20 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/19/2020

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe has issued an opinion on the draft amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. After evaluating the proposed amendment to article 79, the Commission concluded that granting the constitutional court of the Russian Federation the right to overturn ECHR decisions contradicts Russia’s obligations under the European Convention on human rights, and recommended that it be deleted or reformulated.

Russia and Belarus have signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visas.

The document was signed by foreign Ministers of the two countries Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Makei. Now people who have a visa from one of these countries can enter and stay in the territory of another country for the entire duration of the visa. In addition, Russia has promised to remove controls at its airports on flights from Belarus.

Communication style of deputies of the Saratov regional Duma

In “United Russia” criticized the communication style of the Deputy of the Saratov regional Duma. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on culture of the regional Parliament Dmitry Chernyshevsky at a meeting of the Committee sent “on the x * y” his colleague from the Communist party. As Yevgeny Revenko, a member of the ethics Committee of United Russia, told the newspaper “Rise”, Chernyshevsky previously left the party, but is a member of the faction.

He was in the party, but suspended his membership, but he is in the faction. The Secretary of the regional office, Nikolai Pankov, confirmed this to me. According to Pankov, the conflict broke out because the representative of the Communist party offered to award the son of the first Secretary of the regional party Committee on the occasion of the 40th anniversary, and the first Secretary is a state Duma Deputy Akimov. Now the incident is being investigated by the ethics Commission of the regional Duma. It is sad that in disputes sometimes deputies show themselves like this, especially the descendants of great people. It is not parliamentary style to descend to a back – door vocabulary.

Crab business Sobchak lives.

According to the telegram channel NAZYRGAN, from the response of Senator Mammadov, it became known that it is under control of Matvienko. And Senator Narusova’s requests are handled by the Committee on rules and organization of parliamentary activity of the Federation Council

Quotations of “Yandex” achieved a historical maximum

Yandex shares on the Moscow stock Exchange on Friday updated the record value, reaching 3167 per paper

The court arrested in absentia the ex-head of the largest private oil refinery in Russia

The sanction for the arrest of the former General Director of the Antipinsky oil refinery Gennady Lisovichenko was issued in absentia by the Tver court of Moscow, on June 19, the press service of the court reported.

Eastern economic forum-2020 canceled

The Eastern economic forum, which was supposed to be held in September 2020, has been canceled, the press service of Roscongress reports. It is reported that this decision was made by the organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of this forum.

“The sixth Eastern economic forum will be held in September 2021,” the message reads.

New version of the document on mandatory pre-installation of Russian programs

The FAS sent the government a draft resolution on mandatory pre-installation of domestic applications and programs on smartphones, computers and Smart TVs. The new version of the document allows you not to install domestic programs on tablets and smartwatches. The FAS calls this a concession to the American Apple, which refused to pre-install Russian applications.

One of the important additions is that manufacturers will not be allowed to pre-install apps on smartphones and computers in full. It will be enough to place icons on the screen that the consumer can use to download the Russian program offered to them.

Two Canadians will go on trial in China for espionage.

The Chinese Prosecutor’s office has charged canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor with espionage. The Prosecutor’s office’s indictment against kovrig was transferred to the second intermediate court in Beijing.

A Moscow court has admitted that the authorities are monitoring Muscovites

A Moscow court has confirmed the legality of issuing fines for violating self-isolation issued using CCTV cameras. Preobrazhensky district court rejected the first of 15 thousand such complaints received from pedestrians and motorists, found out “Open media”. Many lawyers believe that such fines cannot be issued automatically.

The court also recognized that the Moscow authorities monitor Muscovites using their biometric data, not just photos: therefore, there could be no mistakes when issuing fines, the judge noted. Until now Moscow officials have categorically denied using biometric data to spy on residents of the capital

Large reserves of underground fresh water were found in Crimea

According to the press service of Sevastopol state University (Sevsu), scientists have studied in detail two through tectonic faults with pressure underground water migrating over a distance of more than 120 kilometers – from the Crimean mountains to their submarine discharge under the sea of Azov. According to preliminary estimates, large-through the underground streams (about 20 pieces) and smaller (30 units) each year forever shed by the Azov and Black seas of fresh water in volumes more than 1 million cubic meters per day, several times exceeding the volume of their production from the upper aquifer.

EU leaders agreed to extend economic sanctions against Russia for six months

The heads of state and government of the European Union at an online summit made a political decision to extend for six months the economic sanctions against Russia, which expire on July 31. This was reported to the TASS correspondent on Friday by a source in the delegation of one of the countries of the community.

According to the diplomat, this decision came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel macron informed the other leaders about the implementation of the Minsk agreements to resolve the conflict in Ukraine

The presence of American troops freed Poland from Russian influence

Polish President Andrzej Duda believes that the presence of American troops in his country has freed the Republic from Russian influence. The Polish President believes that Warsaw is now becoming “independent from Russia”.

“Soon this independence will be complete – when we build the Baltic Pipe and will have the freedom to choose who to buy gas from-Russia or other suppliers. Then we will be completely independent, ” Duda said. “(Poland will become independent) when we finish the channel through the Baltic spit and do not have to ask the Russians whether it is possible to go from the Baltic sea to the waters of the Gulf… Then there will be a real choice and real independence from Russia,” he concluded.

The market for new buildings in Russia collapsed in may almost twice

Rosreestr registered in the country only 35.5 thousand contracts for participation in shared construction (DDU) against 66.3 thousand DDU a year earlier.

I don’t even know a single last name

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin ruled out that the adoption of amendments to the Constitution could lead to the rule of oligarchs. In his opinion, there are no “oligarchs left”in Russia. “I don’t even know a single last name like that.”

According to him, “a significant part of corporations” was returned to the state, and large private companies do not significantly affect the management of the state. And, according to the head of the city, after voting on the amendments, “they are unlikely to have” such an impact. “Most likely, on the contrary, the state will strengthen. Therefore, this is nothing more than idle conversations, ” the mayor believes.

Over the past three months, the price of bitcoin has increased by 145%, to $9500.

On March 13, the cryptocurrency set a local minimum of $3800, after which it began to rise sharply in price. However, the rate of BTC should be higher, said the analyst portal Coindesk Omkar Godbole. The Mayer multiple coefficient below 2.4 indicates that the coin is undervalued, and now its value is 1.15.

According to Godbole, it is likely to increase in the price of the asset in the near future. However, the indicator is a technical analysis tool, and no one can guarantee accuracy in forecasting.

Russia’s largest trolleybus plant will not return to work

The largest trolleybus plant in the Russian Federation “trol” near Saratov will not return to work, the company sells property and pays off debts. At a press conference in the press center of Komsomolskaya Pravda, this information was confirmed by the Minister of industry and energy of the Saratov region, Andrey Arkhipov. According to him, 10 people remained in the state, and the legal entity “trol” stopped its production activities.

VTB started working at the Telegram.

The Bank has launched the channel “VTB Operstab”, where it promises to report on its services, products, promotions and major events in the Bank and the country’s economy.

Cyprus intends to tighten immigration policy

Cyprus intends to tighten immigration policy and asylum policies, said the Minister of internal Affairs of nuris. He explained that thousands of people come from safe countries, do not risk returning to their countries, and use gaps in legislation to stay in Cyprus.

Sberbank canceled the free transfer limit

Sberbank started charging a Commission for all transfers via ATMs on June 2. It will be 1% (but no more than 1000 rubles), according to the Bank’s website.

Now you can transfer up to 50 thousand rubles a month for free, and then buy a subscription for free transfers or pay a Commission of one percent on each transaction. However, this limit does not apply to transfers via ATMs. In addition, now when making a transfer through a Sberbank employee, the Commission will be 1.5%.

In Moscow, the taxi drivers will have to disinfect the machine after each trip.

The corresponding order was prepared by the DMV. Taxi drivers are also required to wash their cars daily at special disinfection points. In addition, companies must provide drivers with masks and gloves, as well as measure the temperature of employees daily, and every 15 days conduct tests for coronavirus in at least 10% of the list of drivers.

How much time do You spend in social networks?

The average Chinese spends 2 hours and 19 minutes there, and the average American spends just under 2 hours. In Europe, the numbers are even lower, in Germany, not much more than an hour. In Japan, it’s 45 minutes.

Corruption crime rate in Russia in 2019

The level of corruption crime in 2019 amounted to 21.1 offenses per 100 thousand people compared to 20.8 a year earlier and “generally remains stable in recent years,” according to the Prosecutor General’s office.

Most of the crimes related to corruption were detected in the development of budget funds, including those allocated for the implementation of targeted programs, as well as in the organization of auctions, property management, control and audit and law enforcement activities, and in the sphere of housing and communal services.

Volodin on the future of Russia: after Putin, there will be Putin

Speaker of the state Duma and chief NEGEI of the country Volodin in an interview with the newspaper.Ru spoke about what, in his opinion, awaits Russia in the future. He is confident that the next Russian President will continue the system built by Vladimir Putin.

If we are talking about a strong Russia, then after Putin there will be Putin. Everything that will happen after President Putin will happen according to the patterns that he laid down. Russia can only be strong. Putin did it— “the state Duma speaker said, adding that the whole world now understands that” Russia is lucky, it has a strong Putin.”

Scientists were able to calculate the speed of rotation of the Earth

Scientists were able to calculate that the Earth rotates around its axis at a speed of up to 1,600 km / h and orbits the Sun at a speed of 107,000 km/h.

But have you ever wondered, if the Earth is spinning at such a great speed, why can’t we feel that speed?

The answer lies in the very nature of movement. We don’t feel constant movement. We feel movement only when there is a change in speed or direction of movement.

The network has a new trailer for the second season of “Fatal patrol”

The video is published on IGN’s YouTube channel. In the second season, the anti-heroes must again protect the world

Street protests in the US did not lead to a spike in coronavirus

Street protests in the United States after the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of police officers did not lead to a surge in cases of coronavirus, RIA Novosti writes with reference to the Wall Street Journal. This is evidenced by the data of preliminary studies

Green power plants bypassed nuclear power plants for electricity production

Green power plants in 2019 for the first time outstripped nuclear power plants in terms of electricity generated, according to the British company BP in its annual report. Energy consumption from renewable sources increased by 13% last year.

Europe’s banks will spend $1.5 trillion on cheap loans for companies

Eurocentrobank’s proposal to form a package of ultra-cheap three-year loans was accepted by 742 banks for a total of 1.31 trillion euros ($1.5 trillion) on June 18, according to Bloomberg.

These loans are intended to ensure that banks continue to provide loans to companies and households to support the recovery of the economy after the pandemic. The interest rate on this package of loans is below zero, which means that the ECB pays lenders to provide loans to businesses and individuals.

Water and rail transport were recognized as the affected industries

The government Commission for improving the sustainability of the Russian economy has approved the inclusion in the list of industries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic of passenger transportation by water and rail in intercity traffic, the Kommersant newspaper reports, citing sources.

Tax collections from Russian salaries have been reduced by almost a quarter

FinExpertiza specialists analyzed the collection of tax payments from the salaries of Russians. It turned out that the indicator decreased by 23 percent in April. If in March the total amount of personal income tax from wages amounted to 355.9 billion rubles, then next month 273.4 billion rubles.

Experts note that the coronavirus crisis has seriously affected the real economy and incomes of Russians. Most of the country’s residents are poorer than they were before it started. So, the salary of the average resident of the country fell from 33.4 thousand rubles to 26.1 thousand. In half of the regions, it has fallen by 20 percent, in 18 it has fallen by a quarter or more, and in some regions it has fallen by a third.

Less than two thousand tourists visited Japan in may

Compared to last year, the number of tourists decreased by 99.9%, due to the closure of regular flights from 111 countries. In total, 3.9 million people visited the country in the first five months of 2020, which is 71.3% less than was registered for the same period in 2019

NorNickel sold its last non-core asset in Australia

Norilsk Nickel has sold the Honeymoon Well field in Australia to BNP mining company, Norilsk Nickel said in a statement. With the sale of Honewmoon Well, the company announced a complete exit from its Australian assets. It is planned to close the transaction after obtaining regulatory approvals, the transaction amount is not disclosed

The UK’s national debt exceeded the size of GDP for the first time

The Agency noted that against the background of additional expenses for anti-crisis support of the economy and restrictive measures, the national debt increased by 173.2 thousand pounds. Thus, the growth of public debt in the UK exceeded GDP growth for the first time since 1963.

The US has stopped negotiations with EU countries on a digital tax

The US has decided to withdraw from negotiations on changing the tax system for multinational corporations, and also threatened measures if they promote their own taxes, writes the Financial Times with reference to a letter from us Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Mr Mnuchin sent letters to the Finance Ministers of four European countries — France, Britain, Italy and Spain. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer confirmed that he had received such a letter, and called the US move a “provocation”.

In Japan, they learned to pollinate plants with soap bubbles

Engineers from Japan si Yang and Eijiro Miyako managed to develop a technology by which plants are pollinated with soap bubbles. Experts created a solution harmless to pollen particles, then loaded it into a toy gun that shoots soap bubbles.

The Indian air force wants to buy 33 fighters from Russia

It is reported that the Indian Air force wants to purchase 21 Russian MiG-29 fighters and twelve su-30MKI. Agency sources say that a specific plan for the acquisition of new combat aircraft will be provided to the defense Ministry of India next week.

An unmanned combat vehicle was presented in Estonia

The first images of the TypeX combat complex appeared on the social network “Twitter”. It is the result of the work of the company “Milrem Robotics”. The essence of the project is to replace conventional samples of equipment intended for transporting personnel with unmanned samples.

A plan for Turkey’s invasion of Armenia and Greece appeared online

The Turkish authorities ‘ plan to invade Armenia and Greece appeared on the Internet, the information and news portal reports evo-rus.com. These materials were obtained from the presentation of the Turkish General staff of the armed forces, which is intended only for internal use. This information was received from the Nordic Monitor.

According to the documents, Turkey has carefully worked out a secret plan to seize Greek territory. The operation is called “Chaka ” Bay”. This name was taken for a reason – it refers to the Seljuk Emir, who is considered one of the founders of the Turkish Navy. Journalists report that this plan has been developed since at least 2014. In addition, the document mentions the military invasion of Armenia.

Landing ship of the US Navy entered the Black sea

The us Navy’s oak Hill landing ship docked in the Black sea, where it joined the American destroyer Porter, which was already there, according to the Ukrainian newspaper Dumskaya. The destroyer Porter also entered the Black sea on 17 June.

The landing ship Oak Hill must perform tasks to maintain relations between the United States and its allies in the region. This is the fourth visit of a US military vessel to the Black sea in 2020. The ship itself is based in the Mediterranean sea. It has a displacement of more than 19 thousand tons, a length of 186 meters, a width of 26, a draft of 6.5 m, and a speed of 25 knots. On Board are Marines of the 26th marine expeditionary force and personnel of the assault landing force.

250 million rubles were stolen from the MMI Fund in Kuzbass

In Kuzbass, two managers of a network of private medical centers are suspected of stealing more than 250 million rubles from the territorial compulsory medical insurance Fund (CHI). This is reported by TASS with reference to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Kemerovo region

The trailer for the Netflix fantasy series “Damned” has been released

On the YouTube channel Netflix published a trailer for the service’s fantasy series “Cursed” (Cursed), which is based on the brutal novel of the same name by Tom Wheeler with illustrations by Frank Miller, the author of “sin City”.

The first details of the plot of “Alien-5” appeared in the Network

The first frame of the draft was published by the online publication Syfy. Thanks to this publication, the extended slogan of the film “Alien 5” became known: “in space, no one will hear your cry, in space, no one will hear about your dreams.” In addition, the script page has a quote from the writer Edgar PoE: “Everything that I see and think is only a dream in a dream.” Fans of the franchise assume that dreams will occupy a Central role in the plot of the film.

The animated series “Solar opposites” was renewed for a third season

Hulu has announced that the series “Solar opposites” will be renewed for a third season. This happened just a month after the debut of the animated series. During this month, “Sunny opposites” became the most popular Comedy show on Hulu.

Elijah wood will play in a new Thriller about a serial maniac

The film about the American serial killer Ted Bundy “No man of God” will star Hollywood actor Elijah wood, June 17, according to Deadline. The actor will play an analyst from the FBI, bill Hagmeyer, who became particularly close to the criminal in his last years.

The Fiery Furnaces released their first single 11 years later

The Fiery Furnaces are back with their new song “Down at the So and So on Somewhere”, the first joint track by Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger in 11 years. On June 18, the American indie rock band the Fiery Furances released their single “Down at the So and So on Somewhere” after an 11-year hiatus.

YouTube allows you to create storefronts with products inside the app

The catalog of products that are advertised in the video can be seen under the video. Companies will also be able to establish contact with the audience through an internal feedback form. YouTube will also allow users to go to external pages directly from the main feed of the app

Google has launched an analog of Pinterest with artificial intelligence

Google has launched a new service called Keen, which allows users to follow what is happening around areas of interest to them. The new project was created in the area 120 startup incubator with the participation of the PAIR team, which studies how people interact with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence wrote a new Nirvana song

A YouTube user who performs under the pseudonym Funk Turkey posted a Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence.

Black Eyed Peas released a new album

The album’s first track was the song “Ritmo”, released earlier for the Comedy action film”Bad guys forever”. The album “Translation” was the band’s eighth Studio release.

Experts have proposed a reliable method of quantum communication

Scientists from Russia and England have developed a new method for restoring quantum States, any in which a quantum system can be located, using machine learning. It was conducted on a large class of quantum-optical States, which are important for the development of a new generation of devices and devices that use the properties of individual quantum systems. The proposed method based on machine learning significantly increases the efficiency of homodyne tomography — one of the main methods for experimental research of quantum optical systems.

Tinkoff developed a technology for completely rejecting paper checks

The technology is an add-on that meets the ISO 8583 standard.. It allows operators of fiscal data to send a cash receipt to the banking app or to an email attached to it. A paper payment document will be issued on demand. For now, this technology only works if the customer uses the card for payment. Tinkoff’s technology is open source. This means that any organization can use it for free. Representatives of the Bank noted that there are no analogues in any organization in the world. The option is currently undergoing internal testing, after which it will be added to the market.

Xiaomi has introduced a smart cat toilet Catlink Lite

Xiaomi’s youpin collective Finance platform features the Catlink Lite smart automatic cat toilet, which is offered at a price of $ 140. After Catlink Lite is released on the market, the price will increase to $ 240.

The genome of a Neanderthal who lived in the Altai was decoded

German research scientists have sequenced the Neanderthal genome in high quality. These remains of a Neanderthal woman were found in the Chagyr cave in the Altai. Before that, only two Neanderthal DNA samples were sequenced in high quality. One of the hominids was found in the Virginia cave, on the territory of Croatia, and the other in the Denisov cave in the Altai, the study allowed to make several interesting discoveries.

Biologists have grown a monkey embryo with a thickened cortex

Biologists were able to significantly increase the thickness of the cortex of marmosets. In order to achieve these results, the unique human gene ARHGAP11B, which controls the growth of the cortex, was used.

The authors of the study said that in the course of scientific work, they limited themselves to experiments on embryos. According to experts, during the tests, adults were not used, because it was difficult to predict the consequences of including the gene, as well as its postnatal development on primates.

In China, a volcano was discovered that can start to erupt again

It turns out that a volcano with no eruptions for 500 years is active. Experts were able to find 2 large magma chambers under Wei mountain, which is located in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang. Geophysicists have visited one hundred objects of this mountain.