It is the development of their own exports that Chinese government subsidies for exporters serve. To reduce the cost of export transportation, China is actively looking for alternative routes for cargo delivery to Europe, which involve either bypassing Russia or reducing the route that passes through the territory of Russia.

Gazprom sees enough reasons to raise Poland’s gas price

There are sufficient reasons to increase the price of natural gas supplies to the Polish energy company PGNiG, Gazprom export believes. This was reported to journalists in the Russian company. Gazprom export noted that together with PJSC Gazprom, they continue to appeal the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court to review the price of the gas purchase and sale contract to the Polish side from 2014. According to the contract, the companies are negotiating a price revision starting in 2017.

On March 30, the Stockholm arbitration court decided to adjust the price formula for the contract for the supply of gas to Poland via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline retroactively (extending the act to past legal relations) from November 2014.

Lukashenko said that Belarus can find a replacement for Russian gas

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Minsk can find a replacement for Russian gas. This is reported by the BelTA news Agency. According to him, there is enough oil and gas in the world with acceptable prices for the Republic.

Kazakhstan closed from Russian cars

Kazakhstan, which has already banned foreign cars from entering its railway network in winter, is re – introducing such a restriction. From June 15, Kazakhstan will not be able to enter Russian empty gondola cars, which are currently winning competition for cargo from local operators due to low rates. Formally, Nur-Sultan imposes a ban due to infrastructure congestion, but according to experts and sources of “Kommersant”, the reasons for the ban are purely commercial.

Russian residents began to buy cheaper products

Food and consumer goods (FMCG) of the low price segment began to enjoy increased demand, reported “Kommersant” in Nielsen. This is observed in almost half of the categories. As a result, the share of the low price segment in sales increased from an average annual value of 16.9% to 17.7% in may, according to Nielsen data. On the contrary, the share of premium price segment products decreased from 35.8% in the average year to 34.4% in may.

Turkish companies refused to pay Gazprom

Seven private Turkish importers by the end of 2019 significantly reduced the selection of Russian gas from the minimum contract level (for which the “take or pay”, take-or-pay obligation applies) and as a result, they owed Gazprom about $2 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported on June 15

The cost of the Central ring road continues to grow

The cost of the project to build the Central ring road was 315.9 billion rubles In 2019. it rose by 2.6 billion rubles, according to materials published by the accounting chamber of Russia.

Finance Ministry urged not to wait for tax cuts for businesses

Russia is limited in resources and cannot “burn reserves” for the sake of helping everyone and everything. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Sazanov in an interview with Reuters, according to the Internet portal Finanz. He stressed that he does not see an opportunity to reduce the tax burden for all businesses and urged not to treat tax cuts as a panacea.

It is wrong to think that taxes are the only thing that will save everyone. The government has already halved the insurance premiums for small businesses, which the employer deducts from the salary of each employee to the Pension Fund, the CHI Fund and the social insurance Fund: instead of 30%, entrepreneurs can pay 15% from salaries that exceed the minimum wage. Also, businesses are granted tax deferrals, except VAT, and affected entrepreneurs are allowed not to pay a ruble for the second quarter, – said Alexey Sazanov.

The Bank of Japan kept the interest rate at a negative level

The Bank of Japan again kept the interest rate at a negative level-minus 0.1%, the financial regulator said in a statement following the June meeting. Eight members of the regulator supported maintaining a negative interest rate, and one opposed it

The national debt of Italy close to the historical maximum

In April 2020, the amount of public debt came close to a historic high, reaching 2.4671 trillion euros. This is evidenced by data from the Bank of Italy (Central Bank). The historical maximum was recorded in July 2019.

In June, Russian banks continued to increase retail lending

Russian banks continued the may trend in June and continued to increase retail lending, according to the Central Bank’s operational data. Thus, the volume of loans to individuals from 1 to 9 June 2020 increased by 0.3%.

China has created a secure quantum communication channel with a length of 1120 km

Using the Mo-Tzu satellite, physicists from China, Singapore and the UK have connected the cities of Nanshan and Delingha with the longest full-fledged quantum communication line, which is protected from hacking. The results of their work were published in the scientific journal Nature

Universal will return to shooting the new “Jurassic World” in July

Universal Studio decided to resume work on the film on July 6, as reported by Igromaniya with reference to the media. If this happens, “Jurassic World” will be the first major film to start shooting again in Britain.

China, Pakistan and India have increased their nuclear Arsenal

In 2020, Asia’s nuclear powers have increased their weapons stocks, the Stockholm international peace Institute said in its annual report on June 15.

In 2020, China has 320 nuclear warheads, compared with 290 in 2019. Pakistan has 160 warheads in service this year, and in 2019 their number was from 150 to 160. India’s Arsenal is smaller — in 2020, it is increased to 150 warheads instead of 130-140, which were in service in 2019

Protesters in the US and Europe have declared a real war on monuments.

The historical heritage in the United States and Europe was also affected by mass protests. Somewhere monuments were demolished by the demonstrators themselves, somewhere-by the decision of local authorities.

Statues of Christopher Columbus were hit in cities of several American States. Somewhere the discoverer of the continent was beheaded, somewhere and completely drowned in a lake. Activists accuse the traveler of genocide of the native American population

Residents of Venice staged a protest against tourists

Residents of Venice after the quarantine decided to organize a protest against tourists. They performed under the slogan “Venice fu-tourist”. Local residents want to draw attention to the problem of inflows of funds to the city.

Chinese scientists have found out the causes of abnormal heat

The reason for periods of extreme heat, which often began to occur in recent years, was determined by Chinese scientists. An article with the results of the study is published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Experts have studied the record heat of 2018, which lasted in China for 33 days. As a result, it turned out that the cause of the extreme weather phenomenon is a powerful anticyclone – an area of high pressure responsible for high air temperatures and clear skies. As it turned out, an abnormal anticyclone made almost half the contribution to the current heat. This type of air movement began to occur frequently from 1991 until 2017. Another heat factor is the increase in average temperatures due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Gazprom has started dismantling pipes in the direction of Ukraine

In the absence of a contract for gas supplies to Ukraine, Gazprom began dismantling pipes on Russian territory near the border with the Republic. This was stated in an interview with OilPoint by the head Of the operator of the GTS of Ukraine (OGTSU) Sergey Makogon.

In fact, they want to destroy even the theoretical possibility of gas transit through Ukraine in the future, ” he stressed, adding that such actions are a problem, but Kiev is not able to influence them.

The DPR and LPR will vote on amendments to the Constitution of Russia

Residents of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics (DPR and LPR) who have Russian passports will be able to vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution. This is written by “Donetsk news Agency” and “Luhansk information center”

Banknotes printed in Russia were stolen in Yemen

In Yemen, militants representing the southern transitional Council attacked a government convoy and seized banknotes printed in Russia. In total, they stole 64 billion rials ($255 million), according to Reuters.

Kalashnikov handed over 35,000 AK-12s to the Russian military ahead of schedule

Specialists have started to fulfill the state order for 2021, the publication reported News.ru. Recall that the Ministry of defense and the Kalashnikov concern signed a contract involving the supply of 150,000 AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifles for the Russian army

The premiere of Matrix 4 was postponed for a year

It became known that because of the coronavirus, the premiere of the film “Matrix 4” was postponed to 2022. This is reported by COS.

Recall that the shooting started in February this year. The script for the film was written by Lana Wachowski, who initially worked with her sister on the trilogy. Moreover, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann moss will return to their roles. Note that in March 2020, the Matrix turned 20 years old

Released the trailer for the sequel ” Train to Busan»

A trailer for the second part of the horror “Train to Busan” by South Korean Director Yong San Ho has appeared on YouTube. The film received the subtitle of “Peninsula”. The action takes place four years after the world disaster



Peter Jackson’s Beatles movie will be released a year later

Previously, it was planned that the film will be released on September 4, 2020, now the audience will see it on August 27, 2021.InterMedia recalls that InterMedia recalls that the film was created by Apple Corps Ltd.and WingNut Films Ltd. The work used 55 hours of previously unreleased video footage, which shows the musicians recording songs in the Studio

The head of the housing and utilities Department of the city of Gelendzhik was arrested in the case of fraud

According to the investigation, he instructed his subordinates to sort and hand over garbage for 835 thousand rubles to the reception point, and took the money for himself.

The CEC told how to vote on the amendments to those who are found to have a temperature:

  • They will be asked to go to a separate room
  • There you need to make an application for voting outside the precinct
  • After that the ballot box will be brought there
  • The vote will be given “contactless” – after receiving the ballot in the package and observing the distance, you need to make your choice and put the ballot in a portable box.

A criminal case was opened against employees of Norilsk Nickel

A case of violation of environmental protection rules was initiated against employees of Norilsk Nickel. They are within two years dumped untreated sewage into the river Tomolo. The damage to the environment, according to the investigation, amounted to more than 154 million rubles

The state Duma has amended the Labor code, which regulates remote work.

The amendments provide for three types of such work:

  • remote (remote) work, which is defined in the draft law as “work outside of a stationary workplace, territory or facility that is directly or indirectly under the control of the employer»;
  • temporary remote work;
  • combined mode, “including work at a stationary workplace and remote”.

As stated in the document, employees can be transferred to temporary remote work in a simplified manner, including in the event of a disaster, epidemic, or fire. The simplified procedure does not involve additional agreements to the employment contract or changes to it.

Drop in turnover of public catering establishments in April 2020

In the leaders of the fall, the Bryansk, Kaliningrad and Kurgan regions and Stavropol – there is a drop of about 4 times. A 3-fold drop in Moscow, Rostov and Transbaikalia. In General, the far East has suffered a little less, the southern regions and the Middle Zone a little more, but the situation is not very good everywhere, to put it mildly.

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Khakassia managed to stay at the level of last year, while their colleagues from Ingushetia (+10%) and, unexpectedly, Chukotka (an impressive 52% increase over the year) grew.

The head of the HRC promised not to interfere with the digitization and chipping of Muscovites.

In an interview with the newspaper “Rise” Valery Fadeev explained that it is impossible to stop the progress, but it is necessary to remove the associated risks.

“We are talking about medical aspects, it is not necessarily chipping, it can be some kind of sensors, medical services. Sometimes journalists and public figures start talking about some kind of conspiracy theory. There is no conspiracy theory. There are trends, where the world is moving. As for chipping, don’t confuse the concept of liquid chips that came from somewhere with what is already around us. There is no liquid chip theme.

Progress cannot be stopped. But when elements of digitalization invade the social sphere, questions arise. My position, the position of the HRC — is not to hinder digitalization. We just need to calmly discuss the risks and remove them.”

Earlier, Fadeev told the radio station “Says Moscow” that chipping is provided by the Moscow program for the development of artificial intelligence.

An associate of Yanukovich paid most of the fines for traffic violations

An associate of Yanukovich, who was found with more than 300 unpaid fines in the Moscow traffic police, today paid most of them. According to a source of “Lift”, in total, companies affiliated with Sergey Kurchenko should pay about 9 million rubles, not 1 million, as previously reported. According to information from the FSSP, 6 million in the payment of fines for the companies “Gazneft-service” and “Premium services” were made today, the rest of the amount should be transferred tomorrow.

Recall that Sergei Kurchenko was close to the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and left the country with him in 2014. Now the businessman is in control of the mine in the LC. A few days ago, the miners of the Komsomolskaya mine, one of the largest in the Donbass, rioted over salary debts.

The first Deputy Prosecutor Andrey Gantsev is the owner of real estate abroad.

Until 2017, he declared a residential building in Australia with an area of 142 square meters, which was registered for a minor child. The child has become an adult, now it is not necessary to indicate foreign property in the Declaration. It is not clear what the Prosecutor used to buy an entire house in Australia. The family’s annual income is just over 4 million rubles. In Russia, he has two modest apartments-53.8 and 38.6 square meters. m and the Volkswagen Touareg car.

Prosecutor Gantsev is known for the fact that, 6 years ago, when he still occupied the chair of the Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow, he tried to ban the reposting of Navalny in social networks.

Russia to send $21.2 million to school food system in Tajikistan

Russia will allocate $21.2 million to develop the school food system in Tajikistan, the press service of the Russian Embassy in Dushanbe reported.

Of this amount, $11.2 million will be allocated for the implementation of the relevant project of the UN world food programme (WFP). In addition, Russia will provide an additional $10 million for the purchase of Russian food products for the needs of schoolchildren in Tajikistan in 2020-2021.

The Armenian Parliament allowed Tsarukyan to be arrested.

Earlier today, at the request of the Prosecutor General, the deputies deprived the head of the prosperous Armenia faction of his immunity.

Russian concert of the group Twenty One Pilots is postponed

The band canceled a June concert in Dublin, postponed performances at the Mad Cool Festival-2020 in Madrid, as well as the only Russian concert scheduled for July 12, which is planned for 2021 (the exact date is still being negotiated).

The Dalai Lama’s debut music album is released

The spiritual leader of the world’s Buddhists, the Dalai Lama XIV, is releasing his debut music album of instructions and spiritual mantras called “Inner World”.

Bob Marley’s “Live at the Rainbow” concert in HD posted Online

Bob Marley’s famous “Live at the Rainbow” concert, performed in July 1977, appeared on YouTube in improved HD quality. The performance of “Live at the Rainbow” was part of the Exodus tour.



The European Commission has launched antitrust investigations against Apple

The European Commission has launched two antitrust investigations against the us company Apple regarding the compliance of the online store App Store and the Apple Pay payment system with EU standards, the EC said.

Apple will create a foldable iPhone

Apple has started working on creating its own foldable iPhone smartphone. This was reported by an authoritative insider, John Prosser, on his Twitter account.

According to the source, there are two possible ways to implement the new device: a smartphone – “clamshell” in the style of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and a large folding in half like an iPad. Prosser is also confident that it will appear soon after the release of the new iPhone 12 line.

Ryzen 4000g hybrid processors will go on sale at the end of July

New hybrid processors of AMD Ryzen 4000G (Renoir) will enter the market at the end of July 2020, their cost will be low, the portal HKEPC Hardware reported on June 15. It is noted that the ryzen 4000g hybrid processors for desktop computers will go on sale on July 27

In June, the Philips 272b1g monitor will be available for sale

Adaptive-Sync technology is responsible for video quality, while LowBlue mode and Flicker-free technology provide comfort for the eyes. Philips 272B1G will be available in June 2020 at an estimated price of 18,108 rubles.

Xiaomi introduced a 27-inch monitor with a frequency of 165 Hz

Xiaomi has officially announced a 27-inch monitor with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. The device has an IPS screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, the monitor has a coverage of 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, and also has support for HDR technology. During pre-order, the new product can be purchased for $268, at the time of launching sales, the price will rise to $310.

ASUS PN50 PC received AMD Ryzen 7 4800U processor

ASUS has expanded the range of very compact personal computers with the PN50 model, which is based on the AMD Ryzen3 4000 line of chips. The user can select the following APUS: Ryzen 3 4300U, Ryzen 5 4500U, Ryzen 7 4700U or Ryzen 7 4800U

Yandex has launched the Yandex video call service.Teleconference

The service works in Yandex and Chrome browsers, and in Yandex apps.Disk”, ” Yandex.Mail». It is reported that the new service will soon be integrated with other products of the company and will work in other browsers.

Money transfers will appear in WhatsApp

Sending and receiving funds is carried out using the Facebook Pay service. According to the developers, Brazil was chosen for this purpose for a reason, since in this state more than 10,000,000 companies in the field of microbusiness and small businesses work via WhatsApp.

Microsoft is testing blockchain-based identification technology

Microsoft has announced the launch of a network of decentralized identifiers, which is based on the blockchain. ION technology allows users to create digital accounts on the Internet.

HTC U20 5g smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor was announced

Taiwan-based HTC has unveiled the HTC U20 5G smartphone, which became its first model to support fifth-generation mobile networks. Novelty equipped productive eight-core platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of flash memory, a large 6.8 inch screen with a resolution of FullHD+, embedded in the upper left corner of display front camera 32 MP, a multi-module main camera with image sensor resolution of 48 Megapixels, 8 MP, 2 MP and 2 MP, battery capacity of 5000 mAh battery and support fast charging QC4.0. Price of a smartphone is $ 640

ASUS introduced metal laptops with shock protection in Russia

ASUS has announced the imminent start of Russian sales of two ultraportable laptops-ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425). It is claimed to be “the world’s thinnest 13-and 14-inch laptops with a full set of connection ports, including HDMI, USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors with a Thunderbolt 3 interface”. At the same time, the new items meet the American military standard MIL-STD-810G, which among other things guarantees safety after falling on a hard surface from a height of one meter.

Hummingbirds see colors that are inaccessible to human vision

Another type of light-sensitive cones, present in the eyes of birds and absent in the human organs of vision, allows some birds to see colors that are not available to us.

Experts have created a robot trunk made of edible gel

Researchers from the Austrian Johann Kepler University have assembled a robotic elephant trunk that can grab objects and give medicines to animals

A prototype of a file system based on DNA is presented

Every cell in the human body contains a mass of information that is encoded in DNA. According to scientists, if it were possible to use this potential, the content of the entire Internet could fit into a Shoe box.

Scientists hope that in the future, the value of data storage technology in DNA will become high. Today, this figure is extremely low. In the course of a study conducted by scientists from the United States, they managed to develop the DORIS method – a prototype of the DNA file system.

In the US, an effective way to restore youth has been discovered

Employees of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) have discovered a new effective way to rejuvenate the body, based on the dilution of blood plasma with a mixture of albumin and saline solution. The method, according to the publication Aging, was tested on laboratory rodents and showed good results

Scottish scientists are closer to solving the mystery of antimatter

Physicists from the University of the West of Scotland have discovered an element that could be the key to understanding the nature of antimatter in the Universe. According to the information portal “Newinform”, we are talking about a unique isotope of thorium, which differs from others by a special pear-shaped core.

Physicist Dino Yaroshinsky of the center for plasma-based accelerators says that an isotope with a pear-shaped core indicates that protons and neutrons are unevenly distributed in it — this fact can be useful for research aimed at understanding the essence of antimatter.

Argentine paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur

Argentine paleontologists have discovered fossils of a new species of dinosaur with wing-like limbs designed to run fast. The remains of the lizard were found in 2013 in the Western part of the province of Rio Negro, but scientists were not able to classify the dinosaur. According to the Argentine information portal Infobae, this overoraptor roamed the earth about 90 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period

The new Russian ion engine has successfully passed fire tests

Specialists of the state Corporation Roscosmos have successfully completed fire docking tests of the new ID-200KR ion engine, which is being developed at the Keldysh Center. The information is transmitted by the TASS Agency, referring to the statement of the press service of the Corporation.

Elon Musk’s satellite Internet is ready for testing

On the official website of the Starlink project, a form for registering for participation in the closed beta testing of satellite Internet from SpaceX has appeared. It is reported that the launch is planned in the summer, when the grouping of relay satellites will expand to 780 units. Now there are 540 of them.

Initially, access will be given to users from the United States and Canada, but in the future it is planned to deploy the network worldwide. At the moment, you can already submit a request and hope that you will be selected as a beta tester. The company promises to notify users as soon as Starlink starts working in their region.

A green glow was detected in the atmosphere of Mars

The ExoMars probe, which is studying the Red planet as part of a joint project between Roscosmos and the European space Agency, has detected a greenish glow in the Martian atmosphere. It was caused by the release of oxygen atoms from carbon dioxide under the influence of sunlight. Until now, such a phenomenon has only been observed in the earth’s atmosphere, although the assumption that it is present on Mars, existed for about 40 years, according to a press release from ESA.