19 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/18/2020

Secretary of the Russian security Council Patrushev wrote an article about values

The West’s colossal efforts to scrap traditional Russian values have not been successful.

A generalized view of Russian values is laconically enshrined in the national security Strategy. The adoption of the amendments opens a new page in the history of the state.

The system of traditional values was the Foundation of Victory, and the task of future generations is to preserve and increase them. We must protect them from promoting neoliberal values that contradict the essence of our worldview.

The pandemic exposed the crisis of Western society – the deepening disunity, indifference and confusion in the face of danger. In parallel, there is the destruction of the middle class in the West, its catalyst was the collapse of the USSR, and the result-the revival of cave nationalism, for example in Ukraine


The Number of corruption crimes in Russia’s military structures in 2019 increased by 11.3%, the damage exceeded 10.5 billion rubles, according to the report of the Prosecutor General< / p>


The Ethiopians are building an object capable of destroying Egypt

Because of the Nile dam that Ethiopia is building, Egypt may face a humanitarian disaster and decline. The dam is 70% ready. A month ago, the Ethiopians placed “Pantsir-S1” complexes received from Russia around the dam under construction.

Tension on the border of India continues to grow.

A couple of weeks ago, Chinese and Indian border guards were standing a meter apart on the territory of Eastern Ladakh. As a result, the tension reached a boiling point and there was a conflict with 20 dead Indians and 43 dead and seriously injured Chinese. The Chinese side accused India of provocative attacks. India’s foreign Ministry accused China of violating the region’s status quo. Now equipment is being pulled to the border. The conflict is not new, the Himalayan region is a long-standing dispute between the countries.

Conflict between Arabs and Chechens in France

In Dijon (France), a group of drug traffickers of Arab origin beat a Chechen teenager, which is why Chechens from all over France began to come to the city to carry out retribution. As a result, the Chechens smashed a hookah bar that allegedly belonged to drug dealers, beat about a dozen people and staged large riots with weapons. The city’s gendarmerie did not interfere in the conflict.

We are not at war. We don’t need these points where they sell [drugs]. We are just breaking these points, we are destroying these points. We talk: “Don’t touch us.” We are tired of living in this mess. We left our country to live normally — but it is not possible.

The Prosecutor’s office recognized legal proceedings against Navalny for libel

Veteran of the great Patriotic war Ignat Artemenko was recognized as a victim in the investigation of a criminal case against Alexey Navalny for libel, said Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the capital’s Central Committee of the Russian Federation

The opposition leader in his posts in social networks called the participants of the campaign video for voting on amendments to the Constitution “corrupt lackeys”. Among them was a former Belarusian partisan Ignat Artemenko. Navalny did not call him by name, and in General, the veteran did not see Navalny’s posts themselves, and learned about them only in the retelling of neighbors who saw the news about it. Nevertheless, the Investigative Committee opened a libel case against Navalny, and the pensioner was recognized as a victim.

A new escalation in Kashmir – this time between India and Pakistan.

Islamabad accused the Indian military of violating the ceasefire, 4 civilians were killed, and Pakistani soldiers returned fire

Four Russian sailors were detained in the port of the South Korean city of Pusan

Four Russian sailors were detained at the port of the South Korean city of Pusan for attempting to smuggle drugs into the territory of the Republic of Korea, The newsis portal reported, citing the port’s security service.

NATO has adopted a package of measures to strengthen Russia’s nuclear missile potential

The defense Ministers of the NATO States reviewed the strengthening of Russia’s nuclear missile potential at a videoconference and adopted a package of response measures, including the purchase of fifth-generation aircraft, new air defense systems, as well as conducting new exercises. This was stated on Wednesday by the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg at an online briefing following a video conference of defense Ministers. He stressed that the Alliance does not intend to place new ground-based nuclear missiles in Europe.

Russia convinces NATO of good-neighborly relations

Russia continues to adhere to the course of good-neighborly relations with European countries, new weapons have a defensive purpose, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on defense Andrey Krasov.

“Russia is not going to attack anyone, the equipment and weapons coming to the armed forces of the Russian Federation under the state defense order are aimed at protecting our borders,” Krasov commented to Interfax on the statement of the NATO Secretary General on strengthening air defense and missile DEFENSE systems

North Korea threatens South Korea with tougher actions

The next actions of the DPRK against South Korea may be even more severe, according to the Central North Korean newspaper “Nodon Sinmun”. “This is just the beginning,” the newspaper said in a statement. – The patience of our military broke”, – the newspaper notes.

Issuance of car loans in may increased by 2 times compared to April

According to preliminary data from the United credit Bureau (OKB), about 29,000 car loans worth more than 22 billion rubles were issued in may. This is about 2 times less than in may last year (56.9 thousand loans for 46.3 billion rubles), but it is 2 times more than in April – in the first month of quarantine (13.8 thousand loans for 11 billion rubles). In addition, in April-may, there was a significant change in the average amount of car loans, which decreased by more than 100 thousand rubles and amounted to about 770 thousand rubles.

New US sanctions against the Syrian President and his family have come into force

The US has imposed sanctions on 39 individuals and businesses under the “Caesar’s law”. The sanctions list includes Syrian President Bashar al Assad and members of his family

Pavel Durov urged to refuse to install apps from the App Store and Google Play

Pavel Durov denounced Apple and Google because of the 30% Commission on purchases in mobile apps installed through the App Store and Google Play. He encouraged users to install apps directly or through third-party stores

Putin will address the Russians about amendments to the Constitution

Vladimir Putin intends to make another appeal to the Russians ahead of the vote on amendments to the Constitution. Sources of “Interfax” say that it will take place after the Victory parade, approximately on June 29 or 30.

The police came to the journalist of “Rain” Anton Baev

On the night of June 18, four men in plain clothes, who introduced themselves as police officers, came to the editorial office of the TV channel “Rain” and demanded that the correspondent Anton Baev go with them. The reason was a report by Baev about buying votes in support of amendments to the Constitution, which was released on “Dozhde” the day before.

Baev answered questions from law enforcement officers near the editorial office in the presence of the channel’s lawyer, after which the police left. As “Rain” later found out, the police received a statement under the article “Hindering the exercise of electoral rights or the work of election commissions”. According to the police, they need to find people who organized the sale of SIM cards.

Veterans were sent to a two-week quarantine

About 80 veterans of the great Patriotic war, who will be on the same podium with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Victory parade, were sent to quarantine. This was reported by two Bloomberg sources.

Veterans are isolated for two weeks at a resort outside Moscow, writes Bloomberg. However, Ekho Moskvy’s sources in the parade’s organizing Committee said that the veterans were not taken anywhere, but simply asked to stay at home.

Veterans who will take part in the Victory day Parade on red square on June 24 are indeed currently being quarantined, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed.

“Indeed, a number of veterans are quarantined in sanatoriums and rest homes, and they are in excellent conditions there.”

Roskomnadzor announced that it will remove restrictions on access to Telegram.

This agreement was reached with the Prosecutor General’s office, according to the Agency’s website. Telegram did not provide the Russian authorities with encryption keys, but interacts with specific requests about terrorism

Telegram messenger, despite being blocked for several years, continued to work, the cancellation of the block puts everything in its place – the restriction that did not work is removed, the head Of the Association of electronic communications (RAEC) Sergey Plugotarenko told RIA Novosti

In Ussuriysk arrested acting the role of a fictional Deputy Vitaly Nalivkin

In Ussuriysk, the great actor who plays the role of the fictional Deputy Vitaly Nalivkin was arrested for five days for swearing in the street. This was reported to MBH Media by the author of the project Andrey Klochkov.

Last week, the police already checked Nalivkin — for a video in which the “Deputy” helps to detain police Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Andreichenko, who keeps “hundreds of kilograms of money” at home. The police then said that the authors of the video Express clear disrespect for the state authorities.

Budget institutions of the Moscow region distributed the ” Manifesto of Russian citizens”

On June 18, dozens of similar posts with the hashtag #yasolidaren and a link to a new “methodology” explaining why it is necessary to vote for amendments to the Constitution began to appear in the public pages of kindergartens, sports schools, MFC and other budget institutions.

The document is designed as a” Manifesto of Russian citizens “who oppose interference in the country’s sovereignty and encroachments on Russian lands and demand a decent future where”there is no place for an unconventional family, violated faith and lack of moral values.” The authors promise to make their choice on June 1 and ” drive away the enemies who have warmed up inside the country and do not want to see Russia as a great power.”

The most terrible things have so far been avoided only thanks to Putin personally, and they can be excluded in the future only by voting for amendments to the Constitution, the anonymous authors of the “Manifesto” conclude»

Main beneficiaries of garbage reform

According to an investigation conducted by the publication “Important stories”, companies associated with people in the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, received almost a quarter of all state contracts for garbage removal in the country — for a total of 423 billion rubles.

Companies associated with the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov received contracts for 165 billion, with the son of the former Prosecutor General Igor Chaika-for 107 billion, with businessmen Arkady Rotenberg and Yuri Kovalchuk-for 88 and 63 billion, respectively.

The Russian government has returned to the idea of a tax on the rich

The government has returned to the idea of additional taxation of relatively well-off Russians, Forbes reports, citing sources. We are talking about a progressive scale for individuals, which refers to “requests for social justice” during the pandemic, sources say.

The Ministry of economic development calculated an increase in the personal income tax rate from 13% to 15% with an annual income of 2-3 million rubles. In addition, there is an option with an unpaid personal income tax in the amount of the subsistence minimum or more.

The government has not confirmed plans to raise the tax for the rich. “This issue is not being discussed,” the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

Pavel Durov accused Facebook of earning money from advertising fraudulent schemes

Instagram Facebook founder Pavel Durov accused the company of earning money from advertising fraudulent schemes that use his name.

Facebook instagram has been making money from advertising fraudulent schemes launched in my name for more than a year now. These fraudulent schemes are approved by Facebook moderators, getting the official status of ads and thus misleading people

Durov said that the last mention in the media of fraudsters advertising with his name occurred today, but “reports of fraudulent activity sanctioned by Facebook appeared a year ago.” He also called the situation in which Facebook ignores complaints for more than a year, “making money on the financial inexperience of users”, unacceptable.

Exchange prices for gasoline in Russia soared to a historical record

In two months, AI-95 has risen in price by almost 54%, AI-92-by 40%. At the auction of the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange (Spmtsb) on Wednesday, the price of AI-95 reached a record for all time observations.

Transactions were concluded at a price of 56,751 rubles per ton, which is higher even than the peaks of the crisis in 2018: then, against the background of an increase in excise taxes, prices soared to 56,300 rubles. Since the beginning of June, 95 gasoline has risen by 9%, and in two months – by 54%. On Wednesday, the ton cost 49,679 rubles – 40% more expensive than at the end of April. On the OTC market, the 92nd is already sold for more than 50 thousand rubles per ton for the first time since October 2018.

Which countries sell the most electric vehicles?

The us administration is asking the court to ban the publication of John Bolton’s book.

The US is asking the court to ban Bolton from publishing memoirs about his work in the White house, explaining that the book contains secret information that could harm national security

Greece announced the start date for issuing visas to Russians

Greece will resume issuing visas to Russian citizens from June 29. This is reported by THE gvcw visa center in Moscow. At the same time, information about the mutual opening of borders between the two countries will not appear until July.

Operators opposed 5G networks only on Russian equipment

The working group of the ANO “Digital economy”, which includes representatives of Telecom operators, blocked the introduction of a requirement to build 5G networks on domestic equipment in the Federal project” Information infrastructure”. This is reported by Kommersant with reference to the minutes of the meeting of the group, which was held on June 10, and its participants

The Russian government plans to save Aeroflot»

The government is discussing the issue of recapitalization of the crisis-hit Aeroflot through an additional share issue, Reuters reported, citing sources. Officials and VTB discussed this issue, an Interfax source knows.

Aeroflot, which is 51.2% owned by the state, can issue an additional issue worth about 80 billion rubles. The state can buy shares worth 50 billion rubles, and the rest will be bought by VTB and the Russian direct investment Fund in equal proportions, the interlocutors told Reuters. A representative of Aeroflot told the Agency that it does not have such information.

Mortgage delinquency has increased significantly in Russia

According to experts, “the share of overdue debt in the mortgage lending segment has not changed for several months — 2.2%”. However, ” despite this, in absolute terms, overdue debt has increased by more than 12% since the beginning of the year and exceeded 86 billion rubles.”

In the Kursk region stopped the construction of a livestock complex

As reported in the press service of the administration of the Kursk region, the project to build a complex for cattle is still suspended. It will be resumed as soon as possible.

Due to the current economic situation in the country and the world, the company will focus on the development of the project for the construction of a “Selection and seed center in crop production”. Its implementation will increase the production capacity for controlled storage of seeds by 35 thousand tons and their sorting by 40 thousand tons per year. This will strengthen the company’s leading position in the seed market – “said Stefan dürr, President of EkoNiva group.

Germany has charged the possible killer of an associate of Basayev

The German Prosecutor General’s office has filed formal charges against the alleged killer of Chechen field commander Zelimkhan khangoshvili. This is reported by Süddeutsche Zeitung

Russian Vadim Krasikov, also known as Vadim S., is accused of murder and violation of the rules of possession of weapons. It is also believed that he was acting on behalf of Russia and is associated with state structures.

A trailer for a new Netflix series about fighting nuns has appeared

Netflix has released a trailer for the new science fiction series “Fighting nun”. The project, based on the comic book of the same name, tells about a young girl who is resurrected by unknown forces after her death.

Volkswagen offered customers to participate in the Assembly of their cars

Under the supervision of employees of the Volkswagen plant, a group of 4 visitors will be allowed to 5 different car Assembly stations. Customers will be offered to supply their own cooling radiator, radiator grille, lights, nameplates e-Golf, as well as help in connecting the power unit and the body.

AirPods headphones exploded in a person’s ear

An airpods earphone exploded in the ear of a Chinese resident while he was on the phone, according to the gizmochina portal. We are talking about 23-year-old Zheng Tang, who, in connection with the incident, faced an ear injury: he was diagnosed with a tear in the skin of the anterior wall of the right ear canal, as well as hearing loss.

Downtown Seattle has declared itself an Autonomous territory

Seattle, with a population of just over 600,000 people, has recently attracted the interest of all news broadcasts in the United States. The center of one of the major cities declared itself an Autonomous territory. This zone is now governed by “initiative citizens” and not by the laws of the United States.

The UN Security Council has elected new non-permanent members

The UN General Assembly on Wednesday elected India, Mexico, Ireland and Norway as new non-permanent members of the Security Council for 2021-2022. According to the results, India received 184 votes, Mexico-187, Ireland-130, Norway-128.

Two African States – Kenya and Djibouti-will compete for another seat among the non-permanent members of the Security Council: on Wednesday, they failed to get the necessary number of votes (at least 128).

The security Council consists of 15 members, five of them permanent: Russia, great Britain, USA, France and China. All others are non-permanent, elected each year by groups of five countries for two years. Voting is traditionally secret. To ensure victory, the country must receive at least two-thirds of the votes of the UNGA delegates.

The visit of the head of Soviet intelligence to Germany in 1940 is classified

Information about the trip of the head of foreign intelligence of the USSR Pavel Fitin to the Third Reich in 1940 is still secret, wrote the Director of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia Sergey Naryshkin in an article published on June 16 in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Merkel called on the EU for a United policy towards China

“In relation to a strategic partnership with China is important for Europe to speak as one voice on behalf of all 27 member States, with the only way we can convincingly act the part of our European values and interests,” said Merkel, commenting on topics of the future presidency of Germany in EU Council.

Trump has signed the law on sanctions against China over oppression of Uighurs

On June 17, US President Donald trump signed a bill allowing sanctions to be imposed on foreign officials guilty of harassing Uighurs and other minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region of China. This is reported on the White house website.

North Korea returned soldiers to guard posts in the demilitarized zone

The military is seen at previously empty posts after Pyongyang announced its intention to resume the operation of the so-called civilian police posts — soldiers are not allowed access to the DMZ, so North Korea sends civilian police there, who are still recruited from among the military

Germany will sign a military contract worth 6 billion euros

On Wednesday, the German Parliament’s budget Committee approved a 6 billion Euro ($6.73 billion) contract for the purchase of four MKS 180 multi-purpose warships from the Dutch Damen shipyard. This, with reference to sources, is reported by Reuters.

The Pentagon has created a defense strategy against Russia and China in space

The us Department of defense has completed the development of a “defense Strategy in space”, which was prepared in response to a “significant threat” from Russia and China, said Deputy assistant to the head of the Pentagon Steven Kitay. He repeated accusations against the Russian Federation and China that they plan to place weapons in space or deploy other weapons aimed at the us space forces.

Actress Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana

American actress Kristen Stewart will play the role of Princess Diana in the film by Chilean Director Pablo Larrain. The tape was named “Spencer”.

The picture will tell about one weekend in the early 1990s, when Princess Diana decided that her marriage to Prince Charles had no future and she needed to break up with him, writes Deadline. The film will cover a three-day period during the Christmas weekend at the home of the Royal family of Windsor.

Released a teaser of the movie “Nest” with Jude law

In Russia, the film is expected to be released on September 24. On Wednesday, June 17, it became known that a teaser of the movie “Nest” with Jude law appeared on the network. The video is published on the YouTube channel IFC Films.



Ben whishaw will play a doctor in the film adaptation of ” It will hurt»

British actor Ben whishaw will play the main role in the film adaptation of the memoir of Adam Kay “It will hurt: the story of a doctor who left the profession at the peak of his career.” This is reported by Deadline. The series will be released on the BBC, but a premiere date has not yet been set.

Kay’s memoir tells the story of a young doctor from the beginning of his career in medicine to the end of his career, and shows the inside of the British health system. The text of the memoirs for the film will be adapted by the author, who will also be one of the producers of the project. One of the Directors of the series will be Lucy Forbes.

Work has begun on a biopic of the late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

According to Deadline, the Director will be Greg Olliver, who shot the 2010 documentary “Lemmy”, the script he wrote with Medeni Griffith during Lemmy’s lifetime (the musician died on December 28, 2015). Producers are the project Manager of the group Todd Singerman and Stefan Chirazi. The film tells about the creative path of the musician from his youth and work as a road Manager of Jimi Hendrix to the creation of the bands Hawkwind and, of course, Motorhead

The lifetime of a neutron in space was measured for the first time

Scientists have measured the lifetime of a neutron in outer space for the first time. This is reported in an article published in the journal Physical Review Research. It turned out that the lifetime of a neutron outside an atom is only about 780 seconds (13 minutes) with an error of 60 seconds.

Eurovision announced the dates of the contest in 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the annual concert event did not take place in a live format, and the participating countries did not use the locations specially prepared in the Netherlands. On the portal News.ru it was reported that the semi-final and final of the competition in 2021 will be held on may 20 and 22.

Samsung has started offering smartphones for rent in Russia at half price

A new program for purchases by the Korean company Samsung Upgrade has started working in Russia. It allows you to use the brand’s flagship smartphone models, paying a relatively small amount of money per month.

Twitter will be able to record voice messages

The message can be up to 140 seconds long. If you fail to meet this limit, the recording will be split into several audio retweets. The statement also notes that gradually the ability to record voice messages will appear on other platforms.

The Killers released a new single

The Killers have released a new single, “My own soul’s warning”, from their upcoming album,” Imploding the mirage”, according to NME. This will be the band’s sixth Studio album.



Music auction to help women affected by the coronavirus epidemic

Taylor swift, Madison beer and other pop stars will participate in the music auction. The money raised from the tors will be used to help women affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

Swift will put up an autographed acoustic guitar for auction, bir — a stage outfit in which she starred in the video Good in Goodbye, Annie Lennox will provide an Alberta Ferreti dress for auction, and the British singer Celeste is ready to hold a tea party with the winning patron.

Sting, Emeli Sande, Paloma faith, Jessie ware, Anushka Shankar and other stars will also participate in the auction.

“The crisis for thousands of women living in poverty is acute. I’m glad that such incredible musicians are joining me, ” said Annie Lennox, who announced the upcoming auction.

Evraz will track employee contacts through the COVID prevention app

Evraz holding has implemented a special mobile application at its enterprises that tracks employee contacts with each other in order to warn them in time about the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Innopolis is testing a 4D model of the city

An interactive public monitoring service for lighting, landscaping and landscaping has been launched in Innopolis. Specialists from Innopolis University and the city hall started working on the 4D model platform in June 2018

WhatsApp now has the ability to read other people’s conversations

The company’s management does not respond to leaks of users ‘ personal data, which occur regularly. Moreover, users can now view other people’s conversations in this messenger.

A program has been created to search for kinship relationships between animals

Experts have developed a program that allows you to effectively and quickly detect similar areas in the genomes of different animals. This method gives an understanding of how close to each other are 2 types of animals. The development was named halSynteny

You can learn a foreign language in your sleep

Scientists recalled that during sleep, the human brain processes the material obtained during the day. Experts from Switzerland have learned that it is easy to learn a foreign language during a night’s sleep. Researchers have suggested that during slow or deep sleep, people learn new information.