18 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/17/2020

Boston Dynamics has released its four-legged Spot Explorer robots for sale. Many people remember them from the company’s viral videos. Two more robots, Spot Enterprise and Spot Academic, are available for pre-order.

The head of the NGO “Android technology” previously told RIA Novosti that the Russian humanoid robot “Fedor” is better than the robot dog from Boston Dynamics in terms of fine motor skills. But the Fedor robot is not for sale.

Trump signed an Executive order on police reform

The reform includes improving police certification and training programs and expanding resources in the field of mental health, according to the presidential administration.

Turkey has launched a new operation in Iraq

The operation was called “tiger’s Claw”, Anadolu reports. Again against members of the Kurdistan Workers ‘ party, whom Ankara considers terrorists.

US eases restrictions on passenger flights from China

The us Department of transportation on Tuesday eased restrictions on passenger flights from China, the Hill reports. The Agency allowed Chinese companies to operate four flights a week from China to the United States and back. This decision came after the Chinese civil aviation Authority earlier agreed to the resumption of flights by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.


In St. Louis (Missouri), a monument to Columbus was dismantled amid protests against racism. It stood there for 140 years.


Bankers ask to postpone the transition to domestic software for four years

According to Kommersant, the industry Association believes that the requirements specified in the current version of the draft presidential decree and government decree are ” in some cases practically impossible”

Passenger plane SSJ100 made an emergency landing at Perm airport

The SSJ100 passenger plane made an emergency landing at Perm airport due to a malfunction on Board the aircraft, people were not injured, a representative of the emergency services of the region told RIA Novosti

Technical malfunction of the SSJ100 landed in Perm was not confirmed, the reason for the emergency landing was the operation of the sensor of the intelligent security system, RIA Novosti reported.

China suspends salmon imports from European suppliers

Norwegian salmon may not be the cause of the coronavirus outbreak on the market in Beijing, the Norwegian publication E24 reported, citing the Minister of the fishing industry, odd Emil Ingebrigtsen.

Earlier it was reported that China suspended salmon imports from European suppliers due to concerns that the fish could be linked to a new COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing’s largest wholesale market, Xinfadi.

Traffic on toll roads in Russia

The state-owned company Avtodor, which manages the network of toll roads in the Russian Federation, notes an increase in traffic on the routes it reports, but in some regions it still records a reduction in traffic intensity by 45% from the level of the same period in 2019.

So, on M-4 “don”, in comparison with the first week of June 2020, it increased by 34-50%, depending on the specific site. On M-3 “Ukraine” and M-11 “Neva”, there were more passes by 26% and 56%, respectively,” the state-owned company said in a statement. Avtodor notes that motorists, in General, are gradually returning to travel along their usual routes.

Prosecutor General: the number of bribes and “kickbacks” is growing in Russia

For the second year in a row, the number of detected corruption crimes has increased. Last year, 31 thousand such acts were registered. The number of crimes committed by organized groups has increased significantly (by 17%), related to “kickbacks” in the field of procurement (by 74%) and bribery (by 11%),” said the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov.

Metro employees are being forced to vote

Employees of the Moscow metro are not just forced to vote for the new Constitution — but are told to go to another region for this purpose. As told by several employees of the metro “Open media”, those of them who are registered in the Moscow region, the authorities ordered to arrive at the sites in Moscow, and they have already been forcibly attached to specific PEC. Some people will have to travel 150 km on their day off to the sites, under the threat of losing their bonuses or losing their jobs altogether.

Employees registered in the capital, on the contrary, were required to register on the website of public services and vote remotely. Both Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region who work in the metro must, according to instructions, vote ahead of schedule.moreover, a voting schedule has been drawn up for all employees. The authorities promised to control the results of the vote.

Chile-the discount rate is kept at the minimum level

The Chilean Central Bank at the end of its meeting left the key rate unchanged at 0.5% per annum, which coincided with market expectations. Before that, the regulator, starting in March, lowered the rate several times from the level of 1.75% per annum, in the context of a rather serious negative impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the country’s economy. The market expects that the key rate will remain at this minimum level throughout this year, and inflation will decrease by the end of the year to 1.9% per annum – well below the Central Bank’s target of 2-4% per annum.

Russian industry in may fell even more than in April

Mining decreased by 13.5%. Water supply and electricity fell by 10.9% and 4.1% per annum, respectively. The manufacturing sector declined by 7.2%. Production of chemicals (by 4.4%) and medicines (by 22.4%). Car production – more than 42%. In General, by the end of the year, the Ministry of economy expects a drop in industrial production at the level of 5.4%, and the cmacp – 6-8%, writes Kommersant.

Tourists will be able to settle in Russian health resorts only if they have three certificates.

The first-a resort card with an extract from the medical history and a doctor’s referral, the second – about the absence of coronavirus, received 72 hours before departure to the place of rest, the third – about sanepidokruzhenii, said the head of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

The government wants to increase subsidies when converting cars to gas

Energy Minister Alexander Novak proposed to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov to double the share of subsidies from the budget for the transfer of cars of individuals and small businesses from gasoline to gas fuel, RBC reports, citing a letter from the head of the Department.

Altai territory will allocate 5 billion rubles to fight poverty

The Altai territory is starting to implement an individual program for the development of the region, which is designed for 2020-2024. Its main goal is to develop the economy and improve the welfare of the population. According to the program, the Altai territory will receive five billion rubles from the Federal budget, the press service of the regional government reports. The corresponding order was previously signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Separately, 50 million rubles will also be allocated from the regional budget for the implementation of programs. In 2020, the region will receive 303 million rubles to support small and medium-sized businesses, 101 million for additional capitalization of the Altai territory development Fund and 202 million to support the microloan Fund.

Half of Russian companies has reduced salaries of employees

56% of Russian companies have reduced their payroll, with an average reduction of 28%. These are the results of a HeadHunter survey conducted at the end of may this year.

China has successfully put three satellites into orbit

China has successfully put three satellites into orbit. This was told by representatives of the space science and technology Corporation (CASC). On Wednesday, June 16, China launched three developments into space using the Changzheng-2D launch vehicle.

Poland expelled two people from Chechnya

The Polish internal security Agency (ABB) has accused two people from Chechnya of being a threat to the Republic’s security and expelled them from the country, Polish television reported. According to him, the ABB has expelled people from Chechnya to their homeland, as investigators have confirmed their links to terrorist organizations.

Series about the life of Soviet film Director Andrey Tarkovsky

Kirill Serebrennikov, the artistic Director of the Gogol center, is working on a series about the life of Soviet film Director Andrey Tarkovsky. Serebrennikov will act as both Director and screenwriter of the project, and the series will be produced by Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann and Pavel Burya from the Moscow company Hype Film.

In collaboration with this Studio, the Director has previously released the films “the Pupil” and “Summer”, and is now completing the film “petrovs in the flu” based on the novel by Alexey Salnikov. The timing of the series release is still unknown

The convicted official continued to go to work.

The Deputy head of the Department of municipal economy of Yevpatoria Andrey Tyuryagin in may 2020 was found guilty in the case of abuse of office, was given a suspended sentence and dismissed from the administration. At the same time, when investigators began to search for him to question him on the second case of abuse of authority, they found the official at his former place of work, where he continued to perform his duties.

“The suspect who had been dismissed from the administration, was arrested on June 16 this year during a workshop in his former office in the staff of special forces of the FSB”.

The mayor Roman Tikhonchuk said that Curagen was fired two weeks ago, and what was he doing in his office, known as the Department of urban development is not located in the administration building, and in a separate room.

“It is difficult for me to comment on what he did at his former place of work. Officially, it does not solve any issues… No one is forbidden to walk around this city and go to their former place of work.”

In this regard, investigators plan to assess the actions of higher officials of the administration of Yevpatoria

Price of the contract for the repair of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”

Zvezdochka ship repair center intends to conclude a contract for repair work with the only bidder. The name of the company that will carry out the restoration work is not specified.

According to the materials, the bidder offered the maximum amount of the contract (252.5 million rubles), but according to the results of pre-contractual negotiations, it was reduced to 251.4 million rubles, according to the public procurement portal.. The agreement itself has not yet been concluded

The share of coal-fired power has fallen to the lowest level in the world since 2003

The share of electricity generated by the world’s coal-fired power plants continues to decline, according to a report prepared by BP. According to its experts, in 2019, the share of “coal” electricity in the global energy balance decreased by 0.5 p.p. — to 27%, and its total volume was 157.9 exajoules.

Protests against the construction of coal loading in Kuzbass continue

For several days, activists have blocked the movement of construction equipment to the construction site of a coal loading station near the village of Cheremza in the Myskovsky district. Every day activists are on duty near the river, Calendas. It is there, according to the assurances of local residents, that the road passes by construction equipment. We turned to Natalia Pyankova for comment. She, like many other public figures, expressed dissatisfaction with the construction of a coal loading station

Japan named two reasons for rejecting the US missile defense SYSTEM

According to Nikkei, this decision was made by the Japanese authorities due to the constant increase in costs and technical imperfections of the complexes. It was expected that the installation of this type would cost about 746 million dollars, that is, almost half the cost of one combat ship with Aegis. But over time, the price rose to almost $ 932 million. Together with the missiles and necessary equipment, the cost of the two complexes amounted to more than 6.5 billion dollars, writes iomiuri. At the same time, it became known that the complexes are probably not very effective against modern ballistic missiles.

The number of wildfires in the Kuban increased by more than 20%

The most significant increase in the number of fires was registered in the territories of Kanevsky, Crimean, Slavyansky and Seversky districts, – Vitaly Davydenko, Deputy head of the Department of organization of Supervisory and preventive measures Of the Department of supervision and preventive work Of the main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Krasnodar territory

Russia has provided Turkey with two Be-200S to extinguish forest fires

Be-200 amphibious aircraft in the number of two sides arrived in Turkey and began work to prevent the spread of forest fires on the territory of the Republic. on June 16, the press service of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) reports that the Main be-200 based airports, according to the signed service agreement, will be located in the vicinity of Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum.

The number of new housing projects in Russia has decreased

Specialists of the real estate company “Metrium” recorded a decrease in the number of new housing construction projects. According to the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to experts, the reduction in construction occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to escrow accounts

OTKRITIE Bank earned a record 10.8 billion rubles in may

Since the beginning of the year, customer funds on accounts with OTKRITIE Bank have increased by 31.2 billion rubles (plus 1.8%), to 1.77 trillion rubles.

China to issue government bonds to fight coronavirus

The Ministry of Finance of the people’s Republic of China announced that it will borrow 100 billion yuan (more than 14 billion dollars) using government bonds to fight the coronavirus infection.

Foreigners are reducing investment in OFZ

Fears of a second wave of pandemics are forcing foreign investors to reduce their investments in assets of developing countries, including in Russian government bonds. Over the past three weeks, non-residents have reduced their investment in OFZ by 60 billion rubles.

The accounting chamber refused to comment on the possible disruption of the ” Power of Siberia”

The accounting chamber did not answer any of the 16 questions of the newspaper “Lenta. ” about the possible failure of a multi-billion dollar contract for the supply of gas to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. Earlier, the publication reported on numerous violations at the chayandinsky field, which is the resource base of the project.

Miller was re-elected head of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Neft

In addition to Miller, the Board of Directors has 12 members. In particular, it includes the head of Gazprom Neft Alexander Dyukov, members of the Gazprom management Board Sergey Kuznets, Gennady Sukhov, Sergey Menshikov and Elena Mikhailova, as well as Deputy chairmen of the holding company Family Sadygov and Vitaly Markelov.

Renewable energy can provide for the needs of the US

Researchers from the United States published data on falling prices for solar, wind and battery power and showed how these trends will affect the development of clean energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels, reports ZME Science.

Such measures will require an injection of $1.7 trillion into the country’s economy, provide new jobs for up to 530,000 people a year across the States — and at the same time, electricity tariffs will remain at the same level for consumers. Moreover, 90% of energy from renewable sources avoids $1.2 trillion in environmental and health spending by 2050. At the same time, the cost of energy in the wholesale market will continue to decline and will amount to 4.2-4.6 cents per kWh by 2035.

If these measures are taken, it will be possible to avoid the deterioration of citizens ‘ health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate economic development and save 850,000 people from premature death.

Khruangbin released psychedelically cute video “Pelota”

Psychedelic soul trio Khruangbin released a video for the track “Pelota”, the next single from the band’s upcoming album — “Mordechai” (its release is scheduled for June 26).

“A Texan band with a Thai name sings a song in Spanish based on a Japanese movie,” the musicians themselves describe the new track



VKontakte and Mail.ru connect their systems with a shared account

In the near future a single account will also combine the main services Mail.ru Group: email Mail.ru, the Citymobil taxi app, the Yulu ad service, and external partners.

OPPO released an inexpensive smartphone OPPO A72

The OPPO A72 smartphone comes with a 6.5-inch FHD + display. Battery capacity of 5000 mAh. The resolution is 2400×1080 pixels at a density of 405 PPI. Night mode Ultra Night Mode 2.0 and the aperture of the main module f/1.7. the Camera takes from 3 to 8 frames with different shutter speeds, and then combines them into a single image with an extended dynamic range and high detail.

Lenovo is ready to release the world’s first Flex 5g laptop

The device will cost $ 1,399. 99 when it launches this week in the US. Plus, the purchase of Flex 5G will include a year of using Microsoft 365 Personal. However, 5G connectivity is currently very limited. Therefore, users will be forced to use 4G whenever they leave the 5G coverage area.
Other features include: 14-inch Full HD multi-touch display, 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage, nano SIM card, USB-C ports, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint reader technology, 720p and infrared cameras, Dolby Atmos Audio, and a 60Wh battery. The 2.97-pound laptop can also be used in various modes, including tablet mode. It is expected to run on Windows 10 Pro OS.

Switzerland has created an engine of 16 atoms

The motor also operates on electric and thermal energy. The unique development is not only another molecular toy, but also a tool designed for research. He has already helped experts study the effect of quantum tunneling.

In Sri Lanka, arrowheads were found with an age of 48 thousand years

In the cave of Pahiyangala (Sri Lanka), archaeologists found ancient arrowheads, sewing supplies and fishing gear. According to scientists, arrowheads were made 48 thousand years ago. These are the oldest arrowheads found outside of Africa.

Russia will create a new method for converting gas into alcohol

Fossil fuels-coal, oil and gas-are not only banally burned to generate energy, but also serve as raw materials in various production cycles of the chemical industry. Novosibirsk scientists from the Boreskov Institute of catalysis SB RAS are studying a new method for converting methane into methyl alcohol, which is used in the production of plasmass, drugs and synthetic fuels.

3D printing technology has been created inside the human body

More and more work is now focused on creating human organs using 3D printing. However, such body parts must be implanted through relatively large incisions. The new bio-ink technology will allow” growing ” organs inside the body into a human.

The sea diet helped ancient migrants survive

Researchers from new York University have studied fossil reefs in a now-submerged part of the red sea coastline. It was along this coast that the routes of the pioneers from Africa on their way to the Arabian Peninsula passed. Archaeologists have examined more than 15,000 shells, about 5,000 years old. It turned out that the populations of sea molusks were enough to provide food for ancient people and this marine resource was not depleted.

In Mexico, a mysterious 2000-year-old petroglyph was deciphered

In Mexico, archaeologists studied a 2000-year-old petroglyph found in the state of Colima and determined that this artifact is an accurate map of part of ancient Mesoamerica. According to the national Institute of anthropology and history (INAH), the discovery was made in the state of Colima.

SpaceX began looking for engineers to create a floating spaceport

The company of American businessman Elon Musk SpaceX began looking for engineers to create a floating spaceport. Musk said that marine rocket launch complexes are planned to be built for the launch of super-heavy missiles to the moon and Mars, as well as hypersonic flights on Earth.

Mystery of bright anomalies on Titan revealed

An international team of astronomers seems to have solved the mystery of strange bright spots on the surface of Titan, a satellite of Saturn. After many years of research, scientists have come to the conclusion that these spots are traces of dried seas and lakes. Strange bright spots were first discovered in 2000. They are located in the southern tropical regions of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn